37 Gifts for Mechanical Engineers To Build Their Happiness

Mechanical engineers are intelligent and hardworking, coming up with all sorts of technical solutions to make our lives so much easier and the world a better place.

They certainly deserve a gift for all of the work that they do! Check out the following gifts that would be perfect for the mechanical engineer in your life—all of them so good that they’ll definitely be enough to construct a positive relationship.

Gift Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

wall clock

A Gift To Keep Their Brains Sharp: Decodyne Math Wall Clock

If you want to know what the time is, this clock really makes you work for it, as each hour is marked by an allegedly “simple” math equation.

The clock also looks like writing on a chalkboard, making it perfect for any academic setting.


So Luck (and Robots) Are on Their Side: Elechobby Lucky Key Chain (Silver Robot)

Who wouldn’t want to work with robots all day if they were this adorable? Your engineer won’t only have a great way to keep track of their keys, but they’ll also (hopefully) have a bit of extra luck in their life.

This little keychain is made of stainless steel and has a high-quality, polished finish, so it looks great and will last forever, too.


For an Engineering Gift That’s Both Useful and Punny: Engineering Notebook

Can you ever really have enough notebooks? No. You can’t.

If you’re buying for an engineer with a sense of humor, this is the gift for you. Sure, this notebook is useful. But every time they look at it, they’ll also remember that “knowledge is power, stress is directly correlated to the amount of work you have to do,” and that you’re a fantastic friend for buying them this gift.

series cinnamon roll coffee

For Those Late Nights : Dunkin’ Bakery Series Cinnamon Roll Coffee

Coffee is amazing. Cinnamon rolls are delicious. Now some genius has put them both together to create the most spectacular-tasting coffee of all time.

Engineering is all about finding solutions to problems, and sometimes finding those solutions will require some caffeine.

At least someone has already solved the problem of creating the world’s tastiest hot beverage.

mechanical pencil

To Help Them Sketch Out Their Next Amazing Design: Mr. Pen 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

It would seem wrong for a mechanical engineer to work with anything other than a mechanical pencil—it’s in the name, isn’t it?

Not only will these pencils help your engineer draft up any design they can think of, but they also have little mustaches on the sides.

They’re probably the classiest pencils you could ever find!


For Those That Like Their Jokes: RIGS Apparel AC/DC Nikola vs. Edison T-Shirt

Two of history’s greatest inventors battled it out for electrical supremacy, and now they’re battling it out for space on this shirt.

It’s the perfect gift for an engineer who not only likes to look fantastic but also likes to sport a bit of nerd cred.

The shirt comes in various colors, so there’s one for every engineer’s style (or you could just buy them one in every single color).

mouse pad

So They Can Surf the Web in Style: Destination Vinyl Mats Motherboard Mouse Pad

If your engineer is stuck behind a screen all day, they can at least have something interesting to look at. All engineers will tell you that a motherboard works much better inside a computer than as a mousepad, but when it looks this awesome, who really cares?

Not only is this a stylish gift, but it’s a really practical one too.

waterproof notepad

So They Never Forget Another Shower Thought Again: Cosmos All-Weather Waterproof Notepad

Look, you can’t control when inspiration strikes.

Make sure your engineer friend can protect their precious ideas with this waterproof notepad. Now when they have that “aha!” moment in the shower, they won’t be left with a mess of soggy pages (yes, these pages are waterproof – seriously!)

3D puzzle music box

For That Engineering Project that Really Sings Fun: Robotime 3D Puzzle Music Box

Not only is “Orpheus” — the little wooden robot — absolutely adorable, but he’s also a whole lot of fun to put together. No need for scale diagrams and complex equations, this robot fits together easily – so much so that your engineer friend will be singing along with him once the job is finished.

It’s probably the cutest engineering project they’ll ever work on!

coffee mug

For When They Need a Bit of Positive Reinforcement: Classic Mugs Yoda Best Engineer Ever Mug

Everyone needs a few words of encouragement now and then, and who better to hear them from than the most-esteemed Jedi Master himself, Yoda!

Your engineer will be so happy with this gift that there’s no chance of them ever falling to the Dark Side.

engineer ballpoint with stylus

For Engineers Who Love Efficient Design: Design Gifts 5 in 1 Engineer Ballpoint With Stylus

It’s a pen. And a ruler. And a level, a flat head/Phillips screwdriver, and a touchscreen stylus. And it comes in a lovely box.

Finally, the sleek, striking design is just the icing on the cake when it comes to this amazing pen.

Snap one up for your engineer today, and they’ll be writing you a thank you note with it for sure!

cutting board

If You’re Looking to Cook Up Some Affection: Engineer By Day Chef By Night Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board is undoubtedly a recipe for success if gifted to an engineer in your life who loves to cook. Sturdy and good-quality, this is the kind of gift that’ll last for years.

Hopefully, your engineer will reward you with a tasty home-cooked meal when you give this to them!


For That Robot-Chic Look: Mechanical Engineering Gear Crew Socks

Your engineer will be feeling playful with every step they take when they’re wearing these gear-patterned socks.

Comfortable and perfect for any occasion, there’s no denying that these socks are really gear-reat!

a degree in a book

So They Never Forget the Fundamentals: A Degree in a Book by David Baker

Let’s face it; we weren’t paying attention all the time in lectures. Just in case your engineering friend was taking a nap and forgot something important, this book can fill in any of the gaps for them.

Easy to follow with full-color timelines, infoboxes, and feature spreads, this book breaks down everything you would ever need to know about concepts such as Newtonian mechanics, AI, 3D printing, and nuclear engineering.

Now, if only college courses could be this easy to understand.


So They Don’t Have to Solve the Problem of Missing Keys: TIIMG Engineering Keychain

Engineers spend all day, every day, solving the problems of our world, problems we didn’t even realize we had – it says so right on this keychain!

This keychain is made of good-quality stainless steel with the message engraved on it and comes in a choice of two striking colors, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your engineer.

Newtons cradle

For Those That Need a Distraction: THY Collectibles Newton’s Cradle

Is any desk in the world really complete without one of these? It’s almost like a law to have one on there.

Not only will your engineering friend never get bored when they have one of these to toy around with, but they’ll also be endlessly fascinated by the wonder that’s Newtonian Physics (aren’t we all?)


So They Always Have the Right Tool for the Job: SOG Multitool

Your engineer will never be caught short again without their knife, pliers, bottle opener, file, scraper, screwdriver, corkscrew—you know, the essentials.

As an engineer, they’re guaranteed to solve any problem they come across with this set of tools only.

robotic arm toy kit

Because It’s Never Too Early To Learn About Engineering: Copernicus Toys Make a Robotic Arm Kit

This gift is great for an engineer who has kids and wants to teach them more about the fascinating world of engineering. Or, it’s just a great gift for an engineer in general because who wouldn’t want to make an incredible, fully functional wooden robotic arm?

3D printing pen

To Take Their Creativity to the Next Level: MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen

Is your engineer always designing things? Well, now they can literally draw their designs straight from their brain into a prototype with this 3D printing pen.

Whether it’s to fix a part or just bring a doodle to life, now anything is possible, and the sky’s the limit for their creativity.

LED flashlight gloves

Something That Will Light Up Their Life : Mylivell LED Flashlight Gloves

Honestly, these things seem like one of the handiest inventions in the world (get it?). Never again will your engineer have to worry about trying to hold a flashlight in one hand while awkwardly trying to fix something with the other.

They also look like something out of a science-fiction movie, which your mechanical engineer is certainly going to appreciate.

the moscow puzzles

Something for Them To Puzzle Over for Days: The Moscow Puzzles by Boris A. Kordemsky

These puzzles are straight out of the Soviet Union, and when you think of maths puzzles, you may not be thinking of the most fun time in the world. However, not only are these puzzles totally absorbing, but the book comes with lots of really interesting sketches too.

This puzzle book + your engineer = a perfect combination.


For Those Who Remember a Simpler Time: Neurons Not Included Floppy Disc Coasters

Thankfully, your engineer will never have to suffer the pain of needing twenty floppy discs to transfer one project. Still, they can relive that blessedly simple time again with these floppy disc coasters.

A set of four means that they’ll have enough for themselves and three friends — or enough for them to have four cups of coffee of their own (which they would have needed if they still had to use floppy discs to do anything with).


For Those Who Need To Keep Their Priorities Straight: Funny Mechanical Engineering T-Shirt

It can certainly be annoying to be in the middle of a project, totally in your zone, only to have somebody come up and disturb you.

Your engineer will never have to worry about that again when they’re wearing this shirt.

It’s as good as wearing a “Do Not Disturb” sign around their neck but much more fashionable.

beer mug

Who Need a Reminder of How Great They Really Are: Designsify World’s Greatest Mechanical Engineer Beer Mug

You already know your engineer is the greatest one in the entire world, that’s why you’re getting them a gift! Why not get them this gift to remind them of how wonderful you think they are. Serve up a mug of coffee, beer, or anything in between during those late-night brainstorming sessions.

mechanical spider

For Those Who Aren’t Afraid of Creepy-Crawlies: PTC Steampunk Inspired Mechanical Spider

Does your engineer ever wish they could ride around in that giant mechanical spider from that absolute classic of a movie Wild Wild West? You know, that critically acclaimed film that everyone adores?

Well, as an engineer they may very well one day create a giant mechanical spider like the one from that absolute classic of a movie Wild Wild West, but until then, they can be content with this model spider instead.

prime climb game

For Those Engineers Who Love To Win: Math for Love Prime Climb

Who knew math could be so much fun? Well, engineers certainly did.

This game pits a group of 2-4 competitors against each other to test their math skills to secure a victory. It’s the perfect addition to family game night (see what we did there?).


For Those Who See the Beauty in History: Ramini Original Thomas Edison Drawings

These are four beautiful prints that’ll look great anywhere around your engineer’s home or workspace. It’s a good source of inspiration and remembrance of a simpler time when machines were much less complicated than they are today.

Also, lightbulbs.


For Those Engineers Who Tell It Like It Is: Avii Gifts Mechanical Engineer Tumbler

This tumbler tells it like it is—when you’re an engineer, everything really is always on fire. Your engineer will certainly appreciate this gift.

They’ll just have to wait until after they’ve finished putting out those fires to use it.


Because Your Engineer Is the Mathematical Equation of Cool: Wild Ties Math Equations Novelty Tie

When your engineer needs to look a bit fancy, they can break out this tie and show off their status as the resident nerd. Cool enough to earn them some cred in the office, but still completely professional.

Also, this tie comes in two colors, so your engineer can easily match their equations to their outfit.

engineers book

For Those Engineers Who Love To Curl Up: Engineers: From the Great Pyramids to the Pioneers of Space Travel

This book is a fascinating read for anyone, but engineers, in particular, will find its subject matter so engaging they might not be able to ever put it down!

Documenting the history of engineering from the distant past to the present, this book is guaranteed to teach your engineer something new.


For the Engineer Who Knows That Style Is in the Details: D&L Steampunk Watch Cufflinks

If your engineer likes moving parts and looking fantastic, these mechanical cufflinks are the perfect gift for them.

They’ll be the standout at any formal occasion and can probably also easily explain to you how the cufflinks work in the first place.

hanayama cast puzzle

For Engineers Who Love a Challenge: Bepuzzled Enigma Hanayama Cast Puzzle

If your engineer has been poring over charts, drawings, test data, and equations all day, give them something even more complex to work on — this brain teaser puzzle.

Like everything to do with engineering, what seems simple on the surface is actually incredibly complex.

This will keep them occupied for days. You’ll probably come back to find them rigging up all sorts of tests and taking all kinds of measurements to try and figure the thing out.

pocket engineer wallet

To Keep Track of Things Easily: The Pocket Engineer Wallet Engineering Ruler

Is this the most practical gift for an engineer ever? Not only will it keep their cash and cards safe, but it also means that they’ll be able to measure things on the fly and keep track of units easily.

Now they’ll have more room in their pocket for other engineering gadgets.


Who Know How Hard Their Brains Work: Sock It to Me Work It Brain Socks

These comfortable cotton socks are the perfect gift for any engineer. Wearing them has a guaranteed chance to make them 100% more fashionable – and maybe even smarter too (alright, we probably cannot guarantee that last part)!

refrigerator magnet

For When Your Engineer Needs Some Stress-Relief: MAGNETS N MORE Refrigerator Magnet

Sometimes, things just go wrong, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Instead of getting stressed out, this magnet reminds your engineer that what’s most important is remaining calm and continuing with the job.

Made of solid metal and of a good size to hold any document on the fridge, this magnet makes a great gift for the engineer in your life that could do with a reminder not to get so worried about things.

field bag

For the Engineer On-the-Go: Rothco Canvas M-51 Engineers Field Bag

Does your engineer spend a lot of time in the field? Or traveling between work sites?
They could probably use something as stylish as this field bag to store their pens, rulers, protractors, compass, drawings, specifications, test results, and all the other engineering paperwork and data.

brass proportional divider

For the Engineer Who Likes Things To Be Precise: Brass Proportional Divider

For something with a bit of sophistication behind it, why not this brass proportional divider kit? A throwback to the days of precision measurement without any electronics, this timeless gift is as useful today as it was 300 years ago when crossing the ocean.

With a wooden box for storage, this gift is like breaking out the good china when you have guests.

3 Tips and Tricks for Buying Presents for a Mechanical Engineer

Know What Kind of Engineer You’re Buying For

Remember that there are many different types of engineers. There are mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers — the list goes on and on. What kind of engineer you’re buying for certainly does matter — a mechanical engineer would probably appreciate something like a robotic arm construction kit or a mug that says “World’s Greatest Mechanical Engineer” much more than a civil engineer would!

Buy Something That’s Actually Going To Be Useful

Engineers are typically very practical people—they don’t like “fluff” in their lives. All of the gifts on this list have been selected because not only will they be appealing to an engineer, but they’ll also be useful to an engineer.

Buy Something Sturdy

Engineers build and design things all day for a living, so they won’t appreciate a gift that’s poorly made and falls apart after five seconds. The gifts on this list have been chosen because they’re of good quality and will last for many years to come, which is very important when buying for an engineer.


There are so many other great gift ideas that aren’t on this list that would be perfect for an engineer, especially a mechanical one.

Like, share, and comment to let us know which ones you will be purchasing for the engineer in your life!


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