Warhammer 40,000 Gift Ideas for Victory and Glory

Maybe you’re a Drukhari who’s always arguing with a Blood Angel about the viability of 4 + 2 army building.

Maybe you have no idea what the previous sentence means, and you’re just looking for Warhammer memorabilia because you know that your buddy is into that kind of stuff. Whatever your reasons for thinking about Warhammer 40,000 gift ideas, here are just a few suggestions!

Warhammer 40,000 Gifts

mega paint set

For the Artist: The Army Painter Mega Paint Set

One of the hallmarks of Warhammer 40K is painting your own miniatures, and this massive kit comes with more than 100 colors for orcs, soldiers, warlocks, magicians and more. They’re named fun things like “necrotic flesh” (green) and “metal plate mail” (silver), and they’re made with high-quality, non-toxic acrylic materials.

The kit even includes a triangular brush for detailing and highlighting! No matter what their level of experience, any Warhammer fan will appreciate a paint set like this.

five panel HD print

To Make an Impression on Their Guests: Five-Panel Warhammer Eternal Expedition HD Print

There are hundreds of Warhammer prints out there, but this one is such a staggering work of art that it’s sure to become the centerpiece of any room that it inhabits. For starters, it’s actually a five-piece print with symmetrical parts that can be arranged and spaced however you’d like.

It’s also gigantic; its available sizes range from 40 x 22 inches to 80 x 40 inches. Last but not least, it depicts one of Warhammer’s most epic characters in a full-color battle spread, so his a**kicking power can be admired by all.

monopoly board game

When They Love Every Kind of Tabletop Game: Monopoly Warhammer 40,000 Board Game

Officially licensed by the creators of Warhammer 40K, this martial version of Monopoly offers a new spin on an old classic. Players choose a faction and make their way around the board while buying, selling and trading properties from the 41st Millennium.

“Fate” and “Glory” cards determine many of their options in the game, and “outposts” and “occupations” can earn them money on their purchases as they avoid the penitentiary. To win the game, collect a billion souls for the Almighty Emperor!


By the Power of the Dark Gods: Nurgle’s Rot Chaos Warhammer 40K Bandana

Nothing says Warhammer like a little chaos, so if you know someone who would love to represent the series with one of its coolest, most tumultuous symbols, consider this bandana. Despite its hardcore design, it’s actually quite comfortable, and it’s made with a soft, breathable fabric that allows for long-term use.

It doesn’t even have to be worn as a bandana. It could be easily transformed into a scarf, shawl, mask, head wrap and more!

warhammer age of sigmar ruler

For Accurate Gameplay: Two-Pack Warhammer Age of Sigmar Ruler With Chaos Symbol

A good ruler is one of the most valuable tools that you can own as a tabletop gamer. Rather than raiding the school supply bin, however, consider buying your friend these Warhammer 40K rulers. They’re bright red, so they won’t get lost in a sea of small, colorful miniatures, and they’re made with a stiff and durable plastic that’s also semi-waterproof.

As a bonus, they come in a pack of two, so there’ll be an instant replacement if one gets damaged during play. The game can continue without pause!

painting guide

For a Trip Down Memory Lane: Warhammer Armies Painting Guide

Originally published in 1994, this old-school paperback is a vintage collectible just as much as an instructional guide. It’ll provide a glimpse into what Warhammer 40K enthusiasts were talking about several decades ago, and it might even convey a few tips and tricks that have been lost with the modernization of the game.

Put it on display; dog-ear its battered pages; let it sit and collect value for a future resale. There are many ways to utilize a vintage gift like this.

gaming table

Because Every Adventure Begins in a Tavern: D&D Tavern Terrain Wood Laser Cut Three-Level Fantasy Inn

Though it’s marketed as an accessory for Dungeons and Dragons, this three-level gaming table can be easily repurposed for Warhammer 40K and other desktop RPGs. It’s painted with the layout of a tavern and includes grid-marked, evenly-spaced sections that you can follow with a ruler.

The material is a laser-cut birchwood for both stability and style. Help them take their games to the next level with this amazing 3D prop!


To Toast to Victory: Warhammer 40K Pint Glasses

Featuring two of the most iconic Space Marine logos, these pint glasses will keep them well-hydrated as they battle their way through treacherous galaxies filled with hordes of slavering monsters. They’re red and blue, so they’ll immediately stand out from other, boring kitchenware, but their emblems are rather subtle.

You’d only recognize them as a Warhammer fan. Your buddy can use them to suss out other players whenever they have guests over!


For the Most Important Meal of the Day: Chaos Khorne Flakes Warhammer Cereal T-Shirt

Who wants a nice bowl of Khorne Flakes? They’re fortified with blood for the Blood God, so they’re part of a nutritious breakfast. They even come with an enemy skull as the prize in the box! Start your day on the right note with this delicious cereal.

.. or at least enjoy a t-shirt that advertises it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Khorne Flakes were real?

storage shelves

For the Devout Builder: 12-Cube White Storage Shelves

Comprised of a dozen different “cubes,” this organizer will be perfect for displaying small- to mid-sized miniatures. Not only will its thick, sturdy plastic keep them safe, but since each cube is an individual storage container, you can arrange them in whatever ways that you’d like.

For example, you can mount them on the wall in a neat rectangle, or you can pile them into asymmetrical shapes on a desk or floor. The choice is yours!

munchkin warhammer

To Represent the Lollipop Guild: Munchkin Warhammer 40,000

“Fight the monster. Steal the treasure. Stab your friend.” These are the instructions from Munchkin Warhammer 40,000, and while they might sound ominous, they’re belied by the super-cute figures on the board! True to their Munchkin brand, they’re adorable little renditions of the creatures, warriors and weapons that make up the original game.

If you have a friend who’s always up for combining their geeky interests, you can start their Munchkin collection even as you celebrate their love of Warhammer 40K.

LED light magnifier and desk lamp

When You Need Extra Hands: LED Light Magnifier and Desk Lamp

With bright lights around the rim and flexible, adjustable clamps to hold things in place, this LED magnifier can take crafting to the next level. A 4X viewpiece will ensure that you never miss a detail when painting or gluing; two alligator clips will hang on to delicate pieces and free up your hands while you work.

An assortment of bending and swiveling hinges will let you maneuver the lights, poles and platforms to exact angles. This magnifier will be a great tool for Warhammer enthusiasts who make their own miniatures, but it can also be used by jewelers, electricians, computer builders and general hobbyists.

coffee mug

Because No Orc Can Get Between a Man and His Coffee: Chaotic Neutral Funny RPG Coffee Mug

While not strictly a Warhammer gift, this coffee mug will definitely represent the interests of a player who loves to melee. It declares, “Chaotic Neutral: I Like To Keep All My Options on the Table.” It’s available in both 11- and 15-ounce sizes depending on the level of their caffeine addiction, and it’s safe for dishwashers and microwaves alike.

It even comes pre-wrapped in a cardboard box for easy gifting!

vinyl stickers

For Mad Creatives: 20-Piece Warhammer Vinyl Stickers

There’s no shortage of Warhammer stickers and decals out there, but what if you can’t choose between the cross of the Inquisitor and the all-seeing eye of the Eldar? One option is to buy a multi-pack of stickers that includes many of Warhammer’s most popular emblems, symbols and characters.

Each one is printed on glossy paper with a small, discreet size that’s ideal for laptops, lockers, skateboards, notebooks, water bottles and more. They even come with a UV-resistant coating to maintain their color in the sun! If you know someone who’d like to show off their Warhammer love everywhere, this is the gift for them.

daemons of slaanesh miniature kit

If They Like Bad Girls: Daemons of Slaanesh 16-Piece Miniature Kit

It can be tricky to buy miniatures for a Warhammer fan. It’s a bit like buying jewelry for a woman when you aren’t sure what her style is or whether your purchase will clash with whatever she already has.

Fortunately, this Daemons of Slaanesh kit is so versatile that your gift recipient is sure to like something in the box. There are more than a dozen daemons and daemonettes to play with, and they come unpainted and unassembled for maximum customization options.

They’ll make a great starting point for an army that’s up to no good.

flag banner

For the Man Cave: Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Battle Flag Banner

With its scorched ends, this flag looks like it just came out of the flames of an almighty battle, so it’ll definitely make a statement on the wall. It measures 50 x 30 inches and is made of a high-quality microfiber polyester, so it can be displayed in rooms, dens, dorms, garages and gaming halls.

The blue logo of the Ultramarines is printed on the front with gold metal grommets for added flair. Give it to someone who lives and breathes the game so that their fannish spaces can fully reflect their interests!

ultramarines blu ray

For a Different Kind of Date Night: Ultramarines: Warhammer Blu-Ray

Ultramarines: Warhammer is the only film to come out of the Warhammer 40K universe so far, and while opinions are divided about its quality, it’s definitely a collectible. In fact, it might be a little outside of your price range unless you really want to spoil your gift recipient! If you’re willing to fork over the cash, however, this is a present that will grow in value over time, so it’s something that they can enjoy in the present day and the future.

knowledge poster

To Brush Up On the Basics: Warhammer Knowledge Poster

The world of Warhammer 40,000 is a vast and complex one that spans thousands of years, so it can be difficult to retrieve knowledge of important figures and major events at a moment’s notice. This poster can help! It details a lot of necessary game knowledge in a colorful, easy-to-read format; included information includes factions, timelines and the Imperial dating system.

You can choose between two sizes for the poster depending on whether you want a small reference piece for a desk or a gigantic poster for a feature wall. Ultimately, no matter which one that you purchase, it’ll make a knockout gift for Warhammer fans of all ages.


For Practical Warriors: Imperial Aquila Warhammer 40K Flexfit Cap

Never underestimate the value of a good baseball cap! It can add style to an outfit; it can protect its wearer from the sun; it can identify hobbies, interests and pop culture passions. This particular baseball cap combines all three benefits by utilizing a soft, comfortable “FlexFit” while also showcasing the Imperial Aqualia symbol on its front.

You can even order it in different colors if you want to match it to your buddy’s existing wardrobe!

deck box

For the Collectors and the Card Players: Grimoire Pro Tour Deck Box

Do they collect data cards? If so, they’ll need a place to store them, and this grimoire-style box might be just the thing. It looks like a real spell book with aged details and embellishments etched into imitation wood, but when you touch its “pages,” they’ll swing open to reveal an empty storage space where you can keep cards, dice, notepads and even a small miniature or two.

If you know a Warhammer fan who could use a little nudge towards a more organized gaming space, this is a fanciful gift that can also serve a functional purpose.


For Untainted Souls: Warhammer 40K Key Chain Purity Seal

Reassure everyone that you’re uncontaminated by Chaos when you carry this purity seal. It’s conveniently attached to a key chain, so there’s no excuse for not having it on your person as you make your way through the galaxy! It’s even been hammered flat so that it’ll easily slip into bags, pockets and purses.

Your Warhammer friend should love it. It’s entirely authentic in terms of details, but it’s been modified slightly for maximum convenience to its bearer.

dakka orc T-shirt

When One Dakka Just Isn’t Enough: More Dakka Orc T-Shirt

You might be familiar with “more dakka!” as a rallying cry among gamers, but did you know that it originated with Warhammer 40K? It’s an onomatopoeia for the orcs as they fire their weapons, and it’s such a common sound in the game that it’s become a catchphrase in geek culture as a whole.

You can celebrate this commonality with a fun, colorful t-shirt that depicts an orc gleefully yelling for more and more dakka. There are even a few bullet holes to seal the deal.

leather velvet dice tray

To Prevent Wayward Rolls: Double Sided Folding Leather Velvet Dice Tray

With a velvet interior surrounded by a supportive layer of polyurethane leather, this dice tray offers the best of fashion and function. It’ll be the perfect accessory for any tabletop games that require rolling.

You can snap and unsnap the hexagonal corners at will, and it’s available in multiple colors depending on your desired aesthetic. The muted reds and browns look stylishly vintage; the dazzling blues and purples look like wizard’s robes in a fantasy world.

Which one is best suited for your game nights?


For Fandom Fashion: Warhammer 40K Inquisition Emblem Embroidered Applique Patch

The great thing about an applique patch is that its owner gets to choose where to put it. Whether they want to embellish a brand-new backpack or bring fresh style to an old pair of jeans, they can decide where the patch goes, especially when it’s a dual iron/sew-on model like this one.

The Inquisitor emblem is just icing on the cake of a great and customizable Warhammer gift.

Risk warhammer 40k board game

To Conquer the World From Their Tabletop: Risk Warhammer 40,000 Board Game

Another variation of a classic board game, this one is based on Risk. It takes place on the planet Vigilus where opposing forces clash in the “War of the Beasts” as they fiercely battle for territory. Everything that you’ll need to play is right in the box, including tokens, cards, dice and hundreds of individual troop units.

It’s everything that you love about the original Risk with a Warhammer-themed upgrade!

funko pop angel veteran

Because Every Fan Loves Funkos: Funko Pop! Warhammer 40,000 Dark Angel Veteran

Funko has made a variety of figures for Warhammer 40K, but the Dark Angel is definitely one of the coolest. He’s enriched with a surprising amount of detail for a cute chibi, including scar tissue around his bionic eye and a corded rope holding his multicolored robes together.

There’s even a Funko-style angel engraved on his metal shield! He might stand less than four inches tall, but he’s sure to make an impression on a desk or display shelf.

dethwatch 1-4 collection books

For Venturing Deeper into the Lore: Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch #1 – #4

Warhammer 40K is more than just a tabletop game. It’s also a collection of books, video games, graphic novels and other spin-off material, and they can be just as intense as battles on hostile planets.

If you know someone who has always wanted to dive into the expanded universe but doesn’t know where to start, consider the Deathwatch series. It’s just one of the many, many titles out there, but it’s easily accessible to newbies, and this particular set comes with issues #1 – #4 already collected for their convenience.


For Well-Organized Warfare: Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Theme Hardback Notebook

Warhammer is such a complex game that it pays to keep track of things like rolls, stats and troop movements. Fortunately, this notebook makes it easy. There are 280 lined pages with side grids, and the cover is a thick hardback that includes a stretched fabric band to hold everything together.

A red Chaos symbol is on the front; a series of gray Chaos symbols are printed on the first few pages. It’s undeniably a Warhammer product, but it can also be a nifty little notebook for any gaming, writing, doodling or list making needs.

bedding set

For Sweet Dreams of Alien Slaughter: Three-Piece Warhammer 40K Bedding Set

Made with a decadently soft microfiber material, you’d never guess that this bedding set depicts one of Warhammer’s most brutal warmongers. Look a little closer at its gray-on-black print, however, and you’ll start to notice the details.

They’re plain enough for subtlety but visible enough to fit right in with a Warhammer-themed bedroom. The whole set consists of a sheet and two pillowcases, and they’re genuinely comfortable, so they’re not one of those novelty items that’s more style than substance.

This bedding set will be an everyday luxury as well as a fun piece of Warhammer merch.

eat-sleep-waaagh T-shirt

A Very Relatable Fashion Choice: Eat Sleep Waaagh! Orks Warhammer 40K T-Shirt

We’ve covered a few gifts for people who don’t want to be overly geeky in public. What about people who love being geeky in public? This t-shirt will declare their gaming obsession to the world in no uncertain terms.

It says “Eat, Sleep, Waaagh!” with a picture of an Orc, so even the newest, greenest Warhammer fans will see it and know what it means. Who knows? It could even lead to unexpected friendships forming during a trip to the grocery store or the college library.

beer growler

For All-Night Marathon Chugging: Warhammer Space Marine Beer Growler

Perfect for the draft beer enthusiast, this growler has a sleek design with silver details on a matte black background. It’s laser-etched rather than commercially printed, so the quality is finer, and it’s highly resistant to leaking thanks to its stainless steel swing top and rubber stopper.

Last but not least, there’s a skull on the front and a Space Marine helmet on the back, and the text declares, “The Emperor Protects.” It’ll be an amazing gift for a Warhammer fan with a big thirst!


When Their Heart Only Beats for the Game: Warhammer 40K Men’s Evolution Hoodie

The March of Progress is one of the most well-known images of our time, so it makes sense that it’s been combined with one of our biggest gaming passions. This “Evolution” t-shirt depicts an ape evolving into a man who later evolves into an exoskeleton-wearing warrior, so it’s sure to get a laugh from Warhammer fans.

Additionally, since it’s printed on a soft, comfortable hoodie, it’ll be a practical gift to boot.


For the Ladies: Hand-Hammered Warhammer 40K Space Marine Pendant Necklace

Like the name implies, this Warhammer necklace has been hammered by hand, so it boasts an artisan quality that’s missing from other, mass-produced jewelry pieces. Additionally, it’s made from solid brass, so it’s a high-quality item that will last for years.

It depicts the Space Marine skull with a set of wings emerging from the bone and connecting to a heavy chain. You can wear it as a necklace or refashion it as a watch chain, pocket chain, purse strap and more.

citadel painting handle

For Careful Brush Strokes: Citadel Painting Handle

Another great tool for someone who assembles and decorates their own miniatures, this “painting handle” is basically a raised platform that will clamp down on the base of the figure and hold it in place while you work.

It can fit base sizes between 50 – 105 millimeters, and it’s made with a sturdy, self-standing plastic that will last for years with proper care and storage. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of similar products, but if you’re just looking for a basic, affordable gift for a Warhammer artist, this could be a great stocking stuffer.

trench coat

To Maintain Morale Among the Troops: Warhammer 40K Commissar Imperial Guard Black Trench Coat

The best thing about this coat is that it’s so much more than a cosplay item. Sure, it’ll look great at Comic-Con when your buddy is dressing up as a Commissar of the Officio Prefectus, but it’s suitable for everyday use as well.

Its military cut makes it look like an ultra-stylish vintage piece, and its soft cotton material and viscose lining will keep it comfortable even after hours of wear. If you’re looking for a gift that will keep on giving, consider a winter coat with a little Warhammer flair.


To Prevent Squabbling During Game Night: The Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook

The Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook is the ultimate guide to Warhammer. Not only does it outline the official rules of the game in painstaking detail, but it also includes important information about the universe and its lore.

Readers will learn about characters, creatures, weapons, settings, story origins and more. They’ll even explore meta topics like the color schemes of the game and what they represent! The Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook is a must-have for Warhammer fans of all ages and experience levels, so if you can only buy one gift on this entire list, consider this one.

Warhammer 40,000 Presents: Do’s and Don’ts

With hundreds and hundreds of Warhammer products out there, you might be wondering how you’re ever going to narrow down your options for a single gift. Here are just a few tactics for sifting through the rocks and finding the gems!

Do: Figure out what they like about the game.

Some people play Warhammer 40K for the competitive strategy elements of tabletop gaming. Others are more into the artistic or commercial side of custom-creating miniatures. Some might completely ignore the game and focus on the lore of the books and video games! Do a little research to figure out why your gift recipient likes Warhammer 40K, and tailor your purchase accordingly.

Don’t: Buy them specific tools or miniatures unless they’re a complete beginner.

This is like buying a random DVD for a friend who likes movies. What if they hate the genre? What if they already own it? What if it isn’t the right region for their DVD player? You run the same kinds of risks when you buy kits or starter packs for a Warhammer 40K player. Unless they’re a total newbie building their collection from the ground up, you’ll probably want to steer clear of any gifts that could clash with their pre-existing interests.

Do: Look for officially licensed merchandise.

While it’s true that some knockoffs can be just as good as the originals, you’ll have to take extra precautions when buying them. Additionally, if you’re a non-fan just looking to support a friend’s hobbies, you might not have the necessary background in Warhammer lore to see when details are incorrect or specs are outdated. Some counterfeit products can even be dangerous to your health. It’s probably best if you just stick to licensed merch.

Don’t: Buy them something that they won’t use.

Resist the temptation to buy them something that they don’t need just because the Warhammer crest is printed on it. If they don’t have any use for a passport holder or insulated water bottle, an Imperial sticker isn’t going to change that fact. Instead, try thinking about presents that they’ll actually enjoy, and look and see if those specific things are available with Warhammer motifs. Be practical about your gift giving.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when considering Warhammer 40,000 gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for kids who are new to the game or adults who were there for the very first edition of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader in 1987, these gifts should delight any fan!

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