43 Tactical Gifts for Police Officers

Shopping for police officers can be difficult since it’s impossible to know what they like or can practically use when they’re not on the clock.

Officers risk their lives every day to protect the public and deserve every present they receive (and more). Thankfully for you, this article can help you find the best gifts for the special police officer in your life.

43 Gift Ideas for Police Officers

coffee mug

For the Retired Cop: Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension Coffee Cup

For that special retired cop in your life, this simple but humorous mug gives them a lighthearted reminder that the worst days are behind them, and it’s all golden pastures from here on out.

tactical pen light

Multitools Never Go Out of Style: 6-in-1 Tactical Pen Light

This fully-loaded multitool is a pen, wrench, flashlight, ink refills, bottle opener, and self-defense gadget. While cops seem to have everything in their cars these days, this gift will add a bit of much-needed versatility to your police officer’s life in one easy-to-carry package.

Cops have enough stuff to carry, right?

hand warmers

Criminals Freeze, Not Cops: OCOOPA Hand Warmers

These rechargeable hand warmers with multiple settings will make sure that your police officer is never cold in the line of duty. Cops are outside no matter what the elements are, even in blizzards and brisk sub-zero temperatures.

espress holster

More Holsters, More Guns: Concealment Express Holster

While cops naturally carry their service weapon, they can also choose to hold their own concealed sidearm. This waistband holster fits nicely under the shirt and provides more options in dicey scenarios than the service weapon.

Plus, peace of mind is nice.


Even Cops Love Socks: LEVLO Cop off Duty Socks

Everyone appreciates a nice pair of socks, and cops are no exception. These socks are colorfully decorated to inform everyone that this cop is off duty, already clocking out after a long day of service.

Every cop deserves a pair of warm socks without holes, stains, or a stench.


Help Them Remember What’s Important: Police Keychain

This simple yet powerful keychain provides words of comfort and motivation to your police officer, reminding them that they’re stronger than they know and that they’re loved – presumably by you! Help remind them everywhere they go with this easily attached keychain.

emergency space blanket

Give Them Warmth: BIVY Emergency Space Blanket

This double-sided Mylar space blanket will come in handy when your officer least expects it. Whether your cop is simply cold themselves or they run into someone who needs a quick way to warm up, this space-age miracle will be there to help.

sleeping bag

Help Them Sleep in a Pinch: BIVY Emergency Sleeping Bag

This emergency sleeping bag is lined with Mylar to protect your police officer from the elements – snow, ice, cold, rain, hypothermia – this bag does it all! Even if your cop doesn’t use it himself, he’s sure to cross paths with someone who needs somewhere soft to lay.

challenge coin

Send Them Off With a Prayer: Saint Michael Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

This specially made coin comes engraved with Blue Line imagery as well as a prayer from Saint Michael, the patron saint of law enforcement. Complete with a display case, this classy coin is a great gift for important milestones, like graduation from the academy or retirement.

seatbelt cutter

To Help Save Lives: Window Breaking Seatbelt Cutter

Police never know what’ll happen when they arrive on the scene, but they can be prepared for every scenario with this handy tool. This device helps break windows and cut seat belts in emergencies, saving the lives of those in submerged vehicles and after car accidents.


Notes in Any Weather: Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notebook

Cops take notes to help keep track of investigative information. Unfortunately, weather can make note-taking difficult when it’s wet or snowy outside. With this useful notebook, your police officer will be able to jot down crucial facts without having to shield himself from the rain.

patrol bag

Keep Them Organized: 5.11 Tactical Wingman Patrol Bag

Cops are expected to carry tools and equipment for a ridiculous number of situations, and organization can quickly become a challenge in a crowded patrol car. With this pocket-loaded patrol bag, they can keep everything they need within arm’s reach for easy access.

trash can

Keep It Clean: Lusso Spill-Proof Trash Can

Police are expected to keep stringent cleanliness standards on the job, and this spill-proof and compact trash can keeps clutter and trash confined to this can until there’s time to empty it. Cops sure buy a lot of coffee and fast food, and this trash can keeps those wrappers out of sight.

BBQ set

Off-Time? BBQ Time!: YouTheFan Sheriff 3-Piece BBQ Set

Barbecues are a family tradition for many police officers across the country, and this sheriff-themed set of BBQ tools lets your cop grill in style at any occasion – big, small, party, or otherwise. Don’t let them use that cheap stuff – spring for this set.


Gift Them Stress-Free Rest: YnM Weighted Blanket

Law enforcement is among the most stressful jobs out there, leaving many cops at wit’s end. Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to reduce stress with an artificial sense of calm, and this is the perfect gift for any overworked officer out there trying to catch some Z’s.

bullet rocks glass

For the Off-Duty: The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

This classy whiskey glass with a real 308 caliber bullet in it is the perfect gift for any police officer that likes to unwind with a drink or two. Don’t worry about the bullet being toxic, though – it’s made from 100% copper and not a trace of lead.

carnivore club box

For Carnivore Cops: Carnivore Club Box

This specialty gift box is loaded full of 4-6 meats cured by top artisans from around the globe. Treat your police officer to an array of handcrafted exotic meat choices, and you can guarantee you aren’t going to get pulled over any time soon!

back and neck massager

Say Goodbye to Sore Muscles: Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager

A common denominator all cops share is sore muscles. Whether it’s aching feet from a busy day or a painful back from sitting in a patrol car all night, this soothing massager can work out even the most stubborn knots from head to toe.


Tunes Anywhere, Any Time: Bose Alto Audio Sunglasses

These sunglasses boast an impressive set of open ear speakers that allow a busy cop to jam out to their favorite tunes and never miss a radio call at the same time. If that’s not enough, they’re built-in to a pair of UV-reflecting (and quite stylish) sunglasses for those sunny days on the clock.

wooden docking station

Classy Wooden Storage: Wooden Docking Station

When a cop comes home, they don’t want to have to worry about their phone, wallet, watch, gun, or other day-to-day objects getting lost. With this classic wooden docking station, you can gift a great-looking storage solution that your cop will use every day.

bottle opener

Badges and Beers: Kikkerland Police Badge Bottle Opener

A commonly lamented fact nationwide is that police badges don’t double as bottle openers. Thankfully, Kikkerland stepped in to fix this tragedy. Now, you can gift a police badge that snaps open beer bottles for cops who love a good brew to unwind after a long day.

lunch box

Cops Are Always Hungry: ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box

Everyone appreciates a good meal, but police officers appreciate them a bit more than the average person because they so often have to skip dinner at home and eat fast food or microwave dinners. With this extensive insulated meal prep lunch box kit, you can make sure your cop never goes hungry on the job.

cookie cutter set

Cookies for Cops: Police Cookie Cutter 4 Piece Set

This four-piece set lets you handcraft police-themed cookies, whether they’re all for your special officer or perhaps for them to share with the whole precinct. This thoughtful gift is great for officers who enjoy a little baking in their off-time.

whiskey drink coolers

Keep Their Drinks Cold: Whiskey Drink Coolers With Gift Box

Whiskey is popular in many circles, including hard-working and overworked police officers trying to unwind from a tough shift. These slick whiskey coolers can be put in the freezer and then a glass of whiskey to keep it cold without dilution.

As a bonus, purchasing this gift helps support testicular cancer research!

red police beacon light

Party Like a Police Officer: IR Rhode Island Novelty Red Police Beacon Light

This novelty light is great for parties or small get-togethers and will definitely spark conversation. If the neighbors don’t know their chosen career by now, they definitely will after seeing this light with some tunes pumping! No need to call the cops for noise complaints – they’re already on it.

coffee mug

The Ultimate Coffee Mug To-Go: YETI Rambler Coffee Mug

YETI is well-known for its great insulated coolers and mugs, and for a good reason. This double-wall insulated mug keeps drinks cold or hot for hours, ideal for officers who often go hours without being able to quench their thirst.

This mug will keep their drink perfectly fresh for enjoyment at a later time, no matter how long it takes to finish up at the scene.

suspension training kit

Keep Them in Shape: TRX All-in-One Suspension Training Kit

Cops need to stay fit to be prepared for any possible situation – chasing or restraining a suspect, saving lives – the job never really ends. This training kit helps them keep in shape with nothing more than their own body weight, making fitness possible anytime, anywhere.

If they have a few minutes to spare at home, they don’t have to go to the gym to squeeze a quick workout in – just strap this on, and they’re set.

pressure putt trainer

Golf Is Universal: PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Golf is a universally beloved sport, and even cops aren’t immune to it. When they’re not out protecting and serving the public, help them perfect their gold game with this clever pressure-based trainer.

This gadget returns a ball the same distance it would’ve gone past the hole on the green without a need for lots of space. In the office or at home, this helps keep their golf game in tip-top shape.

krispy kreme gift card

Cops Love Donuts: Krispy Kreme Gift Card

Look, it’s a stereotype because donuts are totally delicious and easy to munch with one hand and drive with the other. Don’t let your special cop be put off. Instead help them embrace the wonderful world of donuts with a Krispy Kreme gift card.

american flag license plate

Rep the Blue Line: Thin Blue Line American Flag License Plate

Police officers have a lot to be proud of, and rightly so. They protect and serve the public with their lives constantly on the line, and deserve to rep that on their off-time too. With this Thin Blue Line American flag-themed license plate, your favorite cop can proudly display their support of law enforcement on their civilian vehicles.


Gain Muscle, Not Weight: Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Cops may put their lives on the line regularly, but there can be a lot of downtime as well, and any exercise nut can tell you that inactivity is the enemy of fitness. Keep your favorite LEO in amazing shape with these adjustable dumbbells, perfect for beginning and advanced lifters.

Don’t let them buy multiple sets of dumbbells when these are all-in-one.

drop stop

Eliminate Their Seat Gap Black Hole: Drop Stop

Everyone knows that feeling when you drop your keys, phone, or other valuables into that seemingly bottomless pit that’s between car seats. For cops, this can be more than just a hassle – it could interrupt their important duties.

This simple yet genius device featured on Shark Tank makes life 100 times easier for any busy professional, especially LEOs.

handgun cleaning kit

Clean Gun, Happy Cop: Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Whether it’s their service weapon or a personal sidearm, this universal cleaning kit makes keeping any handgun clean a cinch. This compact case contains all the brushes, jags, picks, slotted tips, and rods necessary to keep any handgun in peak performing condition.

Poor gun condition may be the difference between a weapon firing or not, and in life-or-death situations, that’s simply unacceptable.

pen holder

Pens Fully Loaded: Barbuzzo Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paperweight

Unfortunately, paperwork is a grim reality for law enforcement. Pens tend to vanish, and papers fly away, but this 2-in-1 gun cylinder pen holder also doubles as a paperweight. The cool look is just a sweet bonus to the practical applications.

cookie jar

For Nerdy LEOs: Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar

Yes, cops can be nerdy sci-fans too! The police theme makes this a funny gift for any officer who enjoys the timeless classic. This officially licensed cookie jar lights up and makes sounds just like the TARDIS on the show.

Screen guests by seeing if they recognize it from Doctor Who or think you only have it because it says ‘Police’ on it!

whiskey decanter

Store Drinks in Police Style: Police Badge Personalized Whiskey Decanter

For the classy drinkers who double as cops, this is an amazing addition to any wet bar or kitchen. Made with crystalline Italian glass, this decanter is personalized with the recipient’s name engraved below a police badge graphic.

cuff case

Cuff Criminals in Style: Aker Leather 607 Dual Mounting Cuff Case

It’s a sad fact that cops have to arrest people. What many cops are unaware of is that it’s considered a fashion crime not to wear this beautiful leather cuff case when they do so. Please get this for them before the fashion police arrive on the scene!


Cops Need Support Too: Original S.W.A.T Side Zip Tactical Boot

These timeless boots are constructed with 30% full-grain leather for style and 70% 1000 denier nylon for durability and comfort. The steel shank installed in these boots provides unparalleled support, which LEOs definitely need with all the time they spend on their feet.

Bonus points if they’re actually in S.W.A.T.!

coloring book

For Potty Mouth LEOs: Police Coloring Book

Move over, kids. This coloring book isn’t for you. If your favorite cop swears more than is strictly proper, this coloring book is hilarious, relatable, and most importantly, filled with the best swears of all time.

Even cops who used to be sailors may learn a new swear or two!

keepsake box

A Beautiful Box for Beautiful Memories: Police Blue Line Keepsake Box

This gorgeous wooden box is emblazoned with the Thin Blue Line flag and the word Police, leaving no doubt who this box belongs to. Every cop has their treasured possessions, so give them a box to treasure as well and store them in safely.

Handcrafted in North Carolina, this box is sure to become a staple in your special cop’s life.

roast coffee

You Can Never Go Wrong With Coffee: Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

Sometimes cops just want a good cup of coffee that isn’t from a gas station. For those occasions, this small-batch coffee is the perfect breakfast blend, plus the manufacturer is partnered with the Pensacola Police Department! Help them start the day off right with a great brew of this coffee.

UV phone sanitizer

Clean Anything With UV Light: Zephair UV Phone Sanitizer

You may not be aware, but recent technological advances gave us this incredible gadget that can clean smartphones, jewelry, and other daily objects with UV light. For phones, this sanitizer is equipped with 15W wireless fast charging technology.

Cops get grimy, so this is perfect for blasting those germs away.


People may find themselves puzzled at how to shop for a police officer in their life, but it doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling experience. Cops often work long hours, so anything that eases boredom is much welcomed.

Police are often called to dark places, where handy little gadgets like penlights come in handy. And let’s not forget that police are some of the bravest people we have in our societies, coming face to face with danger on a more regular basis than nearly anyone except the military.

Then again, in their off-time, cops are just like anybody else and have their own unique likes and dislikes. Many of them appreciate classy or humorous clothing or themed decorations for their homes and squad cars.

While you may have once been ignorant about what to get your LEO for special occasions, hopefully, this article sheds some light on the types of things that they can use and appreciate. This article has 43 items, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something – I bet you already have something in mind, don’t you?

43 gifts for police officers

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