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46 Hippopotamus Gifts That Will Start a Stampede

There’s nothing like the majestic sight of a 3,000-pound hippopotamus snorting its nose and stomping its feet in a dirty swamp. If you know someone who is deeply moved by these wondrous displays, here are just a few hippo gifts to drive them wild! 46 Hippopotamus Gift Ideas 3 Considerations

Gift Basket for Book Lovers: 42 Ideas to Treat Yo’ Shelf

Are you trying to create the ultimate gift basket for book lovers? You’d better upgrade the size of your wicker. Here are 42 goodies that will stuff that gift basket to the brink! Gift Basket for Book Lovers – 42 Ideas Creating the Perfect Gift Basket There’s an art to

60th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas That Don’t Pull Any Punches

They’ve seen a lot of sh*t by the time that they hit 60. Furthermore, they’ve gotten all of the bathrobes and cookware sets that they could want. You’ll need to buy something special to impress them after all of these years, so here are just a few 60th birthday gag

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