31 Magical Gifts for Those Passionate About Unicorns

Searching for unicorn themed gifts doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be looking for figurines or plush stuffed animals.

Those who collect unicorns or are passionate about them feature these magical beasts on everything they can get their hands on from towels to glasses to jewelry and everything in between!

We hope that the next time you’re searching for the best gifts for someone you know with a unicorn obsession, this gift guide will help inspire your buying decisions.

Fabulous Unicorn Gifts

led unicorn lamp with purple

Light it Up: Unicorn 3D Led Night Light

Those with a passion for unicorns will find this 3D LED night light irresistible. You can choose from seven different colors with the touch of a button. Each time you press the button, the color changes.

Or, you can put it on automatic color-changing mode. The lamp is 2D, but the colors and patterns give it a unique 3D effect. There’s also a remote control option as well! You can power this lamp with a USB cord or AA batteries.

This lamp is ideal for displaying in bedrooms on nightstands or for using as a nightlight in a child’s bedroom.

magical bottle holder

For the Wine Lover: Drinking Magical Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder

Do you know someone who collects unicorns and also loves wine? If so, this is a funny way of combining the two passions. You’ll be giving them a wine holder featuring a drinking unicorn. Yes, the unicorn looks like they’re drinking the entire bottle of wine! This wine holder measures 11″ x 4 1/2″ x 5 5/8″ and weighs 2.

6 pounds. Those receiving this gift will love the humor when displaying on their bar or countertop. The white unicorn has felt pads on the bottom to prevent slipping or surfaces from experiencing scratches.

It’s a handcrafted piece made from polyresin, making it a unique and one-of-a-kind gift.

Unicorn gift set

Five Gifts in One: Unicorn Gifts for Girls

It doesn’t matter how old someone is; when they love unicorns, they want the world to know. Giving them a gift like this helps them achieve that goal. They’ll be receiving a drawstring bag, make-up bag, charm bracelet, pendant necklace, and set of hair ties all featuring a unicorn theme.

The backpack measures 15.5″ x 12,” and the make-up bag measures 8″ x 4.7″. The bracelet is adjustable, has an infinity symbol on top with the word, “love,” the word “unicorn” in its center, and a unicorn charm on the bottom.

The necklace features a unicorn charm next to a circular charm that reads, “she believed she could, so she did.”

Unicorn shaped bath sponge with multiple colors

For the Bath: Pure Body Mesh Bath Sponge, Unicorn

If you’re looking for a cute stocking stuffer, an addition to a gift basket, or something small to give a colleague, this is an excellent option for unicorn lovers. It’s a mesh bath sponge featuring a unicorn theme.

The mesh part of the sponge features a rainbow pattern. The unicorn’s feet are shiny and pink, and its horn is shiny and silver. Those passionate about unicorns in your life will love that this gift is cute, colorful, useful, and unique.

It’s a magical way of adding fun and whimsy to morning routines! If you’re not using this gift idea as a stocking stuffer, consider adding it to a gift basket with other unicorn-themed bath essentials.

paper coffee cup

For Coffee on the Go: I Am a Freakin’ Unicorn Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

You may know someone who takes their love for unicorns seriously. If that’s the case and it’s time for gift-giving, this one may be optimal. They’ll be receiving a ceramic travel mug that holds twelve-ounces of their favorite beverage.

It’s a white mug that’s BPA-free, and dishwasher as well as microwave safe. The outside of the mug features a whimsical unicorn design and reads, “I am a freakin’ unicorn.” No matter if they’re bringing this mug to work, to school, or to carpool their children, it’s sure to turn heads and start conversations! The tight-fitting mug ensures no liquids will splash out while they’re on-the-go.

charlene presents set

Help Them Feel Pampered: Charlene New York Unicorn Gift Set

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who needs pampering and also loves unicorns? This gift could be for Mother’s Day, a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day, or any other time when you want to show someone you care.

It’s a gift set that includes sugar scrub, a unicorn bath bomb, and a soap cupcake featuring a unicorn theme. What makes this gift so special is its truly one-of-a-kind. Those who need pampering will love the fact that it features the unicorn themes that delight them so much.

You can give them this gift in the box it’s packaged in, or in a gift basket featuring additional unicorn themed items.

pink beach towel

For the Beach Lover: Unicorn Beach Towel

Combining two passions is possible with this beautiful beach towel featuring a unicorn with flowers in its center. What makes this beach towel attractive and unique is its circular shape. There are tassels around its edge, and it features bright colors in its pattern.

Those who love unicorns will be delighted in how eye-catching the unicorn and floral print are against the pink background. The towel measures approximately 59″ in diameter and is made from high-quality microfiber.

It doesn’t have to be reserved only for beach use, though. This unicorn gift can also be used as a throw or picnic blanket as well!

coloring book

The Gift of Creativity: Unicorn Coloring Book

Help the unicorn lover in your life embrace their creative side with this gift idea. You’ll be giving them an adult coloring book with a unicorn theme. In addition to the creative aspect, there’s also something incredibly relaxing about coloring.

This coloring book features more than thirty different majestic unicorn patterns for the gift recipient to color. They can use fine-tipped markers, colored pencils, pens, or any other coloring tools they desire.

There’s one image per page, making this gift ideal for those who like to display their work. When you’re giving this gift, consider including a set of high-quality coloring tools like fine-tipped markers or colored pencils.

Unicorn parking only sign

No Parking: Unicorn Parking Only Sign

Surprise the unicorn lover in your life with this funny parking sign. They’ll love the humor behind this gift idea! It’s a parking sign that reads, “Unicorn parking only. Violators will be turned to rainbows.

” When you’re looking for a unique gift to surprise someone with, this one can’t be missed. Place it where they park or in other spaces in their driveway. Or, you can include it in a “car care kit” gift basket.

That way, they can choose where they would like to hang the sign. It has a 3D appearance and will never rust thanks to its aluminum construction. The sign measures 8″ x 12,” making it an eye-catching gift for unicorn lovers!

wall art prints

Funny Home Decor: Unicorn Rainbow Wall Art Prints

Combine humor with someone’s passion for collecting unicorns with this set of wall art prints. These print don’t include frames, but you can pick them up inexpensively online. Each of these prints measures 8″ x 10″ and feature a cartoon unicorn theme.

One reads, “Call me Lady Unicorn.” Another reads, “Unicorns made me do it.” The next reads, “Talk to my unicorn.” The last says, “It wasn’t me; it was magic.” They each feature bright tones against pastel backgrounds.

Because they’re printed on high-quality cardstock, there’s no worry of the color or finish degrading. They can hang these prints together in a cluster or separately throughout their home!


Always Listen to a Unicorn: Advice from A Unicorn

Ignoring a unicorn’s advice could mean the difference between a boring and magical life. Those who collect unicorns may know this, or they may not. Why tempt fate? A gift like this one will ensure they’re receiving great “unicorn” advice in keeping with their passion for these magical beasts.

This distressed lavender sign reads, “Advice from a Unicorn: follow rainbows, keep your head up, be legendary, spend time in the forest, it’s okay to be a little mysterious, create your own fairytale, live a magical life!” The 6” x 6” sign features white lettering with a unicorn, trees, and a falling star.

hooded unicorn blanket

Give the Gift of Comfort: Born To Unicorn Majestic & Wearable Hooded Unicorn Throw Blanket

Everyone needs a good cuddle now and then. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone who loves to cuddle and it also a unicorn collector, then this one is an optimal choice. You’ll be giving them a white hooded throw blanket featuring hot pink and purple fringe along the edge.

On top of the hood are more fringe, a unicorn horn, and ears. This warm and fuzzy blanket is made from 100% knit yarn and is a one-of-a-kind way for sporting unicorn love! They can keep it on their sofa for cool nights, bring with them on camping trips, or take it with them traveling.

digital alarm clock

The Gift of Time: Unicorn Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is a must-have for those who are unicorn collectors. It’s a cube-shaped white alarm clock featuring the cutest unicorn pattern! It features an LCD display where the time, date, and temperature appear.

On the rest of this alarm clock’s sides, you’ll find decals featuring a unicorn print. The print has a unicorn in its center that’s surrounded by hearts, clouds, stars, clouds, rainbows, and butterflies.

Those who are using this clock, which can be set to either twelve our twenty-four-hour format, will love how colorful it is and it’s whimsy. It can be powered with either a USB cord or AAA batteries.

slime kit

Make a Mess: Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

Sometimes loving unicorns also means loving to make a mess. Therefore, when you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves all things unicorn, don’t ignore this gift idea. It’s a unicorn slime kit that is sure to keep anyone busy for hours.

No matter how old the person receiving this gift is, they’ll love the colors, and that they have stress-free fun ahead of them! The kit includes mix-in’s, containers, ingredients, and scents. Slime mix-ins include four scents, beads, pearls, foam balls, snow powder, and glitter.

There are also squishy jelly cubes, as well as pretty ink colors available blue, pink, purple, and white.

pillow insert

Sparkling Cuddles: Unicorn Pillow Insert

We all need a little sparkle in our lives. Those who collect unicorns take this a bit further by ensuring their lives are magical as well. You can help add to that magic when you’re looking for a gift for them.

This reversible pillow insert does just that. It features a picture of a unicorn covered in sequins. One touch makes the unicorn silver, and with another swipe, it’s covered with beautiful and bright rainbow colors.

This pillow inserts measures 16″ x 15″ and zips closed. The back features high-quality and comfortable polyester fabric. A pillow isn’t included, but you can find one online inexpensively.

wine glasses set

For the Wine Lover: Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2

Wine lovers who also have a passion for collecting unicorns can embrace both with these cute stemless wine glasses. Giving them this gift means they’ll be receiving a set of two 16.75 ounce stemless wine glasses.

Each of these high-quality glasses features an etched picture of a unicorn head. These glasses are dishwasher safe, and the etching is permanent. Those receiving these glasses can add a touch of magic to special occasions, or any other time they would like to enjoy their favorite beverages.

Consider adding these glasses to a gift basket featuring the gift recipient’s favorite wine, cheese, and some crackers.

coffee tumbler

For Cofee on the Go: Unicorn Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Tumbler

When you’re trying to find a gift to brighten someone’s day, and they happen to have an obsession with unicorns, consider this one. It’s a bonus if you always see them carrying a travel coffee tumbler.

You’ll be giving them a unicorn vacuum insulated travel coffee tumbler. It holds seventeen ounces of their favorite hot beverage and reads, “A friend recently told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

” The mug features purple tones with a silhouette of a unicorn against a pastel rainbow sunset. It’s a beautiful mix of magic and practicality. Consider adding this tumbler to a gift basket featuring their favorite coffee, as well as some cookies or other treats.

tea steeper with box

Tea Lovers Unite: Unicorn Tea Steeper with Box for Loose Leaf Tea

Those who are serious about brewing the ideal cup of tea know a tea infuser with loose leaf tea is optimal for the best tastes. Picking out a tea infuser when you’re shopping for a gift for someone obsessed with unicorns is simple thanks to this idea.

It’s a silicone tea steeper in the shape of a unicorn. When it’s out of the cup, the unicorn looks like it’s up on two legs and the wind is blowing through its mane. In the cup, it looks like the unicorn is resting its legs over the teacup’s edge.

The inside fills with loose leaf tea for a magical infusion!

mug and gummy bears set

Give the Gift of Sweet Magic: Unicorn Mug and Gummy Bears Set

A gift that includes all the magical treats that you need for someone who is passionate about unicorns is what you’ll find in this idea. If they love sweet treats and enjoying coffee, this unicorn themed coffee mug filled with magical gummy bears can’t be beaten.

The coffee mug is in the shape of a whimsical unicorn head whereby the handle features rainbow colors. You’ll also find stars and rainbow colors fringing either side of the unicorn’s horn. Inside the mug is a purple two ounce purple box of beautifully wrapped “magical” gummy bears.

This set is ready for gifting as it’s shrink-wrapped and features a bow on the top.

LED luminous wall hanging

Unique Wall Decor: Unicorn LED Luminous Wall Hanging

Why settle for any old wall art when you can gift the unicorn lover in your life with something unique and one-of-a-kind? Instead, give them a unicorn themed LED luminous wall hanging. When it’s lit up, it looks magical and has 3D lighting effects.

This lighted frame will operate with a USB cord or AA batteries. It hangs on the wall with a small hook, is lightweight, and will also display nicely on a flat surface. This luminous hanging piece of art features a frame that holds a clear piece of glass with a unicorn head painted in its center.

The unicorn head is a beautiful depiction on a cluster of flowers and, when lit up, it’s a magical experience.

box sign

A Gentle Reminder: Be A Unicorn Box Sign

Are you looking for a decorative element to give to someone who has an obsession over unicorns? If so, this decorative wooden sign is an excellent gift idea. It reads, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.

” The sign has a white background and features pastel fonts along the top and for the word, “unicorn.” You’ll find pastel silhouettes of unicorn heads along the edge of this sign and a black backing. It measures 12″ x 5″ x 1.

5.” It works as a free-standing sign or can be hung on the wall. Those receiving this sign can use it as a whimsical desk accessory, to adorn their bookshelf, or as a way to decorate their walls.

rug carpet

For the Ultimate Unicorn Lover: Unicorn Area Rug Carpet

There’s no denying someone’s love for unicorns when you give them this area rug. It’s a black area rug measuring 60″ x 39″ featuring a unicorn design and reads, “Unicorns are real.” There are stars, rainbows, flowers, and all things magical featured on this area rug.

It’s a beautiful addition to bedrooms, dorm rooms, a family room, or living room. As soon as the gift recipient opens this gift, they’ll love how unique and one-of-a-kind it is and that no one else has something like this.

This colorful rug is also an excellent addition to patios as well! So, they can bring this decorative piece indoors or out!

secret diary

For the Avid Writer: Rainbow Unicorn Secret Diary

Those who love to keep a journal and also have a passion for unicorns will be delighted when receiving this gift. It’s a rainbow unicorn secret diary. In addition to featuring their favorite unicorn themes, it also has a heart-shaped lock on the outer edge.

That way, their most intimate thoughts can be kept safe from prying eyes. The outside cover reads, “My secret diary,” and has a picture of a castle in the background with a magical unicorn in the foreground.

The interior pages are pastel, have a unicorn on the bottom corner, and a place to write the date on the top. You’ll find three hundred double-sided lined pages that are excellent for writing, journaling, or doodling.

wall decals

Liven Up Living Spaces: Unicorn Wall Decals

Livening up living spaces with the magic of unicorns is possible thanks to this set of wall decals. You’ll be giving the person you know who is passionate about unicorns a set of unicorn wall decals that includes a unicorn head and a wide assortment of colorful hearts.

The unicorn head features a rainbow design on its mane with a flower tucked behind its ear. The hearts are in shades of gold, mint green, and pink. When added to the wall, they create a gorgeous presentation depicting a watercolor style.

Those receiving this gift will love that they can add a unique and magical flair to any room of their home! These wall decals are also an excellent addition to nurseries or children’s playrooms.

ring holder

Keeping Trinkets Organized: Moon Mama Unicorn Ring Holder

Collecting unicorns doesn’t always mean having figurines on shelves. You can also find gifts that are practical and stylish. Take, for example, this ring holder. It’s a twist on a classic design whereby the place that holds the ring is the unicorn’s horn.

It features a white design featuring a unicorn head in the middle of the trinket dish. The unicorn’s horn is styled in gold paint. This jewelry dish is ideal for those who collect unicorns and also need a place to hold their rings and other trinkets.

They can keep it next to their kitchen sink for when they need to remove their rings while washing dishes, or in their bedroom next to their jewelry box for everyday pieces of jewelry.

My faire garden unicorn paradise

The Gift of Fairies: My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise

Growing fairy gardens is a calming way of adding beauty to landscaping. If you know someone who loves doing this and also has a passion for unicorns, then this is a gift idea that could be ideal. You’ll be giving them a fairy garden that’s a unicorn paradise.

Those receiving this gift can use the soil that’s included in the kit, as well as the seeds. It comes with gardening tools, figurines, a cave, and a toadstool house. As the flower garden grows, this magical unicorn fairy garden continuously experiences changes.

So, those who receive this gift can experience endless magic throughout the growing season! This unicorn fairy garden can be placed on patios or in with other flower gardens.

tote bag

For the Environmentalist: Unicorn Bag

Using eco-friendly and reusable bags is all the rage now. More and more states are eliminating single-use shopping bags. With that in mind, giving someone who loves a unicorn-themed shopping bag the next time you’re shopping for gifts is an excellent idea.

You’ll find this is especially true if they embrace sustainable living and have a passion for unicorns. This reusable bag features a unicorn print along with ice cream, candy, and hearts. It measures 15.

7″ x 14.6″ and is made from natural canvas. The pattern is on one side, and the other side is beige. Gift recipients can use this bag for shopping, at the beach, going to the library, school, work, or any other times they need to carry items.

gel pens set

The Gift of Writing: 10 Pcs Unicorn Flamingo Gel Pens Set

It isn’t uncommon for those who collect unicorns also to collect other things. In this case, they may also love pens. If you’re looking for an excellent gift idea for someone who is crazy about pens and is also passionate about unicorns, don’t pass this gift idea up.

It’s a ten piece set of gel pens featuring unicorn patterns. Each gel pen also has a fun name for their colors. The multi-color pen set all feature the words, “happy day” following the ink color. Half of the pens feature a unicorn pattern, and the other half have flamingos.

Each has caps that show a dot for the color, as well as its name on the clip. These pens all come in a plastic protective case for storage. They’re great for office use, at school, journaling, or doodling.

pajama bottoms

Cozy Comfort: Womens Unicorn-Themed Pajama Bottoms

No matter if they’re lounging or looking for something for a good night’s rest, this gift idea is one that will help solve both problems. The unicorn lover in your life will be delighted when they open up this gift! They’ll be receiving a pair of unicorn-themed pajama bottoms.

These are made from super-soft fabric and feature a unicorn print against a pastel background. They’re excellent for wearing around the house anytime of the year or as sleepwear. The drawstring waist makes them a comfortable choice to wear on vacation, as well as during the holidays when relaxation matters the most! Each time they put on these unicorn-themed pajamas, there will be no mistaking how much they love these magical beasts.

squishy animal

Stress Reliever: Squishy Animal Unicorn

Do you know someone who is experiencing a lot of stress? Are they also obsessed with unicorns? If so, consider creating them a gift basket full of stress-relief items that include this squishy unicorn.

It’s a slow rising jumbo stress relief scented unicorn. It features rainbow colors on its mane, wings, and tale. Those receiving this gift can vent their emotions with this squishy unicorn in their hands.

It’s made from non-toxic PU foam that’s environmentally safe. These stress relief items are ideal for use in offices, at school, or in vehicles. It’s a unique twist on a traditional stress relief ball and will bring a smile to anyone’s face who is using it to calm their nerves.

No matter if they’re receiving this gift in a basket or alone, they’ll appreciate the sentiment!

socks 2 pack

Fun for Feet: Low Cut Cozy Socks 2 Pack With Unicorn Print

Socks don’t always have to be white or solid colors. Instead, help the unicorn lover in your life add some fun to their feet with this gift idea. You’ll be giving them a two-pack set of socks featuring a unicorn print.

One pair is light blue, and the other is purple. Both feature a unicorn print. You could also consider adding these socks to a gift basket featuring pedicure or pampering products with a unicorn theme.

There are bath bombs, soaps, and scrubs all featuring unicorns available you could include in the basket. Either way, they’ll love the uniqueness of this gift and fun way it brings a little bit of magic into their life!


It doesn’t matter if they’re old or young, someone passionate about unicorns will feature them throughout their home and just about anywhere else in their life. They talk about them and love sharing the magic with everyone around them. Therefore, picking out the best gifts for someone who collects unicorns is fun, and some of the magic may wear off on you! Take some of these ideas and embrace them during your search for the ideal gift for the unicorn lover in your life. It will become a memorable experience!

31 unicorn gifts

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