50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men To Celebrate Good Times

The grim reaper is approaching… but before he gets here, there’s still time to throw a party!

If you know someone who is about to celebrate the big 5-0, here are just a few 50th birthday gifts for men that will surprise him, delight him or make him hate your passive-aggressive humor forever.

50th Birthday Gifts for Men

star wars T-shirt

Because You’re Never Too Old to be a Nerd: Star Wars Yoda 50th Birthday T-Shirt

If he was around when the first Star Wars tickets only cost $2, give him a blast from the past with this funny t-shirt. It bears a colorful print of the original Yoda as he proclaims, “Turn fifty you must.

” Old Yoda isn’t the adorable little rugrat that Baby Yoda is, but he’s the OG, so he’ll be a good match for the OG in your life.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.


When His Age Scares the Crap Out of Him: Happy 50th Birthday Toilet Paper

The best gag gifts are ones that are actually useful, and once he’s done scowling at you for this 50th birthday toilet paper, he’ll take it to the bathroom like he should. What else is he going to do with it? It’s fully-functional toilet paper; it’s just been printed with a smiling poop emoji that declares, “Holy s**t, you’re 50!” It’s even made with biodegradable materials so that it’s perfectly safe for septic tanks.

There’s no excuse for him not to use it.

100 movies scratch poster

For the Film Aficionado: 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If he loves nothing more than to sit back in his recliner with his feet propped up and a good movie playing, this is the gift for him. It offers 100 different scratch-off boxes for classic movies of all genres.

He’ll get to reward himself for those repeated marathons of No Country for Old Men, and he’ll have to challenge himself with the occasional viewing of Dirty Dancing.

vintage candy box

If He Has a Sweet Tooth: 50th Birthday Retro Candy Box

Take him back to childhood with the crackle of Pop Rocks on his tongue. This vintage candy box comes with an assortment of colorful, bite-sized treats that have been carefully packaged to look just like they did when bell bottoms were around.

The Charms have their original block letters from the ’70s; the Now-or-Laters are priced at a whopping 25 cents. This is a gift that will be equal parts tasty and nostalgic.

unusual knowledge book

To Make Him Even Better at Trivial Pursuit: The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Keep him occupied with The Book of Unusual Knowledge, a 700-page tome that covers everything from the feeding habits of cows to the UFOs that were allegedly spotted by Ronald Regan. It’s the exact kind of sitting-on-the-toilet book that every man secretly craves, so it should become a fixture in his bathroom.

senior citizen T-shirt

If He Needs A Little Help to Be Hip: Senior Citizen Texting Code Shirt T-Shirt

While not strictly a 50th birthday gift, this t-shirt is more than appropriate for someone who has fallen out of touch with modern slang. He’ll be able to bring himself into the current century with all of today’s texting lingo, including BFF (best friend fell), LMDO (laughing my dentures out) and ROFLACGU (rolling on the floor laughing and can’t get up).

whiskey stones gift set

To Keep His Drink Pure: Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If you’ve never heard of whiskey stones, they’re smooth glass balls that can be frozen and dropped into a whiskey glass to keep the drink chilled. They won’t dilute the alcohol or change its flavor, so they’re a great alternative to ice.

If your dad likes to enjoy a nice glass of Jack Daniels in the evening, give him this luxurious crystal whiskey set that includes balls, glasses, coasters, tongs and a velvet bag for storage.

you know you Are 50 when book

Now With a Large Print Edition: “You Know You’re Fifty When” Paperback Book

If he’s climbing the hill with good humor, he should get a kick out of You Know You’re Fifty When. It’s filled with jokes, stories and anecdotes from fellow geezers, and everything is both hilarious and hilariously relatable.

Is his main form of exercise getting up to find the remote? Has “twice in one night” started to refer to bathroom visits rather than sexy times? It’s time to admit that he’s 50.

accessory display case

For the Sharp-Dressed Man: Men’s Accessory Display Case With Lock and Keys

At 50 years old, he’s probably got all of the watches and cuff links that he could want, so why don’t you give him a way to store everything? This multi-level organizer has plush velvet compartments for his most fashionable accessories.

A glass lid will let him see the goods, and a metal lock and key will keep anyone from making off with his favorite tie clip. Tell him to quit throwing his accessories into a drawer!

poster print

A Sentimental Gift for Dad: 50 Reasons Why We Love You Poster Print

You might not want to give this to a fishing buddy, but if you’re a wife, child, grandchild or other important person in his life, it can be a sweet and sentimental gift for a special occasion. There are 50 hearts scattered on the poster, and they’re all blank and ready to be filled in with customized messages of love.

Why do you love your old man? Tell him.

retirement countdown timer

To Dream of Exotic, Faraway Beaches: Retirement Countdown Timer

He might have a few more years left on the job, but if retirement is getting close enough to fantasize about, he’ll like this countdown timer. It has a sunny beach theme that will evoke daydreams of white shores and pink umbrella drinks, and it can be set for anytime between now and the year 2099.

He’ll always know the exact number of days until he can throw in the towel and head to Hawaii.

button car cigarette lighter

If He’s a Kid at Heart: Fire Missiles Button Car Cigarette Lighter

Most people have dreamed about hitting a big red button that says “fire missiles,” and this cigarette lighter can finally bring those visions to life. It’s a standard-size lighter for American and Japanese cars, so it will fit many different makes and models.

Your dad might be turning 50, but he can still feel like a kid when he embraces his goofier side.

bath bombs

The Best Gift So Par: Golf Ball Bath Bombs

If he loves a steamy bath but turns up his nose at “girly” things like bath bombs, consider this golf ball bath bomb set. Each one is individually wrapped to look exactly like a round, pitted golf ball, so it shouldn’t hurt his masculinity to own them.

He just has to drop them into hot water to release their fizzy, citrus-scented goodness. You’ll drag him into self-care if it’s the last thing that you do!

desktop pool game

For Lazy Days at the Office: Executive Mini Desktop Pool Game

No one can stay focused all of the time, and if your dad’s a fiddler and a fidgeter, he might enjoy this desktop pool table. It’s a perfect replica of the real thing, but because it’s only a fraction of the usual size, it can present a real and absorbing challenge.

He’ll have to concentrate hard to sink those shots. His boss might not be happy about it, but at least he won’t be bored at work anymore.


For Mr. Scrooge: Go Away Doormat

If he’s a crotchety old man and proud of it, this doormat will let the world know, too. It has a very simple message: “Go Away.” Despite its attitude, however, it’s made with non-absorbent materials that won’t track rain or mud into the house, so it’s not quite as unwelcoming as it appears.


To Block Out Bad Vibes: “Looks This Good” Fifty Year Old Baseball Cap

“Not everyone looks this good at 50.” It’s a simple truth, but it should flatter your friend or loved one, especially if they’re starting to feel a bit insecure about the wayward gray hair. This unisex cap can be worn by both men and women, and it has a simple, standard-sized strap in the back to make fitting adjustments.

It’ll be perfect as a casual gift for a 50th birthday.

hooded robe

To Pamper a Man Who Doesn’t Want to be Pampered: Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe

This is the robe for a man who scoffs at robes. It doesn’t have any fancy frills or trims, so there’s no fashion element for him to object to, and it’s as soft as a cloud for easy lounging and relaxing.

Pockets will keep the remote close, and a belted waistline will keep the sides from flapping open at inconvenient times. He might complain when he unwraps it, but once he puts it on, the grumbling should fall suspiciously silent.

portable leather cigar humidor

For the Cigar Smoker: Wood-Lined Portable Leather Cigar Humidor

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, including fancy boxes with glass display cases that will showcase his entire cigar collection. But what if he needs a humidor while he’s on the go? This portable travel case comes with all of the moisture control that you’d expect from an at-home humidor, but its technology is packed into a quick, convenient container that can fit 4 – 6 cigars and slip into a luggage pouch without any fuss at all.

His cigars will stay fresh, and he can move freely whenever he needs to go.

oak aging barrel

For Aged Alcohol Right at Home: Custom Engraved Premium Oak Aging Barrel

If he likes his spirits, this is a gift that will allow him to age his own rum, bourbon, beer, whiskey or tequila. He could use it for things like soda and vinegar, too. It’s a handcrafted white oak barrel, so it’s suitable for a wide variety of beverages, and it can be ordered in sizes up to 10 liters.

It’s even customizable with his name or company logo for an added touch!

excepciomnally bad dad jokes book

When He’s Run Out of Standard-Issue Dad Jokes: Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

What does an angry pepper do? It gets jalapeno face! If this is the type of humor that gets your old man rolling, he’ll dive deep into Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes and never come back out.

It has page after page of the most awful, groan-worthy dad jokes that have ever struck the ears of humankind, so he should be delighted. It’s just too bad that the rest of the family will have to suffer.

wood phone docking station

For the Technologically Inclined: Natural Walnut Wood Phone Docking Station

The joke is that old people are confused by technology, but what if you know someone who defies the stereotype? If he loves his gadgets, get him this docking station where he can charge everything in one convenient location.

It has an attractive walnut wood finish, so it’ll look good in any home or office setting, and it can hold phones, keys, coins, wallets, watches, pens and anything else that he wants to stash or charge while he’s busy.


If He Loves His Car More Than He Loves His Wife: Don’t F**k Up the Car Coasters

These amazing coasters will fit right into the standard-size cup holders of a modern vehicle. From a distance, they might seem like everyday wooden coasters, but you’ll see their true message when you peer a little closer: “Don’t F**k Up The Car.

” If your guy lives and breathes for his Mustang, this gift will speak to him on an emotional level.

wine or beer bottle labels

If He’s Throwing a Party: 50th Birthday Wine or Beer Bottle Labels

If he loves to crack open a cold one, he’ll love these wine and beer bottle labels. They come in a pack of six, and while each print is different, they’re all related to the big 5-0. For example, one label declares “50: Aged to Perfection” while another cheers “Eat, Drink, and Be Fifty.

” Each label is made with durable, waterproof materials, and applying them to a bottle is as simple as peeling them off the paper and pressing them onto the glass.

box sign

For the Veteran: Home of the Free Patriotic Box Sign

Maybe he served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe he’s an old-school veteran of Vietnam. Either way, he should be touched by this decorative box sign that says “Home of the Free Because of the Brave.” It’s painted with the colors of the American flag, and it can serve as a nice token of appreciation for his service.

beers old T-shirt

A Different Kind of Math: This Many Beers 50th Birthday T-Shirt

If you look closely at this t-shirt, you can count 50 beer mugs jostling each other for space. But who has the sobriety for that? Instead, just let your buddy wear a fun, foam-filled tee that declares “I’m This Many Beers Old.

” It comes in multiple colors and sizes, so it’s suitable for all wearers, and there’s even a female version if you want to buy matching anniversary gifts for a couple!

beware grumpy old man sign

For His Man-Cave: Beware Grumpy Old Man Sign

Made with distressed metal, this sign is both a declaration and a warning. It says “Beware: Grumpy Old Man Lives Here” with bright colors on a firm rectangular plate. It can be hung around rooms, sheds, garages, patios and even cubicles, so the possibilities are endless.

Wherever the grumpy 50-year-old goes, he can take this sign with him.

coffee mug

When He’s Too Polite to Curse: The Ultimate F-Word Novelty Mug

Fun. Friends. Food. F***! This novelty mug gets a little cheeky with the caption “Fifty: The Ultimate F-Word.” Since it’s censored, it can still be used at the office, but everyone will know what it really means.

It’s even supersized with a 15-ounce capacity for an extra shot of morning java. Whether he likes tea, coffee or cocoa, this mug will help his dry old bones stay hydrated.

magnetic tool wristband

For the Handyman: Magnetic Tool Wristband

Made with multiple magnets hidden under a layer of ballistic polyester, this magnetic wristband will hold all of his nails, bolts, screws and drill bits as he goes to town on DIY projects. It even comes with a couple of miniature pockets to stash non-magnetic items! It’s perfect for the guy who likes to get stuff done around the house.

word puzzles book

To Keep His Mind Sharp: Wheel of Fortune Word Puzzles

Does he have a nightly date with Vanna White? While this book won’t give him the same kind of sultry smile, it will keep him entertained with the same kind of puzzles. They’re formatted just like the TV show, and he can test his skills without even suffering through commercial breaks.

If his spouse likes to play as well, they can start a whole new nightly routine.

antique mounted telescope

If He’s Really, Really Old School: 1920 Marine Collectible Antique Mounted Telescope

Made with solid brass and a burned, sepia-toned finish, this “spyglass” looks like something straight off an antique watercraft. It even comes in a corrugated wooden box to complete the look. While it’s more of a decorative item than a functioning telescope, it does have enough magnification for simple, everyday things like backyard bird watching, so it offers substance and style.

fifty year old mug

For the Accountant: Fifty-Year-Old Math Novelty Mug

“Looks: 22
Feels: 18
Acts: 10
That Makes Me 50″

If that’s the kind of math that a loved one can appreciate, they’re sure to enjoy this 50th birthday novelty mug. Not only will it make them laugh, but since it’s made with durable, high-quality ceramic, it’ll be a functional mug for everyday use.

They can pop it in the microwave or dishwasher as they see fit. They can fill it with their favorite beverages or use it as a pen holder at the office. It’ll be a multipurpose gift.

sensor toilet night light

When His Bladder Just Isn’t What It Used to Be: Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

This is a present for your mom just as much as your dad. It’s a simple little night light that goes into the toilet bowl and pops on when it detects movement. Your dad will be able to take his 3 AM trips to the whiz palace, and your mom won’t want to strangle him for waking her up with the overhead light.

Everyone wins!

funny jesus T-shirt

For the Christian With a Sense of Humor: Funny Jesus 50th Birthday Shirt

If he isn’t bothered by the thought of meeting his maker, he should laugh at this just-slightly-blasphemous shirt. It has the text “Happy 50th birthday! See you soon!” under a picture of Jesus floating on a cloud.

It’s available in a dozen different colors, and it’s made with pre-shrunk cotton that can be tossed into the washing machine without fuss. It’s perfect as a casual, low-key gift for someone who is religious but not overly so.

personal password book

Stop the Headache Before It Starts: Personal Password Book

Is he always locking himself out of his account? Does he treat you like a technological wizard because you’re able to reset his passwords and security questions? You can save both of you some trouble when you invest in this alphabetized password organizer.

It even comes with a self-deprecating quote on the front: “Forgetfulness is a sign of genius.”

smoked spices gift set

For the Grillmaster: Smoked Spices Gift Set

There are five mouthwatering flavors in this spice set, and they’ll all bring a smokehouse quality to his next backyard barbecue. Whether he’s a fan of mesquite lime, smoked cherrywood or plain old campfire goodness, he should enjoy a rubdown with these all-natural spices!

foam slippers

A Gift for the Sole: Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

Men’s slippers can be hit or miss, but these land right on target. They’re made with soft, comfortable memory foam that will contour to the exact shape of his foot, and their rubber anti-skid bottoms will allow him to move around without fear of falling.

If you want to spoil him on his 50th birthday, this is how you do it.

birthday game

For Family Game Night: The 50th Birthday Game

What happened on Mick Jagger’s 50th birthday? What’s the Roman numeral for 50? Where can sailors find the “Furious 50” on the high seas? These are the questions that you’ll encounter during the 50th Birthday Game, a trivia-based card game that’s suitable for all ages.

Everyone in the family can get in on the fun, so it’ll be a great gift for bonding!

gift basket for men

To Upgrade His Medicine Cabinet: The Man Can Gift Basket

Another great gift for the manly man who starts to itch at feminine things like smelling nice or having good skin, this “man can” will carefully introduce him to the world of grooming products. It contains soaps, lotions and aftershaves with mild scents and natural ingredients.

It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself, so give him the man can for the cleanest birthday that he’s ever had!


When He Loves His Porterhouses: Grandpa Grilling Apron

This is a very special gift for grandpas. It says “Stand Back, Grandpa is Grillin'” over a picture of sweltering charcoal with red-hot flames. If he takes pride in providing for his family, you can show him some appreciation for the good food and good company with this BBQ-ready apron.

hot sauce making kit

To Bring the Heat: Hot Sauce Making Kit

If he isn’t afraid of a little fire, get him this DIY hot sauce kit. Not only does it come with all of the spices and peppers that he’ll need for high-quality concoctions, but it’s also packed with bottles, funnels, gloves and pH strips to keep everything nice and neat while he works.

It’ll be one of the most unique gifts that he’s received in his 50 years of life!

beard apron

For a Cleaner, Neater Bathroom: Beard Apron Hair Clippings Catcher

This “beard apron” might just save a marriage. It slips on like a barber’s apron, but the bottom attaches to the sink with suction cups, so any errant hairs during a shave will tumble harmlessly down the apron and into the sink.

It might be funny to look at, but it’s infinitely practical, and it’s guaranteed to reduce bathroom arguments between man and wife.

magnetic levitation floating globe

To Rock His World: Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

A globe is always nice as a decorative gift for studies, offices and home libraries. This globe, however, will put all others to shame. It floats in mid-air thanks to the power of its curved magnetic frame, and it glows softly with LED lights to give it an ethereal appearance.

He won’t believe his eyes when he gets this bad boy fired up!

breaskfast sandwich maker

Start the Day Right: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Even if he isn’t much of a cook, he should be able to operate this breakfast sandwich maker. There are separate compartments for bread, eggs, cheese and meat, and it’s as simple as loading them up and stacking them together for the perfect breakfast sandwich.

He can make his own McMuffin right there at home!

fishing hat

Beat the Burn: Men’s Wide Brim Fishing Hat With Neck Flap

This is marketed towards fishermen, but it’ll be a nice, practical gift for anyone who spends time in the sun. It’s made with breathable and lightweight materials that won’t trap moisture, but since its material covers the full head and neck, they won’t get any rosier than they’d like.

beer glass

Do the Math: 49 + One Middle Finger 50th Birthday Beer Glass

How old is he? If the answer is “49 plus one middle finger,” this is the gift for him. It’s a frosted, old-fashioned beer glass that will hold up to 15 ounces of his favorite brews, and thanks to its easy grip, it will rest comfortably in his palm even if the beverage is very hot or very cold.

It also comes in a gift box that will make wrapping a breeze.


To Create an Heirloom: The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs

Nothing is more precious than memories, and this journal will allow your dad, uncle or grandpa to record his life and pass it along to the next generation. It has a handsome leather binding with heavy, cream-colored pages, and there are question prompts for stories, thoughts, lessons, regrets and values.

There are even sections for family trees and photographs. Not only will this journal be a stylish gift, but since it’s built to last, it will hold together for years and years as a timeless, priceless keepsake.

50th Birthday Gifts:What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Fifty is a major milestone in a person’s life, so you don’t want to let the occasion pass without a suitable gift.

Here are just a few ideas for choosing the perfect present for a husband, father, grandfather or co-worker.

Get Creative

He’s 50 years old. He has plenty of ties. He’s probably gotten ties for every birthday of his life! If you want to give him a meaningful, memorable present, you’ll need to think outside of the box and avoid a generic gift.

Consider His Interests

He might be old, but he’s not dead. He still has hobbies and passions. There are still things that he likes to do. Ask yourself these questions: How does he spend his time? What gifts will complement those pursuits? What will make him happy?

Be Careful With Age Jokes

Some people will slap their knee at a good geezer joke. Others will just slap your face. Unless you know for sure that he won’t take offense at the implication that he’s an old fuddy-duddy, be cautious about age-related gifts. Follow good gift-giving etiquette.


These are just a few 50th birthday gift ideas for men. There are many more, of course, and they range from goofy gag gifts to thoughtful tokens that acknowledge the passage of time.

What do you think of our gift choices? Did we miss anything really good? Let us know in the comments!

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