30 Flintstones Gifts To Make Them Scream Yabba Dabba Do!

According to TV Guide, The Flintstones is the 2nd great sitcom that’s ever aired on television, and if you know someone who is a big fan of this iconic cartoon, you’re in luck!

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Flintstone-themed gifts that your loved one won’t be able to live without. Below, we’ll discuss 30 of the best Flintstone-themed gifts that any Flint-fan will be sure to love!

30 flinstone gift ideas


A Comfortable Graphic Tee: The Flintstones Men’s T-Shirt

This graphic t-shirt is a must-have for any Flintstone fan. This comfy, unisex tee comes in both navy and white, and this retro design will be sure to bring your loved one plenty of compliments.

The crew cut neck, short sleeve, and light-weight fabric makes this styled t-shirt a perfect gift idea for anyone.

If you know someone who is a big Flintstone fan, this t-shirt will quickly become their new favorite!

funko POP flintstones home

Bring the Flintstones Home With You: Funko Pop! Town Flintstones Home

This one-of-a-kind collector’s item is perfect for a loved one that loves the Flintstones! This unique gift comes with Fred Flintstone himself, as well as his beloved bedrock home. Both of these figures stand 5 inches tall and will look beautiful on any shelf or bookcase.

The Funko Pop! set is a fun way for your loved one to show off their love for their favorite cartoon. If you’re looking for a unique Flintstone gift to give, this Fred Flintstone Funko Pop is a must-have!

LEGO flintstones building kit

Build Your Very Own Town of Bedrock: LEGO Ideas 21316 the Flintstones Building Kit

This excellent LEGO set will allow your loved one to bring the Flintstones to life with this immersive building kit. Packed with 748 pieces, you can bring Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty to life with this colorful LEGO set.

The kit also comes with a removable softa, coffee table, palm tree, and family car, making for a fascinating experience! Bring the modern stone age to life with this fantastic Flintstones building kit.

Do you know a creative Flinstone fan that would love a nostalgia gift such as this? This is the perfect gift idea for them that they won’t be able to keep their hands off of!

metal tin sign

For Decorating Your Man Cave: SRongmao the Flintstones Man Cave Metal Tin Sign

Pay homage to the original man cave, owned by none other than Fred Flintstone himself! This gift is perfect for your loved one to hang up in their garage or TV room. This 8×12 sign has four pre-drilled holes in each corner, making it easy to mount on the wall.

This tin sign has a fun, vintage look to it that will quickly liven up any space. If you’re looking for a vibrant and funny gift that any Flintstone fan would love to receive, this is the gift for them!


To Decorate Your Fridge: The Coop Hanna Barbera the Flintstones Magnets

This pack of magnets would make a sweet gift for any Flintstone fan. There are four magnets included in this purchase, with everyone’s favorite cavemen and women on the front! Say hello to Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty every time you walk past the fridge.

It makes a great decor piece that any classic cartoon fan will be sure to love! If you’re searching for a Flintstone-themed gift that will be sure to stick, these powerful and colorful magnets will put a smile on anyone’s face!

salt and pepper shakers

A Gift for Shaking Things Up: The Flintstones Barney and Betty Salt & Pepper Shakers

These adorable salt and peppers shakers will add a little bit of extra flavor to your loved ones’ life. These salt and pepper shakers are designed to look like Barney and Betty and will be sure to bring your loved one plenty of compliments!

The high-quality shakers are a must-have for any Flintstone fan.

Whether they choose to use them in the kitchen or as a piece of decor, this gift will be sure to shake things up in the town of Bedrock!


For Staying Cozy While Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons: The-Flintstones Blanket Soft and Warm Throw Blanket

This one-of-a-kind luxury throw pillow comes in various designs and sizes, making it perfect for any Flintstone super-fan in your life. This light-weight and breathable fabric will keep you comfortable while you’re relaxing with your feet up.

If you’re looking for a Flintstone-themed gift that your loved one won’t want to put down, this is a perfect gift idea for them! They’ll never want to come out from underneath this ultra-comfy blanket, so make sure you add this to your cart ASAP!

coloring book

A Colorful Gift for Any Flintstone Fan: The BEST Coloring Book for Every FLINTSTONES Fan

This excellent Flintstone-themed coloring book is another must-have for any super fan! This book is packed with over 50 high-quality illustrations, giving your loved one a creative outlet that they’ll be sure to love.

Add a little bit of color to the world of Bedrock with this immersive Flintstone-themed gift that any fan would love to get their hands on. Make sure to add this must-have to your cart today, and don’t forget the crayons!


For Decorative Purposes: GAGADUCK the Flintstones Pillowcase Home Decoration

This iconic tie-dye design is perfect for those who love retro decor and anything Flintstone related! This decorative pillow cover is ideal for adding a bit of style to your living room or bedroom.

The pillowcase measures 18×18 and will look stunning in any part of your house.

Show off your love of the whole cast with this vibrant and one-of-a-kind Flintstone pillow cover!

coffee mug

The Perfect Cup for Your Cup of Joe: Officially Licensed Yabba-Dabba-Doo Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug has Fred Flintstone and his iconic line on the front, making this gift idea a perfect way to start your day. This coffee mug can hold 11 fluid ounces and will put a big smile on your loved one’s face every time they see it.

If you’re searching for a practical and durable gift idea that your Flintstone fan will rave over, this ceramic coffee mug is perfect for them! Yabba-Dabba-don’t hesitate and buy this mug today!

can cooler

For Keeping Your Cans Cool: The Flintstones Group Can Cooler

This unique can cooler will keep your beverage cooler for more extended periods and will do so in style! This foam drink holder will comfortably hold any 12oz beverage and can be used on the go as well.

The super-soft cooler is an adorable way to keep your drink in great shape and show off the cast of your favorite cartoon, The Flintstones! You can’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind gift idea such as this one, so what are you waiting for?

pill case trinket gift box

For Carrying Around a Variety of Trinkets: The Flintstones Fred Character Rectangle Pill Case Trinket Gift Box

No matter what you’re using this handy trinket box for, it’s an adorable way to show your love of Fred Flintstone to the world! Whether you’re carrying medication, coins, or other miscellaneous items, this trinket case will help you do so with style.

The front of this case shows a colorful illustration of Fred Flintstone, while the inside has two built-in compartments, making it easy to organize your essentials. This pill case is perfect for taking with you on the go, no matter what you’re carrying.

This adorable trinket case is a must-have for mega Flintstone fans who require extra containers for their belongings.

drawstring bag

For Those on the Go: Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles Flintstones Drawstring Bag

This Flintstone-themed mesh bag is an adorable must-have for any Flintstone fan that’s always on the go. This bag has everyone’s favorite Stone Age family on the front, which features Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles on this easy-to-carry sports bag.

The bag also has a drawcord on the top, making it easy to close and safely transport all your materials. Do you know a Flintstone fan that would love to have this bag around? If so, this is another perfect gift idea that will blow them away!

plush dog toy

A Gift for Their Pup: The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Plush Dog Toy

Who says their dog can’t join in on the Flintstone fun? This versatile accessory is perfect for any pup to enjoy, whether he’s chasing it or using it as a chew toy. This interactive Fred Flintstone toy also squeaks, making it perfect for any young pup in need of multi-sensory experiences.

Your loved one’s dog won’t have to get enough of this miniature and durable Fred Flintstone! Add this high-quality dog toy to your car today; their dog will be glad that you did!

color by number book

For Coloring Inside the Lines: The Flintstones Color by Number: The Caveman Stone Age Town of Bedrock

Once you’ve finished with your Flintstone coloring book, this color-by-number book will be sure to have you seeing the town of Bedrock in a whole new light. Follow along and color each section as instructed to see vibrant and beautiful illustrations come to life!

This color-by-number book is filled with 56 pages that will be sure to excite any Flintstone fan in your life.

Once again, don’t forget those crayons and colored pencils, you’ll be sure to need them!

golf balls

For Making Moves on the Golf Course: Flintstones Fred Character Novelty Golf Balls

This is a perfect gift idea for the golfer in your life. This purchase comes with three different golf balls with Fred Flintstone on the front. These novelty golf balls will be sure to garner plenty of attention and compliments the next time your loved one is out on the golf course.

The next time your favorite Flintstone fan is headed out to play some putt-putt, these high-quality golf balls will be sure to make them smile!

mouse pad

Flintstone Office Essential: The Flintstones Group Low Profile Thin Mouse Pad

The high-quality mouse pad will look great next to your loved one’s computer. Help them show off their love for the Flintstones cast with this rectangular and smooth mouse pad that makes moving their mouse easier.

This fun gift will add a little bit of personality to your loved one’s space, which they’ll be sure to love. Add this awesome mousepad to your cart today; your loved one will be thrilled that you did!

makeup bag

To Stay As Pretty as Wilma & Betty: The Flintstones Barney Character Makeup Bag

Store all your makeup essentials in this one-of-a-kind Flintstones-themed cosmetic bag. This bag features a colorful illustration of Barney on the front, making it perfect for Barney fans who have makeup that needs to be organized.

This large and unique makeup bag will help your loved one carry all their essentials with ease. If you know a Flintstone fan who needs a new travel-sized cosmetic bag, this is a great gift option to consider!


For Their Next Ladies Night: The Flintstones Women’s Pajamas

These super cozy women’s PJs are perfect for the next ladies’ night! This adorable pair of pajamas has everyone’s favorite ladies from Bedrock on the front, Wilma and Betty! The top comes in a gray, short-sleeve style and is paired with turquoise bottoms that you don’t want to miss out on.

The soft and durable pajamas are a great gift idea for the Flintstone fanatic in your life, so make sure you add this to your cart today!

baseball cap

For Fans of Dino the Dinosaur: Concept One Men’s Flintstones Dino Baseball Cap

This sporty and stylish baseball cap comes in all black and has everyone’s favorite Stone Age pet on the front, Dino! This hat is also 100% cotton and comfortable, keeping your loved one looking good and feeling better.

The hat is also adjustable, making it a perfect gift for any Flintstone fan in your life. Your loved one won’t want to take this stylish baseball cap off! If you know a Flinstone fantastic who loves Dino, this is another excellent gift to consider.

neon garage clock

More Decor for the Man Cave: Flintstones Man Cave Orange 18″ Neon Garage Clock

This high-quality and vibrant garage clock is another perfect piece of decor for your loved ones’ man cave. This orange clock has Fred and Barney on the front and is surrounded by neon ring lights that will illuminate your clock at night.

It is an incredible gift to give any Flintstone fan that they’ll be sure to hang up proudly in their man cave.


To Add More Art to Their Space: McPosters the Flintstones Cartoon TV Show Series Poster

This high-quality glossy finish show poster is a perfect way for your loved one to decorate their space and show their love for the Flintstones! This poster has a truly impressive finish and measures out to be 24” x 36” (60.

96cm x 91.44cm).

Simply add a frame, and your loved one can hang this poster wherever they see fit! If you know a Flintstone super-fan that is always adding new things to their wall, this is a must-have gift idea for them!


For Adorable Pebble-Approved Socks: Unisex Men & Women Comfortable Casual Socks

These comfortable boat socks are a must-have for those who love Pebbles! These double-sided print socks will be sure to make an impression no matter what the occasion is.

You can never go wrong with gifting someone with a pair of socks, but these Flintstone-themed socks will be sure to go above and beyond! This gift will be sure to make a big Bam-Bam impression on whoever sees them, so make sure you add them to your cart today!

the man called flintstones DVD

To Rewatch an Old Classic: The Man Called Flintstone DVD

The first full-length Flinstone movie aired in 1966, and now you can watch it on DVD! If your loved one is a big Flintstone fan, they’ll love to be able to watch this classic whenever they want from the comfort of their own home.

Tell them to get comfy under their Flintstone throw blanket and enjoy the show! This movie will be sure to make them smile and give them that warm sense of nostalgia they’ll be sure to love.

flintstones family in car glass

For Enjoying Their Favorite Beverage: Silver Buffalo Flintstones Family in Car Pint Glass

The pint glass has the whole Flintstone cast on the front and is perfect for everyday use. This glass can hold 16 fluid ounces with ease and also comes with an attractive and matching gift box.

It’s clear to see this is another great gift option for the Flintstone fan in your life.

Don’t forget to add this beautiful pint glass to your cart today!

shower curtain

To Spice Up the Bathroom: WENShop TV Show the Flintstones Shower Curtain

This high-quality shower curtain will brighten up any Flintstone fan’s bathroom. This large shower curtain has everyone’s favorite characters on the front, including Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, Pebbles, and Dino!

This impressive shower curtain is heat and water-resistant, making it a perfect and long-lasting gift option that any Flintstone fan will be sure to love.

This Flintstone shower curtain has been around since the Stone Age, and it’s clear it has stood the test of time! Order yours today; you won’t regret it.

Flintstone Dining Room Decor: Pattern Placemats for Dining Table Set of 6

Placemats are a decorative and impressive way to serve food at the table. This purchase comes with a set of six Flintstone-themed placemats, which will become a hit with your loved ones and their friends.

These placemats are made of thick, strong material that will endure anything it comes into contact with. These high-quality table mats will stand the test of time and will always look good on your loved ones’ dinner table.


A Must-Have Sweatshirt: The Flintstones Ride on Sweatshirt

This long-sleeve crewneck is a super comfortable and soft gift idea for the Flintstone fan in your life. This impressive sweatshirt comes in either royal blue, dark grey, or light grey, and your loved one will never want to take it off!

The classic fit and style will be sure to become your loved ones’ new favorite sweatshirt, so don’t hesitate! Buy this authentic Flintstone sweatshirt today for your favorite Bedrock citizen!

golf head cover

When They’re Not Out on the Golf Course: Creative Covers for Golf Fred Flintstone Golf Head Cover

When your favorite golfer isn’t out on the course, this creative golf headcover in the shape of Fred Flintstone will come in handy! This gift is a great conversation starter and will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face as soon as they see it!

Golf headcover will secure your golf clubs, keeping them safe and damage-free as you travel with them.

Help your loved ones protect their clubs in style with this unique Fred Flintstone golf headcover!

roll gift wrap paper

To Wrap It All Up: Premium Roll Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper

The last gift idea we’ll be mentioning in this article is this one-of-a-kind Flintstone wrapping paper. This vibrant design comes with Fred Flintstone on the cover, standing behind a colorful teal backdrop.

It’s a must-have gift to give, and your loved one will be sure to get plenty of use out of it. Your loved one will get a kick out of this unique wrapping paper, and they’ll be excited to put it to use!

Buyers Guide + What To Remember

Above, we listed 30 of the best Flintstone gifts for a loved one that would consider themselves a Flintstone fanatic! But before you click add to cart, it’s essential to consider a few factors to ensure you’re buying the best gift for your loved one.

Price is the main component most buyers are thinking about before they choose a gift to purchase. While the items we listed above are all budget-friendly, it’s important to remember your spending limit.

Ensuring that you’re staying within budget will keep your loved one, as well as your wallet, happy at the end of the day.

Favorite Character

Another factor you may want to consider is your loved one’s favorite Flintstone character. Is their favorite character Fred? You may want to favor items that have Fred’s face on them, such as the Funko Pop.

Your loved ones will enjoy and treasure the gift you give them if you put more thought into which characters they favor. Do they love Wilma and Betty? The women’s PJs we listed above will be sure to fit them well, so it’s ideal to check out this product if they love these characters.

Considering all these factors before making a purchase will ensure that you purchase the best gift for the Flintstone crazed fan in your life.


It’s clear to see there are many Flintstone gifts to choose from. Make sure to share this article and leave a comment below telling us your favorite Flinstone character!

flinstones gifts

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