17 Cool Spiderman Gift Ideas For Adult Fans

Trying to find the perfect spiderman gift for the adult Peter Parker fan in your life? That’s understandable considering not all Spiderman and Marvel paraphernalia has been created equally.

You definitely don’t want to give your Spidey enthusiast something that’s not up to par when it comes to their favorite web-slinging superhero.

Spiderman fandom can extend throughout all walks of life and Marvel Spiderman themed gifts are available for enthusiasts of all ages.

These Spiderman gifts for adults are sure to tickle the web-slinging fancy of just about any adult Spiderman fan and hopefully at least one or two of these great gift options will be a perfect fit for your exact situation.

Gift Ideas for the Adult Spiderman Fans

pancake maker

For a Spidey-Themed Breakfast: Spider-Man Pancake Maker

You won’t find a more unique gift anywhere.

This Spiderman themed pancake maker lets fans make pancakes with the trademarked Spiderman emblem on one side and Peter Parker’s signature mask on the other.

On its exterior, the pancake maker features the Spiderman logo and the Marvel emblem.

It makes two pancakes at a time with non-stick cooking plates. Pancakes are finished in minutes and come out perfectly cooked with a flip hinge and cool-touch handle. Perfect for bachelors, the flip-over hinge, measuring scoop and nonstick cooking plates make cooking breakfast fast and easy.

crew socks

For the Fan Who Has Everything: Ultimate Spider-Man Crew Socks

If the Spiderman fan in your life already has it all, check out these awesome crew socks.

These comfortable cotton socks are breathable and have a nice compression fit for all-day wear. Marvel merchandise licensed, the colors and emblem are true to the iconic comic book hero standards that all fans look for.

They rise to a high ankle and mid-calf line so they won’t slip down. This makes them great for casual wear, everyday use, or sports.

They’re a bit thicker than basketball socks and thinner than standard dress socks making them very versatile and extremely comfy.

Remember, if you don’t know what to get your Spiderman fan, you can never go wrong with an awesome pair of socks.

spider man tie

For Showing Spirit on Formal Occasions: Mens Spiderman Tie

This imported high-quality Spiderman tie is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to showcase their Spidey spirit on formal occasions.

It’s just understated enough that it can pass as a red and navy striped dress tie. However, when you examine it closely, you’ll see a pattern of Spiderman masks subtly embroidered into the deep red background.

An officially licensed Marvel product, you can be sure that this tie is up to par. Made to meet traditional width standards, this 100% silk tie is the perfect gift for Spiderman fans who may need to dress up for work or for any formal occasion.

wine glass set

For the Wine Drinker: Spider-Man Collectible Wine Glass Set

This Marvel Collectible Wine Glass Set perfectly combines adult leisure drinking with Spiderman fandom. Each glass is stemless and made to last a lifetime.

Etched with the spiderman mask symbol, these glasses are highly collectible and are the perfect adult gift for Spiderman fans.

They come in an official Marvel collectible gift box for easy wrapping and safe shipping as well. Hand wash only, these glasses are not microwave-safe.


For Their Car Keys: Funko POP! Marvel Keychain

Does the Spiderman fan in your life want to take their fandom with them everywhere they go?

If so, this Funko POP! Marvel Keychain is a great gift to consider. It features a Spiderman figurine in a web-shooting pose. Artistically sculpted in Funko Pop!

cartoon style, this figurine is made of quality materials and attaches securely to a keychain to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

This collectible Funko POP! keychain is a cute and collectible gift that would be a great option for any adult Spiderman fan with keys to adorn.

engraved decanter

A Tasteful and Classy Option: Spider-Man Engraved Decanter

Spiderman fans with a taste for fine spirits will appreciate the classy look and feel of this premium decanter set. Both the decanter and glasses feature the classic Spiderman spider emblem engraved onto their front surfaces.

The decanter measures 10.5″H x 3.5″ with 750 ml fluid capacity meaning that it can hold a full 5th of whiskey. The rock glass measures 3.68″ High x 3.125″ diameter, and have a 10-ounce capacity.

Just like Stan Lee himself, this set was made in the USA. It has a premium etched design which is carved into the actual surface of the glass in frosted white, making the engraving truly permanent and dishwasher safe.

This is a great gift to pair with a nice bottle of whiskey or gin!

slice toaster

For Making Iconic Sandwiches:: Marvel Spider-Man 2-Slice Toaster

You probably have never seen a Spiderman toaster before!

This unique and impressive little device toasts two slices of bread at once and features a Spiderman web-shooting image on its sides. However, the coolest part of this toaster is what it actually does. It toasts the Spiderman spider emblem right into the bread itself!

That’s right, the bread you toast with this unique device will come out with a spider logo on it.

It also features wide slots with self-centering bread guides and high rise toast lift as well as adjustable browning control and a hinged crumb tray. Get easy iconic spider imprints on toast or sandwich bread anytime!


A Touch of Subtle Spidery Sophistication: Geek & Glitter Marvel Cufflinks

Sometimes, a gift for formal occasions is the perfect option for a gift giving situation.

For example, graduations, weddings, and birthdays may merit the need for formal wear and an upscale looking outfit. If this sounds like your situation, you may want to check out these unique and finely crafted cufflinks.

These gorgeous and high-quality Geek & Glitter Marvel Cufflinks feature the spiderman mask in red and silver on their surface. They add just the right amount of bling to a suit or tuxedo.

The cufflinks are each made from the highest quality stainless steel and make the perfect present for any Spiderman fan who needs to dress up a bit.

The set includes two Spiderman cufflinks and a free elegant gift box. Whether for a wedding, graduation or special event, these cufflinks will go great with anything your favorite Spiderman fan decides to wear. They even come with a lifetime warranty.

snapback hat

A Cool, Functional, and Stylish Gift: Spider-Man Snapback Hat

Hats are another fantastic gift option.

This well rounded red and dark blue snapback hat features everyone’s favorite web-slinger logo.

It’s got excellent detailing and features colors that stand out richly against the faux leather background. Fitting up to 58 cm in size, this unique hat is for men and women of all ages. Stitch work along with the sides and at the brim of this hat creates a sturdy and cool look.

The stark contrast of the gold-embezzled spider legs and logo make this hat stand out in the crowd. It’s also officially licensed comic merchandise so the Spiderman fan you’re buying it for won’t be disappointed.

coffee mug

For the Coffee Drinker: Unique Web Slinger’s Coffee Mug

Is the Spiderman lover in your life a coffee or tea drinker?

If so, this coffee mug may be the perfect gift for them. A unique CafePress Spiderman Thwip Coffee Mug, this ceramic drinking vessel shows cartoon hand illustrations making the rock, paper, and scissors shapes in black and white.

Then, at the end of the hand lineup, Spiderman’s hand appears making the iconic web-slinging “Thwip” motion.

It’ll make your Spiderman fan laugh for sure. Features of the mug include 20-oz fluid capacity and durable white ceramic with an easy grip handle that gives users a classic coffee mug look and feel.

It’s microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and top shelf recommended. So, if your adult Spiderman enthusiast drinks coffee or tea, consider this fun and high-quality Spiderman cartoon coffee mug.

adult spiderman chair for office use

A Gamer’s Getaway: Licensed Marvel Gaming Chair

If you’re looking to go all out for the Spiderman fan in your life, and that fan happens to work at a desk or spend a lot of time gaming, this chair is the perfect gift.

It has a curved head cushion and height-adjustable back as well as an included cushion for additional comfort. The ergonomic lumbar support provides extra comfort and helps to eliminate body fatigue. It’s a great option for daily use and gives users optimal seat positioning to protect their back and backbone from any unhealthy strain.

It sports a large Marvel logo at the top and on the front, the Spiderman comic book logo at the bottom, and a stylized web pattern in the middle.


For Daily Use: Spiderman Themed Bifold Wallet

Wallets are great gifts for adult men and even for some women who need to securely store cash, cards, and other small valuables.

If the Spiderman fan that you’re shopping for uses a wallet frequently, this Spiderman billfold could potentially make an awesome gift option. It comes with a handy gift box and has multiple pockets for cash and card storage.

The Spiderman pattern on the exterior is red and blue, with a logo print on the middle and red accenting inside. This is a great accessory gift for just about any occasion. Plus, it comes at a great price!

Gift iphone case with a spiderman character on it

For iPhone Owners: Spider-Man iPhone Case

A phone case is a great gift for a few reasons. For one, it helps to protect a phone from being dropped or damaged. Additionally, as a gift, phone cases are a great reminder that you care.

So, if the Spiderman fan in your life also an iPhone user, this phone case may be the perfect gift idea. It fits all iPhone 6 and 6s phones and is made of durable and protective materials.

Since its a clear jelly case, the color of the iPhone and the Apple logo will show through and make the cartoon Spiderman hanging on the back stand out.

Keep in mind that this case only fits iPhone 6 models, so if your Spiderman fan has an Android phone or an iPhone of a different model, you may want to search for another protective Spiderman phone case option.

skate shoes

A Stylish Footwear Option: Vans Classic Spiderman Skate Shoe

Perhaps you’re looking for a high-quality gift that can be used every single day by the Spiderman fan that you are shopping for.

If that’s your situation, then you don’t just want to get any old gift. Consider getting a premium name-brand pair of shoes like these Vans. Vans skate shoes are versatile, comfortable, and great for daily wear.

This particular pair of Vans skate shoes feature an iconic comic book style Spiderman pattern. These shoes come in all standard sizes and can be worn by men or women.

The exterior is made of 100% quality canvas material and the interior is padded and lined for superior comfort. These shoes have durable rubber soles and can be worn every day and for almost any occasion. These shoes also have a signature waffle outsole for enhanced board feeling, so if your Spiderman fan skateboards or longboards, these shoes are a perfect gift option.

spiderman pants

Superhero Sleepwear: Spiderman Lounge Pants

Looking for a comfortable and cozy gift for the grown-up Spiderman fan you’re buying for? Check out these ultra-comfortable and attractive Spiderman print lounge pants.

They’re made of 100% polyester for softness, durability, and breathability. With elastic closure, these lounge pants can be adjusted to fit many sizes and be worn while hanging out at home, sleeping, or gaming.

They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Spiderman fans will be able to let their inner superhero shine through when they wear these comfortable pants around the house.

An officially licensed Marvel product, the Spiderman mask logo is crisp, clear and easily distinguishable against the blue background of these super-cozy loose-fitting pants.

spiderman themed duffel bag

For Travel or Working Out: Sports Canvas Duffel Bag

How about a gift that’s ultra-functional? This durable and well-made canvas duffel is ideal for travel or working out at the gym.

It’s a simple black bag with a bright red Spiderman logo on the front for an iconic and classic look.

It also comes available in green and you can choose from a red or white spider logo as well on any colored background. A large main compartment with Zipper closure adds plenty of space and great item security.

This bag is a great organizer for bulky and large items like clothes, shoes, water bottles, towels, sporting gear, and even personal items like car keys, a wallet, and much more.

It makes the perfect sports bag for hitting the gym, camping, or traveling. Since this bag has been made with 100% premium quality canvas fabric, it will last for a long time and provide durability and a sturdy feel.

Handcrafted antique brass hardware accents add an enhanced vintage look.

It’s also surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. If you need a gift for a Spiderman fan who plays a sport, works out frequently, or has upcoming travel plans, this duffel bag may just be the perfect gift.

stainless steel ring

A Touch of Bling: Unisex Spider-Man Stainless Steel Ring

This is the kind of Spiderman themed paraphernalia that ultra-fans will love.

It’s a large and durable stainless steel ring with Spiderman’s iconic mask printed on the front. Since it’s made entirely of the highest quality stainless steel, it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

It won’t rust, tarnish, or fade and the logo itself is actually imprinted into the steel. Plus, this ring comes with a classy gift box.

The ring comes in sizes 7-12 and can be worn on any finger. It also has a spider emblem on its side for added appeal. If you are shopping for a Spiderman fan who seems like the type to want to showcase their spidey-style wherever they go, this ring would make an awesome and versatile gift option.

spiderman gifts for adults pin image


There you have it; some of the most impressive gifts for the grown Spiderman fan in your life.

What gift options do you think your Spiderman fan would prefer?

Are there any awesome gift options missing from this list? Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback and share what you think!

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