40 Gifts for Cat Lovers That Are Pawsitively Delightful

They slave over homemade treats and hand-knit sweaters. Their cat bed is more luxurious than their own bed. They freely admit to liking Snowball more than most humans.

If any of these things are familiar, you’ve got a cat lover on your hands. The good news is that you can find plenty of cat-themed gifts to amuse, charm, entertain and impress them.

You might even find something sentimental that touches their heart! If you’re in the market for gifts for cat lovers, here are just a few presents that will make them roll around like they got into the catnip.

40 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

cat beard mug

When They Have a Frisky Spirit: The Original Cat Beard Mug

Made with fully transparent glass, this coffee mug will let them unleash their inner feline in a way that hasn’t been seen since Cats first hit Broadway in 1981. It has whiskers painted on the front of its low-framed rim, so when they raise it to their lips, it’ll look like they have a cat face! It’s such a fun, clever design that countless other manufacturers have copied it, but this one is the original, so it’s the best.

ceramic trinket dish

For Bits and Baubles: Kitten and Butterfly Decorative Ceramic Trinket Dish

It’s impossible to look at this trinket dish and not let out an “aww.” A small, smiling kitten has its face upturned to a butterfly, and the butterfly is landing on its nose! It also has an upturned tail and a few flowers blooming around the dish to provide additional hanging spaces for rings, bracelets, bangles and other odds and ends.

Staying organized has never been this adorable!

coloring book

When She Knows Her Brand: Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book

Does she shuffle around the house in a robe and slippers with a trail of cats following behind her? Does she hiss “my precious” whenever someone gets a little too close to her fur babies? If so, give her this coloring book.

It’s called “The Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book,” and it’s filled with laugh-out-loud games, puzzles, activities and illustrations for the woman who’s fully aware that calicos mean more to her than humans.

refrigerator magnets

Tawdry Tails: Six-Set Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

Every cat owner is familiar with the demanding “pet me” arch, and more often than not, it results in a big ole cat butt right in the face. Celebrate these furry backsides with a six-piece magnet set that’s as funny as it is functional.

Despite the name, they don’t have to be used on refrigerators; they’ll attach to anything that can hold a magnet. All surfaces can be graced with cat butts!


For the Cat Dad: Brown Cat Sits in Pocket T-Shirt

Ladies aren’t the only ones who can appreciate cat-themed gifts, so if you know a guy who enjoys snuggles with his ragamuffin just as much as anyone, consider buying him this t-shirt. It has a remarkably realistic print of a kitty sitting kangaroo-style in a pouch on the front of the shirt, and since it’s available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes, it can be the perfect gift for cat lovers of all types.

chess set

The Queen’s Gambit: Cats Versus Dogs Chess Set

With a frosted glass board and delicate, hand-painted pieces, this chess set offers luxurious style without the luxurious price tag. For extra pizzazz, it uses cats and dogs in place of the traditional white and black! Its cold-cast resin will ensure the durability of the pieces, too, so it’s a chess set that can get handed down throughout the generations.

Their love of cats can become a genuine heirloom.

water bottle

To Water Your Favorite Human: Cat Whiskers Motivational Tracking Water Bottle

Motivational water bottles have become a trendy item for folks who need a little push to get their eight glasses per day. This one is even better than most, however, because it’s made for cat lovers! It says “Drink Your Water Right Meow” with whiskers and paw prints dancing along the hourly time markers.

It can hold 32 ounces and is made with durable, nontoxic plastic that’s safe for drinking, washing, filtering, carrying and more. It even comes with a strap when she’s ready to hit the gym!

cat T-shirt

When She Lives for Her Cat: Cat Heartbeat T-Shirt

Does her heart beat to the tune of her kitty? If so, she’ll love this t-shirt decorated by an EKG line that’s interrupted by a long tail and a pair of curious eyes. It’s available in multiple colors, so you can find something to match her existing wardrobe, and it’s easily tossed in the washing machine when she’s done with it.

There are no special care instructions. She can cover it in cat hair as much as she likes.

cat statue with candle holder

For the True Ruler of the House: Egyptian Bastet Cat Goddess Statue With Candle Holder

In the old days, cats were worshiped as gods. If you know a kitty who still lives a life of luxury thanks to the love and devotion of their owner, this statue will be more than appropriate! It depicts the Egyptian goddess Bastet in the form of a sleek black cat adorned with jewels and standing proud on atop hieroglyphics.

Spaces for tea lights are situated on either side. Help your friend worship at the altar of their cat with this beautiful and elegant statuette.

cat-Opoly board game

For the Purrfect Game Night: Cat-opoly Board Game

Collect different cat breeds as you avoid fleas, scratching posts, balls of yarn and other cat-astrophes that require you to draw extra cards. This is the basis of Cat-opoly, a fun and furry version of the classic board game, and it’s sure to delight the feline enthusiast in your life.

How many litter boxes can they collect as they make their way around the board and pass the “Scat” square for $200? Wrap up the game and find out!

oven mitts

To Get Their Baking On: Pink and Blank Cat Paw Print Oven Mitts

If they love to whip up new treats, these oven mitts are sure to become their go-to kitchen accessory. Not only are they made with soft, padded and heat-resistant cotton that can withstand temperatures up to 480°F, but they’re also shaped like paws! They even have pink paw pads on the black fabric.

They’ll be an utterly adorable addition to any cook’s collection.

coffee couple mug set

To Commemorate a Great Love: Kiss Cat Coffee Couple Mug Set

Maybe you’re shopping for a wedding present for your favorite couple. Maybe you’re part of the couple, and you want to buy something nice for that special someone. Either way, these mugs will be a delightful present for someone who adores cats, coffee and cuteness.

They come in a two-piece set with complementary cats stretching out their necks to kiss each other on the nose!

I could pee on this table coffee book

For the Poet: I Could Pee on This Coffee Table Book

Cat books are a dime a dozen, but this one is the OG. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats was one of the first books to humorously but accurately explore the feline psyche, and it’s still just as relevant as it was in 2012.

Titles include “Nudge,” “Kneel Before Me,” “This Is My Chair” and “Closed Door.” You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll recognize the behavior of your cat in every page.


A Little Levity: Playful Cats Resin Bookends

Another great gift for bookworms and bibliophiles, these cat-themed bookends can be used to organize all of their reading. Each one is similarly crafted from a medium-weight resin and rubbed down with oil to preserve its finish, but they’re slightly different in terms of design: One has a cat looking skyward while the other has a cat hunkered down and ready to pounce.

In other words, one of the cats is about to make some mischief, and the other is keeping a lookout!

cat grass growing kit

To Spoil Them Both: Cat Grass Growing Kit

The best gifts for cat lovers will make the cat just as happy as the human, so if you’re looking for an all-around, all-purpose gift, consider this “cat grass” growing kit. It sprouts from a natural seed formula of wheat, rye, barley and oats, and it’s the perfect snack for all kinds of household pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.

It takes just 5 – 7 days to reach full size, and all of the necessary equipment is included in the box. Best of all, its planter has the face of an adorable kitty!

pinky cat glass

When They’re as Elegant as Their Feline: Pinky Up Chloe Cat Glass

There’s no shortage of cat-themed coffee mugs out there, but if you’re looking for stylish dinnerware as opposed to clunky gag gifts, consider this piece. It’s made with a polished matte pink design and framed with metallic gold for the nose, ears and handle.

Inside, the word “purrfect” is inscribed on the bottom. It’ll be an elegant gift for an elegant cat lover, so it definitely lives up to the “Pinky Up” label.

wind chime

To Make Their Own Music: Fancy Feline Iron Wind Chime

Made from iron and burnished with bronze, this wind chime is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so your friend can hang it from windows, porches, patios and more. Its central pendant is a cat licking its paw, and an assortment of beads and baubles hang from multiple noise-making chimes beneath it.

It’ll be a pretty and harmonic gift for anyone who enjoys the music of nature.


For the Well-Dressed Lady: Sterling Silver Cat Cat Pendant Necklace

Help her wardrobe sparkle just as much as her personality with this silver pendant necklace. It’s available in both a matte finish and a mirror polish, so you can choose which style will suit her best, but both necklaces have the same delightful design: a cat hanging off a chain like it’s hanging off a countertop or the edge of a bed.

It’s a very fun, unique design, so it’ll be ideal for ladies who like quirky but pretty jewelry.

sticky notes

To Brighten Her Cubicle: So My Cat Can Have a Better Life To-Do Sticky Notes

Perfect for crafters, organizers, office workers and stationery collectors, this notepad will make an adorable addition to her desk. The only danger is that it’s so cute that she might not want to use it! Two black cats peer around the edges of the notepad with big, anime-style eyes, and the top of the tabbed paper says “Things To Do Today So My Cat Can Live a Better Life.

” They even come with sticky backs to attach to desks and fridges.


A Purr-ty Present: Women’s Cute Cat Socks With Ears

The only thing cuter than a pair of cat socks is a pair of cat socks with ears, so if you’re looking to send her into adorable overload, pull these socks over her feet. There are five different pairs, and each one comes in a soft pastel color with a whiskered face on the front and two 3D fabric flaps that will stick up above the ankle.

White paw prints accentuate the look even further!

geometric cat sculpture

To Elevate Her Interior Design: Geometric Cat Sculpture

Simple but stylish, this geometric cat sculpture will be an excellent addition to a tastefully-decorated living room. It has enough personality to be fun, but its sleek, eye-catching angles will also serve as a conversation piece among guests.

If your gift recipient is an animal lover in general, you can also purchase other statues of dogs, rabbits, foxes, bears and birds with similar designs.

jogger pants

When They Love Memes: 3D Cat in Space Jogger Pants

If they’ve never met a meme that they didn’t like, these joggers are sure to make them laugh out loud. They have a galaxy print with an assortment of cats sailing and yowling through space! They’re available in multiple fits and sizes as well, so whether your gift recipient is a petite cat lady or a beefcake of a man, they’re sure to get a kick out of these cozy yet crazy sweatpants.

hanging wall sign

Truth in a Sign: Cats Make It Better Hanging Wall Sign

Made with wood and looped with twine, this solid, rustic-style wall sign will be the perfect complement to a country farmhouse decor. It declares, “Life Is Good But Cats Make It Better” and is reinforced with cartoon artwork of two cats surrounded by hearts and paw prints.

It measures just 8 x 4 inches, so it won’t overwhelm a space, but it’ll look great above a desk, shelf, mantel or fireplace!

glass tea cup with lid

For Tea Addicts: Portable Cat Tail Glass Tea Cup With Lid

Pretty and portable, this tea cup will be a great addition to the multipurpose kitchen. It can be used for straining, steeping, infusing and more. Thick borosilicate glass will protect its contents while food-grade plastic on the handle and lid will keep it lightweight and easy to move between homes, offices and break rooms.

Did we mention that it has cat ears and a tail?


When the Weather Outside is Frightful: Cute Faux Wool Knitted Cat Crochet Hat

Who says that you have to sacrifice style for winter warmth? With its thick, wool-like fabric, this beanie will keep her ears nice and toasty, but it’ll also look extra-cute by showcasing ears of its own.

That’s right: It’s shaped like a cat head! It’s also available in several varieties, including black, brown, blue and beige, so you can choose one that suits her particular coloring.

cat vinyl car decal sticker

When He Loves His Fur Baby: Real Men Love Cats Cat Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

When he loves Mr. Fluffpaws and isn’t afraid to show it, this is the gift for him. It’s a vinyl decal that says “Real Men Love Cats” with the silhouette of a furry feline beside it. It doesn’t have to be used on a car; it will stick to any flat surface, including windows, laptops, skateboards, gym lockers and more.

Let him flex as a cat dad everywhere that he goes!

cat office supply multi pack

For Creative Souls: Colorful Cat Office Supply Multi-Pack

Another nice gift for stationery lovers, this is basically a grab bag of cat-themed office supplies. There are sticky notes and paper clips shaped like their favorite felines; there are gel pens with scrunchy little noses and cute pointed ears on top.

Additionally, they’re all in different colors, so their fun and vibrant pieces can be used for reading, writing, journaling, scrapbooking, dream journaling and more.


A Universal Truth: Everything Tastes Better With Cat Hairs In It Apron

“Everything Tastes Better With Cat Hairs In It.” This is a sentiment that all long-term cat lovers can agree with, and when you buy this apron, it’ll be immortalized forever for cooks, bakers, grillers and fryers.

It’s “one size fits most,” so it’s suitable for all body types, and it comes with multiple pockets for storing spoons, tongs and recipe cards as they bustle around the kitchen. Additionally, its cotton canvas fabric is made to last, so they can splatter it as they please and simply throw it in the wash when they’re done.

neon LED light

To Bring a Little Vegas Into Their Home: Cat-Shaped Neon LED Light

Cat lights come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something especially striking about this one. Maybe it’s the fact that its cat has a slim, sleek silhouette inspired by luxury breeds; maybe it’s the fact that it glows through LED power like something out of a lounge or nightclub.

Either way, if your gift recipient likes stylish, high-class gifts, this is a lamp to consider.

cat pouch

Style and Storage: Transformer Cartoon Cat Pouch

Though it might look like any other small, zippered pouch at first glance, this bag is actually a “transformer” bag where the top is pulled down to reveal its contents. This means that its cute kitty face is always on full display! Inside, there’s room for everything from pens and pencils to lipstick tubes and hand lotions.

Your gift recipient can decide how to use it. It’ll be an adorable accessory for home, office, school, travel and more.


To Swaddle Them in the Sky: Cat and Crescent Moon Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Hauntingly beautiful, this blanket is the color of an inky black sky. The only shining spots are the white stars surrounding a golden crescent moon and the silhouette of a black cat. It’s quite a large blanket, so your loved one can wrap themselves in the sky with room to spare, and its soft fleece material will ensure a cozy experience when they do.

All things considered, this gift is a must-have for warm nights on the couch.


The Walking Meow: I Would Push You In Front of Zombies To Save My Cat T-Shirt

“I Would Push You In Front of Zombies To Save My Cat.” It’s a hilarious sentiment, but it’s also one that many cat owners will readily admit to, so it makes for an awesome t-shirt. You can order it in multiple cuts, sizes and colors, so it’s suitable for cat enthusiasts of all ages and genders, and it’s also easily laundered thanks to its pre-shrunk cotton.

The wearer will be ready for a zombie apocalypse in all forms.

wooden box sign

When Life is Ruff: Stay Pawsitive Rustic Wooden Box Sign

Another great box sign for trendy or artistic types, this one says “Stay Positive,” but the first part of the second word has been replaced with a paw print. They’ll need to take a second look to realize its meaning.

Once they do, however, they’re sure to fall in love with this adorable piece of decor! You could even give it to a dog lover as well as a cat lover; it doesn’t specify any species. As long as the critter has paws, the inspirational message will apply.

cat garden gnome statue figurine

For the Gardener: Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

If she spends a lot of time among the begonias, she’ll love this garden statue. Rather than the traditional red-capped gnomes, it has a cat nibbling on the gnomes! An additional piece has a grandma gnome scolding the cat for its naughtiness.

As a bonus, it’s all made with a solid, hand-painted resin, so it can withstand sun, rain, wind and anything else that outdoor weather wants to throw at it.

how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you-table book

Because You Can Never Trust a Feline: How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You Coffee Table Book

From the makers of the “Exploding Kittens” card game, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You is a book that offers the same kind of so-wrong-it’s-hilarious humor. Topics include things like “The Three Ways of Dealing With Kitty Litter” and “Walking the Dog Vs.

Walking the Cat.” Each page has hand-drawn illustrations that are just as funny and irreverent as the text. Consider this book if you’re looking for utterly unique gifts for cat lovers!

smartphone stand

When They’re Obsessed With Their Phone: Black Cat Smartphone Stand

You won’t need to fear a black cat with this gift. He’s stretched out and ready to play! What’s more, he’s designed to hold smartphones, so he’ll be just as useful as he is cute. Position the phone in landscape or portrait mode; prop it up on desks, trays, tables, countertops and more.

This little kitty can handle anything.

box with glass front

Create a Keepsake: No Amount of Time Cat Shadow Box With Glass Front

Shadow boxes have been gaining more and more popularity as people realize their potential. They offer more space and creativity than a picture frame, but they aren’t shut inside of a drawer like a scrapbook.

They’re meant to be displayed. This shadow box is designed specifically for cat owners; it has a cute, colorful print of different breeds, and its front glass declares, “No Amount of Time Can Replace the Memory of a Good Cat.

” It’ll be perfect for cat lovers who want to build their own time capsule for their kitty.

LED night lamp

To Keep Nightmares Away: Portable Cute Kitty Silicone LED Night Lamp

With his cutely rotund shape, this big squishball of a cat is ready to illuminate every corner of your room. His light can be operated through battery power or a USB cord, and with the tap of a button, you can make him flicker between seven different colors.

His gentle slow will be soft but strong, and his adorable design will look extra-cute on your nightstand. Cat lovers of all ages should like this one.

wood sign

To Warn Off Predators: Caution Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here Wood Sign

“Caution: Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here.” If you know someone who would proudly declare this at the front door, you’ve just found the perfect gift for her. It’s made with a sleek, stylish wood, so it’s nice and trendy, but it also has hidden functionality in the back with self-standing support and notches for hanging.

Whether she wants to display it on walls, windows, desks, mantels or bookshelves, she’ll find it an easy task.

gift wrap paper

The Finishing Touch: Kitty Cat Gift Wrap Paper

The last step of choosing a great gift is to wrap it in something equally great. In this case, you’ll want something fun and feline, but you won’t want it to be covered in birthday hats or mistletoe.

That will limit its usage to only certain times of year. Instead, buy an all-occasions cat wrapping paper like this one, and you can use it for every special day that comes your way!

How to Choose Great Presents for Cat People

There’s an art to buying a good gift, so before you fill your cart with random things, take some time to really think about what you’re purchasing. You want the cat lover in your life to be purring with satisfaction by the time you’re done! Here are just a few suggestions for making it happen.

Be Careful With Edible or Interactive Gifts

If your gift is going to be used, worn, eaten or rubbed against by the cat, you’ll need to be extra careful with things like allergies. Cats can be just as sensitive as humans, so take the same precautions as you would when buying a present for a person whose allergies and sensitivities are unknown to you. When in doubt, just ask the owners. Cat people are usually more than happy to talk about their fur babies, and if you phrase your questions correctly, they won’t even be suspicious!

Buy the Right Breed

Just like you wouldn’t buy a dalmatian gift for someone who owns a corgi, you shouldn’t buy a Bengal gift for a cat lover who’s obsessed with Scottish folds. If you’re buying presents for the cat itself, you should also consider whether or not it’ll be suitable for their age, breed, health, history and fur type. For example, brushes for short-haired tabbies might not be the best choice for long-haired Persians. You should probably do some research into different cat breeds before buying your gift.

Keep It Practical

If you’re shopping for a well-known cat lover, they probably get cat-themed presents every single year. You can distinguish yours from the rest by making it practical. For example, if they already have a cupboard full of coffee mugs, they probably don’t need another one. If they don’t carry keys, they won’t have any use for a key chain. Keep these things in mind as you look for a gift that’s fun, memorable and pragmatic at the same time. Try not to add to the clutter in their home just because you find something with a cute cat on it.


What do you think of our gifts for cat lovers? Is anything purrfect for you or your loved ones? What’s the best cat-themed present that you have ever received? We’re always interested in new ideas, so feel free to sound off in the comments!

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