30 Gifts for Walkers That’ll Get Their Heart Pumping

Walking is a great hobby. It’s a nice form of exercise; it helps people manage their weight, and it’s a good way to get people out in the sun. If you have friends or loved ones who are walkers, there’s another bonus benefit in there for you.

Walkers are really easy people for whom to buy gifts. Here are some of the best.

Gift Ideas For Walkers

Infray hand warmers

For Walking in the Cold: Infray Hand Warmers Rechargeable

With four colors from which to choose, this is the perfect gift for walkers of all genders. It’s a rechargeable hand warmer made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s lightweight, features a crystal clear display and will never go out of style.

Both sides of the warmer heat up to temperatures as high as 131℉, ensuring your friend will never have cold hands on one of her walks. There are three temperature settings, though, so she doesn’t have to go quite that high.

The battery’s rechargeable and can hold a charge for up to eight hours on the lowest heat setting. It’s made to last, so your friend should be able to use this hand warmer for years to come.

night running light

Have Him Looking like Iron Man: Night Running Light USB Rechargeable Chest Light

This unique rig may look like something Tony Stark made in the first Iron Man film, but if your friend enjoys walking in the evening or at night, this is one accessory he really needs. This hands-free light fits snugly over your pal’s chest and has a 90° adjustable light that’s equipped with 500 lumens for a super bright spotlight effect.

The chest light has two settings – low and high, just like headlights, and no matter how dark it is during his walk, every car on the street should be able to see him as long as he has this light burning.

Additionally, the chest straps are reflective for extra visibility, and the battery is rechargeable. The whole kit is waterproof, so it shouldn’t be damaged if he gets caught out in the middle of an unexpected shower.

portable neck fan

An Easy Way to Cool Down: FrSara Neck Fan Portable Fan Strong Wind

There are all kinds of relatively inexpensive neck fans on the market, and companies are always coming up with newer, more innovative models. This one by FrSara, though, is one of the best, and it doesn’t need much in the way of upgrades.

It comes in a variety of different colors to fit your friend’s taste, and it has a unique design that seems to put out so much more air than other similar fans.

It has three settings, and at the highest setting, it can cool your friend down in only three seconds.

The rechargeable battery doesn’t take long to charge and can last up to eight hours, and the angle can be adjusted to best fit your friend’s shape. There are no outside fan blades and nothing to pinch her skin or catch her hair.

It’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys walking in summer.

new balance running shoes

Make It Easy on His Feet: New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav Trail Running Shoe

Every serious walker needs an excellent pair of walking shoes. This multicolored pair from New Balance seems to be a fan-favorite. They feature a comfortable rubber sole and Fresh Foam cushioning, which feels great after a long day of pounding the pavement.

The grip on the bottom is great for walking, running or playing sports. They’re also lightweight and won’t tire out your friend’s legs as quickly. If New Balance isn’t his favorite brand, you can always go with a different pair, but well-made shoes are always a great gift for a walker.

walkie talkies

Make Sure to Stay in Contact: GOCOM G600 FRS Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range

If your loved one’s the type who likes to walk around the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night whether it’s raining, snowing or storming, you need a way to get in touch with her. Cell phones are fine, but depending on the type of area in which she lives, cell phone service can be spotty.

With these water-resistant, long-range walkie talkies, you can easily keep up with her as long as she’s within three to five miles of your home. There are 22 channels, and she can remain weather aware thanks to the walkie talkies’ NOAA weather scan and alert features.

tank top set

Moisture-Wicking to Help Her Walk for Miles: Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top 3-Pack

Even if your friend prefers walking to running, she can work up quite a sweat some days. Help her stay comfortable by buying her these moisture-wicking compression tank tops. They’re made of a polyester/spandex blend that’s incredibly lightweight and breathable.

She’ll almost feel like she’s not even wearing anything. These tank tops make it easy to move and help keep her free from sweat. They’re made specifically for even the most vigorous workouts, so she shouldn’t have many complaints with them.

foot soak

To Soothe Her Aching Feet after a Long Day: Muscle Relief Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

There’s nothing like coming home and soaking your tired feet after a long, hard day. For the friend who comes home from work and goes on a long walk, that feeling is even more amazing. This mixture contains Epsom salt, 100% pure Dead Sea salts, magnesium flakes and other great ingredients designed to relieve aching muscles and joints, hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and a lot of other great things that’ll help your friend feel more relaxed.

The ingredients are all-natural and chemical-free, so she can also detox a little while soaking her tired feet.

3D pedometer

Help Him Keep Track of All of that Walking: 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer

If there’s one thing every walker needs, it’s a pedometer. Walkers put in a lot of time, energy and steps. It’s something worth celebrating and admiring. Help your friend keep track of his steps with this 3D pedometer that clips right onto his belt loops, waistband or sock.

It’s super easy to use, and thanks to the advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology, it provides one of the most accurate readings possible. It has an extra large display that’s easy to see at a glance, and the battery’s included.

beanie hat headphones

Take Her Music and Calls On-the-Go: Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones Caps

When your loved one is in the zone, the last thing she wants to do is stop mid-walk to change stations on Pandora or dig out her phone to answer a call. With this Bluetooth beanie, she’ll be able to control her music and her phone calls without ever touching her phone.

Her device will connect wirelessly to the beanie via Bluetooth, and she can answer calls, skip and pause songs and control the volume simply by pressing a button on the side of her head. It’s incredibly convenient and ensures she can keep her hands free at all times.

It’s also rechargeable via USB.

knuckle lights colors

Double Trouble: Knuckle Lights Colors 2-Pack

While these aren’t exactly “hands-free,” they’re comfortable and convenient. Whether your friend’s a stroller, a power walker, a jogger or an all-out sprinter, these knuckle lights will fit the natural curve of his hands while he’s on the move.

They fit similarly to brass knuckles, only these knuckles beam out 240 powerful lumens of “bounce-free” light. They’re one size fits all and feature extra wide beams on each hand. Your buddy can set them to high or low light or activate the strobe light feature to draw even more attention to himself.

He’ll definitely be hard to miss, even if he’s walking in the middle of the night.

hands free dog leash

For the One Who Walks with a Friend: LANNEY Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running Walking Training Hiking

If the walker in your life enjoys taking her dog along for the trip, this hands-free leash is something she’ll truly love. The leash comes in several color options and clips directly onto a belt that’s also included.

It’s durable, and because there’s some built-in stretch in the leash, it’s also safe for both the dog and its owner. The belt includes a zippered pack where she can store her keys, phone, dog treats or other small items.

There’s even a dual-leash option for the loved one with more than one furry, four-legged friend.

water bottle

Delicious Hydration On-the-Go: Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32-Ounce Sports Bottle

This is the perfect gift for the friend who’s walking for health reasons. One of the most important things to remember if you’re trying to get healthy is to always drink enough water. With this 32-ounce, fruit-infuser water bottle, that shouldn’t be a problem.

She can put her favorite types of fruit in the infuser to help flavor her water exactly to her tastes, and the sleeve that comes with the bottle helps keep her drink cooler and keeps it from sweating all over her clothes or in her bag.

It’s also easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.

running gloves

Warm and Stylish: New Balance Lightweight Running Gloves

Gloves always make good gifts for anyone who has to spend any significant amount of time outside for his hobbies, and for a walking enthusiast, these are especially nice. They’re lightweight and designed so that your friend can operate a touchscreen without having to remove them.

They look great and are made of a high-quality polyester/spandex blend that allows them to fit a variety of different hands. They have grippers on the palm, making it much easier to hold things, and there are four different color options from which you can choose.

compact binoculars

For Taking in the Sights: POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars Compact

If your friend likes to look around him and bird watch or simply take in the sights while he’s walking but doesn’t want to carry around a large, heavy pair of binoculars, get him these lightweight mini binoculars instead.

They fit easily into any small pouch or bag, and despite their size, they’re actually exceptionally good binoculars. They’re easy to focus and have 12x magnification and a field of view measuring 126 feet.

They reflect light to cut down on the glare, and the objective lens has a diameter of 25 millimetres. All-in-all, these make a pretty great gift.


A Convenient Way to Keep Out of the Rain: Lanxiry Compact Travel Umbrella

No matter how weather aware your friend tries to be, sometimes summer showers just sneak up out of nowhere and drench her. Help her prepare for this eventuality with this lovely, compact umbrella. There are tons of different designs from which to choose.

The umbrella has a strong fiberglass frame and is very small. It’s less than ten inches long and doesn’t even weigh a whole pound. It can easily be slipped into a bag or backpack and has eight durable, hard-to-break ribs.

It also comes with a matching umbrella cover.

running belts

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place: E Tronic Edge Running Belts

This soft, comfortable running belt is the perfect place for your friend’s phone, keys, snacks, money, headphones and more. It’s supposed to be a one-size-fits-all belt (although this isn’t strictly true if you have a rather large friend) that holds every size phone (this part is true).

It’s stretchy and lightweight, and it isn’t very restrictive, making it the perfect hands-free option for holding all your friend’s stuff. The pockets are also zippered, so he doesn’t have to worry about things bouncing out during his walk.

reflective vest for running

Help Him Really Stand Out from the Crowd: Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

This neon yellow vest may not be the most stylish piece of clothing your friend owns, but it’ll definitely keep him safe. It fastens in place with a hook and loop closure, and it features an inner zipper pocket for holding his keys or phone.

There are three different sizes to fit a variety of body types. Each vest is lightweight and breathable, so it won’t weigh him down while he’s walking. Best of all, drivers will be able to see him coming from a long way off, even if he’s a fan of midnight strolls.

crossbody daypack

For the Walker Who Carries A Lot: Sling Backpack Crossbody Daypack

If your loved one carries more on her walks than can comfortably fit in a waist belt or arm band, you might want to get her this crossbody daypack instead. It’s not as large, cumbersome or heavy as a regular backpack, but it is quite a bit larger than many of the other storage options for walkers/runners.

She can wear it on her back or across her body, but either way, it’ll be out of her way and away from her hands.

There are three layers to the bag, and as a whole, it’s large enough to hold a few bottles of water, an iPad Mini or some other type of tablet, her phone, keys, wallet and various other small items.

It’s breathable, comfortable and lightweight. It’s also water-resistant.

reusable rain poncho

In Case of Heavy Rain: Anyoo Waterproof Rain Lightweight Reusable Poncho

This is another lightweight, easily stored option for the friend who often gets caught in the rain. It’s made of 100% polyester and features a drawstring hood to keep the rain off his head and the rest of his body.

It’s been treated to repel water so that not a drop will soak through onto his clothes or skin. The holes in the arms and at the bottom are designed to allow air to cycle through, so he shouldn’t get too hot while wearing it, and thanks to its large size – 86″ x 55″ – it can even cover up a backpack as well.

It comes with a carrying bag for easy storage.

compression arm sleeves

Every Walker Needs a Pair: Compression Arm Sleeves for Men & Women

With four colors from which to choose and sizes ranging from small to XL, these compression sleeves make a good gift for just about anyone who enjoys walking or working out. They can help relieve pain associated with tendinitis and other arm issues.

They’ll also help prevent swelling and inflammation from plaguing your friend on her walks. Additionally, they can add quite a bit of warmth and protection against the elements during the colder months of the year.

They easily fit beneath t-shirts and outerwear, and they’re lightweight enough that they shouldn’t negatively impact her performance.

sport mask

Keep the Wind Out of His Ears: Oldelf Tactical Heavyweight Outdoor Sports Mask

This heavyweight balaclava is an essential walking accessory for the friend who goes walking in the winter. It’s made of fleece and covers the head, ears, nose, mouth and neck. It features a drawstring closure so your friend can bring it in tight against his head for ultimate comfort and warmth, and it’s designed to be one size fits all.

It’s incredibly soft and surprisingly comfortable. It’s also pretty easy to breathe through while wearing. It can be worn in different ways to suit your friend’s needs. Whether he needs a scarf, mask or something else, he can make it happen.

yoga pants

Something Comfortable with Pockets: LastFor1 Women’s Yoga Active Pants

These comfortable active pants for women are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, so they’re supremely soft and breathable, but they also have that nice, stretchy feel to them that makes it easier to move.

They range in size from small to 2XL, and the drawstring closure on the pants makes them fit even better on most women. They’re moisture-wicking to help cut down on the amount of sweat she has to endure, and best of all, they have pockets!


Even His Feet Will Shine: High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks

If you have a friend who’s serious about walking in the evenings, you need to be serious about insisting that he wear lots of lights and reflective material. You can buy lights and reflective material on just about every item of clothing imaginable, including socks! These socks are made with the highest possible reflective material that reflects ten to 50x more light back at drivers.

They’re durable, and the reflective material has been treated to last up to 50 washings without cracking or becoming damaged. As a bonus, they come in several great colors and are moisture-wicking to keep your friend’s feet from smelling.

grabber reacher

For the Conscientious Citizen: 2-Pack Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw

At first glance, these may seem like odd gifts for a walker, but some walkers like to walk in order to help clean up their neighborhoods. If that sounds like your friend, get her this two-pack of multi-size grabber tools.

They’re lightweight, so they shouldn’t become cumbersome or uncomfortable for her on her walk, and they make picking up trash and litter from the side of the road much more easy and convenient. If she’s going to be a good Samaritan and clean up after other people, you might as well help her do it as effortlessly as possible.

earbuds with wireless charging case

An Inexpensive, Convenient Way to Tune Out the World: TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case

With the rate at which Apple, Beats and Sony release new headphones and earbuds, it’s not a great idea to shell out tons of money for something that’s going to become obsolete the next time a new model’s released.

Instead, get your friend a pair of rechargeable earbuds that work just as well those expensive brands but only cost you a fraction of the price. These are relatively inexpensive, rechargeable and should last her for a few years before needing to be replaced.

They’ll give her up to six hours of listening time without needing a recharge, and they work with all Bluetooth-compatible devices.

neck cooler wrap

Another Way to Stay Cool: Cooling Towel Neck Cooler Wrap for Summer Heat

Hand warmers and balaclavas make excellent gifts for winter walkers, but if you have a friend who’s also fond of walking in the summer, you might want to pick him up a cooling towel instead. This one is great because it folds up and is easily stored in a tiny package that fits in a pocket or runner’s belt.

Then, on days when it’s hot, all he has to do is take it out, pour some water on it and wrap it around his neck. He’ll start cooling down in no time. In addition to cooling him down, it also helps prevent skin cancer by blocking dangerous UVB and UVA rays from coming into contact with his skin.

It’s easily cleaned either by hand or in the machine.

LED headlight

Hands-Free Is the Way to BE: Lumen Ultra-Light Bright LED Rechargeable Headlight

Although you may feel like this list is a little heavy on lights and reflective things, you can never be too careful, and if someone you love is out walking or running as the sun goes down, you want her to be as protected as possible.

This convenient, one-size-fits-all headlamp shines brightly enough to catch the attention of any driver but also allows your friend to keep her hands free in case she needs them for something else. Best of all, this purchase comes with two headlamps so she can alternate.

While one’s charging, she simply has to grab the other one and go.


Help Keep Her Hair Out of Her Eyes: Huachi Sweat-Wicking Women’s Headbands

Ask any woman – or man – what the worst part of having long hair is, and she’ll probably say, “When it gets all sweaty and starts sticking to my face and hanging in my eyes.” You can prevent that from happening to your friend on her walks with these spandex/polyester headbands.

Each pack contains six extra-wide headbands to help contain your friend’s mane of unruly hair. They stay in place all day thanks to the wide front band and the tapering backs.

LED glow light bracelets

Another Way to Light Up the Night: LED Glow Bracelets Light Up Wristbands

The list wouldn’t have been complete without one final way to brighten up your friend’s night. This set of glow bracelets may look like something he’d need at an early-90s rave, but these eight bands are just eight more assurances that he’ll be seen by drivers well in advance of them getting to him.

He can wear multiple bracelets at once or simply choose one for each walk. Either way, they work for multiple uses, and the company sends eight extra batteries so he can keep them going for quite some time.

They can be set to glow steadily or to a slow or fast blink.

athletic socks

Help Keep Her Feet from Stinking: CWVLC Compression Athletic Socks

No woman wants to come home from her walk and have to deal with super stinky feet. This three-pack of moisture-wicking, breathable socks can help prevent that. There are several different color options, but no matter which you choose, your friend is sure to appreciate these soft, lightweight and shock absorbing socks.

Whoever she comes home to in the evenings will also appreciate not having to smell that unpleasant odor when she pulls off her shoes, as well.

Finding Presents for Walkers

According to both the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and a 2015 article in the LA Times, walking is not only the most popular form of exercise in the United States; it’s also the most popular form of exercise in the world. There are a lot of different reasons for this. First and foremost among them: Walking is free!

Going out and walking doesn’t require expensive gym memberships or paying weekly for an instructor or physical trainer to help you train. Barring purely physical limitations, anyone can walk, and barring private property or no trespassing zones, anyone can walk anywhere.

Additionally, walking doesn’t require any special equipment to do correctly. It’s also something that people of all fitness levels can do, whether they’re extremely out of shape and just starting to exercise or fitness junkies who frequently run marathons for fun.

Walking is an equal opportunity hobby, and it’s an excellent way of getting fit. The American Heart Association recommends everyone get at least 30 minutes a day of moderate-level exercise at least five days a week to help cut down on the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The point is that between those who are exercising and those who are just walking for pleasure, there are a ton of people who like to walk. Chances are, you have a few in your own circle of friends.

Buying gifts for walkers is pretty simple. Buy them things that make their walks easier, more effective and more enjoyable. Consider why they’re walking.

Is it for entertainment or health reasons? What do they enjoy doing while walking? Do they listen to music, bird watch, read books, practice their ball handling (basketball, soccer, etc.), take pictures or something else? Do they walk long or short distances? These kinds of questions can help ensure you get the best, most relevant gifts for them.


Before you go, check out the comments section. If you’re a walker, tell us your top three favorite, must-have items for your walks. In fact, you can tell us anything you’d like! Be sure to like and share this gift-giving guide with others, and we hope to see you again soon!

30 gifts for walkers

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