30 Gifts for Fox Lovers that Are More Adorable than Devious

Foxes have a reputation for being sly, mischievous and devious. Mostly, though, the behaviors that are most attributed to their “sneakiness” – hunting alone, keeping to the shadows, darting, furtive movements, etc. – are really just examples of their intelligence.

Foxes use their brains to figure out the best way to catch prey without becoming prey themselves.

They’re incredibly smart. They’re also beautiful and seem a little magical, which is why people love them. Below are 30 of the best gifts for the fox lovers in your life.

Gift ideas for Fox Lovers

fox wood journal

A Unique, Creative Fox Gift: Patchwork Fox Wood Journal

Many people who love foxes are also known to be the kinds of people who love to sketch, paint or write. It doesn’t always happen that way, of course, but if that happens to be the case with your friend, this beautiful wooden journal with the carved fox cover would be the perfect gift.

The journal’s cover has been laser cut, and the whole thing is hand-bound. It contains 160 unlined pages and is 5.25″ x 7.25″ in size. It’s a gorgeous, unique gift that your friend’s sure to appreciate.

bedding set

For the Hardcore Fox Lover: Lush Decor Pixie Fox Quilt Reversible 4-Piece Bedding Set

If the fox lover in your life really loves foxes – loves them enough to pretty much decorate everything with them – you might consider buying her this four-piece bedding set. Pictured here is the most realistic color/pattern, but you can also choose sets with purple foxes or gray foxes with lots of pink in the background.

In addition to the three different patterns, you can also choose between the twin and queen sizes. The set is made of 100% polyester and is soft, warm and comfortable. It includes a reversible quilt with a heart pattern on the back, two reversible pillow shams and a decorative fox-shaped pillow that measures 16″ x 14″.

The shams and quilt are machine-washable.

fox ceramic cup

The Cutest Cup You’ll Ever See: CREATURE CUPS Fox Ceramic Cup

In general, coffee cups aren’t gifts that are very exciting to give or receive. That’s not the case with this one. It’s part of the Land Collection Creature Cups line, and it’s made of high-fire ceramic.

The outside is done in a striking red-orange. The real treat, though, is what’s inside the cup. Each one features a three-dimensional creature inside it, and as your friend drinks whatever is in his cup, the animal slowly comes into focus.

This one, of course, features a lovely little fox sitting in the bottom, staring up at your friend with inquisitive eyes. It’s also dishwasher-safe and microwaveable for convenience.


Even Sleeping Foxes Are Adorable: Fox Necklace Sterling Silver Fox Pendant Necklace

For whatever reason, foxes are very popular in women’s jewelry, but this pendant featuring a rose-colored fox sleeping on a silver moon is an especially lovely piece. It’s meant to symbolize good luck and good fortune, and although it’s relatively inexpensive, it’s sure to fill your friend’s heart with joy and affection.

It’s made of 925 sterling silver and is lead-, cadmium- and nickel-free. It’s hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant as well. Best of all, it goes with pretty much anything, whether your friend is dressed casually or with elegance.

cosplay mask

For Decoration or Cosplay: YangYong Kitsune Large Fox Mask for Cosplay

This Japanese fox mask, called a “kawaii,” measures 8.5″ x 9.5″ and is lightweight enough for even children to wear comfortably. It’s held on by elastic tape and also comes with adjustable tassels and a small bell.

It’s made of durable PVC and has been professionally shaped and detailed. It works well for Halloween, masquerade balls, cosplay costumes or for hanging on the wall for display. Whatever your loved one wants to do with it, it’s sure to look great.


Something a Little More Pricey: Crystal Authentic Polar Bestiary Fox Pierced Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift for a close friend or loved one that needs to be a little more expensive for whatever reason, these rhodium-plated fox earrings covered in Swarovski crystals could be just the thing.

Swarovski is known for creating high-end cocktail jewelry, and these little foxes are no exception. They’re stunning in their detail, and it doesn’t matter from which angle the light hits them, they’ll reflect it and sparkle like diamonds.

coasters set

For a Unique Look inside the Home: Unique Adorable Fox-Shaped Wooden Coasters Set

These coasters are a practical, reasonably priced, hand-made gift that’s sure to delight any lover of foxes who prefers a more natural, earthy look in his home. The set contains six hand-carved coasters and a holder in which to keep them.

They’re carved by Indian artisans from water- and decay-resistant mango wood and are made to look like small foxes. They’re very rustic, and they’ll be the topic of conversation of anyone who sees them.

wood music box

Something Unique and Lovely: DJECO Fox Melody Wood Music Box

If you’re looking for a sweet, heartfelt gift for a young girl, this music box is perfect. It’s a traditional music box that’s wound via the handle on its bottom. When wound, it plays Schubert’s “Lullaby” for a little less than three minutes.

The lovely thing about this particular music box is that while the music is playing, the two figures on top of the box – the little girl and the fox – will spin and move like they’re dancing to the music.

It’s an enchanting gift, and because it’s made of real wood along with a little plastic and metal, it’s also quite safe. The paint is non-toxic and the plastic is BPA-free.

figurine geometric animal decor

Unique Decor for a Unique Friend: HAUCOZE Sculpture Statue Fox Figurine Geometric Animal Decor

Sometimes you just want to find a gift that’s different and original. This fox statue definitely fits that description. It’s handcrafted, hand-painted and features a totally original geometric design that adds a layer of mystique and beauty to it than it would have had were it just a regular fox figurine.

It’s a little less than ten centimetres tall, and it’s painted in red-orange and white, which is supposed to symbolize fiery, passionate days and a peaceful heart. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

fox ears headband

For When She’s Feeling Foxy: Fxaelian Animal Anime Faux Fur Fox Ears Headband

Whether your loved one is big into cosplay or just has her very own unique and incredible sense of style, this fox ear headband is probably going to be a big hit. There are plenty of different styles/colors from which you can choose, but these with the red-orange fur and the black tips look more fox-like than most of the others.

They’re made to fit children or adults, and the fur, though it looks real, is faux fur, so no actual foxes were hurt to make these headbands.


Kitsune Are Simply Foxes with Nine Tails: Beautiful Elemental Kitsune T-Shirt

Whether you have a male or a female fox fanatic, this shirt makes a nice gift. It comes in both men and women’s sizes ranging from small to 3X. It’s made of a super comfortable cotton/polyester blend, and the contrast between the deep black of the shirt and the bright, vibrant colors of the kitsune makes for a very striking image.

The shirt is lightweight, cool, breathable and features double-needle stitching on the sleeves and the bottom hem for extra durability. It’s machine-washable, and even the brightest colors on the kitsune shouldn’t fade with washing.

If you’re unfamiliar with kitsune, they’re Japanese fox spirits said to have nine tails and a variety of supernatural powers. If your friend loves foxes, chances are, he already knows and loves the story of the kitsune as well.

tote bag

An Adorably Mischievous Bag: Chala Striped Work Tote

Although not as well-known as Vera Bradley or Chanel, Chala is quickly growing in popularity and is now known as one of the most beautiful – and affordable! – brands for quality purses, bags and totes.

This work tote by Chala is made of canvas and faux leather and features the image of a lovely, curious little fox.

The tote’s much larger than it looks in the photo, and it comes with a removable shoulder strap in case your friend wants to turn it into a crossbody bag instead.

There are large front and rear pockets and the main interior pocket, which is large enough to hold books or tablets and can be securely closed with a zipper. Chala also includes a cute little keychain with the bag.

The fox and The Hund disney movie

The Best Disney Movie Ever Made: The Fox and the Hound / The Fox and the Hound II (Two-Pack)

If your friend loves foxes, then she probably also loves Disney’s The Fox and the Hound, and if she loves foxes and hasn’t seen it, then you absolutely have to buy it for her because she’ll go nuts for it.

This particular DVD set comes with both the first and second movies. The second one isn’t nearly as good as the first, but you might as well buy them both and give her the whole set at once.

trinket tray

A Place for Her Jewelry: HOME SMILE Fox Gifts Trinket Tray

Although people don’t buy them as often anymore, trinket dishes are actually really useful. This one comes with an inspiring message and an adorable little fox, and your friend can use it practically anywhere.

She can use it in the kitchen to hold her jewelry while she’s cooking or doing dishes. She can use it in the living room or front hallway to put her keys in when she comes home. She can use it in the bathroom as a soap dish or a place to hold jewelry or pocket change.

The list goes on and on. It’s made of surprisingly durable glazed ceramic and comes in a nice gift box as well.

fox grater

Getting Foxy in the Kitchen: Fox Grater

Foxes have become so popular, they can even be found in the kitchen! This fox grater is made of silicon and stainless steel and measures 3.5″ x .6″ x 6″. It works just as well as any other manual grater in the kitchen, only this one is so much cuter than those plain stainless steel ones you used to see in your grandma’s “junk drawer.

” It’s made of food-safe, BPA-free materials, and it’s very easy to clean and use.

water bottle

Puns Are the Pinnacle of Entertainment: LEADO 32oz 1Liter Motivational Tracking Water Bottle

If your loved one has a slightly off-kilter, dark or edgy sense of humor, she’ll get an absolute kick out of this “Oh, for [FOX] sake, drink your effing water!” water bottle. The bottle holds 32 ounces, is made of BPA-, toxin- and odor-free Tritan plastic and features a motivational time tracker that tells your friend exactly how much water she should be drinking by certain hours of the day.

It comes with a detachable wrist strap, a removable filter and a lovely gift box for easy gift-giving. It’s leak-proof, lightweight and durable, and best of all, it’s just plain cute and hilarious.

fox orange night light

Help Her Light Up the Night: Sitting Woodland Fox Orange Night Light

This fox nightlight may seem a little pricey to be so small, but it’s quite beautiful and is made of an incredibly durable, heat-resistant acrylic material that should last practically forever. Its dimensions are 3.

5″ x 3″ x 6″, and it has a power switch located on the plug-in base. It comes with an included seven-watt light bulb and is super easy to install and use.

raglan baseball tee

For the Friend Who’s Actually a Fox: This Is My Human Costume I’m Really A Fox Raglan Baseball Tee

This is another excellent shirt for either male or female fox lovers. It ranges in size from a small to a 2XL, and it features a classic raglan style that’s become really popular over the last few decades because it looks great and is also super comfy.

It’s made of 100% cotton except for the sleeves, which are a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. It’s machine-washable and easy to care for, and the colors shouldn’t fade even after multiple washings. It’s lightweight and breathable, and it’s so comfortable, your friend will want to sleep in it at night.

Best of all, it reminds the world that she’s really a fox who’s been disguised as a human all these years.


Simple but Elegant: Joyplancraft Fox Bracelet

If you’re looking for a fox-themed gift that looks amazing but is relatively inexpensive, this bracelet is just the thing for you. It’s a simple rope bracelet that features a metal alloy charm that looks like a sitting fox showing off its tail.

The rope is double looped for extra security, and there’s an adjustable chain at the end that’ll help it fit a variety of wrist sizes. You can choose from brown rope with a brassy charm or black rope with a silvery charm.

license plate frame

Fox Up His Car: Evelynmat Personalized Fox License Plate Frame

This is another simple, inexpensive gift that should nonetheless bring a lot of joy to any fox lover in your life. You could choose to get your friend a custom license plate, but this license plate frame is a cheaper option and it’s much more likely that he’ll like it because it’s understated and doesn’t draw attention to itself like some of the gaudy personalized license plates.

It’s large enough for all standard size U.S. and Canadian license plates and is made of advanced anodized aluminum material. It’s fade-resistant and has small, laser-cut foxes all around its edges.

There are other animal options from which to choose, but why would you choose anything other than the fox?

fox plush

Not Realistic, but Super Snuggly: Squishable / Mini Baby Fox Plush

If you have a fox lover in your life who’s on the younger side, this totally squishable mini fox plush might be the perfect gift. It’s seven inches tall and made from polyester fiber, and it’s as fat as it is tall! It’s fat belly only adds to its charm, however, and your favorite fox lover won’t be able to get enough of squeezing the little guy.

He’s wonderful to hug and snuggle, but he also makes a very nice pillow, particularly on long road trips.

wine glass charms magnets

Help Her Never Lose Her Drink Again: Fox and Owl Wine Glass Charms Magnetic Drink Markers

These magnetic wine glass charms may not be the most expensive gifts on the list, but they’re certainly some of the most useful! These things should have been made decades ago; it would have saved people a lot of confusion and wasted money on lost drinks! This set contains both foxes and owls, and all your friend has to do is place one of the magnets on the inside of her glass and one on the outside of it.

Then she simply passes the other charms around to her friends. Not only will everyone’s glass look cuter and more festive, but everyone will also be able to keep up with his or her drink much more easily.

spinner fox

To Liven up the Yard: Premier Kites Petite Spinner Fox

This little fox spinner will add a touch of whimsy to your friend’s yard or garden that he’s sure to appreciate. It doesn’t come totally assembled, so he’ll have to spend a little time putting it together, which isn’t ideal, but once he has it all set up, he’ll definitely enjoy it.

The stake is sturdy and can easily be put into the ground, and the fox is made of rugged materials that stand up well in the elements. His face and tail don’t move, but they’re cute and have nice details.

Between the front and back halves, there’s a matching spinner that twirls like crazy in the wind. It looks especially nice in flower beds or next to small ponds.


Cute Foxes on the Feet: Snoozies Slippers for Women

There are all kinds of house shoes and slipper socks that have fox designs on them, but this pair is unique in that the two shoes feature one cohesive design. When your friend’s feet are apart, she’ll only be able to see half the design, but when she brings them together, she’ll be able to see one long fox across both of them.

They’re super cute, comfortable and really warm thanks to the Sherpa fleece on the inside of them. They range in size from small to extra-large, and they have anti-slip grips on the bottom for safety.

ring phone holder

A Fox on the Phone: Fox Mobile Phone Holder Metal Finger Ring Holder

Finger ring holders are essential accessories to any cell phone. They prevent people from dropping them and act as stands so that people can prop their phones up to watch videos or play games. This one is especially nice for fox lovers because it’s designed to look like a sleepy little fox.

It can also be rotated to whatever direction your friend needs.

fleece booties

Start The Babies off Right: Hudson Baby Unisex Cozy Fox Fleece Booties

If you have a fox-loving friend who’s about to have a baby, she’ll absolutely go gaga over these adorable orange fox booties. They’re made of 100% polyester with a fabric lining, and they fasten easily with a hook and loop closure.

Because of the extra lining, they’re warm and will protect her baby’s feet from the cold and the elements. They’re easily washed in the machine, and they’re soft to the touch. You can buy them sized for newborns or babies as old as four.

fox hand puppet

For the Storytellers: Folkmanis Red Fox Hand Puppet

This fox plush looks a little more realistic than the round squishy one mentioned earlier, and it’s made of some of the highest-quality materials available. Although it’s cute enough as a simple plush, it’s actually a hand puppet, which makes it a great prop for the friend who loves to tell stories or entertain small children.

The company that makes him, Folkmanis, makes a whole line of animal hand puppets, so if your friend is really into puppetry and amateur theater, you may want to splurge and buy him a few more to go along with the fox.

panties for women

Hey, Foxy Lady: Womens Underwear Funny Fox Panties for Women

Ranging in size from small to large, these fox undies are the weirdest, silliest and most random thing ever made, but despite all that, they’re cute, and if you have a friend with a weird, silly and random sense of humor, she’s bound to get a good laugh out of them.

They’re soft and breathable, and they feature an elastic band to better hold them in place. Despite the unusual way they look, they’re actually real underwear that can be worn regularly and washed in the machine.


A Gift to Jazz up Any Outfit: Vivian & Vincent Soft Light Cartoon Fox Sheer Scarf

This attractive scarf is made of 100% viscose and is so lightweight, your friend will barely know it’s there. It’s a long infinity scarf that can be worn in a trailing single loop or a shorter, fuller double loop.

It’s very soft and comfortable to wear, but because of its thinness and light weight, it should be worn more for fashion than warmth. The orange foxes stand out nicely against the dark teal color, and any friend would appreciate this stylish gift.


Don’t Buy the Real Thing, but This Is Cute: BUYITNOW Fluffy Faux Fox Fur Tail Keychain

This fluffy faux fox tail keychain comes in two different color options – khaki and black – and looks surprisingly realistic no matter which color you choose. (The khaki does look a bit more realistic, though).

If your friend is a true fox lover, she probably wouldn’t appreciate you buying her a keychain made from a real fox’s tail, no matter how stylish it is. This one is a nice compromise. You can help her jazz up her purse a little, and she can feel confident that no animals were hurt just so she could decorate with foxes.

The keychain is a little less than a foot long and comes with an attached key ring and clasp on the end for easy installation onto her purse or bag.

What Makes Foxes So Fantastic

Although there are over 30 different species of foxes, there are only 12 foxes that are considered “true” foxes. True foxes are foxes that fall under the genus Vulpes.

Other foxes share the same family, Canidae, but come from a different genus, and there are also hybrid foxes, which can confuse the matter even further. All foxes have quite a bit in common, whether they’re “true,” hybrid or something else entirely.

For example, many people think that foxes and cats are related because they have a lot in common. Both are nocturnal; both have vertically slit pupils, and both hunt in very similar, solitary ways. Actually, foxes are more closely related to dogs, specifically wolves, which are their closest relatives. Because they’re so pretty and so smart, people often want to keep them as pets; however, in most states, owning a pet fox is illegal.

Plus, despite how cute they are, you probably wouldn’t like it once you got it. Foxes are actually pretty stinky.

Foxes can be found on every continent on the Earth with the exception of Antarctica. People often mistakenly place the Arctic Fox in Antarctica, but in fact, it actually resides in the Arctic, which is a totally different area. The Arctic is the area that contains the Arctic Ocean and its surrounding land masses (Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Russia, Canada and Spitsbergen).

Fun fact: The Arctic Fox doesn’t even start feeling the cold until temperatures hit somewhere close to -94°F. The most populous type of fox is the red fox, which can be found practically anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

Foxes are fun and playful, and they can make over 40 different sounds, including an incredibly eerie sound that closely resembles a human scream. They’re solitary creatures as opposed to pack animals like wolves or dogs, which is another reason people often mistake them for cat relatives. Despite their solitary natures, though, they’re really good parents and keep their pups with them for many months.

Any of these things could be why the fox lover in your life is so crazy about foxes, but foxes have also been popular in pop culture and media for years. (Anyone remember “What Does the Fox Say?”) There are people in the world who’ve never even seen a live fox who are nonetheless crazy for foxes. Foxes represent intelligence, wit and cunning; they’re often seen as tricksters and troublemakers, but that also gives them a fun, lightheartedness to which mischievous, fun-loving people can relate.


Because of their popularity, there are all kinds of great fox gifts available out there. So whether your friend is into real-life foxes or just enjoys portraits and totems that represent them, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

Which of the gifts on the list was your favorite? Who in your family or circle of friends is the fox fanatic?

Check out the comments section, and let us know all about the fox-loving friends in your life. Don’t forget to like and share this gift-giving guide with them as well. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

gifts for fox lovers

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