35 Gifts for Teenage Girls That They’ll Actually Love!

Let’s be honest, shopping for teenage girls can be a huge pain in the you-know-where.

As an adult, you might not be up on the latest trends leaving you at risk for gifting something “totally lame” to your teen.

But fret not, we’ve compiled a list of 35 magnificent gifts for teenage girls that they’ll actually love so you can win Christmas, birthdays or any gift-giving occasion.

35 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

charging station

For the Apple Lover: Elago 3-in-1 Charging Station

This gift is perfect for the “Chatty Kathy” teen. It’s a charging station that will allow her to charge her iPhone, Apple Watch and her AirPods all at the same time! It’s already a convenient product to have around.

But as an addition bonus, it’s light and compact so she’ll be able to take it along on sleepovers to charge all her devices.

charger protector

For the Girl That Breaks EVERY. PHONE. CHARGER: LoveAndCables Animal Bites Charger Protector

These are absolutely adorable, so she’ll love having one on her charger. Plus, you’ll love that you don’t have to keep replacing phone chargers because these little critters will keep her charger cord from fraying and becoming damaged.

With 12 animals to choose from, this is the perfect gift for any teenage girl that has a cell phone!

stick on phone pocket

For the Girl That Carries Her Phone Everywhere: 5-in-1 Stick-On Phone Pocket

The convenience of this product is unbeatable. Your teen will love all the features. There are TWO pockets for money and credit/debit cards, a finger ring that doubles as a kickstand for easy video watching and a built-in metal plate for mounting on magnetic dashboard stand for safe hands-free usage.

Plus, the phone pocket is made of RFID blocking material that effectively protects her private information being scanned.

radio adapter hans free car kit

For the Teen You Gifted a Hand-Me-Down Car: Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter Hands-Free Car Kit

If you gave your daughter a car for her sixteenth birthday, chances are it was a hand-me-down. No one is faulting you for this, except maybe the kid. However, you can redeem yourself by gifting her this nifty device.

The outdated car doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, but this device changes that. She’ll be able to use it to play her music and make hands-free phone calls. This thing is so cool, it even displays how charged your car battery is and comes in three different colors! Oh, and it should be noted that this is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, including iPhones and Androids.

Polaroid pop with 40 sheets

For the Photographer: Polaroid Pop 2.0 with 40 Sheets

This is a new spin on an old classic! It prints the iconic 3.5-inch by 4.25-inch photo with the same classic Polaroid border, only now your teen can add notes, captions, emoji’s and shapes. The prints are smudge proof, water resistant, tear resistant – no shaking required! Plus, she can even record 1080 HD videos with it! It’s that amazing!?!

soccer T-shirt

For the Girl Who Bends It Like Beckham: Soccer T-Shirt For Teen Girls

It’s the details that make this such a great gift for a soccer player. The shirt is made of polyester and cotton, so it is very lightweight and soft making it great to practice in. However, it has adorable cuffed sleeves and is knotted at bottom hem making it super stylish and great to wear for all occasions! It’s available in 8 different colors.

hair bands

For Teens with Long Hair: 60 Pcs Premium Velvet Scrunchy Hair Bands

These sixty scrunchies come in an assortment of colors and are made of gorgeous high-quality velvet and will not damage her hair. Not only will these be great for her to wear during all her athletic activities, but they are perfect for everyday wear as well.

They will make any hairstyle look extra cute!

running belts

For the Runner: E Tronic Edge Running Belts

This is marketed as a “runner’s” belt, but it is great for a variety of sports and leisure use. It’s made of lightweight yet durable material so it can be worn comfortably but hold up to frequent use.

It can fit phones up to 7-inches tall and has a hole for her headphones. It can also hold her keys and money but is slim enough to remain hidden under her shirt.

mug with the hoop

For the Ball-ah: The Mug with the Hoop

If your teenage girl loves basketball, she’ll adore this awesome oversized mug WITH. A. HOOP! Isn’t that cool!?! She can toss marshmallows into hot chocolate, crackers into soup or toppings onto her ice cream.

This gift will be a total slam dunk! Get it? Slam dunk … Plus, it’s dishwasher safe!

volleyball bath bombs

For the Volleyball Player: Volleyball Bath Bombs – 3-pack

These fruit scented luxury bath bombs would be a hit with any teenage girl. However, since they’re shaped like mini volleyballs and contain Epsom salt for soothing muscles, they’re a more personalized gift for volleyball players.

As an added benefit, they contain other therapeutic and moisturizing ingredients, and are cruelty free and humane.

e.l.f. hydrataion starter kit

Teach Her Great Skincare Habits: e.l.f Hello Hydration 3 Piece Starter Kit

This kit is everything she’ll need for beautiful, glowing skin. It comes with a cleanser that is suitable for daily use, the Illuminating Eye Cream that will hydrate the eye area and minimize dark circles (that she gets from staying up too late) and the Daily Hydration Moisturizer that locks in moisture so her skin is always hydrated.

essential starter beauty kit

For the Perfect Foundation: INIKA Face In A Box – Essential Starter Beauty Kit

This kit has everything she’ll need for long-lasting flawless coverage. She won’t believe all the cosmetic products it comes with. She’ll get:

• A Primer
• A BB Cream
• Multiple foundations: A liquid foundation AND a Loose Mineral Foundation
• A Concealer
• Rosy Glow Blush
• Sunkissed Bronzer
• A Mattifying Powder
• A Vegan Kabuki Brush

This will create the perfect base for the rest of her makeup look! Available in a variety of shades for all skin tones.

three strikes eye and lip trio

For the “Little Monsters” That Love Makeup: Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga – Three Strikes Eye & Lip Trio

First things first, the term “Little Monsters” refers to fans of Lady Gaga. Second, this is a limited-edition trio that comes in a cute little Haus Makeup Bag! Product number one is a long-lasting liquid eyeliner in the color ‘Punk,’ also known as black.

The second product is a demi-matte lip liner pencil in the color ‘En Pointe’ which is this beige-y sort of gold color. The final product is a lip crayon that is a full coverage cream when it goes on but turns out to have a matte finish.

It comes in the color ‘Dust’ which is a subtle pink color. Your teen will love that this is high-quality Lady Gaga makeup and you’ll love that these products come in subtle colors that will create a natural look, so she won’t look too made up.

eyeshadow palette

For All Skin Tones and Eye Colors: Catrice Basic Bae Eyeshadow Palette

Teenage girls will be delighted by this product because of the clever color names like:

• #MUA
• #MCM
• #WCW
• #TBT

To translate this teenage girl language into something adults will understand: The colors range from white (#BASIC) to a rich chocolate brown (#TBT) with finishes from matte & satin to shimmery & metallic.

This neutral palette has twelve highly pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadows that will wear well on any girl with any skin tone!

makeup brush set

For the Best Makeup Application: 10 Pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

These are not animal hair bristled brushes but perform as such. Her makeup will glide on smoothly and effortlessly. The brush set is quite comprehensive too. It comes with a:

• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Contour Brush
• Foundation Brush
• Lash Brush
• Eyebrow Brush
• Lip Brush
• Round Shadow Brush
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Blending Brush

It’ll have everything she needs to create a beautiful natural look and she’ll love the softness of the bristles!

2 piece outfit

Fabulous Weekend Wear: Women Casual 2 Piece Outfit

Teens love lounging on the weekend, but they want to do it in style. This is the perfect leisure suit for weekends and sleepovers with friends. This two-piece set is available in eight different colors and is both stylish and comfy.

She’ll love that this is suitable to lounge in but can be dressed up with heels when going out with friends.


When Her Feet Need Leisure Too: Halluci Women’s Cross Band Soft Plus Fleece Slippers

First, these are SO CUTE! Second, these have a memory foam insole, so they’ll be incredibly comfy. Third, they have a waterproof and anti-slip sole, so she’ll be able to show them off outside too! They come in five gorgeous colors, so you won’t have any trouble matching them to her leisure set or other pajamas.

dead sea mud mask

If She Has Troublesome Skin: Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask

It is very common for teenage girls to struggle with acne due to that whole dreaded puberty situation. However, this mask is made with natural dead sea mud which is perfect for deeply cleansing and detoxifying pores.

It can help with blackheads, whiteheads, acne and help restore a healthy glow to her skin. Plus, it’s fun to use with friends!

salt lamp and essential diffuser

Turn Her Room into a Spa: Saltite Himalayan Salt Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser

This item combines to luxury spa items into one amazing décor piece that will help your teen:

• Find allergy and asthma relief
• Purify the air in her bedroom
• Improve her mood
• Reduce stress
• Sleep better

The Himalayan salt lamp has a dimmer switch so she will be able to brighten and dim it as needed to create a pleasant, relaxing amber glow.

Additionally, she’ll be able to diffuse essential oils to make her room smell better (teens are smelly sometimes) and to help her find her Zen!

bean bag chair

If She Has a Big Room: Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

If she has a large bedroom or if she has access to a large family room, definitely get this luxurious gem! This is an oversized bean bag chair that is available in twenty-three different colors to suit any style.

It offers a soft micro suede fiber cover that is stain resistant (perfect for messy teens). It should be noted that this bad boy is big enough to fit two people and is stuffed with a shredded, soft, memory foam blend creating the ultimate chill session for the teen and her very best friend!


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: YFN Initial Necklace Sterling Silver Letters

Alright, so the “diamond” in these necklaces is actually cubic zirconia, but there’s a 50/50 chance your teen might lose her necklace, so it’s for the best. However, the chain and letter charm are real sterling silver, so you don’t have to worry about the necklace irritating her skin or turning it green.

Personalized gifts are the best way to show someone you care, and you can get this pendant necklace with any letter of the alphabet as the charm.

stud earrings

Bling for Her Ears: YADOCA 60 Pairs Assorted Stud Earrings

Teens styles are ever-changing, so this set of SIXTY pairs of earrings is perfect to accommodate that. She’ll find silver and gold finishes to match any jewelry she already wears. Some of the sixty pairs include:

• Classic CZ studs
• Elegant pearl studs
• Gorgeous flowers
• Boho moon and star studs

They are made of a hypoallergenic eco-friendly alloy.

Plus, they are nickel free and lead free so they will be awesome for girls with sensitive ears!

5 pc bangle bracelets

Bangled Bling: Softones 5 Pc Bangle Bracelets

This is a beautiful set of bangles that comes in rose gold, gold or silver. They are made of a hypoallergenic eco-friendly alloy. Plus, they are nickel free and lead free, which means they are suitable for girls with sensitive skin! The set includes the following pieces:

• A knot heart bangle
• A feather bangle
• An olive leaf bangle
• An arrow bangle
• A heart bangle

So cute!

bracelet making kit

Let Her Get Creative: 56 Pcs DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

This kit comes with enough charms to make three full bracelets. Plus, of course, it comes with the three snake chains to make the bracelets. The color scheme for the kit is silver and a gorgeous powder blue.

Some of the adorable charms include a:

• Bear
• Heart
• Gift box
• Flower
• Snowflake
• Butterfly
• Bird
• Turtle
• Dolphin
• Crown
• Tree
• Angel
• Wing
• Key
• Star

And many more.

With this kit she’ll end up with three stylish charm bracelets and a super fun activity to do!

oval mood ring

Not Her Mother’s Mood Ring: Daisy Chain Oval Mood Ring

Teenage girls these day love throwback accessories (like those plastic 90s chokers), so they’ll love one of these vintages looking mood rings. They are available in two finishes: a distressed antique silver or a shiny sterling silver.

Moreover, the band is a cute chain of daisies adding an extra feminine touch. Furthermore, this ring comes gift-wrapped when ordered, so it cuts all the work out of it! You can’t beat it!

cupcake decorating kit

For the Unicorn Lover: Wilton Unicorn Cupcake Decorating Kit

Your teen can create whimsical unicorn cupcakes with this kit. The kit comes with enough decorations to make a dozen cupcakes. It includes:

• 12 cupcake liners
• 12 unicorn horn candles (inedible)
• 24 unicorn candy ears
• Rainbow sprinkles

Please note that cake mix and frosting are sold separately.

However, these would be fantastic for a cute unicorn birthday party or a sleepover with friends.

chinese soup dumplings DIY kit

For Chinese Food Lovers: 5 Pc Chinese Soup Dumplings DIY Kit

This is a fantastic little kit for handcrafting delicious Chinese soup dumplings. It comes with authentic Chinese cooking tools like:

• A bamboo dumpling steamer
• A dough roller
• A specialty stuffing spatula

It even comes with agar agar powder which is the secret to how the liquid broth gets enclosed inside a dumpling.

Please note that this kit only comes with a recipe and tools to actually make the dumpling soup. The ingredients will need to be bought separately at the grocery store.

electric stainless steel S´more maker

Let Her Make S’mores Indoors: SMM200 Indoor Electric Stainless-Steel S’mores Maker

Okay, using this should probably be done with adult supervision. However, it is a flameless heater, so it is lower risk than making s’mores on an actual campfire. It comes with four stainless-steel roasting forks so this will be a hit at sleepovers with friends.

Plus, it’s easy to disassemble so you can make your teen responsible for the cleanup and everyone wins!

hot sauce kit

For the Teen That Doesn’t Have a Sweet Tooth: Hot Sauce Kit

Don’t worry, the level of spiciness can be controlled with this kit and it lets you know where the peppers fall on the Scoville scale. However, if your teen does love a hot kick, the kit does include a “top secret” 100% pure ghost pepper booster packet.

Additionally, the kit includes:

• 3 glass woozy bottles, 3 woozy reducers, 3 black caps
• 4 squeeze bottles, 4 squeeze bottle tops with red cap
• A 2-inch funnel
• A bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
• A zipped pouch of Spice Blend
• A bag of Ancho Pasillas
• A bag of Chipotle
• A bag of Habanero Peppers
• 2 pairs of gloves (safety first!)
• 5 pH strips
• Recipe cards (with pro tips and a flavor enhancing guide!)
• 7 label stickers

All of this will aid in your teen crafting SEVEN lip-smacking hot sauces!

chocolate truffle cookie balls kit

If You Don’t Trust Your Teen with An Oven: Baker’s Chocolate Truffle Cookie Balls Kit

This kit will make a dozen decadent cookie balls. It comes with a bar of semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate cookie crumbs and elegant gold sprinkles. All your teen needs to do is add 4 oz. of cream cheese, mix it with the crumbs, dip into the melted chocolate (it can be melted in the microwave) and add the sprinkles.

Simple and rewardingly delicious!

wall collage craft kit

Winning Wall Décor: Craft-tastic DIY Wall Collage Craft Kit

This kit has everything your teen will need, included detailed instructions to create a fabulous piece of wall art that puts her style and creativity on display. She will even be able to add her own photos and foam spacers for a fun 3D effect.

This collage kit comes with over 250 pieces, including cardstock prints, sticker sheets, foam spacers and wall-safe tape.

water bottle

Water Drinking Encouragement: Just My Style Your Décor Color Your Own Water Bottle

Not only will this decorating her water bottle be a blast, the finished product might just encourage her to drink more water. Let’s be honest, we can all use that kind of encouragement. This kit includes:

• A BPA-free aluminum water bottle
• A carabiner clip (so she can clip it to her backpack or purse)
• 5 ultra-bright designer doodle markers
• 20 adhesive sparkling gemstones

Help her stay hydrated in style with this awesome gift!

lip balm kit

Selfcare Miracle: DIY Lip Balm Kit

This is a unique 73-piece kit that includes 23 total tubes and tins so she can create a wide range of flavored lip balms. It is important to note that the this is the ONLY all-natural lip balm kit that includes 100% pure essential oils of peppermint, rose geranium, lavender and lime.

In addition to that, she’ll get color shimmers and shea and coconut butter with high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins to help leave her lips soft and moisturized.

vanilla soap making kit

Promote Proper Hygiene: Life of the Party Oatmeal Vanilla Soap Making Kit

She’ll be able to make awesome, fresh, handmade beauty products right at home with this kit. The kit makes 10 bars of exfoliating, skin nourishing bar soap. It includes:

• 32 oz. soap
• 70 oz.

exfoliating oatmeal powder
• 25 fl. oz. vanilla fragrance
• 12 fl. oz. color (it’s like a beige-y/yellow-y color)

She can keep all 10 bars of soap for herself or give them as homemade gifts to her friends.

coloring book

The Best Stress Relief Activity for Creatives: Teen Coloring Books for Girls

You might assume that coloring books are for juveniles, however coloring is an activity that promotes mindfulness, relaxation and stress relief. This coloring book incorporates a variety of detailed designs and will create hours of coloring fun for all teenage girls.

This coloring book will be satisfying to anyone who likes to color!

Tips for Picking the Perfect Present for Teenage Girls

Now that we’ve discussed some great gift ideas, let’s talk about how to go about choosing the perfect one for the teen you’re shopping for.

The first thing you should do is consider what the teenage girl you’re shopping for likes. What are her interests? What are her hobbies?

Is she involved in any after-school activities? This will give you an idea of what to buy. And it is because of this tip that we’ve taken the time to break down the gifts listed above into categories. Those categories were:

• Technology
• Sports
• Beauty
• Leisure
• Jewelry
• Snack related
• Arts and crafts

This, by no means, is a definitive list of what a teenager may be interested in. Your teen could love Harry Potter or Game of Thrones (if they were allowed to watch that).

Plus, a new installment in the Twilight series is being released, so that’s seeing a resurgence in popularity. Just think about your teen and a few of her interests should come to mind.

The next tip would be to consider the past. Has she previously received a gift that she was ecstatic about? Or did she receive a gift that you could tell she was less than thrilled about? Maybe you could tell that she didn’t love receiving a book as a gift, but she loved the pair of joggers a family member gifted her.

That would be a good indication that giving her clothing might go over better than books. Please note, that was a general example.

It’s not to say teens don’t like books. Some are huge readers and would be stoked to receive a full series of books.

The final tip for giving the perfect gift is to do an acceptable amount of stalking. Most teens are on social media. There is a chance they have shared something and captioned it “must have” or “need.”

If you’re really at a loss for what to get, you could always ask the teen to make an Amazon Wish List. Once you get a feel for their taste, you could always give a secondary gift that they didn’t include on their wish list.

Something they didn’t know they needed until you gave it to them!


No matter what, just do your best to make sure your gift comes from the heart. That’s what matters most. Gifts don’t need to be overly flashy or cost an arm and a leg.

Practical gifts are usually a great way to go. Gifts that are something she can use again and again, such as the oversized bean bag chair listed above.

If you have other gift tips or suggestions for presents that will knock a teenage girl’s socks off, feel free to share. We can all use any help we can get!

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