30 Zelda Gifts To Bring the Legend to Life

Ask any gamer for their list of the most iconic video game franchises in history. If they fail to mention The Legend of Zelda, you may be wise to just disregard their opinion on the spot.

But on a serious note, in this article, we are covering the 30 best Zelda related gifts for the gamer on your list, so read on!

The Legend Of Zelda Gift Ideas

Nintendo 64 system

Jump Into the Action: Nintendo 64 System

It should not be a surprise to anyone about Zelda that the first gift item up on our list is the Nintendo 64 console.

Released to the public in 1996, this retro gaming system was home to some of the most influential Zelda games in the series’ history.

Despite its antiquity, the N64 console is today, available through amazon at an extremely affordable price.

Of course, many other games may also be enjoyed on this console. Some of the other high-notoriety games for Nintendo 64 include 007 Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Mario 64.

To be considered a true Zelda fan, you must play through the series on the Nintendo 64. This is the greatest way to become acquainted with the series.

Relive the experience of this timeless classic of a console.

wooden music box

If Nostalgia Is What You Desire: Zelda Wooden Music Box

Speaking of nostalgia, next up on this list is the Zelda wooden musical box.

One of the things that made the Zelda series unique and timeless was its incredible musical scores and themes.

This genuine wooden crafted music box features a manual crank arm that, when engaged, will play the main theme song from The Legend of Zelda.

There are no batteries or wires required for this amazing product.

This music box is also great for relaxing and putting to sleep young children, so parents may want to consider it a valuable tool as well.

This music box is guaranteed to give any Zelda fan some warm fuzzy feelings.


For a Legendary Lunchbox: Zelda NES Gold Cartridge Lunchbox

Next up is the NES cartridge novelty lunchbox.

As the name implies, this lunchbox is fashioned in designing a gold-colored NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game cartridge.

This lunchbox is unique, elegant, and very useful for anyone going to school or work.

The Zelda NES lunchbox is promised to keep your meals cold for as long as the day is long; that’s a guarantee.

zelda lounge pants

Look Good With the Franchise You Love: Zelda Lounge Pants

Have you ever had those days where you want to do nothing but play video games from sunup to sundown? Well, if this is what you’re planning, we advise you to do it in comfort.

The Zelda lounge pants, made from 100% cotton fabric, are light, stretchy, and feature the signature “Z” Zelda logo with the sword intersecting through it.

The logo is repeated in wallpaper fashion all over the entirety of the pants.

These Zelda lounge pants can also double as pajama bottoms and are easy to wash.

link cup

Have a Drink With Link: Legend of Zelda Link Cup

The next gift idea on our list is suitable for everyone, the Legend of Zelda Link cup.

This glass cup features an early depiction of the Zelda series’ protagonist link, pictured with a drawn bow and arrow and smiling.

The artistic element that makes this cup particularly exquisite is that it is fashioned in the style of a renaissance stained glass window, which helps capture the game’s feel and essence.

The glass itself holds 13.

4 oz (379.9 g) and is a standard shape, making it very easy to wash.

zelda ocarina with songbook

Make Music Like Magic: Zelda Ocarina With Songbook

The ocarina stands out as possibly the coolest item on this entire list.

Throughout the Zelda series, Link carries with him a magical ocarina, an ancient flute-like instrument.

In particular, this ocarina can perform magical functions (in the game) when the right notes are played in order.

The best part is that this ocarina kit includes a comprehensive songbook with all the best hymns from the game and instructions on playing them.

If you happen to know a musician who is also a Zelda fan, the ocarina is the epitome of a perfect gift selection.

socks set

Wear It While You Walk: Legend of Zelda Socks (3-Pack)

Everyone needs and can use a new pair of socks from time to time as their old ones begin to wear, but why get just any socks?

These medium length socks come in a 3-pack, featuring three colors: green, blue, and greyish purple.

The socks themselves are 98% polyester and 2% spandex, so they are sure to last and keep you warm.

The logos on the socks are of a triforce from the original pixelated version, so they have a cool retro look.

What is not to love?

makeup brush set

For the Makeup Artists Who Can’t Get Enough: Legend of Zelda Makeup Brush Set

Makeup and makeup accessories are one of the most sought-after and popular items in all retail periods. That is why it should be plain to see what an incredible gift item this Legend of Zelda themed makeup brush set will make.

The various brushes are fashioned to resemble scaled-down versions of Link’s various swords throughout his quests.

If you are shopping for someone who is fond of makeup and Zelda, you need not look any further than this.

plush doll

Your Own Miniature Model: Link Stuffed Plush Doll

A list like this would simply be incomplete if not for the inclusion of a Link plush doll.

This plush down is very well suited for gifting to younger children, but truth be told, even adults will love this toy.

Standing at 11 inches (2.54 cm) tall, this cute little stuffed Link doll was crafted with meticulous precision and detail, matching the on-screen character’s look nearly perfect.

Put it on your bed, display it on your shelf, take it wherever you go; no matter what you do, this gift will be a hit.


Shield You While You Sleep: Legend of Zelda Shield Fleece Blanket

In keeping with the novel theme, we decided to include this awesome Legend of Zelda fleece blanket.

However, the thing that makes this blanket different from any other is that it is fabricated in Link’s signature shield and is, therefore, not your typical old boring rectangular blanket.

While this may not be the most practical blanket for sleeping with, due to its shape, as just previously mentioned, it makes for an extremely cool display when draped over the bed or up the back of the couch.

You really can not beat this blanket for the price and quality.

baby bib

Prevent Mess With the Best: Legend of Zelda Baby Bib

There have already been a few very cute gift ideas showcased on our list thus far, but this takes the cake.

For the new parents out there who like to relax from their parental duties once in a while and partake in a little bit of leisurely Zelda action, this one’s for you.

This 2-piece bib is created to depict the classic uniform that Link wears as a child in his younger years of the franchise. The green chest plate with the shield on the back will make your child look like the legendary Link, and what parent would not be proud of that?

We have a feeling this bib is so cool your child won’t want to take it off.


Put Your Money Where Your Magic Is: Faux Leather Zelda Link Wallet

A wallet can be a very good gift idea, particularly for teens to older people who have many cards and coins to carry around with them. This faux leather Zelda wallet will do just that and look incredible at the same time.

The best thing about this wallet is that it doesn’t look gimmicky or ridiculous at all; in fact, it is very formal and dashing looking.

The wallet is sewn from dark green and purple patches and has a triforce badge on the outside.

The product itself is officially licensed as well, so you can rest assured you are not getting some knock off a piece here. This Legend of Zelda wallet is the real deal.

wireless phone charging

For When You Need a Charge: Zelda Wireless Phone Charging Magic Circle

In today’s day and age, if you do not possess a smartphone, you might as well be from another planet. For this reason, the Zelda wireless phone charging magic circle is a universal gift.

This thing is so awesome it is hard to know where to start.

The design has a Sheika rune lettering that lights up and makes sounds that can be toggled on or off to not disturb you.

To charge your mobile phone, simply place it in the center of the circle.

No cords, no fuss.

This charger is high-speed and works very quickly to recharge your phone’s battery with very little wait time.

This gift item deservedly gets a 10/10 from us, and the price is shockingly reasonable.

zelda magnets

Stick It to Your Fridge: Zelda Magnets

Easy, collectible, universal, and inexpensive, these Zelda magnets are great for tacking important reminders to the fridge and showing off for fellow gamer guests who stop by for dinner.

The magnets themselves are strong, durable, reliable, and feature little scenes and symbols related to The Legend of Zelda game.

If you want something thoughtful without breaking the bank, give these some serious consideration.

zelda 6 item collector box

When Variety Is What You Yearn: Zelda 6 Item Collector Box

This item is different from all others on this list because it is actually multiple gifts in one.

This 6-item collectors box comes with a blanket, a map of Hyrule, a triforce Zelda pencil, a water bottle, an ornamental sword and shield, and a collectible Link pin.

If you are looking for multiple items in one, we included this for you.

replica toy sword

Become the Hero: Legend of Zelda Replica Toy Sword

If there is one thing that we can say is true amongst most children, they are, often, fascinated with swords.

This is not just any sword, however, but Link’s signature sword.

The sword itself is not real nor harmful, so it is safe to play.

Furthermore, it is also an officially licensed product, so you know that a lot of time and attention to detail went into making sure every last thing was perfect.

While this sword was intended for older children, it can also be a very good collector’s piece for grown adults.


Challenge Yourself With Friends & Family: Legend of Zelda Hyrule 550 PC Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to bring together friends and family, change the mind and instill problem-solving skills, and they provide a sense of great fulfillment upon their completion.

This Zelda puzzle is a dull and ancient-looking map of the land of Hyrule and features 550 pieces, so while this puzzle is not extraordinarily difficult, it is by no means a walk in the park either.

The thing that adds to this puzzle’s difficulty is the fact that the entire thing is more or less one color. But if you are a Zelda player, you are used to challenges and problem solving and will have no difficulty conquering this puzzle.


Take Down Notes: Zelda Paladone Journal/Notebook 100 Pages

Often, writing things down can help improve productivity and organize your thoughts and/or routine.

Starting a journal is always beneficial for everyone, which is why we added the Zelda Paladone journal book to our list.

The book’s inside features a map of Hyrule and 100 lined pages with a Zelda graphic at the bottom of each.

The binding of this journal book is extremely durable and crafted to last.

This book is ideal for any Zelda fan who needs to take down grocery lists, phone numbers or create reminders, and it can also be used in the office.

The options here are limitless.

3D rupee light

Light Up the Legend: Zelda 3D Rupee Light

Many people will be able to relate to the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night to do something and being faced with either turning on the light in the room and blinding oneself or stumbling recklessly through the dark; the Zelda 3D rupee light solves all of that.

This light is made to look like a large 3D green rupee mounted on a concrete pedestal.

The light is bright enough for comfort during the nighttime but not so bright that it overpowers the user.

When the rupee light is turned on, it creates a green glow that looks incredibly majestic.


Wear It on Your Wrist: Titanium Triforce Symbol Zelda Bracelet

Bracelets never go out of style and can be worn by anyone. This is why the titanium triforce Zelda bracelet is such a safe bet gift idea.

This titanium bracelet is strong, waterproof, and comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee for 60 days.

The bracelet itself comes imprinted with subtly sized triforce logos from the classic series.

Double-check the size requirements before the purchase to ensure a proper fit.


Slip Into Comfort: Zelda Triforce Logo Slippers

Slippers are essential for those who want to maximize their comfort at home.

Slippers are ideal when you want to step outside quickly to check the mail or take the recycling out, or even just for lounging around the living room.

These Zelda triforce logo slippers are sure to know a Zelda fan’s socks off, quite literally…

These slippers are black, feature the triforce logo directly on the top of the foot, and are full foot slippers instead of half slippers, so they will keep your feet warm and secure.

ocarina of time N64 cartrigde

An Essential Gift for Any Zelda Fan: Ocarina of Time N64 Cartridge

At the onset of this list, we featured the Nintendo 64 console, and now we include its greatest counterpart: the Ocarina of Time N64 game cartridge.

Nintendo 64 is arguably the greatest video game console of all time, and Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is one of the best games that was ever released on the platform.

The Ocarina of Time is very much as relevant today as it was back when it was originally released.

Relive the memories with this timeless classic.


A Necklace To Commemorate: Majora’s Mask Pendant Necklace

One of the best ways to show your adoration for something is to wear a necklace bearing its pendant.

The pendant itself is silver plated and fashioned in the shape of Majora’s mask, a very important part of the Legend of Zelda.

The pendant is suspended from a simple necklace made of rope, which gives it a rustic look and makes it very attractive.

When it comes to this necklace, the beauty lies in its straightforward authenticity.


For Computer Enthusiasts: Legend of Zelda Mousepad

If you are looking for a Zelda related gift for someone who is also an avid desktop computer user, this Zelda mouse pad will knock it out of the park.

This bright and colorfully designed mouse pad graphic depicts a sword penetrating a stone sculpture with a blue flame emerging from it.

It never hurts to have a new mouse pad.

wolf link action figure

For the Collectors: Wolf Link Action Figure

When we speak of collectibles, one of the first things that come to mind is action figures.

This figure is rare, in particular, because it shows Link as ‘Wolf Link,’ a modified version of the usual main character.

In the game The Twilight Princess, Link is transformed into a wolf and tasked with saving Hyrule.

A Zelda themed action figure collection is not complete without a Wolf Link.

Zelda hyrule historia book

A Reader’s Delight: Hyrule Historia Hardcover Book

Another gift idea for the reader on your list.

This book is 280 pages of pure Zelda brilliance.

This quality hardcover book features comic strips, mini-stories, Zelda history, animations, the evolutions of characters, maps, weapons, spells, etc.

If you can think of it, this book has it.

There is no doubt Zelda fans will want to read this book cover to cover more than a couple of times.

airpod case

A Music Lover’s Delight: Legend of Zelda AirPod Case

Apple AirPods is a great product that has grown immensely in popularity.

These wireless headphones pack some serious audio output power and are sleek and stylish to boot.

There is only one drawback to the AirPods; they get lost easily.

This Legend of Zelda Apple AirPod carrying case solves that problem.

This case, which displays the Zelda logo, will keep your AirPods safe and secure and prevent them from becoming damaged.

The Zelda AirPod case can also attach to a keychain or onto your jeans for quick access and convenience.


Stay Warm in Legendary Style: Link Animated Hoodie

Sweaters and hoodies always make a very good gift for just about anyone, regardless of who they are. For this reason, we felt compelled to include a Zelda hoodie on this list. We did not include just any Zelda hoodie, however.

This particular hoodie is animated with Link’s graphic, pictured from behind, looking out over a cliff into the valleys while brandishing a sword.

This image is breathtaking, and while this sweater is available in many different variations and styles, we felt this one stands above the others.

This Zelda hoodie’s fabric is 80% polyester and 20% spandex, so it is stretchy, breathable, and easy to wash.

halloween mask

For the Cosplayer on Your List: Majora’s Halloween Mask

Finally, closing out this list at number 30 is Majora’s mask cosplay/Halloween facemask.

This particular mask is made entirely from latex and is one size fits all.

You will definitely turn some heads and garner a lot of attention if you show up anywhere in this mask.

In the best way possible, Zelda fans will lose their mind at the sight of Majora’s mask.

Who knows, with this mask, you may just end up king/queen of the comic con.

Zelda Presents: a Buyers Guide

Before jumping right into Zelda, there are some things you should know about the franchise.

Zelda is a video game franchise that was first released in 1986.

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time debuted on the Nintendo 64 console in 1998 and carried the series to household name status.

The main protagonist of the series, an elf-like boy/man, named Link.

The story takes place in a fictional medieval-like land called Hyrule.

Over the decades, the game has grown and evolved, and there is a lot to know about the history, the character plots, and the working of the world. For this reason, Zelda has amassed a massive following of extremely loyal fans.

The Zelda fanbase will be very receptive to memorabilia of all shapes and forms, and this list has plenty of it. Anything to pay homage to the franchise is well sought after by fans.

The Legend of Zelda is not unlike other franchises—like Star Wars, Dune, or Lord of the Rings—in the sense that all have a very vast world and storyline behind them that the casual observer is likely to be unaware of. To truly appreciate the Legend of Zelda in all of its glory, it is necessary to take a deep dive into the wonderful sub storylines that serve as a foundation to one of the greatest games in history.

Many of the items featured here on this list are intended to build the recipient’s knowledge around the franchise and give them a plethora of information that they may not have already known about the series.

Zelda memorabilia can vary from extremely affordable and inexpensive to rare and pricey. Everything from casual gift items to large purchases can be found in the Zelda genre, so everyone has a gift.

To learn more about the Zelda series in all its glorious complexity, visit the official website here.

Now, here is our list of the 30 best Zelda gifts to bring the legend to life without further adieu.

Final Thoughts

If you liked the memorabilia featured on this list, share the article with a fellow Zelda fanatic. If you can think of anything we missed, please comment and tell us your favorite Zelda themed gift idea.

As always, game on!

30 zelda gifts


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