61 Turtle Gift Ideas (Unique and Collectible)

Do you know someone passionate about marine life, the ocean, or nature? Does this affinity for the outdoors cause them to obsess about all things turtle?

If so, you can help them add to their collection with the following gift guide. It’s all about those who love turtles and embrace making them part of their every day lives.

It doesn’t matter if they are low-key collectors and prefer to have small trinkets in their home or are flamboyant regarding their zeal for turtles—we’ve got you covered!

Check out the following turtle gift guide for ideas and inspiration.

61 Turtle Inspired Gifts

purple stone necklace

Close to Their Heart: “Magical Color Changing” purple sea glass necklace, freshwater pearl

Keep a person’s love for nature, the beach, and turtles close to their heart by giving them this gorgeous necklace. It’s a “magic color changing” purple sea glass necklace from Hawaii. Along with the stone, it also features a freshwater pearl, turtle charm, and sterling chain.

The chain typically measures 20” and has a lobster claw clasp. Under different lighting conditions, purple sea glass may change color. When it’s under the sunlight, it may appear purple. However, if it’s under a bulb indoors, it may appear blue, clear, or pink.

This gift also includes gift wrapping and a free message.

turtle shaped trinklet

Tiny Trinkets: Turtle Trinket Jewelry Box with Sparkling Light Green Crystals

If you know someone who is redecorating a room with a beach theme or loves nature and wildlife, this is an excellent gift idea. It’s a trinket box in the shape of a turtle. This jewelry box features a hinged hand-painted figurine with sparkling green crystals.

Turtle lovers can use it for holding rings, or other small collections. It measures 2.7″ x 2.1″ x 2.1″ and comes with a gift box. It’s a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion where you want to show someone you know how much they adore turtles.

Consider adding this trinket box to a gift basket containing other small items, including a coffee mug, some treats, and a candle.

peace and love t-shirt

Wear it With Pride: Peace Love and Turtles T-shirts

Sometimes there’s no denying how much someone loves something because they wear it like a mascot on t-shirts. If that’s the case with someone you know and their love for turtles, this gift idea can’t be missed.

You’ll be giving them a t-shirt that reads, “Peace, Love, and Turtles.” It’s a light brown t-shirt featuring a stack of four pastel colored turtles on the left-hand side and the slogan written in yellow fonts on the right.

They’re surrounded by dragonflies and hearts. You can also choose from four other colors, including blue, white, green, and royal blue. The t-shirt is available in sizes Kids 6 all the way up to male extra large.

tortoise led light

Light it Up: Cool Turtle Night Lights 3D Vision Effect LED Lamps

Available in sixteen different colors and with four different modes, this nightlight is a showstopper for turtle lovers. Its cute design is unique, and unlike anything else they’ll receive. Not only does it have a 3D lighting effect thanks to its unique design, but it also has remote control features.

Flicker modes are available, as well as the ability to adjust the brightness. Those receiving this gift can use either power it with three AA batteries or their USB cord. This nightlight is optimal for use in a baby’s room, on bedside tables, in living rooms, or anywhere else those who collect turtles would like to show them off.

sea turtle apron

For the Cook: Ambesonne Ocean Apron, Sea Turtle Swimming

Apron wearers don’t have to be professional chefs. No, they can be people who love to cook, grill out, or bake. Sometimes they also wear them when their crafting, painting or working on home improvement projects.

No matter the use, those who wear aprons frequently tend to go through a lot of them. Therefore, if you know someone who uses them a lot and also loves turtles, this is an ideal option. Its design depicts an ocean scene with a sea turtle swimming at the bottom.

It measures 31″ x 26,” has an adjustable neck strap, and features black ties. Its bold colors will make those wearing this apron stand out in a crowd!

beach vinyl wall clock

Give the Gift of Time: Turtle Beach Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Are you having a difficult time carving out time for a friend or loved one? Is it time to get that certain someone a gift? If you’ve answered yes to each of these questions and this person also loves turtles, this is a great gift option.

You’ll be giving them a turtle that’s been cut from a vintage vinyl record. It’s a unique way of showing someone you’re making time for them while simultaneously honoring their love for turtles. It’s a fun way of expressing yourself to your friend or loved one with an original gift.

They’ll appreciate the time metaphor, as well as admire the details and design of the turtle clock.

i love turtles poster

For the Writer: I Just Freaking Love Turtles Ok Journal

It doesn’t matter if you’re picking up a gift for someone who writes daily or loves taking notes, this journal is perfect for turtle lovers. Its cover reads, “I Just Freaking Love Turtles. Ok.” It’s a black cover featuring white fonts and a turtle surrounded by bubbles.

The journal is filled with one hundred and sixty lined pages, each with a space on top for the date. This paperback journal measures 6″ x 9,” making it ideal for tucking into bags or purses and taking it on-the-go.

Consider giving this gift with a set of high-quality gel pens or pens featuring a turtle theme.

canva painting

Add Some Decoration: Coastal Ocean Canvas Paintings Sea Turtle

The beachy themes of this piece of home decor illustrate an individual’s passion for nature, the outdoors, and turtles. This 12″ x 16″ stretched canvas painting features a turquoise colored sea turtle with two babies by its side.

It looks like it’s on top of a pier or boardwalk that has faded pieces of wood with real wood grain. The canvas is hand stretched over a frame made from 1.2″ thick wooden bars so that it won’t bend or deform.

Those who collect turtles will love receiving this gift to hang on their walls. They can hang it in their bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

turtle sculpture

The Gift of Sculpture: Hatching turtle mobile rocking sculpture

Someone doesn’t necessarily have to be a turtle collector to fall in love with this gift idea. They could be someone who works for a land trust, an environmental scientist, or even someone who works at a pet store.

You’ll be giving them a hatching turtle mobile rocking sculpture by John Perry. This green statue figurine is entitled, “Tipsy Turtle.” It’s a life-sized Loggerhead turtle that has just broken out of its shell and is about to climb out.

The shell is weighted, so there’s no chance of it rolling over. If it has a tilt, it will always roll right back over. This gift is also excellent for science teachers and professors.

wine glass

Wine Lovers Unite: Sea Turtle Stemless Wine Glass

Give the beach, ocean, or turtle lover in your life a truly one-of-a-kind gift. It’s a hand carved deep etch stemless wine glass. This stemless wine glass features a teal sea turtle with a crackle finish on the bottom.

You will not find any laser cutting or stickers on this glass. Instead, this glass features etching that will never fade or come off in the dishwasher. The crackle glass is handblown and, to achieve the crackle texture, the molten glass is dipped into cold water.

Those receiving this glass will love its authenticity and the fact that their gift is a work of art. The glass will hold 19 ounces of their favorite beverage, and it measures 4.02″ in diameter and 4.33″ tall.

cutting board

For the Kitchen: Froolu Turtle Family personalized cutting boards

Are you looking for a cute housewarming gift for someone who collects turtles? If so, this cutting board is ideal. Not only is it customizable, but it also features a stack of four cute turtles one on top of each other.

There are four lines available for customizing with the family’s name, dates, or any other message you would like to include on this gift. The cutting board measures 3/4″ thick and is available in sizes 7×8″, 9×12,” and 10.

5×16.” You can also choose from cherry, walnut, maple, white oak, hickory, and mahogany. A state of the art laser engraver personalizes each of these cutting boards.

tiny turtle hand glass ornaments

Give the Gift of Sparkle: Handmade Tiny Turtle Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

No matter if you’re filling a gift basket or searching for the perfect way to brighten someone’s day, these ornaments are excellent for turtle collectors. They’ll be receiving tiny hand-blown glass ornaments in the shape of turtles.

These figurines are a great way of adding sparkle to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom windows. Each measure 1.6″ and have a beautiful turtle shape. Because they’re handmade, the colors will vary for each turtle.

When the light hits the shell, they beautiful and sparkling. Consider giving this gift with a turtle-themed trinket box, or some other crystals to help add shine to the windows.

lunch bag

Give the Gift of Convenience: Sea Turtle Lunch Bag

It isn’t healthy for anyone to eat out for lunch every day. It’s a lot more convenient when there’s a high-quality bag on-hand for packing lunches. The next time you’re shopping for gifts, you can help someone live a little healthier with this sea turtle lunch bag.

If they have a passion for the ocean, environmental sciences, or turtles, this is a unique gift idea. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap allowing them to wear it across their body or over their shoulder.

It’s a messenger style lunch bag featuring under the flap storage pockets, as well as rear-slip pockets. The main compartment also has an easy access drawstring closure.

bedding set

Sleep Under the Sea: 3D Turtle Bedding Sets

Give the turtle lover in your life an adventurous sleep experience with this 3D turtle bedding set. It’s a three-piece duvet cover set complete with one duvet cover, and two pillow shams. The duvet cover has a hidden zipper for added comfort.

Bold colors and prints make those who are using this set imagine they’re sleeping under the sea with the turtles. The pattern on the duvet looks like an enormous sea turtle swimming near the ocean floor.

If you know someone who is decorating their bedroom with this theme, they’ll love this gift idea. This bedding is available in twin, full, and queen sets.


A Charming Present: Charms and Abalone Bracelet with Magnetic Closure

Having a pet turtle, or the desire for one is something everyone loves. Help someone show off their affection for these little critters with this charm bracelet. You’ll find not only silvertone turtle charms on this bracelet but also abalone charms as well.

Abalone is a shellfish known for it’s colorful, pearlescent color inside its shell. It measures 7 1/2″ long and has a magnetic closure. This high-quality charm bracelet is a beautiful addition to any turtle lover’s collection.

They’ll love wearing it as a stand-alone piece, as well as with other turtle-themed pieces of jewelry from their collection.

porcelain coastal creatures

Creature Double Feature: Set of Two Blue Porcelain Coastal Creatures

If you know someone who loves everything that’s coastal and beach related, then this set of two blue porcelain coastal creatures will delight them. The set includes a starfish and turtle. The starfish measures 4″ x 4″ x 3/4″ high.

The turtle measures 4.25″ long, 3.25″ wide, and 1.25″ high. The blue glaze picks up the white in the porcelain details on each of these sea creatures. They make a great addition to collections, as well as decorative pieces for beach or coastal themed rooms.

Consider adding these porcelain pieces to a gift basket containing other coastal, ocean or beach-themed items including candles, picture frames, or soap dispensers.

shower curtain

For the Bathroom: Marine Shower Curtain, Baby Sea Turtles Swimming

Help someone you’re buying a gift to add a bit of whimsy to their bathroom decor. This shower curtain features black silhouettes of baby sea turtles swimming against a teal background. It measures 75″ long and is made from high-quality Turkish fabric.

Those who have an affinity for turtles will be delighted when they open this gift. It’s machine-washable, and its non-vinyl surface is waterproof. The bold graphics are printed with state-of-the-art digital printing technology.

Consider adding this unique shower curtain to a gift basket containing a soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, turtle-themed shower curtain rings, and a teal bath mat.

puzzle wood craft kit model

For the Puzzle Lover: Build Your Own 3D Wooden Assembly Puzzle Wood Craft Kit Model

Are you looking for a puzzle for someone who has put together every puzzle imaginable? If so, this gift idea is for you! It’s also optimal for those who collect turtles. The main reason is that it’s a 3D wooden assembly puzzle kit.

When they’re finished, they’ll have a model of a turtle. High-quality laser-cut pieces of wood are used for each puzzle piece. No glue is required, and each piece of wood comes pre-cut. The flat wooden sheets each measure approximately 1/4″ thick.

Because the instructions are straightforward, this puzzle is ideal for children and adults. No matter if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves sea creatures or something to add to their turtle collection, this gift is sure to delight that person on your list!

tote bag

For the Environmentalist: Classic Extra Large Utility Tote Bag 2

We’re all trying to live a more sustainable life in one way or another. If someone on your gift-give list is working toward achieving this goal, you can help them with this 23″ classic extra large utility tote bag.

It features a sea turtle pattern against a black background. The bag measures 23″ x 10″ x 10,” and it features push down metal bars and velcro to help it maintain its shape. The opening at the top is spacious and allows users to add and remove items easily.

This bag is great for shopping, going to the beach, traveling, and work. With two mesh pockets on the side and the large compartment inside for storage, the use for this bag is limitless.


Take it on the Go: Lunarable Turtle Bumbag

Hip and waist bags are all the rage for those who run, bike, hike, and like to go on long walks. They allow you to carry sunblock, small first-aid kits, bug spray, lip balm, wallets, keys, and other small items while on-the-go.

When you’re looking for a great gift for someone active and also passionate about turtles, this one fits both that criterion. It’s a black fanny pack with a white front featuring a black turtle. The turtle print looks like it’s from a woodcut block.

This bumbag measures 10″ x 6″ and is made from water-resistant polyester material. It has an adjustable strap that fits up to 43″ and three compartments.

reusable bags set

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: “No Plastic Please” Reusable Sea Turtle Gift & Starter Set

We all know someone who would like to start recycling but hasn’t made the full commitment yet. Your friend or loved one has been talking about it a lot because of the research they’ve been doing about how plastics are affecting turtles.

That’s where this gift comes into play. You can help by giving them this set of organic cotton reusable sea turtle bags. It’s a starter set that includes three different large bags. Each bag features a cute image of a sea turtle on the front.

They’ll receive a string bag, a muslin produce bag, and a mesh produce bag. The string bag is similar to a standard grocery bag with handles, and the other two produce bags measure 12″ x 15.”

mat set

For Their Dining Experience: Ambesonne Turtle Place Mats Set of 4

There’s something about decorating a home with things you love. Therefore, if you know someone who has a passion for marine life, you can help bring some of that passion to their home with this gift idea.

It’s a set of four turtle placemats. They’re made from canvas, making them great for daily use and easy clean-up. The state-of-the-art digital printing and vivid colors are long-lasting, and the dyes won’t harm families.

Those receiving these placements will love the whimsical turtle design. Each mat measures 12.5″ x 18.5,” and the edges are hand-sewn. They’re machine washable on the cold setting and wrinkle-resistant.

mug mosaic tiles

For Coffee Lovers: Turtle Green Mosaic Tiles

For those who collect turtles and also love coffee or any other hot beverage for that matter, this gift idea is a great one. It features a mosaic print design of a turtle using green, different shades of blue, and pearl.

This mug holds eleven ounces of their favorite beverage and is made from high-quality ceramic. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, making it convenient and easy to maintain. The printed design will not scratch or fade over time.

So, the gift recipient can enjoy their turtle for years! Consider putting a packet of hot cocoa, a couple of bags of tea, and a coffee sample in this coffee cup. That way, you can wrap it up with clear cellophane as a “gift basket” type gift.

wall art print

The Gift of Art: Watercolor Sea Turtle Dictionary Wall Art Print

Giving someone that’s inspirational and one-of-a-kind is an experience they’ll never forget. You’ll find this is especially true when you’re giving a gift that embraces something they’re passionate about, like turtles, for example.

This watercolor sea turtle dictionary wall art print is an example of such a gift. It measures 8″ x 10″ and is a one-of-a-kind print. The print is ready to frame, and you can pick up an inexpensive frame online.

Because resident artists reinterpret the original pieces of turtle artwork, each piece is unique, and no two are alike. They’re a gorgeous addition to home offices, college dorm rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

whimsical cute turtle set

Tickle Their Funny Bone: Whimsical Cute Sea Turtles Set of Four

Are you buying a gift for someone who has a great sense of humor and has an affinity for turtles? If so, this set of four cute and whimsical sea turtles is sure to tickle their funny bone! Each of these figurines features a baby tortoise sitting up holding a different sign.

Each sign reads, “Take it Slow,” “Eat My Dust,” “Shello,” and “Come Out of Your Shell.” They each measure approximately 4″ tall, 3.25″ long and 2.75″ deep. These figures make a great addition to shelves, desktops, windowsills, and tabletops.

They’re each made from composite resin, handpainted, and polished.

blu resin figurine

For the Garden: Green Tree Blue Resin Figurine

No matter if they would like to decorate their indoor space or use it in their outdoor garden, this green tree blue tortoise resin figurine is a beautiful addition to any turtle collection. It measures 6.

25″ x 6.25″ x 2.25″ and is made from resin with a glossy finish. When you’re shopping for a turtle collector, this figurine is an excellent piece for bringing a touch of the seashore to gardens, beach-themed decor, or patios.

It’s blue tones match beautifully with other ocean-themed accents, including candles and lanterns. For example, this turtle would look cute as part of a marine-themed tablescape featuring shells, starfish, lanterns, and candles.

turtle pocket charm

Give the Gift of Luck: Lucky Little Turtle Pocket Charm

Wishing someone luck can occur anytime, it doesn’t necessarily have to occur during a gift-giving occasion. A student may be leaving for college, a soldier may be heading to a new base, or you may know someone who is transferring out of state for a new job.

Each of these instances is examples where this gift is an excellent idea. You’ll be giving them a lucky little turtle pocket charm. The pocket charm comes with a card that reads, “A lucky little turtle like you, to bring good luck the whole day through, A smile it carries and this special wish for days of sunshine and happiness!” They can use this lucky turtle to carry in their pocket or place it on their shelf.

There’s an “O” ring on it, too, so they can wear it as a charm.

charm pendant conector

For the Jewelry Maker: Assorted Tortoise Sea Turtle Charm Pendant Connector

Do you know someone who loves to make jewelry? Do they also have a passion for marine life and all things turtle? If so, don’t pass up on this gift idea. It’s a sixteen piece set featuring an assortment of tortoise and sea turtle charms.

They each have an antique silvertone finish and measure between 15mm and 34mm. There are eight different types of turtles and tortoises in this sixteen piece collection. That means this set is ideal for making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more! No matter if they’re a novice or a pro, making jewelry with these charms will be fun for the turtle collector in your life.

wooden eyeglass holder

Keep Their Glasses Safe: Wooden Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing reading glasses. Help your friend or loved one keep them safe and on-hand with this gift idea. It’s also a great gift option for those who also love turtles.

This eyeglass holder is in the shape of a turtle! It’s made from wood and measures 5.25″ x 3.75″ x 2.75.” When you know someone who is always looking for their glasses, this high-quality wooden stand is the perfect solution.

It’s ideal for use on desktops, as well as bedside tables. This wooden turtle eyeglass holder is a quirky way of reminding anyone where their glasses are while simultaneously keeping them safe.

home decor

Flickering Beauty: Sea Turtle Home Decor

Decorating a table, windowsill, or outdoor area with votive candles takes on a new charm with the right candle holders. You’ll find this reality is especially true when the theme focuses on things you love.

That’s where this gift idea comes into play. You’ll be focusing on the gift recipient’s passion, which is turtles. This galvanized candle holder features a cut-out of a sea turtle with a teal blue glass cylinder inside.

The candle holder measures 3.25″ x 3.25″ x 5.5.” It’s optimal for votives and tea lights. The metal and glass combination creates a beautiful ambiance when the candle is lit. Consider giving this candle holder with a set of their favorite votives.

snow glove

Give the Gift of Magic: Marine Life Snow Globe

There’s something magical about receiving a snowglobe as a gift. Those who collect snowglobes and are also passionate about turtles will especially love this gift idea. It’s a 3.75″ snowglobe featuring marine life, as well as sea turtles.

Inside the snowglobe, there’s a sea turtle swimming among the sparkling water. The base features a sea turtle, as well as other marine life. It’s made from polyresin with polished colors. Those who love turtles will be delighted to receive this gift due to its craftsmanship and quality.

Consider including this gift in a basket along with other marine or turtle-themed items like candle holders, a trinket box, and turtle string lights.


Turtles, Turtles, Everywhere!: Turtles Blanket Throw Woven from Cotton

This gorgeous woven throw is made in the United States by talented North Carolinian craftsmen who weave it from miles of American-grown, sustainably sourced cotton. Measuring 70″ x 54″, this is a large throw.

It fits nicely on many different size beds from twin to queen. It’s not optimized for king-size beds or anything larger. The throw features a fringe border, and the pattern is done in all different shapes, sizes and styles of turtles.

It’s soft and warm, and because it can be washed and dried in machines, it’s also easy to clean. Whether your friend is looking for a new cover for his bed or a lovely throw to add onto the back of the sofa, this throw has him covered.


A Gorgeous, Unique Piece of Jewelry: Carat Black and White Diamond Turtle Ring in Sterling Silver

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is both elegant and stylish, this black and white diamond turtle ring done in sterling silver is just the thing for you. You can purchase the ring in a size six or seven, and while it’s distinguished enough for a classy evening out, it’s also casually fashionable enough for everyday wearing as well.

The .25-karat black and white diamonds that make up the turtle have been polished to a high shine and stand out beautifully against the sterling silver. The ring comes boxed in an attractive gift box for ease of gifting as well.

wind chime

Hand-Painted and Full of Beautiful Music: Cohasset Gifts Sea Turtle Bamboo Wind Chime

Wind chimes always make nice gifts. They’re pretty; they make beautiful music, and overall, they’re really peaceful and soothing. If you have a turtle fanatic in your life, these beautiful chimes will be even more perfect.

The tubes on the chimes are made from bamboo and make a rich, earthy sound when the wind is blowing, and the turtle is hand-crafted from strong, eco-friendly coconut wood and hand-painted by a master artisan in Bali.

Everything about this gift screams unique, authentic and environmentally friendly, which is something else about which most turtle lovers are passionate.

turtle stuffed animal

Oversized Turtle to Cuddle: DOLDOA 33-Inch Big Plush Eyes Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal

Whether you’re buying this gift for a child, teen or adult, if she’s a true lover of turtles, she’s going to go nuts for this giant stuffed turtle. There are three sizes from which to choose, but this one, the 35-inch turtle, is the largest of the three.

It’s adorable, super soft and perfect for cuddling with at night or for use as a fluffy pillow. It also makes a nice addition to any bedroom set or a back or head rest on a long car trip.

vinyl wall clock

For the Man Who Likes a Little Ninja with His Turtles: Wood Crafty Shop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vinyl Record Wall Clock

If your turtle-loving friend still considers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be his favorite turtles, get him this amazing vinyl wall clock that features his four favorite turtles in great detail.

Clocks cut from vinyl records have become fairly popular over the last several years, largely due to their original look, the ability to customize them to suit any taste or fandom and their tendency to fit in with practically any decor.

This one is no exception. It’s 12-inches in circumference and will look great in your friend’s man cave. It does require a single AA battery to use, so don’t forget to pick one up before giving it to him.

turtle trinket box statue

A Turtley Awesome Trinket Box: Tortoise Turtle Trinket Box Statue

Whoever said trinket boxes had to be pink, frilly and traditionally feminine obviously has never come across this amazing steampunk turtle trinket box. Its dimensions are 7″ x 4″ x 4.5″, and it’s made of cold cast bronze.

The details that go into the sculpture are what make this such a cool gift. Whether you’re looking at its bright green eyes and the pipes on its legs or the gauge on its back and the gears on its shell, this little turtle is the epitome of steampunk.

The top of its shell is removable so that your friend can put whatever she wants inside. It works well as a small jewelry box or a nice desk ornament for storing small office supplies.

wine bottle holder

Turtles Need a Drink Sometimes Too: Nauti Blue Drinking Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Holder

It doesn’t get much cuter than an aqua-shelled turtle kicked back on his shell and drinking wine. Of course, that’s not likely to happen in real life, but if your friend is a wine drinker, she’ll appreciate this awesome wine bottle holder designed to look exactly like that.

The turtle is made of polystone resin for a high shine, and its paint job and the details on its skin are incredibly realistic. This is a great addition to any kitchen or wine room.


A Friendly Reminder: Save a Turtle Retro Sunset Sea Turtle Pullover Hoodie

This unisex hoodie comes in four different colors, five different sizes and is perfect for the male or female turtle lover in your life. If your friend is also the type of person who really cares about turtles’ natural habitats or the environment in general, he’ll enjoy this pullover hoodie.

In addition to the convenient pocket on the front and the adorable turtle art featured on it, the hoodie also reminds people who see it to “Skip a Straw; Save a Turtle.” It’s a great way for him to showcase his love of turtles and also bring awareness to people about the dangers of plastic straws – and plastic litter in general – in dumps, landfills and, most especially, the ocean.

wallet crossbody handbag

Carry Her Items in Style: Chala Sea Turtle Wallet Crossbody Handbag

When it comes to animal-themed purses or bags, it’s hard to beat Chala because they make some of the most gorgeous accessories you can find. This one’s a small, wallet-sized crossbody bag with a convertible strap.

It features a beautiful brown and green turtle on the front done in Chala’s traditional layered, faux-leather style. It opens onto a large wallet compartment, has several card slots and space on the outside for your friend’s cellphone.

The zipper pull has a cute little star on it as well.

garden accent statues

For the Garden Enthusiast: Plow & Hearth Tortoise Family Resin Garden Accent Statues

This three-piece set of garden statuary is a great gift for the gardener or lover of the outdoors who prefers more realistic turtles. The set includes a mother turtle and her two babies, and unless someone’s looking very closely, he just might mistake them for the real thing.

They’re made of cast resin and are weather-resistant. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they should last for years.

wooden turtle shaped eyeware retainer

This Turtle’s Got His Eye on You: Wooden Handcrafted Turtle Shaped Eyeware Retainer

If you’re looking for something a little quirky that’s sure to surprise your friend, look no further than this eyeglasses stand shaped like a turtle. It’s hand-carved from strong Indian Wood, and when sitting by itself, it looks simply like a small, nicely detailed wooden turtle.

However, once your friend places his glasses on it for safekeeping, it turns into the most charming, eccentric little turtle he’s ever seen. It’s the perfect gift for people with glasses because it not only looks great but helps them keep up with their glasses as well.

magnetic bottle cap turtle

Teeny Tiny, Totally Terrific Turtle: Recycled Magnetic Bottle Cap Turtle

This is probably the oddest – and definitely the smallest – gift on our list, but it’s also one of the most fun. It’s an incredibly tiny, magnetic “desk pet” made of pewter. It has a super strong magnet, which will allow your friend to change the bottle cap to whatever type she wants and ensure that it stays.

She can also use it to hold paperclips and other small, metal items. It comes in an attractive box with a reminder to her to “slow down and enjoy life.”


Unisex Jewelry that Works for Anyone: Carved Wood Sea Turtle Pendant with Chain

The great thing about turtle-themed gifts is that you can find a ton of handmade items if you’re looking for something more sentimental. There’s just something about turtles that seems to make people want to create art using their likeness.

This gorgeous turtle pendant is no exception; it’s hand-carved from solid maple and is lightweight and perfect for everyday use. It comes with an included 18″ chain, but you or your friend can change that out if you don’t like the look of the stainless steel against the wood.

It’s also unisex, so it’s perfect for turtle lovers of all genders.

sea turtle metal trivet

Vintage Turtle in the Kitchen: Gasaré Cast Iron Sea Turtle Metal Trivet for Kitchens

If your friend cooks, she needs a trivet on which to place her hot dishes. If she’s also a turtle lover, this cast iron sea turtle trivet is the perfect option. It’s 8.5″ x 7″ and has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place.

It’s an inch high, so it’ll keep her dishes from heating up her tabletop or counter, and it’s supposedly impossible to damage, so it should last her a lifetime. Best of all, the lovely turtle design means she can leave it out all day, even when she isn’t cooking.

infant turtle costume

Start Them off Early: Outfits Newborn Handmade Infant Turtle Costume

If you have turtle-loving friends who’re about to have a new baby, celebrate their love of turtles by buying this adorable crocheted turtle costume for their newborn. It’s soft and cozy, so it won’t irritate the baby’s skin, and it fits babies up to about six-months-old.

It comes with a green beanie and a back-piece that looks just like a turtle’s shell. It’ll effectively turn their new baby into an adorable turtle, which will make for some amazing pictures.

bronzed cast iron tortoise

For When She Needs to Be Sneaky: BUOP Bronzed Cast Iron Tortoise with Antique Finish Key Hider

This striking cast iron turtle has been bronzed for a vintage sort of look and looks great outside near a pond or in a garden. The detail in the paint job is superb, and it really does look like an antique.

On first glance, it appears to be just another garden statue, but it actually features a hidden compartment underneath the shell for hiding a spare key, money or whatever else your friend may need to hide.

The company will also throw in a tiny turtle pendant as well.

silver measuring spoons set

The Most Elegant Spoons: Ganz 4-Piece Silver Measuring Spoons Set Turtle

This is another great gift for the friend who wants turtles in every room of the house but is having trouble finding a way to work them into the kitchen. This four-piece set of measuring spoons is incredibly lovely and looks like it would be very expensive when in fact, it’s quite reasonably priced.

The design on the spoons and the turtles with the faceted green gems on the ends make them as gorgeous as they are functional. They’re even dishwasher safe!

stone lucky turtle

Lovely and Lucky: Shalinindia Hand-Carved Stone Lucky Turtle Lattice Jaali Work

This is yet another hand-carved turtle gift done in the Jaali style of carving an item featuring prominent latticework all from one single piece of stone. This turtle features a lattice back and another, smaller turtle inside the larger one.

Because it’s handmade by artisans in Indian, each one is entirely unique from any others. It’s a symbol of eternal love and makes a beautiful addition to any desk or bookshelf.

turtle rowing boat salt and pepper shakers

The Most Adorable Salt and Pepper Set Ever: Ebros Camper Turtle Rowing Boat Salt And Pepper Shakers

This is a convenient way for your friend to show off her love of turtles and make sure she always keeps her salt and pepper shakers together in one place. The design features a charming turtle in a straw hat rowing a canoe, and if the big eyes on “Zippy” don’t make your friend fall in love with him immediately, she can’t be a true turtle lover.

Between his giant eyes and the little swirls on his shell, Zippy is definitely the cutest turtle on the list.

string light LED

If Turtles Light up Her Life: Turtle String Lights LED Silver Wire 10 ft 40 LEDs with Remote

This ten-foot string of lights contains 40 LED lights shaped like turtles that light up bright green in color. While they may not be entirely practical for everyone, they’re a great gift if your friend likes to make light-up crafts or if she has a small space she wants to illuminate in a unique, creative way.

The lights come with a remote for ease of operating, and they have an automatic timer to shut them off before they get too hot.

turtle blanket

For the Turtle-Loving Tots and Teens: Cozy Turtle Blanket for Children

This is our second turtle blanket on the list, but it’s geared more towards children than adults. It’s warm, cozy and soft, and it’s large enough to cover kids comfortably without them having to tug it to get it to cover every part of their bodies.

It’s made of eco-friendly materials that should be safe for children with even the most sensitive skin, and best of all, it actually looks like a turtle – shell, feet and all!

incense holder

For a Little Peace and Tranquility: QLBF Incense Holder Burner Longevity Turtle

This handmade turtle sculpture also features a lattice back, although his latticework is much more open than the other lattice-backed turtle on our list. It’s made of copper and painted brown to make it look more realistic, and the large open places in the latticework are made specifically to allow smoke to filter through easily because this particular turtle is an incense burner.

Known as the “longevity turtle,” it’s used for burning cone-shaped incense and is supposed to bring peace, tranquility and a long, happy life to everyone in your friend’s home.

earbuds holder case

Adorable and Inexpensive: Cute Earbuds Holder Case Cord Wrap

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little less symbolic and expensive and a little more small and practical, look no further than these tangle-free earbud cases. You can choose from pink, purple, blue or green to suit your friend’s taste, but no matter which you get, she’s sure to love the convenience of these little holders.

Made of silicone, they’re incredibly durable, and they serve a few different purposes.

First and foremost, she can use it to wrap her earbuds and other cables around in order to keep them from tangling up and getting misplaced.

Additionally, she can use it as a cellphone holder to prop up her phone and watch movies or read e-books. Finally, she can use it as a paperweight until she needs it for her electronics once again.

tank top

A Reminder to Slow Down and Enjoy Life: Motivational Slow & Steady Wins Turtle Tank Top

This tank top comes in four different colors and can be purchased for either men or women in sizes small to 2XL. The turtle on the front is sweet, but it’s the message that’s sure to delight any true turtle fanatic.

“Slow and steady wins the race” is a common saying made popular by Aesop’s fables in his tale of the tortoise and the hare. This shirt is not only great for turtle lovers; it’s also a constant reminder that anyone can achieve greatness, even if it takes him or her a little longer than others.


See the Turtle; Be the Turtle: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Men’s Costume T-Shirt

This is another great shirt for the turtle fan who still loves the Ninja Turtles. There are four options from which to choose, one for each of the main characters. This will allow you to get your friend’s favorite turtle in sizes up to 3XL.

The shirts are made of 100% pure cotton and are machine-washable for ease of cleaning. Whether he’s showcasing his fanboy love or having a lazy cosplay day, this shirt is perfect.


For Long, Lazy Days: VIV Collection Popular Printed Roaming Turtles Leggings

Shirts and hoodies featuring cartoon turtles aren’t the only great turtle-themed items of clothing available for your loved one. If you’re looking for something a little more fashionable for the female turtle fan in your life, these leggings are perfect.

They come in both standard and plus sizes, and they’re made of a stretchy polyester blend with an even stretchier waistband, so they fit women of all sizes. They’re black and feature delicate pink turtles swimming all over them.

Because of their sleek style, they’re quite versatile and can be worn on lazy, lounge-around days or paired with a nice top and heels for a more sophisticated look.


Her Own “Shell” for Storage: U LIFE Backpack School Bags Laptop Casual Bag

Humans can’t exactly grow their own shells, but if you’ve ever seen a high school student walking around with an overstuffed backpack on her back, you already know that there are plenty of times when humans appear to have their very own shells.

This backpack is a great “shell” for turtle fans. It’s done in under-the-sea blues and greens and features a white turtle swimming through some underwater plants. It’s made of mesh cloth and twill weave and includes a ton of pockets and spots for storage, as well as adjustable belts and straps for a perfect fit.

travel pill case

Make Her Medical Routine Less Boring: XUTAI Sea Turtle Square Stainless Steel Travel Pill Case

If your friend is someone who takes medication often enough that she has to carry it around with her in her bag, help her liven up the experience by getting her this classy pill case with a beautiful blue sea turtle on it.

It’s great for traveling, but measuring only 2.2″ x 1.6″ x 0.7″, it’s also small enough to fit easily inside her everyday purse or wallet. It’s made of durable stainless steel, high-quality, eco-friendly plastic and high-quality clear glass and has a divider inside so she can keep her pills separate.

This is especially convenient if she needs to carry around two doses with her at once.

oven mitts pot holders set

More Turtles in the Kitchen: Sea Turtle Oven Mitts Pot Holders Set

This kitchen set includes one oven mitt and a matching pot holder. The design on both is like the design on the above-mentioned pill case – the blue sea turtle swimming past starfish, seaweed and other things found in the ocean.

They’re made of polyester and can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F/260°C. Both pieces come with a small cloth loop on the corners of the items, so they can be conveniently stored on a hook or nail near her oven.


Turtles on the Feet: Good Luck Sock Men’s Turtle Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a sweet but inexpensive gift for the turtle-loving man in your life, grab him this pair of “lucky turtle socks.” In many cultures, turtles are actually symbolic of luck and good fortune, and that’s the idea behind these socks.

They’re made of a cotton/polyester/spandex blend, so they’re durable, comfortable, breathable and warm. They can be washed easily in the machine, and they shouldn’t stretch or lose their shape. They have reinforced heels and stretch to approximately mid-calf on most men sizes seven through 12.

Best of all, they’re covered in smiling, happy turtles to bring him good luck all day long.


Picking out the perfect gift for a collector can be challenging. You’ll find this is especially true when they’ve been collecting for years.

We’ve put this gift guide together in hopes that you’ll find unique gifts for the turtle lover in your life. That way, the process can be fun and less challenging.

Because the majority of these gifts are one-of-a-kind, the person you’re shopping for is likely to have an incredible experience.

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