32 Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1-Year-Old Girl

Congratulations on your little girl’s first birthday! Are you stumped on what to get her for gifts? Or, are you a friend or family member who is short for ideas? If so, we have this gift guide for you.

Not only will you find a wide assortment of gifts a one-year-old girl will love but they’ll also be memory-makers as well.

A first birthday is a milestone moment. Therefore, choosing gifts can reflect that, how the child’s personality is developing, or any combination of the two. The ultimate goal is to have fun, and it’s our hope this gift guide will inspire you throughout the process!

Birthday Presents for a 1-Year-Old Girl

grow candle baby present

Celebrate The First of Many: Grow & Glow Birthday Candle 1-18 Years with Keepsake Book

Why focus on the first birthday when you can have a keepsake that celebrates their first eighteen? The Grow & Grow Candle is a keepsake parents and children can cherish every year. Give it to parents on their child’s first birthday.

Every year afterward, they can use it until their child turns eighteen. The balloon motif on the candle is whimsical and will work for a boy or girl’s birthday celebration. The set includes a candle, as well as a storybook.

The candle measures 8″ x 4″ x 16″. Store it in a cool and dry location in between each use.

my first soft book assortment of toddler gifts

Give the Gift of Early Education: My First Soft Book

While board books are commonly the go-to choice for early reader books. However, there’s a temptation for babies and toddlers to put things in their mouths. Board books are no exception. So, giving a 1-year-old girl a non-toxic fabric book is an excellent solution.

These books are colorful, feature crinkle pages, and other fun sensory sections. You’ll be giving the birthday girl a pack of six fabric books. The books features numbers, vehicles, vegetables, animal worlds, sea worlds, and fruit.

Each book is machine washable, so parents don’t have to worry about any mishaps that may occur during playtime.

building blocks toy bag

Build Memories: Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, Pink, 80 Piece

As soon as a child turns one, they’re ready to start exploring and copying those around them. That means practicing with blocks, stacking, pulling blocks apart, knocking things down, and copying adults when they build.

Pink Mega Blocks offer a wealth of opportunities for the birthday girl to enhance her creative, physical, cognitive, social, and language development. The set contains eighty blocks in an eco-friendly zip-up storage bag.

She’ll find bright pink colors that are easy to pick up, put together, and put away when it’s time to clean up. Parents will love that these plastic blocks are easy to wash.


The Gift of Music: YGJT Baby Music Toys Piano

Watching a young face light up as they make discoveries is magical. This light up keyboard helps bring some of that magic to life. As children continue to learn how to use it, their excitement grows. In the beginning, they’ll learn finger movements.

The developmental benefits will continue. Your birthday girl will see language enhancements, develop music skills, understand observations, and begin figuring out communication. She’ll learn language skills, about insects, how to grasp, hold things, pull, press, and more! Because this keyboard has large buttons, it’s an excellent choice for a first birthday gift and, with two learning modes, she won’t grow out of it anytime soon.

sit to stand walker for baby girls

Teach and Walk: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, Pink

Children learn to walk at different ages and stages. However, it isn’t uncommon to see them getting up and pushing things around when they’re learning. That’s where this pink sit and stand learning walker by VTech comes into play.

It’s brimming with activities any girl would love on her first birthday! There’s five piano keys, spinning rollers, shape sorters, light-up buttons, and a pretend telephone. More than seventy sing-along songs are available, as well as sound effects and fun phrases.

The colors and textures, as well as the wheels and handle, will keep this little girl busy! Not only will this walker encourage her creativity, but it will also help develop her fine motor skills.

school bus blue toy for babies

The Wheels on the Bus: EFOSHM Intellectual School Bus Baby Toy

Pushing around a vehicle with moving wheels teaches a baby a lot. When you add other elements to that vehicle, like a multi-functioning bus, your one-year-old has many more learning opportunities. The toy school buses of yesteryear had nothing on this one.

This school bus features a xylophone on top, shape slot windows, shape blocks to push through the windows, a pulling rope, and a colorful bead sorter on top. The bear that is driving the bus shakes, and both the doors open and close.

Each of the shape blocks features a different color, as well as a letter of the alphabet.

chunky pegs retail packaging

Build, Match, and Stack: ALEX Jr. Tots First Chunky Pegs

There are many opportunities to learn about colors and shapes, including while building and stacking. These pegs offer an excellent opportunity to do both. The set includes a peg board and an assortment of pegs.

When playing with this board, children can sort the pegs by color or shape. They can also stack them and sort them by shape. Parents can ask their daughter questions like, “find me red,” when they first start using the board.

Then, as they progress, they can work toward asking, “Can you find me the orange star?” These pegs are ideal for little hands, and the board helps parents teach their child about cleaning up.

wooden block for baby

Create a Memory: Personalized Block for Baby First Birthday Gift

Create a cherished memory on your child’s first birthday with this personalized block. Or, if you’re a friend or a loved one who would like to give something special during a first birthday, this block is a great idea.

It measures 2″ x 2″ x 2″ and can include all the personal details of the birthday girl. You can add details including her date of birth, weight, inches, parent’s names, and a personal note. It’s also possible to select a wooden or optional paint finish.

This wooden block keepsake will last for years and can pass from generation to generation.

my first plush purse

Giver Her the Gift of Style: GUND Personalized My First Purse

Playing dress-up is a fun way for 1 year old little girls or baby girls of all ages to express themselves and explore new things. This plush purse allows you to personalize it with the birthday girl’s name, and it reads, “My First Purse.

” It contains a set of play keys, a mobile phone, compact, and a credit cards that reads, “My First Credit Card.” The compact opens, is squeaky, and has a mirror. The mobile phone has pretend buttons and also features a mirror.

The mobile phone also has musical features! The purse measures approximately 8 inches long by six inches long by 2 inches wide. She’ll have fun putting each of her items inside, taking them out, and using them.

pretty party playset

Serve Up Some Goodies: VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

It isn’t uncommon for toddlers to want to copy the adults around them. So, having a kitchen playset is an excellent gift idea for the little girl in your life. She’ll love playing with this tray full of morsels of food, cups, and a pitcher of pretend lemonade.

The set features sing-along songs and, when the pitcher tips, the liquid inside simulates real pouring. Each time foods are placed in the correct spot; the set will sing a song. Little girls can also pretend to have tea parties with this set.

The little girl in your life will have fun playing this set every day!


Her First Rocker: Classic Child’s Porch Rocker, Pink

Receiving “firsts” are going to be occurring a lot throughout a little girl’s life. She’s going to see a lot and want to mimic many of what she likes. You’ll find this is especially true if she sees someone rocking in a chair.

She’ll want to do the same. That’s where this classic pink rocker is an ideal gift. It measures 14.5″ x 18.5″ x 22.5″ and is excellent for children between the ages one and four. It weights approximately eighty pounds, so it will stay put as she climbs on and off.

This rocker features a classic porch rocker design and is made from kiln-dried hardwood.

glow unicorn toy

Give the Gift of Magic: Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy

Unicorns are all about being magical. Light up a little girl’s life on her first birthday with this Rock & Glow Unicorn toy. It features two modes, one mode is “fun,” and the other is “play.” With each touch of this unicorn’s horn, it starts playing songs, lights shine, and it makes sounds.

In “play” mode, she’ll discover colors, numbers, and shapes. Your 1-year-old girl will also have fun chasing this unicorn across the room and, each time she touches it, that will make it change directions! As soon as the little girl in your life starts playing with this unicorn, she’ll have a world of learning and fun opportunities ahead!

wooden educational toy

For Girls On-the-Go: Pink Color 4 in 1 Wooden Educational Toy

As the little girl in your life reaches her first birthday, she’s going to be on the move more and more. She’ll love playing with this 4-in-1 wooden toy set. Not only can she push and pull it, but it’s also full of other fun activities.

She can stack wooden blocks, play with a mirror, and have fun with a bead maze. Each time she interacts with this toy, she’ll improve her independent thinking, as well as her hand-eye coordination. The smooth wooden shapes allow for easy moving and safety.

Parents can work with their children while using this toy regarding color and shape learning.

birthday cake toy for baby

A Cake She Can Play With: Amy & Benton Kids Birthday Cake Toy for Baby & Toddlers

In the grand tradition of playing with the baby’s first birthday cake, this toy fits that theme perfectly. It’s a child’s birthday cake toy featuring counting candles, a balloon, stary, lips, lights, and music.

This cake has five candles and, each time you press the star, one candle lights up. Then, after the song plays, blow out the candle! Each time you press the balloon, the “Happy Birthday” song plays. They can blow the candles out through the “blow hole” feature in the lips, and the candles will go out! As the little girl in your life continues to grow with this cake toy, she’ll learn the songs and how to interact!

picnic basket toy

Let’s Go On a Picnic: LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the living room, in her bedroom, or in the backyard, little girls love to go on picnics. You can help her achieve that goal with the LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket.

She can pretend to have a picnic while simultaneously learning about shapes, colors, textures, and food. The picnic basket is complete with a happy face, lift up lid, instrumental music, and fun sound effects.

The set includes six food items, two cups, two forks, two plates, one basket, and one blanket. As she plays with this picnic set, she’ll enhance her gross motor skills, learn to sort, figure out how to stack, and develop an understanding for filling and emptying.

porcelain figurine

Capture the Moment: Precious Moments, Growing In Grace, Age 1

Little girls have a playful side, and you can show how much you adore that with this Precious Moment’s keepsake. These figurines are a beautiful way of preserving milestone moments, including a little girl’s first birthday.

This Precious Moments “Growing in Grace” figurine features the number one in a heart, as well as a cake featuring the number one. It measures approximately 3.5″ high, is made from bisque porcelain, and is expertly handpainted.

It’s available in either blonde or brunette hairstyles. Add this porcelain figurine to the birthday girl’s shelf of collectibles or display it in another area of the home alongside a picture from her first birthday.

baby doll sweet scents

Baby’s First Baby: Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Sweet Scents

One thing you may notice is the little girl in your life’s desire to nurture. Therefore, giving her a baby doll is a great gift idea for her first birthday. This baby doll features a birthday theme and, each time she’s given a hug, she releases a sweet vanilla scent.

Her ultra-soft fabric makes the temptation to hug her often irresistible! She has a magnetic pacifier, removable diaper, and dress with a velcro enclosure. That way, her 1 year old little hands can learn how to dress and care for their babies with ease.

She also comes with a removable tiara, bib, and cupcake. The bib reads, “Happy birthday.”

picture frame

Say Cheese: Lillian Rose 1st Birthday Picture Frame, Pink

With everything going digital, you’ll surprise parents by giving them a gorgeous picture of their child in a cute frame on their daughter’s first birthday. Show off the little girl in your life during her first birthday with this sweet flower frame.

Capturing her first birthday with this gift will make a memorable keepsake to cherish for years. The frame will hold a 3″ x 3″ picture and reads, “1st Birthday.” It’s the ideal gift for those who are looking for a pink or flower theme to go along with their keepsake items.

Because it doesn’t take up much room, parents can showcase this frame for years.

fat brain toys klickity

Sensory Fun: Fat Brain Toys Klickity Baby Toy

Giving the gift of learning will never go out of style. Here’s an opportunity where the 1st birthday girl can learn cause and effect with a toy that encourages sensory exploration and strengthens gross motor skills.

Each time she uses this toy, she’ll be stimulating her ears and eyes with bright colors, sounds, and movements. The soft rubber on the tops of each ball feature textures she can explore. Each ball will spin, and they’re also filled with rattling beads.

The vivid colors will encourage her to push, pull, squeeze, and spin each of the balls on this toy. There’s a rubber grip on the bottom, so it’s stable during playtime.

baby bike

Baby’s First Bicycle: XJD Baby Balance Bikes

She’s on-the-go, and the means she needs some wheels! Getting her a pink bicycle for her first birthday makes sense for your busy toddler! XJD Baby Balance Bikes are ideal for children ages ten to twenty-four months.

They have four wheels, are slip-resistant, and don’t have pedals. The handlebars and four-wheel design are developed to help toddlers develop balance. There’s also a safe turning limit that helps prevent your little rider from falling down on their side.

The bike measures 14″ x 7.8″ x 18.9″ x 9″. She’ll love walking this bike around as she gains coordination, stability, and strength.

wooden horse toddler swing set

Soar to Great Heights: Ecotribe Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

If there’s someone available to push, a child loves to swing for hours. That’s where this wooden horse toddler swing set is an excellent gift idea. It’s made from eco-friendly and safe materials. Its safe bucket seat means toddlers are surrounded by full support as they swing.

It’s ideal for children ages six months to three years old. You can set this swing up either indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile piece of play equipment. No matter if you’re giving this as a gift for a parent’s patio area or as an accessory for their child’s playground, it will be a hit during the first birthday party!

pink piggy bank

Never Too Early for Money Smarts: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

This pink piggy bank looks just like a traditional coin bank. It’s a lot more fun to fill, though! Each time your little saver puts in one of the coins, they’re fine-tuning their gross-motor skills and concentration.

Ten colorful coins stamped with animals on one side and numbers on the other are included. Phrases, songs, and sounds are played each time the birthday girl pushes the snout, opens the door, or puts coins through the slot.

The piggy will say things including, “Find another coin,” when she drops coins into its back. Parents can select different learning levels as their daughter continues growing.

wooden kids activity cube

Broaden Her Horizons: Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube – Girls Gift Set

Having a wide variety of activities is something every toddler loves to see when they walk into their play area. When you give this play cube, as well as stacking cubes and board book, to the birthday girl, she’ll have dozens of fun and educational opportunities to keep her busy! This girls gift set is ideal for children ages twelve to twenty-four months.

They’ll learn about colors, shapes, math, and pattern recognition. Parents can detach the bead maze, so their daughter can play with that separately. The top will also flip over for easy clean-up and storage.

The sturdy wooden construction also means this toy will last for years.

Vtech sort and discover drum

Colorful Learning: VTech Sort and Discover Drum

As soon as children reach twelve months of age, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to new learning experiences. These colorful geometric blocks introduce young learners to shapes, colors, and stacking.

The first birthday girl will see a flower with a smile in the center. When she dumps the colors off, she’ll see five different shapes and pegs she needs to match to each shape. She can sort the colors, match them by shape, and then put them on the board.

The multi-color aspect will keep her attracted to this puzzle toy. She’ll love figuring out which peg goes where and creating the colorful flower.


Give the Gift of Gab: KITY Toys Phone for Kids Educational Toys

Little learners love to mimic what they see at this age. So, when your daughter or the little girl in your life see a cell phone, they’ll use items to pretend they’re talking on a phone. That’s where this birthday gift idea is one that can’t be missed.

It’s a toy cell phone featuring learning opportunities. She’ll learn about numbers, shapes, words, and more each time she uses this play cell phone! This cell phone encourages the use of motor skills, and strengthens sight and hearing as well.

The curved handset allows the birthday girl to carry her phone around easily. She’ll hear songs and ringtones while seeing colorful lights and listening to crisp laughter!

Vtech turn and learn driver toy

For the Early Driver: VTech Turn and Learn Driver

There’s something about every little person wanting to get behind the wheel no matter their age. This gift idea for a first birthday girl is all about pretending to drive. The steering wheel helps a cute dog character move back and forth.

Colorful buttons on the control panel introduce your young driver to different vehicle sounds while they also see what they look like and numbers. They can shift, use their directional, honk the horn, turn the key, and obey traffic lights.

There’s also a mirror on the right to help them see what’s behind them! With all the colors, lights, and sounds this toy makes, this gift will be the hit of the party!

pull and sing puppy

Her First Puppy: VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Give the little girl in your life her first puppy for her first birthday. Except, this one doesn’t shed, doesn’t need training, and will turn off at the end of each day. How is this possible? It’s a VTech Pull and Sing Puppy.

She’ll love that it’s a puppy all her own and her parents will love that it’s a toy. Each time she pushes or pulls her puppy, it activates learning adventures. It plays music as well as sounds, lights up, and will keep attracting your little one’s attention.

She’ll learn about numbers, shapes, and colors. There’s more than sixty songs, sounds, phrases, and melodies. So, she’ll have no shortage of fun when playing with her puppy and learning from it as well!

Camera toy

For the Shutterfly: KIDTOY Camera Toy for 1-6 Year Old Boy Girl

In our ever-evolving digital world, introducing our youngsters to technology can never happen too soon. That’s especially true when they’re seeing us taking pictures of them all the time. They’ll want to have a camera of their own.

So, why not include that in their selection of first birthday gifts? This camera is ideal for children ages one to six, is water-resistant, and non-toxic. Each time they push a different button, they’ll learn something new.

There’s music, disco, and laughter buttons on the front. They’ll also learn about vehicles, land animals, marine animals, and birds. The colors and textures on this camera also help early learners. As your child progresses, she can use the projection function to see four different cards featuring rich patterns.

teddy bear plush pink

Her First Teddy: Baby GUND My First Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush, Pink

Cuddling with a teddy bear is something sweet and sentimental many little girls love doing. This birthday gift is all about tender moments with the little girl in your life and her new pink teddy bear.

You’ll be giving her a ten-inch teddy bear featuring a pink ribbon and, on its left foot, it reads, “My First Teddy.” It’s perfect for cuddling, hugging, and using for playtime. Because it’s machine-washable, parents will love that they can keep this lifelong friend clean.

The birthday girl will love that she has a companion she can carry with her during naptime, in the middle of the night, and on trips.

musical rhymes book

Flashy Reading: VTech Musical Rhymes Book, Pink

It’s never too soon to introduce reading, rhymes, and music to the little girl in your life. On her first birthday, consider giving her the pink VTech Musical Rhymes Book. This book is ideal for children ages six months to three years of age.

With five different musical option buttons to press, there’s no shortage of fun opportunities. Each time she turns the page, there’s something new. The cover features a sliding bear, and there’s a light up star on the spine.

A button on the spine allows you to switch from music mode or play mode. She’ll learn about instruments and rhyming with this colorful and fun book! The washable surface makes this a great gift should mishaps occur.

airplane toy

Take Her on an Imaginative Trip: My First Plane Airplane Toy for Babies, Toddlers

Pretending to go on trips is an excellent way to encourage imaginative play. The little girl in your life may not be going on extensive vacations, but that doesn’t mean her imagination isn’t. So, why not include this My First Plane in her first birthday gift ideas? Buttons on the top of the plane help her learn about letters, numbers, and colors.

When it’s in use, she’ll also see vibrant and colorful lights. There are two play modes, one for practicing her ABC’s and one for playing music. She’ll love pretending to make this airplane fly, or pushing it around on its wheels.

If this plane is driving itself around, it has “bump and go” action. So, it will keep moving even if it hits something.

crawl ball

Learning On-the-Go: VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

Learning on-the-go happens easily with VTech’s Wiggle and Crawl Ball. You can add this to your list of first birthday gifts for the little girl in your life and she’ll love all it has to offer. Not only does it light up and sing, but it also has buttons to press and it wiggles and wobbles.

The ball moves and wiggles, so it will attract her to play with it more. Each time your one year old pushes a button, she learns more. There are five flashing lights encouraging interaction. She’ll learn about colors and numbers from the six interactive animal buttons.

This wiggle and crawl ball is best suited for children ages six months to three years.


Choosing a gift for the little girl in your life’s first birthday doesn’t have to be stressful. You can select something she can learn from, she’ll love to pretend with, that will create a memory, or a cherished keepsake.

There’s a wealth of opportunities for helping her develop cognitively, as well as creatively, independently, and imaginatively with the different gifts you choose.

Don’t limit yourself to something that’s pretty, pink, or full of flowers. Instead, consider selecting gifts that will encourage her to grow, explore, use her senses, and have fun!

That way, she’ll keep going to these things over and over, and they’ll continue attracting her attention until her next birthday!

40 birthday gifts for a 1 year old girl

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