38 Wedding Gifts for Brothers That Only Siblings Can Give

It’s happening. Your brother has finally fooled someone into spending the rest of their life with him.

To commemorate the big day, here are just a few wedding gifts for brothers that will demonstrate your love, affection and eternal urge to give him a noogie.

38 Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Brother

T-shirt under new management

For the Bachelor Party: Men’s Under New Management Novelty Tee

He won’t want to wear this around his future wife, but if you’re about to throw him an epic stag night, this can be his uniform. It depicts a bride and groom with the text “Under New Management,” and the groom has a ball and chain wrapped around his ankle.

It’s available in multiple colors, and it can be tossed into a regular washing machine after he inevitably spills beer on it. It’s perfect for future married guys.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

the-grooms manual

For the Guy Who Needs a Little Help: The Groom’s Instruction Manual

You know your brother better than anyone. Is he a perpetual f*ck-up? Is he going to do something stupid and get himself left at the altar before he even has a chance to say I do? If so, get him The Groom’s Instruction Manual: How to Survive and Possibly Even Enjoy the Most Bewildering Ceremony Known to Man.

It’s filled with tips and tricks for getting through his upcoming nuptials, and it’ll ensure that he doesn’t get dumped just because he’s clueless.


If Your Brother Can Take a Joke: The Only Gift Novelty Mug

Simple and funny, this mug is sure to get a laugh from a sibling with a sense of humor. It says “Being My Brother is Really the Only Gift You Need” with a smaller, more discreet text that says “Love You.

” Is he downing a lot of coffee during a whirlwind of wedding preparations? Get him this mug. Not only is it hilarious, but it’s also dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so he won’t have anything to worry about as he gulps some much-needed caffeine.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

hip flask and shot glasses

To Keep Him Calm: Hip Flask and Shot Glasses Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for everything from high-class weddings to rugged trips into the mountains. Its centerpiece is a stainless steel hip flask with a black matte finish, but it also comes with four metallic shot glasses and a funnel for pouring.

Every item is nestled in a stylish gift box that’s ready to impress. He can take it to weddings, funerals, graduations, anniversary parties and more. There’s nothing like a shot of liquid courage to calm his pre-wedding jitters on the big day.

truth or dare for couples

For the Honeymoon: Truth or Dare for Couples

If he doesn’t mind a few ribald jokes at his expense, this gift will definitely get some hoots and whistles when he opens it. It’s a card game version of Truth or Dare, and it’ll add a little sizzle to his relationship with a series of questions, prompts and challenges.

Will he reveal embarrassing truths about his dating history, or will he take on risque dares to prove his bravery? It’ll be up to his spouse to find out.

wedding card

When You Don’t Do Feelings: Congratuf*ckinlations Adult Humor Wedding Card

If you would rather spit nails than admit any sort of ooey-gooey feelings to your brother, this is the card for you. It says “Congratuf*ckinlations” with a bride and groom on the front, and when your bro opens it, he’ll see wedding bells printed with the warning that “Sh*t Just Got Real.

” It’s hilarious because it’s true, and it should give him a good guffaw on a nerve-wracking day. No matter what, he can rest assured that his sibling is just waiting for him to crash and burn.

artisan biscotti variety pack

To Help Him Plan His Wedding Menu: Artisan Biscotti Classic Combo Variety Pack

Men never turn down food-related gifts, and this one will knock his taste buds right out of the park. It’s a variety pack of different kinds of biscotti, and they’re individually wrapped to preserve freshness and allow for the picking and choosing of his favorite flavors.

Whether he enjoys oatmeal, butterscotch, chocolate chip, peanut butter or cranberry almond, there’s a crunchy treat just waiting for him in this box. He might even like them so much that he adds them to the buffet table at the reception!

cutting board

For His Future Kitchen: Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Made with gorgeous, richly-colored walnut wood, this cutting board is both fashionable and functional as a wedding present. It’s ideal as a kitchen tool for newlyweds who are building a new life together, but it’s also stylish enough to stand out in a sea of blenders and toasters.

You can even customize it with the names of your brother and his spouse! It can say “Jane and John Smith” in a curling font with “Estb. (Year)” in banner text right above it.

tree picture frame

To Commemorate a New Branch of the Family Tree: Tree Picture Frame Stand

Weddings are all about joining families, and this picture frame stand will allow the happy couple to show off both sides of it. There are six frames in total, and they can be artfully arranged on different hooks to make it seem like they’re hanging from branches.

Green ribbons will secure them to the stand, and bronze leaves will complete the look. Let your brother score some brownie points with his future wife by giving him this sweet and sentimental gift.

bottle openers

To Keep the Alcohol Flowing at the Reception: Ace of Spades Bottle Openers

Help him crack open the celebratory champagne with these cool bottle openers. They’re made with heavy-duty stainless steel, so they’ll get the job done, but they’re also designed to look like ace of spades playing cards.

Not only are they uniquely stylish, but their small size will keep them light and portable, and they can slide right into a man’s wallet for future use. As a bonus, he’ll get compliments whenever he pulls them out!

inch knife

For Everyday Convenience: Tactical Spring Assisted 4.5-Inch Knife

A pocket knife is a good item to have around the house, and this one is particularly nice. It has a spring-assisted deployment mechanism with a half-serrated blade that can be used on everything from boxes to tin cans.

It’s even available in multiple colors, so you can order it in black, gray, orange, red, camouflage and rainbow. If he’s the handy type, your brother will definitely get some use out of this pocket knife.

luggage travel tag

If He’s a Little Boy at Heart: Star Wars C-3PO/R2-D2 Luggage Travel Tag

Did you grow up whacking each other with lightsabers? Did he always try to hide manly tears when Luke learned the truth about his father? If his love of Star Wars has endured throughout the ages, he should get a kick out of this luggage tag.

It depicts C-3PO and R2-D2 with vintage-style artwork and text that says “Not the Bag You Are Looking For.” It’ll be perfect for a man who’s about to go on a honeymoon, but it’ll be useful for future travels as well.

whiskey stones gift set

To Start a Fine Whiskey Collection: Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Brothers

He won’t know what this is when he first receives the handsome, wood-carved box. Even if he sees the words “Brother’s Stones” inscribed on the top, he’ll never guess that it’s filled with whiskey rocks! Made from granite, these stones can be chilled and added to a variety of drinks to keep them nice and cold without the dilution of ice.

The gift set even comes with a couple of shot glasses to really get the party going. Bring it out once the cake has been cut and everyone is having a good time!

microfleece robe

To Inflate His Ego: Personalized Plush Microfleece Robe With Embroidered Name

There’s nothing like a monogrammed robe to make you feel like royalty. He’ll be able to strut around his home like Prince William in this soft, fluffy material that whispers on the skin like velvet. A fabric belt wraps around the waist to ensure the perfect fit, and two side pockets can hold phones, remotes and other convenience items.

When you order, just enter your brother’s name in the little box to have it monogrammed on the front of the robe.

wooden beard comb

To Help With Those Last-Minute Touch-Ups: Fear the Beard Wooden Beard Comb for Men

His beard should be immaculate on his big day, so tell him to shake off those doughnut crumbs and get to grooming. If he needs a little help, this wooden comb can be of assistance. It has strong, sturdy teeth to maximize the smoothness and fullness of his beard, but it’s also retractable, so it can be folded into a flat shape and stashed in his pocket when not in use.

It even says “Fear the Beard” for some added flair!

scratch off map of the world

If His Soul is Filled With Wanderlust: Scratch Off Map of the World

Does he get itchy feet when he stays in one place for too long? Or maybe he has big plans about seeing the world with his future spouse. Either way, if he loves to travel, he should enjoy this scratch-off poster of the world.

It comes with individually-marked states and territories, it’s a very precise map, and its bold, dynamic colors are visually appealing. He’ll be using this scratch-off poster for years!

wood phone docking station

When Life Is Coming at Him Fast: Natural Oak Wood Phone Docking Station

Things can get messy when the house is full of caterers, florists, tailors and photographers, but with this docking station, you can bring a small amount of organization to his life. It has room for everything from car keys to sunglasses, and it’s made with a handsome oak wood that will resist dents and scratches.

He can even run cords through it if he wants to repurpose it as a charging station for his watch or smartphone!

apron set

To Make Him Laugh: The Boss and The Real Boss Two-Piece Kitchen Apron Set

This goofy gift is sure to be a hit at an engagement party. It consists of two aprons, one white and one black, that say “The Boss” and “The Real Boss.” They’re gender-neutral, so they can be given to both gay and straight couples, and they have a one-size-fits-all design with adjustable straps and ties to suit any wearer.

Long story short, they’ll be fun and practical gifts for just about any couple, so give them to your brother and make him crack up!


To Make Him Cry: First My Brother Forever My Friend Leather Key Chain

Key chains can be a fun, low-key kind of gift, but if you want to make them special, you’ll need to go the extra mile. This key chain is made with 100 percent genuine leather, and the message “First My Brother, Forever My Friend” is laser-engraved on the material.

Not only will it be a sweet, affectionate gift for your brother, but since it’s engraved rather than printed or dyed, the words will never fade. Your loving sentiment will be eternal.


To Keep Him Occupied for a Good Long While: The Bucket/F*ck It List Notebook

Offering exactly 3,669 suggestions, this notebook is unlike any other bucket list that you’ve ever seen before. The ideas range from funny to fantastical, and there are small check boxes for “bucket,” “f*ck it” and “done it.

” Simply go through the list and mark things off as you please! If you’re buying it for your brother, he can grab his new boo and do it with them. Newlyweds always like making plans together.


To Express Your Love Like a Real Sibling: World’s Okayest Brother T-Shirt

Another great gift for folks who don’t like to show mushy amounts of emotion, this t-shirt will show that you care without getting overly sentimental about it. The text says “World’s Okayest Brother” on a plain background, and you can order it in multiple fits and colors.

The material is already pre-shrunk, so it doesn’t have any special washing instructions, and its relaxed, comfortable fit is ideal for everyday use. He can wear it for all of the long and crazy days leading up to the wedding.

sandwich maker

When He’s Not a Chef Ramsay: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If he struggles in the kitchen, this sandwich maker is going to be a lifesaver in his married life. It comes with separate compartments for bread, eggs, meats and cheeses, so all that he has to do is fill them.

When everything is done cooking, it’ll slide neatly together in a pre-made sandwich with the touch of a button. You could even buy him a double-sandwich version so that he can make breakfast for him and his new spouse!


If He’s the Sappy Sort: Morse Code Bracelet Brother

Made by hand, this bracelet has small silver beads on a plain black cord. It isn’t flashy or showy; it has the same understated look as a lot of men’s jewelry. However, there’s a secret meaning in the arrangement of the beads.

They spell “brother” in Morse code, making them a sweet and meaningful message to a sibling that you love. He’ll be able to carry your regard with him everywhere, which is exactly the kind of support that he needs as he prepares for the next stage of his life.

pocket watch

Love on a Chain: Best Man for a Day Pocket Watch

While marketed as a gift for groomsmen, this pocket watch is suitable for any man or woman who is standing up for their brother as he walks down the aisle. The words “Best Man for a Day, Best Friend for Life” are engraved on the front, and the cover opens to reveal a gorgeous, old-fashioned watch face with ornate hands moving around Roman numerals.

It’s a genuine timekeeping device, too; it’s powered by precision quartz movements. If you’re looking for a wedding gift that will leave an impression, get a little vintage with this pocket watch.

grooming kit

Because He Needs to Smell Nice on His Wedding Day: Black Pepper and Ginseng Men’s Grooming Kit

Men can be strange about bath products, but even the toughest, burliest lumberjack should be okay with smelling like black pepper and ginseng. It’s a masculine combination of fragrances, and it’ll also provide sneaky benefits for his skin and hair.

The selected products include soap, shampoo, aftershave and shower gel, and they’re all presented in a plain black gift box for maximum sophistication. Tell Dexter Morgan that he’s ready to be groomed.

hangover kit bags

When He Loves His Kahlua: 10-Pack Hangover Kit Novelty Bags

Quirky and funny, these party favors should be a hit at any stag night. Each one measures 4 x 6 inches, and they have “Hangover Kit: In Sickness and In Health” stamped on a muslin bag with a red cross.

You can fill them with gum, aspirin, breath mints, miniature hand sanitizers or anything else that would help the inevitable hangover after your brother’s last hurrah.

baseball caps and beer holders

For the Couple That Curses Out Refs Together: Mr. and Mrs. Matching Baseball Caps and Beer Holders

If your sister-in-law is the casual, unpretentious type, she might enjoy this gift just as much as your brother. It’s a matching set of baseball caps and beer can holders that say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in complementary colors.

Your favorite newlywed couple can take them to picnics, sports games, beach parties and more. They’re completely functional items for their intended purposes; they just have a little added humor. They’ll be great for picking each other out of a crowd, too!

coffee mug

To Really Touch His Heart: Brother Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Offering the daily recommended servings of sarcasm, flatulence, wrong answers and loud-mouthed behavior, this mug perfectly epitomizes what it means to have a brother. It’s available in both 11- and 15-ounce sizes, so you can order whichever one will feed his caffeine addiction the most, and it’s safe for both microwaves and dishwashers.

He’ll have no excuse not to use it, especially if he’s surviving on coffee to get through all of the wedding prep.

black flask

If He Drinks Like Professor Moody: Best Brother Ever Black Flask

If your brother is the type to enjoy a drink on the go, this flask will be quite convenient for him. It’ll also keep you on his mind even when you’re miles apart. It’s lasered with the text “This Guy is the Best Brother Ever” with an arrow pointed up towards the drinker, so not only is it a cute little message from a sibling who cares, but it can also serve as a fun and unique wedding gift.

He can take some sneaky sips to fortify his courage when he hears the bells.

travel wallet

For Man and Wife: Two-Person Travel Wallet

Travel gifts are always a safe bet for couples, and this one is even better than usual because it’s designed for two people instead of one. It can hold both of their passports at the same time, and there’s room for nine different credit cards or IDs.

There’s also a zippered pouch for receipts, dollar bills and other travel essentials, and a pen rests comfortably in a holder if they need to sign anything on the go. For the cherry on top, they can add or remove a strap for carrying it like a bag.


To Bring Memes Into Real Life: Custom Face Socks

These socks are some of the most hideous things that you’ll ever encounter, so you should definitely buy them for your brother. They’ll take a picture of his face and print it again and again in an overlapping pattern until you can’t even see the fabric of the sock anymore.

Technically, you can order them with a more sedate pattern, but where’s the fun in that? Go for the biggest, craziest socks imaginable, and enjoy the look on his face when he opens the gift box.

engraved wallet insert

When You’re Stuck With Each Other Forever: Brother Engraved Wallet Insert

“I Smile Because You’re My Brother. I Laugh Because There’s Nothing You Can Do About It.” This wallet insert has the perfect sentiment for sibling love, and since it comes on a small, lightweight piece of metal that’s the size of a credit card, it’s something that he can carry everywhere.

He’ll never be without your tender words and the sweet acknowledgement of your bond. Make sure to check his wallet every time that he comes over to ensure that he still has it.

family bracelet

To Stick Together: Handmade Cord String Family Bracelet

Sold in a set of three, these bracelets can be distributed to you, your brother and your sister- or brother-in-law. You could also give it as a gift for your brother and his future children. There are many possibilities since these sleek little bracelets come with an ageless, genderless design and a message that’s suitable for all families.

The card talks about the importance of unconditional love and support, and the bracelets are printed with cardinal directions.


If He Isn’t Afraid of Being Sappy: The Greatest Gift Sibling Jewelry Bracelet

There are some occasions when it’s okay to let down your guard and be real for a moment. A wedding is one of them. If you love your brother and want him to know it on this special, special day, this key chain says “The Greatest Gift Our Parents Ever Gave Us Was Each Other” in engraved text on a stainless steel pendant.

It doesn’t have any other ornaments or adornments, so it’s plain enough for everyday use. It’ll just exist with a sweet message so that he’ll never forget your bond as siblings.

cuff links

For His Tux: Men’s Classic Stainless Steel Initial Cuff Links

Cuff links are a necessity for most suits and tuxedos, and these will really make him stand out on his wedding day. They’re made with metal alloys that have been polished to a gleaming shine, and they can be ordered with a single letter initial from A to Z.

Give him a pair of cuff links with his own monogram; give him ones with the monogram of his future spouse. You can really customize this gift in thoughtful ways.

back and neck massager

To Relieve Some Stress: Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

Weddings can be stressful. Married life can be even more stressful. To help him relax after the difficult days, get him this personal massager. It uses simple, uncomplicated technology to deliver heat and pressure, and it comes with different speed settings depending on the amount of relief that he needs.

Even though it’s advertised as a neck and back massager, it can be used anywhere on the body that he’s building tension. It’s basically like sinking into a hot bath without having to go to all of the trouble of filling the tub!

roulette drinking game

To Celebrate in Style: Roulette Drinking Game

Another fun gift for bachelor parties, this drinking game will get everyone nice and buzzed as they regale your brother with stories of their own wives and woes. It comes with 16 shot glasses that are arranged around a miniature black-and-red roulette wheel.

Simply toss the balls and down the shots! If Lady Luck is on your side, you’ll only get tipsy. If she’s displeased with the party, she’ll send you all into hangover hell.


When There’s a New Sheriff in Town: I’m a Grown Man T-Shirt

Help him surrender to the inevitable with this funny newlywed shirt. It says “I’m a Grown A** Man And I Do What I Want,” but the “What I Want” has been crossed out and replaced with “What My Wife Wants.

” It’s funny enough that even your future sister-in-law should see the humor. She might even love it and ask your brother to wear it all the time!

3 Tips for Buying A Brother’s Wedding Gift

A good wedding can be the highlight of a person’s life.

If you want to add to the excitement, give your brother a knockout gift that’s so cool and memorable that he’ll still be talking about it even after he’s walked down the aisle. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop!

1. Consider the Tone of the Gift

Some gifts are sweet and saccharine. Others are designed to make people laugh with risque jokes or well-placed curse words. What kind of relationship do you have with your brother? Which kind of gift would he enjoy more? If he’d rather claw off his own face than talk about his feelings, he probably won’t appreciate a mushy family keepsake. On the flip side, if he loves that kind of thing, he might be hurt or offended by a gag gift without any deeper meaning.

2. Think About His Spouse

From now on, anything that you give your brother is also going to be given to your sister- or brother-in law. They’ll have to deal with any smells, noises or storage challenges presented by your gift. They’ll also have to bite their tongue if you give your brother something weird or inappropriate that they don’t really like. Try to be thoughtful about what you buy. Don’t annoy your future family members!

3. Don’t Forget the Occasion

Last but not least, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a wedding gift. It doesn’t have to be wedding themed, but it should have some kind of value or purpose for his upcoming nuptials.

For example, a grooming kit could help him look nice at the altar, or a passport holder could keep him organized for the honeymoon. Don’t just buy something random that you could give to him any day.


What do you think of our wedding gifts for brothers? Do you see anything that you like? Have we missed any amazing presents out there? We’re always interested in hearing new ideas, so let us know!

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