32 Gifts for Women Over 70 That Age Like Fine Wine

Stuck in your search to find the perfect gift for a beloved woman over 70 in your life? Look no further. Keep scrolling to learn about 32 that age like fine wine.

32 Gift Ideas for Women Over 70

seven pearls necklace

Decorate the Decades: Solinfor Seven Pearls Sterling Silver Necklace

Nothing says beautiful like a dainty silver necklace adorned with seven pearls: one for each wonderful decade. This jewelry piece will be a heartfelt addition to your loved one’s collection, and she’s sure to feel that warmth every time she puts it on.

Solinfor’s necklace is composed of 925 sterling silver for a long-lasting and non-reactive experience – even on the most sensitive skin.

facebook portal video calling

Cable-Free Connection: Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling

Give your loved one the gift of connection with the Facebook Portal video calling system. This device allows your friend or family member to virtually connect without splurging on a smartphone or tablet.

It’s simple to use Facebook-friendly apps like WhatsApp or Messenger with up to 50 people on the Portal.

Even the least tech-savvy among us can connect with ease as the Smart Camera automatically keeps everyone in the frame.

Plus, Smart Sound amplifies voices and drowns out background disturbances.

grandma tell me your life story journal

To Tell Your History: Jean Lee’s Grandma Tell Me Your Life Story

If your gift recipient happens to be a grandmother, Jean Lee’s guided journal is the perfect way for her to immortalize her life story in writing. Generations and generations to come will cherish this family memento that your loved one can fill up with answers to questions like “Any interesting stories you’ve been told about the day you were born?” or “Which sibling were you closest to growing up?” It’s a fun activity for her and a forever keepsake.

bed wedge pillow

On Top of the Wedge: Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow With Memory Foam Top

Your recipient may be confused when she sees a wrapped present shaped like a block of cheese, but she’ll be grateful when she learns about the health benefits of these pillows. The Kӧlbs memory foam wedge pillow is great for seniors with difficulty breathing at night, heart issues, circulation problems, and back pain.

It’s also fantastic for post-surgery aches, snoring, and acid reflux. Pretty amazing what a simple, supportive pillow can do!

back in 1951 print

Blast to the Past: Katie Doodle Back in 1951 Print

It may be a bit of a frivolous gift, but the Katie Doodle 1951 print will have your loved one reminiscing back to life in their generation. This black and gold-colored poster shines light on facts about your loved one’s birth year ranging from the cost of gas to historical events and even the world population at the time.

It’ll leave the birthday girl wondering where on earth all that time went.

gardening gloves

To Guard Your Garden: CoolJob Gardening Gloves for Women

Does your dearest spend her days in the dirt? Garden dirt, that is. The comfortable and ergonomic design of these gardening gloves is ideal for flower fiends. A non-slip latex interior keeps her hands dry and totally dextrous.

The fingertips are even reinforced for easy tear-free digging.

Plus, they’re extremely easy to wash off when her day is done. Just stick ’em under the hose. No-fuss needed. They’re also machine washable.

What’s even better is that their bright coloring makes them stand out easily in the garden. The CoolJob gloves will help her get the job done, whatever it may be!

Mrs.Bridges collection box

A Spiked Delight: Mrs. Bridges Celebration Collection Box

Gifting a set of boozy preserves? That’s our jam! This adorably packaged collection from Mrs. Bridges looks cozily homemade and is, in fact, made with only household ingredients. Each set comes with a jar of each strawberry preserve with champagne, port wine jelly, orange marmalade with whisky, and most appropriately, celebration marmalade with champagne.

No need to crack out the bubbly; just twist these lids off for a responsible party.


To Support Her All Day: Ultra Ideas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Tired, sore feet are a pain in the… you know where. Luckily, these Ultra Ideas cozy slippers will keep your special gal comfortable all day. She can sink right in with these memory foam insoles and stay warm in the wool-like plush lining.

The outer soles are made of anti-skid rubber to prevent falls on slippery floors, but this makes them great for outdoor use too. Aching feet after a day in the kitchen or playing with her grandkids will be a thing of the past as soon as she slips into this cozy footwear.

rose bath oil

For Rosy Relaxation: Bios Apothecary Rose Bath Oil

Pamper your loved one by gifting her a bottle of Bios bath oil for a rosy retreat right at home. This plant-based combination of coconut, almond, and jojoba oils nourish the skin and is infused with organic, food-grade flowers.

Add a splash to the bath, apply it to the neck and wrists as a perfume, or massage it in as a body oil.

cutting board

From Forest to Table: Handmade Wood and Resin Cutting/Serving Board

This is not your mother’s cutting board; trust us. If you gift this handmade resin and wood tray, she might think it’s more an art piece than anything. Little does she know this stunning board is dually functional for both cutting and serving.

Epoxy resin suspends roses in it for a look so beautiful you won’t want to cover it up with food. Each board is handmade, so the exact appearance varies with every piece, but they’re all undeniably beautiful.

The individuality is just part of the charm.

embroidery starter kit

Sew Lovely: Caydo Embroidery Starter Kit

Searching for a gift for a hobbyist? Let your loved one try her hand at stitching. This Caydo embroidery kit is great for beginners and pros alike. It comes with everything she’ll need to create three beautifully sewn floral pieces, including hoops, canvas, thread, and needles.

Each cloth comes with outlines to follow – think of it as a stitched version of paint by numbers.

chocolate gift box

To Ease That Sweet Tooth: Godiva Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Is there really a better or tastier gift than a box of gourmet chocolates? These Godiva assorted delicacies feature flavors such as macadamia mosaic, coconut pyramid, and hazelnut praline. These fine cocoa treats include 36 pieces so your recipient can enjoy their indulgence.

Each box comes tied in a gold ribbon, making it the perfect gift. You don’t even need to worry about wrapping it.

body pillow

For Cushioned Comfort: Oubonun Premium Quilted Body Pillow

Body pillows make the perfect cuddle companion, but their uses extend beyond being a snuggle buddy. They’re also great for spine alignment, and the Oubonun body pillow is fully customizable. Simply remove some of the polyester fillings so your loved one can find her optimal sleeping position.

It’s easy to care for the Oubonun quilted body pillow too. Simply machine wash and dry to maintain cleanliness or for increased fluffiness. Keep in mind that it’s also hypoallergenic. Talk about dreamy!

family tree photo frame

To Remember Your Roots: Malden International Designs Family Tree Frame

Looking for a creative way to help your loved one honor her roots? This vintage-style pewter photo frame is shaped like a freestanding tree – a beautiful way to commemorate her growth both past and present.

Print out photos of her with her parents and kids or let her load it with pictures of her own choosing. Either way, she’s sure to appreciate it.

sun hat

For Solar Safety: Tilley LTM6 Broad Brim Sun Hat

If you’re buying for a woman who loves to bask in the sunlight, make sure she’s doing it safely! This Tilley sun hat can protect her from up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even though it has intense shielding abilities, this broad brim accessory stays well-ventilated so your recipient won’t overheat on the warmest days.

Be careful – the Tilley hat is hand wash only, but it will last a lifetime.

back massager chair

Massage Here, There, or Any Chair: Naipo Full Back Massager Chair Pad

Turn any seat into an at-home spa with the Naipo heated back massager chair pad. It’s easy for your loved one to transform a seat, chair, or couch by simply placing the shiatsu pad on top and fastening it into place.

The strength is adjustable, and the warming level is ideal for a comfortable, soothing experience. It’s sure to work out any and all tightness with deep vibration and three different targeted zones.

Your pseudo-massage chair recipient will be endlessly grateful for the stress-relief and loosened muscles.


To Soothe the Senses: YnM Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a great way to alleviate stress and promote relaxation naturally. If your loved one struggles to achieve a great night’s sleep, consider giving them the YnM weighted blanket. It’s made of 100% cotton with pockets to maintain even weight distribution no matter what.

Still, it’s breathable and temperature-controlled, so your recipient doesn’t overheat throughout the night.

Check out the listing’s weight chart before you buy to ensure you’re buying an appropriately heavy blanket.

Your loved one may no longer need to be tucked in, but this gift feels like getting a loving hug.


For Vintage Vino: Sodilly 1951 16oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

This Sodilly 1951 tumbler’s design is so perfectly rebellious you’d think it was an embroidered patch on a leather jacket. Just like your loved one, this travel mug dons the phrase “aged to perfection,” reminding everyone that she just gets better with time.

This stainless steel cup comes with a transparent BPA-free lid and maintains drink temperature for hours and hours. The difference? Sodilly tumblers don’t sweat like other ones. Goodbye, water rings! Drink anything from smoothies to lattes to concealed sangria in this bad boy.

We won’t tell – we promise.

aromatherapy diffuser set

For Cleansing Ahhh-Aromatherapy: Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser Set

Aromatherapy diffusers are one of the easiest ways to brighten up a home. It’s easy to switch between scents seamlessly, and many oils are more cost-effective than candles. The Pure Daily Care diffuser has a refreshing wooden appearance with smooth, natural curves that ooze serenity.

A ban around the base illuminates in seven different colors with options for light intensity.

For even more adjustability, your recipient can change the mist’s strength and duration to always achieve the perfect amount of scent.

To get her started, this kit comes with 10 versatile essential oils so she can blend to her heart’s desire.

digital photo frame

Showcase Magical Moments: Aluratek LCD Digital Photo Frame

Over the past 70 years, your loved one has certainly created endless memories. This auto slideshow digital picture frame is the perfect way to display her favorite nostalgia-inducing throwbacks and proudest moments without taking up the entire mantel.

Load this frame via USB or SD before gifting it, or let your loved one do it herself!

heating pad

To Warm Her Heart: Kiwi Kozy Heating Pad

We all need some extra warmth at times, and the Kiwi Kozy heating pad does a great job of that. It’s as easy as popping this bag in the microwave to help alleviate aches like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and overall muscle stiffness.

The Kiwi Kozy is great for areas that need extra love or just curl up with in bed under a blanket.

Alternatively, your loved one can also pop one of these in the freezer for inflammation reduction or rotate between hot and cold cycles.

You can feel good about buying this heating pad too. Kiwi Kozy is a sustainable women-owned business based in New Zealand. Each shipment is sent to Amazon in reused boxes, and the excess fabric gets donated to local schools.

wine glasses

For Slow Sipping: MyGift Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

Shopping for a wine lover? How about someone who just loves a good glass – boozy beverage or not? These MyGift modern wine glasses are simple but stand out. Each glass is embellished with a shiny, diagonal color-blocked design that catches every eye in the room.

It’s almost as if these were hand-dipped in rose gold. Made by Midas? Just about!

These glasses look great filled with both red and white wine, but they are actually beneficial vessels for each type.

Stemless designs call for direct hand-to-cup contact, which increases red to the perfect drinking temperature and warms over-cooled whites. Don’t stick to the same old. Change up the wine glass collection with a little bit of luster.

tea top sampler set

For a Tasteful Tea Time: Tiesta Tea Top 8 Sampler Set

Shopping for a tea lover but have no idea what her go-to flavor is? Or do you want to help her liven her loose-leaf cabinet up? The Tiesta tea sampler set features their top eight best-sellers. From nutty almond cream to Maui mango to lavender chamomile, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Whether she’s a green tea girl or herbals hold her heart, Tiesta Tea is the way to go.

hand cream

Help Hydrate Her Hands: Burt’s Bees Orange Blossom Pistachio Hand Cream

Fancy lotions are a great gift for any woman. This travel size bottle of Burt’s Bees hand cream fits beautifully into any bag without taking up too much room. It’s made with natural ingredients and enriched with hydrating shea butter, pumpkin seed, and baobab oils to rejuvenate the skin for optimal softness.

The uplifting orange pistachio moisturizer is dermatologist-tested so that you can feel confident gifting this to anyone in your life. Plus, it won’t leave the hands feeling greasy, so she can seamlessly continue on with her day.

Best of all, Burt’s Bees is dedicated to responsible sourcing and packing for the least-disruptive experience possible: that goes for both the body and the globe.


For the Tactful Traveler: Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Chevron Suitcase

Is your loved one always jet setting off far, far away? She has got to have the Kenneth Cole Reaction bag in her arsenal. It’s perfect for easy traveling to visit distant family members or when she treats herself to a vacay getaway.

Carry-on is the practical luggage choice these days; she gets to have all her belongings ready whenever she needs them, and there’s no fear of lost bags.

Still, it’s effortless to wheel this small suitcase around the airport.

She’ll be shocked at how much she can fit inside! Plus, the distinct chevron design and olive coloring make it easily recognizable from the airplane’s overhead cabinets.


For the Animal-Friendly Fashionista: Matt & Nat Rees Dwell Satchel

Cruelty-free doesn’t mean style-free, that’s for sure. Matt & Nat’s Rees Dwell handbag is made of vegan leather, but you’d never guess it. There’s ample room inside this purse to store just about anything, and it’s sleek, simple design complements every outfit.

Inside, the lining is composed of recycled water bottles making it eco-friendly too. What if she doesn’t feel like holding it? No problem. This bag comes with an attachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

It’s the full package.


Get Jiggy With It: Buffalo Games Canoe Lake Jigsaw Puzzle

Got a puzzle lover in your life? If so, the Buffalo Games canoe lake 1000 piece puzzle will keep your gift recipient occupied for quite a while. Printed in soft but vibrant colors, each piece interlocks tightly using “Perfect Snap” technology.

No more guessing – she’ll know when a piece fits.

As she matches pieces together, this puzzle will slowly reveal a picturesque scene of a tranquil cottage retreat that will transport her to a serene lake beside a blazing fire.

Don’t be surprised if she suddenly wants to take a trip to the woods with you once she’s done!

echo dot

For Hands-Free Help: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo with the famous voice control assistant Alexa is a wonderful high-tech companion for even our lowest-tech loved ones. No need to teach the recipient all about touch screens. Instead, she can simply use her voice to command Alexa to look things up online, play music, tell her the weather, and more.

If you want to go all out, help your loved one install other Smart devices like lightbulbs or thermostats so she can use Alexa to dim the lights or adjust the temperature. She can even use Alexa Guard to ensure her home is safe while she’s away or to call for help using just her voice.

recipe binder

To Contain Collected Cookings: Better Kitchen Products Recipe Binder

This adorable three-ring binder can hold 100 of your loved one’s most cherished dishes. Each section is divided by tabs so she can keep everything well-organized. The set comes equipped with matching recipe cards and 50-page protectors to use it in the kitchen worry-free.

No more stained index cards! It even lays flat on the counter so she can read the cards with ease.

coffee maker

For a Custom Cuppa: Keurig K-Class Coffee Maker

Now that the kids are moved out (maybe you’re even one of them), your loved one doesn’t always need to make an entire carafe of coffee. To save the extra java from flowing down the drain, buy her a Keurig.

This single-serve machine is a great alternative to a standard coffee maker. She can change up her blend regularly by swapping out K-cups, and with brew time under a minute, she’ll be up and at ’em in no time at all.

padded vest

When Life’s a Breeze: Fuinloth Women’s Padded Vest

Help your loved one stay cozy, cute, and comfortable with this fuinloth padded vest. It’s the ideal outerwear for crisp fall afternoons or morning cups of tea on the patio. This vest is figure-flattering, and the quilted exterior gives it some serious style points.

It’s the perfect mix of insulating and lightweight, making it great for everyday wear.

Simply toss it in the washing machine when it needs a good cleaning, then she’s back in business. Oh, did we mention it has pockets?

candle and fragrance warmer

For the Candle Collector: Candle Warmers ETC Candle and Fragrance Warmer

A candle warmer may seem like a confusing or redundant gift at first, but hear us out. Candle warmers are safer alternatives to a lit wick as there’s no open flame to catch fire potentially. Still, your recipient can enjoy the comforting scent of her favorite candle.

On top of that, she can experiment with wax melts, too, by simply placing them in this removable dish and letting them warm up. While it’s highly functional, this is also simply a piece of upscale decor, and it fits into any room.

Toss out the matches, but turn the heat up.

Picking a Present for a 70+ years old woman

There are endless things to consider when buying a gift for someone, including functionality, sentimental value, and many more. Always remember that you know your loved one best, so you should listen to what your heart says is a great present. If you do this, she’ll be sure to love it. Still need more help? Keep reading.

Are There Any Colors That Symbolize 70?

Many colors symbolize the 70th birthday, so don’t worry if you aren’t into every color scheme. Typical shades for a more upscale birthday include black and silver with gold accents. Think shiny, but keep it classy. For a less formal feel, try red, green, and yellow decor or flowers. If you want a palette specific to a woman’s 70th, try a combination of cream and rose pink.

Is 70 a Milestone Birthday?

Yes! 70 is a milestone birthday, which means it’s usually accompanied by large celebrations and many opportunities to reflect on the past and future decades. Milestone birthdays show appreciation for aging, which is something most of us don’t often do.

However, this doesn’t mean that milestone birthdays are the only ones we should be celebrating. If you miss someone’s 70th birthday, there’s no need to beat yourself up. Be there for 71 if you can, or throw your own belated event to let the birthday gal know how loved she is. Every birthday is a chance to take a moment to show your gratitude and love for that special person in your life.

70th Birthday Celebrations Around the World

Every culture has unique traditions, customs, and celebrations they partake in when it comes to birthdays. Chinese people tend only to celebrate specific years. 70 happens to be one of them. Why, you ask? In Chinese traditions, 60 is seen as a significant year because it symbolizes an entire zodiac circle. Every 10 years after that, the celebrations continue.

Similarly, 77th birthdays are milestone events in Japanese culture as this age is considered “happy” or a “joyous year.” A Japanese person’s 77th birthday commemorates good fortune and is seen as a rite of passage.

Final Thoughts

Great presents for women over 70 include cozy attire, self-care supplies, and, of course, chocolate. Let us know your go-to-gifts in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post to help others find the perfect present for their loved ones.

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