30 Gifts for Trumpet Players to Toot Their Horns!

You might think that buying a gift for a trumpet player is easy. Everyone’s looking for the perfect gifts for trumpet players that will bring a little more music into their life.

But then you sit back and actually think about it and realize it’s not so simple.

After all, a regular trumpet player probably has most of the things they need already, right? Wrong.

There are loads of great gifts that trumpet players would love, but unless you’re in the know, you might not think of buying. Here’s what you should be looking for:

Trumpet Gifts for Players

cantabile pocket trumpet

For pocket practice: Cantabile Pocket Trumpet

Sometimes you just don’t have space for a full-sized trumpet. If that’s the case, you can rely on the Cantabile pocket trumpet. Even though it’s a tiny 12 inches long, and half that deep, it functions as a perfect full-size instrument.

Perfectly sized for hand luggage, and more than good enough to use as a beginner or transition instrument. Despite the tiny size, it also sounds great, with a good tone in all registers, and really simple maintenance.

If you’re looking to buy someone another trumpet this could well be a fantastic option.

leather valve guard

For keeping it safe: KGUBrass Valve Guard

Help them keep their trumpet safe with this thick leather valve guard. Simple to use, it wraps around the most vulnerable parts of a trumpet in seconds, protecting the valves from damage and wear.
Made from luxury leather, it’s comfortable on the hands, and looks amazing, sets off the look of any trumpet, and will last years of good use.

paititi mouthpiece

For a richer sound: Paititi Gold Plated Rich Tone Mouthpiece

Mouthpieces affect how a trumpet sounds. This Paititi mouthpiece is a 5C, and produces a rich, deep tone. Despite the fact that it’s priced as a budget model, it’s an amazing piece that holds up against mouthpieces four times the cost.

digital metronome and pitch generator

For perfect timing: Digital Metronome and Pitch Generator

Gone are the days of your teacher telling you that’s ‘not quite my tempo.’ This digital metronome and pitch generator can keep you on time, no matter what.
It has a bunch of features, including rhythm and beat settings, and is incredibly simple to use.

Battery powered, it’s a fantastic tool, but doesn’t have the standard metronome ticking movement. So if that’s what you’re looking for, look down one.

tempi metronome

For old-school time: Tempi Metronome

Metronomes have been used for hundreds of years to keep musicians on time. You can join that heritage with this beautiful piece.
Gear powered like metronomes of old, one wind gives you around 20 minutes of practice time.

It’s simple to set, and simpler to use. As a bonus, it also comes with online music lessons, an instructional e-book and a 2 year guarantee!

practice mute

For considerate playing: Protec Liberty Practice Mute

Everyone loves the sound of a trumpet, but only when they’re supposed to hear it. And because trumpets are so strident and powerful, the sound can cut easily through walls.
A practice mute solves that issue.

It sits in the end of a trumpet and deadens the sound, letting a trumpet player practice without everyone else in the house having to hear it. Cheap and cheerful, a mute doesn’t completely stop sound, but it does make it incredibly quiet.

SB7Xc silent brass system

For absolutely silent playing: Yamaha SB7Xc Silent Brass System

The next step up from a practice mute, Yamaha’s Silent Brass system is a technical marvel.
It plugs into the end of your trumpet, and uses smart tech to deaden the sound. Even better, you can plug a pair of headphones directly into it and hear yourself play.

Plus, you can link in a sound-system and layer in some music while you play.
Whether you’re practising at home or training in a hotel in the middle of the night, no one else is going to hear you play.

It’s fantastic.

BOSE headphone

For crystal clear sound: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone

When you’re listening to yourself, a good pair of headphones goes a long way. And at the price you pay for these, there basically isn’t a better pair on offer.
With three levels of noise cancellation, the outside world melts away, leaving you with only your music.

Simple Bluetooth pairing can link them to almost anything, and the fantastic, high-clarity performance lets you experience your music as close to real as possible.
With such good performance, these headphones are also great for general use, including talking online or by phone using the built in microphone, and are good enough to use when producing music, too.

They would make a great gift alongside an electronic mute system, like the Yamaha Silent Brass, also on this list.

gig bag

For easy carrying: Tom and Will 26TP-387 Gig Bag

Trumpets aren’t cheap, and protecting them as you move around isn’t easy. The only real option is a proper gig bag.
This fully cushioned bag has a soft lining that shields your trumpet from knocks and bumps.

It’s light, and easy to carry, with either the side handle or dual backpack style handles.
There’s ample space for accessories, too.

torpedo trumpet bag

For bespoke protection: Torpedo Trumpet Bag

In our opinion, there’s probably no better trumpet bag than Torpedo.
Made from thick leather (around 3 times thicker than some comparable models,) it’s incredibly robust and tough. Pair that with the internal foam that holds your trumpet in place, and you can literally throw this underneath a car and your trumpet would still be fine.

That’s not a lie, by the way. It’s strong enough to hold that sort of weight.
The rest of the fittings are just as good. Strong nylon handles, detachable music and mute pouches, it can even act as a stand! There’s a reason players like Byron Stripling and Carl Fischer trust Torpedo bags.

trumpet holder

For a little more space: String Swing Trumpet Holder

Lets face it, trumpets take up a lot of space when they’re not in use, and you can’t just store them anywhere. One misstep, one accidental drop, and you can cause huge damage.
This trumpet holder mounts to any standard load bearing wall, and the bell rest accommodates almost any standard sized brass instrument.

It’s supported with a lifetime structural warranty, so it could potentially last longer than the trumpet you mount on it.

portable trumpet stand

For easy storage: K&M Portable Trumpet Stand

As much as they might love it, no one can hold a trumpet all their life. When you’re resting, or in between sessions, your trumpet needs a stand.
This stand is light and portable, unscrewing so you can easily slip it into your case and bring it with you for practice and events.

The top is rubber padded for safety, with foam cushioning on the sides, and it can be left in the bell while you travel.
It’s also super stable, with 5 strong legs. No matter where you store your trumpet, if it’s on this, it isn’t going anywhere.

Varigrip hand exerciser

For nimble fingers: D’Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser

Two things make a good player. Finger dexterity and breath control. We’ve already handled breath with the embouchure device, but now you can train your fingers with the Varigrip.
You’ve probably seen finger trainers before, but not like this.

It has two options. A moulded full hand grip for overall strength, and individual finger grips, that each have moulded wires on them to build up strong finger calluses.
Each individual grip can also have its tension adjusted, so you can focus on weaker fingers and set it to the exact level you need for progress.

personal embouchure training device

For a big strong face: Personal Embouchure Training Device

If you’re not sure on the terminology, embouchure means how the lips, tongue and facial muscles are used when you’re playing.
That’s hard to train without actually practising, or sitting in a room pulling funny faces.

But this handy little device is designed to help you. Whether you’re using it daily to train your muscles, or for five minutes before a performance to warm up, it’s perfect.
It is small and easy to transport and made from silver for hygiene purposes.

lip balm

For saving your lips: Chopsaver Lip Balm

Some trumpet players just can’t shift the dry, chapped lips that come with regular playing. Made from 10 all natural ingredients and FDA approved, Chopsaver can save the chops of your friends and family, when they need it most.

Unlike a lot of lip balms, this was designed by musicians for musicians. It’s perfect for tucking away in a bag and taking with you, and it’s sure to be appreciated!


For perfect cleaning: Herco Spitballs

Keeping a trumpet clean is a lot of work, especially getting into the actual workings and making sure that everything is clear. After all, a dirty instrument doesn’t sound anywhere near as magnificent.

Spitballs are the single best method for keeping wind instruments clean. They get into the areas that other methods don’t, leaving your pride and joy looking and sounding brand new.
A small pot like this contains 18 spitballs, and should last a long time.

Larger sizes are available.

Yamaha trumpet care kit

For trumpet care: Yamaha Trumpet Care Kit

As much as you might not want to do it, trumpet care is something that just has to be done. This care kit has everything you need to keep a trumpet clean, including valve oils, slide grease, a cleaning snake to get inside the trumpet, various cleaning brushes, a brass polishing cloth and a maintenance manual.

music stand

For your sheet music: Manhasset Music Stand

Pro musicians need a good music stand. This Manhasset stand is one of the strongest, most durable stands made. Made of heavy gauge steel with solid brass bearings, it’s going to hold up against years of punishment.

The friction-tilt neck doesn’t need adjusting or tightening, and holds steady, even with a heavy load. It’s light enough to move easily, at just under 8lbs, and can be set from 26 to 48 inches in height.

music book sheet holder clip

For added sheet security: Music Book Sheet Holder Clip

Sheet music has an unfortunate habit of the pages slipping, and it always happens in the middle of a difficult piece. Stop that problem with this sheet holder clip.
Made from tempered steel, it’s almost impossible to bend under normal circumstances.

Nickel plated to a beautiful finish, it looks great in the hand or perched atop your music stand. It holds books of any size flat, so you can also use this on textbooks, or just for some light fiction reading.

USA made, they’re the perfect little gift for the budding pro in the family.

Arban´s complete method for trumpet book

For learners: Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet

In use for over 150 years, Arban’s method of trumpet teaching is a complete method that takes you from spirited amateur to professional playing.
The book contains 150 melodies and 68 duets, including Arban’s Carnival in Venice arrangement.

It’s the perfect companion for any trumpet player, no matter their level.

orchestral experts for trumpets book

For orchestra players: Orchestrapro Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpets

If you’re looking to land a valued spot on an orchestra, you’re going to have to play excerpts to an exceptionally high standard to beat out all of the other potential.
This is a recording of Philip Smith in 1994, playing at the peak of his talents and running the listener through twenty two excerpts, with his own notes and opinion of how they should be played and what to look out for.

This is a very specific gift, so make sure that the person you’re buying it for needs it. But if they do, it’s an invaluable present.

The Star Wars Trilogy for trumpet book

For trumpet geeks: The Star Wars Trilogy for Trumpet

The Star Wars fanfare is one of the most recognisable pieces of music on the planet. This book contains the main theme and 14 others, arranged in a way that makes them simple to play on your favorite instrument.

The next time someone says ‘Hey, play us a song’ you can launch into something that will delight friends, family and strangers alike.

The Miles Davis book

For the fans: Miles: the Miles Davis Autobiography

Possibly the most famous jazz player to ever live, this is the life of Miles Davis in his own words.
This is a frank and open account, and holds nothing back. Problems with racism, issues with drugs, hard times and good times, famous friends, and all the women.

This is an interesting book that gives so much insight into the life of one of the greats, and anyone with an interest in jazz or looking to pick up a few tips is going to love it.

guide to trumpet history book

For the history buffs: Fanfares and Finesse, a Performer’s Guide to Trumpet History

The trumpet has changed more than almost any other instrument throughout history. Also unlike a lot of instruments, it has a wide and storied history with multiple uses, including war, signalling, and of course music.

Because of this, trumpets are also incredibly complicated, and might need to change key several times throughout a performance. This book walks you through the history of the trumpet, teaching you how it evolved and what that means for you.

It’s the perfect book for people who want to know a little more about their instrument.


For trumpet t-shirts: trumpet T-Shirt

Band geeks are band geeks, and there’s nothing better than a bad joke. This T-shirt has a slogan that’s finished off with musical notation. It’s sure to make your fellow players giggle, and others not in the know will be asking you what it means all day long.

The t-shirt comes in multiple colors, and is made from a soft and comfortable cotton and polyester mix.

trumpet cufflinks

For stylish nights: Cuff-Daddy Silver Trumpet Cufflinks

Hand crafted out of silver and individually inspected so they make it to you flawless, these cufflinks are the perfect way to set off a suit and tie.
Whether you wear them for performances, or just as a talking point to weddings and other events, they make a great gift to father’s day, birthdays or Christmas.

3D color LED illusion lamp

For bedroom trumpeters: 3D Color LED Illusion Lamp

A little something to brighten up a desk or side table in your kid’s bedroom, this 3D vision lamp has 7 different color options, with a one button color change and a flashing mode that’s really cool.
LED based, it uses almost no power, and can be powered by 3 AA batteries or a plug.

Smart looking, this is the perfect decoration for the little trumpeter in your life.

miniature condenser microphone

For recording yourself: Proel Miniature Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphones are incredibly high quality and designed for use by musicians and other professionals. This microphone clips onto the bell of your trumpet so it can pick up on every single note.
Perfect for stage use, as well as linking up to your home production set-up, this microphone isn’t the most expensive, but has enough power and performance for the price to make it well worth buying.

wall art

For the wall: Original Instrument Patent Art

Copies of the original hundred year old patents, these pieces of wall art are both beautiful and instructive.
You get a full set of four, all ready to frame. At 8 x 10 inches, they’re big enough to set off a room, but small enough to fit in a lot of standard frame sizes.

Printed on semi-matte crystal archive paper, they won’t fade or discolor, and they’ll stand out against any décor. It’s the perfect gift for the home conscious trumpeter.

clip-on mustache

For the practical joker: The Brasstache Clip-on Mustache

Imagine the faces of everyone at your next event when you pull your trumpet out of its case and lift it to your lips, then look at everyone with a curly Italian-style mustache decorating your top lip.
Great as a gag gift, use it alone or buy multiple for your band!

Gift Buyer’s Guide

What to buy a trumpet player?

This is a surprisingly difficult question, because it depends a lot on what each player:
· Already has
· Actually needs to use
· Might want in the future
· Even the type of music they play

For a start, there are actually several types of trumpet, and for non-players, the differences might not even make sense.
· Start by talking to the person that you’re buying a gift for, and let them tell you the type of instrument they play and what that means.

Second, the amount of gear the average trumpet player has to haul to practices and events can be mind-boggling.

· When you’re looking to buy gifts for a trumpeter, the best thing to do is ask them what they have, and what they might need. A new player is much easier to buy gifts for, because they’re going to need all their gear, including stands, cases and more.

· If instead you’re buying for an established player, you need to ask what they need. Nothing lasts forever, and there are a lot of things that every trumpeter needs. So ask.

If you’re buying for a new player, life is a whole lot easier. They’re going to need a whole lot of stuff, and there’s a lot of good gifts that you can buy.

Plus, if they’re your own child or the child of someone you know, you can have a look at what they already have and buy without them knowing.

· Gifts that help someone learn are great. Books, lessons, play-along music and more.
· Items like trumpet cases and music stands
· If they’re serious about the instrument, talk with other people buying gifts and look at something bigger. A lot of starter trumpets aren’t particularly good, but a better instrument can last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

There’s so many good things to buy a trumpet player. It just takes a little bit of forethought, and definitely a little bit of understanding about what a trumpeter wants. Once you know that, buying a gift is so much simpler!

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