40 Gifts for Women over 80 (Who Still Feel Like in Their 20s!)

Life does not end at 60, 70, or 80! Your nonna might have started to prefer slippers to ballroom shoes over the past few years, but she still has the spirit of a dancer.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for women over 80, the ones below are perfect for helping them live daily adventures in all safety and comfort.

40 Gift Ideas For Women over 80 Years Old

garden kneeler seat

For the Active Gardener: TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat

Gardening is an excellent activity for people of all ages. Indeed, looking after the outside area is a perfect way to get all the needed vitamin D and keep both the body and mind healthy. However, past a certain age, kneeling often and standing for prolonged time frames might not be the best way to enjoy time outdoors.

This Garden Kneeler and Seat are entirely adjustable to guarantee your grandma all the freedom of movement needed to plant new flowers every year!

makeup bag

For the Fabulous Gran: A Unicorn Make Up Bag

Who said that you could only wear makeup at a certain age?! Looking beautiful is not something associated with just one part of our lives. However, maybe, your grandma needs a little help remembering the joy of putting on some lipstick!

This Unicorn Makeup Bar is funny, young, and ready to be filled with all the best makeup products on the market.

yankee candle

To Make Their Home Nicer: Yankee Candle

Over the summer, making your home smell nice is never an issue – you just need to open the windows! However, over the winter months, leaving the windows open for many hours might not be suitable for more fragile senior citizens.

So, why not opting for a delicious Yankee Candle? You can pick her favorite scent and match the house’s decor. While she might need to open the window still once a day, this is a great way to make the home smell nice all year round.

foam slippers

For the Home Bird: ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Not everybody is as active when they are young – let alone when they are past a certain age! There is nothing wrong with this, and the 80s are a great time to take that much-needed rest from the hustle of life.

You can make this time of rest even comfier with a pair of memory foam slippers. Aside from keeping her feet warm both around the house and on the patio, they can also limit back and joint pain. A win-win!

bird feeder

For the Wildlife Lover: SAND MINE Panorama Bird Feeder

Camping weekends and road trips might be a thing of the past for many, but nothing beats the excitement of seeing wildlife – even if it is just in your backyard! If she loves looking at birds, squirrels, and other small friendly animals, there is nothing better than a bird feeder to attract them.

Setting up a small feeder such as the Sand Mine panorama can make spending time in the garden even more exciting.

coloring book

For the Artist: Adult Coloring Book

We all love to play with colors and drawings when we are kids, and then we forget about how much fun this activity can be. Help your spouse, mom, or grandma rediscover the artist within with an adult coloring book.

And, it has even been seen that it can help with stress and anxiety! Just don’t forget to pair this present with a set of colors to get started with her first masterpiece straight away.


For the Always-Babysitting Gran: Grandma Shark Glass

All grandmothers need a break sometimes, especially those that spend most of their days babysitting the little ones! If she has a sense of humor, she will appreciate the Baby Shark reference on this witty glass.

A humorous and useful gift at the same time, go you!

victrola retro wood radio

For the Music Lover: Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio

If she loves music and her radio is her main companion during the day, it might be a great occasion to upgrade it! And, for this, you won’t need to stick to modern designs that don’t fit her taste. Instead, opt for a high-tech, vintage-looking radio such as the Victrola Retro.

That is a perfect gift to bring back sweet memories – with a useful touch of tech!

bouquets subscription

For the Flower Lover: BloomsyBox – Beautiful Bouquets Subscription

There is no better way to make any room more beautiful and welcoming than a bunch of fresh-cut flowers. While she might be saving up on those, a weekly subscription can be an excellent present for any household.

Indeed, flowers are undoubtedly costly, but their beauty is invaluable. Book your delivery date and the flowers that you would like in your bunch – and don’t forget to pair your gift with a new vase!

log book and notebook

For Those With a Not-So-Good Memory: Organizer, Log Book & Notebook

For this gift, a bit of humor is necessary! So, it is perfect for those in confidence with her and can afford to throw in a joke. While an organizer and logbook is a useful gift, the design of this particular one is also funny and out of the ordinary! These two characteristics make it the perfect gift for a nonna who might have lost her memory, but not her humor!

disrupt aging book

For the Always-Improving Gran: Disrupt Aging by Jo Ann Jenkins

Not all grandmothers are the same. Some are content with their favorite soap opera and a couple of knitting skeins. Others are always looking at improving themselves and find an even better outlook on life.

If yours belongs to the second type, Jo Ann Jenkins’s book is sure to be the best present!

Naipo massage gun

For the One Who Always Needs a Massage: Naipo Massage Gun

Aches and pains are common in all life stages, but once we approach our 70s and 80s, they can be seriously disrupting. This gentle massage gun is perfect for anybody who loves to spend time at a sap, but it is more convenient and can be used at any time.

It also comes with several modes so the user can decide on the best one.


For the Lazy Gardener: Succulents

While gardening has its benefits, not everybody is made to spend time with their hands in soil and dirt. If that’s the case with your spouse or grandmother, opt for succulents. These beautiful plants are bound to create a great atmosphere in any home or room without requiring any care.

For an even better effect, make sure you buy pretty pots that go well with her home’s interiors.

Ancestry DNA

For the Curious Gran: AncestryDNA

Have you ever been curious about your origins, where you come from, and how old your family is? Today we can find out this and much more through DNA tests such as AncestryDNA. These tests come in a comprehensive kit, and your grandmother won’t have to do much aside from taking a swab and sending it back!

This test is an excellent gift for her, but it can also be a fantastic way to find out more about your whole family.

coffee maker

For the Coffee-Lover: Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

A steaming cup of coffee in the morning is one of those unmissable moments that we should not miss out on – not even at 80″ However, operating a drip coffee machine or a more complicated maker can be troublesome for senior citizens.

Your Gran can use this classic coffee maker by pressing just one button – the best way to enjoy a morning cup of coffee to the fullest!

sunrise alarm clock

For the Gran Who Lives Life to the Fullest: Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Waking up early – especially in winter – can be challenging. However, at 80, it is important to live each day to the fullest. Waking up as the sun rises is a great way to make the most out of winter morning and have enough time to do everything you want to during the day.

This sunrise alarm clock by Heimvision is a great way to get up naturally and with sweet natural sounds.

playing cards

For the Serial Card Player: Bicycle Jumbo

Going back to when TV, laptops, and smartphones were not a thing; people would create life-long friendships through playing cards weekly. Now we are all too busy with today’s comforts and distractions, but things help you bond more than an animated game of cards.

And, this gift is the perfect excuse to often stop at your grandmother’s or mum’s house and try to beat her at her favorite games (pro tip: don’t underestimate her, she’s been practicing for longer than you!)

vive walker bag

For the Always-Active Gran: Vive Walker Bag

If she loves going for walks, you can make these daily adventures more comfortable and safer with a walker bag. This bag can be set up on her walking aid and allow her to carry everything she needs for the trip.

You might also decide to complete the kit with a safety device or GPS to be alerted of what she’s up to.

soft cotton yarn collection

For the Gran Who Loves Knitting: Soft Cotton Yarn Collection

There is nothing more typical than a grandmother spending time knitting in front of the fire. While this might be only a romantic idea, some grandmas are still great knitters and can create anything out of yarns and needles!

Giving them a set of cotton yarns might be a great way to encourage them to pick up the knitting needles again.

Make sure you also give her a knitting pattern to follow (what about that fisherman’s sweater you have been eyeing for a while?)


For the Not-So-Eagle-Eyed Gran: 1928 Jewelry Ornate Magnifying Glass

Many skills come and go during life, and eyesight is one that tends to go. While this is normal, it is never too late to find a luxurious and alternative way to offer her the help she needs. This pendant by 1928 Jewelry is a beautiful piece that can complete her collection while also being extremely useful for her daily tasks and chores.

echo dot

For the Techy Gran: All-New Echo Dot

Whether she lives alone or not, it is never too late to get the assistance she needs – even if it comes from a robot! Technologies such as Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant are a great way to streamline daily tasks and add an extra layer of security at home.

bathtub caddy tray

For the One Who Enjoys a Bath: Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Baths represent the ultimate moment of relaxation and peace for everybody, no matter at what age. However, for senior citizens, entering and exiting a bathtub can be not so easy.

Potentially, they have already modified their facilities to enjoy long baths and safe showers.

So, you might consider gifting them with a stylish caddy to be even more comfortable in their bathtub!

vive folding cane

For the Adventurer: Vive Folding Cane

Not everybody needs the same walking aid. Some people might need to have a four-wheel machine, while others are happy with a cane for the road’s most challenging stretches. If your grandmother or elderly spouse needs this type of help, a folding cane might be perfect for getting her back out and enjoying a new adventure.

675 robot vacuum

For the One Who Likes Things in Order: iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

If she is the queen of the house, she should have the right servers! The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner is perfect for those women who need to have everything clean and in order at all times. And, it can help her put her feet up while the machine seamlessly cleans the house!


For the One Who Loves Extra Comfort: Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

If you know that your grandmother might be spending some days or weekends alone this winter, a weighted blanket is an excellent option for her to find the comfort she needs. Also, weighted blankets have been seen to help with anxiety and relieve sleep disorders, so you can count on her having the support she needs at all times.


For the Family Chef: Magnolia Table Cookbook

If your grandmother loves cooking and fills her day by trying new recipes and baking endless cakes, a cookbook can offer her the inspiration she needs for her next dishes! This cookbook Joanna Gaines is a great one for comfort food, family recipes, and simple but delicious cooking

electric pressure cooker

For the Lazy Family Chef: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking is an art, but it is not for everybody. If your grandmother is always torn between inviting the whole family over and cooking for everybody, this present can solve the dilemma! Everything she will need to do is place all the ingredients in the cooker and wait for the magic to happen – an excellent solution to make the whole family happy!

swim set

For the Never-Stopping Swimmer: Firesara Swim Set

Swimming is an excellent activity for senior citizens. Indeed, it can help them maintain their muscle structure strong and healthy. At the same time, this sport does not add pressure and stress to joints and bones, making it the perfect sport for all ages.

This sleek swimming set includes goggles and a nose clip – perfect for swimming at the local pool in winter and the sea in summer.

hot water bottle

For the One Who Is Always Cold: Heated Hot Water Bottle

Winters are made for sipping on hot chocolate, indulge in our favorite comfort foods, and curl up under a blanket on the sofa. Such a cozy feeling is not difficult to achieve, but it can be ruined in just a second if the room is too cold.

A heated hot water bottle with a soft case is ideal for keeping her warm and letting her make the most of winter afternoons!

essential oils

For the Health-Conscious One: Lagunamoon Essential Oils

Some grandmas are more health-conscious than others. If you love to find natural and home-made remedies for all pains and aches, she will love this great collection of natural essential oils. They can be used in a variety of ways and can be extremely beneficial for her health.

hamper snacks box

For the Gran Who Loves a Snack: A Hamper

Since we are kids, we are taught that snacks are the enemy of proper nutrition, fitness goals, and health. However, at 80, life needs to be savored to the fullest – and snacks are certainly part of it! If your grandmother loves to indulge in biscuits or chocolates, a hamper of candied fruit, sweets, and savory snacks is perfect for her!

teas selection box

For the Gran Who Loves Tea: Speciality Teas Selection Box

Late afternoon tea-and-biscuit breaks are perfect to be shared with the ones we love the most. If your grandmother loves to sip tea after a day in the garden, you can join her to share a story or a laugh.

This hamper is perfect for ensuring that she will always have something to offer you on your visits!

thermal socks

For the One Who Walks Barefoot: Non-Slip Thermal Socks

Who needs slippers anymore?! In winter, they might keep your feet warmer, but why not let those toes run free? After all, your Gran spent years on heels during her golden days; now it is time for resting.

These non-slip thermal socks are perfect for giving the toes the space they deserve while adding an extra layer of safety when walking on smooth surfaces such as marble, wooden, or tiled floor.


To Help Her Stay Warm: Chalier Infinity Scarf

Winter is here, but it should not stop any of us from going for refreshing walks in the local park and enjoying the outdoors. After all, vitamin D, fresh air, and sunlight are essential for good health.

Allow your grandmother to enjoy this, too, with a warm infinity scarf lined with fleece!

mat for yoga

For the Yogi: BalanceFrom GoYoga

Mindful practices such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi are excellent practices for senior citizens. They allow them to keep a satisfying range of movement on joints and hips while also helping them remain strong, healthy, and active.

And, of course, it is never too late to take on a new fitness practice!


For the Always-Active Gran: Dumbbells

Some seniors are forcing themselves to the local swimming pool to fit in the doctor’s exercise. Others, instead, are gym fanatics ready to take on the challenge! In this case, new light dumbbells can be a great present!

garden tools set

For the One Who Wants to Take Up Gardening: Scuddles Garden Tools Set

If your grandmother has a garden that she’s always complaining about, encourage her to take up gardening! This activity is excellent all-around: it can make the garden more beautiful and allow your grandmother to be outdoors and stay active.

The Scuddles Garden Tool Set is a great way to make sure she has everything she needs to get started.

sofa armrest organizer

For the Couch Potato: Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer

Some grandmothers are lazier than others; we just got to love them! And, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! You can fit this armrest organizer on any sofa, and it is perfect for holding all the essentials for an afternoon of TV binge-watching, from a TV controller’s holder to a pocket for snacks or a notebook.

photo album

For the One With Loads of Memories: Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

If your spouse is always talking about old memories and anecdotes, giving her a photo album might be the best way to relive the emotion of these moments. And, of course, there is better than spending a Sunday afternoon putting together old photos, identifying old friends in them, and commenting on what they are up to now.

Get the party started with this luxurious album.

Present for Women Over 80: A Buying Guide

When it comes down to buying the perfect gift for women over 80, it is crucial to keep in mind that the same present might not work well for two different people. Indeed, everybody ages in a different way, and while someone might be extremely active and happy to be outdoors, others feel safe only when near enough to their couch or walking aid.

Here are all the considerations to keep in mind.

Sentimental vs. Practical

Above we have seen various gifts, but they might not all be right for your situation. Are you looking for a present for your spouse? Or are you buying it for your grandma? The answers to these questions can put you on the right path.

For example, if you are looking for a present for your aging mother, you might opt for a more practical gift such as a walking cane, moving aid, or safety device. While it might not be the most romantic gift, it allows you to make sure that your aging parents are safe at all times – the best way of caring for them!

Instead, if you are looking for a gift for your wife, a more romantic option such as candles, flowers, or jewelry can help you give it that special touch needed to make it extra special. And, of course, if the gift is for your grandmother, then you are allowed to be witty!

Make Your Gift More Personal

The gifts we have seen above are great, but you should always try to pick one that resonates with the recipient’s character. Indeed, someone might not be so happy to be outdoors, so a gardening kit is not the right gift for them. If you are unsure where to start, asking close relatives or her family can help you identify the perfect gift.

Understand Their Limits and Routine

Women over 80 are no different from other women: they are loving, kind, beautiful, and with a million ideas in their minds. However, they might struggle more to go about their day because of standard pain and aches. So, when looking for a gift, make sure they won’t have problems enjoying it to the fullest.

For example, for someone who loves cooking, a cooking class could be a splendid idea. However, if they struggle to be on their feet for long hours, this experience might exhaust them. In this case, you are better off buying a cooking book or food box subscription.

Mind the Season!

If you feel more active in summer and sluggish in winter, you are not the only one. And, the chances are that your Gran or aging parents are feeling the same. So, make sure you opt for a gift that they can enjoy straight away – whether this is a gardening kit to make the most of spring or a hot water bottle to cuddle up on the sofa.


When it comes down to buying a present for your grandmother, mum, or spouse, it is crucial to keep in mind what resonates with their personality. Whoever, don’t make the mistake of thinking of them as too old to enjoy life to the fullest!

With the necessary adjustments, any woman over 80 can enjoy the things they love the most. What gift are you going to buy her this month? Share your ideas in the comments below!

40 gifts for women over 80

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