39 Gifts for Outdoorsy Women Who Live Life Alfresco

Not all who wander are lost, but you may be at a loss about what to buy for the outdoorsy woman in your life.

Whether she likes to keep it simple or pack up tons of gear, this list has something for everyone. Below, read about dozens of amazing gift ideas that will help her get away from it all and head to the great outdoors.

39 Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Women

hydration pack backpack

Keep It Hydrated: EMDMAK Hydration Pack Backpack

Lugging a water bottle on a hiking trip can be a pain; they’re awkward to carry and have a terrible tendency to leak. Help the outdoorsy woman in your life stay hydrated on the trail without a fuss by gifting her this hydration backpack.

The lightweight back pack contains a bladder that can be filled with two liters of water and carried on her back. The water is then sipped through a nozzle attached to the pack’s strap. The backpack contains numerous other compartments, so she’ll have plenty of cargo room to store all of her other hiking gear.

mini compact first aid kit

For Emergencies: Mini Compact First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, especially when you’re out in the woods or on top of a mountain. Because there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with an injury putting a damper on your outdoor adventure, this compact first aid kit is a fantastic gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

This tiny plastic case is filled with 85 of the most commonly used first aid supplies to help treat minor injuries, so your giftee can get back on the trail in no time.

insect repelling

Don’t Be a Pest: High Protection Insect Repelling Wrist Bands

Pesky insects are one of the most annoying problems during any outdoor activity. Whether you’re hiking, biking, boating, or just having a backyard picnic, no one has any fun while being attacked by bugs.

Some insects, such as mosquitos, can also carry dangerous diseases. Help keep your outdoor enthusiast safe with a package of insect-repelling wrist bands. Each band lasts for several hours, using all-natural ingredients to keep bugs at bay.

cloudliving experiences for her

To Spoil Her Senseless: Indulgent Experiences From Virgin Experiences

It’s always fun to get a taste of the high life, and Virgin experiences will take her away from her troubles and let her live like royalty for a few hours.

Not only can she enjoy spa days, chocolate tours and five-star dining experiences, but many of them are offered in unique settings as well. She can enjoy wines and cheeses during a cruise of the New York City coastline; she can sip on cocktails as she takes an aerial tour of San Francisco; she can be waited on by black-jacket servers during a Napa Valley train ride. The possibilities are endless with Virgin!

100 park 5000 ideas book

Read Before You Go: 100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

If national parks get her reaching for her hiking shoes, she’ll love this beautiful guide to the United States’ most breathtaking parks. Combining travel tips with gorgeous National Geographic photography, this book inspires serious wanderlust.

Each park’s entry contains detailed travel advice, facts about wildlife, and tips for hiking, biking, camping, and exploring, so they can plan hundreds of adventures around the US with just one handy book!

personal water filter

Drink Up: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Dehydration is no laughing matter, so it never hurts to have a backup for your water supply. With this handy gadget, any outdoor enthusiast can be a survivalist by safely drinking water from natural sources they find while blazing a trial.

They simply need to drink the water through this small plastic straw, which can safely filter as much as 1,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. This is the perfect item for an outdoorsy type who likes to be prepared.

picnic blanket

For Snack Time: Compact Picnic Blanket

For long treks out into nature, it becomes necessary to eat while on the trail. It isn’t always easy to find a clean spot where you can keep the dirt out of your meal. Your outdoorsy girl will never have to worry with this portable, sand- and water-proof picnic blanket.

The blanket is compact, folding into a tiny pouch that can easily be stored in a backpack or even a pocket. Help her dine in style while eating alfresco!

mountain picture frame

For the Memories: Majestic Mountain Picture Frame

Some outdoorsy folks love to take pictures to commemorate the beautiful sights that they see on their forays into nature. Help her beautifully display her outdoor memories with this unique wooden picture frame.

Carved into the shape of a rugged mountain, this frame is the perfect touch to bring a bit of nature home.

inflatable sleeping mat

Have a Good Night: Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat

If she loves to sleep under the stars, what better gift can you give her than a good night’s sleep? Make roughing it a little less rough with this handy inflatable sleeping mat. This mat is light enough to be carried easily in a backpack, then blown up with the included inflating bag.

It’s made from durable nylon that protects their body from the cold ground, and comes in three fun colors.

outdoor camping tent

For a Handy Shelter: Lightweight, Waterproof Outdoor Camping Tent

If she’d rather not see the stars while sleeping outdoors, consider this outdoor camping tent. This tent is compact and light enough to be easily carried on a backpacking trip, coming in at under six pounds, while still providing enough space for two people to sleep comfortably.

Made from durable polyester and aluminum, this tent is easy to assemble, but sturdy enough to guarantee a safe night of well-earned rest.

shorts with zippered pockets

Keep it Cool: Women’s Quick Dry Hiking Cargo Shorts with Zippered Pockets

Who can enjoy the great outdoors when the sun is beating down and making you feel like you’re ready to melt? With the right gear, such as these cargo shorts, the sun becomes a little less unbearable.

These quick-drying shorts will wick away sweat and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. They also feature five large pockets to provide quick access to essential cargo. These shorts come in five neutral colors to fit into any wardrobe.

mini camping lantern

A Light in the Darkness: Collapsible Mini Camping Lantern

One of the greatest things about time in nature is getting away from the bright city lights to look at the beautiful stars. However, sometimes you do need a little bit of light out in the dark wilderness.

That’s where this handy mini lantern comes in. This light is small and collapsible, so it’s easy to stow with their hiking gear. Yet it still provides plenty of light and can be recharged easily with a USB cable after each trip.

prep lists for camping book

Be Prepared: Prep Lists for Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking

When preparedness is the name of the game, nothing beats a guide written by an expert outdoorsman. This handy book provides quick reference guides for a variety of outdoor activities, so they can make sure they aren’t forgetting any essential items.

Instead of worrying about being unprepared, let this book do all the work!

camp stove

Kiss the Chef: Folding Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove

Just because they’re dining outdoors doesn’t mean they can’t have a delicious, warm meal. With this portable camp stove, they can easily cook up fantastic foods right along the trail. This small, stainless steel stove weighs under two pounds, making it perfectly portable for any outdoor adventure.

All she’ll need to do is gather some wood and get cooking!

emergency survival tool

SOS!: 13 in 1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Tool

When the outdoors gets tough, make sure your woodsy woman is prepared for whatever nature throws at her with this compact survival kit. This kit includes 13 essential tools, including a compass, whistle, flashlight, and emergency blanket.

These tiny tools will make any outdoorswoman feel more at ease out in nature, knowing she’s prepared for anything.

walking poles

Better Than a Stick: Nordic Collapsible Anti-shock Walking Poles

There are lots of dangerous obstacles along the ground, such as snakes and large holes in the path. For this reason, many outdoor explorers choose to hike using a walking stick or two. Help her walk in style and safety with these aluminum walking poles.

These poles absorb some of the shock that the body experiences each time the foot hits the ground, and allows hikers to safely test the ground in front of them. The poles are fully retractable and come in four fun colors.


Pack it Up: High-Performance Internal Frame Backpack

Sometimes, it takes a lot of gear to be safe and comfortable on an outdoor adventure. Help make lugging cargo a less painful experience with this high-performance backpack. With its sturdy internal frame, backpackers can easily carry a large amount of gear without it getting in the way of their movements.

The pack is adjustable to fit a range of body sizes and contains an amazing 3,400 cubic inches of cargo space.

into the wild DVD

One Man’s Adventure: Into the Wild DVD

Even the most avid outdoor enthusiasts like to stay inside every now and again. Inspire them onto greater adventures with a copy of “Into the Wild.” This classic film tells the tale of one young man’s quest to simplify his life by giving away his possessions and setting out for the rigors and beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

This is a must-see movie for any outdoorsy woman.

waterproof socks

Protect Those Feet: Waterproof Breathable Hiking Socks

There’s nothing worse than slogging through an outdoor adventure with wet feet. Traveling for too long with wet feet can also lead to a number of complications, such as foot rot. Help keep her safe and comfortable with a pack of waterproof hiking socks.

These socks will keep her feet dry in just about any scenario, but are still breathable to make hiking comfortable. These amazing socks come in 23 styles and colors, so you’re sure to find an option that will make your outdoorsy woman smile.

electric hand warmers

Time to Warm Up: Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmers

A serious outdoorswoman won’t let a little cold weather keep her away from the great outdoors. Unfortunately, fingers and toes are particularly susceptible to the dangers of frostbite when exposed to the cold air.

Keep her safe and warm with this handy gadget: a rechargeable electric hand warmer. Just plug it into a USB port to charge it up, and she’ll have hours of gentle heat to keep her fingers from feeling frosty.

The device is safe to use for long periods of time, so it’s perfect for those long winter hikes.

waterproof vinyl stickers pack

Stick it On Anything: Waterproof Vinyl Stickers Pack

Who doesn’t love to show off their favorite hobbies in every aspect of life? With this fun sticker pack, your outdoorsy woman can personalize a wide variety of items, such as water bottles or laptops.

Each of these vinyl stickers features a fun design that will let anyone know that no matter where she is, she’d rather be in the great outdoors.

multi tool hair clips

Stylish and Safe: Multi Tool Tactical Hair Clips

Who would’ve guessed that hair accessories could help keep someone safe? With these stainless steel hair clips, she can keep her hair out of her eyes while being prepared for anything unexpected that may happen on the trail.

These hair clips are specially designed to be used as a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, and cutter, while still looking super cute in her hair!

sasquatch soap

Take a Whiff: 100% Natural Skin Care Sasquatch Soap

Even if they won’t admit it, many outdoor enthusiasts secretly hope to catch a glimpse of elusive cryptids like Bigfoot when they head out into the wilderness. Any outdoorsy woman is sure to appreciate this 100% natural Sasquatch Soap, guaranteed to make her smell like a beautiful forest glen.

This is the perfect way to wash off the sweat and dirt of the trail without leaving the wonders of nature behind.


Did You See That?: Powerful Compact Binoculars

There’s so much to see out in the wilderness. So much of it can pass right before your eyes if you aren’t prepared. Help the outdoorsy woman in your life spot beautiful birds and other natural wonders with this handy set of binoculars.

The binoculars are compact and lightweight, so they won’t be difficult to carry. Yet, they’re powerful enough to see things 1,000 yards away in perfect detail! Whether she likes to hike, boat, or even birdwatch, these binoculars are sure to come in handy.

hiking journal

For Making Memories: Hiking Journal With Prompts To Write In

Travel journaling is an essential part of the outdoor experience for some. What better way to appreciate and remember the details of your outdoor experiences than by writing about them? This 50-page journal will give her plenty of space to record her adventures, and provides prompts to help her include all of the relevant details.

Its small 6 by 9 inch design is perfect for tossing in her backpack and hitting the trails.

backpack cooler chair

Have a Seat…Or a Drink: Ultralight Backpack Cooler Chair

There’s no better feeling than putting your feet up after an exhausting outdoor adventure. Sitting on the ground isn’t always comfortable, however; this is where the backpack cooler chair comes in! This chair is lightweight, so it can be carried easily.

It folds out into a sturdy, comfortable seat where she can take a load off, and contains an insulated compartment where she can keep her drinks ice cold. If fishing is her game, she can even use the compartment to store everything she catches before packing up for the day!

wood floating mountain shelf

There’s Always Time for Style: Wood Floating Mountain Shelf

To add a touch of the outdoors to her home, why not gift her this beautiful floating shelf? Each shelf is beautifully crafted from real wood into the shape of a three-peak mountain. With this hanging on her wall, she can easily display all of her favorite wilderness photos and souvenirs, turning them into a stunning conversation piece that will fit into any home.


Where Are We Headed?: Silver Compass Necklace

Every woman loves beautiful jewelry that combines fashion and function. This hardy stainless steel necklace is the perfect addition to her wilderness wardrobe. Hanging from a stainless steel chain, this necklace features a compass embedded into the pendant.

With this unique piece, she can display her love of the outdoors on any occasion, while having a handy tool to take into the great outdoors.

pocket knife

Make it Personal: Custom Engraved Pocket Knife

There are plenty of uses for a sturdy pocket knife in the great outdoors, but they aren’t a common gift for women. Show her how capable you think she is by gifting her this custom engraved pocket knife.

She’ll find countless ways to put this knife to use on the trail with its stainless steel blade and sturdy wooden handle.

watercolor painting

A Touch of Class: Abstract Geometric Mountain Watercolor Painting

If your wilderness woman is artsy as well as outdoorsy, she will surely love the chance to add a touch of the great outdoors to her home’s décor. The abstract nature print is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of nature without ever leaving home.

Divided into three large panels, this print features mountains, water, trees, and birds in a stunning display that anyone would be proud to hang in their home.

sun protection shirt

Don’t Sweat: Women’s Sun Protection Shirt

The right attire is crucial when heading to the great outdoors. It’s important to wear clothes that will keep your whole body cool and dry throughout the excursion. For a garment that’s cool and comfy, look no further than this sun protection shirt.

Available in both long- and shirt-sleeve options and a variety of colors, this shirt blocks the harmful rays from the sun while wicking away moisture to give her the most comfortable adventure of her life.

mountain life necklace

A Bit of Bling: Rosa Vila Mountain Life Necklace for Women

For a less practical, but still beautiful, jewelry option, check out this gorgeous Rosa Vila engraved necklace. The gold and platinum alloy metal shines in the light, and is engraved with a stunning nature-inspired image.

She can wear this on an outdoor adventure, casual wear, or even dressier outfits, bringing a little bling to any occasion.

hiking boots

Give Her the Boot: Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

No piece of apparel is more important to an outdoorswoman than a good pair of boots. Walking across difficult terrain is hard on the feet, legs, and back. Help keep her entire body supported with a pair of high-quality hiking boots.

These boots feature a cushioned midsole, waterproof leather exterior, and mesh tongue for breathability. The boots are adjustable, allowing for the perfect fit, and come in 14 stylish colors and styles.

mountain puzzle

Rainy Day Fun: Mountain Retreat Jigsaw Puzzle

Just because she’s stuck in the house doesn’t mean that she can’t express her love of things natural. This 1,000 piece puzzle, featuring a beautiful natural scene, is the perfect way to pass a rainy day when heading outdoors isn’t meant to be.

This puzzle is made from recycled, eco-friendly materials, so it’s an ethical way to bring the outdoors inside.

hiking pants

Keep it Stylish: Women’s Hiking Pants with Reinforced Knees

To round out her hiking wardrobe, check out the stylish, waterproof hiking pants. These fantastic bottoms have reinforced knees to keep the material from tearing and feature five zippered pockets for storing the essentials.

Made with a durable nylon blend, these pants have an excellent range of motion and are perfectly breathable, even on lengthy outdoor adventures.

tea gift set

Time to Unwind: Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set

At the end of a long day in the wilderness, what better way to relax then with a cup of hot tea? This gift box is specially curated with nature-lovers in mind, featuring six delicious organic flavors. These teabags are a unique piece of edible art: as it steeps, each teabag blossoms into a beautiful flower floating right in her mug.

Bring a touch of the outdoors into her kitchen and let the magic blossom.

camping cookware mess kit

Dinner is Served: Odoland 12-piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit

If your outdoorsy lady seems to spend more time in the great outdoors than in the house, help her bring some of her kitchen’s comforts on the trail with her. This complete mess kit comes with an aluminum non-stick pot, aluminum non-stick pan, kettle, camping stove, two stainless steel cups, spoon, fork, knife, and carabiner with carrying bags.

This kit has everything she needs for a gourmet meal served alfresco.

snacks care package

Can You Say ‘Yum’?: Healthy Snacks Care Package

It’s important to pack portable and nutritious snacks for every outdoor adventure. Give her a huge supply of healthy, delicious, snack-sized foods to take along on her next excursion to the great outdoors.

This snack box incudes healthy chips, fruit snacks, and granola bars to fuel her up for even more outdoor fun.

portable espresso maker

Time to Perk Up: Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

For some outdoor enthusiasts, nature is the only stimulant they need. Others need a little extra help. To give her the gift of java on the go, consider this handy portable espresso maker. This unique gadget can be operated with no batteries or electricity, but still provides a delicious cup of coffee that can be easily carried without spilling.

All she’ll need is a little hot water, and she’ll be ready for her next adventure!

flameless lighter

For a Crackling Fire: Waterproof Windproof Flameless Lighter

Nothing says the great outdoors like the sight and smell of a crackling fire. Whether she’s staying warm on a chilly night or roasting up a tasty marshmallow, starting a fire in the wilderness isn’t always easy.

Make the task of making fire easier with this handy flameless lighter. This lighter is waterproof and windproof, so she can start a fire in any conditions. It’s also rechargeable, so she can use it on outdoor adventures for years to come.

How to Pick Present for the Outdoorsy Woman in Your Life

A lot of outdoorsy women use nature as a way to escape from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. One way to make sure that you’ll love your gift is to choose something that will help her relax and be at one with nature.

Another important aspect of gift-giving is to understand what’s important to her. Does she like gifts that are practical and exactly what she was hoping for?

If so, it doesn’t hurt to ask her what she would like. However, if she prefers to be surprised, it’s probably a good idea to do a little more sleuthing so you can pick a great gift without her catching on.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for one of the basics or something unique and inspiring, hopefully this list helped you find what you’re looking for.

What other ideas do you have for gifts to outdoorsy women? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to share this article!

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