39 Tattoo Gifts That Will Get Under Their Skin

Maybe they’re an artist or tattoo designer. Maybe they just love tattoos and are always on the lookout for fun and fresh ways to express it.

Whatever their interest in skin art, here are a few tattoo gifts that will delight every inch of their ink!

39 Awesome Tattoo Gift Ideas

vintage tattoo wall art print set

To Appreciate the History of Tattoos: Four-Set Vintage Tattoo Patent Wall Art Prints

Inspired by real patents, these art prints delve into the inner workings of several different types of tattoo tech. From a “pneumatic stencil pen” to an “electric perforating device,” they look just like the vintage, sepia-toned drawings that are filed away in the U.

S. Patent and Trademark Office. They’ll look great in the home or the studio, so they’ll make excellent presents for a tattoo enthusiast to put on their wall.

coloring book

For Stress Relief: Tattoo Coloring Book

Filled with gorgeous, high-quality designs, the Tattoo Coloring Book will unleash their imagination in a creative and constructive way. As they fill in the skulls, birds, angels, flowers and mandalas, they’ll bring their own artistic whims to life, and they’ll be able to see what a specific tattoo might look like before they put it on their body.

The compositions will inspire them even as the coloring soothes them. It’s rare to find a gift that’s both relaxing and exciting, but this one manages it!

coffee mug

To Amuse Your Tattoo Artist: Blood of My Clients Ceramic Coffee Mug

Your favorite tattoo artist is sure to get a kick out of this one. It’s a coffee mug that says “Blood of My Clients” in red letters on a white background, but below the dripping, flowing script is an addendum that says “JK It’s Coffee.

” Thanks to the solid ceramic material, it’s a fully-functional coffee mug if they want to use it for their morning brews, but it could also be used for pens, needles, graphite sticks and other tools of the trade.

tarot cards

For Spiritual Enlightenment: Tattoo Tarot Cards

While some people might think of tattoo art as something that belongs in a chain gang, the truth is that it has a long, rich history that’s interwoven with many different kinds of creative expression. For example, this deck of Tarot cards is printed with tattoo art.

From mysterious sirens to sword-wielding knights, every card has a unique design, and there’s even an informational booklet to help beginners understand their meanings.

tattoo artist framed art print

To Take a Walk Down Memory Lane: Norman Rockwell Tattoo Artist Framed Art Print

This is a recreation of Tattoo Artist, one of Norman Rockwell’s most famous works. Painted long before tattoos were in vogue, it depicts a sailor with a laundry list of women’s names on his forearm.

It was featured in the Saturday Evening Post as part of a feature piece on the permanence of body art. Today, most tattoo lovers regard it as a cool, colorful tribute that was ahead of its time, so it’ll make a nice present as a framed vintage art print.

plaque tin sign

To Express Your Gratitude: Tattoo Artist Custom Plaque Tin Sign

“[Name], You Are an Amazing Tattoo Artist, And You Make the World a Better Place.” If this is a sentiment that you want to convey to a beloved tattoo artist, don’t beat around the bush. Say it to them directly with a customized tin sign.

It’s available in multiple colors, so you can order one that matches their home or studio decor, and you can personalize it with their name for added meaning. Have they graced you with an amazing tattoo? Show your appreciation by giving them something awesome right back.

professional drawing kit

When Their Creativity Needs an Outlet: 33-Piece Professional Drawing Kit

Drawing kits are a dime a dozen, but this one is a cut above the rest with its sheer volume of goodies. There are pencils and sketchbooks; there are sharpeners and erasers. There are charcoal sticks, metal cutters and sandpaper blocks; there are specialty tools like blending stumps and pencil extenders.

If they need it, it’s probably in here. Even the carrying case is conveniently structured to keep everything organized when not in use. It’ll be a fantastic all-in-one kit for outlining tattoos from concept to execution.

gothic necklace

For a More Celestial Wardrobe: Sun Moon Chakra Three-Layer Gothic Necklace

Living up to its name, this necklace offers three different pendants in the form of a sun, moon and chakra crystal. They dangle from separate chains, but they’re all connected at the clasp, so they’ll rest at varying lengths on the neck and chest.

They have exactly the kind of look that goes with black clothes, inked skin, heavy makeup and don’t-screw-with-me jewelry. If you’re looking for accessories that make a statement, you’ve found a good one.

garden gnome figurine

To Shake Them All Night Long: Rocker Garden Gnome Figurine

Axl Rose has nothing on this garden gnome. Not only is he sticking out his tongue and flashing hand horns, but he’s got a beanie, leather jacket and tattooed hands that say “Love” and “Hate.” He’s ready to blast some AC/DC, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Give this to a tattoo-loving friend and let them elevate their garden into true rock stardom. Anyone can have a gnome, but how many people can have a punk rock gnome?

fabric tattoo sleeves

For Lasting Fun in a Temporary Form: Six-Piece Temporary Fabric Tattoo Sleeves

If they’ve always wondered what they would look like with a full arm of tattoos, these fabric sleeves will let them satisfy their curiosity without actually going under the needle. There are six pairs in total, and their motifs include hearts, skulls, tigers, clowns, fireballs, spiderwebs and more.

They’ll cling to the skin thanks to their unique combination of nylon and spandex, but as temporary sleeves, they can be removed at the end of the day. It’s all of the cool with none of the commitment.


To Look Like a Member of the Yakuza: Irezumi Cat Artist Japanese Tattoo Notebook

This notebook features some of the most bada** cats that you’ll ever see. They’re decorated with irezumi, or traditional Japanese tattoos, and they have fierce looks to match their tiger-style tats.

Their design is so popular that it’s been printed on a variety of mugs, shirts and key chains, but a notebook is probably the best gift for a tattoo artist. They can use it for everything from sketching to appointment scheduling.

unicorn chunky cosmetic glitter

If They Like a Little Razzle-Dazzle: Unicorn Chunky Cosmetic Glitter

While not strictly a tattoo-related gift, this glitter can serve as a great accessory for body art, so it’s in the same wheelhouse. If you know someone who likes to adorn themselves with fun and unique accessories, give them some sparkling unicorn glitter to add a little flair to their work.

They can apply it to their cheeks, arms, neck, chest, under-eye area and more. It isn’t permanent, but it’s long lasting, so it’s perfect for a night on the town.

fund jar

For the Tattoo Addict: Ceramic Tattoo Fund Jar

If they’re always saving up for their next tattoo, this jar could be a valuable asset to their funds. It’s basically a piggy bank with more glamor! It’s constructed with fire-glazed stoneware ceramic, and it says “Tattoo Fund” in a swirly font with stylish, vine-like accents.

There’s a lid for keeping all of their coins and bills inside, and a sturdy base will prevent it from sliding around the countertop. They can use it for many years and many tattoos to come.

pillow covers

For a Rockin’ Interior Design: Two-Set Throw Pillow Covers With Tattoo Art

Throw pillows have many uses, and these fun, colorful ones will be fashionable as well as functional. Their tattoo-style artwork includes flowers, butterflies and flying birds, but there are swords and skulls to keep them from being overly cutesy.

They’ll be a comfy addition to any bed or couch, or they can be used as cuddle buddies for clients who are getting painful tattoos. Your gift recipient will have no lack of options with this present.


A Small Tool for a Big Job: Tattoo Machine Mini Key Chain

There are many kinds of tattoo machines out there, but they’ve probably never seen one that looks quite like this. With exposed gears and winches made from silver metal alloys, this tattoo machine is like something out of a steampunk movie, but it’s been sized down to a miniature replica on a key ring.

Even more impressively, it’s a working model. They won’t be able to use it as a real tattoo needle, but they can make the mechanisms move.

body butter and lip balm set

When the Ink is Still Fresh: Tattoo Aftercare Body Butter and Natural Lip Balm Set

If they spend a lot of time in the tattoo chair, they could probably use something like this “tattoo aftercare” skincare set. It contains a salve, body butter and lip balm, and everything is made with organic, earth-friendly ingredients.

There are no harmful chemicals to irritate the skin or damage the color of a tattoo. Everything in the box is designed to soothe, moisturize and heal, making it perfect for both men and women who enjoy getting inked.

mehndi for the inspired artist

For a Global Perspective: Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

Mehndi is the Hindu term for henna art, and it has many more applications than just tattoos. Its beautiful, intricate designs can be applied to everything from picture frames to jewelry boxes to mason jar crafts, and Mehndi for the Inspired Artist will show you how to bring these visions to life.

It should be quite fun for creative types who love rolling up their sleeves and trying new DIY projects.

vinyl record wall clock

To Never Miss an Appointment: Tattoo Studio Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Cut from a real vinyl record, this wall clock will be a hip and trendy accessory for professional spaces. It says “Tattoo Studio” in finely detailed cut-out letters beneath twin tattoo machines that stand symmetrically above the clock face.

It’s battery-operated, so they won’t have to worry about dangling cords, and the clock mechanism is quiet enough not to disturb them while they’re at work. In many ways, this is the perfect clock for a tattoo artist.

temporary tattoo kit

For the Anxious or the Undecided: Temporary Tattoo Kit

Another great gift for people who aren’t quite ready for permanent tattoos, this kit will allow them to explore the possibility of getting inked without actually making a commitment to it. Everything that they need for temporary tats is right in the box, including ink, stencils, gloves and cotton swaps.

There are three bottles of ink and five dozen stencils, so they’ll be able to experiment quite a bit with different designs! By the time that they finally run out, they should know whether they want to take the next step.

vintage tattoos book

A Blast From the Past: Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art

There’s been a cultural shift in the way that tattoos are regarded by society, and Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art explores that change while also showcasing some of the world’s coolest ink.

Its primary focus is on the vintage-style skin art that’s been enjoying a resurgence in recent years. From maritime emblems to naked girls covered in broken hearts and flowers, this book will take its readers on a journey of retro tattoos and their meanings.

tank top

The Purr-fect Gift: Cats and Tats Funny Unisex Tank Top

Do they love their fur babies just as much as their human children? They’ll get a good chuckle from this tank top. A closed-eye cat looks serene next to a tattoo needle and bold text declaring “Cats and Tats.

” Even better, since it’s a sleeveless top, it will allow them to show off any ink that they have on their arms. Combine their two greatest passions with a wardrobe choice that celebrates them both!

hanging tapestry

For Hannibal Lector Fans: Skull Moth 60 x 60 Hanging Tapestry

Big and bold, this tapestry is the kind of thing that instantly draws the eye. It has a muted gold-and-black color scheme, but it’s so large that it’ll dominate a feature wall, and it has such a uniquely psychedelic design that people will keep staring at it just to figure out what it’s doing.

If they like cool, one-of-a-kind gifts, it doesn’t get more unique than a moth with skull-patterned wings blown up to epic proportions.

sheets nail decal set

To Beautify Everything on Their Body: 40-Sheet Nail Decal Set

Skin isn’t the only thing that can be decorated. If they’d like to add a little pizazz to their nails, consider getting them this gigantic sticker set for nail art. It comes with a whopping 40 sheets of everything from butterflies and raindrops to skeletons and Celtic runes, and they’re all in bright, brilliant color.

Your friend will be accessorizing their nails for ages with such a large selection of nail art!

skull pen holder

For Organizing With Style: Tribal Tattoo Floral Skull Pen Holder

Skulls are a common motif in tattoos, and they range from the plain to the elaborately artistic. This pen holder straddles the line between the two. It has a basic upright design that makes it a convenient storage container for office supplies, but it’s also detailed with hand-painted tribal accents to give it a unique flair.

It’s the kind of pattern that you could easily picture on someone’s bicep, so it’ll be a nice present for tattoo lovers.

bottle opener

For the Freshly Tattooed: Inked V-Rod Bottle Opener

Celebrate their new ink by cracking open a cold one. If they have this bottle opener, it’ll be a breeze. It’s made with a premium quality metal alloy, and it’s both water- and stain-resistant to maximize its convenience.

It’s also good at its job; they won’t have to struggle with any stubborn Jager bottles. As long as they have this V-rod bottle opener in hand, the alcohol never has to stop flowing.

warning sign

If They’re Antisocial and Proud of It: Tattoo Artist at Work Warning Sign

Perfect for the artist who doesn’t like to be disturbed, this sign can be displayed on walls, windows, doors and more. It says “Warning: Tattoo Artist at Work” along with smaller text that cautions, “Back Off!” Since it’s made with durable, high-quality plastic, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it even comes with mounting holes pre-drilled into the corners.

It’s also available in sizes that range from 8 x 10 inches to 13 x 20 inches so that you can get the perfect fit for someone’s studio.


For Your Raunchier Friends: Just The Tip Funny Inked and Tattooed T-Shirt

If you have the type of friendship where you express your affection by being as offensive as possible, you might like this completely inappropriate t-shirt. It says “Just the Tip, I Promise” with a pair of dueling tattoo needles.

It’s available in multiple fits and colors, so it’s suitable for both men and women, and it’s easily tossed into the washing machine when it gets dirty. There are no special instructions or anything. It’s just a funny and politically incorrect shirt.

crystal hand bracelet

For Special Occasions: Chain Tassel Crystal Hand Bracelet

Inspired by the beauty and spiritualism of henna tattoos, this bracelet will make a lovely addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. Its delicate golden chains start at the wrist and connect at the middle finger to form a loose, glittering dangle.

Beaded charms are woven into the links at spaced intervals to add more visual appeal. She doesn’t have to be Indian to appreciate Indian-style jewelry, especially when it’ll stand out so strikingly against black ink!

sugar skull wind spinner

To Chill Out With a Disembodied Skull: Kinetic 3D Sugar Skull Wind Spinner

Bright and funky, this sugar skull is exactly the kind of decor that you’d expect to see in a tattoo parlor. It’s made with a metal alloy, but since it’s painted with dozens of colors and dusted with reflective gilt powder, it’ll shine like stained glass.

Your gift recipient can hang it in a window, dangle it from a garden post or display it on a wall or behind a frame. The sky is the limit with a cool skull like this!

tattoo care balm

For Soothing Troubled Skin: Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm

Are they newly inked? Do they love the results but hate the pain that was necessary to get there? This balm might help. While there’s no shortage of tattoo healing creams on the market, this one is especially nice since it’s made with vegan, all-natural ingredients.

Even if they’re picky about their bath products, there’s nothing that they’ll object to in this particular gel. It can even be used to revitalize old tattoos!

bedding set

For the Master Bedroom: Tattoo Art Decorative Three-Piece Bedding Set

Send them into sleep with a bedspread that’s just as creative and colorful as their dreams. It includes two pillowcases and a duvet covet, and it features an enigmatic woman with flames curling across her gaze while a skull lurks in the background.

It’s different enough to be cool and unique while still having a minimalist style that won’t burn their retinas when they’re trying to rest. The artwork, of course, is done in an awesome tattoo style.

crystal lotus flower

If They’re Blossoming Despite Hardship: Crystal Lotus Flower With Gift Box

Available in pink, purple and blue, this glass crystal figurine will be a stunning display piece for homes or studios. It’s shaped like a lotus flower, so it has a lot of symbolic meaning, and it’s cut in a way that will reflect the light of any given room.

If your gift recipient is connected to their spiritual side, they’re sure to appreciate a beautiful and thoughtful token like this one.

chalkboard art print set

For Cool Interior Design: Six-Piece Tattoo Patent Chalkboard Art Print Set

This is another art collection that showcases the inner mechanics of tattoo tools, but rather than being vintage, sepia-toned prints, they’re printed on chalkboard-style paper for a black and white look.

They come unframed, so your gift recipient can accessorize them however they’d like. Do they collect wall art? They can hang up these prints as feature design elements. Do they prefer art deco pieces for their desks or countertops? They can buy their own frames and prop them up for all of their clients to see.

This six-piece set can be quite versatile for the creative thinker.

expensive skin T-shirt

Because It’s True: Expensive Skin T-Shirt

If they have a full or partial sleeve that shows beneath their t-shirts, this gift will be right up their alley. It says “Expensive Skin,” which is both funny and fitting for the well-inked individual, and it has short sleeves to expose their tats and back up the claim.

Since it’s gender neutral, you can order it for both men and women. Anyone who has tattoos should like this one.


For School, Work and Travel Combined: Boldface Club Tattoo Gothic Rose Backpack

No one will mess with them while they’re wearing this backpack. It’s made with a rugged polyester-nylon material in a dark, gothic black, and its white face is adorned with roses, vines, skulls and mythological gods under text that says “Club Tattoo.

” Even cooler is the fact that Boldface backpacks have interchangeable faces that can be swapped out at any time, so if they want to buy a different face in the future, they can put it on the same backpack!

decorative glass tattoo

Wakanda Forever: Decorative Glass Tattoo Art Black Panther Ashtray

Smoking is a terrible habit that you shouldn’t encourage, but if they have to smoke, you can at least make them look cool while they do it. This stylish ashtray depicts a black panther against a rainbow background that’s been tattooed with flowers, swirls, sunbursts and other splashes of color.

It’s almost retro with its zany color scheme, so it’s sure to become a conversation starter with clients and visitors.

body paint set

A Family-Friendly Gift: 12-Tube Body Paint Set

Another great choice for people who love body art, this paint set comes with a dozen colors that range from “lemon yellow” to “phthalo blue.” They’re easy to use and even easier to wash off, so they’ll make a great gift for tattoo lovers of all ages.

Nothing is toxic; everything is bright and fun. Even kids can get their hands messy as they explore body art like mom and dad. You might be surprised to learn that tattoo gifts can be family-friendly, but here they are!

decanter set

When Nothing Gets Between Them and the Open Road: Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Logo Decanter Set

If they love motorcycles, there’s probably only one thing that they enjoy more than tattoos, and that’s alcohol. This Harley-Davidson decanter set will combine all of their favorite pastimes into a single gift! Two whiskey glasses can hold up to 10 ounces each, and a hand-blown decanter bears the famous bar and shield insignia.

The manufacturer will even throw in a couple of black leather coasters to complete the set. With the exception of the alcohol itself, everything that your gift recipient needs for a good drink is right in the box.


For Perky People: Sugar Skull Colorful Beach Umbrella

Tattoos aren’t always doom and gloom. If they have vibrant, colorful ink, they might like to add to their cheerful energy with this sugar skull umbrella. Rather than being scary, it’s decorated with bright colors and buoyant images, so it’ll banish the rain and keep things nice and sunny under the umbrella.

It could also be used at beaches, picnics, athletic games and other outdoor events. The choice is theirs!

4 Considerations When Buying Tattoo Presenst

Gifts for tattoo lovers come in all shapes and sizes, so how are you supposed to know which ones will get a joyous fist pump when they’re opened? Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for tattoo gifts.

1. Avoid Specific Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are usually quite personal. They represent a person’s feelings, dreams, ambitions, loves or regrets. Your gift recipient might not appreciate any attempt to psychoanalyze them and find the “perfect” design for their tastes. Instead of giving them something like a henna tattoo, give them a henna stencil kit that includes multiple themes or motifs, or give them henna supplies so that they can create their own tattoo designs.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside of the Box

You don’t have to buy literal tattoos to get in the spirit of tattoo gifts. Here are some other ideas:

  • Body art supplies like nail stickers and skin crystals
  • Tattoo-style paintings and prints
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories
  • Novelty items like mugs, socks and key chains

As long as it suits their aesthetic, you can buy pretty much anything with a creative, tattoo-inspired flair.

3. Skip the Tools

You might be tempted to buy needles or inks for your tattoo lover, but unless you know for a fact that you’re getting the right stuff, it’s probably best to go in another direction with your gift. You don’t want to buy the wrong size, brand, color, speed or quality. People can be quite picky about their professional tools.

4. Think About Their Wants and Needs

This might sound obvious, but many people buy gifts without actually thinking about the other person’s preferences. They choose something based on what they want to give rather than what the recipient actually wants to get. Don’t make this mistake with your own present! Buy something that your buddy will be genuinely excited to receive.


Tattoo gifts can range from the crazy to the comical. Do you like the range that we’ve selected here? Are there any awesome presents that we’ve left out?

Have you ever given a tattoo-related gift that knocked it out of the park? Sound off in the comments!

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