36 Crazy Gifts for Boho Girls (Yogatta Be Kidding Me)

Does she put flowers in her hair? Does she practice reiki in loose skirts and printed bandanas with the energy of the universe flowing from her fingertips?

You might have a bohemian girl on your hands. She’s a free spirit, and this can make it difficult to shop for her.

But don’t give up! Boho girls are awesome, and they should be given equally awesome gifts that reflect their interests, align with their values and bring happiness to their lives.

If you’re looking for kicka** gifts for boho girls, here are just a few ideas.

healing gemstone tree

For Unending Energy: Seven Chakra Natural Color Healing Gemstone Tree

She won’t need a green thumb to keep this plant alive. Its leaves are made with small, colorful gemstones, and its branches are the wires holding it all together. This particular tree uses seven different colors to represent the seven chakras of the body, but there are other designs from the manufacturer as well.

If she loves amethyst, for example, you can buy her the amethyst tree. If she would appreciate something that resembles a real plant, get the green aventurine and red carnelian. If she could use some spiritual healing, let her rise again with the lapis lazuli.

elephant jewelry bowl

To Collect All of Her Beads and Baubles: Good Luck Elephant Jewelry Bowl

If she loves elephants, this is a gift that will get clutched to her chest in joy. The elephant has happily closed eyes and his trunk pointing to the sky, and he’s the perfect shape for holding rings, bracelets, necklaces and other forms of jewelry.

A small dish rests beneath him for stashing additional pieces like pins and brooches. The dish is shaped like a blossoming lotus flower; the elephant has an ornamental blanket slung across his back. It’s cute, chic and completely boho at the same time!

boho harem pants

To Walk the Bohemian Runway: Women’s Boho Harem Pants

Harem pants are the rare clothing item that you can buy for a woman of any size. Since they have loose, flowing fabric between elastic waistbands and fitted ankles, they’ll offer plenty of breathing room for all weights and body shapes.

Their colorful designs are also a perfect match for artful souls with a lot of creative energy. She can wear these while painting, gardening, exercising, running errands or just lounging around the house.

They’ll always be in style!

cards gift box

Better Than a Horoscope: 40-Piece Affirmation Cards Gift Box

“I trust my inner voice.” “I am at peace with my past.” “Today is a sacred gift from life.” Tucked into a beautiful box, these simple but thought-provoking affirmation cards are a great way to practice positivity in everyday life, and they can become a powerful part of her daily routine.

She can draw one whenever she’s about to meditate, visualize or engage in a mindfulness ritual. Each card has a soft, serene illustration to go along with its quote or mantra, and with 40 cards in total, it’ll be weeks before she draws a repeat!


For Uniquely Beautiful Home Decor: Four-Set Purple Agate Coasters

It’s pretty common for a boho living space to be dominated by geodes and crystals. Even if she’s a collector, however, she probably doesn’t have anything like these coasters. They were cut from a real piece of agate, so each layer has a cool, funky pattern that’s completely different from the one before it, and they’ve been dyed purple and given rubber bumpers to turn them into stylish home accessories.

She’ll be able to protect her tabletops even as she shows off some awesome rocks.


To Call on the Gods: Native American Style Kokopelli Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Part of the bohemian spirit is about recognizing the validity of other cultures, religions and belief systems, especially those that are focused on natural living. A thoughtful Native American gift can check all of these boxes at once! Consider these earrings, for example.

The fertility god Kokopelli can be seen dancing and playing the lute, so not only will he make a fun, unique addition to her wardrobe, but there will be real meaning behind his presence as well. That’s exactly the kind of gift that you want to give a loved one.

wave bead drum

When Her Favorite Number Comes After 419: Ocean Wave Bead Drum

Made with wood and goat skin, this all-natural hand drum will be an instant crowd pleaser. It’s filled with soft beads that can be shaken, rolled or bounced around the interior lid to create various kinds of music.

A slow rhythm will sound like ocean waves; a fast rhythm will sound like tribal music played at an open fire under the stars. She can find all kinds of uses for it, especially if she likes to break out the pipe at parties.

coloring book

For Stress Relief: Mandala Daydream: Adult Coloring Book

Promising to take its artists on “a color journey into their inner minds,” this coloring book offers dozens of beautiful, spiritual illustrations that are designed to delight the eye and soothe the soul.

Many images are drawn from nature, including gardens, feathers, flowers and stars, but others have more abstract elements. There are mandalas; there are swirls and prisms. If she could use a little art therapy after long, difficult days, this coloring book can definitely be an outlet.


For the Stylish Seamstress: Vintage Sewing Machine Bookends

With an oversized spool and rusted metal flowers climbing up the big, cumbersome sides, this old-fashioned sewing machine looks like something that you’d pull out of your grandmother’s attic. It isn’t a real antique, however.

It’s just a fashionably vintage set of bookends! Your gift recipient can prop up all of her sewing, knitting and crafting handbooks with the help of this uniquely bohemian collectible.

sage smudge sticks

To Release Good Vibes Into the Air: Six-Piece Sage Smudge Sticks

If she’s never smudged before, she’ll need a beginner’s kit that includes bowls, feathers, herbs and instructions. If she already has the essentials, however, this multi-pack of sage will be like a tea sampler given to a chai addict or a collection of cookie cutters given to a baker.

She can explore the different varieties of lavender, cedar wood, rose petal and yerba santa until she finds the ones that she likes best. Once she’s identified her favorites, you’ll have a starting point for next year’s present!

wind chime

To Play Nature’s Songs: Southwestern Roadrunner on Arrow Wind Chime

If she’s ever lived near the border, she’ll love this wind chime. It will instantly remind her of places like Phoenix and Santa Fe when she takes in the southwestern-style adornments. Spindly suns knock against geometric squares; glass beads hit metal chimes and covered cubes.

Everything has been painted in blue, orange, brown and yellow. A roadrunner is perched at the very top of a bent arrow. Take her home again with this festive wind chime that’s sure to invoke hot afternoons spent on the porch with cumbia music drifting in the air.

watercolor notebook

An Artistic Present for an Artistic Soul: Artful Blank Watercolor Notebook

Every page is a work of art with this watercolor notebook. It’s filled with soft, gentle landscapes like birds flying through a cloud-streaked sky or green fields dotted with tiny flowers. There are no words, so your gift recipient can add her own, or she can take the art to the next level with her own doodles and drawings.

She can use this notebook for dreams, thoughts, lists, study notes and more. The possibilities are as endless as the hues of the watercolors.

gold body chain

For the Bewitching Belly Dancer: Eye, Sun and Shell Gold Body Chain

Take her bohemian jewelry to the next level with this body chain. Its delicate golden links wrap around the neck and the lower back, so its three pendants will rest on the front of the body in a vertical line.

One has an eye; one has a sun; one has a shell. All of them have finely-detailed grooves etched into a golden finish. Their exoticism will match any kind of global fashion sense, so she can wear them with cholis, saris, sarongs, kurtis, kimonos and more.

pillow covers

Going Global: Four-Set African Oil Painting Throw Pillow Covers

With their deep, bold colors and visually striking imagery, these throw pillow covers offer an amazing vision of Africa. Baobab trees are silhouetted against a setting sun; women in jewels and headwraps carry pots balanced above their necks; young warriors stand tall with their spears.

They’re all beautiful testaments to the life and culture of Africa. Just make sure that you buy some actual throw pillows to fill them out! These are only the linen covers.

tank top

For the Boho Girl With a Sense of Humor: Namaste B*tches Tank Top

It might not be the blessing that Ghandi had in mind, but this tank top will definitely get a laugh at her next yoga class. It says “Namate, B*tches” with a rainbow print of a woman in a lotus pose, so it’ll add a bit of cheekiness to the usual quest for zen.

With its soft cotton materials, it’ll also be ideal for everyday use. She can wear it for errands, workouts and more, and when she’s done, she can just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of her laundry.

The print will last.

gemstone necklace

If She’s the Sentimental Type: Family Tree of Life Customizable Gemstone Necklace

Also known as a “living memory locket,” this necklace will allow your gift recipient to carry her loved ones wherever she goes. The silver metal pendant is shaped with curved, gnarled branches like a real family tree, and birthstone gems can be clicked into place from the back to shine through their gaps.

She can add any combination of gems in any order, so it’s infinitely customizable. Whether she wants to represent kids, friends, siblings, relatives or just good spirits in general, she can DIY her own meaning.

patchwork kantha quilt

For Cold Winter Mornings: Womencrafts Indian Patchwork Kantha Quilt

Nothing says bohemian like a patchwork quilt, and this one comes with an authentic kantha look to boot. It was made by hand in Rajasthan, India, and each square has a different color, pattern or print.

The only uniform element of its design is the fact that it’s made with 100 percent silk, so it’ll be a wonderful, snuggle-worthy blanket even as it pops with color and style as a decorative home accessory.

spirits of the earth paperback

When She’s Serious About Spirituality: Spirits of the Earth Paperback

Does she know how to read the signs and omens of the birds? Can she interpret dreams, host healing rituals, craft homemade medicines and explain the significance of vision quests? If not, she might be interested in Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies.

It’s written by Bobby “Medicine Grizzly Bear” Lake-Thom, a healer of Karuk and Seneca descent, and he shares all of his secrets in this informative guidebook. It’s something that she’ll want to consult again and again as she develops her own sense of self.

plant crystals kit

For a Different Kind of Garden: Three-Set Tillandsia Air Plant Crystals Kit

Anyone can own planters. How many people can say that they own exotic crystals that have been turned into planters? This set consists of a white quartz geode from Morocco, an amethyst cluster piece from Uruguay and a raw chunk of rose quartz from Madagascar.

Their colors and facets are absolutely stunning, and they’ll look even better when filled with the Tillandsia air plants that are included with every order. Everything that she’ll need for her newest house plants is right in the box, so she can get started as soon as she opens it.

leather bag

Because She Deserves the Best: Sak Crossbody Leather Bag

“Bohemian” doesn’t have to mean “cheap,” and this purse proves it. Manufactured by the Sak, a well-known name in luxury goods, it’s made with genuine brown leather that has been carefully stitched and artfully detailed with a naturalist theme.

A silky-soft fabric interior can hold all of life’s essentials, and an adjustable strap can be worn by the side or across the body. Tasseled fringe completes the look with a couple of blue and gold beads to add pizzazz.

She doesn’t have to say goodbye to upscale fashion just because she’s embracing a boho lifestyle!

sculpture zen garden set

For the Boho Girl With an Office Job: Buddha Head Sculpture Zen Garden Set

Though it’s marketed as a “garden,” there are no living components to this desktop accessory, so it’s perfect for sterile spaces like offices and labs. She can bring a little spirituality to work without having to worry about getting into trouble.

The head of the Buddha will watch over her, and a pair of matching metal lotus flowers can hold small tea lights to give her warmth, illumination and peace. Additionally, since the tea lights are removable, she can repurpose their storage spaces with everything from succulents to hard candies.

pencil holder with phone stand

For Stockings, Gift Baskets and Goodie Bags: Elephant Pencil Holder With Phone Stand

If you’re looking for a cute little gift for a small occasion, consider this pencil holder. It’s a tan-and-brown elephant covered in swirls, spirals and flowers, so it has a rustic charm, but it’s also a legitimately versatile desk accessory.

She could use it for office supplies; she could turn it into a crafting accessory with yarns and scissors; she could even fill it with a succulent. As a bonus, she can always keep her phone nearby. The elephant’s trunk is a cellphone stand, so it’s a gift that manages to combine utter cuteness with real-world practicality and functionality.


To Rise Above It All: Women’s Phoenix Embroidery Sequin Shawl

A soft, loosely-trailing shawl is an easy way to add a bit of glamor to an outfit. This one is particularly nice with its swirling phoenix design immortalized in red-and-gold embroidery, but the manufacturer makes several others as well, so you can choose which one would best suit your gift recipient.

Would she like glittering gold bead work on a black shawl? Would she look magical and mysterious draped in a purple shawl with dark sequins? It’s up to you! You can always buy her some more if she falls in love with the first one that you give her.

rosette succulent

To Bring the Garden to Her: Two-Inch Echeveria Rosette Succulent

Many boho girls are into florals, but what if you want to give her something a little more substantial than daises printed on a t-shirt? Consider buying a live plant like this echeveria. It’s actually a crossbreed between two different species, E.

prolifica and E. setosa var. deminuta, that bring together soft, blushing colors on elegant rose-shaped petals. Since it’s a succulent, it won’t require much effort to keep alive. It’s also non-toxic to cats and dogs if she has a house full of critters.

She’ll be able to enjoy all of the perks of a real plant with few of the usual drawbacks!

mexican candy mix

To Drop a Bomb on Her Sweet Tooth: 90-Count Mexican Candy Mix

It’ll take some dedicated snacking to get through almost 100 pieces of candy, but if you know a girl who’s up for the challenge, this is the gift for her! Everything is from Mexico, so she might have to guess at some of the labels, but the flavors will speak for themselves.

From sour lollipops to sugar-coated fruit jellies to colorful sticks of gum, she can munch her way through the best candy from south of the border. It’ll be an awesome present for sugar addicts and an even better one for fun, open-minded personalities.

black ceramic incense blackflow holder

A Waterfall for Her Own Home: Black Ceramic Incense Backflow Holder

Send her into the misty mountains of Japan without the need to even leave her apartment. “Backflow” incense holders have a special construction that sends their smoke piping out over ceramic rocks and stones, so they mimic the appearance of natural features even as they send out wonderful, hand-crafted fragrances.

With this particular burner, your gift recipient can enjoy rose, jasmine, lavender, mint, magnolia and more. There are 40 cones in total, so she’ll be burning incense for a long time before she runs out!


A Picnic Essential: Super Soft Microfiber Throw Blanket

Available in blue, brown and burgundy tones, this ultra-soft blanket will keep her as warm as the Arizona sun. Its southwestern print uses vertical stripes to showcase its tribal-like dots and sunbursts, so it’s definitely bohemian.

It’s also so comfortable that it should be illegal! Despite its plushness, however, it’s quick and convenient to wash; she can just throw it in with the rest of her linens and let it air-dry in the sunshine.

It’ll be perfect for beds, couches, campers, picnic kits and more.


For the Ultimate Boho Look: Four-Pack Women’s Elastic Floral Style Headbands

Made with a soft, seersucker material, these boutique headbands will become an instant favorite in her wardrobe. Their floral prints are stylish enough to be paired with scarves, skirts and leggings, but their stretchy and moisture-wicking fabrics also make them ideal for exercise or daily skincare routines.

Since there are four in every package, she can pick and choose which ones that she wants to use. You might even inspire her to start a collection!

gift wrap

To Add Extra Color Under the Tree: Henna Jungle Animals Glossy Rolled Gift Wrap

Make the packaging as nice as the present when you purchase this gift wrap. It depicts various animals, including elephants, camels, leopards, peacocks and toucans, but they all have a cute and colorful style that’s reminiscent of henna tattoos.

Leaves and ferns complete the look, so the print is very busy and bohemian. It’ll attract the eye right away as your present sits under the tree or on the party table. She’ll be dying to open it!

tree jewelry stand

Straight Out of Disney: Deer Antler Tree Jewelry Stand

Bohemian jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, so it can be a tricky present to buy if you don’t already know her taste. However, you can’t go wrong with a jewelry stand. It’s a larger, more organized version of a jewelry dish, and with this particular model, it also boasts a beautiful design: a sitting deer with tall antlers that morph into a tree.

She’ll be able to hang all of her rings, bracelets, pendants and crystals without fear of getting them tangled, and she’ll get to smile at her little forest friend as she does it.


For Coachella: Shining Oversized Round Rhinestone Sunglasses

The best sunglasses are the ones that offer viable UVA/UVB protection even as they’re rocking a fun summer look. These sunglasses definitely make the cut! In addition to having round, stylishly oversized lenses, they’re also decked out with multi-color rhinestones like something out of an ’80s movie.

She can pair them with any number of blouses, dresses, vests, shawls, headwraps and other colorful boho pieces. The polycarbonate lenses will protect her eyes and upgrade her wardrobe.

wall tapestry

To Give Her an Amazing Feature Wall: Sun and Moon Psychedelic Wall Tapestry

Suitable for homes, dorms, saunas, yoga studios and more, this wall hanging will instantly identify her as someone who is attuned to the various auras and energies of life. It depicts two sides of an anthropomorphic sun coming together to form a moon.

It’ll fit right into a natural or bohemian space where such imagery is already common, and since it comes in both color and black-and-white variations, it can be ordered with whatever palette suits her existing decor.

Much like its subject matter, it’s flexible and versatile.


For Fragrant Living: Four-Set Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Candles can be a bit like jewelry in the sense that you can’t always be sure of your gift recipient’s tastes. This is why it’s wise to invest in a multi-pack. Even if she doesn’t like the lemon, she might be soothed by the vanilla, or she might be intrigued by the jasmine or the green tea.

As a bonus, since each candle comes in a colorfully painted tin that will self-stand on any table or counter, they’re endlessly portable. She can use them at home; she can burn them in a yoga studio or meditation room; she can take them to work at the spa.

100 beaded flowers charms and trinkets paperback

When She’s Bursting With Creativity: 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms and Trinkets Paperback

If she loves anything with beads, she’ll go crazy for 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms and Trinkets: Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories. It’ll teach her about everything from bedazzling bags to crafting her own little trinket boxes and good luck charms.

There’s even a section for homemade gifts, so one day, your present might result in a present coming back to you!

crystal ball globe with stand

To Snap Some Awesome Selfies: Clear Crystal Ball Globe With Stand

Crystal balls have all kinds of uses in psychic circles, but she doesn’t have to be into the mystical aspects of the bohemian lifestyle to appreciate this glass orb. It’s so clean and clear that it will reflect anything that’s put in front of it, so it can serve a lot of purposes for a thrifty and creative thinker.

She can use it for mind-bending photography; she can use it for artful home arrangements or feng shui. She could even use it as a wedding favor! The sky is the limit with a high-quality crystal ball.

henna tattoo stickers

For an Ever-Evolving Look: Henna Tattoo Stickers

Last but certainly not least, you can’t talk about boho girls without mentioning henna tattoos. They’re one of the most famous combinations since peanut butter and jelly. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy an entire tattoo parlor for your girl’s birthday; you can just get her a set of henna stickers.

It includes flowers, feathers, elephants, butterflies, fairies, dream catchers and more. She can decorate her body according to the day’s moods and energies, and when she’s done, the tattoos will wash right off and leave her a blank canvas for tomorrow.

Presents for Boho Girls: Tips, Tricks and Tantric Techniques

Are you shopping for a boho girl? Are you wondering where to even start? Here are just a few ways to gift her something awesome during a birthday, holiday, anniversary or moon-waning celestial event!

Maintain Your Cultural Sensitivity

Whether it’s the jewels of India, the fabrics of Kenya or the philosophies of Tibet, it’s common for bohemian gifts to draw inspiration from other cultures. You’ll need to be careful and respectful when buying them. If possible, look for authentic items made by real craftsmen, and check the reviews to make sure that no part of the gift is inaccurately labelled or offensively portrayed.

Think About Her Unique Interests

Don’t assume that all boho girls are the same. She might think that floral prints are cliche; she might hate yoga with the passion of a thousand downward dogs. She might also have allergies to certain foods, soaps, perfumes, fabric fibers or jewelry materials. When looking for the perfect gift, make sure that you’re thinking about her as an individual rather than a generic hippie child.

Assist Her on Her Journey

Is she trying to be a more positive person? Does she have goals for journaling, meditating or clean eating? Your gift could be either an emotional sign of support or a useful, real-world tool to help with whatever that she’s trying to do. It could even be a reward for when she finally achieves her ambitions! Before you buy something, however, you’ll need to really think about your gift recipient if you want your gift to be equally thoughtful.


What do you think of our gift ideas for bohemian girls? Are they aligning your chakras? Are you feeling good vibes from the universe? We’re always open to feedback, so let us know!

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