44 Star Trek Gifts That Are Out of This World

He speaks Klingon. She loves McCoy more than she loves her own boyfriend. If these are accurate statements about the Trekkie in your life, here are just a few Star Trek gifts that will send them over the moon and into the galaxy beyond!

44 Star Trek Gift Ideas

metal stamped license plate

To Boldly Go: Star Trek Enterprise Metal Stamped License Plate

The numbers NCC-1701 might not mean anything to you if you aren’t a Star Trek fan, but for those who live and breathe in warp speed, it’s instantly recognizable as the model number for the Enterprise.

This vanity plate puts it front and center, and since the whole thing is made with durable, black-stamped aluminum and sized to a standard 9 x 6 inches, it’ll slide right into place on the front of a car.

Let your friend travel in style as the captain of their own vessel!


For a Friend Who’s Full of Feelings: Star Trek Original Series Moods of Spock Graphic T-Shirt

Everyone knows that Spock is one of the most expressive characters in Star Trek, and with the help of this t-shirt, your gift recipient can enjoy all of his faces. From “happy” to “sleepy” to “angry,” all of his emotional reactions are on display.

.. and the joke, of course, is that every picture is exactly the same.

heat changing mug

For the Caffeine Addict: Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

Color-changing mugs are always fun, and this one has a particularly clever design. When cold, it just looks like an outcropping of red rocks on a dark planet. Once you add coffee or tea, however, the heat from the drink will make Star Trek characters beam into existence! You don’t need Scotty for this technology.

lunch fun box

To Place Your Bets: Star Trek Kirk Versus Gorn Gen 2 Fun Box

Like its name suggests, this “fun box” can be used for all sorts of mischief. Whether you’re packing a lunch, organizing garage tools or just adding something cool to your memorabilia shelf, it’ll be a fun, unique piece of merch.

How often do you get to see the infamous Kirk versus Gorn fight advertised like a real, vintage-style boxing match? This fun box is literally one of a kind.

phone case

A Smart Case for a Smart Phone: Rock Paper Scissors Star Trek Phone Case

This cute little phone case has a cartoon of Kirk, Spock and McCoy playing a game of rock-paper-scissors. You don’t even have to be a Star Trek fan to get the joke! If you like the design, you can also find it on a number of other goods, so whether you’re shopping for mugs, t-shirts, pillows, lighters or aprons, just look for the befuddled face of Spock holding up the Vulcan salute!

vinyl mechanical clock

To Count Down the Hours Until the Next Episode: Star Trek Vinyl Mechanical Clock

Star Trek clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is distinctive for its open-faced gear work. It has an almost steampunk aesthetic, and its only recognizable Star Trek feature is the Starfleet insignia that surrounds the dial with a sleek vinyl look.

It can serve as a fun, stylish accessory for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike!


To Warm Their Toes at Warp Speed: Star Trek The Next Generation Adult Crew Socks

If they’ve always wanted to be a crew member on the Enterprise, these socks can bring them one step closer to their dream. They come in a pack of three, and each one bears the color and logo of a different department, including command, science and operations.

Your gift recipient can switch between them depending on how they feel in the morning and what particular challenges they’ll be facing during the day.

wireless charger with battery pack

To Stay Connected Throughout the Galaxies: Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger With Backup Battery Pack

Make sure that they’re always connected to the fleet with this wireless Star Trek charger. Not only does it come with an illuminated logo that glows when in use, but it also boasts a 8000 mAh backup battery that will enable portable, hands-free charging regardless of where they are.

It’ll be a useful travel accessory as well as an awesome perch of merch for their home.

postage stamp

For Their Stationery Table: Star Trek Enterprise Classic TV Sheet of 20 Forever Postage Stamps

Sold by USPS, these forever stamps are the real deal. They’ll never expire, and they can be used on packages, postcards and more. There are four designs in total, and each one features an iconic uniform color while depicting something thematically appropriate like a spaceship or the Vulcan salute.

These are definitely stamps that will get used with glee by a Star Trek enthusiast.

blueprint plaque

To Liven Up Their Living Room: Star Trek USS Enterprise Lineage Dye Sublimation Blueprint Plaque

This plaque isn’t like other Star Trek plaques that you might have seen. For starters, it has a vintage-style blueprint pattern of the entire lineage of the NCC-1701 Enterprise, so it’s perfect for fans who like to geek out over the show’s spaceships.

It’s also fused on a sheet of 12 x 9 inch aluminum, so it isn’t just a cheap poster or printout. It’s a genuine collector’s item, and its uniqueness will make it an excellent gift to put under the tree!

funny T-shirt

For the Pop Culture Geek: OMG It’s R2D2 Funny T-Shirt

You’ll need to be familiar with three classic sci-fi series to fully appreciate this shirt. That’s because the text says “OMG, It’s R2D2, I Loved Him on Star Trek” over a picture of a Dalek. It’ll crack up fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, so if you know someone who enjoys the entire trio, you’ll absolutely split their sides.


A Very Punny Gift: Don’t Trek Your Dirt Inside Doormat

“Please Don’t Trek Your Dirt Inside.” It’s a simple enough request, but when you add the yellow command insignia of Star Trek, it also becomes a hilarious in-joke for those in the know. Your gift recipient can welcome folks over the threshold like they’re greeting travelers on a distant voyage.

sticky notes booklet

For Adding a Little Fun to Their Work Day: Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet

This collection of Star Trek sticky notes has everything that they’ll need for an astronomical office. There are notes shaped like the Starfleet insignia; there are “while you were beaming down” notes with checkmarked boxes for “please hail” and “returning your hail.

” There are even long, vertical appointment tabs with images of the original crew, including William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy! They’ll never want another stationary set after enjoying the star power of this one.

communicator toy

When They’re a Child at Heart: Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator Toy

Toys aren’t just for kids, especially when they’re near-perfect replicas of the props used on Star Trek: The Original Series. This doodad has all of the retro colors and overly large buttons of the 1960s set piece, and it’ll make an amazing collector’s item for any fans of vintage goods.

If they’re a fun-loving friend, they might also like just taking it out of the box and playing with it!

3D desk lamp

To Keep the Aliens at Bay: 3D Optical Illusion Multi-Colored Star Trek Desk Lamp

LED lamps are available in a wide variety of shapes, but there’s something special about a Star Trek version. Maybe it’s because the sleek, futuristic glow pairs so nicely with out-of-the-world spaceships; maybe it’s just because it’s a step above the usual socks and notebooks that make up fan merchandise.

Either way, with a touch-activated, color-changing light that will hover in mid-air and glow in the dark, this lamp will definitely light up the life of a Trekkie!

spock drink kooler

For the Beer of the Final Frontier: Star Trek Spock Drink Kooler

Shaped like the blue-clad torso of everyone’s favorite Vulcan, this drink holder will be a laugh-out-loud gift for the Star Trek fan who enjoys a cold one every now and then. Its soft, flexible material will insulate a cold can while also providing a steady grip.

For a party trick, try to hold the can with the same Vulcan salute as Spock!


If They Have Too Much Time on Their Hands: Star Trek 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a puzzle that isn’t meant for kids. With 1,000 pieces, it measures a whopping 29 x 19 inches, and it’s made with high-quality wooden pieces that give it the feeling of real artwork and not just a painted toy.

Additionally, it depicts a nighttime space battle with more than a dozen different vessels firing blasters at each other, so it isn’t an easy picture to put together. If they have the patience for it, however, this will definitely a cool challenge for the Star Trek fan.

beanie hat

For a Celestial Look: Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Academy Beanie Hat

Officially licensed by the Star Trek brand, this beanie is a fun piece of merch for fans of the new Star Trek Discovery series. It has a spaceship pattern with a round logo for the Starfleet Academy in the United Federation of Planets.

Not only will it be a warm wintertime accessory, but it’ll also serve as a fun representation of your friend’s fandom interests.

star trek catan

Set Phasers to Fun: Star Trek Catan

If they’re a fan of board games, they’ve probably heard of Settlers of Catan, an epic tabletop game that mixes luck, skill, strategy and creativity. A lesser-known version is Star Trek Catan.

It takes all of the fun of the original and gives it a star-studded twist, so instead of building trade posts, they’re building epic empires in space. It’s sure to be a hit with intellectual Trekkies who enjoy a challenge.

coffee mug

For Your Favorite Space Elf: Star Trek Spock 3D Ears Shaped Ceramic Coffee Mug

It’s just so easy to make fun of Spock, and this gift is more than up to the task. While it’s a real coffee mug that’s safe for both dishwashers and microwaves, it comes with an extra element: two pointed Vulcan ears that poke out from the sides! Whether it’s used for coffee, tea, hot cocoa or even soup, its owner will definitely get a laugh out of it.

It’s sure to be a conversation starter in the office as well.

shot glass

A Party Favor With a Twist: D*mmit Jim Shot Glass

Here’s a fun piece of trivia for you: The phrase “D*mmit, Jim” was never actually uttered in Star Trek: The Original Series. However, it’s such a popular misquote that it’s entered the annals of pop culture history, and you can immortalize it with this shot glass.

It’ll make a great stocking stuffer or goodie basket item if you’re looking for low-cost, low-key gifts.

pizza cutter

Because Nothing Is Impossible: The Original Series USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Would you like some mozzarella with that? This cleverly-designed pizza cutter will be a fun collector’s item for Star Trek fans even as it serves its intended purpose for pepperoni addicts. It’s made with high-grade stainless steel, so it’s nice and durable, and it also boasts an easy grip and a sleek, laser-etched cutting wheel.

The fact that its handle is shaped like the Enterprise is just a bonus.

TV autographed signed reprint

Nostalgic Nerdiness: Star Trek The Next Generation TV Autographed Signed Reprint

While not an original, this reprint is still a sight to behold. It bears the autographs of everyone from Patrick Steward to Wil Wheaton, and they’re scrawled on the script for Encounter at Farpoint, also known as the pilot episode of The Next Generation.

This is a keepsake that any fan can appreciate.

star trek craft book

For Creative Crafts and DIY Dreams: Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So

“Make it so” is one of Picard’s most famous lines, but he probably never imagined it used as a rallying cry for knitters. That’s exactly what it is in this crafting book, however, and if you know someone who enjoys origami, embroidery and felt animals, it can serve as a valuable source of creative ideas.

Let them boldly go to the very limits of their imagination!

light and sound borg cube

Because Resistance Is Futile: Star Trek: Light and Sound Borg Cube

Are you ready to be assimilated? This cube is a pretty good recreation of one of Star Trek’s most famous villains, and it comes with lights, sounds and glow-in-the-dark accents to further complete the look.

Your gift recipient can display it on a shelf, use it as a desktop paperweight or even hang it from a Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless once you serenely accept your fate and welcome the Borg as your new lords and masters.

star trek eau de toilette spray

Fresh and Fragrant: Tiberius By Star Trek Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Help him smell like a million energy credits with this “Tiberius” fragrance for men. It has fruity top notes like pear and pineapple with a darker undercurrent of musk, patchouli and black currant. Its yellow bottle will get a laugh, and its 3.

4 ounce volume will get a pleased hum. He’ll be smelling nice for a long, long time.


These Are the Voyages: Space The Final Frontier Notebook

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” If you know someone with big dreams, this is a notebook that can contain their thoughts, ideas, doodles, notes and lists as they work their way towards a new horizon.

Each page is lined, and the front cover depicts the Enterprise with a circular wheel of text that quotes Star Trek’s most famous intro.


To Live Like Picard: Shut Up Wesley The Next Generation T-Shirt

This is a gift that will delight people in the know while being a regular and unremarkable shirt to those who aren’t familiar with Star Trek. It says “Shut Up, Wesley,” one of the most infamous lines of The Next Generation, and it has a picture of the poor cadet front and center.

If you’re looking for a present that’s quirky without being excessively or flagrantly geeky, this is the one for you.

canvas wall art

The Prime Directive of Interior Design: Star Trek Five-Piece Canvas Wall Art

Available in sizes that go up to 80 x 40 inches, these gigantic wall prints will truly invoke the awe-inspiring beauty of the galaxy. If not for the spaceships that are clearly part of the Starfleet, it could be a piece of regular galaxy art.

It’s that mesmerizing! As a bonus, since it comes in five pieces, it has an extra 3D element that makes it even more eye-popping. Your gift recipient won’t know where to look first.

bow tie

For the Snappy Dresser: Star Trek: The Original Series Starfleet Bow Tie

Any outfit can be elevated with a bow tie, especially when it’s as fun as this one! Yellow Starfleet insignias dance across a starry black background, and a pre-tied knot is ready for tweaking. The whole thing will be instantly recognizable to Star Trek enthusiast; otherwise, it’ll just be a fun and colorful bow tie.

He can wear it with suits, blazers, button-ups and more.

hallmark itty bittys collector set

Add Some Cuteness to Their Bookshelf: Hallmark Itty Bittys Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collector Set

You’ve never seen a Starfleet quite like this one! Part of Hallmark’s “Itty Bittys” collection, these small, soft plushies look just like Spock, Kirk, Uhura and McCoy, and they’re gathered for the first time as part of a special set.

They’ll make an amazing gift for fans of all ages. Kids can cuddle them; adults can display them. They’re quite versatile.

pajama set

Because Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp-Dressed AI: Star Trek Normal Parameter Women’s PJs

Data is one of the most underappreciated characters in Star Trek, but these pajamas will let her show her love for him in a cozy and casual way. The shirt says “I Am Functioning Within Normal Parameters,” and the pants can be chosen with multiple materials to match.

Order them in plaid, camo, pink camo and more. Who says that Star Trek gifts for women can’t be fun and fashionable?

vinyl stickers

When One Sticker Isn’t Enough: Star Trek 70-Piece Vinyl Stickers

If they’re a Trekkie and proud of it, these are the stickers that they’ll need to declare their nerdiness to the world. They come in a pack of 70, and they’re non-repeating, so each one will be different than the last.

There are ships and stars; there are famous quotes from the series; there are outlines of Kirk’s uniforms and Spock’s hand signals. All are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their waterproof PVC material and sticky adhesives.

friendship necklace

To Promise Eternity and Then Some: Star Trek Friendship Necklace

Celebrate a friendship with these BFF necklaces. Together, they say “I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend,” but the words are split right down the middle on a Starfleet-shaped pendant. The only way for the message to be complete is if both of you wear the necklaces together.

star trek cats book

Fur Balls in Deep Space: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cats Book

If you’ve always wondered what Worf would look like as a Siamese cat, this is your chance to bring your weird but hilarious daydreams to life. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cats is a retelling of the show’s most famous stories with every character depicted as a furry feline.

It’s a must-have for Trekkies who are also cat lovers. It doesn’t get more unique than this!

chair cape

To Bring a Little Levity to Work: Star Trek The Original Series Blue Uniform Chair Cape

You don’t have to be a superhero to wear a cape. Just drape this bad boy along the back of your chair, and your entire office will get a Star Trek makeover that boldly goes where no office decor has gone before.

It’ll make you feel like you’re right on the deck of the Enterprise, especially if you buy the other uniform colors for the rest of your chairs as well.

vinyl decal

Trekkie on Board: Live Long and Prosper Vinyl Decal

Anyone can slap a bumper sticker on their car, but this decal takes things up a notch with its smooth vinyl surface and stylish design. It says “Live Long and Prosper,” but the words are framed in a fun, expressive pop art style along the bottom of a Vulcan salute.

Attach it to cars, walls, laptops, lockers and more!

cutting board

Just Leave the Ears Alone: Van Gogh Star Trek Painting Cutting Board

Another one-of-a-kind gift, this cutting board re-envisions van Gogh’s Starry Night with the Enterprise flying through the blue and yellow whorls. Not only is it utterly unique, but it’s also fully functional as a cutting board, so your gift recipient can use it for all of their slicing and dicing.

The only question is whether they’ll actually be able to take a knife to it. They might decide to frame it instead. It’s that cool-looking!

the klingon hamlet book

To Thine Own Self Be True: The Klingon Hamlet

taH pagh taHbe’? To be or not to be? This is the question posed by the Klingon Hamlet, a full retelling of Wil’yam Shex’pir’s classic play. In addition to the text itself, you’ll also enjoy notes, comparisons and explanations of various translated elements, so it’ll be a wholly educational experience.

yabDaq San vaQ cha, pu’ je SIQDI’?

scale snap model kit

If They’ve Never Outgrown Their Model Plane Phase: Star Trek USS Defiant 1:1000 Scale Snap Model Kit

The Enterprise might be the most iconic ship in the Starfleet, but there are plenty of others that have been featured in the series, including the U.S.S. Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This model kit will allow your gift recipient to build their own very own replica. It’s simple enough for kids but detailed enough to be engrossing for adults as well. Trekkies of all ages can enjoy putting it together.

bar of soap

Another Punny Present: Jean Luc Picard Make It Soap

Another gift for folks on a budget, this is a simple bar of soap that’s been elevated by its packaging. It says “Make It Soap” with a picture of Picard! Despite being a gag gift, it’s actually a nice bath product; it smells like Earl Grey, and it’s suitable for use in sinks, showers and everything in between.

Give them the gift of smelling nice this year!


For the Sentimental Fan: What I Learned From Star Trek Coffee Mug

Some fans of Star Trek have a deep, personal connection to the series and what it’s taught them. This coffee mug celebrates all of the biggest lessons passed on by the protagonists. From “boldly go” to “live long and prosper,” this little mug packs a big philosophical punch, and it might just bring a tear to the eye of the dedicated Trekkie.

star trek 50th anniversary TV collection

The Final Quest: Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a gift to end all other gifts, this massive Blu-ray set has you covered. It includes every single film, documentary and television series featuring the original cast of Star Trek: The Original Series.

There are 30 discs in total, and that isn’t even including the notes, boxes and art prints that complete the set. If you want to give a truly memorable gift to a Star Trek fan, give them an entire year’s worth of bingeing material in a single Blu-ray collection.

The Best Star Trek Presents: A Buyer’s Guide

With an entire galaxy of Star Trek gifts out there, you might be wondering where to start. Let us help! Consider this your guide to finding fun, unique and memorable presents for the Trekkie in your life.

Figure Out Their Favorites

Do they have a thing for Spock’s ears? Do they go to star trek conventions? Are they snobs about the original films versus the remakes? Do they prefer vintage collectibles or cool, buzzworthy tech gadgets? Star Trek is a vast universe that contains everything from books and movies to video games and graphic novels, so if you aren’t sure what your buddy is into, make some subtle inquiries about it. If they really love Star Trek, they’ll be more than happy to talk about what makes it so great.

Consider the Source

Some items are officially licensed and manufactured by the Star Trek brand. Other might be knockoffs, or they might be homemade or handcrafted. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to the kind of merchandise that you want; just make sure that you know what you’re getting into when you buy it. For example, don’t buy a bootleg DVD set thinking that it’s legitimate.

Put Some Thought Into it

Don’t buy something random just because it has the Star Trek logo on it. If your friend isn’t the type to collect key chains or write on sticky notes, they aren’t going to have any use for a Star Trek version of these items, either. For the best results, try thinking of something that you know your friend would like, and see if you can find a gift that incorporates Star Trek with it.


What do you think of our Star Trek gifts? Is there anything that you’d add? Has a friend ever given you an amazing Star Trek gift that made you feel like you’d experienced a Vulcan mind meld? Sound off in the comments!

star trek gifts

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