30 Spirited Away Gift Ideas Fans Will Love

Fans of the Japanese anime film, Spirited Away, are like fans of other shows, movies, or music–they like themed gift items that serve a purpose.

For this article, I selected 30 awesome gifts related to the film that we think your loved ones will treasure now and later.

Spirited Away Gifts

But try not to let them get spirited away!

music box

For Company While in the Spirit World: Spirited Away Music Box

When in the spirit world, your loved one might need something to keep them company, and this hand-crafted wooden box just might fit the bill. The outside of the box is carved in an ornate pattern, but when opened, it displays Chihiro, the girl whose parents were transformed into pigs.

On the front side of the box is the Spirited Away logo.

A hand crank operates it, so there is no need for a battery or power source. Your loved one will treasure this small yet beautiful keepsake for years to come.

inflatable costume

For Cosplay or Halloween: Inflatable Costume for Adults

Halloween will come to mean something completely different to your friend or family member after they receive the No-Face inflatable costume. The person steps into the costume, then another person zips them up.

The blower to inflate the costume is operated by four AA batteries, which are not included. So if you want to buy this costume, remember to get the batteries as well.

It is made with 100% polyester and is perfect for carnivals, cosplay events, and afternoons at the zoo.


To Keep Them Warm in the Spirit World: Spirited Away Flannel Blanket

A soft blanket will keep your loved one warm in the spirit world, especially one with the cast of Spirited Away on the front of the blanket. Made with 100% microfiber, this flannel blanket is lightweight and breathable yet very warm.

Being machine washable, it won’t come out of the dryer full of static because it resists static.

Not only is the blanket made from 100% microfiber, but it also doesn’t shed, making it perfect for those with allergies or asthma.

figurine cake topper

For Special Occasions: Spirited Away Figurine Cake Topper

These anime figurines can either be used as a cake topper or decorate a mantel or dresser. Your loved one can even put them in an aquarium to keep their fish or reptiles company if they like. Younger fans can turn them into a play scene where they act out the movie or another story limited only by their imagination.

Made with 100% high-quality PVC, they are durable and keep their colors and appearance for a long time.

coin bank toy

To Help Them Save Money: Coin Bank Toy

In the movie, No-Face ate the gold and the waiter who served him. This No-Face coin bank toy does the same action when coins are added to the bowl it is holding. Once your loved one adds coins, the arms go up, and the money goes in No-Face’s mouth and into the holder.

The coin bank is a fun way to help your young person learn how to save money and become financially responsible. It includes two AA batteries to operate the revolving mechanism. When it’s time to withdraw the coins, there is an easy access panel on the back of the coin bank.

night light

Light Up Their Night: No Face Man Night Light

Night no longer needs to be scary for your young loved ones with this small No-Face desk light. This unique light features No-Face sitting in a hollowed-out log and knitting while accompanied by a small, blue forest creature.

This LED night light has a lot of detail and is made from polyresin, so it won’t break as easily if it gets dropped. It is powered by three-button batteries that are easy to replace.


For the Fashion Nerd: No Face Man T-Shirt

The No-Face graphic T-shirt for men is a bold statement for the Spirited Away fans. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in several colors, including black and gray. The fit is true to size, and it comes in several sizes, from small up to 6XL.

Made and shipped from the USA, this shirt will make a great gift for the fashion nerd in your life who loves Spirited Away.


Decorate Their Wall: Spirited Away Poster

Chihiro and No-Face meet each other in less than ideal circumstances, and this poster captures their first meeting. While it is marketed as a print for nurseries and children’s rooms, it is appropriate for Spirited Away fans of all ages.

If your loved one is a fan, they will enjoy hanging this poster wherever they see fit.

The poster is unframed, but if you want to make this gift extra special, you might want to find an exquisite frame to accompany it.

coffee mug

It’s Tea Time: Spirited Away Tea or Coffee Mug

Traditional Japanese tea time calls for a traditional Japanese teacup, especially one decorated with the Spirited Away characters. It is hand-crafted in Japan by a skilled craftsman, with each character’s names written in both English and Japanese. (Click here for more japanese presents)

Standing just four inches (10.16 cm) high and is three inches wide, it is just big enough for an afternoon tea.

sticker and keychain set

Let Them Express Themselves: Spirited Away Sticker and Keychain Set

Sticker fans unite with Spirited Away fans with this sticker and keychain set, as they have over 100 graffiti stickers they can use to decorate anything, such as a laptop or tablet. A plush soot sprite keychain comes with the stickers.

The stickers are made with PVC vinyl and are waterproof and sun resistant. In other words, if the stickers are left in the sun too long, they won’t fade over time. Or, if they get caught in the rain, they repel water.

dragon pillow

Make Them Comfortable: Dragon Pillow

A dragon neck pillow is just the thing to keep your loved one comfortable on the plane, train, bus, or in their own home. Shaped just like the dragon in Spirited Away, it wraps around the neck and head for a more comfortable resting experience.

The pillow is filled with a cotton filling, and the outer material is made from a soft, velvet material that makes resting that much more comfortable.

dragon pin

Add a Little Flare: Spirited Away Dragon Pin

Haku, Chihiro’s friend from the film, can transform himself into a dragon at will. Now, your friend or loved one can have their dragon friend with this attractive and tiny dragon pin. The dragon’s head is made with a zinc alloy, while the backing is a butterfly clutch that holds the pin to clothing very tightly.

decorative scene figure set

Make a Scene: Spirited Away Faceless Man Street Scene

A decorative scene figure set is perfect for those on your gift list who love to add kitschy items to their space. This Spirited Away scene features No-Face alone on a street corner with a street lamp, holding a blue creature.

It stands about six inches (15.24 cm) high and takes up very little space, and is made with resin and metal.


Let Them Accessorize: Spirited Away Earrings

No-Face offers hearts to the wearer of these beautiful earrings. Made with hypoallergenic metal, they are fancy enough to accessorize formal wear while casual enough to go with jeans and a t-shirt. They are well-loved by reviewers, so your loved one will love them too.


For Their Stuff: Spirited Away Small Handbag

This cross-body canvas handbag features the image of one of the Spirited Away characters’ and is large enough for an iPhone and other items your friend or a family member needs to carry with them. The detachable strap can be added to a purse or removed to make a wallet.

spirited away characters in a charms bracelet

A Charming Accomplice: Spirited Away Charm Bracelet

As almost all anime fans love to display their loyalty to their favorite anime characters, Spirited Away fans are no exception. They will love this charm bracelet that contains all the characters from the movie and is made with a hypoallergenic alloy for even the most allergic people on your list.

plush toy

Cuddle Time: Faceless Man Plush Toy

One can never have too many plush toys, so this No-Face plush toy will make a great gift for the Spirited Away fans on your gift list. You can choose from two sizes, depending on your budget or preference.

It is made with high-quality plush material and stands seven or nine inches (17.78 or 22.86 cm) tall.


Send Them to School in Style: Canvas Backpack

Send your children back to school in style with this Spirited Away No-Face canvas black backpack. Inside, there is a laptop pocket and other hidden pockets for their school supplies or other items they need.

The lining is polyester, while the outer shell is made from soft canvas and PU leather.

soot-sprite plush

Start a Conversation: Soot Sprite Plush

The soot sprites are one the most favorite characters in Spirited Away, and now your loved one can display this character on their windows or key chains. This soot sprite plush is made from plush polyester and has a suction cup for easy installation on the window.

Or, it can hang from a keychain with the hanging rope.

framed away picture

To Frame It Nicely: Framed Spirited Away Picture

Haku, the dragon, is prominently displayed in this beautiful canvas framed print. The 8×10 (20.32 x 25.4 cm) print shows Haku enveloping the bathhouse that Chihiro works in, along with the orange Japanese sun.

It is printed on 100# paper with a matte finish.

water bottle

Spirit Their Thirst Away: Reusable Clear Water Bottle

This plastic clear water bottle displays No-Face on the front and is perfect for those who need more water in their day. And if they want ice water, the gated filter at the opening keeps your loved one from drinking the ice.

It is clear and holds 500 ML (16.9 oz).

wall clock

Time the Spirits Just Right: Spirited Away Wall Clock

It’s No-Face yet again, but this time, it’s telling your loved one what time it is and when the spirits will come to haunt them. Okay, maybe not this last part, unless your loved one is Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Spirited Away wall clock frame is made from vinyl, and it’s carved with a decorative floral border. The clock face features Roman numerals, two white hands for the hour and minute hands, and a red hand for the seconds.


To Keep Their Finances Straight: No Face Man Wallet

This wallet contains several pockets for IDs, credit and debit cards, and cash, so your loved one will be able to keep their finances straight. Well, at least their cards will be organized–they might be able to organize their finances.

The lining is polyester, while the outside is made from high-quality PU leather. It also has a coin purse inside the wallet to keep any change.

LED crystal ball

Look Into the Crystal Ball: Spirited Away LED Crystal Ball

This ball sits on top of a wooden base and outlines a young boy surrounded by stars inside. It also lights up and plays music at the touch of a button, while the LED light at the top of the ball gives an impressive light show on the ceiling.

The power source is a rechargeable battery that uses its charging cable included in the package.

backpack clip with pocket

Keep Their Cash Secret: Spirited Away Backpack Clip With Hidden Pocket

No-Face makes his appearance yet again in this fan-based backpack clip. The plush body is a cute addition to your loved one’s backpack, and it is large enough to hold their keys, money, and even a pair of sunglasses without anyone knowing about it.

Most reviewers love how well it holds their items and the softness of the pouch. But other reviewers thought the face was creepy and too small to hold very many items.


Keep Them Puzzled: Spirited Away 1000-Piece Puzzle

This 1,000-piece wood puzzle has a picture of Chihiro kneeling on the floor of the bathhouse she works at, with No-Face looking at her after eating several of the waiters. Spirited Away fans will love putting this puzzle together, but it might become a long-term project if it takes a long time to finish.

Even though it is 1,000 pieces, it doesn’t take up a lot of room, as it measures 20 x 30 inches (50 x 75 cm). The high-definition printing means that the pieces won’t fade after several uses.

painting kit

Paint-by-Number Now: Spirited Away DIY Painting Kit

Do you have a Spirited Away friend who loves to paint but can’t draw very well? This paint-by-number kit will help them create a beautiful work of art that they can then hang up on their wall. It includes the following:

Pre-printed textured art canvas
A set of acrylic paint
A set of three brushes
Reference picture
A hook for hanging the finished picture
An apron to protect clothing from paint.

Your loved one can use the colors as they are, or they can mix the colors for new and exciting colors.


Decorate Their Clothing: Applique Patches

Some people love decorating their clothing with patches and designs. If your loved one is like this and is a fan of Spirited Away, these No-Face iron or sew-on patches will be just the thing they need to display their fandom.

These high-quality patches are three inches by two inches and fit on any clothing item such as jean jackets, backpacks, shirts, baseball caps, and more. One patch shows No-Face eating a watermelon slice, while the other patch shows him holding a bouquet.

luggage tags

Tag Their Luggage: Spirited Away Luggage Tags

The Spirited Away luggage tags pack comes with No-Face’s unique tags, each with different designs or colors. If your loved one is a Spirited Away fan and loves to travel, these tags will be the perfect gift.

They are made with faux leather and rubber, and the clasps easily open and close as needed when traveling. Inside, there is a space for an address card, covered by a clear protection film. These tags will make luggage stand out from the crowd at the airport baggage claim.

gel pens

Let Them Write in Style: Eight Spirited Gel Pens

These gel pens with the No-Face spirit on the top will let your loved ones journal about their adventures in the spirit world in style. Each pen topper wears or carries different clothing or accessories, covering the pen caps, and only comes with black ink.

Japanese writing adorns the pens’ side, which might say, “Spirited Away” or “No-Face.”

While some reviews mention that they seem cheaply made, other reviews state that they work as pens should.

If your loved one is a fan of No-Face, they will love these pens.

Spirited Away: Miyazaki’s finest work

Spirited Away is a Japanese Anime film surrounding ten-year-old Chihiro and her parents moving to another town. But her father took a shortcut that led them to a tunnel leading to an abandoned village. Chihiro decides to explore the area when she meets Haku, a boy who warns her to cross the river before sunset.

But when she tries to go back, the river is flooded, and there is no way for her to get back. She then finds that her parents were turned into pigs.

Haku then tells her to get a job at the bathhouse to survive. She goes to the boiler-man, but he turns her away while telling her to go to the local witch who runs the bathhouse. The witch tries to scare her, but Chihiro insists, so the witch decides to hire her while renaming her Sen.

Sen doesn’t have an easy time working with the other bathhouse workers and longs for the days when she was back with her parents. She later invites the spirit No-Face into the establishment, believing him to be a customer. But he is a spirit and waits until Sen’s other customer, the “Stink Spirit,” reveals himself. It was a polluted river, and once Sen cleaned him, he thanked her by giving her a magic dumpling.

No-face saw this, then pretended to be a piece of gold, and swallowed three different workers.

Eventually, through a series of events, Sen’s curse is lifted, her name is Chihiro again, and she is reunited with her parents, who are no longer pigs. Neither of her parents remembered going through the tunnel, and they go on to their original destination.

How to Choose Spirited Away Presents

Now that you know what the movie is about and what type of gifts are available, how do you choose the perfect gift for your loved one? You’ll need to consider their interests within the context of the Spirited Away movie. You’ll also want to stay within a budget and consider their age.

Let’s take a closer look at these considerations.

Look at Their Interests

The main thing to remember is that there are several gift types for Spirited Away fans. If your loved one enjoys jewelry and has a collection of movie and serial-themed jewelry, look for those types of gifts. But if your loved one is more into decorating their home or room with culture-themed items, go for the posters or prints.

Consider Your Budget

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, you’ll want to stick to the inexpensive items. Or if you’re buying for someone at the office as a Secret Santa and only have a budget of, say, $10, you’ll want to stick to the simple things.

However, if you’re buying for a close friend, family member, or intimate partner, then you’ll want to spend a bit more money.

What Is the Recipient’s Age?

You’re not going to want to get a wine bottle stopper for a 10-year old, but you also won’t want to get a child’s toy for an adult. This gift guide gives you a variety of options to choose from for various age groups. Of course, there will be some people who love plush toys at 40 and those who love advanced items at 15.

But remember, don’t give any child under three years of age things with small parts that can be swallowed.


And that’s a wrap! We hope you find something your friend or family member will like. Let us know in the comments if you found something particularly special!



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