35 Gifts for a Six-Year-Old Boy (To Be the Cool Mom)

Boys can be surprisingly difficult to shop for, especially if you’re looking for something beyond the usual trucks, trains and toy guns. The worst part is that they aren’t afraid of telling you when you get it wrong!

So what are your options? What can you use to survive the judgement of your kindergartner? Here are just 36 unique gifts for a six-year-old boy.

To Be the Cool Mom: Unique Gift Ideas for a 6 year Boy

multi voice changer

For Unique Wake-Up Calls on Christmas Morning: Toysmith Tech Gear Multi-Voice Changer

Deceptively simple, this toy will let him explore “the science of sound” using the power of his own voice. It has a fun, colorful design and big buttons that are easy for a six-year-old to operate; it just packs a lot of power into its modulation options, which include tone, frequency and amplitude.

He’ll be able to make hundreds of combinations for all kinds of voices. Just make sure that you institute a ban on using it before 6 AM!

sticker bug book

A Present That You’ll Probably Regret: Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs

Ultimate Sticker Book is a series of themed books that combine educational trivia with cool, eye-catching stickers. In this volume, the subject is one that every little boy will love: bugs! From spindly-legged grasshoppers to big fat spiders with glowing eyes, he’ll have the chance to decorate everything in his life with creepy-crawlies, and he might even learn a thing or two while he’s at it.

You just have to accept the fact that your home will experience a swarm of insects.

tech giant piano mat

To Get Him Off the Couch: Abco Tech Giant Piano Mat

Programmed with the sounds of eight different instruments, this giant piano mat can be a fun and unique way to introduce him to music. He’ll jump and stomp to create his harmonies, and he can experiment with different sounds, rhythms, instruments and volume controls to give them all unique flair.

There’s a recording feature if he wants to make his own demo, or he can just goof off and burn some energy by jumping around. Eventually, if you play your cards right, he might develop an interest in picking up a real musical instrument!

cube brain and memory game

For Family-Friendly Fun: Flashdash Flashing Cube Brain and Memory Game

The only bad thing about this game is that he’ll never want to stop playing it. It combines memory, pattern recognition and fine motor control to create a ridiculously addicting challenge for players of all ages.

The whole family can get in on it! Just press “start” to be instantly immersed in a fast-fingered competition where you have to follow the flashing lights around the cube. See if you can beat everyone else’s high scores!

fort building tools

To Take His Imagination to the Next Level: Crazy Forts Fort Building Tools

Building forts in the living room is a time-honored tradition in a kid’s life, and this gift can transform his play area into a whole new landscape. It’s as easy as snapping the poles together and covering them with the blankets or bed sheets of your choice.

You can build houses, caves, spaceships, igloos, tunnels and more. Instructions are helpfully included for dozens of fort types, and since the poles are light and portable, they can be taken everywhere from sleepovers to summer camps.

This is a gift that he’ll return to time and time again.

burrito a dodgeball game

The New Hungry Hungry Hippos: Throw Throw Burrito: A Dodgeball Card Game

Throw Throw Burrito is made by the same team behind Exploding Kittens, and it’s just as crazy and twice as hilarious. The object of the game is to collect cards while also throwing, ducking, dodging and chucking foam burritos at one another.

They’re incredibly soft, so it doesn’t hurt, but it adds an active and exciting element to the typical card game experience. A little boy with lots of energy should love it. Just know that he’s going to run circles around any adults who are also playing.

remote control race car DIY building kit

For the Budding Engineer: 2-in-1 Remote Control Race Car DIY Building Kit

If he’s outgrowing his Lego collection, this could be a nice way to transition to more complex building kits. It has more than 300 pieces in total, and while some of them might be a little tricky for young, clumsy hands, that just means that he can rope in mom and dad for help.

You can build either a car or a truck depending on your preferences. When you’re done, just pop in some batteries to turn it into a remote-controlled vehicle!

magician pretend play dress up set

For Your Next Trick: Click N’ Play Magician Pretend Play Dress Up Set

Offering a costume and a full bag of accessories to go with it, this kit is a must-have for a boy who’s interested in magic. Not only will he be able to dress the part with a cape, wand and collapsible top hat, but there are also some of a showman’s most essential items tucked into the box.

There’s a stuffed rabbit; there’s a wand and a coin. There’s even an instructional manual to teach him a few common tricks. If you want to see a show, give him what he needs to make the magic happen!

walkie talkies

For Super Secret Missions: Joyfun Camouflage Two-Set Walkie Talkies

Offering a two-mile range and more than a dozen channels, these walkie talkies are the real deal. They aren’t toys. They’re just pared-down versions of what adults use, so your six-year-old will be able to wield them comfortably even as he learns how they function and how to get the best performance out of them.

He’ll outgrow them one day, but until then, there are plenty of adventures to be had in the backyard. Make sure that he has the right tools for creative playtime!

largest gummy worm

To Satisfy a Sweet Tooth: World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Mom and dad might kill you for this one, but the six-year-old will think that you’re the coolest gift giver ever. How many times in his life will he get a two-foot gummy worm? It even comes with dual flavors, cherry and blue raspberry, so that he won’t get tired of the beast as he chomps his way through it.

The whole thing weighs about 2.5 pounds, so it should take awhile.

stomp rocket

To Expend Some of That Endless Energy: Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

You’ve probably seen Stomp Rockets around. They provide a fun, hands-on lesson about kinetic energy as kids jump on their inflatable pads and make their foam rockets fly into the air. The bigger the jump, the higher the launch! This particular set is even better than the original; it comes with “dueling” pads so that kids can directly compete with one another to send their rockets into outer space.

The maximum achievable height is around 200 feet into the air. If your gift recipient has siblings, they’ll love fighting to the death over who can get their rocket the furthest!

crayons and markers set

Because You’re Never Too Old to Play in the Tub: Bathtub Crayons and Markers Set

Who says that you have to draw on an easel to create a masterpiece? These crayons and markers are made specifically for bathtubs, so they aren’t hindered by cold, wet or slippery tiles. They can be used for any kind of doodling or scribbling as he’s enjoying a soak.

They can even be used to review homework problems! The possibilities are endless when you have versatile art materials like these, so they’ll make great gifts for a creative six-year-old.

color changing LED lamp

To Defeat Nightmares Like a Superhero: Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Color Changing LED Lamp

Does he sleep with a nightlight? Is he a little self-conscious about it? He might get some mileage out of this particular model. Not only is it made with cool, color-changing LED technology, but it’s also shaped like the Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers movies, so he won’t have to feel embarrassed about using it.

It’s the ultimate symbol of power. It’s awesome.

mini drone for kids

For Aerial Adventures: Holy Stone Mini-Drone for Kids

This is a very simple and easy-to-use drone that doesn’t require a lot of technological knowledge to operate. There’s a one-touch button for taking off and landing; there’s a simple control for toggling between three basic speeds; there’s an automatic hovering feature.

It’ll be perfect for a young boy who’s been begging for a drone but isn’t quite ready for the big, breakable stuff. It even has an affordable price tag that won’t set you back too much if it does get broken.

DIY slime kit

For Messy Projects at the Dining Room Table: Ultimate DIY Slime Kit

It glops. It gooks. It oozes. It’s slime! With the help of this experimental science kit, your six-year-old can create almost a dozen different types of gnarly, finger-sticking slime. Everything that he’ll need is right in the box, including thermochromic powder for color-changing slime and glitter packets for galaxy slime.

He can also create slime that bounces, molds into different shapes or glows in the dark. There are hours of entertainment packed into this box, so it’ll be a fantastic present for a six-year-old that lasts a long time.

kids draw big book

If He’s an Early Anime Addict: Kids Draw Big Book of Everything Manga

If you’re already trying to chase him away from things like Death Note and Attack on Titan, this gift probably won’t help, but it’ll definitely make him happy. It’s a step-by-step illustration guide for drawing anime and manga characters.

It’s aimed at kids rather than adults, so the language is simple and the pictures are plentiful, but the results will be real works of art. Even if he isn’t normally the type to sit still at a desk and pore over a book, he won’t be able to resist the urge to sketch Kirito and Asuna and Yui.

dinosaur car

To Put the Chocolate In His Peanut Butter: Niskite Dinosaur Car

The only thing better than cars and dinosaurs is a toy that combines them both. The Niskite Dinosaur Car is a simple, battery-operated vehicle that propels itself around the room when you turn it on, but unlike other sports cars or race cars, this one is topped with a dinosaur head.

Buying options include a T-Rex or a triceratops. He’ll have a blast with this innovative toy that combines the two great loves of his life!

handheld game console

Create a New Tradition: Jamswall Handheld Game Console

Introduce the next generation to the previous generation with the help of this retro game console. Though it doesn’t bear any names like “Nintendo” or “Sega,” it’s a perfect replica of those old-school systems, and it comes loaded with more than 400 games that mom and dad are sure to recognize.

You could even teach him how to play as a bonding experience. There’s an AC cable and controller if you want to hook them up to the TV and let everyone see Mario jumping on mushrooms

would you rather?-EWW edition

For Big Laughs at Family Game Night: Would Your Rather? EWW Edition

Living up to its name, the “EWW” edition of Would You Rather is filled with gross-out scenarios that are sure to delight a little boy. Would you rather eat a scab or s rotten squid doughnut sprinkled with eyeballs? Would you rather clean a litter box with your bare hands or clean a cat with your bare tongue? These are just a few of the silly, thoroughly disgusting scenarios that will send him into peals of laughter when he plays this game.

lock and key lined page diary

Because They Aren’t Just for Girls: Keep Out Lock and Key Lined Page Diary

At six years old, your little boy is probably starting to explore the boundaries of identity and privacy, and this journal can help him develop his sense of self in a healthy way. It comes with more than 100 blank, double-sided pages, and there’s a little padlock and key to bind the sides together.

The cover says “Do Not Enter” and “Keep Out” with cross-crossed ropes and wires. Let him cultivate a rich internal world by giving him a platform for all of his thoughts, feelings, ideas, writings and drawings!

tactical vest kit

For Your Little Acton Hero: Kids Tactical Vest Kit

What do you buy the boy who already has an entire collection of Nerf guns? Consider supplementing his tactical toy box with something new. This vest has storage space for darts, blasters, magazines and more, and its easy-to-use pockets and pouches will ensure that he’s always ready for battle.

A pair of protective glasses will keep his eyes safe, and a cool, skeleton-themed face mask will make him feel like he’s ready to walk away from explosions in slow motion. This gift is definitely a more creative option than the usual Nerf shooters.

crayola light up tracing pad

For the Aspiring Artist: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Tracing is one of the ways that kids get good at art, so this tracing pad might become a valuable tool for pint-sized artists. It’s made by Crayola, so you know that it’s a high-quality product, and it offers a sturdy backlit surface that’s perfect for everything from car rides to lazy afternoons on the couch.

As a bonus, everything that he’ll need to get started is right in the box, including colored pencils, blank tracing sheets, a graphite pencil and the art board itself. You can even order it in multiple colors depending on his favorite!

remote control shark toy

Duh-Nuh, Duh-Nuh: Remote Control Shark Toy

Make the Jaws theme part of your nightly bathtime ritual with the help of this remote-controlled shark toy. It’s surprisingly realistic despite its simple, child-friendly design; it has a smooth and streamlined body that will readily glide through the water, and it can be made to move left, right, forward and backward.

It works just as well in pools and bathtubs, too. It’ll be a multipurpose toy for any splishing and splashing occasion!

dinosaur eggs dig kit

For the Dinosaur-Loving Kid: 12-Pack Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit

Most parents love a dinosaur-obsessed kid. It’s such an easy way to combine education and entertainment! This toy lives up to the ideal by offering a collection of dinosaur eggs that can be “excavated” from their shells.

A chisel is included, so it’s just a matter of chipping away at the eggshells until their dinosaur figures are revealed. As a bonus, each specimen comes with an identification card bearing interesting, real-world trivia about its dinosaur.

telescope for kids

One Small Step for Boys: Little Experimenter Telescope for Kids

This isn’t a real telescope. If he’s trying to see actual constellations in the night sky, he’s going to need a professional model and not a toy. If he’s just going through a space phase, however, this toy can make him feel like a real astronaut! It’s basically a projector that will shine galaxy patterns on the wall, and he can “observe” them by looking into the telescope and adjusting a small 2X magnification lens until they come in focus.

He’ll be channeling Neil Armstrong in no time!

leaf bubbles blower

For Your Littlest Landscaper: Leaf Bubble Blower

It might look like a leaf blower, but the true purpose of this item is much more delightful. It’s a bubble shooter! Just load it up with the bubble mix that’s already included in the box, and your kiddo can be blasting away in no time.

It will even make motor sounds when it’s turned on to give him the full effect. He can use it for summertime play or just to follow you around during your yard chores.

electronic shooting target

To Get That Bullseye: Kids Electronic Shooting Target

Another great gift for the Nerf kid, this target set will offer all of the fun of a shooting range with none of the danger. Everything is made with smooth, kid-friendly materials, but despite their simplicity, there’s a lot of tech packed beneath the surface.

Features include everything from automatic target rebounding to self-updating LCD screens that display high scores. There’s also a solo player and multiplayer mode so that he can play it whenever, wherever and however he’d like.

ice cream maker machine toy

For Every Season: Ice Cream Maker Machine Toy

Everyone loves ice cream, and with this ice cream making machine, even a six-year-old can become a chef. It only requires the mixture of pre-arranged ingredients, so it’s quick and easy to use; your little boy could do everything himself from start to finish.

There are two flavors included and many more available if you want to incorporate your own recipes into the mix. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with a cold, fresh and delicious treat!

volcano science kit

Because Science Is Awesome: National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

He might be a little too young to appreciate the intricacies of the science, but you’ll definitely get his attention with the erupting volcano on the front of the box. Every little boy likes to see things explode! Fortunately, homemade volcanoes have come a long way from the days of papier mache; this one is manufactured by National Geographic, and it’s made with real geode specimens and includes lots of tools like pumice stones and paint tubes.

He can give his volcano an extra-realistic look before he gleefully destroys it.

coloring book

Night of the Living Crayon: Zombie Coloring Book

If you’re desperate for him to sit still for awhile, you’ll need a good source of entertainment to keep his butt in the chair. Instead of turning to TV, however, turn to disembodied eyeballs! This zombie coloring book is full of gross, squirmy, rotten and explosive examples of the undead, but none of the images actually cross the line; it’s meant for kids, so it’s all done in a safe, cartoon-y style.

Best of all, he spend hours scribbling away on a skeleton face, so you’ll get plenty of stuff done while he’s preoccupied.

universe night light lamp

To Soothe Him to Sleep: Three-Set Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

Another great gift for the little boy who hasn’t quite overcome his fear of the dark, this projector doesn’t even look like a night light, and you don’t have to call it that when you give it to him.

You can simply express your excitement at its stars, moons and galaxies and talk about how you can’t wait to see them bedazzling his bedroom walls. When you get tired of one reel, just replace it with another, and it’ll be like a brand new gift!

skillmatics guess in 10 game

For Easier Road Trips: Skillmatics Guess in 10 Game: Animal Planet

Perfect for long car rides, the “Guess in 10” Game is a portable and family-friendly card game that’s suitable for all ages. This particular set revolves around animals, but you can also buy decks devoted to cities, jobs, sports, dinosaurs and more.

The goal of the game is to guess the card that the player is holding in their hand without asking more than 10 questions. Colorful cartoon illustrations can guide him if he isn’t a great reader yet; otherwise, he can practice his literary skills with each new card.

He’ll also develop good reasoning skills with the help of all of the questions!

outdoor-exploration kit

To Encourage Him in Everything That He Does: Outdoor Exploration Kit

There are so many things packed into this adventure kit that it’s hard to list them all. There’s a compass; there’s a flashlight; there’s a whistle. A magnifying glass will let him see things up close; a pair of binoculars will let him observe things far away.

Everything can be tucked into a cheerful yellow backpack when he’s on the go. If you want to encourage his interests no matter what they are, this multipurpose adventure kit will be perfect for bugs, birds, geodes and more!

mythical creatures

When He’s a Brave Knight in Need of a Foe: Create With Clay Mythical Creatures

Crafting kits aren’t always suitable for the littlest of hands. However, this one is simple enough that anyone can use it, and it offers enough of a creative outlet that parents will approve of it just as much as kids.

Who wouldn’t want to build their own dragon, phoenix and unicorn? Who wouldn’t appreciate the plastic skeletons that come pre-built for decorating? Who wouldn’t have a blast customizing them? With a “Create With Clay” box, everybody wins.

flower planting growing kit

For the Sensitive Soul: Innorock Kids Flower Planting Growing Kit

Girls aren’t the only ones who can enjoy flowers! If your little boy likes to garden with you, this growing kit will give him the chance to build his own from scratch. Everything that he’ll need is right in the box, so he can plant the seeds, rake the soil, label the stalks and watch the blossoms grow.

He can even decorate the tin planeter with a set of small watercolors. If you’re a progressive parent who doesn’t believe in letting gender stereotypes stop your child from doing what they want to do, this is a gift to prove it.

bike wheel lights

To Make Him the Coolest Boy on the Block: Activ Life Bike Wheel Lights

Available in multiple colors and sizes, these lights can be enjoyed by the whole family. They can fit bikes wheels ranging from 12″ toddler bikes to 29″ adult bikes, and their colors include blue, red, yellow, orange, white and rainbow.

There’s even a color-changing set! Installation is easy, and they’re built to last, so their durability makes them great as long-term gifts. Let’s not forget about the increased safety of a well-lit bike on a dark night, too!

Tips and Tricks for Every Occasion

What can you buy that will impress a six-year-old boy? Truthfully, there’s no way to be sure. You just have to pick something and hope for the best. If you’re looking for a little direction, however, we’ve got you covered!

Think Upward, Not Downward

Most toys are broken into age brackets, but rather than shopping for what your little man currently falls into, shop for the one right above it. For example, if he’s within the 5 – 7 age bracket on a certain range of games, look at ones within the 8 – 10 bracket. This will give him a fun, challenging gift that he can grow into as opposed to something that will be too simple and boring for him within a year.

Think Outside of the Box

If you’re reading this article, you’re already trying to avoid cliche gifts, so that’s good. However, you might need to really stretch your creative muscles to get him something that will knock his socks off. When looking at potential purchases, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

– Can he interact with this gift?
– Is it customizable? Does it encourage creativity, critical thinking or problem-solving?
– Is it available in DIY form?
– Will it allow him to express himself in any way?

Consider His Hobbies and Interests

If he’s already plastered his room with Iron Man, you might be thinking that you should buy something different as a chance of pace. However, this is adult logic and not child logic. Six-year-olds are just fine being fixated on things; it’s actually called having an intense interest, and it’s perfectly normal. So if your kiddo has any particular hobbies, passions or obsessions, go ahead and indulge them. He’ll be happiest with a gift that reflects what he likes.

Remember Mom and Dad

Have some pity on the poor parents in this scenario. Don’t buy anything that will wake up the house at 4 AM; don’t buy anything that will cause arguments between siblings; don’t buy anything that will result in huge messes. It can be a tricky set of criteria to work with, but to avoid being the jerk who gives a drum set to a six-year-old, it’s worth the effort.


If you want a big, gap-toothed smile when he opens your gift, you’ll need to put some thought into it. You can’t just pluck a random toy off the shelf. Use these tips to find something that’s fun, meaningful and memorable!

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