40 Gifts to Celebrate New Beginnings & Spread Joy

They could be expecting a baby. They could be throwing a graduation cap into the air or fist-pumping like Bender in The Breakfast Club because they finally got the girl.

Whatever the occasion, here are just a few fun gifts to celebrate new beginnings!

40 Gift Ideas to Celebrate New Beginnings

picture frame collage

To Always Remember the Good Times: Circular Picture Frame Collage

Say goodbye to boring picture frames! This stylishly circular collage frame will hold up to nine different 4 x 6 photos, so your gift recipient can fill it up like a scrapbook. Whether they’re showing off friends, kids, pets or postcards, they can create their very own feature wall with their favorite mementos.

It’ll be a great way to commemorate the past even as they look forward to the future.


When She’s Too Awesome for the Usual Jewelry: Do Epic Sh*t Stainless Steel Bracelet

Her makeup is flawless. Her boots are ready to stomp. Whether she’s traveling, graduating, getting married or starting a new job, this bracelet says it all: “Do Epic Sh*t.” It’s made with stainless steel, so it won’t rust or tarnish no matter what kind of adventures that she experiences, and it has a one-size-fits-all construction to suit all body types.

It’ll be the perfect motivational gift for someone who is facing a new future.

glass ball ornament

To Put Down Roots: Tree of Life Glass Ball Ornament

Nothing says “new beginnings” like the fresh blossoms of a tree, and you can capture their beauty in a glass orb with the Tree of Life ornament. It measures 4 x 4 inches and dangles on a white ribbon, so your gift recipient can hang it on shelves, display cases, holiday trees and more.

It comes with a little card that congratulates them on their new beginning and hopes that their dreams reach for the skies “like the branches of this tree.”

Iphone XR wallet case

For Flying Higher Than They Ever Imagined: Live Your Dream iPhone XR Wallet Phone Case

If they’re still using the clunky plastic case that their phone came in, it’s time to give them an upgrade. This double-stitched leather cover functions as both a wallet and a case, so it can protect their screen, store their credit cards and prop up their phone all at once.

Best of all, it comes with gorgeous artwork that depicts a flock of birds melting out of a feather with the text “Live Your Dream.”

chinese zodiac animal figurines

To Say “Zhu Ni Hao Yun” To Someone Special: Ceramic Chinese Zodiac Animal Figurines

Every animal from the Chinese zodiac represents different values, virtues and blessings for the future. With this 12-piece set, you can give a timeless gift that your loved one is able to reuse over and over again.

Whether it’s the Year of the Rat or the Year of the Dragon, they can simply rearrange the figures so that the appropriate animal takes center stage. If they’re lucky, their dedication will bring good fortune into their home with every new year.

dreamcatcher duvet cover set

To Banish Bad Dreams: Three-Piece Dreamcatcher Duvet Cover Set

Stop nightmares before they even begin with this dreamcatcher duvet set. Available in multiple sizes and colors, you can find the right set for just about every bed, and the gorgeous dreamcatcher design will watch over its owners.

No matter what transitions or transformations that they’re going through, they can sleep peacefully and get the rest that they need for their new beginning.

rustic metal cutout

If They’re Settling Down: Home Sweet Home Rustic Metal Cutout

Housewarming gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but a “Home Sweet Home” sign is a classic that can be appreciated by everyone. This particular sign has a metal rustic theme that would pair wonderfully with a country-style home, and it comes with mounting holes already drilled into the back for easy hanging in rooms, foyers, halls, barns and patios.

If your friend’s next adventure will have a southern twang to it, give them a slice of southern hospitality with this wall sign!

rose flower glass tea cup

For a Beautiful Tea Party: Butterfly and Blue Rose Flower Glass Tea Cup

Made with hand-blown glass, this teacup will be a stunning addition to someone’s china cabinet. It has a golden handle and base with a butterfly spreading its wings over blue vines and roses. A golden spoon completes the look, and a soft, doily-like coaster will keep the tabletops clean.

If they’re fans of beautifully ornate tea sets, this could be the start of a brand-new collection. The manufacturer also makes similar cups with yellow daises and pink lilies if they prefer different flowers!

tourbillon skeleton watch

For Astronomy Lovers: Tourbillon Moon Phase Skeleton Watch

If he’s traveling far from home, you can track the time and distance between you with this skeleton watch. It has a gorgeously crafted metal case with wind-up mechanisms that will make you think of steampunk fashion, but it’s a real timepiece that can track everything from hours to moon phases with mathematical precision.

He might be headed to a new place, but he’ll never forget you with this watch on his wrist.

clip for vehicles

To Remind Them That They’re Not Vin Diesel: Guardian Angel Visor Clip for Vehicles

A new car is a new beginning, especially for a teenager who has a freshly-printed license with their name on it. This clip will implore them to stay responsible even when they’re excited at their newfound freedom.

Easily attached to most visors, it depicts an angel floating above the clouds with text that says “May You Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly.” It will be a sweet little keepsake for a new driver as well as a functional clip for maps, money and more.

wine bottle labels

For Tipsy Toasts: Five-Pack Housewarming Wine Bottle Labels

Perfect for light-colored wines and champagnes that will bring out the subtle hues of the paper, these wine bottle labels will be a stylish gift for new homeowners. They come in a pack of five, and each one has a message like “Welcome Home” or “New Home, New Memories, New Adventures.

” Curly fonts and floral patterns add some trendy flair. Wrap them around a bottle of rosé and get ready to pop the cork!

family figurine

To Welcome a New Bundle of Joy: Sculpted Family Hand-Painted Figure

Sculpted and painted by hand, this statuette is sure to take the place of honor on a shelf or fireplace mantel. It depicts a loving embrace between a man and a woman with a baby on the way, and it’ll serve as a beautiful keepsake for expectant parents who can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the family.

It even comes with a card that says, “Together, our family is home.” If you’re looking for heartwarming baby gifts, this is the one for you.

decorative five hook coat rack

A Different Kind of Tweet: Love Birds Decorative Five-Hook Coat Rack

A new relationship deserves something special to commemorate it, especially if you’ve already taken the leap and moved in together. Why don’t you buy something like this coat rack? It has five different hooks for keys, coats, umbrellas and scarves, and it’s adorned with two love birds that can represent you and your boo.

You don’t even have to hang it in the foyer. You can use it for towels in the bathroom, tools in the garage or oven mitts in the kitchen.


To Turn a Caterpillar Into a Butterfly: Life is Tough Sympathy Gift Necklace

Not every beginning is a welcome one. If someone is getting divorced, for example, they might need a little dose of positivity to see the change for the opportunity that it is. Fortunately, this necklace can help.

It has a beautiful ring pendant on a silver chain, and it comes with a card that reads, “Life is tough, but you are an a**-kicking, fire-breathing dragon beast, so you are gonna handle this sh*t.” It doesn’t get more encouraging than that!


When They’re Grrrr-eat: Go Get ‘Em Tiger T-Shirt

The best thing about this gift is that it’s suitable for so many different scenarios. Maybe the other person is going on a trip, or maybe they’re celebrating a new job, house, school, marriage or baby.

The possibilities are endless, but a t-shirt that says “Go Get ‘Em” with a picture of a tiger will cover them all. These words of encouragement can apply to pretty much any significant event. Are they charging headfirst into the next big stage of their life? Yank this t-shirt over their head and tell them to get moving!

swaddle blanket

For Small Bundles That Bring Great Joy: Hold Me White Muslin Swaddle Blanket

You’ll be the star of the baby shower when the mom-to-be unwraps this blanket. Not only is it made with a gentle, lightweight material that will feel like the softest of hugs on a baby’s delicate skin, but it also has a poignant message that might just bring a tear to mom’s eye.

It encourages her to hold, rock, cuddle and cherish her baby because “I Am Only a Little Baby For Such a Little While.” It touches the heart because it’s true, so it’ll be a warm and caring gift.

lettered hinged box

To Give a Good Present With Good Vibes: Good Luck Vibes Hand Lettered Hinged Box

Positive thoughts result in positive outcomes. If you know someone who believes this, they’ll appreciate a pretty box with the words “Good Luck Vibes.” A ladybug decorates the lid in a soft watercolor portrait, and the wooden sides add rustic charm.

The box can be used for keys, jewelry, notes, receipts and anything else that their heart desires. Wish them good fortune in all of their endeavors with a lucky ladybug!

lion courage art print

Brain, Heart, Nerve: Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Courage Art Print

The Cowardly Lion knows a thing or two about acting brave even when you’re scared, so believe him when he says, “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” It’s a beautiful quote, and it’s been printed with the silhouette of a lion on a recycled dictionary page, so it’s a beautiful gift as well.

Your loved one will be contributing to a good cause even as they take strength and heart from the wall print. In other words, it’s a gift that gives back.

lotus flower bracelet

Because It’s Always Darkest Right Before the Dawn: Lotus New Beginnings Stack Bracelet Set Collection

Lotus flowers push through dark and muddy swamps to rise above the water and blossom. This is why they’re considered a symbol of new beginnings, and it’s why this bracelet is called a “healing” item. It combines beads, crystals and lotus charms in several stacks of bracelets that can be worn together or separately.

If you have a loved one who’s in desperate need of a fresh start, tell them to embrace the spirit of the lotus.

pocket makeup mirror

For the Sassy Lady in Your Life: You’re Awesome Pocket Makeup Mirror

Sleek and sophisticated, this compact mirror has a smooth rose gold exterior with double-sided glass when you open the latch. It’s the kind of classy, high-quality makeup mirror that celebrities use, but this one has a down-to-earth touch: It says “You’re Awesome, Keep That Sh*t Up” on the outside.

It’ll be perfect for a girl who’s heading into the next chapter of her life and could use some stirring words to keep her mood up and her eye shadow looking great.

LED bonsai tree

To Speak To Their Samurai Spirit: 18-inch Crystal Flower LED Bonsai Tree

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring, and spring is a symbol of change. To embrace the fleeting beauty of life’s little moments, consider this cherry blossom tree made of pink-purple lights. Not only is it stunning to the eye, but since it’s a fully-functioning lamp that can run on either batteries or outlet power, it’ll be a nifty household gift as well.

Give it to someone who’s moving or buying a new place.

Roommate collage book

Because They Grow Up So Fast: The Naked Roommate College Book

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College is a straight-shooting guide for high schoolers who are about to head off to university. It isn’t afraid to tackle weird, gross, awkward and controversial topics, but that’s why it’s such a helpful book.

It answers all of the questions that kids are too shy to ask their parents. If you know a teenager who’s readying themselves for dorm life, give them this guide in preparation of a new beginning.

pillow cover

To Wave Your Magic Wand: The Magic of New Beginnings Throw Pillow Cover

Throw pillows are a wonderfully versatile gift, especially when they bear a bright, positive message like “Trust the Magic of New Beginnings.” Do you need a couples’ present for newlyweds? Is a friend moving away or starting over? Whether you’re celebrating a happy day or sympathizing with a bad one, this throw pillow cover can bring a smile to their face.

Just make sure to buy an actual throw pillow to go inside of the cover!

felt letter board

To Encourage Passive-Aggressive Notes: Felt Letter Board

Another great housewarming gift, this felt letter board is a cool way to send messages, make appointments, leave reminders and inspire each other with motivational sayings. It comes with a 10 x 10 board and more than 350 letters in black and gold, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to decor and style.

Give it to your new roommate; ask your spouse to hang it in the kitchen or nursery. It’ll make cohabitation so much easier.

baby handprint and footprint kit

For a Keepsake That Will Last a Lifetime: Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

The first year of parenthood just flies by, but you can help them freeze the clock with this handprint and footprint kit. It includes everything that they’ll need to create a customized keepsake, including baby-safe clay and a glass picture frame to display the mold when it’s done.

They can take handprints, footprints or both. It’ll be a thoughtful present for new parents with a lot of love to give.

scented candle

If She’s Just Gotten a Promotion: Boss Lady Scented Candle

When it’s time to pull on some boots and kick some butt, this candle will strike up a flame for it. The text says “Boss Lady: Smells Like Lattes, Hustlin’ and a Hint of Kick A**,” and it will burn for a good 50 hours or more.

If she’s ready to take the bull by the horns and whip all of her subordinates into shape, this candle will give her a little motivation and show your support for her career.

passport holder wallet

For Globetrotters: And So the Adventure Begins Passport Holder Wallet

Available in dozens of colors, this stylish, leather-bound passport holder has room for all of life’s travel essentials. Its primary use is for a passport, of course, but it can also store visas, licenses, credit cards, boarding passes and dollar bills.

It even comes with RFID blocking to keep its contents safe. The cherry on top is the inscription on the front of the wallet: “And So the Adventure Begins.” It’s hard not to feel like Indiana Jones with that sort of encouragement.

jar of motivational quotes

To Put Some Pep in Their Step: Jar of Smiles Motivational Quotes

New beginnings can be stressful even when they’re exciting, but this fun and colorful gift will keep them motivated as they tackle new challenges and solve new problems. It’s a glass jar filled with motivational quotes on slips of bright, cheerful paper, and each one has words of wisdom that will speak to the soul.

“You’ll never have this day again, so make it count.” “Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” It’s real inspiration for real people.

coloring book

When They’re Still a Kid at Heart: The Almost Adulting Book of Coloring

Did you know that coloring books have therapeutic value? They’re proven sources of stress relief even if you aren’t a first grader with a crayon box. To that extent, The Almost Adulting Book of Coloring will offer a fun, just-slightly-offensive trip through some of adulthood’s most common struggles.

They’ll be infinitely relatable to everyone from college students to middle-aged professionals who long for younger days, and they’ll have real value as an anti-anxiety aid, too.

portrait poster

Self-Help for the Stressed: Hummingbirds and Flowers Portrait Poster

If you’re always telling your bestie to calm down and breathe, this poster might help. Not only does it encourage them to brush off their worries by taking a deep breath and starting over again, but it backs up the message with a calm, peaceful painting of hummingbirds drinking from a potted plant.

The colors are soft; the words are heartfelt. It’s a present that will show the depth of your caring to someone that you really love.

new mom spa gift box

To Spoil Her A Little: New Mom Spa Gift Box

If she’s running around in a frenzy to care for a newborn, this “spa box” might be a welcome distraction for a little while. It contains gentle, all-natural bath products such as oatmeal soap and lavender body butter, and its centerpiece is a stainless steel tumbler that will let her relax with some non-alcoholic wine in a soaking bathtub.

There’s even a sign that “You Got This, Mom” to keep her spirits up! It’ll be a sweet gift box to acknowledge her hard work even as she celebrates a new baby.

pocket stone

To Encourage the Luck of the Irish: Four-Leaf Clover Pocket Stone

A four-leaf clover is a universal sign of good luck, but what if they don’t live near any clover fields? Slip this stone into their pocket to bring them a few blessings. It’s carved with a four-leaf clover, but unlike the real thing, it’ll never wither or fly off in the wind.

It’s even designed with a flat back so that it can be comfortably carried in wallets, pockets and purses as an everyday totem!

wall decor set

For Their Absolute Favorite Photos: Fotochain Wall Decor Set

These “fotochains” are unique home decorations for people who like to decorate their walls with photographs. Three different frames hang from golden chains, and you can buy them in either square or circular shapes for added visual interest.

Since each frame is on an individual chain, they can be arranged in whatever style that you’d like. They’ll be great mementos to chronicle a new move, new baby or new lifestyle.


When You Laugh at the Thought of Boundaries: Poop In Your Toilet Coffee Mug

“I Can’t Wait to Poop in Your New Toilet” might sound like a strange sentiment for a housewarming gift, but if you have a relationship with a friend or sibling where nothing is off-limits, it could be a real hoot.

Since it’s safe for the dishwasher, they could use it like a real ceramic coffee mug, or they could fill it with pencils on their desk if they want to carry your odorous love forever. The choice is theirs.

custom dog ornament

For Man’s Best Friend: I Got Adopted! Custom Dog Ornament

Ornaments are always a sweet, sentimental gift, especially when they’re celebrating the arrival of someone new. This “I Got Adopted!” ornament can be customized with the exact name and date of a new dog’s first day at home, and it’s designed in a super-cute way with a miniature calendar marked by a heart.

A bone and paw print add extra flair. They’ll never forget the adoption day of their pooch!

rude graduation balloons

For Post-Modern Millennials: Rude Graduation Balloons

If they’re the type of person to scoff at a heartfelt gift, these balloons can express your love and support without making them fake-vomit at the thought of having feelings. The balloons come in a pack of 12, and each one is printed with a hilariously rude graduation message like “Congrats.

.. Now Get a Job.” They’re sure to be a hit at parties, keggers and other celebrations for the newly-liberated student.

air fresheners

To Always Enjoy That New Car Smell: Three-Pack Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Fresheners

These “car jars” are a step above the usual wax air fresheners. For starters, they actually come in miniature glass jars, so they’ll look stylish and sophisticated when hanging from a mirror. They also offer three different fragrances for the discerning nose.

One is leather; one is a midsummer’s night; one is literally a new car smell. Even when their new vehicle becomes an old one, they can retain its signature smell.

wood plank hanging sign

Because It’s Always Happy Hour Somewhere: When Life Gives You Lemons Wood Plank Hanging Sign

You can’t stop life from handing you a lemon, but you have the power to add some tequila and make it one h*ll of an occasion. Do you know someone who lives by this philosophy? Or do you have a friend who’s going through a hard time and could use a little pick-me-up? Either way, they should get a kick out of this hanging wall sign, and it might even give them some renewed vigor to tackle whatever obstacle is in their way.

inspirational tapestry

To Keep Hope Alive: Fresh Start Inspirational Tapestry

Maybe they’re newly sober or newly separated. Maybe they’re just shaking off a bad year and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. This tapestry can be hung on walls and windows alike, and its simple but powerful message will buoy their spirits in even the darkest of times: “Every Day is a Fresh Start.

” New beginnings can be difficult, especially if they weren’t anticipated, but you can show your loved one that you have faith in them to figure it out.

coffee mug

An Important Reminder: Actually, I Can Stoneware Mug

Made with natural stone, this heavy, thick-bottomed mug can hold everything from piping hot coffee to delicious cake-in-a-mug creations. It’s safe for both the microwave and the dishwasher, so it doesn’t require any special handling, and it has a rustic design for added style points.

Best of all is the text on the front: “Actually, I Can.” If you know someone who could use a bit of courage to face the next chapter in their life, this mug should do the trick.

3 Tips for Buying Gifts to Celebrate New Beginnings

There are so many ways to have a new beginning. From jobs to babies to graduations, people are always turning corners in their lives, and a good gift will celebrate that unique joy. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you go shopping.

1. Consider the Tone of the Gift

Some people like sweet, thoughtful gifts, especially when they’re celebrating a major milestone. Other people are allergic to cheesy gifts and would much rather have something fun. Which attitude best describes your recipient?

Remember that the goal isn’t to make yourself happy with this present, so suck up your own feelings and buy them something that they’ll actually appreciate.

2. Understand the Occasion

What occasion are they celebrating? Some events are straightforward, but others might be a little more complex. For example, a new baby is easy to shop for, but you’ll need to get creative when congratulating someone on a new job.

Things like beating an illness or traveling to a new country can also inspire mixed feelings, so tread carefully before shouting “hurray.” Put yourself in their shoes while you shop.

3. Make It Useful

Don’t buy a gift that will get returned to the store.

Even if you’re getting them a figurine or wall print that they won’t actively use, it should serve a purpose in their home or office.

Make it an incredible figurine that’s the shining star of their living room decor. Make it an inspirational wall print that they can look at whenever they’re feeling down.


These are just a few suggestions when shopping for gifts to celebrate new beginnings.

What do you think of our list? Did we leave out any special occasions? Do you have any other ideas for awesome presents? Share your thoughts with us!

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