40 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas (By Interior Decorators)

Moving to a new place is so exciting, and a thoughtful housewarming gift can do much more than help you scoring friend points!

A good housewarming present can help ease the transition, and get everyone psyched about their new space all over again 🙂

To help you come up with the best ideas, we reached out to 40 interior decorators and asked them for their top 3 gift ideas for a housewarmingparty. Scroll on to find the perfect gift ideas!

Ana Cummings

Ana Cummings

Housewarming gifts that are beautiful and personal are always highly appreciated.

1. Monogrammed Hand Towels

You cannot go wrong with a set of luxurious monogrammed hand towels for a powder bathroom. They are classic, elegant and will be lovingly used for years.

2. Coffee table book

Another thoughtful token would be a gorgeous coffee table book in a subject that you know appeals to the homeowner. Books are really wonderful for using as smart décor on surfaces or shelves, they are aesthetically pleasing, and may even act as a conversation starter.

3. Charcuterie board

I also love to give custom made Black Walnut or Olive Wood, Live Edge, Charcuterie Boards. Handmade by artisan woodworkers, all are 100% unique, come in different sizes, and will make any kind of nibblies, even store bought, look fabulous.

Shandra Ward

Here are three unique ideas I think would make great housewarming gifts:

1. Diffusing Mister

Essential oil diffusers have become very popular due to their relaxing and healthy benefits.  

Such as stress reliever, better sleep, combat mold and bacteria, mosquito repellent, decongestion, and mucus control. These diffusers use heat to turn essential oils into a vapor that is dispersed throughout your living space. 

Unlike candles or air fresheners, oil diffusers release molecules that cleanse and purify the air,not overload it with unhealthy chemicals.

2. Brass door knocker

Housewarming gifts can be decorative and practical.  A sophisticated looking door knocker complements most homes by adding an elegant touch to the front door.  

A door knocker is a great opportunity to add a little whimsy with something fun and unique to welcome your guests.  For example, a brass frog, a hand, a bumblebee…the creativity goes on and on.

And lastly, you can’t go wrong with a Gift Card to their favorite home store.  This will allow them to get what they want or need to make their house a home

Petria Leggo

Petria Leggo

When moving into a new home you are sometimes inundated with housewarming gifts. I recommend the following items because of their versatility and they are the perfect elements to keep your space cosy and comfortable. 

1. Cushions and throw rugs

You can never have to many and even better play with Layers and Textures! Experiment with different textured blankets and throws to add a warm cosy feel. You can use knitted blankets, sheepskins, duvets and throws. Don’t forget to add lots of soft pillows for complete comfort! 

2. Plants

They are a great addition to the house  to bring warm earthy tones a styled space. Plants are a great way to give life to a room, keep the air in a closed up room fresh and help remind you of the summer months.

3. Rugs

The use of floor rugs is a great way to keep the feet warm. They are perfect to warm up a chilly floor and keep those freezing tiles or floorboards at bay.I recommend buying a rug in warm natural, earthy tones. Creams, charcoals and browns – will create a warm and welcoming space in your home.

There’s nothing more exciting than moving into a new space! If you have a family member or friend that recently purchased a new home, here are a few housewarming gift ideas at different price points that’ll keep their home stylish, clean and enjoyable:

1. Fresh Whites

Whether it’s new stack of white towels for the linen closet or two sets of white sheets for their master and guest rooms, new and extra linens are always a great housewarming gift idea. They keep the home feeling hotel-clean and fresh while easing the task of laundry day when it’s time to change the towels and sheets. 

These are also household items that homeowners don’t tend to replace as frequently as they should, so sharing the gift of quality towels and sheets would be greatly appreciated!

2. Shiny Things

Though the new homeowner’s kitchen may already be filled with larger appliances, what about the smaller shiny things? A new Magic or Nutri Bullet, Simply Human stainless steel trashcan, air fryer or George Forman grill could be the perfect addition to their kitchen. 

On the higher end, iRobot Roombas, handheld vacuums or Shark floor steamers can make for an excellent gift to help the new homeowners keep their home fresh and clean!

3. Gift Card 

No gift registry? No problem! Save yourself the time and stress of shopping and pick up a gift card for the new homeowners. HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Wayfair, Amazon or your local grocery store are all great places to give $25 to $250 as a gift. 

Curtains, rugs, chairs, cleaning supplies, electronics…you name it, they can buy it. With this option, the homeowner gets to use the cash towards any item, big or small and purchase exactly what they need without you having to guess. 

Adrian Ramsay

Adrian Ramsay

At Adrian Ramsay Design House we love to treat our friends and clients with unique and personalized housewarming gifts.

Three of my favourites are:

1. Picture of the house

We always create a framed architectural 3-dimensional hand rendering of the home; we produce these in blueprint style with an ultra-dark blue background and white drawing lines, it’s fun to see these pictures up in the house and reminds the owner of the journey to create there home.

2. Welcome Mat

We love the family welcome mat, a Coir mat customized with the name of the home or the family, or a saying that is close to the family’s heart, it’s a daily fix as they walk over the mat.

3. Custom street numbers and house name sign 

We often create these in stainless steel or corten rusted steel and have them fixed to the home or to the entry wall, every owner we encourage them to name the home, this way it reminds them of an emotional connection to their property.

Marina V. Umali

Marina V. Umali

1. Monogramming

For housewarming gifts, monogramming is something that’s always special. It shows that you really thought about the gift and took your time planning it. 

2. Serving pieces

Serving pieces are also good housewarming gifts. It will always come in handy for parties and events at the home. 

3. A Bottle of Wine

And of course a beautiful and wonderful bottle of wine is still a great go to in my opinion as it’s consumable and won’t take up space in the home. Or if you like, why not gift a monthly subscription for wine for example.

Kristine Flynn

As an interior designer, I always like to bring an interesting or unique housewarming present.

We tend to be more practical when shopping for ourselves, so think of items you wouldn’t purchase for yourself.

I look for items that are a statement, something nice they can leave on display but also something they can use.

1. Cutting board

Furnish in New Orleans sells beautiful cutting boards that are useful and a nice showpiece. They are dipped in resin with geodes inside, like a piece of art.

2. Bowl

A centerpiece bowl for an island is always a great touch, look for something beyond plain white to showcase personality.

3. An art piece

Head to a locally owned shop for a small art piece (12X12 works great), something they can place on a bookshelf.

4. Rosary beads

If the person you’re gifting to is religious, Phina here in New Orleans sells handcrafted large chunky rosary beads.

These make a great display item for a table or bookshelf. New Orleans is naturally a really religious city, so these always go over well here.

5. Coffee cups

Irish Coffee cups are great for coffee lovers.

They are affordable, elevate your cup of coffee and gift well with a bottle of Bailey’s and a pound of coffee beans.

Jaya Jaya Myra

Jaya Jaya Myra

1. A bowl of small crystals

Crystals are colorful, vibrant and often spark conversation. They can also uplift the energy in your home.

I love offering a small to medium size bowl of crystals as a gift because this can be used as a centerpiece on a coffee-table, bookshelf or other highly visible place.

You can even pick a crystal out of it to give as a gift to people who visit your home. Great crystal to use are peridot, amethyst, blue or white agate, lapis, quartz and even hematite.

2. Essential oil set and diffuser

Life nowadays is stressful, no matter where you live. Isn’t it nice to come home to a warm and cozy space?

An essential oil diffuser can be just the thing to help promote relaxation, destress or even boost your energy and mood.

Once you get one for a friend, you’ll wonder why you don’t have one yourself! Great essential oils are lavender, orange, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary.

3. A large clear vase, pretty pen and small journal 

The best thing about home is creating memories while you’re there. Why not help out by giving a gift your friends will likely never forget?

In the journal, write down one thing each day that happened that you are grateful for. Tear out the page, fold it up and place it in the jar. Do this daily for a year, then at the end of the year, you’ll get to look back on everything that made the year great!

Small things like this add tremendous meaning to life, but it’s usually the thing people put off the most. By making this a gift, you’re giving more than a vase, pen and paper. You’re giving all the tools necessary to crate something beautiful. And trust me, this is another conversation starter!

Ashley Spencer

The three unique gifts for a new home that I would recommend all have flexible uses that can change as the new home ages and becomes more lived in with time.

1. A large glass flower vase

with a large opening. The obvious use is for displaying flowers but it can also do double duty to display items for seasonal decoration, like oranges for spring, seashells for summer, Christmas ball ornaments for the holidays or even adding a candle, using beans to hold it in place. 

2. A mirrored tray

This also has multiple uses. The tray can be used to serve appetizers, cheese or drinks for guests. It can also corral a collection of items, like liquor or perfume bottles to help organize their visual display. 

The reflective quality keeps the display light and sophisticated. A tray can also simply be used as a reliable holding spot for keys or a wallet upon entering a home.

3. A self-adhesive panel.

This may not be what you first consider, as wallcovering has a permanent connotation but a self-adhesive panel helps to personalize a home. 

However, the best option might be a Gift Card so the homeowner can choose their own. Because the wallcoverings are reusable, they can be removed and reused in multiple locations whenever a change is desired. 

They can also be repurposed such as: cutting sections to go on stair risers, furniture or cabinet fronts and as bookcase backings. They can even be used on top of that second tray 

Claudia McLaughlin

Claudia McLaughlin

1. A white flower

(e.g. orchid) planted in a complementing vase or pot. It’s important to give a gift that is complete, in this case a flower with the vase or pot. 

When it comes to color, white tends to work in every room and in almost every instance; it’s “fresh” and appropriate and has a stately appearance, while also being known to last a long time.

2. A neutral throw blanket

(SFERRA is a brand we gift our clients). This gift complements any room in a new interior. Throws can be placed at the end of a bed or draped on the arm of a sofa or chair to embellish and soften a new space. 

3. A thoughtful accessory that adds a splash of color.

A hand blown vase, colorful barware or lacquered tray that can complete any interior. 

Susan Alisberg

Susan Alisberg

I use home décor items to put the finishing touch on projects. These small items also make great housewarming gifts.

1. A set of monogram napkins. 

They are always in vogue and add a little personalized chic to any party or home event. Monogrammed napkins are available in a wide variety of qualities, style, and colors so you can find the right fit for any décor!

2. Large format coffee table books

They are another great gift. If you know the person’s interests and style, it can make a really thoughtful, personal gift. A great looking book with an interesting subject and color is a great addition to any décor. Plus it becomes a great conversation piece that the owner can surely relate to.

3.A decorative tray

Trays can be both functional and beautiful and found at every price level so they make great gifts. Trays can be used to organize smaller items on a coffee table or as a way to bring drinks and snacks to the patio for a party. 

If you don’t know the design scheme of the new homeowner, a neutral color always works, but it can be exciting to see a pop of color on a coffee table!

James Hepple

James Hepple

When it comes to housewarming gifts, I’m a firm believer in both form an function – what ever it is, it has to be both beautiful and useful! With that in mind, here are my top three recommendations for housewarming gifts that should appeal to anyone who’s just moved in to a new home:

1. A Beautiful Flower Vase

Nothing breathes life into a room like fresh cut flowers, and for this you need a vase. But because flowers come in many colours and sizes, you’re going to need a few vases of different sizes and colours to pair with different flowers. 

So even if your friend already has a few vases, another one of a different style is often a welcome addition to the collection.

2. A Pair of Beautiful Champagne Glasses

Moving into a new home is a time of new beginnings, and therefore cause for celebration. Nothing says “let’s celebrate!” like Champagne, and for that you’re going to need some decent Champagne glasses. 

And while most people have regular wine glasses, surprisingly few people have decent “flute-shaped” Champagne glasses from which to really appreciate Champagne. 

So I’ve found these to be a great, tried-and-true, all-round housewarming gift.

3. A Himalayan Salt Lamp

We’ve seen these become really popular in the last few years. They have such a beautiful warm glow that lends soft light and ambience to any room. They also look great – each piece is carved from a salt block, so they really are unique. 

And finally, some believe that due to the gentle heat of the lamp, the salt emits negative ions which purify the air and are beneficial to health. So another great all-round housewarming gift

I believe a hostess gift should be a thoughtful one. When being invited to someone’s home, we should arrive with something personal to celebrate the occasion.

1. Recipe journal

Items I have gifted include a recipe journal for those who like to cook and collect their party menus.

2. Serving board

Another thing I like to give is a monogrammed serving board or tray that complements dishes they already own;

3. Brass stirrup candlesticks

My last gift would be a pair of brass stirrup candlesticks from my collection with GO Home, Ltd. to share something of me that also shines in their home.

Josie Abate

1. Plants

Plants are beautiful addition to a new home that will bring the outdoors in, creating a calming effect in the home, along with being a natural air purifier that cleans the air. Plants coordinate well in most interiors and will brighten any space.

2. A throw blanket

In a neutral colour such as beige, which is trending this year, is a nice housewarming gift that can be added to a sofa, armchair or bed. It can also tucked away to be used on a cool evening when you want to get cozy.

3. A nature themed painting 

It can create a biophilic effect in the home, bringing the same wellness benefits as looking out into nature. The painting can be abstract nature theme and not too large so the home owner can place it in an appropriate place where it best matches the rest of their decor.

Kathie Chrisicos

Kathie Chrisicos

1. A better quality silk floral arrangement

In a unique container for use on a dining table or console table in the foyer. I think white orchards are perfect year round in all décor styles

2. An Interior designer gift certificate

For a consultation with a designer you know — or someone whose style fits your friend’s. It will allow the person/couple to receive custom feedback about their furnishings and their home. This can help new homeowners brainstorm and pinpoint whether their old furnishings work or may work in a new way while identifying top priority design needs of the new home.

3. A throw blanket

It is always a welcome gift. They’re a great size and you can be safe in offering  a neutral or a pop of color plus they’re washable!

Jonathan Prichard

1. A mattress

An excellent housewarming gift idea for a new home would be a luxurious night’s rest in a quality-built mattress. You never really feel a home is “home” until that first night you sleep there. So that first night’s rest better be a comfortable one, and a new mattress would help guarantee that. 

Perhaps get one which uses gel memory foam like the 8″ Luxury Gel Foam Mattress w/Organic Cotton, which makes sure that the bed contours to your body type and how you sleep.

2. Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter

Another essential ingredient to any living space is to appeal to our biophilia, our need to connect with nature. This can be done by simply having a picture of a forest on the wall, but why not go with something real and practical? 

For example, the Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter lets you grow herbs like parsley, basil, and cilantro right in your kitchen with advanced planters that look like decorative jars. 

You can just clip off some parsley as you need the ingredients for cooking, and then let it continue to grow. Having green around you is a basic part of human health, in my opinion.

3. Bedside Smartphone Vase

And to keep with that theme of green, but to still live in our interconnected world, how about a flower vase that doubles as a smartphone stand for your bedside? 

Filling your bedroom with the incomparable smell of fresh flowers and the feeling of being surrounded by nature while still have your iPhone nearby is a great way to live with nature and our modern world

John Linden

John Linden

1. A door mat

A good idea for a housewarming gift is a personalized door mat. Not a cheaply made one, but a welcome mat with the family name and year they moved in is a great way to memorialize the purchase of the home. 

2. A cutting board

A decorative, yet useful housewarming gift is a cutting board that is personalized as well. You can put it in the kitchen and hang it up over the work area. 

3. A closing basket

Etsy also has a great closing basket for housewarming that also doubles as a great touch to bathroom décor. This is a unique type of gift because a lot of people don’t think to give something that is useful in the bathroom. It is also gender and color neutral, but simple yet elegant enough to add a classy touch to the bathroom.

Jenny Gericke

Jenny Gericke

When it comes to housewarming gifts most people do the typical engraved cutting board, a bottle of wine, a welcome sign, or custom picture frame. But the truth is, with home décor and even wine or food, tastes can vary greatly. 

I myself have a bottle of wine I’ve never opened, picture frames that aren’t my style and a ton of customized serving trays collecting dust in my closet. Gift cards and cash are definitely helpful to new homeowners but for many they seem so impersonal.

The best housewarming gifts in my book meet both a functional and aesthetic need for the home. 

1. Towels

My first pick would be a textile – fluffy white towels or a knitted throw blanket add style and luxury to a new home.  

Stick to a white or neutral color when picking a textile for someone else’s home – that way it will go with whatever their style is!  

2. A book

My second pick would bea beautiful coffee table book that’s about home organization, decorating or afavorite hobby the homeowner has. Choose a book with a beautiful spine so the homeowner can display it on a console table or bookshelf.  

3. A vase

My last pick wouldbe a wood or white bowl or vase. Accent it with fresh flowers for a pop of color. The temptation will be to engrave or customize the bowl or vase. Don’t! 

As a homeowner, I know what it’s like to get 10+ customized bowls, trays, and cutting boards. There are only so many you can use or display at a time! Stick with white so your homeowner friend has more options for using and decorating with it. 

Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters

Moving into a new home is a source of excitement for most of us – the prospect of turning a living space into a home with new decor and new flavor is so tantalizing.

So, if you’re ever invited to a housewarming party, make sure you bring a thoughtful, aesthetically-pleasing gift that can help your hosts ease into their new home for years to come.

Ditch that old, tired bottle of wine – here are three better housewarming gift ideas that your hosts will actually use and thank you for in the coming years.

1. Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set

Nothing screams “home” like owning a cheese board and cutlery set that can be broken out during gatherings. No matter what size home they own, they will surely find this a mainstay to entertain their guests with on those wine-and-cheese nights.

2. French Press Coffee Maker

Treat your favorite new homeowners with the perfect coffee maker for those busy mornings. A Sleekly designed French press is sure to impress the most discerning coffee fanatics. Help them make the perfect cup the first time, every time.

3. Home Wi-Fi QR code

“Hey, what’s the password to your Wi-Fi?” is inevitably the first thing many guests will ask at someone else’s abode. It’s almost like the greeting for the 21st century! Well, here’s a surefire crowd-pleaser – a QR code with the Wi-Fi details you can print, put into a nice frame for your new homeowners for them to use in gatherings. 

You’ll be thought of very fondly by them every time they have someone over – and it wouldn’t cost you more than $5 to print it and put into an aesthetically-pleasing frame.

These are surefire instant classics destined to be used on a daily basis by your favorite new homeowners – and you won’t even have to break the bank for any of these items.

Amy Rebecca Bloomer

Amy Rebecca Bloomer

As a professional organizer, I’m often trying to find ways to reduce the number of existing items within a home and then strategizing about how to minimize the incoming purchases.  

So when it comes to gift ideas, I often recommend gifting experiences (tickets to a local restaurant, theater, or gift certificates for spa services, etc.) as opposed to tangible items.    

When it comes to house warming gifts, there is something to be said for arriving with a tangible item as opposed to a gift card.  My suggestions are for things that are perishable and purposeful in their new home:

1. Soap Rocks 

Soap Rocks are replicas of the earth’s precious stones, made from mild, extra long-lasting vegetable glycerin soap.  All Soap Rocks contain extracts of aloe, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, chlorophyll, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, essential oils, mineral earth, kaolin clay, and glycerin dew.  

They are absolutely lovely to look so they may be used on any surface and displayed in either a dish or a bowl.  They are also wonderfully soothing to the skin and are a beautiful addition to any bathroom or guest room.

2. A Personalized Door Mat

This option is both fun and functional!  There are many different styles available through online retailers such as Front Gate, Wayfair and Ballard Designs.  You can even get one personalized through Amazon with 2-day prime delivery.

 This is a great opportunity to choose a brand that reflects the homeowner’s style and personality.  It’s also an easy way to increase curb appeal and keep dirt and mud outside of their new home.

3. Fresh Flowers in a Vase (from a local florist and a vase from your local home decor store)

There’s nothing more inviting than a gorgeous bouquet of colorful blooms in a vase they’ll want to keep long after the original flowers have wilted.  It’s an easy way to bring new life to a space that might still be a bit empty.

Linda Fennessy

Linda Fennessy

Three (3) ideal housewarming gifts that will work in any home:

1. A white pitcher with faux white or green hydrangeas.

The new homeowners will most likely be looking to make their new house a home. White on white is a new trend, we are seeing it in kitchen staging photos all the time. 

Hydrangeas have a way of elevating a space to a more sophisticated style. The flowers can be placed in any room and the vase is also a pitcher—so it’s functional as well.

2. A set of baskets.

Lined are richer looking but wicker is great too, adding texture to the design. A medium wood grain would coordinate well with any décor and can be used to organize any space or a closet. 

Homeowners also place them on shelves for a shabby-chic look. Making its contents more accessible and they always give a room that homey-affect.

3. Beautiful & practical housewarming gift: A tea pot.

Not only would it be the focal point of their new kitchen, the new homeowner would be inclined to offer you a cup of tea. Make it the homeowner favorite color or choose copper for a beautiful eclectic choice for their new home.

4. BONUS: A welcome matt is a thoughtful gift item.

It can go at the front or back door. There are some whimsical designs out there at home stores. Choose one that reads HOME or WELCOME to really suit  the occasion. Again beautiful and functional.

A housewarming gift doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be thoughtful, reflecting the personal style of the homeowner. It should do just the name implies, warm the home. Happy remodeling! 😊

Kevin O'Gara

Kevin O'Gara

Housewarming gifts can be difficult because you want to give something that complements the recipient’s existing decor and is functional enough to feel useful.

Thinking about their habits and interests is a great place to start. If they’re an avid entertainer, consider a chic set of bar tools, ice bucket, or marble tray. 

If they love to cook Think about specialty food or tools that the wouldn’t be as likely to splurge on themselves, such as truffle oil or beautifully-designed salt and pepper grinders. 

For the homebody, look for accessories that are high-quality but neutral enough to style in any room. A cashmere blanket is easy to throw on any sofa or chair, and a new vase is always useful for anyone who enjoys flower arranging. 

For simple, more ephemeral choices, a luxury hand soap and lotion set makes a fine choice, and a live orchid is always easily enjoyed. A scented candle is also a good option, but scent can be very personal so unless you know the recipient well it can be hard to choose one they will use. 

You can avoid this conundrum by sticking to related accessories, like a match box, holder, or strike. 

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting feelings.There’s just something so exciting about making your place, your own. Not to mention, an excuse to decorate!

Unfortunately, the whole moving process can seem very overwhelming too. That’s why a heartfelt, housewarming gift is more than just letting someone know you helped them.

You can ease the stressful transition and get them excited all over again with something so simple.

Even if they’re still in the moving stage, they will still recognize your effort to cheer them up by welcoming their new home with a gift.

Finding the right gift can be a little hard because you want to gift something that is very considerate of you, as well as something that can be used for a long time such as an aesthetic item for display in their home.

There is a gift for everyone whether they have a passion for home décor or maybe they just have a sense of humor. These gifts will definitely be loved by anyone moving in to their new place to stay.

1. Funny Kitchen Towels

The only thing better than having a towel ready to clean up a mess, is having a towel that will make you laugh, whenever you make a mess.It’s the little things that go a long way.

2. Customized Candles

Not only can you print something personalized on this gift,but you can also choose from so many pleasing scents such as vanilla and tropical fruit. They will remember you every time they light that candle to freshen up the vibes in their home.

3. Treats Basket

During the moving process, the homeowner is always the busiest. They seem to never have time to even cook for themselves. They would definitely love a gift basket full of snacks or ingredients they can use for cooking. The whole point is to make their life less stressful in every aspect whether it is while they’re moving, cooking, or even cleaning.

Ashley J. Saunders

Ashley J. Saunders

When it comes to moving, it’s always nice to receive gifts but most don’t know where to start. I’d advise choosing pieces which work with a range of interior schemes, highlight your friendship and will last a long time.

1. Wall Clock

The easiest way to add excitement to a blank wall and create a sense of home is to add a wall clock. I love the range from Newgate Clocks as they’re well built, timeless designs and affordable.

Wall clocks make such a good gift as they’re functional, can add instant colour and create a superb memory.

2. Candles

While candles might seem a little low-tech, they are a fantastic way to add interest to a room and can be super affordable. There are two main types of candles.

Traditional non-scented candles are a good gift because they have no smell, burn for many hours and can be used in multiple rooms.

Scented candles, on the other hand slowly release their fragrance into the room. However, some dislike them, so tread carefully. If your friend likes scented candles, then think about buying a pair that can be placed together on a bookcase or mantle. 

Even if they never get lit, candles are a superb and subtle way to curate a space and can easily be changed or rearranged depending on the season.

3. Amazon Echo Dot

As a fan of home automation, I love the potential of the Amazon Echo family. The Dot is cheap and can be linked with a number of lightbulbs and other smart home pieces. It can, of course, double as a speaker, a talking clock and so much more.


Here are the three things I would recommend as perfect housewarming gifts:

1. A door mat 

It’s not exactly an interior gift, but nothing says that you’re entering someone’s home, like a nice, welcoming door mat. 

You could choose it to be with a simple writing, like “Hello” o r “Welcome”, or you can make it even more personal and order a custom door mat with the family name on it. 

A good idea for pet owners is to get them a door mat that states they have a furry friend in the house. It’s both cute and a warning for visitors to be prepared for cuddles.

2. Candles and other table centerpieces

Nothing says that you’re at home more than the dining room table. It’s the place where the family gathers each evening, as well as the main area for all parties and gatherings. 

So, a good housewarming gift would be a cool decorative piece to place on that table. Such decorations make the whole room look brighter and more classy. The only potential issue might be in picking the style and colour of the centerpiece. 

It’s good to know at least the colour of the walls and surrounding furniture, and pick either something contrasting or complementing that colour. 

For instance, if the walls are white and the table black, you can pick a centerpiece in a light colour, this way it will contrast the table and complement the walls. 

Style is also important, make sure you know the style your friends like (whether it’s elegant, rustic, beach-themed, antique, etc.) and choose a piece that would fit them.

3. A nice painting for the wall 

Paintings, if chosen correctly, can really open up a space and make it look cosy. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, a nice collage, a nature painting or something abstract would be perfect. 

Again, it would be good to know the colour of the wall, so you can coordinate the colour of the painting and the frame with it.

Housewarming gifts are a sweet way to bring joy into your loved ones’ new home. Three of my favorite things to gift are welcome mats, wreaths, and gift cards for home improvement stores.

1. Welcome mats and rugs

They are a great way to make a new space feel like home as soon as you walk through the front door. Odds are, your loved one had an old welcome mat that they carried over to their new place or they don’t have one at all. A cute new welcome mat will help them start fresh. You could also try a rug if a welcome mat isn’t quite their style.

2. A Pre-made Wreath

Wreaths are beautiful and personal gifts. You can purchase a pre-made wreath and add to it or create the whole thing from scratch. Use seasonal colors and materials or choose a simple style they can use all year long. Best of all, wreaths are great for indoor and outdoor décor!

3. Gift Cards

At first glance, a gift card might seem impersonal. However, the right gift card can be extremely thoughtful and useful to your loved one. If you’re at a loss for other gift options, try a home improvement gift card. Your loved one can use it for any upgrades they need around their new place like a new bathroom faucet or gardening supplies for the backyard. If you know the new homeowners are working on a larger home improvement project, note the gift card is to help cut costs for them.

Sarah Cousins

Sarah Cousins

When it comes to housewarming gifts, I try to think about things that my friend would love to have but wouldn’t necessarily buy herself/himself right after a chaotic move.

1. Coffee table book

If you know what the person is into (ie, design, cars, history), a fabulous neutral coffee table book or two is a great gift. It’s a way of showing them you thought about their interests as well as wanted them to have something beautiful in their home.

2. Cutting board

Another great option is a fabulous cutting board set. A set of three wooden boards in varying sizes can work as a cutting board in addition to a serving tray for gatherings. When not in use, they look great just leaning on the backsplash in your friend’s kitchen.

3. Soap and lotion 

Finally, and I know this is a little strange, but I love to get people a luxurious soap and lotion duo. Go to Aesop or Le Labo, find a pair that smells great, and throw a bow on it.

When you’re trying to pay for movers, assemble furniture, and find which box you put your sweater in, the last thing you’re thinking about is treating yourself to some soap. T

he bathroom often gets neglected in a move and your friend is going to need it, so why not get them something extra special?

Tiffany Benn

My top tips for house warming gifts are as follows:

1. Hand poured soy candles 

They are luxurious and everyone can find a spot in their home for a gorgeous smelling candle. 

2. Succulents 

These plants not only look great but are pretty hard to kill and can be put indoors or out. 

3. A designer kitchen accessories kit 

One of these will instantly give your kitchen a luxe feel and help make the chores a nicer experience! 

Katie Riddell

My suggestions for homewarming presents are more of a practical (and thoughtful) nature. Unless you know the person’s style, a gift that is of a particular style or colour may be a tricky choice.

Here are three suggestions:

1. Terrarium 

Instead of flowers (which will need a vase), give a terrarium. They are low maintenance and look good in lots of settings.

2. Coasters 

These are probably the last things the homeowners have thought of when unpacking but are a must. They come in a variety of materials such as marble and ceramic. 

3. Door mat 

Again an item that your homeowner may not have thought of! These can be plain or come with a pattern or wording such as welcome. You can never have too many door mats.

Erica Reiner

Erica Reiner

Here’s some ideas for housewarming gifts with a decorative flair. Hope this helps your piece.

1. A hardy plant 

Biophilic design shows us how important our connection to nature is. Plants make people happy and breathe life into a space as well as a splash of color. Not all plants are created equally.

Ones on display in random stores with blooming flowers are designed to…die quickly! 

So don’t be fooled, and take care to get a long life plant suited to indoors like English Ivy or a fern. Throw in a cute watering can for extra thoughtfulness points!

2. Gemstone

Get a beautiful gemstone or geode with an explanation of what the stone is meant to represent or bring in, and why you think it’s great for their new place.  Alternatively, you could do a set of coasters made from geodes or gemstones for a fun and functional version.

3. Bookends

Almost every household has at least a few books. A great gift that’s a bit nicer and more stylish than the typical kitchen gadget, would be a set of bookends made from marble, brass, glass, or agate. 

Nadia Silver

Moving into a new house is a major milestone in life, and is something definitely worth celebrating.

Whether you want to find personalized housewarming gifts for a pair of newlyweds or a successful friend, helping to set your favorite graduate up in a new place or want to congratulate first-time homeowners this year, these practical and super sweet housewarming gifts will be a welcome addition to any new abode.

1. Wine glasses

An upscale dinner party calls for a practical and sophisticated housewarming gift.  Sleek stemless wine glasses or crystal champagne flutes are sure to make an elegant statement.

2. Cheese board

Whether it’s the first place that’s their own or they’ve been doing this for awhile, a marble and brass cheese board will impress every time your homeowner hosts.  

Bonus:  stone and mixed metals is sups on trend for 2019, and easier to clean!

3. Smart Oven

For those who love rare finds and tech vibes, delicious has gone digital. The WLabs Smart Oven thinks for itself, cooks for itself and looks as sharp as it is smart. It identifies whatever it’s cooking as soon as you put it in! WLabs is building only 2,000 of these rare, beautiful and brainy toaster ovens. So, if you have any desire to gift one, best get cooking!

Nicole Regan

Nicole Regan

1. A Chic Potted Topiary

Topiaries are more than just a houseplant. This classic botanical is a favorite amongst top interior and fashion designers like Tory Burch, Mark D. Sikes and Gen Sohr alike! 

Often used in magazines for styling, a potted topiary will make your loved one feel like their new home is right out of a glossy magazine too. 

The best part? They last for years and remain in style every season of the year. As for you, it only sets you back $20-$30!

2. Fancy Pet Bowls

Most homeowners don’t think of splurging on their pet’s food bowls. But they are such an eyesore in the most often used spot of their home. 

So surprise your new homeowner with something that blends in with their aesthetic. Your host will feel proud leaving these out in the open when entertaining. And let’s face it. The key to anyone’s heart is through their fur babies. 

3. Kitchen Products That Look Good Out In The Open

For the host who has everything! Gifts that are beautiful and functional are hard to come by! Which is why quality ingredients with attractive packaging not only elevate their cooking but their kitchen too! 

Think high-end olive oils, rare salts, glass bottled sparkling waters and even designer hand soaps! Their prep and clean up time will cut in half too because they can leave these products right on the counter! 

As for you, you can grab a lot of these items at your go to grocery store!  

4. A Home Design Magazine Subscription

A year-long subscription to a home design magazine serves as inspiration for their new home and doubles as decor! Your loved one will enjoy receiving  fun snail mail at their new address! 

Then they can stack the issues on bookshelves, coffee tables or bedroom nightstands for a stylish look

Elizabeth Dodson

Elizabeth Dodson

I have thrown many a party and I can tell you what makes a great housewarming or hostess gift.

1. Serving utensils

You never have enough cool serving utensils when hosting family or friends and they come in handy. So serving utensils are a useful and yet decorative gift.

2. Glassware

Yes. Great glassware like wine glasses make all the difference in how a wine tastes. And they can also be great décor if you have open or glass shelves. 

Turn a functional aspect of your home into a beautiful designer look with useful pieces. This also maximizes space in small homes.

3. Vase

A simple but standout vase or piece of pottery. I was personally given one,, a unique yet simple handmade vase and it is still one of my favorite pieces in my home. 

It becomes a décor item that works with most of my rooms so the piece can move around. It also has a personal connection from the person who gave it to m

Sherri Monte

1.  Front Door Mat 

Typically, the entrance to home begins here + truthfully, nothing makes a better first impression, especially in a new neighborhood like a welcome mat at the front door. 

It not only says, “hello, we’re you’re new neighbors” but there are so many to choose from to display personality. Oh, my heart tingles with the possibilities. 

2. Faux Plant/Tree/Wreath 

Making a new home your own is the first challenge every new homeowner faces. Adding a faux plant, tree or even a wreath will immediately breathe life into the space. The best part… as your space begins to feel more like you… your new faux plant isn’t temperamental to light so it can survive anywhere you place it about your home. 

3. Snuggly Blanket + Throw Pillows 

No, I’m not talking about those snuggie shirt blankets that were all the rage a few years ago. A cotton, knitted or faux fur blanket paired with complimentary throw pillows is the absolute to die for gift. 

Let’s face it, moving is hard + no one likes it. To make your friend or loved one feel right at home in their new casa, these soft plush textiles are the perfect housewarming gift.

Carole Marcotte

Carole Marcotte

1. Coffee table book

 I love to give coffee table books as a housewarming gifts and, rather than some generic topic, I choose a beautiful book that speaks to my client. 

On a recent job, I worked with a client’s botanical art collection, hanging it throughout her home. 

After finishing the job, I came across a lovely, pictorial coffee table book on the history of botanicals. I love the serendipity of gifts like this!

2. A stylish city map

I also think a very personal gift is appropriate if you have worked extensively with a client or this is a personal friend or family member whose taste you know well. 

For a recent client who had moved to this area and was excited but had a long history in her former city of Philadelphia, I chose an antique map of that city which I custom framed. 

I also had the benefit of knowing that I would be doing her bookshelf styling so I arranged one shelf as an homage to Philly and the surrounding area, including the new art that I gifted her. It was very sentimental and appreciated.

3. A food basket

 Finally, there is nothing more appreciated than food of some kind as a housewarming gift. Again, knowing the person really well helps but there are some general food items that are always appreciated. 

A basket filled with jams, fresh bread or croissants, artisanal pancake mix and maple syrup for a breakfast theme. Or perhaps Italian salamis, cheese selection, craft crackers and olives along with a great wine for an antipasti basket. 

Picking a beautiful basket or tray for the food allows the gift to keep on giving as it becomes a useful and beautiful storage piece afterwards, like the tray we gave to these clients in the photo below which now serves as a handy spot on the ottoman.

Ellen Lindgren

When looking for housewarming gifts, I like to look for items that reflect the owner’s personality, likes, or history.  

1. Coasters

A thoughtful and unique gift would be to find tiles made in the homeowner’s family’s country of origin, add cork to the back and present them as a beautiful set of coasters.  

2. Framed map

Another unique option would be a framed map and a set of gold push pins so the homeowners could mark all the places they’ve traveled and a set of blue push pins so they can mark all the places they would like to travel.  

3. Book spine prints

One of my favorite gifts to give is a set of book spine prints. You take their favorite books and have the spines photographed. The prints are enlarged three or four feet high and cropped to just show the spine, and framed. 

Not only can you use their favorite books, but books about their favorite sport or hobby or about a region they just left.. These gifts are thoughtful and would work well in any home and blend with almost any decor.   

Brianna Thomas

Brianna Thomas

For a truly great and unique housewarming gift, these three things top the list:

1. Decorative tray

A decorative tray is endlessly useful and will instantly add style and corral clutter. When you first move, things are a hot mess. Half of your stuff is unpacked, you can’t find anything, and there tends to be piles of things everywhere.

Enter the tray: a stack of mail and your brand new house keys on top of a pretty tray create an instantly pulled together spot. 

Trays are fairly décor neutral, so you don’t run as much risk of missing the mark as far as the recipient’s taste is concerned.

 2. Classic throw

A classic throw is both cozy to snuggle down with at the end of a long day of unpacking, and also looks chic tossed on top of the an armchair. Just be sure to go neutral in color and luxurious in material (cashmere if you really like the person).

3. Faux plant

A really REALLY good faux plant is the new standard must-have in home décor. Do not cheap out on this one. 

The good ones are barely discernible from their living counterparts and your host will deeply appreciate not having another to-do on their list (i.e. watering a plant and finding a spot with the right light). Adding a splash of greenery instantly adds life to any space.

The key to all of these options is to give something a little nicer than they would buy for themselves.

Tonya Bruin

Tonya Bruin

1. Plants

Plants are a great housewarming gift. Not only can they add some lively flair and colour to your home, but they also provide a personalized touch, as they too will grow with the memories that you create in your new space. 

2. Bar cart with some boozy additions

A bar cart is a great way to store your wines and spirits, and it also adds a sophisticated touch to small spaces like corners. It’s the perfect way to elevate the traditional housewarming gift of alcohol. 

3. Gift card to a cleaning service

Although a house cleaning gift card is not a physical addition to the interior design of a room, the service that will be provided will contribute to a clean, less crowded space, which will work in favour of the aesthetic. 

Jason Spriggs

Jason Spriggs

1. A personalized stove top cover

Stove top covers dress up your stove top for parties/gatherings since many party goers congregate near the kitchen. 

These can also be a great conversation starter.

The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in a home and it’s the social hub where families share stories, eat together, and children do their homework.  

A stove top cover will make this area warmer distracting from all the stainless-steel appliances. Since you are able to customize the wood stain and message painted on top of the cover it is able to blend into any style of kitchen.

2. Custom wood floating shelves

They are the ideal housewarming gift to please any homeowner.

They help solve the storage problem that is often a major priority while decorating the home. 

An ideal location for a set of floating shelves would be the bathroom wall behind the toilet.

Floating shelves allow you to store your extra toilet paper, odor remover sprays, decorations, and whatever else you’d like.

Floating shelves are your ideal solution for your organization problem in this must-use room.  They also contrast against the color of the toilet making the bathroom a little more homier and friendly.

3. A cookbook recipe stand

There is nothing more welcome in a home than a home cooked meal.  That’s what this cookbook stand represents.

Not only can this elegant versatile wooden stand hold cookbooks but also IPads and tablets.  With many staining options available the possibilities are endless.

Marty Basher

For most people, moving to a new home is exciting and chances are that the housewarming gifts will pour in. You’ll get plenty of candles, vases and coffee table books, but it’s the really special things that both enhance your décor and have meaning. Here are a few favorites!

1. Embroidered Personalized Pillows and Throws 

Inquire about home colors and then order personalized pillows and/or a throw. These are items that will be seen every day and most likely used on a daily basis. Have them embroidered with names or initials for an extra special touch.

2. Special Wall Hangings

A meaningful canvas or picture is always a great way to add to the décor and make a special housewarming addition. For instance, if you know the couple was engaged in Paris, maybe a pencil drawing with the date and names. If your recipient has a large family, consider a painting that might have children’s names. If there is a special place that the family vacations, maybe choose a print or oil canvas of that place. Be creative!

3. Etched Wine Carafe

Even if your recipient isn’t a wine drinker, a lovely carafe can be used for other things as well. Consider the décor—farm house, traditional, modern—and choose a glass cut accordingly and then have it etched for that special touch.

Karen Sloan

Karen Sloan

1. A set of rope baskets

They can use them for decorating or to corral small items.

These rope baskets are so easy to make and look more expensive than they really are. They are very popular right now – some like to hang them as artwork and others like to display them around the house.

I have a tutorial for this on my blog but you can also purchase them already made if you don’t want to DIY one. 

2. A personalized handwritten recipe cutting board

You can find these for purchase on Etsy and other sites and they make a fantastic gift. You simply send in a handwritten recipe of your choice and have it engraved on the cutting board. 

It’s a beautiful and memorable display piece for your kitchen that anyone would love to receive. They can hang these on the wall or display on their counters – plus it comes in handy when they want to use the recipe! 

3. A flower vase

Find a unique and pretty vase and include a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with it. When the flowers fade, they still have the gift of a pretty vase that they can use again and again! They will think of you every time they see it. 

All of these ideas are neutral enough to go with a variety of styles. But they are also unique and thoughtful enough that any person would love to receive and display in their home. 

Conclusion - Wrapping it up

Thank you so much to all the experts that contributed to this expert roundup!

Do you have other ideas worth mentioning? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂

If you enjoyed reading this post, please share it on social media with your friends and family. You may never know who is searching for some housewarming gift ideas right now and may use the inspiration.

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