Uncle Phil Who? 32 Gifts for Awesome, Real-Life Uncles

He’s fun. He’s loud. He’s the person you called to bail you out of trouble when you didn’t want mom and dad to know how you messed up.

Here are just a few gifts for uncles to celebrate his unique role in your life as well as how much you love, cherish and are grateful for him!

Gift Ideas for your Uncle

whiskey glass

For the Drunkle: Uncle’s Sippy Cup Engraved Whiskey Glass

If he enjoys his booze, this thick-bottomed transparent glass can hold up to 11 ounces of his favorites, including rum, whiskey, bourbon and those girly cocktails that he pretends not to like. It’s also engraved with text that says “Uncle’s Sippy Cup,” so it’s sure to get a laugh as well as a toast!


When You’re Throwing Him a Birthday Bash: Holy Sh** You’re Old Gold Glitter Banner

It’s funny because it’s true. If you have an uncle who doesn’t mind laughing at himself, drape this gold, glittery banner over the banister of his next birthday party. It says “Holy Sh** You’re Old,” and it’s crafted from a high-quality card stock that won’t shed shed any of its glitter on the floor.

Your uncle will appreciate both the humor and the lack of clean-up after the party is finished.

foosball table

For His Man Cave: 40-Inch Table Top Foosball Table

While a full-sized foosball table can set you back hundreds of dollars, this tabletop version is much more affordable. It offers all of the usual fun in a smaller, more portable form, so your uncle can move the board between offices, basements, game rooms and outdoor barbecues whenever he likes.

Up to four people can play at a time, so it’ll definitely make him a popular guy at parties.

portable smoke infuser

A Literal Smoking Gun: Portable Handheld Smoke Infuser

If he loves smoked steak but always grumbles at paying top dollar for it, buy him this DIY smoking set. It comes with everything that he’ll need to infuse his food and drink with that signature smokehouse flavor, including wood chips, a rubber hose, a cup cover and a handheld smoker gun.

He can use it on everything from meats to cocktails to enjoy restaurant-quality dining in the comfort of his own home.

shiitake mushroom log

The Legal Kind of Shroom: 12-Inch Shiitake Mushroom Log

It won’t pay off for awhile, but if your uncle is a patient man, he’ll reap some tasty benefits from this mushroom log. It contains live mushroom spores that will eventually sprout if the log is nurtured in a yard or garden under the right conditions.

He’ll be able to top his own pizzas, season his own sauces and create his own shish kabobs with fresh, home-grown mushrooms.

wooden phone docking station

Bringing Him Into the 21st Century: Wooden Phone Docking Station

He doesn’t have to be a technie to appreciate this charging and docking station. In fact, it’ll be a great first-time tool for someone who is still wary of technology. While there are phone cradles and cord slots, there are also watch holders, wallet slots, eyeglass shelves and a felt-lined tray for keys, coins and other doodads.

He’ll be able to organize his entire desk on a single platform!


Kid Tested, Parents Disapproved: Uncle Man Myth Bad Influence T-Shirt

You’ve probably seen these faded ombre t-shirts that say “The Man, The Myth, The Legend.” However, this particular tee comes with a twist: It’s meant for uncles only, and it replaces “The Legend” with “The Bad Influence.

” It’ll be a laugh-out-loud gift for the man who’s always gleefully had your back whenever you’re doing something that your parents would have heart attacks about!

bottle opener

To Clean Up His Kitchen: Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

If you could walk through his kitchen and hear a crunching sound beneath your feet because of all of the bottle tops he’s lost, this is the gift for him. It’s a wall-mounted bottle opener, and once he’s popped the top off his Bud, he can “stick ‘n stash” it to the bottle opener’s magnetic platform.

It shouldn’t take long for him to start an entire collection of bottle caps.

business portafolio

When He’s Going Places: Genuine Leather Professional Business Portfolio With Zipper

This is the kind of splurge that people wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate as a gift. It’s a gorgeously crafted business portfolio folder with room for laptops, phones, pens, notepads, business cards and more.

It even has a zipper to hold everything together. If he’s the entrepreneurial type, he’s sure to get a lot of use out of a stylish and functional tool like this one.

inflatable flamingo ice cooler

For the Uncle With a Sense of Humor: 63-Inch Giant Inflatable Flamingo Ice Cooler

Anyone can buy a square plastic cooler. That’s boring. If you want to take your drink storage to the next level, you’ll need something like this big, colorful and 63-inch inflatable flamingo. He can hold more than 100 cans at a time, so he’ll be great for pool parties and other backyard bashes, and everything from his inflation ports to his drain holes are designed for maximum convenience.

Invite him to your uncle’s next gathering to get the party started!


For a Roaring Good Time: Unclesaurus 20-Ounce Stainless Steel Tumbler

“Unclesaurus: Like a Normal Uncle, But More Awesome.” This stainless steel tumbler is sure to become the talk of his workplace, so it’ll be a lasting gift for an uncle who you really love. Best of all, it isn’t just a gag gift; it’s a legitimately well-made tumbler constructed from stainless steel and boasting features such as double-walled vacuum insulation and a leak-proof slider lid.

Whether he’s sipping hot chocolate or iced coffee, this is a tumbler that can get him through the day.

basketball trash can game

When He’s the Jim to Someone Else’s Dwight: Basketball Trash Can Game

A good choice for a man with a desk job, this gift can bring a little levity to long, boring hours in the office. It’s a regular mesh wastebasket, but it’s been outfitted with a small basketball hoop on the rim, so he can shoot off crumbled-up paper balls all day long.

He’ll never have to grow up with toys like these at his disposal!

neckties and belt hanger

To Cut Down on Your Aunt’s Housekeeping: Premium Wooden Necktie and Belt Hanger

Ties are a cliche gift, but tie holders can change the game completely. They offer a neat and clean way to bring order to a man’s haphazard laundry piles. This particular model also boasts a suave walnut wood center with metal rings that can be used for scarves, handkerchiefs, neckties, bow ties and belts alike.

If you’ve always given ties to your uncle for special occasions, try something different this year with a tie organizer.


An Un-Bear-ably Sweet Gift: Men’s Uncle Bear Clog Slippers

As a species, uncles are happiest when they’re reclining in an armchair with their slippered feet propped up. Help your uncle achieve this goal with a great pair of slippers! Not only are they made with luxuriously soft memory foam cushioning a layer of fuzzy polyester, but they also come in a 7 – 14 size range, and their print is available as either a red or buffalo plaid.

“Uncle Bear” is stitched on either foot as a paw-some design.

barbecue rubs

For the Bobby Flay of Meats: 5-Pack Barbecue Rubs to Go

With Cajun, Caribbean, Southwest, Mexican and Memphis-style flavors, this sampler pack of barbecue rubs has a lot of deliciousness packed into a single box. Your uncle can enjoy flavors from around the continent without having to step away from his beloved backyard grill.

If you play your cards right, you might even get invited to dinner after handing over this gift.

whiskey glass tray

To Be As Cool As a Cuban Cigar: Wooden Whiskey Glass Tray and Cigar Holder

You’ll want to be careful when buying gifts for a hobbyist, including a cigar collector; you never know what equipment they already like, have or hate. Something like this gift, however, should be safe.

It’s a beautifully crafted wooden ashtray with room for a cigar and a whiskey glass. It’s hard to go wrong with something so simple and elegant.

wallet card

A Keepsake to Carry: Father Brother Friend Uncle Wallet Card

If you’re looking for a gift with lasting value, consider this wallet card. It’s basically a wallet-sized insert that he can carry with him everywhere, and it has a sweet message that says, “Uncle: A person who can protect like a father, play like a brother and give advice like a friend.

” It’s suitable for both nieces and nephews who want to manifest their love as a physical token for a beloved uncle.

cutting board with meat and cheese

A Touchdown of a Gift: Deluxe Football Cutting Board With Meat and Cheese

The Super Bowl fanatic won’t be able to resist this one. Its wooden cutting board is both shaped and styled like a pigskin, and what’s more, it comes piled high with a whole selection of meats, cheeses and nuts.

He can eat the snacks right away while stashing the cutting board for the next big game. Go team!

metal tin sign

When He Loves His Bass and Bluegill: Fishing is Importanter Metal Tin Sign

“Education is important,” this sign notes, “but fishing is importanter.” If there’s an avid fisherman in your family who would lose his sh** at a sign like this, you’ve just found the perfect decoration for his home, boat, garage or lake house.

It measures 12 x 8 inches, so it won’t take up a huge amount of space, but its rustic-style aluminum tin design will make it seem bigger than it is.


Because There’s No Better Handyman: Uncle Tool Key Chain

If you’re looking for a small gift or stocking stuffer, consider this key chain. It comes with wrench, hammer, screwdriver and ruler pendants, and the ruler is stamped with “uncle,” so it’s clear on its intended recipient.

It’ll be a nice little keepsake for an uncle who’s always been willing to fix your bike or figure out why your garage door is making that funny sound.

muscle massager

To Soothe Those Aches and Pains: Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

While especially nice for someone with a physical or labor-intensive job, this massage gun can be appreciated by folks from all walks of life. It comes with five speeds and seven attachments to provide different kinds of force, pressure and texture, and it’s powered by a rechargeable battery.

He can use it for years before it’ll need replacing.

bathroom reader calendar

For the Man Who Enjoys His Bathroom Time: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Page-A-Day Calendar

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has been around for decades, so there’s a good chance that your uncle already knows about it. If he’s never actually tried it, however, he’s in for a treat! It offers fun facts in a page-a-day format that’ll make him a whiz in future trivia games.

Additionally, it doesn’t have to be stored on top of the commode; it’ll be just as entertaining on an office desk or kitchen shelf.

wall art

Pop Culture Goodness: Uncle Iron Make Tea Not War Wall Art

Why not celebrate his uncle-ness with a poster of the best uncle of all time? Uncle Iroh, the beloved bada** from Avatar: The Last Airbender, graces this art print with some of his signature wisdom: “Make Tea, Not War.

” If your family is at all on the nerdy side, it should be an absolute hit.

pizza cutter

Slice and Dice: Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

Another fun little gift for a holiday stocking or goodie basket, this pizza cutter is shaped like a literal bicycle. The front wheel is the cutting wheel! Despite being a novelty item, it’s made with sharp, food-grade stainless steel, and it’s available in multiple colors depending on your preferences.

You’ll also get a free oil brush included with every order, so if your uncle’s the cooking type, it’ll be multiple gifts rolled into one.


The Love of a Niece: My Favorite Niece Gave Me This Mug Novelty Coffee Mug

Sweet and silly, this coffee mug will show your uncle that you love him without getting overly sentimental about it. It jokes, “My Favorite Niece Gave Me This Mug.” You can wrap it as-is if he’s a java junkie, or you can fill it with pens, candies and other small treats to add a personalized touch.

Who will say no to a coffee mug brimming with their favorite flavor of Skittles?


The Love of a Nephew: If I Had a Different Uncle Novelty Coffee Mug

“Thank you for being my uncle. If I had a different uncle, I would punch him in the face and go find you.” Deliver a punch of your own with this hilarious coffee mug that will knock your uncle right out! Like any mug, it can be used for actual coffee or for the storage of small, bite-sized goodies.

Don’t be afraid to get creative.


A Different Kind of Family Tree: Personalized Sterling Silver Men’s Braid Black Bracelet

Stylishly cool, this braided black bracelet is awesome even before you look closer and see what’s inscribed on the small silver loops. They can be customized with 1 – 7 names of your choosing, so you could do your uncle’s family or your own brothers, sisters and anyone else who calls him “uncle.

” Additionally, since the bracelet is made with a stiff black corded material, it’s nice and masculine. Even the roughest and toughest uncle can wear it with pride!

magnetic bottle hanger

Smooth Like Butter: BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger

If his fridge is always crowded with beer bottles, help him create some space with the BottleLoft. It’s a magnetic strip that attaches to the roof of the fridge and holds up bottles by their caps alone.

In addition to looking cool, it’ll also allow him to slide and stack things underneath the bottles without the usual refrigerator Jenga. If he comes back on his next birthday and ask for more strips, you’ll know that you’ve done well.

cuff links

For the Sharp-Dressed Man: Men’s Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cuff Links

This is another gift that he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself but would appreciate from someone else. What man hasn’t thought that it would be nice to own a pair of monogrammed cuff links? They’re made with a gleaming silver that’s been polished to a glossy shine, and they can be ordered in exactly 26 varieties depending on the letter that you need.

sunset photo with poem

For the Pastor or Preacher: To My Uncle Mountain Sunset Photo With Poem

If your memories together involved a lot of Sunday school, you can show off what you’ve learned with a sweet, sentimental gift like this one. It’s a poem that starts “To my uncle, I said a prayer for you.

..” and covers topics such as love, faith and gratitude. It ends with, “I bless the Lord for giving me the best uncle there could be.” It’ll be a nice gift for the man who’s always watched over you and served as your spiritual advisor.

floor mat

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here: Trap Door Indoor or Outdoor Floor Mat

Perfect for the prankster, this welcome mat says “Definitely Not a Trap Door” with a vintage-style print of a wooden door straight out of a 12th century dungeon. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so your uncle can use it for homes, offices, bedrooms, garages, sheds, boats and more.

coffee mug

Move Over, Marvel: Other Uncles and Me 16-Ounce Coffee Mug

The finishing touch on our list of uncle gifts, this coffee mug is a gigantic 16-ouncer that can hold a titan’s worth of java. It also has a stylish matte black paint job with a hilarious print: a boring stick figure under the words “other uncles,” and a ripped superhero figure under the word “me.

” Give your uncle a boost of confidence with a gift that’ll make him feel like Captain America!

Buying Guide

Just as your uncle plays a special role in your life, you should try to find a special gift for him. Here are just a few suggestions for striking gold!

Do Something Different

Your uncle’s probably received a million ties and twice as many macaroni greeting cards. Think of something new and unique that you can buy him. What are his hobbies? What are his favorite things to eat, drink, watch and play? A gift with a personal touch is more likely to be remembered for years to come.

Modulate the Tone of Your Gift

Is your uncle the type to laugh uproariously at a gag gift, or would he be more touched to receive something sweet and sentimental? Keep in mind that you can also change this up after awhile. If you always do gag gifts, a heartwarming gift might be a welcome surprise; if you always do mushy gifts, something funny might catch him off-guard and make him all the more amused.

Include In-Jokes or References to the Past

If you have history with your uncle, don’t be afraid to reference that history through your gift. You can go the literal route with photos, scrapbooks and other personal memorabilia, but you could also play around with old jokes or memories that you share together. For example, something sea-themed could reference a family vacation that you took on a beach, or a “partner in crime” gift could recall a time when you two did something mischievous.

Don’t Overspend

Studies have shown that expensive gifts don’t necessarily translate into better-loved or better-appreciated ones. Since he’s your uncle, he probably doesn’t want you breaking the bank over his present anyway. Look for something with emotional value more than physical value.


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