38 Sentimental Gifts for Girlfriends (For Your Other Half)

Is there a woman who lights up your life? Are you struggling to find a gift that really expresses the depth of your feelings and the way that you love, honor and cherish her? Here are just a few sentimental gifts for a girlfriend that go beyond the usual “I love you.”

38 sentimental gift ideas for your Girlfriend

dinner set for two

For Wining and Dining: Romantic Dinner Set for Two

Every woman deserves to feel like a queen, and when she’s eating off porcelain plates with red rose petals scattered around champagne flutes and tea light candles, she’ll definitely be on top of the world.

As a bonus, everything that you’ll need for this glamorous dinner is right there in the box; it even comes with a metal ice bucket for your liquor bottles. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, anniversary or a “just because I love you” occasion, this gift is sure to make her feel like royalty.

LED rose in glass dome

For a Tale as Old as Time: 13-Inch LED Rose in Glass Dome

Does she sigh wistfully whenever the Beast twirls Belle around the ballroom? If so, this is a gift that’ll delight her inner romantic. It’s a red rose encased in a glass dome, and except for the soft golden lights wrapped around the stem, it could be taken right off the set of Beauty and the Beast.

Cover her eyes, turn off the lights and enjoy the gasp of surprise when she sees this token of love immortalized.

wooden box sign

When She’s the One: Love You Longer Wooden Box Sign

“If I had my life to live over again, I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer.” If that doesn’t bring tears to her eyes, what will? Wooden box signs come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is especially romantic, and it has a rustic, weather-beaten sort of charm that can symbolize the enduring nature of your love and how it can withstand anything.

card game

To Become Closer Than Ever: Couple Connect Card Game

Created by a board-licensed psychologist, Couple Connect isn’t your usual card game. Rather than playing to win, you’re playing to understand your partner better and to strengthen your relationship with smart, thought-provoking questions.

Some cards also suggest activities, writing exercises and other ways to explore new ground with your girlfriend. It’ll be a great way to spend some time together even as you forge your bond deeper than you ever thought possible!


For Long-Distance Relationships: Pinky Promise Distance Matching Bracelets

Couple’s bracelets are a nice way to stay connected even when you’re apart, and these bracelets go the extra mile – literally – by being made for long-distance relationships. Each one has a compass pendant attached to a thin black cord, and the card sweetly declares that you’ll always be thinking about each other when you’re wearing them.

Best of all, since their design is gender neutral, they can serve their purpose for relationships of all types.

wood musical box

When Your Love Sings Like Music: Heart Shaped Vintage Wood Carved Musical Box

Carved from a handsome mahogany wood, this heart-shaped box has a surprise inside. It’s actually a music box, and it’ll play a sweet little tune when you lift the lid! Your options are Fur Elise, Castle in the Sky and Happy Birthday.

For added flair, you can actually watch the golden gears at work as they play, giving this music box a antique, vintage-style charm.

star map

To Give Her the Galaxy: Personalized Star Map

Do you remember what the sky looked like on the day that you met? With this customized star print, you can map out every constellation. Just send in the date along with your order, and you’ll receive a beautifully rendered galaxy photo on premium luster photo paper.

Below the map, it’ll say, “Under This Sky, It All Began.” When your love is just as boundless as the stars in the sky, a customized view of cosmos can be an incredibly romantic gesture.

movie night gift baskets

For Date Night: Redbox Movie Night Gift Baskets

Snuggle up to your sweetheart with this “movie night” gift basket. It offers all of the treats of a movie theater concession stand, including popcorn, crackerjacks and candy, but it’s designed for late-night viewings on the couch rather than at the cinema.

It even includes a Redbox code for all of Hollywood’s newest releases! If you’re the kind of partner who’s always looking for an excuse to cuddle, buy her this gift basket and ask her to share some Sour Patch Kids.

message in a bottle

To Sail the Waters of Your Love: Personalized Message in a Bottle

Is there anything more romantic than a letter in a bottle? You don’t even need to stand on a beach gazing at the ocean while the wind tousles your hair. You can create your very own missive with the help of this customized gift set! Not only can you decide what gets written on the vintage vellum scroll, but it’ll come all rolled up in a glass bottle with a side of red silk rose petals.

You’ll definitely shoot Cupid’s arrow with a present like this one.

lavender massage oil

For the Sexy Minx: Lavender Massage Oil for Couples

You can express your love with your body just as much as your words, so if you’re looking for a sexier sort of sentiment to give to your girlfriend, consider this massage oil. It’s made with lavender, jojoba and sweet almond oil to give it nourishing properties as well as irresistible scents, and it can be applied everywhere, so you can offer her everything from back rubs to foot massage.

It’ll glide on her skin like it was always meant to be there.

wooden heart box

When One Declaration of Love Just Isn’t Enough: I Love You 15-Piece Wooden Heart Box

Why do you love her? If your reasons are too numerous to count, you might like this sweet box of messages. Each one is printed on a wooden heart, and they range from everyday things like “even if we only talk a few minutes, it makes my day” to big, romantic explanations like “my life has been better since the moment I found you.

” If you want to say it all with a single gift, this heart-filled box is a great way to do it.

measuring spoons

For Flour-Covered Hands: Love Beyond Measure Heart Measuring Spoons

Sweet like sugar, these spoons are perfect for the woman who likes to bake. Each one is properly sized and marked for measuring, but in addition to their numbers, they’re also printed with cute little sayings like “a pinch of joy” and “a dash of tenderness.

” She’ll smile every time that she rolls up her sleeves and prepares to make a tasty treat in the kitchen.


For the Fiancee: To My Future Wife Necklace Love Knot Necklace

The necklace is already romantic enough with its 14K white gold “love knot” representing the enduring ties between you, but when you throw in the inscription on the card, it becomes even more beautiful and meaningful.

It starts with “To My Future Wife” and goes on to explain that you may not be the first date, kiss or partner that she’s ever had, but you fully intend to be the last.

waffle maker

For a Romantic Breakfast in Bed: Dash Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this heart-shapped waffle maker will let you serve up a spoonful of love and affection along with whipped cream and strawberries. You use it just like any other waffle maker; the only difference is that your stack of warm, golden-brown waffles will come out with the rounded curves of a heart.

A little batter and 2 – 3 minutes and you’ll have a charming breakfast ready for that special someone!


To Chronicle Your Journey Together: I Wrote a Book About You Fill-In-the-Blank Notebook

If you want a gift that goes beyond baubles and trinkets, consider something like this fill-in-the-blank notebook. It’s powered by ideas, memories, stories and feelings, so it’ll have meaning much deeper than the usual, disposable presents.

It’ll be proof of how much you cherish her and how much you remember about her, and it’ll be also a testament to the amount of time and effort that you’re willing to expend for her.

bottle opener

To Pop Open That Anniversary Wine: Key to My Heart Antique Bottle Opener

Sentimental gifts don’t have to be useless ones. Rather than buying her something that’ll get put on a mantel and forgotten, why not give her something that she’ll reach for on a regular basis? This bottle opener is shaped like an antique brass key, and it comes with a sweet little tag that says “Key to My Heart.

” Every time that she pops the top on a Bud, she’ll think of you.

pillow cover

When She Isn’t the Sappy Sort: Love You Most The End I Win Throw Pillow Cover

What should you give a woman who isn’t overly sentimental? What can express your feelings without getting complaints of being too corny or cheesy? This pillowcase might be the answer. It says “Love You the Most, The End, I Win,” and it can be fitted over any 18 x 18 throw pillow, so it’s ideal as a casual, comfy sort of gift that can be tossed on the couch without fanfare.

You’ll tell her that you love her without being mushy about it.

jewelry set

Take Your Shot: Cupid Three-Piece Arrow and Heart Jewelry Set

The only thing better than a pink diamond is an entire set of pink diamonds, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this jewelry set. It offers a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings in a complementary design with pink diamonds shining within gold arrows.

As a bonus, the arrows are entwined with hearts! You’ll be able to shoot Cupid’s bow directly towards her with this stunning three-piece set.

Framed chinese print

To Declare Your Intentions: Embroidery Framed Mandarin Duck Chinese Print

If you can’t imagine life with anyone other than your girlfriend, this is the artwork for you. Mandarin ducks mate for life, and as such, they’ve come to represent love, faith and fidelity in Chinese culture.

They’re a frequent wedding decoration as well as a romantic token between couples. This art print will be a beautiful and wonderful way to express your devotion and the promise of everlasting love.

gold kiss figurine

To Showcase Your Love to Everyone: Abstract Gold Kiss Figurine

Made with resin but gleaming gold like antique copper, this romantic statuette offers high-class style for only a fraction of the cost. It depicts two figures in a whirlwind embrace that blurs the lines between realistic and abstract.

There are lovely details like the woman being on her tip-toes to kiss the man, but otherwise, it’s ambiguous enough to represent any couple at any period of their lives. It’ll be a timeless piece of art for her living room that never grows old.

picture frame

For Your Permanent Sleepover Partner: Lucky to Be in Love With My Best Friend Picture Frame

Best friends are rare and precious gifts in this world, so if you’ve been fortunate enough to find one, you should celebrate that fact. This is especially true if you’re also lucky enough to be dating her! This picture frame declares “Lucky to Be in Love With My Best Friend,” and it’s just the right size for a 4 x 6 couple’s photo.

It’s made with a trendy polished wood that brings to mind country-style chic, and it can be hung from a wall or propped up on a desk with its self-standing back. Paired with the right picture, it’ll be an amazingly sweet gift.


For Your Partner in Crime: Matching Handcuff Key Chains

This one’s for the troublemakers. If she keeps you on your toes and vice versa, you can celebrate the fire and passion of your relationship with these “Partners in Crime” key chains. Each one has half of the phrase printed on a heart with a pair of handcuffs to go along with it.

They’ll be a fun and charming way to recognize the uniqueness of your Bonnie and Clyde bond.

3D crystal picture

To Go the Extra Mile: 3D Crystal Picture Engraved Heart

If you’re willing to splurge a little, this gift can really knock her socks off. It’s a self-standing glass crystal shaped like a heart, and it can be customized with a 3D, laser-etched photo and a sweet message from you.

It even has subtle LED lights in the base to make it glow in the dark! Best of all, it isn’t just for couples; you could also send in photos of kids, families, pets, best friends and more. As long as you love them, this heart will show it.


To Warm Her Inside and Out: To My Gorgeous Girlfriend Fleece Blanket

“Spending time with you is so precious.” “Hand in hand, through life’s ups and downs, together.” These are just a few of the tender messages printed alongside a male and female deer in a forest of hearts.

In addition to its romantic musings, it’s also built with a dual combination of mink silk and fluffy Sherpa, so it’ll be luxuriously soft on a cold winter morning. She can wrap herself up in your love as she enjoys literal warm fuzzies.

chocolate fondue fountain

If She Has a Sweet Tooth: Nostalgia 24-Ounce Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Anyone can buy a box of chocolates. If you really want to spoil her, buy her a fondue maker that’ll provide a decadent, on-demand chocolate experience whenever she wants it. Three tiers give an elegant height, and an electric engine will keep the chocolate flowing like she’s in Willy Wonka’s factory.

Whenever she tires of sugary snacks, she can also repurpose it for cheeses, dips, sauces and beverages!

I love you necklace

Te Amo: I Love You in Multiple Languages 24k Gold Necklace

If you love her so much that you want to say it a million times over, this pendant will allow you to do just that. It’s available in silver, gold and white gold, and its heart pendant is inscribed with the words “I Love You” written in 120 different languages.

From “je t’aime” in French to “aishiteru” in Japanese, she’ll feel loved 120 times over. Ask her to wear the necklace directly over her own heart to carry the proof of your love and affection.

plant terrarium with stand

To Help Your Love Blossom: Heart Glass Plant Terrarium With Wooden Stand

This is the kind of gift that can have multiple meanings for a girlfriend. Not only is it an elegant wood-and-glass planter that can bring a little touch of nature into her home, but since it’s shaped like a heart, it can also represent the growth of your feelings for her or the bountiful future that you hope to have together.

In other words, don’t just wrap up this planter with a bow. Give it some meaning when you gift it.

christmas ornament

Because Pikachu Got It Right: I Choose You Over and Over Christmas Ornament Keepsake

Though it’s advertised as a Christmas ornament, this keepsake would look just fine as a display piece for a bedroom or living room. It has a pink and white color scheme with a heart shape and a loving poem printed on the front.

“I choose you, and I’ll choose you over and over again,” it starts, and it just gets more romantic from there. This is the kind of memento that she’ll treasure forever.

picture frame

To Frame Your Love Forever: Only You Two-Sided Picture Frame

This picture frame is a self-standing one with two sides divided by a hinge. The left side has a long, loving poem about the depth of your love for your girlfriend; choice phrases include “my heart knows that we are two halves of one soul.

” The right side has space for your favorite 4 x 6 couple’s photo. If you want to do something utterly sweet for the upcoming occasion, get a little gooey with a sentimental gift like this one.

I love you card

For Your Fifth Anniversary: Wooden Heart and Arrow I Love You Card

Made with real bamboo, this card is perfect for your fifth anniversary since it’s a milestone celebrated with wood. It says “I Love You” in simple, direct terms, but the letters are carved into the bamboo to reveal red and white card stock underneath, and a little heart-and-arrow design completes the look.

Inside, there’s plenty of space to write a heartfelt message to your girlfriend about what she means to you.

artblox soundwave art

For a Slow Dance That Never Stops: Artblox Soundwave Art on Acrylic Block

Is there a song that you consider “your song” within your relationship? If so, you can immortalize it forever with a colorful, customized art block. It will bear the exact sound waves of the music, and what’s more, it will be genuinely playable if you point your smartphone at it.

She’ll be able to pull up “your song” any time that she misses you, so it’ll be a practical gift as well as a beautiful one.


To Elevate Your Evening Meals: One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook

The couple that cooks together stays together! From catfish tacos to three cheese macaroni with crispy prosciutto, One Pan, Two Plates offers a variety of fun and dynamic dishes to try, and each one has been carefully proportioned for two people.

You can bump elbows in the kitchen, feed each other tasty morsels over the stove and sit down for a delicious, homemade meal that’s been cultivated for a duo. To make it even better, all of the recipes only require one pan, so clean-up will be a breeze as well.

compact mirror

For Love on the Go: Engraved Rose Gold Compact Mirror

Made with a combination of glass and rose gold metal, this compact will be a beautiful addition to her beauty products. Not only does it offer genuine 2X magnification, but it’s also engraved with a loving and downright poetic message for your girlfriend: “When I wake up every morning, the greatest joy is gazing upon you and sunshine.

That is the future I desire.” She’ll be able to carry a token of your esteem and boost her own self-esteem at the same time.


To Stay Connected Even in Your Dreams: My Heart Belongs to You Couple Pillowcases

One pillowcase has a stick figure holding out a heart. The other pillowcase has a stick figure receiving it. They only make a full, complete picture when they’re together, which is why this couple’s pillowcase set is so sweet.

Maybe you share a bed; maybe you’re doing the long-distance thing. Either way, these pillowcases will let you go to sleep with the one you love even if you’re miles apart.

coffee mug

The Best Part of Waking Up: Good Days Start With You Coffee Mug

Another gift for the girl who doesn’t like to get too corny, this coffee mug has a sweet but simple message: “Good Days Start With You.” In smaller text, it adds, “And Some Coffee.” You can give it to her as a drinking glass, or you can fill it with candies, pencils or other odds and ends.

It’ll be a nice gesture either way. The red heart doesn’t lie.

love language card game

For Better Communication: Love Language: Card Game

What’s a secret that you’ve never told your girlfriend? What’s her happiest memory or her go-to method for dealing with sadness? These are just a few of the questions that you’ll confront with Love Language: The Card Game.

Not only does it function as a way for couples to get to know each other, but it also encourages you to recognize and understand the ways that you might love and support each other in the future, too.

jar candle

When You’ve Found Each Other Despite the Odds: Customized You Are My One In Seven Billion Jar Candle

A good scented candle can completely transform the room that it’s in, and with the help of sweet but subtle vanilla notes, this transformation can be quite romantic. You can even customize the top of the candle with a his-and-her name tag to give it a personalized feeling! Another nice touch is the text printed on the front that says “You Are My One in Seven Billion.

” You found your girlfriend despite all of the other women in the world; she found you despite all of the other potential partners. That’s something worth celebrating.

love poems by Pablo Neruda

When Your Own Words Aren’t Enough: Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

If you struggle to find the words for her beauty, let Pablo Neruda do it for you. His love poems actually caused a scandal when they were first published in the 1950s because they were so raw and real, but today, they’re widely hailed as some of the most passionate in the world.

Wrap up this beautiful paperback and present it along with some chocolates or roses. She’ll melt.

flower rose in ring box

Because the Classics Never Go Out of Style: Handmade Preserved Flower Rose in Ring Box

Last but certainly not least, if she loves roses but hates how quickly they fade away, consider buying her a preserved one. It’s a real flower, but it undergoes a complex process of cutting, coloring, dehydrating and drying, and the end result is a flower that will last for years without withering.

You can order it in multiple colors and within different types of “ring rose” boxes. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind woman.

How To Buy Sentimental Presents for a Girlfriend

She loves you. She puts up with your weird habits and annoying friends. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and it’s time to show your real, honest appreciation for her. Here are just a few tips when shopping for sentimental gifts for your girlfriend.

Don’t Worry About the Occasion

The best gifts are timeless. It doesn’t matter if they’re unwrapped on birthdays, holidays or anniversaries; they’ll always be relevant. For this reason, you should avoid getting her anything that’s anchored to a specific occasion. You don’t want your gift to become a “Valentine’s thing” rather than someone that she loves, enjoys and uses for all 365 days per year.

Use Humor Sparingly

While there’s nothing wrong with a little gentle humor in a romantic gift, you don’t want to go overboard with something that’s more of a joke than a genuine declaration of love. You’ll also want to avoid anything that could be seen as a gag gift or a mockery of your relationship. There will be ample time for silliness in your future years together; for now, if you really love your girlfriend, buy her something that proves it.

Make It a Couple’s Gift

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider getting her something that’s actually a gift for the two of you. For example, it might be a personality or compatibility game that you can both play, or it might be a memory book that you can both fill out to remember the best parts of your relationship. This is the kind of present that’s more than just a physical object: It’ll also provide an emotional bonding experience.

Think About What You Want to Say

“I love you” is great, of course, but can you be a little more specific? Does her passion for life inspire you? Does she make you laugh so hard that you wheeze? Are you grateful for the sacrifices that she’s made for you? Identify the traits of your girlfriend that you really love, and give her something that express your love and gratitude for them. This is how you can combine psychology with the art of gift giving.


These are just a few tips and tricks when buying sentimental gifts for a girlfriend. What do you think of our suggestions? Is there anything on this list that you definitely want to buy for your lady love? Let us know!

38 sentimental gifts for your girlfriend

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