34 Gifts to Help a Trucker Keep on Truckin’

If you know a trucker, you know they work really hard at their jobs. They spend long days alone in their trucks as they move goods from place to place.

Finding the right gift for the special trucker in your life is important, so read through our gift guide to get some inspiration.

34 Gift Ideas For A Trucker

portable freezer

To Keep Food Cool While on the Go: Dometic Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Truckers spend long days in their truck and would appreciate being able to bring some of their own food along with them. This portable refrigerator will allow them to keep a stock of some snacks and meals to avoid having to buy everything at a truck stop.

It does not require ice to get cool. The temperature can bet set anywhere between 3 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate different foods. The refrigerator can be plugged into either AC or DC power, so it will be easy to keep it cooling when necessary.

seat cushion with heating

For Soothing Sore Backs: Seat Cushion with Heating and Cooling Pad

Sitting all day can cause back pain. Provide your trucking buddy some relief from their pain with this seat cushion. It has two different heating levels to allow them to choose the perfect setting for optimal comfort.

This product will also come in handy on those scorching hot summer days. It also has three different cooling setting to allow individuals to cool their body down.

speakerphone for cell phone

For Staying Entertained: Bluetooth Hands Free Speakerphone for Cell Phone

Its probably unlikely that the truck is going to have satellite radio, so make it easy for your friend or family member to listen to music from their phone with this Bluetooth speaker. It uses echo noise reduction technology and has three-watt speakers to provide an enjoyable listening experience.

The speaker can clip to the visor on the truck, putting it in a great spot to jam out to some music. In addition to using this product to stream music, it can also be used to make calls or send messages, all without taking your hands off the road.

It supports voice commands through Siri or Google Assistant, so it will be easy for your bud to stay focused on driving while staying connected with friends or family.

sheet set

To Help Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Bare Home Twin XL Sheet Set

Most semis have a Twin XL mattress. Help keep your pal snug and comfortable with this set of Twin XL sheets. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillow case. The sheets are made from a double brushed microfiber fabric that is extra soft, while still being breathable.

This material option is also hypoallergenic and resists dust mites and other common allergens. The sheets are super easy to care for and can be washed int eh washing machine and dried in the dryer. There are 32 different color options, so you’ll definitely be able to find a color to match your trucker’s personality and preferences.

Hanging toiletry bag

To Organize Shower Essentials: Wayfarer Supply Hanging Toiletry Bag

Since truckers have to take a shower in a different location every day, they need to have a good way to organize all their toiletries. This toiletry bag is the perfect item to help them meet that need.

The bag includes a hook so it can be hung, but will also sit flat on a counter. There are four elastic-edged pouches, three mesh pockets, and a zippered pocket. It will provide plenty of space to let your friend keep everything they need to get cleaned up and ready organized and right at their fingertips when they’re in a truck stop bathroom.


To Remember a Loved One: Back Home to Me Keychain

If your spouse or partner is a trucker, this keychain is a perfect way to show how much you care for them and want to see them come back safely to you. The keychain reads “May all the road lead you back home to me.

” It is a one-inch circle that is black and gold. There is an embossed truck in the middle of the keychain.

First Aid kit

For Emergencies: 100 Piece First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. It is always good to be prepared. This first aid kit will help truckers have access to supplies they may need. It includes 100 different pieces including alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages, finger splints, gauze, gloves, tape, and an instant cold compress.

The case is organized compartments to make it easy to find what you need quickly. It is also very compact, so it will be easy to store just about anywhere.

Molokai Flip Flop

To Keep Feet Clean: Quicksilver Men’s Molokai Flip-Flop

The bathrooms and shower stalls at a truck stop are frequently a few steps down from what you may be used to when you stay at a hotel. Giving your trucker pal a pair of flip flops to keep their feet clean when they walk on the bathroom floor and take a shower is a thoughtful gift that will not go unnoticed.

These flip flops are available in men’s sizes 6 to 14 and come in black, blue, gray, and white.


For a Laugh: Road Rage T-Shirt

Truck drivers are typically excellent drivers who may not be so patient with less-skilled drivers. This t-shirt makes light of that fact. It says, “I Don’t Have Road Rage, You’re Just An Idiot.” Your bud is certain to get a good laugh when you give it to him or her.

It can be purchase in black, navy, asphalt, slate, royal blue, cranberry, brown, dark heather, heather blue, and purple.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

work glove

To Keep Hands Protected: Carhartt Men’s Work Glove

Truckers often need to tinker with their truck and make repairs. This pair of work gloves from Carhartt will keep their hands protected when they do so. They include a high safety cuff to provide additional protection.

The gloves are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, leather, and polyurethane. They are available five different sizes.

Digital tire pressure gauge

For Maintaining Tire Pressure: AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Checking your tires’ pressure regularly is important, especially in a semi-truck. This digital tire pressure gauge is designed to be quick and easy to use. It includes a backlit LCD digital display as well as a flashlight to make it easy to use after dark.

coffee mug

For Sipping Morning Coffee: Trucker Nutritional Facts Label Mug

Another fun gift you can give a trucker is this trucker nutritional facts mug. The ‘nutritional’ label describes some of the qualities of truck drivers, such as how hard-working they are, their pride, and their determination.

The mug is white and is available in an 11- or 15-ounce size.

RoadPro portable Stove

To Heat Up Meals on the Road: RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

Another great gift that will allow truckers to heat their own meals is the RoadPro Portable Stove. This stove has a 12-volt plug. It can be used to warm food that is pre-cooked up to 300 degrees. Some foods that will warm up nicely in this product include beans, soups and stews, and chops.

Victorinox Swiss pocket knife

To Always Be Prepared: Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Your truck driving friend can be ready to tackle small tasks with this Swiss Army Pocket Knife. It has 33 different functions and will be able to help them with everything from opening a bottle to tightening a screw to cutting something open.

The blades are made from a durable stainless steel. Everything folds compactly into the red case that will easily fit in his pocket, bag, or just about anywhere else.

Sweet and Spicy trail mix

For a Case of the Munchies: Happy Belly Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix

If you’ve ever driven a long distance, you know that the munchies are a very real thing. Provide your spice-loving pal with a delicious snack they can use in such situations. This is a 40-ounce bag of butter toffee peanuts, Cajun sesame stick, hot and spicy peanuts, almonds, and honey sesame sticks.

It’s sure to be a big hit if they enjoy a little spice in their life.


To Make Nights Warm: Bare Home Microplush Fleece Blanket

Sleeping in the bed of the truck can get chilly. This blanket can help keep your buddy warm. It is made from a super soft microplush material, so not only will it be warm, but it will feel nice against their skin.

The material is also easy to care for and hypoallergenic. The blanket comes in a twin XL size, so it will be long enough to cover the entire bed and make sure their toes don’t get cold. There are 17 different color option to choose from, including gray, dark blue, red, taupe, sage, and black.

portable locking case

For Securing Important Belongings: Stack-On Portable Locking Case

Truckers need to keep everything of value on their person or in their vehicle. Help provide them with a little extra sense of security with this portable locking case. It has a very slim design, so they’ll be able to hide it out-of-sight under a seat, in a bag, or near their bed.

The interior pocket is padded to offer protection and prevent the belongings from getting scratched. The case has an electronic lock that can be personalized with a 3- to 8-digit combination. A set of back-up keys are also included.

Trucker T-shirt

To Remember Who is Important: Trucker Daddy and Husband T-Shirt

If your trucker pal is also your husband and the father to your child, this t-shirt can help them show off who is important in their life. The shirt has a picture of a truck in front of The American Flag and reads “Some People Call Me Trucker.

The Most Important Call Me Daddy and Husband.” You can purchase the shirt in black, asphalt, heather blue, or cranberry.

cooler bag

For Keeping Lunch at Hand: Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Cooler Bag

Having a larger cooler or refrigerator is also important, but this more compact cooler bag will make it easy to grab a quick snack while driving. The bag has a large insulated main compartment which is large enough to hold a six-pack of soda.

There is also a smaller zippered compartment which is also insulated. The bag is made from a durable fabric that should hold up well to lots of use. It is available in Carhartt brown, black, camo, gray, and navy.

mobility car trash can

To Maintain a Clean Cab: Fancy Mobility Car Trash Can

Truck drivers definitely spend a lot of time in their truck, so it is only natural that trash is going to accumulate. This mobile trash can will let them keep the trash under control. While the trash can is pretty compact, it also has a relatively large capacity.

It is designed to hold two- to three-gallon bags. A set of 25 liners is also included with your purchase.

cotton canvas bag

For Packing Essentials: Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Bag

This canvas bag can help your bud pack everything they need for their time on the road. It is made from a very durable cotton canvas with high-quality zippers. The strap is adjustable and can also be removed, based on preferences.

There are five different sizes available, so you’ll be able to choose an option that will hold enough for your friend. The bag is available in green, blue, and black.

beef jerky variety pack

For Snacks on the Go: Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Variety Pack

Give the special trucker in your life a protein boost when they need it with some tasty beef jerky. This variety packs includes nine snack packs they can reach for when they need a little something. Five of the snack packs are the original flavor and four are teriyaki flavored.

Jack Link’s beef jerky is made using 100% premium beef and is seasoned with simple ingredients, so you can feel confident that you’re gifting a quality product.

road atlas

As a Technology Back-Up: Rand McNally Road Atlas

Technology is great. That is, until it fails right when you need it. With this spiral-bound road atlas, you can make sure your friend always has a back up to help get them through those dead zones. The maps are laminated and designed to be very durable.

portable charger

To Power Devices: Anker Portable Charger

Make sure your friend always has access to a power source to keep their phone and other devices fully-charged. This power bank from Anker is a great option since it has a high capacity. It is able to provide between four and five full charges for most smart phones.

There are two USB ports that will allow two different devices to charge at the same time.


For Sunny Days: Huk Spearpoint Polarized Sunglasses

Reduce glare and provide UV protection for your pal’s eyes with these polarized sunglasses. Truck drivers spend long days driving in the bright sun, so helping them protect their eyes is important. The glasses are durable with scratch- and impact-resistant lenses.

You can purchase this option with a matte black frame and blue-mirrored lenses, tort frame with brown lenses, matte black frame with gray lenses, or camo frame with green lenses.

rain poncho jacket

For Staying Dry: Rain Poncho Jacket

Avoiding the rain as a trucker is pretty impossible. Plus, trucks often need to park farther away from the entrances to rest areas and restaurants. Help your friend stay dry as they make the mad dash inside with this rain poncho.

They’ll be able to easily toss it over their clothes or jacket before they get out of the car. Plus, it is compact, so it can easily fit in their bag or be stored in the front seat ready for use when needed.

There are 46 different colors and patterns available, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your friend’s personality.

water bottle

To Keep Drinks Hot or Cold: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Having your preferred hot or cold drink at your fingertips is great. It is even better when it can actually stay hot or cold. This bottle is designed to keep cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours, so truckers will be able to sip at their drink without worrying about it cooling down or warming up.

The bottle can be purchased with an 18-, 21-, or 24-ounce capacity. It is available in 18 different colors including cobalt, graphite, olive, black, and frost.

electric toothbrush

For Pearly Whites: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Give your friend the gift of a clean mouth with this sonic toothbrush. It comes with a charging travel case that will let the toothbrush charge when connected to the USB charging cable. The case also has space for a spare toothbrush head.

The toothbrush cleans using sonic vibrations and can remove up to seven times more plaque than a standard toothbrush.

resistance bands set

For Flexible Workouts: Tribe 11-Piece Premium Resistance Bands Set

Help your trucker friend squeeze in a quick workout whenever and wherever they can with this set of resistance bands. The set includes five 48-inch color-coded bands, two cushioned handles, two ankle straps, a door anchor, and a waterproof bag.

The bands are made from a durable latex that will not snap. They can be used to achieve up to 105 pounds of resistance.

nuts and seed snack pack

To Catch a Quick Bite: Oh! Nuts Nuts and Seed Variety Pack

Another snack option to consider is this nuts and seed snack pack set. The set includes 12 different snack packs with different nuts and seeds, such as cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts.

All the nuts and seeds a kosher certified, paleo approved, and keto friendly.

whiskey decanter globe set

For Relaxing at Home: Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Truckers spend a lot of time on the road, but they do get home sometimes. And, when they’re home, the definitely deserve to rest and enjoy themselves. This whiskey decanter set will let your friend do just that.

The decanter is hand-blown and has a globe design. Two Old Fashioned whiskey glasses with a globe design are also included. Everything can be beautifully displayed on the mahogany-stained tray.

mobile electric shaver

To Remove Stubble: Braun Mobile Electric Shaver

Make it easy to get a quick shave in whenever one is needed with this mobile shaver. It has a cap that twists to cover and protect the foil when it isn’t in use, so your friend won’t need to worry about putting the razor in their bag.

The foil has a wide floating design which will help provide a close shave. It only needs two AA batteries to run, which will keep it powered for 60 minutes of use.

microfiber towels set

For Quick Dry-Offs: Set of Three Microfiber Towels

This set of quick-drying towels will be the perfect companion for taking a shower in a truck stop. Since they dry very quickly, your buddy won’t need to worry about bringing them right back out to the truck.

The towels are 50 inches by 30 inches, 30 inches by 15 inches, and 15 inches by 15 inches. They are also designed to be very compact when they pack, so they won’t take up precious space.


To Keep Money and Credit Cards Safe: Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold Men’s Wallet

This wallet will not only provide a spot where your trucker friend can keep their cash and credit cards, it will also prevent electronic thieves from stealing their credit card or debit card information.

The wallet features a military-grade RFID shield that will block scanners. This option is also designed to hold a lot. There are 18 total pockets including two full-size bill pockets and 11 credit card slots.

How to Pick the Best Gift for a Trucker

Finding the perfect gift for a truck driver isn’t always easy. You may think that since they spend so much time in their vehicle, that there isn’t much they’d be able to use. But with some creativity and thinking about the individual’s needs and likes, you’ll be able to land on the perfect gift.

Before choosing a gift for your friend or family member, get to know a little more about what a typical day is like for them. You can always call them up and chat, but this article can also give you a sense of what truck drivers deal with day in and day out.

One thing to think about before selecting a gift is how long the person has been a truck driver. If they’ve been driving for many years, they’re more likely to have some essentials for their truck, like first aid kits, coolers, or repair kits. But, if they’re newer to the truck driving business, they’re less likely to have these items and could likely benefit from them.

Another thing to think about before purchasing a gift is the route they drive and the current season. Are they driving in very cold weather? Or are they driving through somewhere like a hot desert? Knowing the driving conditions can also guide your gift selections, since you won’t want to buy something like a sweatshirt for a driver who drives in very warm areas.

Next, think about your friend of family member’s likes, dislikes, and personality. Look for a gift they’ll use and enjoy. If you’re going for more of a gag gift, make sure to think about their sense of humor and choose something that will be funny without being offensive.

After giving your trucker friend their gift, be sure to also give them your support. Trucking can be a challenging job that can get lonely at times. Let them know that you’re always free for a chat on the phone. You can also share this list of tips that may come in handy to help them make it through some of the more challenging days.

Final Words

I hope that reading through our gift guide for trucker drivers has provided you with the inspiration you need to select the perfect gift.

Share with us some of your favorite gift ideas and which option you end up choosing for your trucker friend.

And, don’t forget to share our list with others to help them when they need to purchase a gift for a trucker!

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