35 Gift Ideas For An Old Soul Born in the Wrong Time

Maybe they like antiques. Maybe they enjoy the same hobbies and creature comforts as senior citizens. Whatever your reasons for considering them greater than their years, here are just a few gift ideas for old souls!

book of recipes

Like Grandma Used to Make: Grandma’s Little Black Book of Recipes

If they like rolling up their sleeves and kneading their dough by hand, they’ll enjoy the challenges of Grandma’s Little Black Book of Recipes. It’s a transcribed copy of a real 1910 recipe book found in someone’s attic, and as such, there are no user-friendly instructions about things like baking times and temperatures.

Grandma knew her food was done when she put her hand to the oven door and it was hot enough. This is home cooking at its most authentic.

retro FM bluetooth  speaker

To Rock Around the Clock Tonight: Retro FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker

Styled in a cute and bubbly pink, this speaker looks like something straight out of an old-fashioned diner where girls in poodle skirts sip at chocolate malts. Its vintage aesthetic includes big gold buttons and a moving dial like the FM radios of yesteryear, but it’s actually a modern, wireless speaker that connects to phones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Let them play their Elvis Presley until the neighbors are ready for a blue moon!

fleece robe

For Ice Cream Nights on the Couch: Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Zip Up Fleece Robe

Old souls have the wisdom to understand that appearances don’t matter when you can be warm and cozy in a bathrobe and slippers. Fittingly, this robe isn’t the most fashionable thing in the world, but it’s made with a soft, thick fleece that goes all of the way down to the ankles for maximum coverage.

It also comes with a zipper to trap heat and keep floppy bits of fabric from getting bunched up during a Gilmore Girls marathon!


Toys R ’80s: Flashbacks 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Slinkies. View Masters. Raggedy Anns. These are just a few of the vintage toys to be put back together again in the “Flashbacks” jigsaw puzzle. Not only will it inspire nostalgia in older folks and wistfulness in younger ones, but since it’s a screenless, no-tech activity, its very existence will speak to an old soul who still likes doing things by hand.

Keep them entertained with old-school hobbies through the purchase of this gift.

boxed gourmet jam and jelly sampler

To Get Back to the Basics: Pioneer Valley Boxed Gourmet Jam and Jelly Sampler

The simplest lives are often the sweetest, and these jams and jellies from Pioneer Valley are sweet indeed. The brand is known for providing “a taste of pioneer country” with fresh ingredients and natural, fruity flavors, and this sampler set offers eight different mini-jars for everything from toast to pastries.

It’s finger-licking good, but it’s also real, rustic, and uncommercialized.

x-back suspenders

Retro Fashion at Its Finest: Dickies Men’s Adjustable X-Back Suspenders

Suspenders can be both fashionable and functional, especially when they have the iconic X-back shape that defined the wardrobes of the early 20th century. You can find them in all sorts of cuts, colors, and styles, but this pair is plain and black, which will allow your gift recipient to match them with anything in their closet.

They’re also fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for all body types.

three man chess

A New Spin on an Old Classic: Three-Man Chess

If they’ve just finished The Queen’s Gambit and are wishing that they lived in the days of whiskey sours and Dionne Warwick songs, this chess set could be a fun and appropriate gift. It isn’t an ordinary set, however.

It’s a three-player version with a rounded board and several dozen pieces in white, black, and grey, so it’ll offer an intriguing challenge even to seasoned grandmasters. Are you ready to get roped into a few games?

picnic basket

Little Picnic on the Prairie: Country Picnic Basket With Red and White Gingham Liner

Sometimes, old souls come in the form of people who aren’t addicted to technology. They might enjoy time spent in nature or otherwise “unplugged,” especially when they can be face-to-face with their loved ones.

If this describes someone you know, consider giving them a wicker picnic basket lined with red and white gingham: Not only does it look the part of a country lunch, but it’s also highly functional with a split top lid, woven handle, and washable fabric.

steam train trip for two

For Couples: Steam Train Trip for Two

There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling close on a train ride through the scenic beauty of the English countryside. They’ll feel like they’ve fallen into a Jane Austen novel as they gaze out of the window and see the rolling hills nestled into the wide green pastures.

They’ll also be able to enjoy complementary tea and wine as the train whistles merrily along just as it has every day since 1966.

retro nintendo game console

For the Grown-Up Duck Hunters: 620 Retro Nintendo Game Console With Built-In Games

They collected coins in Super Mario Brothers. They “finished him” in Mortal Kombat. With this old-school Nintendo console, they’ll get to relive all of their favorite video games from childhood and see which ones still withstand the test of time.

There are 260 games in all, and they come built-in to a system that can be plugged into any television with A/V ports. Give them a blast from the past with a truly retro present!

cassette tape USB

To Blare on Your Boombox Outside of Their Window: I’ve Made You a Mixtape Cassette Tape USB

Who says that the days of mixtapes are gone? They’ve just been upgraded a little in the modern era! This USB stick, for example, can be plugged into any computer; it simply looks like a cassette tape from the ’80s or ’90s.

It can also be loaded with whatever media that you’d like, including music, games, and old movies. Sizes range from 4GB to 16GB, so you can curate an entire multimedia experience for someone just like you did back when mixtapes were the height of cool.

magazine susbcription

The 12-Part Present: Monthly Magazine Subscription

Some folks still enjoy a bound book or magazine to pass the time, and Magazine.com is your one-stop shop for the latter. You can find all sorts of titles and interests represented there, including InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens, Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, and more.

You can even find rare and specialty magazines devoted to everything from religion to comic books! Just sign them up for a subscription, and you’ll give them a gift that keeps on giving for months to come.

vintage wall print collage kit

For That Retro Aesthetic: 50-Piece Vintage Wall Print Collage Kit

This will be great for the college student looking for unique ways to decorate their dorm. It’s a collection of small, colorful art prints with retro themes such as diners, muscle cars, cassette tapes, and glass soda bottles.

The prints can be applied to any window or wall with the sticky tape that’s included in the box. Even young folks can appreciate older, simpler times, especially when they have decorations like these.

I love Lucy colorized collection

Vitameatavegamin: I Love Lucy: Colorized Collection

I Love Lucy is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, so any of her DVD or Blu-Ray boxsets would make a fine gift. This particular collection is dedicated to the colorized episodes. If your friend has never seen classics like “Job Switching” and “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” in anything but black and white, they’re in for a real treat! Invite yourself over with some popcorn and you can enjoy them, too.

winter wool crew socks

Because No One Deserves Cold Toes: Five-Pack Winter Wool Crew Socks

They might be old souls, but they can still be young at heart! These delightfully colorful socks will bring a bit of cheer to dreary winter mornings, and since they’re made from wool, they’ll be warm and fuzzy as well.

You can choose from multiple patterns to find something that uniquely suits your gift recipient. Wrap them up by themselves or stick them in a cold weather care package filled with other goodies.

Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot

Lights, Camera, Action: 1950s Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot

Perfect for the girl who loves Hollywood glam, this is an opportunity for her to channel her inner Audrey Hepburn. The experience includes a full hair and makeup makeover as well as the chance to rifle through closets filled with 1950s fashion.

Whether she chooses pencil skirts, ruffled blouses, or suede shoes, she’ll be able to transform herself into the ideal model for a retro photoshoot.

whiskey decanter set

The Ultimate Conversation Starter: Old Fashioned Car Whiskey Decanter Set

This is a showstopper of a decanter set, so if they’re the type to enjoy statement pieces in their interior design, you’ve just found something amazing for their bar. It’s a wooden model of the old Ford Model Ts of the 1920s, and it fits a large glass decanter inside of the engine as well as two glasses on the side caps.

A spigot emerges from the bumper for pouring their liquor.


For the Introspective: Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

Studies have shown that a daily gratitude habit can do wonders for your mental health, but old souls already knew this. In fact, they might be an experienced diarist already. The good news is that Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal puts a twist on the usual formula, prompting self-reflection in the morning and evening for optimal emotional clarity, so it’ll offer a new experience even for those who are already familiar with these kinds of self-care tools.

tea drops sampler pack

A Quali-Tea Gift: Tea Drops Eight-Piece Sampler Pack

A cup of tea can be just what the doctor ordered after a long, trying day, and this sampler pack will let them choose from eight different flavors to soothe their soul. They can relax with some Earl Grey; they can perk themselves up with some peppermint or citrus ginger.

Additionally, since these are “bagless” teas, there won’t be any clean-up to deal with afterwards. It’ll be a gift in more ways than one!

retro vinyl coasters

Staying Alive: Retro Vinyl Coasters With Record Player Holder

If you’re looking for fun, vinyl-themed coasters, there are plenty out there. Some have even been designed to look like real hits from the old Billboard 100! We’re fond of this set, however, because it includes a coaster holder that can keep them all organized when not in use, and the holder is shaped like a vinyl record player.

A stylus will pin them in place. This could be a cute, charming, and utterly memorable gift for a housewarming!


An Instant Upgrade For Their Wardrobe: Breakfast Club Don’t You Forget About Me T-Shirt

Nostalgia comes in many forms, including Judd Nelson fist-pumping the air at the end of The Breakfast Club. This t-shirt commemorates the sight along with lyrics from the soundtrack staple “Don’t You Forget About Me.

” If you know someone who sighs longingly while binge-watching ’80s movies and wishing that they could live in simpler times, consider something that celebrates a classic title from a classic era in cinema.

wind chimes

Peace From the East: SuninYo Wind Chimes

You’ll never find music more beautiful than the music that comes from nature, and this wind chime can play a gentle, soothing song all day long. Its golden tubes are both attractive and utilitarian in terms of making sounds, especially since each one measures a different length, creating harmonious chords when they connect.

It even has a bit of an eastern aesthetic thanks to its sleek and circular design!

Flight in a WWII Spitfire

For a Bird’s Eye View: Flight in a WWII Spitfire

The number of functional WWII planes is diminishing by the year, so this experience is a rare opportunity that won’t be around forever. It’s a chance for them to fly in a real Spitfire, one of the last still airborne, for a 30-minute trip through the clouds and over the landscapes below.

Whether they’re interested in aircraft, military history, or just one-of-a-kind adventures, this is a gift that they won’t soon forget.

hot and cold therapy body wrap

For Relaxing at Home: Hot and Cold Therapy Body Wrap

If they enjoy cozy, housebound gifts, they’re sure to appreciate this therapeutic body wrap. It’s much larger than some of the others of its kind, so it can be used anywhere for aches and pains, and it’ll deliver soft, soothing, and fast-acting relief.

Best of all, since it’s filled with clay beads, it can be cooled or heated depending on what their situation requires. Just tell them to pop it in the freezer or the microwave before use.

magnetic bookmarks

When They Scoff at Audiobooks: 12-Pack Pastel Colors Magnetic Bookmarks

They might be an old soul, but there’s no reason for them to struggle with old-school technology when newer and sleeker alternatives are available! These magnetic bookmarks, for instance, will clip on either side of a page and stay there, eliminating the possibility of lost bookmarks, torn pages, or discoloration.

Your favorite bookworm will be able to read their paperbacks in peace.

shawl wrap

To Live Like Daisy Buchanan: 1920s Sequin Beaded Shawl Wrap

Available in black, beige, and champagne, this beaded wrap can add a little flash and flair to any number of outfits. It’s modeled after the flapper look of the 1920s right down to the beaded sequins and fringe.

Tell her to pair it with an upswept hairdo and bright red lipstick for an ensemble straight out of The Great Gatsby!

calligraphy pen set

A Medieval Marvel: Calligraphy Pen Set

The power of a handwritten letter is sometimes forgotten by the current generation, but the old soul remembers. This calligraphy kit will give them everything that they need to craft beautiful and meaningful correspondence to the people they love.

In addition to a handsome wooden pen and holder, there are also 11 different nibs and 7 different inks for various lettering styles.

indoor herb garden starter kit

To Cultivate Their Green Thumb: Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This could be a welcome gift for someone who’s always wanted to start a garden but lacks the time or space to make one in the yard. Everything is grown indoors, and all necessary tools are right there in the box, including pots, seeds, soil discs, and wood-burned plant markers.

The plants are all edible herbs as well, so they won’t just be beautiful; they’ll be genuinely useful.

bluetooth turnetable and multimedia center

Because You’re Never Gonna Give Them Up: 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable and Multimedia Center

Housed in a square wooden box like a vintage record player, this multimedia center combines old-fashioned aesthetics with new-age technology. Its 8-in-1 capabilities include a turntable, FM radio, CD player, cassette player, and more.

Your gift recipient can enjoy music through the ages with all of the utilities at their disposal, and what’s more, they’ll look utterly stylish doing so. Finishes include everything from mature oak wood to deep and rich mahogany.

vintage ford engine components prints

A Replica of the Greats: Vintage Ford Engine Components Patent Prints

They just don’t make ’em like they used to, but you can give your buddy a taste of the good old days with these sketch-style art prints of vintage Ford engines. While not the real patents, they’re designed to imitate that look right down to the sepia-toned paper.

They’re also stamped with H. Ford’s name and dated to the 1920s and 1930s.

pocket watch

To Make Him Dapper and Dashing: Bronze Pocket Watch With Chain

Make him feel like a well-dressed gentlemen with a bronze pocket watch. It’s styled just like the timepieces of yesteryear, including Roman numerals rather than modern numbers, and it has a hinged lid that can be popped open to reveal further markings.

A bronze finish gives it an antiqued look, and a chain makes it easy to attach to the belt loops. He’ll be debonair to the max!

antique telephone

From Alexander Bell: Antique Landline Telephone With Push Button Dial

While not quite as old-fashioned as a rotary phone, this landline is definitely from another era. It has a handset, cord, visible speakers, and huge push buttons to make calls. Its delicately painted white ceramic gives it a feminine style, however, and it’s a fully functional phone that can be hooked up to a house’s phone lines.

Just make sure that they have service from a local provider before giving them this gift!

bird feeder

Life’s Simple Pleasures: Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder

You don’t have to be an old soul to appreciate the sights and sounds of chirping birds, but they’ll enjoy this gift, too. It’s a plastic bird feeder that mounts outside of a window for both ease of refilling and optimal birdwatching.

The creatures will gather closely to enjoy their treats, and your loved one will get a front row seat to all of their shows.

book paper flower

When You Love Her Most Ardently: Pride and Prejudice Handmade Book Paper Flower

Is she obsessed with Mr. Darcy? She’ll swoon over this “book flower” that’s made from pages out of Pride and Prejudice. It’s fun; it’s creative; it’s suitable for many occasions, including anniversaries.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a BFF indulging her daydreams or a boyfriend trying to live up to Mr. Darcy’s standard: This gift will be a flower that never wilts.


These are just a few gift ideas for an old soul. As you can see, there are many different ways that people can love, live, and take inspiration from the past! What do you think of our list? Is there anything that you’d like to add or share?

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