37 Space Gifts To Rock Their Entire Galaxy

The right gift will send a space lover out of this world.

But what if you aren’t sure which products are worth your time?

Whether you’re looking for toys, games, clothes, posters or star charts, here are just a few of the best space gifts for science geeks and astronomy lovers everywhere.

37 Gift Ideas for Space Lovers


For Cozy Nights in a Cold Universe: Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Blanket

Dotted with constellations from the Milky Way galaxy, this microfiber blanket will swaddle you among the stars. It’s soft and velvety to the touch, and it offers toe-curling warmth when you wrap it around your shoulders or throw it over your legs.

Most impressively, the constellations on the blanket will glow in the dark when you turn the lights off! It’ll be an amazing gift for astronomy lovers, especially ones who are new to the hobby. Since the constellations are true to life, it can be used as a learning aid just as much as a luxury item.

galaxy girls book

To Inspire and Empower: Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space

Little boys aren’t the only ones who dream of becoming astronauts, and with Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space, you can support a daughter, niece, cousin or friend who has her eyes on the sky.

Every page is about a woman who has achieved something in the scientific community. From engineers building rockets to mathematicians calculating the orbits of space shuttles, their accomplishments are presented in a factual but school-friendly way.

Colorful artwork adds to the fun. This book is sure to inspire the next generation of women in STEM!

home planetarium

A Room With a View: Sega Homestar Home Planetarium

Who needs outer space travel when you can bring 60,000 stars into your own home? The Sega Homestar Home Planetarium is a small but powerful projector that can turn any room into a floor-to-ceiling star show.

It’s just like visiting an observatory, but you get to control the focus, angle and rotational movement of the slides. You can even toggle a button to witness shooting stars! It’s ideal for everything from living room sleepovers to quiet nights in the nursery, and it’ll make an amazing gift for the space enthusiast in your life.

mars globe

To Admire the Red Planet: Mars Illuminated Globe

Anyone can buy a globe of Earth. Why don’t you up the ante with a globe of Mars? It’s a richly detailed collector’s item with actual cartography from National Geographic, so it’ll be beautiful and educational for space lovers.

Their fingers can trace all of the craters and plateaus of the actual planet in map form. The globe is also finished with a natural wooden base and brass-coated metal arc to make it even more stylish on a mantle or bookshelf!

zen garden Moon stars

De-Stress and Re-Center: Mini Zen Garden Moon and Stars

The hardworking astronomer needs to take a break every once in awhile, and this space-themed zen garden will relax them until they feel like they’re in zero gravity. It uses black and white sand to represent a crescent moon in the night sky, and it comes with both wooden stars and crystallized, multi-colored “planets.

” There’s a rake and stylus for arranging everything just the way that they want it. Whether they’re a teacher, technician, engineer or office worker, everyone could use a little help finding their zen place.


For the Bibliophile: Galileo Astronomy Bookends

These antique bookends look like something straight out of Galileo’s workshop. One is a golden globe wrapped in an armillary sphere, and the other is an old-fashioned telescope surrounded by books, papers and feathered quills.

Everything is made with an ornate, heavy-duty resin, and they’ll rest solidly on a shelf or mantle while holding up even the thickest of encyclopedias. They’re decorative, but they can get the job done as well.

card game

Give Their Vocal Cords a Workout: Spaceteam Card Game

Billed as a “shouting card game,” Spaceteam revolves around the idea that your team of astronauts is about to get sucked into a black hole, and you only have a few frantic minutes to save yourselves. It’s a fast-paced game that involves drawing cards and obeying their instructions before the timer runs out, and yelling at each other is definitely inevitable.

Your friends will laugh, shriek, shove, groan and throw up their hands in frustration. It’s perfect for groups and families, but you could also give it as a solo gift and volunteer to break it in with them!

planet plates

Add Another Dimension to Their Kitchen: Planet Plates

These plates are so pretty that it’s almost a shame to eat off them! Each one is printed with a planet from our solar system, and the prints are gorgeous, high-quality recreations that include rings, moons, craters and rivers.

There are nine in total. The plates are made from a tough melamine material that won’t break even when dropped. Their only downside is that they aren’t safe for dishwashers, so your gift recipient will need to wash them by hand, but that will just give them more time to admire the prints.

planetary puzzle

To Keep Them Entertained for a Long, Long Time: 1,000 Piece Planetary Vision Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle isn’t messing around. It’s cut into 1,000 pieces that are completely unique with no color or shape repeats, and it depicts a vividly colorful galaxy filled with planets, stars, rings, galaxies and gas clouds.

It’s the kind of puzzle that will take weeks to finish and fill up an entire tabletop when it’s done. Even veteran puzzle masters will find it challenging, but fortunately, that’s a trait that they tend to like in their games!


To Gogh Somewhere on a Rainy Day: Starry Night Double Layer Folding Umbrella

There’s nothing like Starry Night to make studious academics turn into dreamy poets. Whether you’re left-brained or right-brained, Van Gogh’s most famous painting will touch your soul and make you think about your place in the universe.

This umbrella is far from the only gift that has Starry Night printed on it, but it’s one of the coolest, and people are usually appreciative of umbrellas as a gift. It’s the kind of thing that they don’t think to buy for themselves but are grateful to receive and own.

board book set

For New Parents: Baby University Board Book Set

The funniest gifts are the ones where your recipient doesn’t know whether to thank you or throw something at you, and the Baby University Board Book Set will definitely get that reaction. With titles like Quantum Physics for Babies and Rocket Science for Babies, this four-book collection manages to be wacky but practical in a way that defies categorization.

If you know a couple of nerds who just welcomed a baby into their nerd herd, they’ll probably enjoy these tiny, cartoony lessons on mass, relativity and acceleration.


Oo-Wee-Oo: Doctor Who River Song TARDIS Journal

Running for hundreds of episodes through multiple decades, Doctor Who is one of the quintessential series for sci-fi geeks, and its most iconic symbol is the TARDIS. This little blue box has taken the Doctor and his companions on endless journeys throughout space and time, and you can give it as a gift with River Song’s journal.

It’s a hardcover, leather-bound volume with blank white pages and a bookmark ribbon. Your gift recipient can use it for work, school, doodles, diary entries, grocery lists or anything else that comes to mind.

LEGO city mars kit

For Builders and Creators: LEGO City Mars Shuttle Toy Building Kit

You’ve just watched The Martian. What’s next? Consider buying this miniature LEGO replica of a Mars space shuttle and research station. It’s quite detailed, so it’s suitable for adults as well as kids; it comes with everything from tiny solar panels on the rocket drone to flexible shuttle bay doors framing the cockpit.

Best of all, your gift recipient will get to build the entire thing from scratch, so they’ll enjoy channeling their inner Matt Damon as they tinker and experiment.

canvas wall art

Ground Control to Major Tom: 3 Panel Astronaut Canvas Wall Art

You can find all sorts of space- and galaxy-themed wall hangings, but they’re often on the garish side with bright colors and abstract patterns. This panel set is subtler, and it will blend right into a contemporary home design.

It depicts an astronaut floating through space between a full moon and an eclipsed sun, so all three panels are stylishly monochrome with just enough flair to pop off the canvas. It’s the kind of wall art that will make guests look twice when they realize what they’re seeing.


Fashionable Science: Solar System Bead Charm Bracelet

Simple but stylish, this bracelet will certainly charm astronomy buffs. It has tiny beads to represent all of the planets, and they’re sized, spaced and painted with identifying details for accuracy. Saturn has a ring; Venus swirls with red and yellow volcanoes; Mars is smaller than Earth.

There are also shimmering gold stars and black lava stones to represent black holes. The bracelet even comes with multiple versions for both Pluto supporters and Pluto deniers: You can order it as an eight- or nine-planet set!

portable telescope

For Aspiring Stargazers: TELMU Portable Travel Telescope With Backpack and Phone Adapter

Do you know someone who’s tired of reading about the stars and wants to actually see them? This portable telescope is equipped with everything that they might need for celestial observation.

Two eyepieces offer 16X and 67X magnification for both near and distant objects, and an adjustable tripod can be lengthened or shortened to find the perfect angle. The telescope also has a smartphone holder for astrophotography or video taking.

When the stargazer is done for the evening, they can pack everything into the complimentary backpack and head home!

NASA T-shirt

To Complement Those Bell Bottoms and Platforms: NASA Retro Space Shuttle T-Shirt

NASA merch is all the rage these days, and you can find their logo on all kinds of pens, coasters, hoodies and key chains. But what if you’re looking for something a little different? Consider this throwback NASA shirt.

It’s printed with a colorful, vintage-style rocket like something from a pop art piece, and its old-school NASA logo is the original one from 1975. Anyone who enjoys retro goodies should like this fashion statement, especially if they’re into space, too.


Become the Master of the Entire Universe: Space-opoly

Who wants to buy Park Place when you can buy an entire planet? Space-opoly is just like its predecessor, so the rules are simple, but they have a creative twist that will delight astronomy lovers. For example, instead of going to jail, you get sucked into a black hole.

Instead of scooping up railroads, you collect celestial orbs. There are even cards for being abducted by aliens! While it definitely leans more on the “fun” side than the “scientific” side, Space-opoly can still nurture an interest in science for parents and kids of all ages.


For Warmth Like Rocket Fuel: Space Shuttle Slippers

Their head might be in the clouds, but their feet still have to tread the ground, so these space shuttle slippers are a nice gift for cosmologists. They’re made with plush, comfortable materials, including a cushioned foam footbed, and their bottoms have patterned grip dots for traction.

The bodies of the slippers look just like winged space shuttles; they even have “USA” stitched on their sides. Who’s ready to blast off into space? These slippers can make it happen.

Alien lamp

When You’re Feeling Groovy: Invasion of the Alien Head Wax Motion Lamp

Lava lamps are always fun, especially when you add aliens to the mix. Its vivid green light will glow from every corner of the room as its wax globules float in a metal-coated liquid chamber. For extra quirkiness, the bottom half of the lamp is designed to look like a bug-eyed alien head.

You can take someone out of this world when you gift them an alien lava lamp, and you won’t even have to get out the probe to do it.

3D Moon lamp

The Dark Side of the: 3D Printed Moon Lamp

Another amazing collector’s item, this moon lamp will outshine every other aspect of your home decor. Not only is it printed with 3D details of the moon’s actual craters and basins, but it comes with two different settings for soft yellow light or bright white light.

You can even put it on a dimming mode. It’s like giving multiple gifts in one, especially considering the fact that you can order the globe with either a natural wood or white ceramic base. It’s a customizable present in every way!

space patent prints

The Inventor’s Journey: Outer Space Patent Prints

If you’re looking for something a little more serious than bracelets and building blocks, consider these space-themed patent prints. They’re reproductions of real designs that were submitted to the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office between 1914 – 2004, and they tell an amazing story of creativity, ingenuity and engineering. There are six prints in total, and they range from a space suit to an orbiter launch system.

They’ll look fantastic when framed and displayed in the home of your favorite space buff.


Always In Our Hearts: Pluto “Never Forget” Mug

Pour one out for Pluto with this “never forget” mug. It’s designed like a real memorial with the dates 1930 – 2006, which you may recognize as the years when Pluto was classified and declassified as a planet.

It also bears a striking black-and-white picture on a starry black background. Pluto might have had a short life, but you can keep its memory alive with this fun novelty mug, especially if you give it to an astronomy geek who will appreciate it.

decorative garland

For Moonchildren: Moon Phase Garland With Chains

Perfect for the boho bedroom, this decorative garland can be displayed on walls, windows, curtains, bookshelves, bed posts or anywhere else that you can stick a couple of tacks. Its chains glitter with a dozen pendants that depict every phase of the moon; it starts with two new moons on either side and comes to completion with a full moon in the center.

You can buy it in silver or gold. New parents might like to hang it in the nursery, or a dreamy teenager might wrap it around fairy lights and other garlands. The possibilities are endless, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a great gift.

3D crystal ball

Gaze Into the Future: 3D Crystal Ball With Solar System Model

If you’re looking for a great housewarming gift, this is it. Eight planets are delicately arranged in a glass dome, and color-changing lights on the base will give them a luminescent glow. The dome is detachable if you want to hold the solar system in the palm of your hand.

Display it on a desk, table, shelf, mantle or anywhere else that it can attract the awe that it deserves: It’s a top-tier collector’s item for space enthusiasts.


For Adventurous Souls and Scientific Spirits: Brass Sundial Compass

This compass looks like something that a steampunk astronomer would own, but that’s part of its charm. It’s styled with a golden brass anchor and black, vintage-style markings for time and distance, and its curved metal arms form a working sundial posed over a compass.

It’s only five inches across, so it can fit into the palm of your hand, but its aesthetic will make it feel much bigger. Give it to a friend who longs for Victorian London and watch their eyes light up!

heat changing mug

For the Java Junkie In Your Life: Heat Changing Constellation Mug

At first glance, this mug looks like any other space mug: pure black and covered in stars. Once you add a drink, however, the stars will connect into constellations that depict everything from the galloping Sagittarius to the sword-wielding Perseus.

It works because the ceramic can detect the heat of coffee or tea and change its pigments accordingly. Fun-loving outer space friends should get a kick out of it!

bath bombs set

Soak Among the Stars: Galaxy Bath Bomb Set

Orbital projections are hard work, so if you know an astronomer who could use the gift of relaxation, this galaxy bath bomb set will do the trick. It comes with four lush bombs in fragrances like lavender and lilac, and they’re shaped like a star, planet, crescent moon and shooting star.

They’ll fizz in the water and change colors during the bath, but they won’t stain the tub afterwards. They’re pretty much everything that you could ask for in bath bombs, but they have a cosmic twist for extra awesomeness.


To Inspire Awe: The Hubble Cosmos: 25 Years of New Vistas in Space

Another gift for the more serious or academic-minded astronomer, The Hubble Cosmos: 25 Years of New Vistas in Space is a coffee table book filled with incredible photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Galaxies twinkle like stars in deep-field images of space; colorful clouds of gas are rendered next to exploding supernovas and depthless black holes. There are interesting facts and figures to go along with each picture, and readers will also learn about the Hubble Telescope itself and how it came to be.

If this book doesn’t take their breath away, they’re probably already in space without any oxygen.

kitchen knife set

For Celestial Chefs: Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

From swirling galaxies to exploding stars, these eye-popping knives are decorated with all of the color and energy of the universe. They’ll be an instant hit with any science lover who also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.

They aren’t just novelty items; they’re part of a sharp-edged, fully-functional culinary set that includes a paring knife, chef knife, bread knife and utility knife. The blades are stainless steel, and the handles have a molded ergonomic design for everyday use.

This knife collection is a must-have for space fans!

tea infuser

Because Everything’s Better With a Cup of Tea: Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Perfect for the space lover who’s always poring over calculations and star charts, this tea infuser will help them roll their shoulders, sip on some chai and unwind after a long day of scholarly pursuits.

It works just like a regular tea infuser, but its counterweight is a cute little astronaut figure. They’ll have company as their drink steeps. It’ll be a great stocking stuffer or white elephant present that’s thoughtful but low-key.

magnetic dart board

For Your Littlest Astronomer: Intersteller Kids Magnetic Dart Board

This double-sided magnetic dart board will be fun for the whole family. One side is a traditional red-and-green dart board, but the other side goes “interstellar” by replacing the scoreboard with orbits and planets.

The sun is the bullseye! It’s a great gift if you want to nurture a young person’s interest in space while also keeping the toy accessible for other parents or kids who might not be into STEM subjects.

With a double-sided board, players can just flip to the side that they like the most.

coloring book

For Adult Artists: Earth and Space Coloring Book

There are hundreds of coloring books with stars and aliens in them, but most are aimed at children. This one is the exception. It offers full-blown color photos of real satellite images from space, and the images are recreated on the adjacent page for coloring.

None of them are easy; they’re quite detailed, and they have lots of fine squiggly lines that will require sharp-tipped pencils rather than blunt crayons. If you know an artist who doesn’t mind a challenge, however, this coloring book might just make their Christmas.


For the Person Surrounded By Idiots: Neil deGrasse Tyson “Y’all Need Science” T-Shirt

Beautiful things happen when memes and science jokes collide. For example, this Neil deGrasse Tyson shirt is a funny response to the naysayers in life who refuse to acknowledge scientific fact. If you know someone who is perpetually frustrated by the backwards beliefs of friends, relatives or colleagues, this t-shirt might be a cathartic gift for them.

Neil will tell it like it is.

duvet cover set

Drift Away Into a Cosmic Dreamland: Outer Space Celestial Galaxy Duvet Cover Set

It can be difficult to find a space-themed comforter set that doesn’t blind your retinas with crazy galaxy designs, but this one manages it. It has an understated blue-and-white color scheme with a calm pattern of stars, planets and astronauts.

While not quite heavy enough for the winter, it’ll serve nicely as a breathable, lightweight cover set for the summer. It’s available in both a twin and a queen, and you can purchase it with or without the comforter.

Give it to someone who would enjoys luxuriating in bed under some awesome covers.

ice cream

Live Like a Space Explorer: Astronaut Foods Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches are a universal treat, and we mean that literally. Astronauts like to indulge even when they’re thousands of miles from Earth, which is why NASA invented freeze-dried ice cream to take into space.

It’s made by freezing regular ice cream to -40F° degrees and then vacuum-drying it to remove all liquid. The result is a dried, crumbly snack that regains its moisture when it hits your tongue. Is there someone in your life who loves going to space camps or participating in astronaut simulations? This is the dessert for them!


When They’re Light Years Ahead of Everyone Else: Astro II Constellation Watch

Offering much more than just the time, this astrological watch will be the gift to end all gifts. You’ll never top this one. Not only does it have a rotating planisphere for a face, but it also displays things like the current positions of the constellations and the azimuth of various nebulae and star clusters.

The wearer will always know the position of the sun and the altitude of nearby celestial objects. It’s an amazing timepiece, and it’ll be an amazing present. This is what you buy someone when you really want to spoil them.

Space Gifts for Astronomy Lovers: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

There are so many space gifts out there that you could live out the entire plot of Armageddon before you find the right one.

If you lack the rugged handsomeness of Bruce Willis, however, you’ll need to narrow down your options while you shop. Here are just a few tips for finding a good gift for space lovers!

Identify Their Interests

Astronomy is a gigantic field that covers everything from individual solar systems to the structure of the universe itself.

What does your friend like to study? Are they interested in stars, comets, galaxies, black holes, wave particles, spacex, or lunar phases? Who’s their favorite scientist? Are they a reader or a doer? Try to tailor your gift to their unique hobbies or passions.

Check for Accuracy

You wouldn’t give a baseball to a soccer fan because “they’re both round,” so don’t give someone Venus stickers that are actually Jupiter.

If you aren’t scientifically minded yourself, check the reviews and see if anyone mentions the product being off.

For example, the moon sticker might be upside down, or the sun dial might rotate in the wrong direction. The space movie might be complete nonsense.

Stay on Their Level

As with any hobby, some people are more serious about space than others. If they’re just a casual stargazer, they might not know what to do with a high-powered telescope.

On the other hand, if they’re a NASA engineer, they might be offended by a beginner’s guide to the constellations. Know your audience and buy them something that’s appropriate to their knowledge and station.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping for space gifts. You’ve got this, Bruce!

Final Words

What do you think of our space gifts? Did we miss anything great? Did we highlight something lame? Is this a good list that you might use or share as a resource in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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