30 Gifts for Swimmers That You Can Dive Right Into

If you’re looking for a gift to give to the swimmer in your life, there are plenty of items out there that they’ll enjoy and get plenty to use. Below, we’ll explore 30 of the best gifts that any swimmer would love to receive!

Gift Ideas for Swimmers

swim bag

To Safely Carry Your Gear to and From the Pool: Gonex Swim Bag

If you know your swimmer has a lot of gear to carry to and from the pool, this is the perfect gift for them! This swim bag from Gonex is made of stable, waterproof material that will keep your swimmer’s essentials safe and damage-free.

This bag also comes with both adjustable and detachable straps, as well as multiple compartments, making it ideal for storing wet clothes after a match. This swim bag also comes in a fun variety of colors that any swimmer will be sure to enjoy.

fitbit charge 4 fitness

To Keep Track of Your Progress: Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness

Any athlete will get plenty of use out of this Fitbit fitness tracker, which allows you to keep track of your progress, as well as your stats during a competition. This waterproof device will map out your swimmer’s high-intensity workouts, as well as track their heart rate 24/7.

This device will also allow you to track your sleep and last up to days before needing a charge. If you’re looking for a gift that your swimmer can use both in and out of the pool, this is a great gift for them.

swim gloves

For Swimming in Cold Waters: Synergy Thermal Swim Gloves

Suppose you know a swimmer that needs to stay warm while in cold waters. These thermal swim gloves will make such a great gift for them. This design is paired with proven technology that will keep any swimmer safe and fully protected, no matter what kind of waters they find themselves in.

These gloves are paired with a long sleeve and webbed fingers, allowing swimmers to feel more comfortable while also gaining additional power. If you’re looking to keep your swimmer warm under the water or the sea, these are a great tool that they’ll be happy to receive.

fin socks

To Keep Your Sore Feet Comfortable: Water Gear Fin Socks

Any athlete, swimmers included, deal with uncomfortable blisters and sores, so fin socks will make a great gift any swimmer will definitely thank you for. Wearing fins in the water is the main reason many swimmers suffer from unwanted pain, so having a pair of thick and comfortable fin socks will definitely come in handy.

Not only are these such a comfy and enjoyable gift for any swimmer, but they also dry quickly, making them a durable and long-lasting gift. Even if your swimmer doesn’t suffer from unwanted poolside blisters, these socks are extremely comfy and will keep them warm after their time in the water.

Having socks such as these will ensure that the swimmer in your life has a fin-tastic time both in and out of the pool.

planner for swimmers

For Writing Out Your Swimming Schedule: Planner For Swimmers

If you have a swimmer in your life stricter about their swimming schedule, this weekly and monthly planner will be a great tool for them to use. Not only will this planner allow any passionate swimmer to track their exercises and swims, but it also allows them to track their meals and to-do lists.

This stylish, 2021 paperback planner will make a great addition to any swimmer’s collection, and they’ll get a lot of use out of it.

women´s training swimsuit

For the Women: Women’s Athletic Training Swimsuit

For the female swimmers in your life, a quality swimsuit is a must-have for every meet and practice. This adjustable one-piece comes in a variety of colors and is also chlorine resistant.

This swimsuit will ensure that your swimmers feel protected and secure in and out of the water.

Look no further than this ultra-comfy swimsuit that will easily make a splash at your swimmer’s next meet!

men´s swimsuit

For the Men: Speedo Men’s Swimsuit

For the male swimmers in your life, a long-lasting swimsuit that will build endurance and speed in the water is a must-have. This ultra-comfy swimsuit by the brand Speedo will ensure that your swimmer can perform their best during every competition.

This swimsuit comes in a variety of colors and also dries very quickly. This makes an excellent gift for any swimmer in your life, so what are you waiting for?

water bottle

To Keep Your Swimmer Hydrated: Squeeze Water Bottle

With all the strength and endurance swimming requires, athletes must stay hydrated. Investing in a quality water bottle is something the swimmer in your life will get a lot of use out of.

This easy to use push and pull cap is great for swimmers who are constantly on the move and the go.

You can easily fill this water bottle up with 22 ounces (650.62 ml) of your favorite liquid, making it an essential item for any swimmer to bring to the pool.

This bottle also comes in a fun variety of colors, making it unique and must have the next time your swimmer is looking to dive.

headphones for swimming

For Listening to Music: MP3 Wireless Headphones for Swimming

If you know a swimmer that loves to listen to their favorite playlists in the water, these waterproof headphones will be a hit. These durable and long-lasting headphones provide quality sound that will make any swimmer workout 10x better!

These headphones are also noise-canceling, blocking out any unwanted and outside distractions your swimmer may face.

If you’re looking for a gift, any swimmer will get plenty of use out of; these headphones will make a splashing good gift!

travel towel

For Drying Off and Staying Warm: Quick Dry Travel Towel

When getting out of the pool, any swimmer is looking to dry off quickly and stay dry. To do that, an essential item such as the right towel is a must-have. This quick-dry towel comes in various vibrant colors and is a lightweight material that makes it easy for transporting and sticking into your swim bag.

The antibacterial fabric on this towel is not only ultra-soft but ultra skin-friendly, making it an ideal purchase for swimmers of all ages. If there’s a will, there’s a wave, and this towel will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable after every wave.

adult swim snorkel

For Those Who Don’t Have Gills: Adult Swim Snorkel

If your swimmer loves to swim laps and is looking to enhance their performance, this swim snorkel is a great tool for them to use in the pool. This snorkel is designed to keep you comfortable while also allowing you to breathe properly underwater.

This snorkel also comes in multiple fun colors, giving swimmers plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking to help a swimmer in your life-breath better and swim faster, this is the perfect gift for them.

swim goggles

To Protect Your Eyes From Chlorine: Adult Swim Goggles

The last thing any swimmer wants is for their eyes to be irritated in the pool due to harsh chemicals like chlorine. Help the swimmer in your life protect their eyes with these adult swim goggles by the brand Speedo.

These goggles are not only durable and extra comfortable compared to other brands, but these goggles will also enhance your swimmer’s sight and performance. When in doubt, tell your swimmer to swim it out, and purchase these high-quality swim goggles for them; they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

the beginners guide to swimming book

For Newbies in the Pool: The Beginners Guide To Swimming

If you have a new swimmer in your life who has just recently taken up a love for swimming, this is the perfect present for them. This book offers professional guidance for swimmers of all performance levels on swimming through every stage of their learning journey.

This book will help swimmers learn how to breathe, move, and think correctly while in the pool. If you’re looking to gift your swimmer with something that they can learn from and take with them for the long run, this book is just what you’ve been searching for.

swim cap

To Keep Your Hair in Place: Extra Large Swim Cap for Men & Women

To keep your hair contained and protected in the pool, it’s ideal to have the proper swim cap that will do just that. This extra-large swim cap makes a great gift for any swimmer, no matter how long or thick your swimmer’s hair is.

This swim cap comes in a variety of colors and will stay snug and comfortable over your swimmer’s head for long periods of time. For instant fun, just add water, and invest in this quality swim cap for the swimmer in your life!

training swim fins

For Increasing Your Speed in the Water: Training Swim Fins

Training fins such as these are a great way to increase your speed and your techniques in the water. Using these swim fins will also increase your range of motion, allowing you to become a strong and faster swimmer over time.

Made from high-quality rubber, any swimmer will be thankful for a gift like this, as they’ll get a lot of use out of them. If unwanted blisters and sores occur after use, don’t forget to add some fin socks to your shopping cart, which we listed above, as your swimmer may need them.


For Swimmers Looking To Make a Fashion Statement: Sock It To Me Socks

These fashionable socks are a great conversation starter, and the swimmer in your life will get a kick out of this gift. These cozy, eye-catching men’s socks have a print of aliens relaxing in a pool, which are an out of this world gift.

These fun and colorful socks are also a great gift for swimmers looking to keep their feet warm after swimming in colder waters. If you’re looking to make a splash with the perfect gift for the swimmer in your life, these humorous socks are the perfect gift.

swimming ornament>

For a Little of Holiday Swimming Cheer: Swimming Ornament

While you may only see them for a short time out of the year, ornaments are such a great gift for many different reasons. Seeing this swimming ornament every year will remind the swimmer in your life that you’re proud of them and their accomplishments.

This colorful and ceramic ornament will be sure to stand out on your swimmer’s tree time and time again. This gift will be sure to take a deep dive into your swimmer’s heart, so don’t forget to add this special gift to your shopping cart!

shower sandals

For After Swim Meet Showers: Non-Slip Shower Sandals

To keep you safe and comfortable in the shower, these non-slip sandals are a great investment that any swimmer will be thankful to have. These sandals come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a great option for anyone.

These ultra-comfortable sandals are also great for walking to and from the pool, making them a versatile and durable option for the swimmer in your life.

T-shirt dress

For Covering Up on the Sidelines: Women Casual T-Shirt Dress

If you’re looking to casually cover-up on the sidelines or after a meet, this flowy t-shirt dress is a great way to do just that. This lightweight and ultra-comfortable dress is a great way to stay comfortable and warm at the pool, but it can be worn elsewhere as well.

This versatile dress will make a great addition to your swimmer’s wardrobe, and they’ll be appreciative of this. Not only is this a great accessory to wear by the pool, but it also has pockets!

case for iPhone

So Your Phone Isn’t Damaged Poolside: LifeProof Waterproof Case for iPhone

If you know a swimmer who loves to keep their phone next to them at all times, even by the pool, a waterproof case may come in handy. This case allows your phone to become completely submerged in water without becoming damaged.

This case also has a built-in scratch protector, ensuring that your phone won’t suffer no matter what your phone comes into contact with. Any swimmer in your life will be thankful to receive a gift like this, so if their phone makes an unexpected splash, at least they’ll be covered!

quest nutrition bars

To Keep You Energized: Quest Nutrition Bars

It takes a lot of energy to swim, especially for long periods of time within different environments and climates. To ensure that the swimmer in your life stays energized, as well as healthy, these nutritious protein bars by Quest will definitely get the job done.

All athletes, swimmers included, have all been in situations where they need a quick and healthy snack to help them perform at their best. These Quest bars are also great for those on the go, and with these bars being rich in protein and keto-friendly, they’ll make a great gift for any active swimmer in your life.


For Swimmers Who Love To Cook: 30 Minute Clean Eating Cookbook

Cooking healthy meals is one of the most important components of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for active swimmers to maintain a healthy diet to perform their best both in the pool and out.

This healthy cookbook is packed with delicious recipes that will make any athlete maintain a healthy lifestyle by cooking meals that take less than 30 minutes. Even with a busy, constant on the go schedule, a cookbook like this will make it easy to stay healthy no matter what your schedule is.

GoPro waterproof digital action

For the Swimmer Who Wants To Capture the Action: GoPro Waterproof Digital Action

For those who love to swim in exciting and new locations, having a GoPro on hand to capture all the action is every swimmer’s dream. This waterproof GoPro will easily capture every moment in high definition that you’ll be sure to share with everyone you know.

This is also a great gift if you know a swimmer who loves to dive into deep and vibrant waters. They’ll be bound to catch some fascinating footage on this device, so it’s clear to see this will make a great gift for the adventurous swimmer in your life.

lotion for swimmers

To Keep Your Swimmer’s Hair Damage Free: Chlorine-Resistant Lotion for Swimmers

As we stated earlier, chemicals like chlorine in the pool do no favors to your swimmer’s hair and skin. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself and invest in products that will hydrate and cleanse your hair and skin.

This lotion acts as a protective barrier against chlorine, making it a must-have for swimmers who constantly find themselves in and out of the pool. Simply apply this powerful formula onto your skin before or after you hit the pool and let it work its magic.

swimming kickboard

For Those in Need of Training Essentials: Swimming Kickboard

If you have a swimmer in your life that is just starting, something as simple as a kickboard will make such a great gift for them. A kickboard is a great tool for beginners of all ages to properly kick and support themselves in the water.

This kickboard comes in various colors and is a great gift for young and old swimmers of all levels. They’ll never be ‘board’ in the pool with this quality kickboard by their side!


For Those Looking for Swimming Accessories: Swimming Pool PopSocket

This is another fashionable and unique way to incorporate someone’s love of swimming into an item they’ll be able to use every day. This vibrant swimming pool popsocket will make it easier to use your mobile devices, also adding a little bit of personality to your phone or tablet.

Any swimmer would absolutely get a kick out of this gift, and it’s something that will definitely stand the test of time. A gift like this will make your active swimmer happy as a clam, so click the link above and don’t forget to add it to your cart!

hair ties

For Swimmers Looking for a Practical yet Fashionable Accessory: Swimming Hair Ties

These adorable hair ties will make a great gift for swimmers of all age groups who are looking to keep their hair up and contained while in the pool. These hair ties are a must-have for all swimmers, with vibrant and colorful designs that read “Born To Swim” in different colors and shades.

This stretchy, no crease fabric makes it a must-have for all swimmers, and the plus side is that it works as an adorable bracelet too

coffee mug

For Adding Personality to Your Morning Cup of Coffee: Funny Swimming Coffee Mug

This clever ceramic mug will make a great addition to any swimmer’s morning routine. If you know a swimmer that loves their morning cup of joe just as much as they love spending time in the pool, this is a must-have gift for them.

This coffee mug easily holds 110z of your favorite beverage, and it’s sure to put a smile on your swimmer’s face every time they see it. All their worries will float away with this awesome coffee mug that they’ll be sure to use every morning!


For Staying Safe Under the Sun: Waterproof Sunscreen

For those who spend long hours at the pool, they likely spend long hours underneath the harsh sun as well. To stay safe, it’s important for swimmers to always have their sunscreen on hand.

This waterproof SPF 70 will ensure that any swimmer stays free of sun damage no matter how long they spend at the pool.

This formula is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it an ideal choice for the next time you make a splash at the pool.


For the Swimmer You’re Proud Of: Swimming Necklace

This adorable swimmer pendant necklace is a great gift for the swimmer in your life to show them how proud you are of them. This adjustable chain is nickel-free and will make a great accessory that any swimmer can proudly wear.

This cannonball gift will be sure to make a big splash in your swimmer’s life, so what are you waiting for? The perfect gift is waiting for you!


What You Should Know Before Buying a Gift for Swimmers
Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what would make the best gift for the swimmer in your life. Below, we’ll explore some factors you should be mindful of beforehand to ensure that you buy the best gift possible.
The Swimmer’s Level
Depending on where your swimmer is in their swimming journey, some gifts may be more ideal than others. For example, if you are trying to give a gift to a beginner, something as simple as a kickboard or goggles would make a great gift for them.

It’s important to cater to your individual swimmer’s gift to ensure they get the best use out of what they give them. Taking the time to figure out where your swimmer is level wise will allow you to buy a gift for them that they’ll treasure!
The Swimmer’s Health Goals
Another factor you may want to consider is your swimmer’s individual health goals. If they are looking to increase the number of healthy foods they are eating, investing in protein bars and healthy cookbooks for them is a great routine to go.

If your swimmer has specific health goals, it’s important to keep in mind that swimming is a great sport to be involved in, seeing how it targets the whole body. Swimming also builds a large amount of strength and endurance, so all that exercise on top of eating healthy is a great way for any swimmer to stay in shape.

It’s also important to encourage your swimmer’s health goals, as it has multiple health benefits. Not only will it make them stronger, but swimming is known to alleviate stress and improve flexibility.
Price of the Item
You may also want to consider the price of these materials, as well as how much you’re willing to spend. While most of the items we listed above are reasonably priced, items such as a GoPro and Fitbit may be on the more pricey side.

It’s important to consider how much you plan on spending beforehand, but we listed plenty of items on this list that are reasonably priced, and the swimmer in your life will be sure to enjoy
The Condition of the Gear They Already Have
If your swimmer already has most of the items we listed above in their possession, it’s important to consider if it’s time for an upgrade. Do they have an old swim bag or an old water bottle that needs replacing?

You may want to consider purchasing them a brand new one, as they’ll most likely get a lot of use out of it, and they’ll be thankful for the upgrade. Taking the time to find out if your swimmer requires a new piece of equipment will pay off at the end of the day.
Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to give the swimmer in your life. We went over lots of different items swimmers of all ages and skill levels will be sure to enjoy.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to share and leave a comment! Have a splashing good day!

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