42 Steampunk Gifts (To Get Their Gears Going)

A dragon with mechanical wings takes flight. An inventor peers through an old-fashioned spyglass at a new-age airship.

If these scenes are right up your alley, you’re the perfect person to shop for steampunk gifts, and here are just a few ideas to get you started!

antique pendant charm mix

For the Ultimate in Steampunk Style: 30-Piece Antique Pendant Charm Mix

Filled with cogs, gears, wheels, winches and clock faces, this charm collection can help with everything from home decor to DIY jewelry making. There are 30 pieces in all, and they range in both size and style, so you can get quite creative with such an eclectic mix.

Plaster them on walls and lockers; use them as ornaments for belts, boots, vests and top hats. The possibilities are endless when you open your mind to steampunk!

skull bookends

For Fans of Gothic Horror: Steampunk Skull Bookends

Add a little death and decay to someone’s bookshelf with these gnarly bookends. Painted by hand, they’re shaped like two sides of a rotting skull infused with metal gears and hinges, so they basically form a steampunk zombie.

Not only will they look awesome as a display item, but they’ll also function as heavy, high-quality bookends that can hold up the thickest of dictionaries and door stoppers.

wooden puzzle airship

To Boldly Go Where No Flights Have Gone Before: 3D Mechanical Gear Wooden Puzzle Airship

Airships are an essential feature of steampunk fantasy, and with this building kit, your friend can bring one of their own to life. There are more than 220 pieces in total, and they fit precisely together to form gears, levers, pulleys, propellers and rope systems.

It’s partly a puzzle and partly a crafting experiment. The manufacturers also make trains, tractors and treasure boxes if you want to keep someone occupied for a very long time!

pendant glow locket

To Bring Together the Future and the Past: Steampunk Pendant Glow Locket

Steampunk is all about mixing the old with the new, and this pendant is the perfect representation of worlds colliding. Its rustic metal orb has an old-fashioned locket design like something from an antique jewelry box, but once you open it, you’ll be treated to the glow of a miniature LED light.

It’s vintage and futuristic at the same time. You can even order it in multiple colors if you want to start an entire collection of shining steampunk lockets!

leather messenger bag

For Organizational Efficiency: Crossbody Canvas Leather Military Messenger Bag

If they’ve always wanted to live in the world of Attack on Titan, tell them that they’re crazy, and then buy them this bag. It has a stylish crossbody fit with a leather finish and a half-dozen pockets and pouches, so it’ll keep them organized, and the strap is fully adjustable to suit many different body types.

It’ll look great with other steampunk-inspired fashion, but it’s also completely functional for work, school, travel and more.

whiskey decanter with glasses

For Scotch on the Rocks: Antique Ship Whiskey Decanter With Glasses

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “ship in a bottle,” this decanter set is stunningly beautiful while still serving as a functional alcoholic accessory. The main decanter is a cylindrical glass with an old-fashioned ship inside, and the liquid pours from a silver tap with a shut-off valve.

Four glasses have global maps printed on them, and a mahogany-stained wooden base keeps everything organized. You’ll definitely win a million gift points with an elaborate present like this one.

retro leggings

To Transform Their Wardrobe: Punk Print Retro Leggings

Available in several styles, these leggings are a must-have for the steampunk wardrobe. They’re decorated with gorgeous prints of lugs, levers and bezels, and the details are so realistic that it will look like metal plates and shin guards have been bolted to her skin.

Their fabric is soft and comfortable, however, so appearances will be deceiving. She’ll be able to move around in these lightweight leggings like she isn’t wearing them at all.

brass poem compass

To Journey to the Ends of the Earth: Antiqued Brass Poem Compass With Leather Case

Every adventurer needs a compass, and this one will inspire both creativity and curiosity for wayward explorers. It’s fashioned like a real antique, and it combines various elements of brass, glass, leather and metal to create a rustic-style compass that’s nonetheless completely functional.

Your friend can use it for everything from sailing to stargazing. It’s even inscribed with “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost for a little extra romanticism.

goggles with double ocular loupe

Delight a Cosplayer: Spiked Steampunk Goggles With Double Ocular Loupe

It only takes one look at these googles to know that they’re steampunk. From the rusty spikes to the adjustable double-magnifying eyepieces, they’ll immediately turn heads at a convention, costume party or cosplay event.

They’ll also make a great decorative piece in the home if you know someone who likes to display steampunk merch. The best gifts have multiple uses, and these googles definitely qualify.

skeleton pocket watch

For a Man With Exquisite Taste: Bronze Skeleton Pocket Watch With Chain

Skeleton watches are trendy items in steampunk fashion since they’re designed to show off the gears behind the watch face. The only thing cooler is a skeleton pocket watch. This one truly embraces its vintage roots by having a round, bronze lid that can be popped open whenever its wearer needs the time.

He can even attach it to a chain so that he can hang it on his belt loop and pull it out of his trouser pocket like a real Victorian gentleman.

feather writing quill with nibs

For Beautiful, Old-School Lettering: Antique Feather Writing Quill With Nibs

Send them on a journey across the seas with this antique writing set. Not only does it have a luxurious feathered quill, but it also comes with a bottle of ink, a silver pen holder, a jar of sealing wax and five different nibs for the quill.

They can take notes, write in their journal, practice their calligraphy or craft all kinds of correspondence to other steampunk fans. This writing set has all of the tools that they’ll need right there in the box.

hanging spherical clock

What Lies Beneath: Victorian Grunge Four-Sided Hanging Spherical Clock

With a deliberately aged look, this four-sided clock looks like something that’s been swinging in the dark hallways of a metal submarine. It bears Roman numerals instead of numbers, and it hangs from the ceiling instead of sitting upright or being mounted on a wall.

Inside, it’s powered by quartz movements that are hidden behind its dirty, grungy surface. If you’re looking for unique timepieces to satisfy the creative spirit of a steampunker, this is the clock for the job.

dragon statue

Combining Two Awesome Concepts Into One: Cyborg Dragon Statue

Nothing will send you back to childhood faster than the words “cyborg dragon.” Unlike your first-grade doodles, however, this statue is far from a cartoon. It has highly realistic details on a hand-painted resin figure, and the gearwork of the dragon is artfully integrated into his wings, legs and face.

He even comes with a backstory! He’s a flight of fancy with real-world touches that make him extraordinarily unique.

vintage brass sextant

For Captains on the High Seas: Vintage Brass Sextant

A sextant is an antiquated navigational tool that can find, track and measure distant objects. It was highly valued by everyone from sailors to stargazers, and it’s become a favorite of steampunk fans for both its historical context and its awesome-looking gears and eyepieces.

This brass model is more of a decorative piece than a fully functional sextant, but it can still be used for its original purpose if they’re the adventurous sort, and it’ll definitely be a one-of-a-kind present.

canvas tote

Here Kitty Kitty: Steampunk Cat Vintage Style Large Canvas Tote

The only thing better than a cat is a steampunk cat, and this shoulder tote has one of the most bada** felines ever. Rather than being a cutesy, kitschy thing, he has a narrow-eyed glare with metalwork parts that include a clock for a heart and a long pipeline for a tail.

He’s the perfect guardian for a tote bag, so whether your friend needs to carry around groceries, beach towels, ballet shoes or art supplies, this cat will watch over their belongings with style.

metal pipe and brunt wood rack

To Hang Up Their Waistcoats and Goggles: Industrial Metal Pipe and Burnt Wood Storage Rack

With seven hooks dangling from a metal pipe, this storage rack definitely has an industrial appearance, but it’s softened by the wooden back that gives it an almost country charm. It’ll be perfect for hanging everything from coats to coffee cups, so your gift recipient can use it in the kitchen, foyer, shed, sun room and more.

A top shelf allows for additional storage or display items. It even comes with keyhole brackets already installed, so it’s just a matter of finding the right spot for the pipe.

copper rose

For That Special Someone: Antique Industrial Copper Rose

A single rose is one of the most romantic gifts that you can give to your sweetheart, but they wither so quickly that they’re not always worth the price. An alternative is this copper rose. Not only does it have an undying beauty with its purple-and-gold palette, but it also boasts an undeniable steampunk aesthetic with its metal thorns and industrial pipe stem.

You’ll be saying “I do” on an airship in no time!

whiskey glasses set

To Release the Kraken: Two-Set Kraken Whiskey Glasses

The sweetest liquor comes from the deadliest glasses. Decorated with the curling, swirling suckers of octopus tentacles, these glasses can hold up to 10 ounces of everything from scotch to bourbon, so they’ll be perfect for the evening drinker.

They look a little plain when they’re empty, but once they’re filled with gold or amber liquid, their black prints will show up in stark relief. Sea monsters never looked so awesome.

table lamp

To Light Up Their Life: Rustic Touch Control Table Lamp

You’ve probably seen table lamps that operate like this, but you’ve never seen them with a superb steampunk design. The rusty paint gives it an aged, just-out-of-the-attic vibe, and the bare bulb is fashionably minimalist.

Underneath the old-school aesthetic, however, the lamp is pretty modern: Just tap the base to make the light cycle through different illumination levels. You can make it as bright or as dim as you’d please.

butterfly necklace

When the Lambs Are Still Screaming: Butterfly Punk Necklace

This pendant wouldn’t be out of place in a pirate movie or steampunk fusion anime. It also has a bit of a Silence of the Lambs feeling to it. Simply put, it’s a mechanical butterfly with gears and alloys instead of veins and organs, and it combines punk rock artistry with a Victorian gothic design.

It’ll be an excellent addition to the jewelry collection of a steampunk fan. They might even choose to frame it rather than wear it; it’s that cool.

steampunk cuff links

To Bring a Little Steampunk to Every Occasion: Working Silver Watch Movement Steampunk Cuff Links

Working exactly as advertised, these cuff links have moving mechanical gears beneath a glass cover. Their components are silver and gold metal, and there are splashes of purple on the watch face for added flair.

They can be worn with everything from steampunk cosplay to formal attire that needs a touch of personality. With these cuff links, he’ll look fashionable no matter what he’s wearing.

coloring book

Because It Isn’t Just for Kids: Steampunk Animals Coloring Book

From mechanical monkeys to wind-up owls, this steampunk coloring book will take you on an unforgettable journey through the animal kingdom. Every creature has gears, valves, hinges, gauntlets and armor plates.

Some have metallic wings; others have sharpened pipes for talons and claws. Your gift recipient will have a blast just looking through the designs, so coloring them will be an added bonus.

wine rack

For Netflixing and Chilling: Gears and Wheels Industrial Wine Rack

For tipsy marathons of ’80s sci-fi shows, they’ll need a rack to hold all of their liquor. This one is shaped like a gigantic gear set, and three of the “holes” can hold different bottles. Though it’s meant for wine, it could also hold beer, champagne, vodka and any other spirits that their heart desires.

It’s a multipurpose rack that will become an instant conversation piece in the home.

salt and pepper shaker holder

When You’re in the Mood for Seafood: Cthulhu Octopus Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Who says that steampunk has to stop at your closet? With this salt and pepper holder, you can bring an eldritch horror directly into your kitchen! Cthulhu is the famous monster from H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu, and he’s here to rain terror on your hamburgers.

His tentacles have been aged and hardened, and they form a cradle where two salt and pepper shakers can rest. His beady eyes will follow all movements at the countertop. As long as you don’t mind making your lunch under the judgemental gaze of a cosmic god, he’ll be a pretty cool kitchen accessory.

tree of life plaque figurine

The Birth of All Things: Steampunk Tree of Life Hanging Plaque Figurine

Designed like something out of a Celtic magic shop, this “tree of life” plaque has a mystical quality about it. Maybe it’s the gears and wheels that take the place of normal branches; maybe it’s the old, tarnished paint that makes it seem like a genuine relic from the past.

Either way, it’ll be a great gift for fans of sci-fi steampunk, especially those who also appreciate old-world mythology.

heart-shaped box with lid

For Beads and Baubles: Steampunk Mechanical Heart-Shaped Box With Lid

Trinket boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but this one has a unique steampunk flair that’s sure to delight fans of the aesthetic. It isn’t large, so it can’t be used for an entire jewelry collection, but it’s just the right size for bracelets, earrings, keys, phone chargers and other knickknacks.

The lid is covered with non-operational gears, and screws have been stuck to the sides for added style. You could even use this box as a goodie box for another steampunk gift!


Domo Arigatou: Gothic Screw Robot Pendant Key Chain

Robots are always fun in steampunk worlds, especially when they’re built with old-fashioned nuts and bolts like this one. Rather than being a full-sized creature, however, this one is a mini-figure that dangles from a key chain.

Your loved on will be able to show off their steampunk style while still fitting everything into pockets, purses and backpacks. You can’t ask for more from a key chain!

viking mug goblet spoon set

When You Feel Like Raiding a Village: Viking Warrior Mug Goblet Spoon Three-Set

Are you struggling to choose between a mug and a goblet for your steampunk gift? This dining set makes it easy by offering both at once! It even throws in a skull-patterned spoon for stirring, so everything that they’ll need for a gothic tea party is right there in the box.

The base material is stainless steel; the exterior is patterned from durable, high-quality resin. Your loved one can make toasts befitting a real Viking warrior with this armored mug and goblet set.

wall art canvas

To Decorate a Feature Wall: Four-Piece Train Wall Art Canvas

A step above the usual art prints, canvas wall art is a more refined and sophisticated way to show off your tastes. This one will be particularly nice for steampunk fans. It depicts a large, victorian style and old-fashioned locomotive with steam blowing from its engine, so it hits just the right balance of vintage and industrial.

Honestly, you don’t even need to be a steampunk fan to appreciate it. Who didn’t have a train phase while growing up?

horizontal candle

For a Different Kind of Burn: 80-Hour Eco-Friendly Horizontal Candle

While not technically a steampunk gift, this horizontal candle has a rustic charm that will make you think of dark, dusty libraries from the Victorian era. Like its name suggests, it rests sideways rather than standing upright, and it burns along a “rope” that winds around a wooden spool.

It’s a clever and innovative design behind some deceptively simple physics, and the beeswax candle isn’t bad, either. Your gift recipient will be able to enjoy it for a whopping 80 hours.

pillow cover

For Pilots, Gliders and Airbenders: Old Flight Academy Vintage Throw Pillow Cover

With its sepia-toned artwork and old-fashioned advertising fonts, this throw pillow cover looks like a real poster for a turn-of-the-century flight academy. It declares “Ready for Takeoff” and “Pilot Training Center” with a picture of vintage planes flying in formation, so it’ll be perfect for punk rock attitude steampunk enthusiasts who dream of an older era.

They can drift off to sleep with their head resting on a cozy, comfortable and thematically appropriate throw pillow.

typewriter coaster set

When You Don’t Need Any Newfangled Computers: Five-Piece Typewriter Coaster Set

You aren’t an inventor in a steampunk workshop until you’re clanking away on an old-fashioned typewriter. If you can’t afford the real deal, however, these coasters can evoke the same spirit. The tops are decorated with metallic keys, and the bottoms come with non-slip rubber coating to keep them from sliding around the table.

The coaster holder is shaped like an actual typewriter if you want to put them aside when not in use. They’ll be suitable for glasses, mugs, bottles, wine goblets and more.


For Your Favorite Pyromaniac: Metal Mini Cigarette Lighter With Flint

Who needs a Zippo? This rustic metal lighter has been crafted with a steampunk style, so it’s fashionable and functional for a variety of everyday needs. It even comes with seven flints and one wick to get you started.

Take it on a camping trip; incorporate it into a steampunk costume; use it to impress your co-workers during a smoke break. There are many possibilities with a neat and versatile lighter.

The steampunk guide book

For Family-Friendly Fun: The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide

Maybe they’re kids who are trying to help their parents understand the appeal of steampunk. Maybe they’re steampunk parents who are trying to pass on their passion to the next generation. Either way, The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make is a crafting book that can inspire the whole family.

It has instructions for everything from rivet guns to glider wings, so kids and adults alike can roll up their sleeves and get to inventing.


To Elevate His Wardrobe and Calm His Nerves: Men Steampunk Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

Another great gift for men, this necklace is cool and sleek in a way that transcends steampunk fashion. It’s available in black, gold and silver, and the pendant is shaped like a military dog tag with inlaid gears and wheels.

To make it even better, the gears are movable! He can fidget and fiddle with them at will. Since it’s a heavy, high-quality jewelry piece, it can withstand a lot of handling.

Tesla patent  art prints set

Because the Classics Never Go Out of Style: Nikola Tesla Patent Art Print Set

Every engineering student knows the name Nikola Tesla. Even if they’re unfamiliar with his work, however, they should appreciate these art prints of his most famous inventions. Each one has real, hand-drawn images like the kind that you’d find in a patent office, but they’ve been printed on aging yellow graph paper to give them a vintage appeal.

There are four in total, and they’ll look wonderful when put in frames and arranged on a wall. They’re a gift that will get your buddy raving.

mechanical eye art print

For the All-Seeing, All-Knowing Spirits: Mechanical Eye Fine Art Print

Beautifully unsettling, this mechanical eye is the kind of thing that will make guests look twice when they enter a room. It has a single jolt of color amidst a maze of twisted silver gears, so it’ll watch everyone unblinkingly no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

It looks best when framed and mounted on a wall, but it could also be pasted on journals, mood boards, scrapbooks and other creative tools. The choice is theirs.

desk lamp

To Turn the Lights Down Low: Iron Piping Loft Style Vintage Desk Lamp

Made with a real pipe and valve from a hardware store, this desk lamp will be an amazing addition to steampunk home decor. A single bulb has been affixed to a rustic, vintage-style pipe, and it lights up with the turn of a bright red pipe valve.

It’s unlike any other desk lamp that you’ve seen before, so it’ll serve as a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind person.

His dark materials hadcover set

For Bookworms and Bibliophiles: His Dark Materials Hardcover Set

His Dark Materials is a beloved name in steampunk literature, and this handsomely-bound hardcover set is perfect for adults who want to revisit a childhood classic. It eschews the usual cartoon covers for dark, minimalist ones, but the text inside remains the same.

Lyra will still go on her adventures, and readers will still sigh with envy over her alethiometer. Everybody will win with this hardcover set.

mini cryptex/center>

To Give Them a Special Surprise on Valentine’s Day: Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Another fun, interactive gift, this cryptex will keep them entertained for a good long while as they try to decode its six rows of rotating numbers. When they finally figure it out, they can open the tube and reveal whatever you’ve placed inside.

A pair of matching metal rings is already included with the gift, but you can add or replace them with flowers, charms, jewelry, poetry or love notes. The carved-out heart design is suitable for any romantic gesture.

wall clock

To Really Spoil Them: Automaton Bite 1682 Black and Gold Wall Clock

The Automaton is the wall clock to end all wall clocks. Not only is it made with burnished golden cogs to give it a truly steampunk look, but it also has mirrored walls and heavy, multi-layered gears that move behind its face.

It gives the impression of constant, intricate motion, so it’ll be perfect for workrooms, studios, offices and underground lairs. If they want to build the next Frankenstein, this is the timepiece to hang on the wall before they start.

Buying Guide

Steampunk gifts can run the gamut from cheap and silly accessories to expensive, high-quality antiques. How are you supposed to know which ones to buy for your buddy? If you’re in the market for steampunk gifts, here are just a few suggestions for finding something awesome.

1. Figure Out What They Like About Steampunk

Some people are in it for the fashion. Others are history or technology nerds who enjoy the unique inventions and creative world-building. Before you go shopping for steampunk stuff, make sure that you’re looking at the right kinds of gifts. A cosplayer might not get excited about the same things as an academic.

2. Match Your Gift to Their Interests

Do they make their own jewelry? They might enjoy some gears and hinges to turn into rings and bracelets. Are they remodeling their home?

They might appreciate some wall or window decorations with an industrial edge. Instead of blindly shopping for steampunk gifts, make a list of things that your gift recipient already likes, and figure out how you can turn them steampunk.

3. Consider the Usefulness of the Present

Steampunk is such a popular and ever-shifting genre that there are mountains and mountains of merchandise out there.

In fact, your gift recipient probably has some already. You don’t want your present to be a repeat, and you don’t want it to get shoved in the back of a closet and forgotten, so make sure that your gift has genuine value for its intended.

For example, if they aren’t a coffee drinker, don’t buy them a coffee mug just because it has a steampunk design.


These are just a few tips and tricks for buying steampunk gifts.

Whether you’re shopping for a young movie buff or a long-time lover of gadgets, gizmos and gears, there should be something on this list that catches your eye. Let us know what it is!

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