40 Pottery Gifts for Him (Thoughtful and Unique)

Pottery might be one of humanity’s oldest inventions (up there with the wheel and fire) but it still makes a relevant gift today.

Pottery is a gift that will last and be useful in day to day life. Every time he has his morning coffee or does some baking, your gift will be useful and remind him of you. Below we have 40 pottery gifts for him that are sure to be loved long term.

40 Pottery Gift Ideas for Him

mug with thumb grip

Classic Mug with Clever Thumb Grip: American Made Classic Wide Base Mug with Thumb Grip

This beautiful mug is a lovely addition to anyone’s kitchen. He will particularly appreciate that it is so well designed for the hand with a thumb grip to keep it steady. He can get things done in the morning without forgoing his morning coffee.

It comes in several, understated colors that he is sure to love.

bath set

Bears For His Bath: Black Bear Forest Bath Set

If your guy is the outdoors type, he might appreciate this outdoorsy bath set. A matching bathroom set can really pull a room together. The minimalist bears and pine trees on this pottery is fun nod to his interest in the great outdoors.

They are also dishwasher safe which is particularly convenient for pottery living in the bathroom.

shave soap bowl

An Earthy Shave Soap Bowl: Shave Soap Bowl for Wet Shaving with Optional Shaving Soap Puck

Wet shaving has become increasingly popular in past years. Men are realizing they don’t have to drop huge amounts of money on proprietary razor blades to have a good, close shave. If your guy has jumped on the wet shave bandwagon, this beautiful shave soap bowl could be a good choice.

It is made by an artist in Vermont so you will also be supporting an artisan in the process!.

handmade shaving bowl

A Beautifully Understated Shaving Bowl: Handmade Black Pottery Shaving Bowl

Staying on the wet shaving train, this understated bowl is great for the guy who doesn’t like his art to be too loud. This shaving bowl is beautifully handcrafted in the United States. While it is a simple glossy black, the wheel thrown construction makes it a statement piece all on its own.

rustic coffee mug

Amazing Mug with Unique Technique: Rustic coffee mug

This unique coffee mug is handmade using a traditional Ukrainian technique called milk firing. Milk firing is a second firing process in which the mug is soaked in whole milk before being put back in the kiln for it’s final firing.

This process creates amazing designs like this one. I guarantee he won’t have anything else like it!.

castle Tankard blue glaze

Make Him Feel Like a King: Castle Tankard in Garcia Blue Glaze

This is the one for the guy who wants to be the king of his own castle. Evoking a medieval or fantasy landscape, this blue tankard includes an extremely well done relief of a castle. Just because it is a fantasy scene does not mean it lacks craftsmanship.

The blue glaze make the sky look stormy over the castle letting him get lost in his imagination.

stoneware pie dish

For the Dedicated Baker: Jefferson Street Ceramics Artisan Stoneware Pie Dish

If the man you are buying for is a baker who appreciates having quality tools, this is the gift for him. This is a deep dish pie dish for those generous fruit pies. The New England White glaze gives it an old fashioned look.

It is also durable making it highly useful for any number of kitchen needs.

shaving bowl in jade green

A Beautiful Jade Green Bowl: Shaving Bowl in Jade Green

This American made shaving bowl is as clever as it is classically beautiful. The jade green is a really beautiful color choice and is well suited to make a statement in his bathroom. There is also a clever swirl on the bottom to keep the soap in place so it is also thoroughly functional.

coffee mug danko pottery

A Lovely Mug with a Village: Large Wheel Thrown Coffee Mug Danko Pottery

The beautiful mug looks like it belongs in a storybook! The white base for this mug just makes the striking farm village image stand out even more. The artist did a wonderful job with the texture on this piece making as much of a show piece as a function piece of pottery.

viking coffee mug

This Mug has a Viking on it!: Sculpted Viking Coffee Mug

It is so fantastic to find a mug that is both individually made and whimsical. This mug, besides being beautifully made and glazed a lovely slate blue, it has a cleverly made little Viking on the side.

How he can see with his helmet over his eyes is a bit of a mystery but that just adds to the overall fun!.

classic shaving soap bowl

Bright Colors and a Smooth Shave: Fine Accoutrements Classic Shaving Soap Bowl

This shave bowl made the list for its super fantastic, striking orange and black colors. It goes with the Fine Shave Soap refills but there is no reason he couldn’t use it for whatever his preferred soap is.

If he does use shave materials from them, this is also stackable which will save room if space is at a premium in the bathroom.

stoneware bowl

For the Man You Love: ART & ARTIFACT Love is Patient Artist-Made Stoneware Bowl

This one-of-a-kind bowl is a unique piece for the man you love in your life. It features the quote from Corinthians, “Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres. Love never fails.

” The antique looking glaze work inside the bowl tops off this stunning piece that works equally well as a decorative or functional piece.

clay in motion pie plate

A Plate with a Recipe: Clay in Motion Pie Plate

This pie plate is fantastic for both experienced bakers and folks just getting started on their culinary journey. These beautifully constructed pie plates include a recipe engraved on the bottom to try out.

There are a bunch of color options so you can find something that is perfect for him!.

wander handmade pottery mug

Not All Who Wander are Lost: Barbarah Robertson Wander Handmade Pottery Mug, Big Sky Blue

Does your guy love to travel? Is he always dreaming of his next trip? This is the perfect mug for the man in your life who is always ready to wander. Remind him that not all who wander are lost with this lovely mug stamped with stars and the word “wander”.

ceramic pottery travel coffee mug

A Japanese Style Travel Mug: Flameer 2Pcs Japan Style Ceramic Pottery Travel Coffee Mug

This is a fantastic statement piece for the man on the go. Who needs the same travel mug as everyone else when he can have a mug that is both unique and works wherever he ends up? This traditional two piece Japanese style travel coffee mug features a stoneware mug with a wooden handle and lid.

It is also durable which works well for something that needs to stay with you through the morning, or all day.

dark blue pottery shaving bowl

Dark Blue Shaving Bowl: Handmade Black with Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl

This shaving bowl first jumps out at you for its strikingly handsome colors and patterns. In addition to being lovely to look at, it is also the perfect size to sit comfortably in his hand while he achieves that perfect shave.

It also has ridges on the bottom to hold the soap for added convenience.

4 piece bathroom set

A Rustic Bathroom Set: Aunt Chris’ Pottery – Hand Made Clay – 4 Piece Bathroom Set

Having a matching bathroom set really pulls together the room. This set has a lovely texture that is very homey. You can tell this set is handmade in the best possible way with a lovely tan glaze. He will be able to enjoy a lovely matching set while knowing he is supporting an individual artist.

pottery teacup with infuser

Japanese Tea Mug with a Lid: Japanese Style,Pottery Teacup,with Infuser and Lid

This is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. Besides being absolutely exquisitely built, it also includes a tea infuser and a lid. This allows your tea fanatic to use the best loose leaf teas in his collection while on the go.

The mug has retained the natural texture of the clay which also gives it a comforting feel.

medium mug

A Mug with a Landscape: Clay in Motion Medium Mug

This mug made this list because the linked color looks like the reflection of a forest on a still lake in the morning. If your guy loves to run off to nature any chance he gets, this mug will remind him of his calm, happy place.

There are many beautiful colors to choose from, though. These are handmade by a family owned studio so you are supporting a small business at the same time!.

shaving soap bowl with ball handle

For a Hot Shave: Huge Black Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl with Ball Handle

If he prefers a lovely, hot shave, this is the perfect gift for him. This soap bowl is heavy duty to retain the hot water longer so his whole shave feels like going to the barber shop. It also has a handle for flexibility.

The tapered design also helps get a fantastic lather going. This soap bowl will give him a truly luxurious shaving experience.

ceramic teacup green elephant mug

A Whimsical Elephant Handle: Extra Large Ceramic Tea Cup Green Elephant Mug with infuser

This mug is a super fun choice for the animal lover in your life. The handle is crafted into the head and trunk of an elephant making this a unique choice for a gift. It also comes with a tea infuser so if he is a tea drinker, this has him absolutely covered.

yan hou tang style tea cup bowl

A Unique Chinese Gift: Yan Hou Tang Ming Dynasty Style Tea Cup Bowl

This is a very interesting gift for someone who likes to own unique cultural items. This cup is made from a special metal clay. The craft technique used is only known by a limited number of artists. You can choose styles from all different Chinese dynasties.

They also claim a number of health benefits but regardless, they are beautiful cups!.

terrain carved pottery mug

A Cute Round Mug: Earthy Terrain Carved Pottery Mug

This mug is super pleasing to look at with a jolly rounded shape. It also has a nice square pattern that gives it a pleasing rustic look. This look is further completed with the tans and browns used to glaze the mug.

The handle also has a special place for his thumb to give him a pleasant coffee drinking experience.

polish pottery bowl

For a Man Who Loves Color: Polish Pottery Bowl – Peacock

If your guy is more of a bright colors sort of person, this is a fantastic gift for him. This bowl is handcrafted and hand painted by artisans in Poland. It is designed to look like the feathers on a peacock’s tail.

This bowl is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe and even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

janecka tree of life dish

Tree of Life Dish: Janecka Tree of Life Dish

This versatile dish can be used for any number of things, a soap dish, ring tray, candle holder, so many possibilities! It is entirely handmade in New Mexico without any sorts of molds. It is even individually signed by the artist! The dish features a lovely design of the Tree of Life.

This is a really beautiful gift for someone you love.

moose small tankard

Amazing Moose Print: Moose Small Tankard

While this mug has a lovely dark glaze, what really makes it great is the printed moose on the side. Remind him of the glorious northern North American wilderness every time he uses this lovely mug. It is well balanced in addition to beautiful.

You can’t go wrong with this choice.

vintage coarse mug

Rustic Mug with Wooden Handle: Vintage Coarse Mug with Wooden Handgrip

If he wants the most unique mug at the office while still looking classy, this is the choice for him. This vintage style mug has a wooden handgrip giving it a unique and handsome look. The rust pattern glaze just adds to this lovely piece.

The mug also comes with a wooden spoon for stirring in milk, sugar or whatever he puts in his coffee or tea.

mardi gras torte plate

A Entertaining Showpiece: Blue Rose Mardi Gras Torte Plate

This torte plate is way too fun not to include on the list. If he likes to entertain, this plate is the perfect way for him to show off. The exciting colors are amazingly eye catching and the shape is perfect for a quiche or fancy dessert.

Give him the chance to have a statement piece on his table that everyone will talk about.

porcelain bowl wooden finish

A Both Useful and Beautiful Serving Bowl: White Porcelain Bowl – Splatter Pottery & Wooden Finish

This serving bowl is a great choice for most any table. It is large enough for serving a salad or punch. It also has a mango wood base with felt to keep the bowl from sliding. The crisp white backdrop is broken up with a cobalt blue splatter giving it a look reminiscent of mid century design.

baking dish lasagna pan

Honeycomb Patterned Baking Dish: Ninepeak Baking Dish Lasagna Pan

Does he love lasagna and/or other casseroles? This pan is high quality and easy to clean, very important in a pan that will probably hold a lot of cheesy goodness! It has a clean honeycomb pattern with a neutral color palette.

It also comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the type that is perfect for is cooking ambitions.

authentic navajo vase

A Piece of Authentic Dine/Navajo Art: Mission Del Rey Native American Pottery -Authentic Navajo Vase

If he is a fan of southwestern decorating, this is something he will love and treasure. This vase is handcrafted by Dine/Navajo artists with a unique hand painted design. Each artist signed their work.

That means that he knows that besides getting a wonderful piece of decor, this also supports Dine artists.

black coarse cup

For the Tea Lover: Black Coarse Cup, Blue soft gum gold glaze

While this cup is designed to work with any number of drinks, it is particularly well designed for tea fanatics. With a built in filter and perfectly matching lid, he can get his tea exactly how he likes it.

The ergonomic handle makes it a comfortable choice for him to take time with his beverage of choice.

clay in motion handwarmer mug

For the Man Who is Always Cold: Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug

This is the perfect mug for those chilling winter mornings. Designed for his hand to slide cozily inside, he will stay warm and keep his beverage warm at the same time. Worry not if he is left handed, there are both right and left handed mug options.

There are also a variety of colors to perfectly match his winter aesthetic.

pottery I love dogs mug

Does He Love Dogs?: MudWorks Pottery I Love Dogs Mug

Does he love dogs? This is a mug for people who love dogs and want to proclaim it loudly and proudly with their hot beverage container. This handmade mug was crafted in Pennsylvania so he can support American artists while proclaiming his love for man’s best friend.

There is also a hidden bone inside to surprise and delight his guests.

travel mug

A Leak-proof Hand thrown Mug: Black and Gray Handmade Travel Mug

This is a fantastic option for the guy who doesn’t want to compromise on his coffee drinking experience. It is hand thrown but done in such a way to make it leak proof! He can have a quality, handmade piece on the go! The classic color scheme makes this mug perfect for any occasion or time of year.

tankard in grunge glaze

Grunge Beauty: Tankard in Grunge glaze

Maybe your guy doesn’t actually like the clean and classic look? This is the mug for him then! It isn’t ostentatious with a neutral color palette. The grunge style glaze is what makes this item particularly special.

At 24 oz, it will also hold a lot of whatever he is having.

kitchen utensil holder

Multifunctional and Handsome: Georgetown Pottery Handmade Kitchen Utensil Holder

Give him the opportunity to keep his kitchen organized without compromising on design. This unique and beautiful design has functionality in mind. It is easy to keep clean and heavy duty. Made in Maine using high fire porcelain clay, this utensil holder can also pull double duty as a wine bottle chiller.

moroccan serving bowl

A Unique Piece of Art from Africa: Moroccan Handmade Serving Bowl

This unique bowl was handmade in Morocco using traditional designs. It is functional as both a serving bowl but also beautiful enough to hang on a wall. It comes in three sizes to meet any needs he might have.

This bowl will definitely act as a conversation started at his next dinner party!.

unique handmade pottery travel mug

The Most Unique Travel Mug: Vesu Mug – Elysium – Unique handmade pottery travel mug

You fantasy or history loving man will instantly fall in love with this unique travel mug. Its design is based on ancient amphora vessels but adjusted to modern day needs. The leather strap protects his hand from any hot beverages he wants to take with him as well as makes this an exceedingly comfortable bottle to hold.

elephant tea mug

A Cute and Clever Elephant Mug: Volar Ideas Elephant Tea Mug

This adorable mug is designed to look like an elephant and is perfectly suiting for the animal loving tea drinker on your gift list. The rounded design is comfortable to hold and the elephant head is perfectly sculpted to hold the used tea bag! It is also a full 15 oz making it the perfect size for an enthusiastic tea drinker.

How to Pick a Great Pottery Present for a Man

There is a lot to consider when buying a ceramic piece for a loved one. The first question to answer is are they someone who prefers something functional, that is a cup or a bowl that can actually be used day to day, or art ceramics that are meant to be display pieces.

The beauty of this variety of gift is that many functional pieces work both as a useful item and art that can be enjoyed.

There is not just one type of pottery or ceramics. The type of technique, clay, glaze and firing technique can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the art.

For example, a pot thrown on a wheel will tend to be smoother looking than one using the pinch pot method. One isn’t better than the other, it is just a matter of how you want your pottery to look and feel.

Another interesting difference you might see in shopping for ceramics is the type of kiln used to fire the pieces. Firing is the process of heating the formed pieces at high temperatures so they will harden.

Most ceramics today use electric or gas kilns but some use wood fired kilns. Wood fire kilns give a more inconsistent coloration which a lot of people like.

It is also a very labor intensive process requiring artists to feed wood into a huge kiln sometimes for days at a time. The art that comes out of it is worth it, though!

Glazes can look muted or glassy and all different colors and textures depending on their components. There are also some glazes which are not appropriate to use for food so keep an eye out for whether something can be eaten out of or not.

The vast majority of artists are clear about this distinction making your decision on this easy.

A Functional Work of Art is an Amazing Gift

The beauty of giving him pottery is that these beautiful pieces will last a lifetime.

We have pots and cups from antiquity so the wonderful mug or bowl you buy for your loved one has the chance to remind him of you for a long time.

Art, especially art with a functional purpose, is a thoughtful and beautiful gift to give anyone on your list.

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