40 Fortnite Gifts for Your Favorite Fanatic

With more than 250 million players, Fortnite is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry.

Do you know someone who lives and breathes the skins, tools, weapons, accessories and loot items? Here are just a few Fortnite gifts that will delight their fannish heart.

40 Fortnite Gift Ideas

mouse pad

To Elevate Their Gaming Experience: Fortnite Gaming Mouse Pad

When it comes to games like Fortnite, a good mouse pad can mean the difference between victory and defeat. This one comes with a rubber non-slip base for rapid response times and a textured weave to increase the sensitivities of the mouse’s sensors.

It’s also branded with the Fortnite logo for some added flair! If they take their gaming seriously, they’ll need serious accessories to go along with it, so go ahead and splurge on a high-quality mouse paid.

Funko Pop cuddle team leader

To Be Pretty in Pink: Funko Pop! Cuddle Team Leader

Funko has had a field day with the bright, bizarre designs of Fortnite characters, and their creativity is on full display with their version of Cuddle Team Leader. Everything from the pink fur to the jagged scarring has been lovingly rendered with an artist’s touch.

Give it to a friend and let them display it, sell it, play with it or just hold onto it for a few years to increase its value. The great thing about Funko Pops is that they’re collectibles and investments at the same time.

#1 victory 3D lamp

When They’re Too Epic to Be Contained: #1 Victory Royale 3D Lamp

Any Fortnite fan can tell you about the satisfaction of getting a #1 Victory Royale, and with this lamp, they can relive the magic over and over again. It looks exactly like the winning symbol from the game, but it’s attached to an LED power source that can light it up in 16 different colors.

Depending on their preferences, they can freeze it on their favorite shade or let it gently morph between them in the background. Either way, it’ll be an awesome room decoration for Fortnite enthusiasts.

gaming chair

To Spoil Them Beyond Their Wildest Dreams: Skull Trooper Gaming Chair

This is a big-ticket item, but if you really love your gift recipient, you might consider splurging for a Skull Trooper gaming chair. Not only does it bear the colors and logos of their favorite cosmetic, but it also comes with fancy extras like padded cushions, tilt controls, lumbar support and multi-directional swivel technology.

It’ll be an ergonomic treat for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk. Working or playing, they’ll appreciate the comfort.

fortnite squad mode figure pack

To Transform Their Desk or Cubicle: Fortnite Squad Mode Four-Figure Pack

Offering four of the game’s most popular skins in a single collection, this Fortnite figurine set will delight fans of all ages. Whether they love the vivid colors of Brite Bomber or the sharp snap of Rex’s teeth, they’ll see their favorite represented here, and the details are exquisite.

Every figurine looks like they just stepped off the screen. They even come with weapons and harvesting tools that you can swap around at your leisure!

fortnite drift mask

No EXP Grind Required: Fortnite Drift Mask

Drift is one of the coolest skins in the Fortnite universe, and with this mask, your friend can enjoy their fox-like face in the real world and the digital world. If they want to wear it, there’s a stretchy elastic band to keep it comfortable as part of a costume.

If they’d prefer to display it, they can hang it or put it behind glass with other Fortnite merch. The mask is made of white plastic with black, pink and gold highlights painted on the front, so it’s instantly recognizable as Drift no matter what they choose to do with it.

official fortnite book

For Artists, Mangakas and Comic Book Fans: Official Fortnite How to Draw Book

As an officially licensed art guide from Epic Games, Fortnite How to Draw offers step-by-step drawing instructions for some of Fortnite’s most famous figures. Do you love sketching the Raven? Have you always wondered about the details on the Battle Bus or the Dark Voyager? This guide will walk you through the creation of characters, outfits, weapons, vehicles and more.

It’ll even demonstrate advanced art techniques like shading and texturing!

burger plush

When They Can’t Get a Real Date: Fortnite 5-Inch Durrr Burger Plush

There are plenty of Fortnite plushies out there, including super-cute ones inspired by some of the softer or fuzzier skins. If you’re looking for something unique, however, you’ll want to go with the Durrr Burger plushie.

It’s a sweet, huggable hamburger with extra cheese, and at five inches tall, it’s the perfect size to crush against your bosom or rest against a pillow. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this handsome face every morning?


For Toasty Toes: Floss Like A Boss Socks

This is a gift that won’t make sense to anyone but Fortnite fans, but that’s part of its charm. Only gamers will know what it means to “Floss Like a Boss.” The good news is that these socks are just as cozy as they are trendy, so they’ll be soft, comfortable additions to someone’s wardrobe even as the person is showing off their Fortnite love with a goofy fashion choice.

You can buy the socks in either youth or adult sizes.

coffee mug

For the Playstation Addict: Game Over Coffee Mug

Every gamer will laugh at this one. Instead of being a plain round coffee mug, it’s a two-handed monstrosity that has been shaped like a video game controller. Each handle is a joystick, and the inside has “Game Over” printed on the bottom.

Since it’s made of high-quality ceramic, your gift recipient can use it for hot and cold beverages alike, or they could stick it on their desk as a pen or paperclip holder. A creative mug like this is meant to be shown off.

beach towel

To Gather Up Your Loot: Fortnite Llama Warhol-Style Beach Towel

The Loot Llama is one of the most welcome sights in Fortnite, and this towel celebrates his funny face in the colorful pop art style of Andy Warhol. It’s fade-resistant, too, so it won’t lose its vibrancy over time.

You can take it into the sun; spread it over grass or sand; dunk it into a chlorinated pool. It’s small enough to be tucked into beach bags but large enough for lounging. It’ll be great for Fortnite fans who spend a lot of time outdoors!


To Trade Their Keyboards for Wooden Blocks: Fortnite Edition Jenga

It can be hard to unplug from the action of Fortnite, but if you want to encourage someone to rest their eyes and ears for awhile, you might be able to tempt them away from their gaming console with Fortnite Jenga.

It’s a classic board game with a twist: There are character pegs for different skins, and you spin a wheel with instructions like “climb” and “stack” to make them move around the Jenga structure. It might not be as exciting as rushing an enemy with a bolt-action sniper gun, but it’s not too bad!

tag necklace

For the Military Man in Your Life: Fortnite Dog Tag Necklace

They’ll definitely feel like a combat veteran after a long weekend of Fortnite. This necklace has a dog tag pendant with the word “Fortnite” emblazoned over several character silhouettes, so it’s nice and bada** without being overly nerdy.

It’s available in blue, black and rainbow colors, so you can choose which style best suits your gift recipient. Do they like being flashy, or are they the type to play it cool with something understated?

boogie bomb bed set

To Have Sweet, Blood-Soaked Battle Dreams: Fortnite Boogie Bomb Five-Piece Bed Set

There’s nothing like a Boogie Bomb to make you scream internally while your avatar dances their way into heavy damage. Fortunately, this bed set won’t hurt your HP; it’s just decorated with the moves. Each set comes with two sheets, two pillowcases and one comforter, and it’s available in both twin size and full size.

If the Boogie Bomb brings up too many bad memories, you can also opt for a few other Fortnite-inspired bedding options from the same manufacturer.

Agent peely notebook

Just Add Cheerios: Agent Peely Fortnite Composition Notebook

There’s something special about the secret agent version of Peely. Maybe it’s the snazzy suit against his yellow skin; maybe it’s the potassium boost that you could get from biting his head off. Regardless, fans of Agent Peely should enjoy this banana-themed composition notebook.

It comes in the standard size of 6 x 9 inches, so it shouldn’t violate any school rules, but it has enough personality to make its owner smile even while they’re jotting down notes in labs and classrooms.

nerf fortnite dart blaster

For Battle Royale in the Backyard: Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

A perfect replica of Fortnite’s dart blasters, this gift is a softer, cuddlier version of the death-dealing weapons that are used against husk monsters. It still has impressive capabilities, including a motorized blaster with an acceleration button to spray 10 foam bullets within seconds, but it won’t do any real damage.

Kids can use it at the beach or the playground; they can take it to the pool or run around with it in the backyard. The possibilities are endless!


The Ultimate Sacrifice: I Paused My Game to Be Here T-Shirt

While not strictly a Fortnite gift, this t-shirt is suitable for gamers of all types and skill levels. It says “I Paused My Game to Be Here” in big, bold text on a plain background, so it’s perfect for men, women, newbies, veterans, youngsters and more.

It’s even made with a soft cotton material that’s safe for all washing machines, so there are no special cleaning instructions to complicate things. They can wear it while level-grinding on Fortnite or any other game.

poster print set

To Redecorate Their Room: Fortnite Battle Royale Four-Piece Poster Print Set

Many Fortnite gifts are goofy, cartoon-y things, but these art prints have a more sophisticated design. They depict four of the most amazing characters in Battle Royale, and they’re done in a cool splatter style with the artwork printed on glossy 8 x 10 card stock.

They aren’t framed, but you could add frames if you really want to make them pop. They’ll look fantastic on the wall of a gaming room.

harvesting tool

For Cosplayers and Roleplayers: Fortnite Rainbow Smash Premium Pickaxe Harvesting Tool

Measuring more than three feet long, this life-sized pickaxe is an awesomely crazy replica of the one found in Fortnite. Not only does it come with the vivid colors of the rainbow-smashing unicorn, but its wheels are fully functional, so your gift recipient can actually roleplay with it like a real harvesting tool.

They’ll definitely win their next costume contest, too!

fortnite coloring book

A Different Kind of Art Therapy: Fortnite Coloring Book

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this Fortnite coloring book. Every page is illustrated with characters, outfits, weapons and landscapes from the game that are just begging to be filled in, and they’re detailed enough to be realistic while still being simple enough to finish within a few hours.

You won’t have to slave over tiny mandalas. Just shade in the bears and battle hounds and relieve a little stress with this therapeutic coloring book.

cushion pillow

To Fix That Crick In Their Neck: Fortnite Square Cushion Pillow

Stuffed with fluff, this pillow can be added to beds, chairs, couches, travel bags and more. It’s made with a microfiber material that will feel like the softest of silks against their skin, and it’s so lightweight that it can be transported anywhere that they need to go.

Whether they’re sleeping on a plane or adding some spinal support to their gaming chair, this Fortnite pillow will make sure that they’re resting in comfort.

light-up headphones stand

For Better Organization on Their Desk: RGB Light-Up Headphones Stand

If you’re tired of hearing assault tactics blaring from the computer every hour of the day, ask the Fortnite player to invest in a good pair of headphones, and give them a headphone stand to get them started.

It’ll light up when in use, so it’ll have a cool, colorful glow among the rest of their electronics, and it also comes with two USB ports that support plug-and-play devices. It’ll be a cool gift for a techie nerd.

fortnite water mug

To Keep Them Healthy and Hydrated: Fortnite Battle Royale Stainless Steel Water Mug

Hydration is important, especially when you’re six hours into an exhaustive quest. Fortunately, bottles like this make it easy to stay on top of your water intake. The bottle is made with glossy, high-quality stainless steel, but it’s still safe for the dishwasher, so you can fill it with your favorite beverages without worrying about the eventual clean-up.

The exterior says “Fortnite” in the official Battle Royale font for extra style points. Who wouldn’t want to chug a little with a bottle like this?

loot llama pinata

For a Literal Birthday Bash: Loot Llama Pinata

Another great gift for fans of the Loot Llama, this pinata will burst open in a razzle-dazzle display of paper, color, candy and steamer pieces. It’ll be empty when it’s shipped to you, but you can fill it with everything from bubble gum to miniature key chains of their favorite characters.

The sky is the limit with a product like this, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

funko advent calendar

To Wish Them a Merry Fortnite: Funko Advent Calendar: Fortnite

Advent calendars are a fun way to count the days until Christmas, especially when they come with a Fortnite flavor. There’s a character behind every door, and there’s a miniature Funko figurine for every character.

Your friend can build an entire collection as they prepare for gold rings, turtle doves and partridges in pear trees. Best of all, since there’s no year printed on this advent calendar, it can be used over and over again!

battle bus drone

For a Bird’s Eye View: Fortnite Battle Bus Drone

If they’re the type of player to have all of the latest gadgets in the game, they’ll probably appreciate having a cool, state-of-the-art drone in real life, too. It’s designed to look just like the Battle Bus, and it includes a remote control and micro USB charging cable to keep your friend firmly in the driver’s seat of their own power, speed, height and force.

While not an overly complex drone, it should entertain Fortnite fans quite nicely, and it could also be a great “starter” drone for kids.

3D printed hoodie

For the Stylish Warrior: Llama Unisex 3D Printed Hoodie

Bright and colorful, this hoodie has an almost punkish style with its blue and purple colors splattered like paint behind the wide-eyed Llama. Some people might not even realize that it’s a piece of Fortnite merch; it could be any fun, fashionable hoodie with an animal print.

Do you know someone who loves gaming but doesn’t like to seem too geeky out in public? Get them this Llama hoodie that will only be recognizable to other Fortnite fanatics.


For Vicious Friday Night Fun: Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

Another classic board game that’s been given a Fortnite twist, this one is ideal for families, clubs, couples, gaming groups and more. Everyone can choose a character and battle around the board as they build walls, loot chests, hoard health packs and deal damage to their opponents.

Rather than collecting properties, the goal of the game is to survive longer than everyone else. Just make sure to avoid the Storm!

retro video games posters

To Step Back in Time: Four-Set Retro Video Game Posters

With rustic letters on aged black backgrounds, these posters have a unique vintage style that will bring to mind the days of classic video games. Their text, however, is thoroughly modern: They say things like “Blame It On the Lag” and “Only One More Level.

” They’ll be cool, tasteful gifts for a Fortnite fan, and what’s more, they’ll still be relevant even after the person moves on from Fortnite.

baseball cap

A Gift That’s Out of This World: Unisex Fortnite Galaxy Baseball Cap

This baseball cap is available in multiple styles, including subtle ones that just have “Fortnite” printed on a black background. If they’re going to show off their love of the game, however, why don’t they do it with pizzazz? This bright and beautiful galaxy print could be seen from space, and since it’s made with a cotton-polyester blend and adjustable strap, it’s also quite comfortable.

It’ll be an awesome gift for Fortnite fans who aren’t afraid to flaunt their passion for their favorite game.

official battle survival guide

To Be the Last Man Standing: Official Fortnite Battle Royale Survival Guide

Another official product from Epic Games, this tell-all survival guide is meant for Fortnite fans who want to pick up new skills to improve their gameplay. From surviving the elements to building the best squads, there are a lot of little tricks that only experienced players know, but this guide will divulge everything and put the reader on the same level as the pros.

Who’s ready to learn some combat tactics?

fortnite T-shirt

When They Haven’t Showered in Six Days: Eat Sleep Fortnite Repeat T-Shirt

“Eat. Sleep. Fortnite. Repeat.” It’s a pattern that every Fortnite fan is familiar with, and you can poke fun at their marathon gaming sessions with this t-shirt. It’s plain enough to be worn by both men and women, and it’s made with a simple cotton blend that doesn’t require any special cleaning or handling.

You can wrangle them in and out of the shirt even as their eyes are fixed unblinkingly on their screen.

3D keychains

For Latch-Key Kids: Fortnite Double-Sided 3D PVC Key Chains

Why should you choose between Fortnite characters when you could have them all? This key chain set has more than a dozen familiar faces. From grinning tomato heads to gun-toting angels, your gift recipient can decide for themselves which character that they’d like to carry around.

Since each figurine comes with the same level of colorful, three-dimensional detail, every option is a good one.

llama T-shirt

Sage Advice From a Wise Prophet: Just Loot It Fortnite Llama T-Shirt

Looting is a time-honored tradition in Fortnite, and this novelty tee celebrates the pirate-like spirit of taking what you want and giving nothing back. It says “Just Loot It” with a picture of the llama, but the body of the animal is shaped like Nike’s famous check mark.

It’s cute; it’s clever; it’ll inspire laughs of understanding from Fortnite fans. It’s the perfect gift!

water bottle

For Battle-Scarred Vets: Straight Outta Tilted Towers Water Bottle

Tilted Towers was a memorable location even before it was destroyed, and this stainless steel water bottle immortalizes it forever with the text “Straight Outta Tilted Towers.” It’s fun and playful, but it’s also a double-walled, vacuum-sealed container that will keep beverages hot or cold thanks to its insulation technology.

You could definitely do worse in terms of metal water bottles.

temporary tattoos 60 pack

A Party Favor to Make You the Coolest Host Ever: Fortnite Temporary Tattoos 60-Pack

Perfect for conventions, birthday parties, gaming sessions and other Fortnite-themed events, this temporary tattoo pack will allow an entire group of people to show their love of Fortnite on their skin.

There are 60 designs in all, and they depict everything from loot to popular characters to in-game victory signs. There are no repeats, and each tattoo will last for several days before fading away. It’s a stylish way to show some Fortnite love without the permanence of getting real ink!

door sign

For the Nosy Roommate: Gamer at Play Door Sign

If they hate being interrupted when they’re mowing down trolls and shielders, this is the door sign for them. It has a bright purple background for maximum visibility, and it says “Gamer At Play” and “Do Not Disturb!!!” to really get the point across.

It’s small enough to hang from doorknobs but large enough to be noticed as soon as someone walks up to a room. It’s even made with double-sided, double-printed plastic so that its message can be seen from every angle.

LEGO fortnite figurines set

To Combine Their Two Great Loves: Lego Fortnite Toy Figures Set

If they’re a part-time Legomaster and part-time Fortnite player, they won’t be able to resist this gift. It’s a pack of miniature heroes that includes some of the most famous faces in the Battle Royale game, including Funk Ops, Merry Marauder, Skull Trooper and more.

You can purchase between 8 – 16 figures in each set, and most of them come with extras like removable weapons and hand tools. Your buddy is just one gift away from an awesome Lego landscape!

bluetooth speaker

To Deliver Death in Surround Sound: Bitty Boomers Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader has never looked cuddlier, but this time, they have high-tech circuitry hidden behind their big eyes and colorful fur. They’re a Bluetooth speaker that can play everything from music to audiobooks depending on what they’re synced to, and true to their “Bitty Boomer” brand, they’re small enough to fit in your palm.

Hang them on a backpack; stick them in a pencil case; prop them up on a desk. Despite their tiny size and colorful shape, they’ll fill the entire room with sound.

loot drop box

The Finishing Touch: Large Loot Drop Box With Matching Yellow Balloon

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a cool way to wrap your Fortnite gift, consider this box. It looks just like a loot crate from the game, and it comes with a floating yellow balloon like a pop-up notification.

You can place your gift inside or even treat it like a goodie basket to fill with various kinds of merch. You’ll basically bring the 2D world of virtual gaming into the 3D reality of your friend’s house!

3 Tips to Buy the Perfect Fortnite Present for Your Gaming Friend

You don’t have to be a Fortnite fan to recognize a cool piece of merchandise. Even if you wouldn’t know an Aeronaut from an Airhead, you can do a little research and find something that will make your friend’s heart race like they’re about to ambush an entire army of enemies!

1. Figure Out Their Favorites

Do they spend a lot of time in a specific skin? Do they love a particular character, setting, weapon, attack combo or loot item?

If it exists in Fortnite, there’s probably merch for it, so hunt around and see what’s available. However, don’t buy gifts that feature a random character just because they’re from Fortnite. You don’t want to give a Black Knight to someone who prefers a Brite Bomber.

2. Avoid Cheap Knockoffs

Official merchandise is licensed by Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. There are also high-quality manufacturers like Funko and Hasbro who have jumped on the Fortnite train.

Other products might be made by fans, vendors, retailers and knockoff sellers, and while there’s nothing wrong with buying gifts from unofficial sources, you’ll need to be careful to avoid the cheap stuff. Make sure that you’re only paying for high-quality items.

3. Consider Their Wants and Needs

If they don’t drink coffee, they don’t need a coffee mug. It doesn’t matter what characters or funny sayings are printed on it.

The same goes for hoodies, lamps, notebooks, key chains and other common presents. If they wouldn’t need it or want it in everyday life, don’t buy it just because it has the Fortnite logo on it.

Instead, think about items that they’d genuinely enjoy receiving as a present, and see if you can find them on the market somewhere with a Fortnite design.

Final Words

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you’re shopping for Fortnite gifts. What do you think of our ideas? Would you add anything to our list of suggestions?

Are there any handy tips and tricks that you use to buy gamer gifts? Let us know!

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