36 Gifts for Bartenders That They’ll Raise a Glass To

Everyone knows a bartender—from the cheery to the gruff, the encourager to the therapist, they provide us with alcohol and a place to drink it.

Bars and bartenders make up some of the most varied gathering spaces in America – maybe it’s time to do more than drink to them or offer them a shot.

Let’s buy these bartenders gifts that make them as happy as they make us!

36 Gift Ideas for Bartenders

bartender kit

For the At-Home Bartender: Elite Bartender Kit

The overall perfect gift for any bartender is the professional level at-home bartending kit. It’s got everything a bartender could need (except the alcohol) and is sure to please. Although we have to warn you, this gift is a bit selfish – it means that your bartender friend can still make drinks for you when you visit their house.

Seems like a win-win, yes?

mixology dice

For the Lover of Chance: Mixology Dice

If you know a bartender who’s also a tabletop gamer, this dice set is the perfect gift. On each side is a different ingredient that you can mix into a drink. They can use just one, two, or the entire set to make a crazy assortment of shots and drinks, and it comes with a book of recipes for classic cocktails.

It’s a game of chance, but not really chance because they get alcohol no matter what.


To Keep Their Keys: Bartender Key Ring

If your bartender friend is in charge of closing the bar, they probably have a set of keys to the establishment. Even if they haven’t, everyone needs a key ring to keep track of their keys. This chain has a charm with a martini glass on it as well as a charm that says “Adult Daycare Director, AKA Bartender” to remind people what their actual job is – taking care of adults all day, even when they’re acting like children.

water bottle

For All-Day Hydration: Brita Filtered Water Bottle

Bartenders are on their feet all day, serving other people drinks. For long shifts, they need to be able to stay hydrated with fresh, clean water. A perfectly practical gift for a bartender is a self-filtering water bottle – they can fill it up from the bar sink if they need to and still keep themselves feeling energetic and hydrated all shift long.


For Their Day Off: Intoxicologist Shirt

For the chemically minded bartender, this “Intoxicologist” shirt will tickle their funny bone (and their science bone, if that’s a thing). When it comes to punny bartender shirts, this one was one of the better ones – the outline of different drinks on the shirt adds to its allure.

Keep a shirt on their back with this gift!

alcohol infusion kit

To Mix and Match: Alcohol Infusion Kit

Bartenders create mixed drinks all the time, using the provided ingredients. If you know a bartender who wants to take it to the next level, get them this alcohol infusion kit. They can use the provided botanicals to make their own infused gins and vodkas, which will taste fantastic straight or in mixed drinks!

beer infused hot sauce

To Heat Things Up: Beer Infused Hot Sauce

Many of the ideas on this list are drink-related, but bartenders eat too! If you want to make their day, give them a gift that shows appreciation for their favorite liquids while giving them a new liquid to put on their food.

These beer-infused hot sauces come in three different flavors and add spice (and beer!) to any dish.

draft beer dispenser

To Drink Nitros at Home: Draft Beer Dispenser

Bartenders have one shift drink max at work (and sometimes not even that), so they can’t always taste the goods while on the clock. Nitrogen brews are a special kind of beer that can’t be found outside of breweries – until now.

This draft beer dispenser turns any beer into a nitro-style brew without the hassle of an entire tap for it!

bottle opener

For the Marvel Nerd: Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Every bartender needs a good bottle opener. They can never have too many – it seems like right when they need them, the openers disappear from behind the bar. This specific bottle opener is incredibly cool – it looks like the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel superhero movies.

If you know a bartender who loves hero flicks or films in general, this would be a fantastic idea for a gift!

travel bartender kit

For the Bartender on the Go: Travel Bartender Kit

Do you know a bartender who doesn’t like to stay in one place for long or a minimalist bartender? This travel bartender kit is impressive – it’s a professional level kit with seventeen separate bartending tools and wraps up into a compact leather pouch.

Take the bartending skills on the road with this travel bartender kit!

wine tote

To Keep Them Cool at Picnics: Insulated Wine Tote

This wine tote will keep your bartender’s wine cool all day. It’ll also hold three full bottles of wine without damaging the bottles. We feel like we don’t need to say anything else about this one, but we will: the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a built-in corkscrew.

What more could you ask for – this is the perfect picnic gift for a bartender!

tequila mockingbird kit

For the Literary Drinker: Tequila Mockingbird Kit

For the bartender who majored in English, “Tequila Mockingbird” will be a huge hit. The book is full of recipes for literary-themed cocktails and comes with a drink measurer and two cocktail sticks. It’s also tiny, which makes it an entertaining novelty gift for any pun-loving, book-reading bartender in your life.

bottle opener

For When They’re at Ease: Army Man Bottle Opener

Does your bartender have a military background? Or are they a Toy Story fan? Either way, this bottle opener is sure to bring them delight. On the counter, it looks just like an army man toy in the crawling position.

Pick it up, though, and you’ll find that it’s a bottle opener. Pretty cool, right?

bar mat

For the Over-Pourer: “Make It a Double” Bar Mat

Being a bartender is a messy job. Drinks spill, splatter, and overflow pretty much all the time. Bar mats are essential, and this “Make it a Double” bar mat will catch the overflow for heavy-handed or slippery bartenders.

It’s a great gift to take to the bar or keep at home in the kitchen sink.

salt strips

For Easy Margarita Refills: Salteez Salt Strips

Margaritas are great, but the one thing that completes them is the iconic salted rim. If you’re a fan of the salt, it’s gone all too soon. However, these salt strips can solve that problem. Just stick them on margarita glasses, beer mugs, or other cocktail cups to keep your drinks salty through several refills!

wine bag and tumbler set

For the Perfect Date: Wine Bag and Tumbler Set

If you know a bartender who wants to take their wine away from home or the bar, this wine bag is a great gift idea. This stylish leather bag holds a bottle of wine and two insulated wine tumblers (or two bottles, if they want to forego the formality of cups).

What more could you ask for in a bag, honestly?

cocktaul picks and straws

To Keep It Green: Reusable Cocktail Picks and Straws

Cocktail picks and straws can make or break a good cocktail – you need to be able to stir and sip! But plastic is terrible for the environment, and single-use straws are on their way out. These reusable straws and picks are a must-have for any at-home bar, and it won’t be long before they make an appearance in regular bars as well!

cocktail and margarita machine

To Make It Easier: Cocktail and Margarita Machine

If you know a bartender who loves cocktails but gets tired of making them at work, get them a cocktail and margarita machine for their home! They can now make all the drinks they love without the work and even spruce up several for guests in record time.

It’s an excellent gift for a beginner or experienced bartender.

bartender apron

To Keep Them Clean in Style: Crossback Bartender Apron

One of the biggest problems with bartending is the sheer amount of liquid that spills on (and stains) clothing. Aprons are fine, but this apron is so much better than your standard run-of-the-mill bar aprons.

From the front, it looks like a very chic pair of overalls and covers almost the entire front of their clothing. Cute and functional – what’s not to like?

tip box

For Those Not Afraid of Change: Tip Box

It’s good to make people laugh when you want their money. “If you fear change, leave it in the tip box” is a funny and wry way to remind people to tip their bartenders and to help them get rid of their spare coins.

It’s got an excellent, wide opening for cash or change and should help your bartender earn some extra income without doing extra work.

neck and shoulders heating pad

To Relax Them After Work: Neck and Shoulders Heating Pad

Bartending is satisfying but grueling work. You end up with swollen feet, a sore back, and (hopefully) a bountiful jar of tips. This heating pad can alleviate pain in any area of the body – your bartender can drape it over their legs, shoulders, or stomach.

It has four massage points and rechargeable heat – ultimately, the perfect gift for this line of work.

electric wine gun

To Uncork in Style: Pink Electric Wine Gun

When the bar is busy, and customers are coming in hot, one of the most annoying tasks is opening up a new wine bottle. No matter how you do it, a corked bottle takes time. However, this electric wine bottle opener gets the bottle open and ready to drink in no time (and it looks like a pink gun, so that’s fun!).


For Comfort at Home: Cocktail Socks

Socks are the best, especially in the winter. These martini “Shaken not Stirred” socks reflect a love of mixology and comfort and are a great conversation starter at the bar or in the office. Get a pair of these for your bartender friend, your martini-loving friend, and while you’re at it, get a pair for me as well!


To Keep Their Phone Up: Bartender Popsocket

This Popsocket says “Bartender” on it, with an outlined cocktail glass. It’s perfect for getting a better grip on a clunky smartphone while working (hands can get slippery and sticky, we all know). Popsockets stick to the back of a phone and support it when your bartender watches a video or makes a call.

It’s a practical, inexpensive, and fun gift themed to your bartender!


For the Casual Bartender: Jameson Whiskey Hat

Baseball caps will never go out of style, and neither will Jameson Whiskey. This vintage hat celebrates both in style, with the Jameson Irish Whiskey logo on a simple colored background. There are multiple colors to choose from, so pick whatever fits your favorite bartender’s vibe! This gift pairs exceptionally well with a fifth of Jameson.

cocktail shaker

To Make Them Neat: Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Some bartenders make their drinks a little differently every time. Others, however, prefer to follow the recipe strictly. For the more precise bartender (or one just beginning to make drinks), this cocktail shaker is the perfect gift.

It has recipes and lines for several different cocktails and a leak-proof lid so their beverages will be perfectly measured!

foot spa

To Keep Them off Their Feet: At Home Foot Spa

Bartenders never sit. In fact, they’re rarely ever still. Bartenders stay on their feet all day behind the bar, making drinks, refilling things, and talking to people. After a long day, those feet can swell and hurt.

A personal foot spa (with massagers!) is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress their feet for the next long shift.


For the Essential Bartender Look: Black T-Shirts

Although some bars and restaurants have specific dress codes, the vast majority of bartenders dress all in black. This isn’t just to be cool (although let’s be real, it’s very cool) – black clothing doesn’t show spills or stains from hours of pouring drinks.

For an efficient gift, get your bartender plain black t-shirts to replenish their stock.

cocktail mixer sample pack

To Try New Things: Cocktail Mixer Sample Pack

If you know a bartender who wants to branch out and make all kinds of cocktails, this sample pack is the perfect gift. It’s a set of twenty small cocktail mixers of all flavors. With this, your bartender can try any drink once and learn how to make it if you like it! It’s the joy of trying new drinks without the pain of buying full bottles of every single ingredient.

cocktail glass set

To Make Drinks (or Puddings) : Cocktail Glass Set

Any serious at-home bartender needs a high-quality cocktail glass set. This eight glasses set is the perfect size for a large cocktail party (or a small cocktail party with desserts). Your bartender can make cocktails in them, fill them with puddings, or use them as snack glasses, depending on the party’s theme.

jelly belly cocktail classics

For a Sweet Treat: Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

If you know a bartender who has a sweet tooth, these Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics jelly beans are the perfect gift. They include flavors like margarita, pina colada, and peach bellini and are quite frankly delicious.

On top of that, this gift is one of the least expensive on this list. You don’t have to break the bank to please your bartender friend!

beer chiller sticks

To Keep Them Cool: Beer Chiller Sticks

If you know someone who drinks beer slowly, either because they’re a sipper or because they get easily distracted, these beer chiller sticks would be a great gift. Keep a shift drink cool (keep it safe from anything getting in it) for more extended periods or during the rush with these beer sticks.

This set of two also comes with a bottle opener, so it does all the work for them!

wine bottle stoppers

To Protect Their Wine: Wine Bottle Stoppers

First of all, these “Wine Condom” bottle stoppers are funny. They elicit a chuckle wherever they’re given and would be a hilarious gift for a bartender bachelorette party. Secondly, they work! These airtight bottle stoppers work better than struggling to re-insert the cork or putting something else in the bottle.

The only people you couldn’t give these to are people who wouldn’t dream of leaving an unfinished bottle (and maybe your mom).


To Decorate Their Water Bottle: “Tips Are Appreciated” Sticker

As we know, bartenders depend on tips (and deserve them!). There’s no harm in reminding people of this, especially with a sticker! Your bartender friend can put this sticker on their water bottle, car, or computer to remind themselves and others how much they earn their income from tips.

The sticker is fun and straightforward and is a great gift.

coffee mug

For Before Work Caffeine: Bartender Therapist Mug

Know a bartender who loves coffee and their job? This mug says, “I’m the best therapist you can have; I’m a bartender.” And honestly, who doesn’t want their therapist to also give them alcohol? This mug appreciates that bartenders do more than give their customers drinks – they also listen to their life stories and appreciate them for who they are.

accessories of wine gift set

For the Wine Lover: Wine Bottle and Accessories Gift Set

What’s better than a wine-themed gift? Nothing, many would argue. This set fits neatly in a wine-bottle-shaped case and includes a corkscrew bottle opener, a foil cutter, a bottle plug, and a wine spout.

It’s everything your bartender needs for a great wine experience (except the wine itself, but we’re sure they’ll find that) in a great little bottle!

Bartenders: Bringers of Joy

If you’ve been to a bar, pub, or wedding, you’ve probably interacted with the bartender there. They’re usually outgoing and friendly, wanting to get you a drink but also have a brief interaction. Some may say that this is all for the tips (and people who work in the service industry depend on tips), but in reality, bartenders are some of the most influential people in society.

Bartenders know a lot about alcohol. They can tell you the latest craft beer or make a fancy cocktail from memory. Sometimes bartenders can even make up cocktails on the spot (there’s always a guest who doesn’t know what they want). It’s their job to pour you a drink, and more often than not, they do a fantastic job of it.

Bartending is a service job, which means that although bartenders do get an hourly wage, most of their income derives from customer tips. The best gift you can give to any bartender is a habit of tipping well! They work hard at their job and are often stiffed by drunk or picky customers – although it’s not all about the money, a good tip will get you a long way!

People who tend bars don’t just know how to pour a beer, make a Manhattan, or know what kind of wine is best for warm nights – they’re experts in people. Most bartenders have seen all the different kinds of humanity, intoxicated or otherwise. They’ve coached people through tough times and celebrated with others.

In short, a bartender is more than just the person who gave you a gin and tonic. They’re dedicated to their job and to making their customers feel good and work long, hard hours. These mixologists and beer enthusiasts want to bring joy to anyone who walks into their bar and deserves some pleasure themselves!

Final Thoughts

Whether the bartender in your life needs a personal foot bath after a long shift or a home bartending set to hone their skills, this list has something for them! You can make your bartender’s day by giving them more than a tip. Please show them your appreciation for all the hard work (and the alcohol) by giving them a thoughtful present.


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