37 Thai Gifts That Will Inspire Awe and Envy


That’s “hello” in Thai.

Here’s another lesson for you: ซื้อของขวัญที่ดีให้ฉัน! “Buy me a nice gift!”

If you’re looking for the coolest Thai gifts to give your friends, relatives, and co-workers, here are just a few that will please natives and foreign culture enthusiasts alike.

coloring book

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Thai Art Collection Coloring Book for Adults

There are kings and temples. There are fantastic mythological birds. There are roaring tigers, gigantic dragons and elephants wearing elaborate jewelry on their trunks. These are just a few of the images depicted in the Thai Art Collection Coloring Book, which uses real pieces from local artists to express the vibrancy and vitality of Thai culture and folklore.

You don’t even have to be a fan of Thailand to appreciate a coloring book as cool as this one!

thai cooking kit

For Date Night: Thai for Two Cooking Kit

Does she live for the kick of spicy red curry? Does he gobble up traditional dishes like coconut tom kha kai soup? If so, you’ve just found the ultimate gift for the foodie in your life. It’s a “Thai for Two” cooking kit that includes all of the noodles, herbs, spices and sauces that they’ll need for an authentic Thai dinner, including rare, hard-to-find ones outside of the country.

All they need to add is their own meat and veggies! Like the name suggests, each cooking kit comes with enough for two, so it’s a gift that they’ll be able to enjoy and share.

soap flower in wood case

A Blossom for the Bathroom: Soap Flower in Decorative Wood Case

You might recognize these soaps from How It’s Made, a Discovery Channel show that dives into the intricacies of how products are brought to life. These particular “flower soaps” are handcrafted by a man named Aon who lives in a small village outside of Chiang Mai.

Each one has gentle fragrances and delicate, lifelike petals, and they come in a pinewood container with tin ornamentation and a mulberry paper mache box. Unwrapping this gift will be like unwrapping a real lotus blossom straight out of the heart of Thailand.

wood wall art

Wood and Ivory: Thai Elephant Hand Carved Teak Wood Wall Art

Elephants are an important symbol in Thailand; they represent strength, wisdom, longevity and good luck. Bring a little of their luck and charm into your gift recipient’s home with this hanging wall decoration! It’s made from a handsome brown teak wood and depicts two elephants meeting with raised trunks against a trellis-like background.

It’ll be a gorgeous addition to their home decor as well as a meaningful cultural token that speaks to a deeper connection with Thai society.

thai snacks variety pack

When They Have a Sweet Tooth|: SmileSnackBox Thai Snacks Variety Pack

Promising “sweet, salty, spicy, savory and sour” goodies, this snack box will make an amazing care package for someone who enjoys or misses Thai culture. From pineapple sandwich crackers to cashew nuts flavored like tom yum, every colorfully-packaged treat will be a new surprise to unwrap.

There’s even some Thai milk tea packets to wash it all down! The only bad thing about this box is that you might not want to share it after seeing all of the delights inside.

kickboxing shorts

To Channel the Spirit of the Old Masters: Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts

Made with a soft, breathable and lightweight material, these shorts are perfect for the gym rat. They’re designed for those practicing Muay Thai, or Thai kickboxing, but they’ll also be useful for anyone who likes flexible and maneuverable clothing while running, cycling weightlifting or working out in general.

For extra style points, they have a bright yellow fabric with a vividly red set of tiger claws on the leg, so they’ll be fashionable as well as functional for all martial artists.


For Beauty and Bounty on the Plate: Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook

Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook is much more than a collection of recipes. It also has gorgeous, high-definition photos from all over the country, and it even divides its knowledge into regions so that you can recreate dishes with the unique twists and tricks of different locales.

Last but not least, you can order it in both an easy-to-flip-through paperback and a heavy, hardcover coffee table book that’ll look amazing as a decorative home item. It can serve multiple purposes in a modern home, so it’s definitely a gift to consider for the houseproud.

coconut bowls

For a More Stylish Bowl of Ice Cream: Two-Set Deluxe Natural Thai Polished Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls are a hot trend these days. Not only are they made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials including genuine coconut shells, but they also have a “perfectly imperfect” charm that makes each one utterly unique.

You’ll feel like you’re right on the beach of Phuket when you’re sitting back and enjoying some rum cocktails or acai dessert bowls. These multipurpose bowls can be used for a great many dishes, especially since they come with matching spoons.

They’re also in a set of two, so if you give them to a really good friend, they might even share!

Thai lenguage for beginners book

For the Future Linguist: Thai Language and Culture for Beginners Book 1

There are all kinds of Thai language books out there, but Thai Language and Culture for Beginners takes a broad, wide-sweeping approach to learning that will also give readers a crash course in Thai history and society.

In addition to tackling practical things like vocabulary and grammar, it also includes helpful cultural notes to give greater context about what’s being taught. If you know someone who’s always wanted to learn Thai but doesn’t know where to start, this is the book for them!

thai flute

To Sing the Song in their Soul: Bamboo Thai Flute

Dating all the way back to AD 1200, the khlui phiang aw is a kind of Thai woodwind instrument made from bamboo. It has many similarities to a flute, but there are differences as well, including the designs that are usually carved or painted onto the wood.

This particular flute has a snakeskin pattern that seems to shimmer in the air with every movement. Each one will be unique since it’s handmade by genuine Thai craftsmen.

phone case

A Beautiful Bouquet: Flowers of Thailand Word Art Phone Case

A walk through the Thai countryside will see you greeted by many wonderful and colorful flowers, including orchids, tulips, jasmine, hibiscus and plumeria. There’s also the ratchaphruek, the national flower of the country! All are represented on this phone case that says “Thailand” in blocky, trendy text descending down over the petals like a scroll.

You can order it for everything from the iPhone 12 Mini to the iPhone 7 Plus, so double-check their phone type and give them a fun, floral surprise on their birthday.


One Heart, Two Countries: Thai American Flag T-Shirt

Perfect for expats or the children of expats, this t-shirt depicts both the Thai and the American flag woven together. Since they’re both dominated by stripes and the colors red, white and blue, it’s actually a very clever design.

You can also customize the shirt depending on who you’re buying it for; it’s available in both adult and youth sizes, and the overall color of the shirt can be black, gray, navy, brown and more. Let them show off their dual heritage with pride!

vintage poster

For Daydreams of Beach Vacations: Thailand Pan American Airways Vintage Poster

“Thailand: Land of Beauty and Romance.” It’s a very fitting description, so you might be surprised to learn that it comes from a vintage airline advertisement dating back decades. The good news is that you can order a crisp, colorful and brand-new copy as an awesome Thai gift for a loved one! They can hang it anywhere for a dash of old-school cool.

It measures 10 x 13.5 inches and comes unframed, so it’s on the smaller size, but that just makes it a valuable art print rather than a gaudy poster. You can find other variations with similar artwork as well, so you might just start them down a collector’s path.

thai cushion

Downward Dog Sold Separately: Leewadee Foldout Triangle Thai Cushion

Available in more than a dozen colors and patterns, this foldout cushion will let them travel to a smokey, old-school Thai tea shop without ever leaving their home. Like the name suggests, it can fold out with 1 – 3 squares of sitting or reclining spice; the triangular-shaped back stays intact so that you can lean back on it.

You can also order it in multiple sizes if you want something smaller for compact rooms or something larger for extra-luxurious relaxing. No matter which you choose, however, this cushion will definitely be a keeper.

Bangkok city puzzle

Bangkok or Bust: Bangkok City 1,000 Piece Puzzle

This is bound to keep them occupied for awhile. It’s a jigsaw puzzle with a whopping 1,000 pieces, and to make things even more challenging, it depicts the night skyline of Bangkok. If you’ve never seen it for yourself, it’s a gorgeous sight, but it’s also one with lots of deep colors, tall buildings, streaked lights and motion-blurred cars.

They’ll definitely have their work cut out for them!

table runner

Trunks for the Table: Thai Elephant Table Runner With Fringe

Another great gift that celebrates the national animal of Thailand, this “table runner” is a long, thin cloth that’s meant to be draped over tables, desks and shelves as a decorative element. It’s made from a silk-like polyester material that includes added fringe and an elephant print in embroidered gold brocade.

Available colors include a rich red, a dazzling emerald green and a stylishly mysterious black. Any of them will add a royal touch to your friend’s interior design!


To Summon Good Vibes and Divine Will: Yantra Nine Peaks Pullover Hoodie

In Thailand, yantra designs are usually tattooed on the body in intricate and meaningful patterns, but you don’t have to go under a needle to enjoy them. This hoodie has a pyramid-like collection of yantra symbols arranged in a geometric format to present nine separate peaks of power.

If they believe in the symbology, it’ll be a nice way to boost their spirits and attract good energy; if they don’t, it’ll still be an awesome-looking hoodie.

mortar set

For Your Favorite Chef: Granite Mortar and Pestle Set

Do they do a lot of cooking? This natural stone grinder can bring a rustic, do-it-yourself touch to their Yam wun sen kung salads. It works on just about any herb, spice or grain, and it can be used to create everything from guacamole to extra-fine curry powder.

They could even use it to prepare herbs for something like potpourri! The rough granite texture will ensure a good grind, and the padded bottom will keep it from slipping around the countertop as they work.

Wrap it up and ask for a great homecooked Thai meal at your next dinner party!

coffee mug

Because Cheesy Gifts Can Be the Best Gifts: Thailand Coffee Mug

Do you know someone who vacationed in Thailand but forgot to pick up a kitschy souvenir on their way home? If so, this coffee mug will serve them well. It’s decorated with several cartoon images associated with Thailand, including elephants, temples and tropical trees, and it also says “Thailand” in a big, bold font in case anyone doesn’t get the picture.

You can order it in either 11- or 17-ounce sizes depending on how much they guzzle their caffeine!

sweet flower body lotion

To Bring Their Inner Beauty to the Outside: Three-Pack Madame Fin Sweet Flower Perfumed Body Lotion

Everyone knows Madame Fin in Thailand, but it can be difficult to find her beauty products outside of East Asia. Luckily, we have Amazon! This multi-pack bundles together three amazingly fragrant perfumed lotions that will make you smell as sweet as any Thai beauty queen.

They’re labelled “hot,” “foxy” and “dreamy,” but they’re all variations of flowers, and they’ll nourish your skin just as much as they delight your nose.

thai angel protection figurines

Wow Them With a Wai: Teppanom Thai Angel Protection Brass Pair Figurines

According to legend, the teppanom came to Earth as a pair of guardians for the newly-enlightened Buddha. They’re often seen at the entrances of temples, shops and households to ward off evil spirits and protect the people within.

These brass figurines are picture-perfect replicas of what you can see in Thailand; they depict a pair of colorful but regal teppanom in a kneeling position with their hands clasped in a wai.

They’ll be a perfect duo for your loved one’s home, office or yoga studio.

flag stickers

For All of Those Model UN Meetings: Thailand National Country Flag Crafting Stickers

Perfect for crafters of all types, these stickers can be used for notes, memos, planners, scrapbooks, brochures, pamphlets, letters and more. There are 200 in total, so they won’t be running out anytime soon! Each one is an identical sticker bearing the colors and stripes of the Thai flag, and they measure a half-inch all together.

They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their UV- and water-resistant matte finish. Pair them with a gift of notebooks or other stationery materials for an all-in-one gift!

thai spices gift set

When They’re Feeling Like Bobby Flay: Five-Pack Thai Spices Gift Set

If they love Thai food but struggle to capture the exact magic of Pattaya’s flavors in their own kitchen, consider giving them this spice kit. It contains two-ounce tins of five different Thai spices, including ground ginger, lemongrass powder, curry powder, soy sauce powder and short extra-hot Thai chili flavoring.

Everything is 100 percent pure, so there’s no need to worry about additives or MSG. They can just pop the tops and breathe deeply to be transported straight to Thailand’s street food trucks.

chess board set

A Future Heirloom: Thai Wooden Folding Rainwood Chess Board Set

Thai chess, also known as makruk, dates back thousands of years. It isn’t quite the same as the game that we all know, but it has similar rules in terms of moving pieces across a board with skill and strategy, so it can be considered a variant of chess if not an outright replica.

This set is a gorgeous one to boot, so if you’re looking for a memorable gift to give someone who loves Thai culture, it’s one to consider. Its wooden board and pieces are both heavy and beautiful.

golden thai pendant

When They Could Use Some Extra Blessings: Sothorn Buddha Golden Thai Pendant

Handcrafted in Thailand, this pendant is really more like an amulet. It’s made from a thick, heavy gold-painted brass with a plated metal case, and it can be worn as a necklace, displayed on a wall or kept in your pocket as a good luck charm.

It depicts the Sothorn Buddha, a famous figure in the Chachoengsao region of Thailand and one that can be viewed in its oldest and grandest temple. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see him, however.

You can bring him to you in a convenient miniature size!

candles with ceramic holders

To Light Up Their Life: Aroma Candles With Mini Heart Ceramic Holders

While not an outwardly Thai product, these adorable little candles are made in Thailand, so you’ll be supporting the country with your purchase. Each candle measures just one inch and comes in a ceramic, heart-shaped jar with painted flowers on the outside.

They’re also different colors, so you’ll have a pretty rainbow array of jasmine, lily and rose scents. If you’re looking for something cute and charming to give a friend, these would be a lovely choice.

tank top

No Pain, No Gain: Muay Thai But Did You Die Tank Top

“But did you die?” It’s a question that you might hear tossed around any kickboxing gym when people complain about aches and pains, so if your buddy is a Muay Thai enthusiast, he should get a kick out of this tank top.

It even comes with the silhouette of two fighters sparring against a backdrop that says “Muay Thai.” If they’re proud of what they can do with their fists and feet, this tank will definitely get a place in their workout wardrobe.


Beat This, Niagara Falls: Kanchanaburi Thailand 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Depicting the seven glorious tiers of the Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall, this puzzle is so gorgeous that they’ll probably want to glue it together and hang it up as an art piece when they’re done putting it together.

Its waters are lushly flowing; its surrounding jungle scenery is brilliant and sun-soaked. Its 1,000 pieces might take awhile to put together, but it’ll be a peaceful and relaxing landscape that comes alive under their hands, so it’ll be therapeutic as well as mentally stimulating.

passport holder

To Stay Organized on Trips and Getaways: Kingdom of Thailand Traditional Customs Passport Holder

Capable of holding cards, bills, passports, flight stubs and more, this carrying case is a must-have for overseas travel. Its interior is neatly compartmentalized for everything that they’ll need to have on their person as they move about, and its exterior has a fun, Thailand-inspired design with things like temples, fruits, flowers, elephants and Buddhist statues.

It’ll be nice for people who travel to Thailand and for those who just dream about it.

tuk tuk collectible model

For a Ride Down Memory Lane: Tuk Tuk Collectible Model

If they’ve spent any time in Thailand, they’re familiar with the tuk-tuk. It’s an open-air rickshaw vehicle that’s used everywhere in places like Bangkok and Phuket, and not only does it represent a fun time for tourists, but it’s also a reflection of genuine Thai culture.

This model has been vividly and colorfully painted to look like a real tuk-tuk, and it measures just 5 x 2 x 3.5 inches, so it’s perfect for sitting on a desk or shelf. Every time that they glimpse it, they can daydream about their next trip to Thailand!


For Pocket-Sized Blessings: Laughing Buddha Green Jade Beaded Necklace

While the Buddha isn’t exclusive to Thai culture, he’s a very common sight everywhere from the northern peaks to the southern beaches of the country. He represents wisdom, enlightenment, ethics and more.

Your gift recipient can carry him everywhere with the help of this necklace; in addition to having a laughing Buddha pendant carved from jade, it’s also decked out with long green-and-black prayer beads in a matching material.

It’ll be a spiritually meaningful gift as well as an incredible fashion statement.


For Art Enthusiasts: Chiang Mai Style Paperback

There’s a reason why Chiang Mai is known throughout the world. More than almost any other city in Thailand, it’s infused with beautiful examples of art, culture, crafts, architecture and other forms of creative expression.

This has led to something known as “Chiang Mai style,” which is detailed in this book with both photos and stories of the city’s finest creations. If they’ve never visited, they’ll definitely want to after seeing some of the things within these pages.

print canvas wall art

A Centerpiece for Their Living Room: Elephant and Monks HD Print Canvas Wall Art

Artfully combining a black-and-white background with the vividly orange robes of Thai monks, this art print will become a conversation piece in any home. It’s available in sizes of both 16 x 32 inches and 24 x 36 inches, and it comes printed in a high-def so lifelike that you can see the dancing motes in the air from the shining sun.

Did we mention that there’s our favorite Thai symbol, the elephant, trailing behind the monks with his trunk raised? You can also order other variations without the elephant; this print is just one of a series of Thai monk artwork.

tabletop Buddha head

For the Stressed: Tabletop Buddha Head Candle Holder and Incense Burner

Help them achieve a little zen with this tabletop garden. Its most prominent feature is a Buddha head made from dark wood and polyresin, but there’s also a small white sand pit as well as a candle holder and incense holder if they want to put some sweet fragrances in the air.

It also comes with a pouch of rocks for scattering around the sand in aesthetically pleasing placements. Best of all, since it’s only 17 inches tall, it can be tucked away in the corner of a desk or shelf without requiring a ton of space.

They can be spiritual without sacrificing space.


When Their Inner Eye is Judging You: Women’s I’m Mostly Peace Love And Light T-Shirt

This is another gift that isn’t native to Thailand, but if you know someone who enjoys Thai culture for its deep spirituality and devoutness to religion icons, it might speak to them anyway. It says “I’m Mostly Peace, Love and Light” with text on the bottom that adds, “And a Little Go F*** Yourself.

” There’s a woman sitting in a yoga pose in the center of the shirt, and the swear word is censored with peace signs and lotus blossoms. It’ll be a hilarious fashion piece for a woman who believes in zen but does get tired of dealing with idiots sometimes!

Thailand map poster

For the Globetrotter: Scratch Off Thailand Map Poster

How many regions have they visited in Thailand? If they want to make an adventure out of seeing them all, this is the poster for them. It’s a scratch-off map that delineates all of the major provinces of the country, and as the locations are scratched off, they reveal fun, colorful images with thematic relevance.

They’ll get to cross destinations off their bucket list in style!

3 Hacks for Finding Great Thai Presents

Thai gifts come in all shapes and sizes, so how will you know when you’re buying something that will make them say ว้าว or wow? Here are just a few tips and tricks for finding bada** gifts that celebrate Thailand.

Narrow Down Their Interest Areas

Why do they love Thai culture? Someone who’s obsessed with the food might not be interested in 17th century art. Similarly, someone who loves the 17th century art might not care about contemporary movies and music. Since Thailand is a country with an estimated 5,000 years of history, you’ll need to get a little more specific than just “they love Thai stuff” when it comes to gift shopping. Narrow down their interests in order to buy them something truly amazing.

Watch Out for Phonies

Thailand boasts a very spiritual culture, and as a result, there are many gifts that claim to have “magic” or “mystic” qualities. Make sure to double-check their authenticity before you order. For example, do the Thai words turn into gibberish when run through an online translator? Does the item come from a specific region of the country rather than just being “blessed by monks” or handcrafted by wise, stoop-backed artisans? Don’t turn off your critical thinking skills just because a medallion looks cool and exotic. It’ll be an insult to your gift recipient to give them junk.

Keep It Practical

If they hate key chains and coffee mugs, they aren’t going to change their mind just because you buy one with “I Heart Thailand” on it. Try to keep their preferences in mind even as you explore the cool and fun things that you can buy to represent Thai culture. For example, do they love wall art? Are they a foodie? Are they an avid scrapbooker? Think about their interests, and think about what Thai-themed goodies will fit within those categories. If all else fails, you can always ask, “What’s something from Thailand that you’ve always wanted to try?”


These are just a few suggestions if you’re in the market for Thai gifts. Do you have any other ideas? Or has something on this list already spoken to you? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know!

37 thai gifts

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