28 Big Brother Gifts (For All Ages)

Big brothers have a unique role in the family, so they should receive an equally unique gift on special occasions.

The trick is finding something that suits their particular age, personality and household demographic. Here are just a few big brother gifts for every type of guy!

spider prank box

For the Prankster: The Original Spider Prank Box

If he’s the type of brother who loves putting whoopee cushions under your chair, you can get sweet, sweet revenge with this “spider box.” It looks like a completely unremarkable box, but when he opens the lid, a spring-loaded spider will leap out.

It’s plastic, of course, but he won’t know that as he screams like a girl!


Ehhhhhh: World’s Okayest Brother Sweatshirt

Because nothing says deep and unconditional love like a lackluster shrug! If you want to make him laugh, get him this sweatshirt that declares “World’s Okayest Brother.” He can wear it with pride as he celebrates both his utter mediocrity and his awesome, hilarious and way-cooler-than-him sibling.

game jerky gift pack

To Travel the Globe From Home: 15 Piece Game Jerky Gift Pack

Has he ever taken a bite out of an alligator? How about an elk, kangaroo, buffalo, ostrich or wild boar? This sampler pack offers rare and exotic jerky from more than a dozen animals, so it’ll take him on a very interesting journey through the world of wild game.

It’s ideal for a brother with unusual taste or anyone who’s open to new experiences in general.

big brother superhero set

Eat Your Heart Out, Captain America: Three-Piece Big Brother Superhero Set

Perfect for the littlest big brothers, this “superhero set” can put your son’s mind at ease about a new baby. It includes a cape and mask emblazoned with the words “Big Brother” as well as a storybook that hypes up the cool, exciting things to come.

It’ll turn a potentially scary time into something that he can look forward to and enjoy!

coffee mug

To Help Him Appreciate You: Being My Brother Novelty Coffee Mug

“Being My Brother Is Really the Only Gift You Need.” If your bro would get a kick out of a present like this, you’ve just found the perfect thing to wrap up for his next birthday. He can use it for beverages or just stick it on his desk as a pencil holder to show off his sibling’s sense of humor to the world.

That, too, can be another gift that you graciously offer him.

movie night gift basket

To Reconnect: Movie Night Gift Basket

If it’s been awhile since you’ve hung out with your brother, you might need something to break the ice, and this movie night gift basket could be just the thing. It comes with everything that you’ll need for a nice bonding experience with your bro, including popcorn, pretzels and licorice all stuffed in an old-fashioned popcorn bucket.

It even includes a $15 gift card for movie rentals!

matching outfits T-shirt set

For Adorable Family Photos: Big Brother Little Brother Matching Baby Set

Utterly adorable, these matching outfits are sure to get coos and compliments on the street. The larger t-shirt says “Big Brother” while the smaller onesie says “Little Brother.” They’re available in multiple colors, and their size combinations range from 2T – 7Y for your eldest and NB – 3M for your youngest.

Dress them up in style with cute, color-coordinated clothing!

rotating pizza oven

For the Guy Who Doesn’t Cook: Presto 03430 Rotating Pizza Oven

What kind of guy doesn’t like pizza? With this gift, he’ll be able to enjoy it whenever he likes, and he’ll reap the added benefits of its rotating, evenly-distributed heat across a double-layered cooking rack.

When he gets tired of pepperoni, he can use the oven for other goodies like chicken wings and jalapeno poppers as well. Game day will get an instant upgrade.

ninja T-shirt

For the Former Naruto Fan: Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise Flip T-Shirt

Teenage boys will love this one. The front says “Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise” with a deceptively simple font, and it’s only when the wearer flips the shirt over their head that the inner image is revealed: a ninja face.

Thanks to the darkness of the shirt, it’ll look like the stealthy assassin is wearing a full black mask over their head!


To Beat Back the Schoolyard Bullies: Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell

If he’s always taken pride in his ability to protect you, this is the gift for him! It’s a hand-held dumbbell that can be adjusted to four different weights between 2.5 – 10kg. Instead of replacing his gym equipment as he gets stronger, he can simply change the settings on his existing gear.

It can be used for workouts, strength exercises, core fitness, sports practice and more.

the floor is lñava game

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Floor is Lava Game

Do you remember playing this game when you were kids? It’s been given a facelift with a Twister-like spinner and a series of colored tiles that get scattered around the floor. The object of the game is to leap from tile to tile without touching anything else.

For a child, it’ll be a great introduction to a classic game; for an adult, it’ll be a blast from the past as well as a potentially hilarious drinking game!

taxi trike for kids

Playtime for Two: Taxi Trike for Kids Tandem Bicycle

Perfect for kids on the move, this “taxi trike” will allow an older brother to ferry around his younger sibling or siblings. He’ll pedal in the front while the little ones are safely ensconced in the back.

It isn’t quite the same as a tandem bicycle since only one person is pedaling while also equipped with training wheels, but it’ll be fun for afternoons at the park nonetheless.

leather card holder

For the Minimalist: Slim Brown Leather Card Holder With ID Window

Wallets are a traditional gift for guys, but what if he doesn’t like having bulky pockets? Help him slim down with this basic but beautiful card holder. It has room for all of the essentials, including money and IDs, but it’s designed to be as small and lightweight as possible.

It’s still stylish, but it’s unobtrusive as well.

marshmallow roasting sticks

To Tell Ghost Stories Around the Fire: Five-Set Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

You’re never too old for s’mores! Whether he’s six or sixty, your big brother will love these campfire skewers. They’re made with a durable, reusable stainless steel, and they come with a built-in rotating mechanism to ensure an even char over the fire.

He can also use them for hot dogs and other campfire treats!

the manual to manhood

For the College Bound: The Manual to Manhood

Growing up is hard, but you can lend a helping hand with The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl and 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive. Like its name suggests, it’s all about important life skills for young males transitioning into adulthood.

He’ll appreciate it as he heads off to school, work or dorm life, and if you’re the little brother, he might just pass it on to you some day.

kid´s canvas growth chart

For a Lifetime of Love: Personalized Kid’s Canvas Growth Chart

Starting at one foot tall and climbing all of the way to five feet, this is a gift that will be with your little boy for years to come. It’s a growth chart that will allow him to proudly mark every inch of progress on his way to becoming a grown-up.

It can be customized with his name, and it comes in multiple designs that include everything from stars and planets to turtles and sharks. When your new baby is old enough, they can be added to the chart as well!

coffee mug

When Your Bond Isn’t By Blood: Because You Married My Sister Coffee Mug

“I smile because you’re my brother-in-law. I laugh because you married my sister!” He doesn’t have to be your biological brother to be part of the family, and nothing says family like some gentle ribbing between siblings.

Show him that you accept him with a fun, light-hearted gift on a special occasion.

grill BBQ smoker set

To Get Invited Over for Dinner: Herb and Grill BBQ Smoker Set

Another great gift for the carnivore in your life, this kit can turn any gas or charcoal grill into a wood chip smoker. It comes with seven pieces in total, including multiple types of apple and hickory wood chips, so everything that he’ll need to get started is right in the box.

It even throws in some gourmet honey barbecue rub as a cherry on top!

coloring book

To Keep Him Occupied While You’re Pregnant: Big Brother Activity Coloring Book

Another gift that will get him excited about the new baby’s arrival, this book is filled with everything from mazes to coloring pages to word searches. It’s suitable for ages 2 – 6, and it’s made with high-quality paper designed to withstand the pressure of crayons and markers without bleedthrough.

Show him that a new baby is nothing to be afraid of when there are presents involved!


Because He’s Lucky to Have You: From Your Awesome Sister T-Shirt

No one can mistake who sent this gift. It goes into long, poetic detail about the wonderful, sweet and awesome sister who provided their beloved brother with the best t-shirt of all time. It ends the soliloquy with “yes, she gave me this.

.. and yes, she thinks this is funny.”

coffee mug with spoon

Sweetly Stylish: Sometimes You Forget You’re Awesome Coffee Mug

If he can’t function in the morning without his coffee, this mug will be a useful present that perks him up in more ways than one. It has a stylish matte black finish as well as a matching lid and spoon, and it comes nestled in a gold-lettered gift box.

The mug itself says, “Sometimes You Forget You’re Awesome, So This is Your Reminder.” He’ll think of you every day even as he enjoys a serving of self-confidence along with his coffee.

mini movie projector

For the Tech Nerd: HOMPOW 5500L Mini Movie Projector

You don’t have to spend big bucks on a projector. Even when it’s advertised as a “mini,” it can still broadcast big, theater-like images, and it can really liven up your brother’s next date night or camping trip.

He’ll be able to enjoy high-def 1080P movies without any of the usual technological requirements!

key chain

Because There’s Nothing Like That Sibling Bond: Funny Brother and Sister Hair-Pulling Key Chain

“Brother and sister: a bond that can’t be broken.” This key chain has a sweet, sentimental message that celebrates the connection between siblings. The connection just so happens to be formed by the brother pulling on the sister’s ponytail! If you’re a girl who grew up with a loving but annoying older brother, it doesn’t get more relatable than this.

party game

For Tipsy Fun: Game of Phones: A Modern Party Game

This one is for brothers who have aged out of Candyland. It’ll still provide a rollicking good time, but it’s for a more sophisticated demographic, and it requires everyone at the party to have a smartphone.

Challenges include things like “show the last selfie you took” and “have someone text you a picture of what they’re doing right now.” Does he dare to draw a card?

underpants in a tin

Because You Never Know When Disaster Will Strike: Emergency Underpants in a Tin

The most amazing thing about this gift isn’t the fact that it’s a pair of underwear in a metal tin. It isn’t even the funny, retro-style branding or the small and compact size that will make it easy to slip into a glove compartment.

Instead, the most hilarious thing about this gift is that it’s a real, genuine pair of white cotton underpants, so if a code brown ever visits your brother someday, he’ll have you to thank for his rescue!

keepsake box

For Your Little One: You’re The Biggest Keepsake Book

He might be your little boy, but if he’s about to become a big brother, that’s going to mean a lot of changes in your household. You’re the Biggest is one way to ensure that those changes aren’t scary.

It will hold your son’s hand and encourage him to think of his new role as a sweet, loving thing, one that’s full of opportunities to pass on his skills and knowledge to his little sibling. It’ll definitely touch your heart, and if you’re lucky, it’ll reach his as well!

wooden picture frame

When You Really Do Love Him: irst My Brother Forever My Friend Wooden Picture Frame

If you’re a girl looking for a sweet, sentimental gift to give a cherished older brother, this picture frame can become a great keepsake that celebrates the bond between you. Its wooden frame is carved with the words “First My Brother, Forever My Friend,” and you can upgrade the picture inside every year.

It could even become a tradition for the two of you, so it’s a gift that might keep on giving year after year.

Buyer’s Guide

Studies have shown that the relationships between siblings can be just as impactful as the ones between parents and children. To celebrate, support or encourage that bond, it can help to choose worthwhile gifts. Here are just a few tips for getting it right!

Decide The Tone of Your Gift

Will he be moved by sweet sentiments, or is he the type to gag at anything too mushy? Aim for the right tone when giving your older brother a gift, especially if he’ll be unwrapping it in front of a crowd. You don’t want to make him weep with grandma right there!

Avoid Anything Offensive

This might sound obvious, but a gift is meant to be enjoyed. Avoid anything that hits the usual suspects of selfish, competitive, confrontational, aggressive or obligatory. A special occasion isn’t the time to bring up any sibling- or family-related drama.

Think About His Interests and Hobbies

You don’t have to get him something stamped with the words “big brother.” If he doesn’t use coffee mugs in everyday life, he isn’t going to suddenly want one just because it has a joke about siblings on it. Be as meaningful and personal as you would with any other gift.


These are just a few big brother gifts that will suit every type of brother. Whether he’s young, old, loud, quiet, funny, silly or serious, you should be able to find something on this list that will show your love for him. Good luck!

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