30 Vintage Gifts for Vintage Lovers

Whether you are shopping for vintage interior design, or just want a few chic vintage pieces, this list covers it all!

Vintage gifts are great items that tend to carry significant value and are typically something from an era in the past.

No worries, you won’t be spammed with retro or antique items, as we are on the lookout for only the most unique vintage pieces available!

30 Vintage Gift Ideas

shuffleboard table

Game Night Is Back: Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12’ Shuffleboard Table

Check out one of the old pastimes with the clubhouse favorite. This vintage gift is great for shuffleboard lovers of all ages. One of the highest quality tables available, the Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12’ Shuffleboard Table offers hours of non stop fun.

One way that you can enjoy the clean lines and simple design is by using the hands on approach. A cabinet made of Maple Veneer layers 5 level multi core construction that is finished in polyurethane.

The table comes with stabilizers that will help to prevent concave or convex folding. This large product requires delivery by freight, so order soon and get to the vintage gaming you have been waiting for.

boatneck tea dress

Dress To Impress: GRACE KARIN Boatneck Sleeveless Tea Dress

Wanna look great at your favorite restaurant on a night out? How about a day stroll through the neighborhood? The Grace Karin Vintage Tea Dress is one of the best gifts for vintage lovers that you don’t want to miss out on.

Catch a breeze by the ocean, or enjoy the views from the highest parkway. No matter what you prefer, you will definitely look amazing while doing it. These dresses are designed with a sleeveless and boat neck design that conceal the zipper at the back.

These dresses come in an assortment of colors and are very pleasing to the eye. The cotton heavy blend does wonders for the wearer, as these are very light weight and comfortable. Show you care with a vintage gift today!


Steal The Show: Platinum or Gold Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Earrings

These Asscher cut drop earrings are true vintage apparel and come with the Swarovski standard. The cushion shaped style is a classic accent to many styles and are a great pair to many fashion sets.

These pieces are built for longevity and to ensure you get the longest life out of your pair, it is best to store them in an airtight container.

Plated in Platinum over sterling silver, you will love the luster from these magnificent metals.

The drop style earring has always been a favorite throughout many eras and are considered to be very high class.

Simulated to achieve peak refraction, these earrings will not disappoint, and they are built to last.

oval sunglasses

Vintage Glasses Are Back: Vintage Oval Sunglasses

These vintage glasses are great gifts for those who have an amazing sense of style and aren’t afraid to show it. These are unapologetic and sleek. One look and the glamour of old will create a feeling of true vintage chic.

Finding styles like these aren’t easy, the true wearer knows that small is big. One little exchange of a glance and a true connoisseur will spot a knock-off from a distance. A strong and reputable brand such as these will take your style to the next level, no doubt.

Wearing these various shades in many colors is the idea. Try out a few and find your look. If you want to order a single set or many, it is all up to you. Live your best life with these amazing glasses that are great gift ideas for all.

stereo retro speakers

Easy Listening With Flair: Dosmix Wireless Stereo Retro Speakers

This vintage styled bluetooth stereo comes Alexa-ready for your added simplicity. No worries as the USB rechargeable battery gives you over 3 hours of continuous playtime in between charges.

You can wirelessly connect all of your devices, and with the hands-free mic, you can stay in touch while jamming to your favorite tunes.

Perfectly sized for those on-the-go, the Dosmix Wireless Stereo is designed to be packed away, or even stored right in your pocket!

A variety of color choices are available and you will love the design of the dials and the functionality.

Choose from black, blue, green, pink, white, or even wood grain!


For The Scientific Mind: De Cube Vintage Brass Telescope

This vintage telescope is the perfect gift for the beginner Astronomer. The adjustable tripod and high quality optics will give you up to 12x magnification, more than enough to see the stars.

There are always folks who say the kids are looking at their phones too much, and this is the perfect vintage gift for lovers of the scientific persuasion.

Don’t let this high quality brass design fool you, this thing is more than capable to graph a few star-charts.

Think of a time when you would look up into the sky and wonder, “Is there anything else out there?” Now you can finally see for yourself with the Vintage De Cube Brass Telescope.

This gift is exceptional for all occasions!

victrola aviator bluetooth player

Break Out The Vinyl: Victrola Aviator Bluetooth Record Player

This 8-in-1 entertainment center features modern looks, with a classic touch of vintage. The turntable allows you to listen to some of your favorite vinyl and is the perfect gift for the music curator.

Also included are a CD and cassette player, with Bluetooth, Aux, and an AM/FM Radio. Added features such as these make the Victrola Aviator a music collectors dream! Bonus features allow you to convert and record your vinyl to MP3 as well.

When you think about the amount of music that collects dust, or even worse gets destroyed, you will understand the value of a stereo such as this. No longer must you listen to classic metal, or soulful jazz on your smartphone, now you can play those tunes live as they should be!

leather bench loveseat

Vintage Decor: Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather Bench Loveseat

If you are looking for a stylish mid-century vintage addition to your home decor, then look no further. This leather sofa is inspired by the design and tastemakers of the mid 20th century. A modern design, you will love this quality piece.

Constructed with ease of use in mind, there are included removable and reversible back cushions. This allows you to be able to clean your sofa and not waste a minute of your time. The materials are very durable and you cannot go wrong with a custom wood frame construction.

All you need is a dry cloth to clean this modern leather masterpiece. If you spill a little wine, no worries, just wipe it up. Finding a sofa as vintage as this is a true task indeed, as these are 100% true to the era.

vintage retro gramophone

Love Euro Retro?: Mini Vintage Retro Classic Gramophone

This classic design is reminiscent of the golden age of early 19th century Europe, and you need this in your life. While the base is made purely of high quality aluminum, the horn is pure copper. Anti oxidation is plated along the surface so that this vintage gift stays ever so elegant.

There are two built in 15W stereo speakers on both sides, and the horn is powered by the 10W silk treble feature at the top. Talk about a head turner, this piece will definitely steal the show at your next gathering.

Bluetooth enabled sharing allows you to connect most devices to the Mini Vintage Retro. Apart from older model smartphones, there are no complaints when it comes to the quality of the streaming from phone to stereo.


Take A Load Off, Vintage Style: Topower American Vintage Barstool

This hydrant design is a classic accessory that gives an industrial look to any vintage location. Don’t worry, this barstool is built to last, and will always be an eyecatcher. Don’t think for a second that this is faux wood, as true woodgrain accents the high quality seat.

This is a fully rotating and adjustable stool that is an ample height for just about anyone. Don’t worry as the 360 swivel gives children and adults a large amount of mobility.

The style and build is sturdy and the heavy duty pipe is built using solid cast iron.

When you want something that lasts, this stool is it. Don’t worry, the weight capacity is 200kg, so you can enjoy your favorite times on your favorite stool.

rockville bluTube amplifier

Crank Those Tunes!: Rockville BluTube 70W Tube Amplifier

Introducing the Rockville BluTube Home Theater. This stereo receiver comes equipped with Bluetooth and packs a punch with the included 70 watt amplifier. You can definitely crank up the old school tunes with this vintage designed retro stereo.

Don’t worry, the BluTube audiophile grade tube amplifier does all of the work. Pushing out 25 watts x 2 RMS @ 8 ohm and 35 Watts x 2 Rms @ 4 ohm, this Tube Amp does not even hard-clip at high volumes!

When using the vintage Rockville BluTube Stereo Amplifier, you have functional inputs for all of your connectivity needs.

Finally, you can hear the music the way that it was meant to be heard, loud and clear.

wall clock

Hey Buddy, You Got The Time?: FirsTime & Co. Oxidized Gears Wall Clock

Featuring one of the largest displays available, this FirsTime & Co. Wall Clock is a compliment to any wall in your home or office. The diameter is 15 inches with a depth of 2 inches giving you a wonderful feeling of power.

Crafted of a plastic mold and a patina gears design, you will love the way that this sits out from your setup. Giving you a secure post, this clock keeps its place without any worries. Although the hanging hardware isn’t included you can still accomplish proper mounting.

The limited warranty gives you a sense of security when you make this a part of your collection. Details are of utmost importance and you will be happy to know that you get your time in style.

turntable record player

True Vintage Pack-N-Play: Byron Statics KCT-601 Turntable Record Player

Now you can be more “hip” than ever with the Byron Statics KCT-601 portable record player. Yes, it comes in it’s own suitcase and yes, you can literally be the life of the party ANYWHERE. Don’t worry, the quiet-drop needle arm ensures that you won’t skip a beat.

While most record players used to stick to 33 or 45 RPMs respectively, this machine gives you the option of playing your music at 3 speeds, the fastest being @ 78RPMs. Talk about live, you can literally pull up with your suitcase and have a jam session with this one.

If there are any obligations for the day, don’t worry about it. This is easily portable, as it actually is built into a suitcase. All you have to do is dive in your local record store for some classic vinyl and release the latch on this vintage gift!

tripod floor lamp

Vintage Lighting Make A Great Gift: Decoluce Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

An industrial addition for any vintage lover, these lamps allow you the space to express yourself properly. Designed with a sophisticated tripod base, the projection lamps will light any space and give trendy vibes.

The height is adjustable and the entire lamp is portable. It is easy to use and very safe and will provide you the opportunity to create many angles to suit your lighting needs. Great for any gift occasion, this is a true antique piece.

This is an antique reminiscent of the nautical age of old. The searchlight reminds you of those old ships and long ago. Try it today and create a modern vintage nautical scene of your own!

retro radio with bluetooth

Relive the Roaring Twenties In Style: ClearClick Classic Vintage Retro Style AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth

This is one stylish piece that definitely will fit perfectly in any interior design. The ClearClick Classic features very subtle vintage accents that are keen to detail in every way. From the dials to the lettering, you are dealing with a true vintage replica.

When thinking of buying your next vintage gift, this Bluetooth AM/FM Radio is great for all ages and appropriate for many different occasions. Imagine listening to your favorite #FCFVA podcast via bluetooth while sitting in front of the fireplace.

Hear powerful, clear sounds with a range that is incomparable when you take into account the value on such a device as the ClearClick Vintage Retro. Woodgrain covers the exterior and the radio even features a backlight for a true listening experience.

home decor chalk furniture

Vintage Crafters Rejoice: FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint

Have you ever found that perfect piece of vintage furniture, but you don’t like the color? Be relieved to know that you can touch it up with your own taste and flavor. Tired of that boring green, then splash a little hot pink on it!

Don’t let your imagination limit you, let it flow.

Your creativity is your own and you can make a custom vintage masterpiece and a gift for vintage lovers. These paints work on surfaces like wood, metal, plaster, canvas, and more!

A water based, non-toxic mixture is one reason why this is a very good paint to use in your home.

Made right in the USA, you can lay and distress as much as needed. Find your inner creative and make your own vintage masterpiece!

victrola jackson 7 in 1

The Grand Stand Vintage Edition: Victrola Jackson:7-in-1 Music Center

Impressive. Neat. Vintage. Three words that will be heard frequently when you get your new Victrola Jackson 7-in-1. Don’t worry, this vintage gift is sure to walk it, and perform when needed.

Whether you are listening to Muddy Waters, or Classical Instrumentals, the sounds from your classic vinyls will sound just like the day they were pressed.

No more gimmicks, just real music. The belt driven, 3-speed Turntable keeps all of your favorite songs playing at the speed that you choose.

While this is turntable, it also includes streaming capabilities with a Bluetooth connection.

Added is the amazing 33ft range that gives you plenty of space to enjoy your favorite sounds. Powerful 40 watt speakers pump clean, clear notes that will find you wherever you are.

modway render TV stand

Kick Your Feet Up: Modway Render TV Stand

Organic and aesthetically pleasing, the clean and crisp lines create a min-century design that is a great update for your home. So low profile. So chic. So very stylish. The superior construction is accented with a walnut grain laminate.

Storage space includes four storage units that have a sliding door, which makes it easy to conceal your devices when you don’t use. This TV stand is great for any room in the home as it adds a true vintage look to any modern design.

A great gift for vintage lovers, you can assure yourself that anywho who receives this tv stand will instantly fall in love with it. Sitting at around 17 inches high and 48 inches wide, you can bet that your television will stand safely and securely.

vintage wireless bluetooth stereo

Clear Top, No Worries: HOFIENZ Vintage Wireless Bluetooth Stereo

These are vintage gifts for all ages, but the more seasoned listeners will remember the hassle of wiring one of these systems back in the 70’s and 80’s. One bad wire and your system would be fried.

Fast forward to 2020 and you can relive the essence of the clear top record player. The wooden exterior along with the classic top give the vibes of fall dances and jam sessions. Don’t let the absence of Kenwood woofers fool you, this stereo pumps heavy tunes via the built-in 1.

5W speakers.

Clarity is key with this system, and you can’t go wrong with the antique styled AM/FM radio. The three speeds allow for custom playlists and varied styles of music. If you need some more reassurance, your parents will LOVE this gift too.

No question about it!

Vintage Yards Are A Thing!: Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Lights

Join the free energy movement! Use the power of the sun to light up your property with these amazing vintage styled solar lights. They come with an on/off switch as well, and these are nice and study.

Finding your style is sometimes hard to do, but with these you can apply many different designs to suit your needs.

Looking at how efficient solar energy has become over there years gives you a reason to try them out.

Just push into the soil and you’re done. Simple and plain. One way that many people create an ambiance is by strategic lighting.

The on/off switch allows you to turn on your vintage look when and how you want!


Tie It Up And Be Free: 1950s Chiffon Scarf

A perfect vintage addition to your child’s wardrobe, these cute 1950’s designs will bring out the most retro flair imaginable. Wearing this cute chiffon ensemble will accentuate your true retro style and vintage looks.

These are very comfortable and easy to maintain. An assortment of colors makes this one gift that is easy to choose for many. If you need a quick and easy way to tie your hair up, then this is definitely one stylish way to do it.

Finding your versatility can be tough at times, but something as simple as a scarf can give you the added flair and confidence boost that you need. One way to step back in time to the 50s is this beautiful scarf.

bathroom accessories

Vintage Style For The Bathroom: Vintage White Bathroom Accessories

One way to make your bathroom really pop is by adding a neutral selection such as these. A lot of times there are many designs that have great intentions, but are just over the top. This bathroom set isn’t that, it is simple and unique all in one.

This all-inclusive bathroom accessory set features a dual purpose dispenser, with a toothbrush holder, soap dish, and the tumbler.

Made of heavy duty construction materials and resin, these will last no matter how much company you have.

One look and you will feel retro and in the vintage zone for sure. Don’t worry, the resin is all natural and waterproof.


Stay Classy: BABEYOND 1920s Shawl

Just one of those nights that make you feel like getting down! Don’t leave home without this shawl. Your nights out will be memorable and indeed a treat, as the embellished design will sparkle and make you tingle inside just a little bit.

Wonder why you get so many looks when you wear your new shawl? It’s vintage of course, and everyone will notice. If you were looking to stand out, then this is your go to. Don’t miss out on the assortment of colors either, as they are each handpicked and crafted uniquely.

One reason that shawls will never go out of style is that they are definitely a fashion must. You can do any outfit like icing on cake with one of these, don’t miss out.

red 1955 chevy die cast

Are You A Collector?: KiNSMART Red 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-Up

This die cast memorable design is one that will touch the hearts of many. The Chevy 1955 is one of the most popular vintage trucks on the market and this is no toy.

Only the true collector can appreciate the durability of this classic pickup truck.

Not only has Chevy been in the automobile business for nearly a century, it has also become a pop culture icon globally.

Gifts for vintage lovers are also gifts for auto lovers as many famous models are actually vintage.

Don’t worry, your thoughts and intentions will not go unnoticed by the true Chevy fan who is lucky enough to receive one of these.

light bulb

Edison Vintage: 6-Pack Edison Light Bulb

Trust the process, you need one of these. It gets no more vintage than Thomas Edison. When you install these, you will definitely get the feel of an age forgotten. Don’t worry, they follow the design of Edison’s original filament bulb and are spot on accurate.

The lighting achieved by these are magnificent to say the least. In an age of LED and Halogen light fixtures, the original filament bulb has become more rare. This is a great give for the scholar, lighting expert, or simply the vintage lover.

Don’t let the old style fool you, these lights are created and rated for efficiency. Dimmable and offering over 30000 hours of bulb life, you just can’t go wrong with an original set of Edisons.

fashion magazine paris 1984

Fashion Mag: Fashion Magazine Paris 1984

This beautiful artwork is by world renowned artist Andy Worhol. Available in many different prints, this will surely make any room a vintage treat.

While some find art subjective, this is truly a gift for those who love vintage in all of its forms.

The premium silk finish gives an amazing look, and exudes complete sauciness.

Choosing The Best Present

One of the best ways to find the perfect gifts for vintage lovers is by knowing who you are shopping for. Even the best gifts can be received with an awkward smile if they are not meant for the right person.

Don’t be that person! Find out what makes that person tick.

If they love one color, get them that particular color. Finding ways to keep it 100 percent vintage without trying too hard is key.

After browsing, determine what they like. Find out what the gift consists of and go from there.

In Closing

Be sure to like and share this article with other vintage lovers. There are plenty of birthdays and holidays to celebrate, so show that you care with an amazing vintage gift for the ones that you care about!

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