42 Gifts for Gen Z That’ll Make Them Say ‘Lit’

They speak in memes. They watch game streamers and beauty vloggers more than red-carpet celebrities.

They’re Generation Z, and since they were raised in a big, bold and technological world, you’ll need to go the extra mile with their gifts. A card isn’t going to cut it!

ok boomer T-shirt

The Quintessential Gift for Young People: OK Boomer T-Shirt

Everyone under the age of 25 has said “okay, boomer” to at least one adult in their life. Maybe that adult was you, and you pretended to laugh before going home and staring deeply into a mirror. Either way, this t-shirt makes a great gift for a young person with spunk, and they might even recognize the retro-style coloring as an ironic relic of the very generation that they laugh at.

face mask

To Look Their Best on Zoom Calls: 10-Pack Skederm Snail Jelly Face Mask

Korean skincare is one of the hottest things on the market right now, but since face masks and BB creams have gone mainstream, you’ll need to think outside of the box to make them gasp “daebak!” One option is these elite-tier face masks made with snail jelly infused into hydrogel sheets.

A single application will leave their skin feeling as soft and smooth as silk, and since there are 10 sheets to a box, they’ll be positively glowing by the end of the week.

art print

For the Kid Who Lives on the Internet: Woman Yelling at Cat Meme Chinese Style Art Print

Do you remember Grumpy Cat? Congratulations; you’re old. The only cat meme that youngsters care about these days is the “woman yelling at cat” meme, and even that one’s growing stale, so you’ll need to punch it up with something like this Chinese-style art print.

It has ladies decked out in full oriental get-ups as they yell at a white cat perched in front of dumpling and egg rolls.

coffee mug

For a Walk Down Memory Lane: Instant Print Style 9-Ounce Coffee Mug

Before there was Instagram, there was the Nikon F2 SLR. This coffee mug isn’t modeled after any particular camera brand, but it has that iconic, old-fashioned look that brings to mind vintage Polaroids, so it’ll be a fun and nostalgic prop for #ThrowbackThursday.

It can also hold up to 9 ounces of coffee or tea, so it’ll be a genuinely useful item in the kitchen as well as a cool talking point on social media.

LED photo clip string light

To Transport Them to Another World: 30 LED Photo Clip String Lights

Perfect for lockers, bedrooms, dorm rooms and more, these glowing string lights will make any space feel like a fairy tale. They aren’t just for aesthetics, however; they also boast mini photo clips. Your gift recipient will be able to surround themselves with their favorite memories in a cozy, stylish way.

headphones headband

For the Audiophile: ASIILOVI Sleep Headphones Headband

Maybe they like to fall asleep to ASMR videos. Maybe they’re into yoga or other exercises that require hands-free movement. With its built-in stereo surround, this headband can provide a soundtrack for all kinds of activities, and its distressed gray-and-white pattern will be trendy to boot! Its soft, stretchy fabric can also double as a sleep mask if they’re using it at bedtime.


When They’re Too Cool to be Cheesy: You’re My Favorite A**hole Key Chain

Let’s face it: A lot of young people are a**holes. This doesn’t mean that they’re unlovable, but they probably have finely-tuned bullsh*t detectors when it comes to sappy or sentimental gifts, so they’ll be more likely to appreciate a gift that’s honest.

This one is a key chain that says, “You’re my favorite a**hole.” It’s ideal for boys and girls who know what they are and are proud of it.

selfie ring light with tripod

For the Perfect Glam Shot: Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder

There’s one thing that content creators all have in common: a need for good lighting. Whether they’re playing video games on Twitch or following the latest dance crazes on TikTok, they need lights to keep them camera-ready, and this “selfie ring light” is more than up for the task.

Despite the singular name, it’s actually several lights in one, and they can be adjusted for angle, color, fill, brightness and more. There’s even a self-standing tripod with a smartphone holder for maximum convenience.


To Put Pen to Paper: Tree of Life Journal

If they believe in positive energy, they’re sure to like this “tree of life” journal. It has crisp white pages to fill with dreams, goals, notes, messages and more, and its cover depicts a beautiful, colorful tree in full bloom.

As a bonus, since the journal only measures 5 x 7 inches, it can be slipped into all kinds of bags and backpacks whenever they need to take a moment for peaceful reflection.

beauty sponge set

To Make Jeffree Star Jealous: 18-Piece Beauty Sponge Set With Spiral Blending Holder Stands

You’ll want to avoid buying makeup as a gift; choosing the right shades and tones can be a very finicky process for the wearer. The same goes for makeup sponges, actually, since they can be made with different materials and designed for specific types of creams, powders and liquids, but the good news is that this multi-pack covers all possibilities.

With 18 different sponges to choose from, your gift recipient is sure to find something useful here. There are even a couple of metallic stands to hold the brushes when not in use.

feminist trophy

For Khaleesi, the Breaker of Chains: Smasher of the Patriarchy Feminist Trophy

Gen Z is known for being socially and politically active, so if you’re shopping for a girl who’s already throwing stones at the glass ceiling, she might get a kick out of this golden statuette. It says “Smasher of the Patriarchy” beneath a classic beauty queen wearing a banner and holding a bouquet of roses, and it can be displayed on desks, shelves and mantels everywhere.

Let your favorite feminist decide.


For Color-Coordinated Gadgetry: PopSockets PopGrip With Swappable Top

Phone grips are useful accessories that can be used for everything from quick selfies to extended video conferences. They can also be highly fashionable items, especially when you buy PopSockets. These grips come with “swappable” tops that will allow your favorite Gen Zer to switch colors and styles whenever they get a new case, so in addition to being a practical gift, it’ll also be a versatile one.

tote bag

Because the Whole Planet is Dying: Everything is Fine Natural Cotton Reusable Tote Bag

Young people are more environmentally aware than ever. They’re also more aware of the ever-looming threat of climate change coming to destroy us all. This tote bag embraces both ideas: It’s made of a natural, reusable and earth-friendly cotton, but it also says “I’m Fine, It’s Fine, Everything is Fine” with an only slightly manic smiley face.

It’s very Gen Z.

letter board with rustic wood frame

To Decorate Their Dorm Room: Double Sided Felt Letter Board with Rustic Wood Frame

If you aren’t sure what they’re into in terms of home decorations, consider giving them a customizable gift like this double-sided letter board. It has a rustic, farmhouse-style frame to give their room some countryside chic, but other than that, the look of the board will be entirely up to them.

They can use the letters to create everything from sentimental messages to goofy memes and in-jokes.

coloring book

For Dreamers and Believers: Good Vibes Coloring Book

Gone are the days when coloring books were only for kids. Generation Z has fully embraced coloring as a source of stress relief, so whether they’re struggling with work, school, family or something else entirely, this book can help.

Not only does it provide dozens of pages for scribbling and shading, but every one bears a positive, self-affirming message like “open your wings and fly” and “be the awesome you wish to see in the world.

frenckle pen

Like Marilyn Monroe: Freck Beauty OG Freckle Pen

Help them get all of the cuteness of freckles without any of the skin damage. This “freckle pen” can be used on all skin types, and it’ll create quick and easy beauty marks for selfies, vlogs, livestreams and more.

As a bonus, it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s beloved by social media influencers like Addison Rae.

electric hot pot

To Help Them Cook Something Other Than Ramen: Dezin Electric Hot Pot

This is more of a practical gift, but if you know a young person who’s heading off to college soon, they can get a lot of use out of a small, simple kitchen accessory like this one. It’s a non-stick saute pan that can cook everything from ramen and fried rice to steak dishes and scrambled eggs, and it comes with everything that they’ll need right there in the box, including a fitted glass lid.

Since it has a volume capacity of 1.5 liters, they can feed a roommate as well!

headphone hook

For the Gaming Addict: PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook

If he has a large pair of headphones, he’s probably had his share of frustrations when it comes to storing them. One solution is a “headphone hook” like this one. It can clamp on the side of any desk between 7 – 37 millimeters thick, so it’ll keep his gear safely stashed out of the way when not in use, but it’ll be within easy reach whenever he gets the urge to grind some more on Overwatch.

mexican snacks box

For a Siesta on Their Tongue: Mexican Candy Assortment Snack Box

Hola! If they enjoy unboxing things for their YouTube videos, this snack pack will give them plenty to talk about. It comes with more than 30 pieces of candy, and they range from sour gummies to creamy chocolates to big, bubble-worthy gums.

There are even some hard pepper candies with traditional Mexican spices! Everything is brightly and colorfully packaged, so it’ll be a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds, and your gift recipient is sure to have fun sharing it with all of their followers.


For the Good Eggs: Role Model T-Shirt

Not every teenager is a room-dwelling hermit fueled by sarcasm and snacks. Some are actually doing things right, and they deserve recognition for their efforts. This t-shirt declares them to be a role model, so whether they’re excelling at work, school, church or just survival of their most turbulent years, this gift can help them feel seen and appreciated.

pen storage

When They Feel Like They’re Dying Inside: Dead Man Desk Organizer Pen Storage

Perfect for long days full of online classes or virtual work meetings, this pen holder will encapsulate everything that they feel when they’re stuck at home. It depicts a dead man sprawled on the ground, and the pen stabs right into his chest.

They might even find themselves stabbing him over and over again if the Zoom meeting goes on too long.

shower steamers

For the Apartment Dweller: 8-Set Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Bath bombs can be a very lush present, but what if the other person doesn’t have a tub? Are they doomed to shower with nothing but tap water and generic soap bars? Of course not! Shower steamers are the upright, fast-acting alternative to bath bombs, and with this set, your gift recipient can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of rose, lavender, balsam fir and sweet orange scents.

Each square is made with natural, sweet-smelling oils for a lovely and luxurious shower experience.


When They’re Even More Sarcastic Than You Are: Juvale Demotivational Posters

“I want you to know that someone cares. Not me, but someone.” If this is the kind of sentiment that will be appreciated by a teen or young adult that you know, they’ll love this 20-pack of “demotivational” posters.

Each one has a frank, funny statement that’s a little more realistic than your usual inspirational fare. “How to enjoy Mondays” is followed promptly by “Step one: you don’t.”

blue light blocking glasses

For Internet Addicts: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It’s a common misconception that young people don’t want to read. They’re actually reading more than ever thanks to texts, blogs, comments and closed captions. However, it’s true that Gen Z is more likely to read things on a screen rather than through a book, which is why these blue light blocking glasses can be quite handy for members of Generation Z.

They’re made with a lightweight, multi-layer blue filter coating to protect the wearer’s eyes from tech overload.

shower margarira machine

To Pull Their Leg: Shower Margarita Machine Prank Gift Box

The only bad thing about this gift is that it isn’t real. Who wouldn’t want a shower margarita machine? Alas, this is only an empty box, but it’s sure to be a funny prank when your gift recipient unwraps it and asks, “What the h*ll?” Maybe they can do the Gen Z thing and create a start-up to actually manufacture shower margaritas.


To Embody the 2020s: Unisex Sloth-Riding Dinosaur Novelty Hoodie

If anything defines Generation Z, it’s an obnoxious galaxy print with something stupid printed on it. This particular sweatshirt has a sloth riding a dinosaur with laser beams shooting from its eyes, so it ticks all of the meme boxes and then some.

It’s so completely wild that they’ll probably laugh in disbelief as they shake it out. Then, if they’re anything like most young folks, they’ll immediately put it on.

Influencer Book

So That They’ll Remember You When They’re Rich and Famous: Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

Everyone wants to be an influencer, and why not? They can make millions per year. Before you let your buddy quit his job and devote his life to stop motion videos, however, ask him to read Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media.

It offers valuable, real-world tips for anyone who wants to harness the power of the Internet and leverage it into a career.

birthday balloons

A Boomer’s Revenge: 12-Pack Abusive Birthday Balloons

In their heart of hearts, every young person fears becoming a boomer, so these birthday balloons will be a hilarious way to remind them that death is coming. They’re all pitch black, and they say things like “happy f*cking birthday” and “f*ck, you’re old.

” They come in a pack of 12 to really fill the room, too. Your gift recipient will absolutely hate them!

manly man soap

The First Rule of Fight Club: Manly Man Soap in Round Tin Can

Is he the kind of guy to avoid “girly” things like scented bath products? If so, you can restore some of his testosterone with Manly Man Soap. The front of the tin has a shirtless man flexing his muscles, which isn’t homoerotic at all, and the fragrance of the soap is a lovely mix of olive, coconut, lime, vetiver and clary sage.

He’ll be the very picture of masculinity with this gift.

card game

For a Nuclear Game Night: Exploding Kittens Card Game

It takes a person of a certain age to enjoy Settlers of Catan. Until then, there’s Exploding Kittens, a card game for anyone who can appreciate colorful cartoon cats causing nuclear explosions. The rules are simple, and most games can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Playing can be quite rowdy as well. It’ll be perfect for young folks who like their fun in quick, exciting and bite-sized pieces.


Cute, Sweet and Full of Surprises: Women’s Cute Animal Designed Novelty Crew Socks

These funky socks have a delightful design. When worn as crew socks, their animal prints are like any other; when folded over into the shape of ankle socks, they reveal animal faces on the interior lining.

They come in a pack of five, so your Gen Z girl can wear tigers, cheetahs and zebras on different days. Give her wardrobe some quirky flair with these clever, colorful socks!

bomb ass brows set

For the Beauty Blogger: Bomb A** Brows Set

If they’re into beauty gurus, they’ve probably heard of Desi Perkins, and it just so happens that she has her own eyebrow kit. It’s called Bomb A** Brows, and it includes a pencil, powder, shade, brush and more.

Whether they’re a first-time plucker or an experienced shader and contourer, they’re sure to appreciate a gift that will raise their self-esteem and give them some killer arches.

blanket sweatshirt

When They Like to Become One With the Couch: Catalonia Oversized Hoodie Blanket Sweatshirt

The best gag gifts are ones that are actually useful in some way, and even though they might laugh at this comically oversized sweatshirt when they pull it out of the box, they’ll definitely reach for it when they get cold.

It’s made with a sinfully soft Sherpa material, and it’s so huge that it can serve as a blanket, robe and hoodie all at once. They’ll never Netflix and chill under anything else again.

hair chalk pens

Because They’re Only Young Once: 12-Pack Hair Chalk Pens

If she’s always wanted to color her hair, these chalk pens will let her experiment with different shades without the need for bleaches, dyes and other permanent measures. She can be as blonde as Jenny Marbles or as brunette as Kimberly Loaiza.

She can even have a bright rainbow shock of hair like no one else! The power will be in her own hands when she has these easy-to-use chalk pens, and since they’re suitable for ages eight and above, Gen Zers in any grade can partake.

glass neon sign

A Different Kind of Night Light: 21-Inch Pink Good Vibes Only Glass Neon Sign

Who needs a desk lamp when you can give your entire room a cool luminescent glow from a neon wall sign? This one says “Good Vibes Only” in a trendy cursive font, but you can find them in all shapes and sizes, and their messages can include everything from positive affirmations to raunchy sex jokes.

Think about the Gen Zer that you’re buying for and pick accordingly.

pillow case

To Elevate Their Interior Design: If You Really Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep Decorative Throw Pillow Case

Throw pillows are a great housewarming gift, so if you know someone on the older end of the Generation Z spectrum, consider getting them some fun and colorful throw pillows for their new place. These says “If You Really Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep,” which is a sentiment that most people can appreciate, but there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

They’re also great for bedrooms and dorm rooms.

one night ultimate werewolf game

When There’s a Bad Moon Rising: One Night Ultimate Werewolf Game

Technology can really enhance game night, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a perfect example. While it’s primarily played through cards, there’s a smartphone app to narrate the action, and it comes with customizable controls to give a DIY touch to the experience.

The gameplay is basically Secret Hitler with werewolves. People of all ages will love it.

mini art notepads

To Add Some Pizzazz to Their Desk: Purple Ladybug Rainbow Scratch Off Mini Art Notes

other great gift for people who like drawing and journaling, these notepads offer more than 150 sheets of scratch-off paper, and their matte black covers a rainbow of colors beneath. Your favorite Gen Zer can create all kinds of lists, doodles, drawings and appointment reminders with a funky, multi-colored flair.

Two wooden styluses are included for smooth drawing, but other instruments can be used as well. The possibilities are as limitless as their imaginations.

DIY paint kit

For Walking Their Own Path: Rock Your Kicks DIY Paint Kit

In terms of fashion, Generation Z is like any other. Some things are cool and innovative; others will be remembered with a wince and a hasty move to hide the pictures. To help your Gen Zers find their own style, consider something like this DIY sneaker-painting kit.

Everything that they’ll need is right in the box, including paints, brushes, stencils and more. They can explore their own creative identity like it’s judgement time on RuPaul.

yoga mat bag

Namaste: Convertible Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

They might be stuck at home right now, but there will come a day when young folks can put their hair in sloppy buns and head to the yoga studio again, and this bag will be essential when they do. It can hold mats, towels, water bottles and more, so it’ll be quite useful for staying organized on the go.

As befitting an accessory for zen, eco-friendly folks, it’s also made from a natural washed canvas.

spongeBob vinyl figurine

Move Over, FunkoPop: SpongeBob SquarePants 8-Inch Collectible Vinyl Figure

Anyone can own a SpongeBob figurine. Only a select few, however, can possess the famous “mocking SpongeBob meme” in figurine form. Despite its subject matter, it’s actually quite well-made; it features good, detailed craftsmanship with a vinyl material and matte paint.

It’s a figurine that will sit on their shelf until the day comes when their own child laughs at them for being old.


Because Ironic Humor Never Goes Out of Style: Someday We’ll All Be Dead Cool Retro T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a gift that will cross all age boundaries, consider this novelty tee. It says “Someday We’ll All Be Dead” with a bunch of butterflies taking flight against a rainbow, so not only does it have a funny, existential sort of humor, but its message is one that everyone can relate to.

Young or old, everyone’s had those days when they just feel like throwing up their hands and letting the butterflies have them.

Present for Generation Z: Do’s and Don’ts

Generation Z is a new breed. You won’t want to half-a** their gifts. Here are just a few tips to make sure that your present doesn’t wind up being mocked in a vlog with a thousand YouTubers or TikTokers laughing along.

Do: Keep It Age-Appropriate

Most people say that Generation Z starts in 1996 or 1997. The oldest members are adults in their early 20s, but the youngest can still be kids or teenagers. Make sure that you aren’t a creepy old person buying them something that’s too mature, but make sure that you aren’t infantalizing them with kiddie gifts, either.

Don’t: Assume That All Young People Are Alike

There are a lot of stereotypes about Gen Z, but just like not all ’70s kids were hippies and not all ’90s kids wore MC Hammer pants, not all Gen Zers are addicted to the web. Some might not care about memes or social media influencers at all; others might be just as technologically illiterate as their grandparents. Think about your gift recipient as a person and not a cliche.

Do: Buy Something Useful

Young people haven’t yet learned the custom of politely stuffing unwanted gifts into a drawer or closet until it’s socially acceptable to toss them out. If they don’t have any use for your present, they’ll probably tell you right away, so make sure that it genuinely serves some kind of purpose for them. Don’t buy a useless gag gift where the joke wears off in five minutes.

Don’t: Buy Something Overly Specific

In your quest to avoid a generic, boring gift, you might go too far in the other direction and buy something overly technical or detailed. This is a mistake. You don’t know what brand of makeup they like; you don’t know what kind of video or gaming console they have; you don’t know if their cat has any allergies. Be careful with gifts that can backfire.


These are just a few gifts for the Gen Zer. You might not be able to keep up with their jokes and fashion trends anymore, but with a little help from the items on this list, you can trick them into thinking that you’re still “fly” and “groovy” for at least one more year!

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