35 Man Cave Gifts That Totally Rock

Man caves exist almost entirely for entertainment and relaxation. And there are plenty of products that serve one or both of these purposes. So if you need a gift for someone who spends a great deal of time in a man cave, here are the 35 best ideas to choose from.

35 Man Cave Presents

leather heated massage rocker recline

For Xtreme Relaxation: Mecor PU Leather Heated Massage Rocker Recline

The first rule of the Man Cave is to be comfortable, and it doesn’t get much more comfortable than this rocker/recliner with 360 Degree Swivel. As you can tell from the name, it rocks, it reclines 160 degrees, swivels 360 degrees and it gives you a heated massage.

It even has side pockets and cup holders on each arm.

Choose from 5 different massage modes: full body, upper and lower back, thigh or lumbar regions. It is sturdily made, with a solid wood frame and 100% bonded high-quality leather.

Best of all, the padding on the seat, arms and back is luxuriously thick. So you can spend hours in it comfortably. Truly, there’s just not a whole lot more you can ask for.

electric heated massage cushion

For Bed or Chair Massages: Electric Heated Full-Body 7-Motors Massage Cushion

If the massage chair is a little much, but that heated massage sounds nice, then take a look at this massage cushion. It looks good, and feels even better, with 8 different massage modes and 3 different speeds of vibration, all controlled with a remote.

You can use this cushion either seated or lying down. And the system has a timer that will automatically shut it off, so no one has to worry about it running continuously if they fall asleep on it.

Use it anywhere, take it everywhere.


A Home Pub Bar: Americana Black and Oak Bar by Home Styles

Is it really a man cave if it doesn’t have an actual bar? If you don’t have one built-in, it’s hard to find even a small freestanding bar for under a grand. But this bar with footrail is a beauty, and will go a long way toward making a man cave feel like a pub.

It’s functional, as well, with one drawer, adjustable shelves, cabinet storage and a brushed nickel footrest.

wood cabinet sideboard

A Budget Bar AlternativeA Budget Bar Alternative: Giantex Wood Cabinet Sideboard

If you think just the storage and surface is all a bar really needs, this sideboard is super affordable. And since it has a finished back, it could easily be used as a bar if shorter stools are chosen.

With 12 cubby holes for bottle storage, a drawer, 2 cabinets and a long open shelf beneath the top surface, this almost-4-foot-long sideboard would look and work great no matter which way it was facing.

large armrest tray

For Keeping Necessities Close: Large Armrest Tray

Forget those skimpy little armrest trays, even if the recliner has a cup holder, there needs to be some real space to put a phone, a remote or two, maybe a snack. This is a really nice-looking tray, with strong springs to keep it stable.

No assembly is required, which is always nice in a gift. You just slip it on and off. This is such a great-looking and convenient gift, you might want to consider getting one for each arm.

house shoes

For Keeping Feet Happy: Fleece Lined House Shoe

In a room that’s made for comfort and entertainment, there’s no point in keeping boots or sneakers on. These anti-skid house shoes are more comfortable than going barefoot, thanks to the thick memory foam and soft fleece lining inside.

The soles are indoor/outdoor so they can be used to run outside for a quick chore, if necessary, or even to drive without feeling like a dork. Your feet will thank you.

cave bar personalized neon sign>

For Claiming Ownership: ADVPRO Man Cave Bar Personalized Name & Date Neon Sign

A personalized welcome sign reminds everyone what a wonderful space that man cave is and the great things that can be found there. This bar sign requires no maintenance whatsoever: no refills, no mercury, no noxious gases.

Emits only the tiniest amount of heat and perfectly safe to touch.

man cave rules sign

For Showing Who’s Boss: Man Cave Rules Sign

This tin Man Cave Rules sign makes an excellent accent to man cave wall décor. Plus it gets all the most important points across, so what’s not to like? The tin is a nice manly touch, while the black and red text is aesthetically pleasing, as well as easy to read.

poker table

For Home Poker Games: Soozier Folding Octagon Poker Table with Cup Holders

Even the most avid poker lovers will probably not need a poker table more than once or twice a week. But it’s nice to have a real one, particularly with cup holders, to use for friendly games. This folding poker table is almost 4 feet around and seats 8 players, with a cup holder for each.

The padded rails are a luxurious touch of comfort, and it has the convenience being able to fold in half.

folding table top cover

For Traveling Poker Games: HomCom 48” Octagon Folding Table Top Cover

A dedicated poker table may not even be necessary in order to enjoy a weekly game or two, no matter where it’s held. This folding poker table top cover sits 8 players, with a cup holder and 4-slot chips tray for each of them.

It’s very sturdy and has an improved 4-fold design, making it convenient to store when not in use. This tabletop is light, easy to carry and comes with its own carrying bag.

wooden playing cards box

For Storing Playing Cards Elegantly: Wooden Playing Cards Box with Two Decks

With or without a dedicated poker table, this gorgeous box provides very elegant storage for two decks of cards, and it comes with a pair to start off with. Its curved lines are trimmed in gold and made of sturdy wood that will last a lifetime.

It’s a lovely addition to any room, even when the cards aren’t being used.

waterproof playing cards

For Playing Card Games Stylishly: Waterproof Playing Cards

Even if you have no special table to play on or box to store them in, these 2 decks of waterproof playing cards are a joy to play with. Covered in either black foil or gold, they are extremely eye-catching.

The cards are also extremely flexible, which makes them very durable. So they would make for a very long-lasting and appreciated gift.

foosball table

For Compact Foosball Fun: Giantex Tabletop Foosball Table

There only needs to be one guest in the man cave to make this game loads of fun to have on hand, but a couple of more friends can play, as well. This tabletop Foosball game is 28” long and has anti-skid caps on the bottom of its 7” legs, which also protect the table it sits upon.

It has a full complement of 18 players, comes with 2 balls and has a score keeper on both ends. At only 19.5 pounds, it can go in and out of a closet with no problem whatsoever.

scotte leather and cedar wood cigar humidor canister

For Portable Cigar Storage: Scotte Leather and Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor Canister

No man cave is complete without a cigar humidor, but again, table space is at a premium when you have to leave room for food and drinks. This attractive portable humidor is the perfect solution to that dilemma.

It has a high-quality leather exterior and is lined with durable cedar to keep 12 to 16 cigars fresh. Best of all, while it fits beautifully into any room at all, it also travels well.

TV remote control holder

For Effective Remote Wrangling: Fintie Vegan Leather TV Remote Control Holder

Why take up more real estate on tables than necessary? Make sure there’s enough room for drinks and snacks, and that TV and Game remotes are easy to find, with this classic looking leather 5-slot caddy.

The is made from padded vegan leather and has a soft anti-scratch microfiber lining.

vogek wireless charging station

For Fast Charging Multiple Devices: Vogek Wireless Charging Station

Let’s be real, the whole point of a man cave is to spend some serious time in it either relaxing or being entertained. So there is a good chance devices will get low on juice, or die altogether. But no reason for that to happen when you can just keep them all tidily together while they charge right next to you.

This docking station works with iOS and Android devices, has 5 USB slots with smart chargers, plus wireless for a phone and a watch. It works with all Qi-enabled devices and it comes with 2 USB C cables, 2 micro-USB cables and 5 lightening cables.

The dock supports fast charging and, with 50 watts and 10 Amps, every port delivers exactly the amount of power each device requires. All 5 ports can charge up to 2 amps simultaneously.

bookshelf speakers

For Studio Quality Sound: Set of 2 Edifier USB Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

This set of wireless speakers pump out studio quality sound and comes with its own remote to manage them, including toggling the inputs. They work with all devices: iOS, Android, PC, Mac or tablet. The 4-inch bass and a 13mm Silk Dome tweeter naturally produce a fine-tuned sound.

Capable of a lossless connection to most computers and televisions.

beer tasting sampler set

For Testing New Beer with Friends: 2 Pack Beer Tasting Flight Sampler Set

For the man cave-dwelling beer-lover, this beer tasting set with TWO kits would make an excellent gift, because beer tasting is even more fun when shared. It includes 8 six-ounce glasses with 2 wooden paddle stands, each with chalkboard for labeling the beers.

(Although, keep in mind that the actual chalk is not included.)

cubic foot refrigerator

The Best Man Cave Mini-Fridge: RCA 3.2 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

The perfect mini-fridge for a man cave is one that is big enough to hold everything necessary, but takes up as little room as possible. Bonus points for a sleek black exterior. This mini-fridge allows you to customize the interior with adjustable shelves, while the door has a tall narrow slot to store a tower of cans, as well as a wider one for multi-liter bottles.

It even has a decent sized freezer.

beer chiller stick

For Instantly Cold Beer: Beer Chiller Stick

Why, you might ask, is it necessary for the man cave fridge to even have a freezer? Well, one doesn’t just drink in there. Snacks, ice cream and frozen beverages all need somewhere to live. As do these beer chiller sticks.

When the bottles in that new six-pack aren’t quite as chill as they should be, it’s so easy to just grab one of these beer chillers out of the freezer and stick it in a bottle before pouring or drinking.

They even have built-in bottle openers!

beer loft magnets

For Storing MORE Beer: Beer Loft Magnets

These beer hanger magnets make it easy to clear shelf space in refrigerators by hanging bottles from the ceiling inside the fridge. The two included strips can each hold three bottles, simply remove the backing and attach to inside of fridge.

bottle opener set

For Banishing Beer Caps: Black and Gold Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Set

A man cave should have at least a little décor to keep from being too stark, but there’s no reason it can’t be functional, as well. This snazzy wall-mounted bottle opener set is both attractive and practical.

There is a removable cap catcher which sits below the bottle opener that can hold up to 75 caps before you have to empty it.

football playbook glasses

For Saluting Great Football Plays: Ryan’s Football Playbook Formations Glasses

Why drink beer out of plain, boring glasses while watching the big game, when this set football playbook glasses are a thing? Pint-sized and dishwasher safe, these glasses are engraved with plays for Zone Blitz, Shotgun, HB Draw and Field Goal.

What an amazing gift for a beer-drinking football fan.

smaier wine kit gift set

For Chic Wine Tool Storage: Smaier Wine Kit Gift Set

Sometimes man cave residents are also wine connoisseurs. In which case, they need tools and accessories of their own. This gift set comes with a corkscrew and extra screw, foil cutter, collar, thermometer, pourer and stopper.

Best of all, these wine accessories come in their own elegant wooden box.

clef du vin

For Aging Wine at Home: Clef du Vin

For the true wine aficionado, there is this wine aging tool, which is a calibrated instrument made from a patented metal alloy. It reveals the wine’s aging potential, and every second it is in contact with the wine will replicate one year of aging.

It works on all types of wine: reds, whites, sparkling, rose and even wines that are naturally sweet. Although, please note that the effect is both cumulative and irreversible.

X-cosrack bar set

For ALL the Bar Tools: X-cosrack Bar Set

What man cave could be complete without a full complement of bar tools? This slick bar tools set consists of 18 pieces of stainless steel tools on a rotating display stand. Made from high-grade food-quality stainless steel in an acrylic turntable that is designed to keep the tools safe from scratching, this is a heavy-duty product that would be just as at home in a real bar as at home.

This premium set includes: 2 double bar jiggers, 24oz shaking tins, flat bottle opener, wine corkscrew, bar spoon, ice tongs, muddler, 4 Stainless steel straws, Hawthorne strainer and 5 liquor pourers with dust caps.

Each tool has its own individual slot in the storage tray, so it will never be a problem to keep them in order or knowing where to find them. There is even a recipe book included!

mini ice maker

For Ice on Demand: Kooler Things Countertop Ice Maker

There are times when a man cave is in great need of ice, but there isn’t space for a full-sized ice maker, and that’s when this mini ice machine can save the day. Only 12 inches high and 9 inches wide, this little beauty can make 9 bullet cubes in 7 minutes or 26 pounds of ice in a day.

It’s stylish, efficient and easy to operate. Just fill it with water, press the power switch and choose the size of ice you want. It’s even self-cleaning!

cocktail glasses with chilling stones

For Strong Cold Cocktails: Cocktail Glasses with Chilling Stones


Of course, no one wants their excellent scotch getting watered down, so it’s more prudent to use chilling stones instead of ice when drinking good liquor straight. This beautiful set contains 2 glasses, a stand and 6 chilling stones.

The stones are made from premium solid granite and are round instead of square to prevent scratching the glasses. Simply keep them in the freezer, at least overnight, until you’re ready to use them.

The set comes in an elegant box, ready for gift-giving. Now you can have your drinks exactly as strong as you like, without worrying about having them diluted by melting ice.

whiskey decanter with glasses

For Serving Superb Liquor: Engraved Decanter with Four Glasses

Give your fine spirits the glassware they deserve. When there are usually a few guests in the man cave, a personalized decanter and 4 glasses can add a touch of class to the gathering. This custom engraved gift set comes with a 23.

75 ounce decanter that can be used to hold any type of spirits and 4 glasses, all of which can be engraved at no extra cost. The glass is very sturdy and dishwasher safe.

a handheld smoker

For Adding That Special Smoky Flavor: A Handheld Smoker

For the adventurous cocktail makers, this cocktail smoker will add that unique smoky taste to handcrafted cocktails. Of course, it can also be used for cheese or charcuterie boards, and even snacks. In fact, it is a tool of many uses.

Unlike other models, this one comes with wood chips, a cleaning brush, replacement parts and a velvet storage bag.

compact convection oven

For Fast Finger Foods: Compact Convection Oven with Warming Pan

Man caves aren’t all about drinking; meals and snacks are definitely part of the program. And that’s why this little miracle appliance will be much appreciated. It has heating elements top and bottom that, with the rotating pan, cook 40% faster than a regular oven.

The warming tray sits perfectly on top, so it can keep food warm while the oven is in use and can also be used as a serving dish. Both the tray and the pan are non-stick, so everything is easy to clean.

A 30 minute timer and automatic shut off makes sure that the pizza, wings and meatballs never burn.

air fryer

For Healthier Fried Snacks: Chefman TurboFry 2 Quart Air Fryer

Fries and snacks are always welcome, but a man cave is no place for making a big mess. This tiny, lightweight creates the crispy fried finish everyone loves, just…much healthier. Includes an integrated 30 minute timer and top-rack dishwasher safe removable non-stick basket.

Tiny enough to easily store away when it isn’t needed.

wall clock

For Effortless Timekeeping: CO-Z Multi-functional Remote-Controlled Wall Clock

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and a man cave is all about fun. So, to make sure no one is late for anything important, this large digital clock is a necessary piece of décor.

The remote will control brightness, a snooze alarm, thermometer, stopwatch, countdown timer and night light, all in one handy device.

This digital display is nice and big, so it’s easy to see, and it uses very little power.

resistance bands

For Halftime Exercising: OlarHIke Resistance Bands

A man cave certainly isn’t expected to include a lot of exercise equipment…because then it would be a gym. But there’s nothing wrong with having this resistance bands set there to use whenever the urge strikes, maybe during half-time or commercials.

They don’t take up much room, and there is such a wide variety of things that can be done with them.

This set includes 5 x 53” color coded bands, 2 ankle straps, a door anchor, 2 handles, a carry bag and workout guide.

The bands are 100% latex and double layered for maximum resistance. They have 14 different tension levels, ranging from 10 to 150 pounds. Since every muscle group can be targeted with these, that means less time in the gym and more time in the man cave!

doorway pull-up bar

For Quick Fitness During Commercials: Doorway Pull-up Bar

One of the best home-fitness tools ever is a pull-up bar that can easily be installed and taken down from a doorway. And if that doorway happens to face a big-screened television, then so much the better.

But even if it doesn’t, a string of commercials is more than enough time to squeeze in a few fitness activities.

This Seaan Doorway Pull-up Bar requires no screws to install. It’s adjustable between 23.

6 inches and 39 inches, so should fit most doorways. The bar has large silicon pads to protect the doorway from any damage and has anti-skid devices on both sides. The grip handles are extra-long and made from non-slip foam.

It only takes a few hassle-free minutes to install or take down. So you can be doing chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, hanging leg raises and more, whenever the mood strikes.

Gifting Tips

Gift giving can be so rewarding. It’s such a joy when you see someone’s eyes light up because you’ve chosen something they will love. It’s just finding that special something than can be a bit of a challenge. Gift giving seems like it should be simple, but actually, it’s pretty complicated.

That’s because we often feel pressured to find the “perfect” gift. Even just wanting to find something extra “special” can be hard. But there are a few different ways that you can make this at least a little bit easier on yourself.

When trying to find the right gift for someone, here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask yourself, what do they enjoy? Think of any hobbies they have, or activities they particularly enjoy.
  • Note down ideas as you have them, or if they mention something they want or need. Then buy that whenever you see it. You will very likely feel less pressure if you don’t wait until right before a holiday or birthday to shop.
  • Ask others for help. Maybe someone knows better than you what they’d like. The more suggestions you get, the better.

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Do you need a gift for someone who has a man cave, or know someone who does? Hopefully, the ideas listed here will be helpful. Tell us what you think of them, and add your own ideas!

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