36 Salvadoran Gifts for the Loud and Proud

Literally translated as “The Savior,” El Salvador is a country with deep roots and many historical and cultural ties to the rest of Latin America.

It also has a large diaspora of Salvadorans spread out across the rest of the world, so you probably know a local or two. Here are just a few Salvadoran gifts that will make them proud of their heritage!

36 Salvadoran Gift Ideas

mini boxing gloves

Because No One Messes With a Salvadoran: El Salvador Hanging Mini Boxing Gloves

Who needs air fresheners hanging from their car mirror when they could have boxing gloves instead? These little punchers measure just 5 x 4 x 2 inches, so they’re nice and light, but they’ll add a real splash of color to the vehicle with the blue and white of El Salvador’s flag.

They can also be attached to things other than rear view mirrors, including bags, backpacks, lockers, vanities and more. Let your gift recipient show off their fighting Salvadoran spirit with a pair of boxing gloves that represent the strength and passion within!

snacks box

Munch and Crunch: 17-Piece El Salvador Snack Mix

Snack boxes are always a fun gift, and this one is absolutely stuffed with chips and candies that will make the other person feel like they’re chilling in a rocking chair with their tia on a front porch in Santa Tecla.

There are gummies; there are candied beans; there are nacho chips and chili lemon crackers. Each one has a fun, colorful package and a taste explosion just waiting to be unwrapped. The only challenge will be not eating all of the treats in one sitting.

map art print

No Place Like Home: El Salvador Colorful Abstract Map Art Print

This present takes the standard image of El Salvador and gives it a twist. While it depicts an accurate geographical map of the country, it’s been filled with vibrant, graffiti-style colors within its borders.

Splattered paint decorates the edges for additional artistic style. Some people might not even recognize it as El Salvador, but anyone from the country will know it, and this art print will allow them to showcase their ancestry in an avant garde kind of way.

lapel pin

When They’re Salvadoran and Proud: El Salvador National Lapel Pin

If you’re looking for a quick and easy gift to put in a stocking, gift bag or goodie basket, consider this lapel pin. It measures less than an inch, so it’ll be a subtle addition to someone’s collar or cuffs, but its blazing blue and white color scheme will proudly showcase patriotism in the form of El Salvador’s flag.

The country’s crest lies in the center so that there can’t be any doubt. Use the convenient butterfly clasp in the back to pin it anywhere!

sports bag

To Fly to New Heights: Turquoise-Browed Torogoz Drawstring Sports Bag

The torogoz is a beautiful and colorful bird that’s native to Central America. It’s so well-known, in fact, that it’s been adopted as the national bird of both El Salvador and Nicaragua. This drawstring bag is definitely a product of the former rather than the latter; it’s bright blue, the color of the Salvadoran flag, and it’s sure to delight any native who ever spent their childhood summers in the fields where the torogoz live.

This gift will be useful as an everyday accessory even as it serves as a sentimental nod to nostalgia.

Salvador flag temporary tattoos

Wearable Patriotism: 40-Pack El Salvador Flag Temporary Tattoos

Are you hosting an event with an El Salvador theme? These tattoos can be a fun way to bring its culture to life. They come in a pack of 40, so they’re great for large groups, and they’re applied with just a bit of water and pressure.

You can use them for fairs, cultural festivals, model UN meetings and more. Since they’re temporary, they can be easily washed off when the event is over, but the pride that comes with them will be everlasting.

soccer knit scarf

No Fouls Allowed: El Salvador Soccer Knit Scarf

Do they live for football? Do they scoff when you call it soccer? This is the present for them! It’s a long and lovely scarf that has been knitted for warmth, so they’ll stay nice and cozy even when it gets chilly during outdoor games.

As a bonus, it features a double-sided design that combines the words “El Salvador” with the flag’s crest and the initials “ES.” If they don’t want to wear it, they can also display it in their home or drape it across a stadium seat.

In any case, they’ll definitely be ready for the World Cup.

coffee beans from america central sampler

For a Caffeine Kick From the Other Side of the World: Unroasted Green Coffee Beans Central America Sampler Pack

Maybe they’ve backpacked around South America. Maybe they’re just coffee addicts who love anything new and exotic. Either way, your gift recipient should appreciate this sampler pack of Latin America’s famous “green” coffee beans.

They’re raw and unroasted, meaning that they have a unique flavor as well as numerous health benefits, and they’ve been ethically sourced from local, single-origin farms in four countries: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

One sip of this stuff and your buddy will never want to go back to Starbucks!


To Identify Other Salvadorans in the Wild: Que Onda Maje El Salvador Slang T-Shirt

This gift is fun because its meaning will only be understood by other Salvadorians. It’s Spanish, but it contains slang that’s native to the region, and it also has multiple meanings that could make it either a friendly greeting or a scathing commentary on idiots.

“What’s the wave, man?” might not sound like much in English, but Que onda maje? will make someone from El Salvador burst out laughing.


As Charming as Its Charm: El Salvador Silver Pave Heart Charm Bracelet

Made with a highly polished sterling silver finish, this charm bracelet will look like it’s worth a lot more than its price tag suggests. Maybe it’s because of the intricate braided chain design with a heart pendant attached via lobster clasp.

Maybe it’s because of the imitation cubic zirconia diamonds surrounding the words “El Salvador.” In any case, this is definitely a piece of jewelry that will get a gasp when your gift recipient opens it, so wrap it well and wait for the fireworks!


To Cuddle Like a Cachorro: El Salvador Flag Blue Sherpa Blanket

Wrap them up in their homeland with this El Salvadoran blanket. It’s sinfully soft with its anti-static, anti-pilling fleece fabric, and it comes printed with the colors and crest of the nation’s flag.

You can also order it in multiple sizes ranging from 50 x 40 inches to 80 x 60 inches depending on their needs. Do they like cuddling on the couch? Are they fans of picnics or beach days? Do they need a decorative element for their front porch swing? This blanket can do it all, and it’ll do it with national pride to boot.

wall plaque decoration

When They Have a Sense of Humor: El Salvadoran Parking Only Wall Plaque Decoration

If they’re comfortable with their immigrant status, this wall plaque is perfect for their home, office, garage or outdoor parking sign. It says “El Salvadoran Parking Only” with smaller text beneath that reads “Violators Will Be Deported.

” It’s made from a sturdy plastic that can withstand most weather conditions, so it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes with four pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting. It’s fun but also functional!

got pupusas T-shirt

Because the Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach: Got Pupusas T-Shirt

If you’ve ever stepped foot in El Salvador, you’re familiar with pupusas. These thick, griddle-like flatbreads are so popular that they’ve actually been declared the national dish, and they’re sold hot and steaming everywhere from restaurants to street food stalls.

You can stuff them with meat, cheese, salsa, slaw, beans and more. This t-shirt says “Got Pupusas?” as a joke, but once a Salvadoran sees it, they’re bound to start craving the tasty snack until they actually go and buy some.

wall cross

Top This, Noah: NOVICA Religious Pinewood Wall Cross

With its birds, butterflies, rabbits and armadillos, this wooden cross takes a much more colorful approach to religious iconography. Even better is the fact that it’s made by real South American artisans as part of National Geographic’s NOVICA partnership.

Each cross is handmade by a local family in El Salvador, and their choice in animals is a deliberate nod to the flora and fauna of their native lands. It’s a beautiful piece of Salvadoran culture as well as a fascinating example of religious artwork.

leather wallet

For Him: Customized El Salvador Faux Leather Wallet

If you’re looking for a cool Salvadoran present to give to a guy, this faux leather wallet is suitable for all ages. Whether he’s a young boyfriend or an old grandfather, he’ll be able to appreciate the handsome faux leather material that conceals several card slots and bill holders, and he’ll love the crest of El Salvador on the front that identifies his native country.

You can even customize it with his name! Order it in black, dark brown or light brown depending on which that you think he’ll like best.


When They’re Addicted to Tortillas and Torrejas: Delicious El Salvador Cookbook

The great thing about this cookbook is that it can be enjoyed by Salvadorans and non-Salvadorans alike.

Like its name suggests, Delicious El Salvador: 75 Authentic Recipes for Traditional Salvadoran Cooking is filled with simple but soulful recipes that come straight from the heartland.

From chewy flatbreads to spicy meats and vegetables in cream sauce, you’ll find all kinds of deliciousness here. Salvadorans will appreciate the nostalgic tastes of their childhood; non-Salvadorans will get to sample new and exotic flavors from another country’s cuisine.

Everyone wins at an El Salvador table!

T-shirt nutrition

When They Hit Every Level of the Food Pyramid: El Salvador Shirt Nutrition Facts

They don’t have any calories, but they’re comprised of 0 percent shyness, 100 percent pride and 30 – 70 percent futbol. They’re Salvadorans, and this t-shirt breaks them down into their various nutritional values! It’ll be a laugh-out-loud gift for a native citizen that you love.

You can also order it in multiple sizes and fits, so it’ll be suitable for all types of recipients. Just remember that “percent daily values are based on a diet of tamales.”


For Dreamers and Doers Alike: Lamare Travel Journal For Women

A good travel planner can make all of the difference when you’re abroad, so if you know a lady who’s about to take off for El Salvador or any other destination, make sure that they have this journal with them.

The outside is a dreamy turquoise color with a map print that will fill her with the spirit of adventure; the inside has all kinds of lists and calendars for tracking expenses, making itineraries, remembering locations and safekeeping receipts and other mementos.

It can serve as part-planner and part-scrapbook for a woman on the go in a new city!

my wife T-shirt

For the Old Ball and Chain: My Wife Is Salvadorian Funny Novelty T-Shirt

There’s nothing like a passionate Salvadoran woman with fire in her eyes, which is something that this t-shirt understands all too well: “My wife is Salvadorian. Nothing scares me.” Maybe you’re buying it for a buddy who lives in awe of his wife’s powers; maybe you’re the wife, and you want to lovingly remind your husband of his place under your benevolent rule.

Either way, this t-shirt is bound to get some laughs as it’s unwrapped.

travel like a local book

Even Better Than a Map: Travel Like a Local: Map of Santa Tecla

Travel Like a Local: Map of Santa Tecla is a must-have for anyone with dreams of traveling to Santa Telca. It’s one of the most well-known spots in El Salvador, and it’s stuffed to the brim with fun and exciting things to do, but it does take a certain amount of maneuvering to avoid the tourist traps.

With this handy guide, however, your gift recipient should have no problem. It’ll be perfect for the traveler in your life!

master lock portable safe

For Frequent Flyers: Master Lock Portable Safe

If they’re worried about losing track of their belongings while traveling to El Salvador or any other destination, this portable safe will be a godsend. Not only does it come with ample storage space for phones, wallets, watches, passports and other valuables, but its metal construction is both water- and shock-resistant, and it can be equipped with a customized four-digit passcode.

It even comes with a cable so that you can attach the safe to a pole or bedpost without fear of it being stolen! Your gift recipient will be able to travel in safety and style with an accessory like this one.

T-shirt for kids

Attitude Not Included: Cute Now ‘Til My Salvadoran Comes Out Toddler Top

With their curly hair and rosy cheeks, Salvadoran kids are some of the most adorable on the planet, but they also come with a dark side: their Salvadoran side! This shirt pokes fun at the legendary Salvadoran vigor with text that says “Cute Now.

.. ‘Til My Salvadoran Comes Out.” The flag of El Salvador is printed below it for extra heritage pride. Everything is made with a soft, machine washable polyester, and a wide range of toddler sizes are available from 2T – 6T.

Buy it for a couple; buy it for a baby shower; buy it for your own sprog. The possibilities are endless with a funny shirt like this one.

christmas stocking

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Navidad: Salvadorian Christmas Stocking

Give Santa a stiff mustache this year with the help of a thoroughly South American stocking. It’s decorated with the blue and white of the Salvadoran flag, so it’s a marked departure from the usual red, but it still retains the traditional shape and soft polyester fabric.

It also measures a good 16.5 x 10.4 inches, so they’ll be able to fit all kinds of goodies into it before December 25!

sleep travel set

Just Say No to Crying Babies: Five-Piece Sleep Travel Set

Depending on their country of origin, it can take a long flight to reach El Salvador. Why don’t you make things a bit easier with this five-piece travel set? It’s designed to keep someone comfortable when they’re trying to sleep, so it includes a headband, scrunchie, eye mask, ear plugs and a silk drawstring pouch to keep it all in.

They’ll be able to snooze away the long hours to Soyapango or San Miguel, and when they arrive at their destination, they’ll do so with lots of bright-eyed energy to hit the ground running.


Dios Union Libertad: El Salvador Flag PopSockets PopGrip

Are you familiar with PopSockets? They’re stylish phone grips with swappable tops, so once you buy one, you can buy countless others at only a fraction of the cost. This particular PopSocket will delight people from El Salvador: It depicts the coat of arms of the Salvadoran flag.

Whenever they’re feeling festive, they can just pop on a portable reminder of their heritage; when they feel more in the mood for something else, they can change it. Additionally, since PopSockets fit almost all phone types, this grip can carry over to multiple upgrades throughout the years.

It’ll be a gift that keeps on giving!


Everyday He’s Shuffling: Salvadoran Cushioned Slide-On Sandals

Every Spanish dad owns a pair of slides, and since these are customized with the blue and white of El Salvador’s flag, he can feel downright patriotic as he shuffles around the house. The footbed is even made with a super-soft memory foam to add extra cushion to his steps! He’ll love the feeling of luxury, and you’ll love the feeling of not spending an arm and a leg on your present.

The high-end nature of these slides is fortunately not represented in its price tag.


For the Pupusa Addict: Eat Sleep Pupusas Repeat Novelty T-Shirt

Another gift that celebrates the almighty pupusa, this t-shirt divides a day into four equal sections: eat, sleep, pupusa and repeat. It’ll be perfect for both native Salvadorians who are proud of their national dish and non-Salvadorans who are lucky enough to have tried pupusas on their travels or from food trucks.

Pupusas are a bit like Pringles in that way. Once you start eating them, you just can’t stop.

family name sign

To Turn a House Into a Home: El Salvador Flag Customized Family Name Sign

Made with a genuine and sustainably sourced wood, this box sign is the perfect thing to hang in a foyer or reside over a living room. It’s patterned with the blue and white of the Salvadoran flag, but it’s customized to say “The (Last Name) Family” with the same yellow color of the coat of arms.

Individual first names can be added underneath the main text. If you want to give a precious heirloom that can be handed down throughout the generations, tell your mom that you’ve found a great gift for her!

flag T-shirt

Truth, Justice and the Salvadoran Way: Super Salvadoran Heritage Flag T-Shirt

There are many t-shirts that riff off Superman’s famous “tearing off his button-down to reveal the costume underneath” pose, but this one is uniquely Salvadoran. Rather than revealing a costume, it reveals the blue and white stripes of El Salvador’s flag as well as its coat of arms in the middle.

It’s available in multiple colors, and you can order it in both men’s and women’s fits. Whether they’re a Superman or a Lois Lane, they can show off their Salvadoran heritage in style.

shot glass

To Get Lit: Flag of El Salvador Shot Glass

This gift isn’t for people who throw fancy dinner parties with chilled glasses of tinto de verano. Instead, it’s for the young and fun-loving partygoers who like to toss back shots like every day is the Fiesta de San Salvador! It can hold up to two ounces in total, and its crystal clear glass is decorated with the flag of El Salvador.

Buy a single one for a friend; buy a baker’s dozen for your next party or cultural event. As long as you keep the liquor flowing, you’ll get your money’s worth out of these shot glasses!

butterfly T-shirt

A Quieter Kind of Pride: El Salvador Butterfly Graphic T-Shirt

You don’t have to bear a crest like a medieval knight to show off your Salvadoran heritage. This t-shirt takes a much softer and more feminine approach with a butterfly in the flag’s colors and a series of hearts and floral vines to frame it.

It invokes a delicate kind of beauty, so it’ll be perfect for those who enjoy soft and ladylike fashion. You could even order it for an abuela or another older female relative.

phone case

When Home is Calling You: El Salvador Flag Phone Case

Available for a dozen different phone models, this case will be both fashionable and functional for anyone with El Salvadoran roots. It depicts the flag of the country with its trademark colors and coat of arms, but it has a trendy twist with paint splatters and graffiti bursts adding even more pop.

It’ll be perfect for any stylish young folks in your family who want to show off their heritage without being cheesy about it.


A Piece of Home: El Salvador Map Bottle Opener Key Chain

Gifts don’t have to be big and flashy to make an impact. This key chain, for example, is smaller than the size of a palm, but it bears a map of El Salvador that will utterly fill the other person’s heart.

It’ll be a piece of their favorite place that they can carry with them everywhere. As a bonus, there’s also a bottle opener attachment on the metal ring, so they whip it out whenever there’s an impromptu party!

flags t-shirt

Double Trouble: Salvadoran American Flag T-Shirt

Another great gift for immigrants, this t-shirt has a stylish design that celebrates both American and Salvadoran citizenship. The left side depicts the stars and stripes of the American flag; the right side depicts the stripes and the coat of arms of the Salvadoran one.

Together, they form one complete rectangular flag that’s both awesome to look at and symbolically significant of dual cultures united within a single person.

vinyl sticker

Silly But Sentimental Slang: A La Gran Puchika Vos El Salvador Vinyl Sticker

¡A la gran puchika vos! This is an expression that you’ll hear all over the streets of El Salvador, and the puchika gives it a uniquely colloquial twist that’s native to the region. In other words, even if the people in the car behind you speak Spanish, they won’t understand the slang unless they’re also Salvadoran.

Use this sticker to identify other folks from your homeland by putting it on walls, windows, bumpers, lockers and more! It’s just the equivalent of “oh shoot,” so it’s mild enough to be acceptable everywhere.

chancla T-shirt

Doom On You: Chancla Survivor Funny Spanish Joke T-Shirt

Last but not least, this t-shirt is something that should leave any Latin American person howling with laughter. It says “Chancla Survivor,” which means “Flip-Flop Survivor,” and it refers to the way that Spanish mothers expertly employ these devices against unruly children.

Whether they’re from El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico or any other country, you can instantly send them back to childhood with a plastic flip-flop raised menacingly in the air!

Shopping for Salvadoran Presents

Ask any Salvadorian and they’ll tell you that El Salvador is one of the best countries in the world. The only problem is finding gifts that can live up to the country’s own awesomeness! Here are just a few tips and tricks if you’re looking for amazing Salvadoran presents.

Narrow Down Their Interests

Why do they love El Salvador? Even if they were born there, there are probably elements of their culture that they enjoy more than others. For example, they might prefer art to music or films to flowers. They might hate fashion; they might love travel. Everyone is different, so it’s worth the trouble of digging in and discovering what really brings them joy about Salvadoran culture.

Double-Check Your Spanish

Spanish is the official language of El Salvador, so you’ll find a lot of gifts that include it. Some might have a simple “tia” or “amigo” while others make use of Salvadoran slang like “Que onda maje?” Whatever the case, you’ll want to plug the words into a search engine to make sure that they’re really saying what the product description claims. This is especially true for slang or lingo that might be different in El Salvador compared to other Latin American countries!

Beware Inauthentic Items

This can be a problem whenever you buy anything that claims to be “genuine” or “authentic” in regards to another culture. Was it really handcrafted by local artisans? Do a portion of the proceeds really go to charitable organizations within the country? Do your research and make sure that you aren’t getting duped.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Cheese

Cheesy gifts can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re buying something that represents Salvadoran pride. For example, a lot of Salvadoran gifts are decked out with the country’s flag, and others make use of the national animals, colors and crests. It’s okay to be a little kitschy when buying a heritage present that the other person is meant to show off!


These are just a few Salvadoran gifts that you can give to natives, immigrants, travelers and anyone else who loves pupusas and considers soccer the best sport of all time. What do you think of our suggestions? Are there any other great Salvadoran gifts on the Internet that we’re missing? Let us know with a comment or a share!

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