34 Great Gift Ideas that Begin with the Letter G

Maybe you’re looking for a great G-themed gift for Grandparents’ Day, or maybe your friend Gary is having a birthday, and you want to get him lots of goodies that all start with the letter ‘G.’

Whatever the case, if you’re looking for interesting gift ideas that begin with the letter ‘G’ and fit a variety of budgets, this list has you covered.

34 Gifts that begin with the letter G


‘G’ is for ‘Gold’: 14-Karat Yellow Gold Figaro Link Chain Necklace

You can’t really talk about gift ideas that start with the letter ‘G’ and not mention gold. This gold chain is an incredibly lovely option if that’s the direction you wish to go. It features a strong, lobster-lock clasp and can be purchased in a variety of thickness options and lengths.

It’s made of pure 14-karat yellow gold and is therefore hypoallergenic, lead-free and nickel-free, so it shouldn’t cause any adverse skin reactions in anyone, despite whether or not they have sensitive skin.


For the Potterhead: Gryffindor Designer Handbag from Bioworld

If you’re looking for the perfect, any occasion gift for a Harry Potter fan, this Gryffindor designer handbag is it. (They have Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw too, of course.) Despite being inspired by a children’s movie/book franchise, the purses are well made using only the best materials and large enough for adult use.

Each bag has two large compartments and an inside zippered pocket. The largest compartment closes with a zipper, but it has additional buttons on the sides for easy access to the inside.

There’s a metal crest tassel charm attached to add a little extra awesomeness to the bag, and the sturdy corner and bottom feet studs add extra protection and durability to the already well-made bag.

The sides are printed with the Gryffindor crest and the motto “Courage Bravery Determination” over the house and school names. It has handles, but it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap so your friend can wear it crossbody or over her shoulder.

plate electric grill

Make Healthy Cooking Easier: George Foreman Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press

George Foreman grills have been popular for decades now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still make exceptional gifts. This one is a combination grill and panini press, and it’s really quite a deal, especially considering its reasonable price.

It features the patented George Foreman sloped design to allow the grease to drain more easily and the food to be healthier, and it can accommodate up to nine servings! It heats up quickly and evenly and features an indicator light so that your pal will know when it’s pre-heated and ready to go.

The drip trays are dishwasher safe, so he shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning it either.

glider and ottoman set

Comfort and Elegance: Glider and Ottoman Set by Windsor

When it comes to comfortable places to sit, not much beats a glider rocker. This one from Windsor even comes with a matching ottoman so your loved one can put her feet up as well. It’s a large glider with plenty of seat room, padded arms and storage pockets for remotes, phones, books or whatever else.

The chair cushions are removable for ease of cleaning, and both the glider and the ottoman have solid wood frames, making them as tough and stable as they are lovely. There are 16 color combinations from which to choose.

acoustic guitar

For the Newbie Guitarist: Beginner 36-Inch Classical Acoustic Guitar

When someone first starts playing the guitar, you don’t want to spend a ton of money. Who knows if they’ll ever actually learn to play or if they’ll even enjoy it once they do? This 36-inch beginner guitar set comes at a much more reasonable price than a high priced, name brand guitar, and it has everything a beginning guitarist would need.

In addition to the guitar and it’s case, there’s also a digital tuner, extra guitar strings, a shoulder strap, a cleaning cloth and plenty of guitar picks. The guitar’s body is handcrafted, and it’s perfectly sized for younger players.


Perfect for Those Born in January: Garnet Solitaire Style Ring

Garnets are always gorgeous stones, but if you’re buying a gift for someone born in January, they also happen to be that person’s birthstone! This ring comes in sizes five to nine and features a genuine garnet stone right in the center.

The beautiful ring is made of sterling silver and rhodium and features faux-diamond accents in the band. It’s a gorgeous ring for any occasion, but it’s sure to be especially well-loved by those January babies.

game of thrones complete serie

For the Fantasy Lovers: Game of Thrones Complete Series (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

Whether they loved or hated those last couple of seasons of the show, Game of Thrones fans still have a special place in their hearts for the HBO fantasy series. This set is perfect for hardcore fans or for lovers of fantasy who’ve never seen the show.

You can buy it on either Blu-Ray or DVD, and it includes the all eight seasons of the series. Each season comes packaged in its own individual case within the box set, and the box set, itself, is quite beautiful.

It features detailed artwork and makes a striking display. The discs come packed with plenty of special features, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes as well.

geographic world globe

Give Him the World: Geographic World Globe, Waypoint

If your friend has room for it, a globe is always an often overlooked gift that’s always appreciated. It’s distinguished and really sets off a room, particularly a den or home office. This one is especially nice.

Its dark, cherry wood base is attractive, and the globe features a calming blue for the oceans and even shows what the topography of the oceans’ floors look like. Its dimensions are 16″ x 13.5” x 12”, and the globe rotates smoothly and effortlessly for 360° viewing.

This is also a stellar gift idea for a teacher.

presto slimline griddle

Griddles Always Make Great Gifts: 22-Inch Presto Slimline Griddle

This 22-inch griddle has an extra-large cooking surface that’s big enough to make pancakes, bacon or grilled cheese sandwiches for the entire family all at once. It features a premium, nonstick surface and a slide-out drip tray, which makes cleaning super simple.

The surface is made of heavy-duty aluminum and is nearly impossible to warp, no matter what kind of heat your pal likes to use while cooking. It has a master heat control, so he can maintain his desired cooking temperature automatically, and the slimline design means it can be easily stored whenever he isn’t using it.

grey goose down

For Warmth and Comfort: Grey Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Give the gift of a restful night’s sleep with this incredibly comfortable and supremely warm grey goose down feather alternative comforter. You can purchase a queen- or king-sized comforter, and each is filled with the same synthetic material that’s super fluffy and unbelievably soft.

The comforter features end-to-end box construction, which basically means the stuffing stays where it’s supposed to be and doesn’t all fall to the bottom. Because it’s made of down alternative as opposed to actual down, it can even be washed in the machine without issue.

gaming chair

For the Hardcore Gamers: Gaming Chair Racing Adjustable Recliner

This top-of-the-line ergonomic gaming chair comes in several different colors, is adjustable and can hold people up to 330 pounds. It has a comfortable wing back, soft, padded armrests and a cushioned, contoured seat.

There’s a built-in headrest, a removable lumbar cushion and even a retractable footrest! It’s made of breathable PU leather and is scratch- and fade-resistant and easy to clean. It’s so comfortable, in fact, that the only problem your friend might have is getting too comfy and falling asleep trying to play his games.


The Golden Gift for Your Best Girl: Golden Girls 1,000-Piece Puzzle by USAOPOLY

If you have a friend who absolutely adores The Golden Girls, you can’t pass up the opportunity to give her this awesome 1,000-piece puzzle featuring her four favorite seniors. Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia are all featured in the puzzle, sitting and smiling together.

When finished, the puzzle measures 19″ x 27″ and is perfectly sized for gluing together and hanging in a poster frame. The puzzle is made in America and has laser-cut pieces that fit together snugly, and it’s a lot of fun to put together.

So grab this puzzle and a bottle of wine, and you and your best friend can enjoy a girl’s night, listening to the ladies’ witty one-liners on the TV and putting together a brilliant puzzle.

tall glasses

For Sharing a Drink: Godinger Tall Beverage Glasses Collins All Purpose

This set of four tall glasses is part of Godinger’s Dublin Crystal Collection. They’re lead-free, food-safe and make absolutely beautiful gifts, especially for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or housewarming parties.

Godinger has been making quality products since the 1970’s, and their craftsmanship definitely shows in these gorgeous glasses with their shattered starburst patterns at the bottom.

gigantic geode kit

Exciting and Educational: Giant Geode Kit

If you have someone in your life who’s fascinated by science, geology or simple garden rocks, this giant geode kit will absolutely make his day. The geode in this kit is about the size of a softball, and he’ll get to play amateur rockhound for the day by breaking it open.

(There’s no rock hammer included; you can purchase one separately, or he can use any hammer lying around the house.) Once open, he’ll get to see the inside of the geode, which is full of crystals and other sparkling minerals.

It’s a totally unique experience, and it’s one that any person of any age can enjoy.

BBQ grill tools set

For the Grill Master: grilljoy 20PCS Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tools Set

This 20-piece set of grilling tools is the perfect gift for the loved one who considers himself to be “Master of the Grill.” The set includes one each of the following: spatula, barbecue fork, basting brush, grill tongs, grill cleaning brush with an extra head and a corkscrew.

There are also eight corn holders and four kabob skewers.

Everything comes in a handy aluminum carrying case so that he can easily keep up with his tools when he’s not using them. Everything is made from high-quality stainless steel and is hard to damage and easy to clean.

They also won’t crack or rust, and they’re all dishwasher-safe.

gummy bear candy molds silicone

For the Candy Maker: Gummy Bear Candy Molds Silicone (4-Pack)

If your friend is a baker or a candy maker, these gummy bear candy/chocolate molds are sure to impress her. The set comes with four sheets of molds, which will allow her to make up to 200 gummy bears at once! The molds are food-safe and BPA-free.

They’re nonstick, easy-release and dishwasher safe. There are also two droppers included, which is convenient because the molds make mini gummy bears and can be difficult to fill without droppers.

Gollum plush

The Cutest Bad Guy in Middle Earth: Gollum Plush The Noble Collection Lord of The Rings

This little guy is so ugly, he’s cute. If your friend’s a Lord of the Rings fan, she’s sure to love this Gollum plush. It’s an officially licensed product from New Line Cinema and is about eight inches tall.

Whether your pal is a fan of Gollum or his sweeter alter-ego Smeagol, she’ll love this adorable little guy. She can display him if she’s a collector or snuggle with him if she needs something to cuddle with at night.

Either way, he’s definitely a unique gift.

golf balls

For the Golfers: Golf Balls Wilson Prime Distance

When it comes to finding gifts that start with the letter ‘G’, you’re in luck if you have a friend who’s a golfer. Whether you go with golf clubs, golf balls or a golf bag, you have several options. These golf balls feature high energy cores and are spectacular for long distance drives.

The inner cover has been specifically designed to reduce ball spin, which will also help improve distance. They may not be one of the best-known brands in golf balls, but they’re certainly quality balls, especially considering the price.

grapefruit set

For the Fruit Lovers: Grapefruit Set with 4 Spoons, Knife and a Keeper

This six-piece grapefruit set comes with a top-of-the-line knife made of stainless steel and designed specifically for cutting grapefruits without getting juice everywhere. There are also four serrated grapefruit spoons with long handles and a grapefruit keeper that actually looks like half a grapefruit.

It’s a practical, useful set, and every piece of it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It’s perfect for use at home for packing in your lunchbox to take with you. The grapefruit keeper is BPA-free and leak-proof and locks into place with a twist lock.

spice herb grinder

For the Chef Who Grinds Her Own Herbs: Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

This is another interesting option for the friend who spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. This grinder comes in eight shiny, metallic colors and features a four-piece, three-chamber design and a mesh screen for the finest filtering possible.

It’s easy to use and effective, and it’ll make all your friend’s grinding experiences much smoother.

garden tool set

For the Gardener: Garden Tool Set with Organizer Tote

If your loved one spends a lot of time in the garden, this nine-piece garden tool set with an included carrying case is a logical choice. It comes with gloves, a trowel, a hand rake and more. The gloves have fingertip claws on them to help her dig more deeply into the soil using only her hands, and they make it easier to pull up weeds.

All the tools are heavy-duty and stand up to rigorous use. Even the most avid gardener shouldn’t be disappointed.


A Little Encouragement: God Has a Plan Awegift Inspirational Encouragement Bracelet

Although bracelets don’t actually start with the letter ‘G,’ this bracelet is a “God Has a Plan” bracelet, and it’s such a pretty, heartwarming, inspiring gift, it definitely deserves a spot on the list.

It’s made of stainless steel and is simple in construction. It’s a thin cuff bracelet stamped with the motivational phrase, “God Has a Plan.”

It’s reasonably priced, and there’s nothing too fancy about it, but if you have a friend who’s going through a rough time right now, this is the perfect gift for her.

It’s delicate and elegant enough to be worn with any outfit, and it’s a constant reminder to your friend that someone bigger and more powerful than her has her life under control, even when she feels like it’s nothing but chaos.

garden hose

The Practical Gift with Many Uses: Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

Garden hoses make excellent gifts because they can be used for so many things. Whether your friend needs one to water his garden, wash his car, clean out his gutters or fill up a swimming pool for his kids, he can always find a use for this hose.

It comes with a nine-pattern safety nozzle with a buckle for uninterrupted use.

Thanks to its high-density, double-layer latex core and its fabric cover, it’s extremely flexible and isn’t prone to leaking or breaking.

It’s fifty feet long and features leak-proof brass connectors on both ends, but because of the way it’s designed, when not in use, it’s only 17 feet long, which makes it much easier to store.

gravy boat and tray saucer

For the Friend Who Likes to Entertain: Gravy Boat and Tray Saucer by KooK

If your friend likes to cook or entertain guests in her home, she needs an attractive gravy boat for serving. This one is made of flawless white ceramic that’s surprisingly strong. The sleek, chic design means the gravy boat should fit in with most kitchens/dining rooms, and it comes with a matching saucer.

It can be used for gravy, salad dressing, broth or anything else she wants to put in it. It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe.

chocolates box

For the Friend with a Sweet Tooth: Godiva Belgium Goldmark Assorted Chocolates

We all have those loved ones who prefer sweets to just about anything else. This box of Godiva gourmet chocolates is the perfect gift for those types of people. The box contains 10.9 ounces (27 pieces) of rich, creamy Godiva chocolate, and there’s nothing better on Earth you could buy the lover of gourmet chocolates.

All the chocolates are certified kosher, and they’re free of trans fats. The box features an assorted mixture, so there’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate and other flavors to delight your loved one’s taste buds.

card game

For Family Fun with the Little Ones: Go Fish Illustrated Card Game

If you’re looking for a cute, inexpensive ‘G’-themed gift for a blind gift exchange, a stocking stuffer, a “just because” gift or something else, grab a deck of Go Fish cards. Even if the person you buy it for has never played before, she’ll pick it up quickly and easily, which makes it a splendid gift idea for young children or families.

The art on these particular Go Fish cards is inspired by popular children’s books, and the cards themselves are made of high-quality, thick German card stock, which is made from real wood pulp. They’ve been coated with plastic to make them last even longer and to keep them from getting quite so dirty and stained.

green goblin funko POP

For the Nerdy Collectors: Green Goblin Funko Pop

This is another fun idea for the nerdy collectors on your gift list. Funko Pops are extremely popular collector’s items, and though they look like toys, they’re actually meant for adults and are mostly for display, not for playing with as toys.

This one is Spider-man 408, the Green Goblin from Spider-man Into the Spider-verse. He looks remarkably realistic and has lots of detail, including the stitched purple stocking cap and the long blue tongue.

He’s a little less than four inches tall, and he can be displayed either in-box or out-of-box, whichever way your friend prefers.

garden gnome

Even Garden Gnomes are Social Distancing: ‘Wear A Mask’ Quarantine-Themed Garden Gnome

No matter how long a person lives, if she lived through the year 2020, she’s bound to remember the COVID-19 pandemic and all the rules and regulations that came along with it. Whether you buy this gift for her now or ten years from now, she’s sure to get a kick out of this little garden gnome with his face covered in a sanitary face mask to keep out the germs.

If your friend is someone who likes to decorate outside and who has a lighthearted sense of humor, this garden gnome is sure to rise to the top of her favorite’s list the moment she lays eyes on him.

He’s lightweight but durable enough to be used outdoors. Of course, she can keep him anywhere she wants, but everyone who sees him is sure to chuckle.

color glitter pen set

For the Budding Artist: Glitter Gel Pens 100 Color Glitter Pen Set

This 100 pack of glitter gel pens is a must-have for anyone who loves to color in coloring books, draw or write letters in longhand. They’re also excellent for scrapbooking and journaling. The set includes 100 unique gel pens – no two are alike in color.

They feature 0.8mm-1.0mm fine point tips and now come with 30% more ink than previous sets. They feature comfort grips that make them easier to hold and use, and the ink is non-toxic, smear-resistant and acid-free.


A Comfy Gown for Sleeping: Ekouaer Women’s Gown Short Sleeve Sleepwear

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep if you don’t have a comfortable gown in which to do so. This one by Ekouaer is a really nice one. It ranges in size from small to XXL, and it comes in a myriad of different colors to suit your friend’s tastes.

Made of polyester and spandex, it’s ultra soft, lightweight and breathable, and it looks really cute to boot. It has a roomy fit that makes it perfect for most body types ranging from small and petite to tall and plus size.

Your friend is sure to love the restful night’s sleep she gets wearing this gown.

giant tumbling timber toy

Oversized Family Fun: Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

This is another excellent option for children or families for whom you need to buy a gift. It’s similar to the game Jenga, only it’s huge. This set is called the “giant tumbling timber toy” from the Giantville company, a company known for making all kinds of oversized products.

There are two options from which to choose. Pictured here is the 56-piece option that comes in a handy canvas carrying bag.

There’s also a 60-piece set of blocks that comes in a sturdy wooden crate for storage.

The game is meant to be played outdoors, although it can also be played indoors, and once the blocks are stacked, the 56-piece game reaches two feet in height. Once your friends start playing the game, it can grow to over four feet high.

(The 60-piece set starts at right under three feet and grows to over six feet.) Each block is made from strong, long-lasting pine wood, and there’s even a large score card and marker included with the set.

scented candle

A Delightfully Aromatic Experience: Glade Scented Candle Peaceful Rose and Wood

A Glade candle is another gift that’s seemingly tailor made for blind gift exchanges or for a “just because” type of gift-giving occasion. This one is a rosy pink in color and smells like a trip through a rose garden on a warm summer day.

It mixes the aromas of rhubarb, rose and sandalwood to create a fragrant experience quite unlike any other, and it’ll burn for several hours at a time.

green eggs and Ham book

A Literary Classic for the Kiddies: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham is a childhood favorite, and if you’re looking for a memorable gift for a preschool-aged child, Dr. Seuss is always a fun option. Help introduce your favorite little person to Sam I Am and Guy Am I, and help her learn early that it’s okay to try new things and give new experiences a chance.

This well-loved book has been adored by children for decades, and whether you’re buying it for a young child or an expectant mother, it’s going to be well-received.

garlic press

Help Him Keep the Vampires Away: Garlic Press Crusher and Mincer

This garlic press makes an excellent addition to any budding vampire hunter’s tool kit. It’s also not a bad gift for the loved one who enjoys cooking with fresh herbs and spices. It’s made of a heavy-duty, premium zinc alloy and is rust-proof and dishwasher safe.

It boasts an easy-to-handle, ergonomic design with soft handles that are easy to grip and strong, crushing teeth. This is an especially good option if you’re buying for a chef (or vampire hunter!) who is getting older and doesn’t have the strong grip needed for some of the other, harder to squeeze garlic presses.


Thanks for stopping by to check out our ‘G’-themed gift-giving guide. We hope you found some fun, exciting ideas to get you started. Let us know what your favorite gift on our list was in the comments section, and if we missed something obvious, tell us all about that as well. Be sure to like and share this guide with your friends and loved ones, and come back again soon!

gift ideas that begin with the letter g

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