40 Gifts for Minecraft Fans (They’re Sure To Love)

Do you know a Minecraft fan who has a birthday coming up? Here are 40 gift ideas for Minecraft fans you might consider.

There are forty items for you to go through. There should be a little something for every Minecraft fan, you know.

minecraft periodic table of elements

A Little Science: Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

The Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the game. These blocks are washable. The Minecraft fan on your shopping list can build-up the Table of Elements to their heart’s desire.

There is gold (Au), and iron (Fe) included in the set. Many of the blocks are elements from gameplay.


Something to Keep Them Warm: Jay Franco Mojang Minecraft Creeper Plush Throw Blanket

The Jay Franco Mojang Creeper Throw is a polyester blanket that many say will put the user straight to sleep. The covering is in a pattern from the game. Users enjoy these fifty-three inches by fifty-three inches blanket.

It is an excellent gift to keep any Minecraft fan warm all year round.

encyclopedia for minecrafters

For the Reader on Your List: The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters

The encyclopedia is a book that offers Minecraft fans many tips and tricks. The author does not work with Mojang and has created a book of methods that the guides from Mojang do not tell users. The encyclopedia comes in a hardcover book.

For those who enjoy digital reading, there is a Kindle Edition. It is one of six books in the encyclopedia series.

LEGO minecraft bigFig and ocelot

The Building Block Lover: LEGO Minecraft Creeper BigFig and Ocelot

The large pieces for this LEGO set allow fans seven and older to enjoy building their favorite characters from the game. Fans of all ages might like to create these more significant than life characters from Minecraft.

Once they have completed the building of the characters, the fans can display them for all to see.

book box set

The Best Minecraft Reads: Minecraft Four Book Box Set

These four books will delight any Minecraft fan and avid readers. The book set is in paperback. These books allow fans to read about the endless possibilities of Minecraft. When you buy the fan on your list this book set, you are purchasing them something that will last them a lifetime.

light-up wall torch

What a Bright Light: Think Geek Minecraft Light Up Wall Torch

The Think Geek Light Up Wall Torch is available for all Minecraft fans six and older. The fan can put the light on a table, or they can mount it to the wall. Users who would like can use the torch for fun games.

It is an officially licensed Minecraft gaming product. Something Minecraft fans of all ages will enjoy for many years.

LEGO panda nursery

The players Who Likes to do Something with the Hands: LEGO Minecraft: The Panda Nursery

The Panda Nursery is for all fans seven and older. It is a LEGO building set. The pandas sit, stand, and move their heads. The collection includes Alex, who carries a diamond pickaxe. Alex has a trusty companion, Ocelot.

There are many features to this LEGO set, including much bamboo for the pandas to eat.

LEGO the zombie cave

Do They Enjoy Building Things: LEGO Minecraft: The Zombie Cave?

All Minecraft fans seven and older will enjoy building the Zombie Cave. Key features of this LEGO set include pieces of gold, Redstone, coal, and diamond ore elements. It also has Steve Minecraft from the game, bat, baby zombie, and zombie figures.

Your Minecraft fan will enjoy building and rebuilding the Zombie Cave for many years.

minecraft the Island official novel book

The Best Read You Can Find For Your Fan: Minecraft: The Island

The Island is an official Minecraft novel. It is about a hero who is in the Minecraft world. To get out of the Minecraft world, the hero must figure the secrets of the island. Minecraft fans from eight to twelve should enjoy reading this book.

It is going to delight anyone. Even those who are not avid readers.

LEGO the skull arena

Building for Imagination: LEGO Minecraft: The Skull Arena

Minecraft player, ages seven to fourteen, will enjoy bringing the Minecraft world to life with this LEGO set. There are 198 pieces to build the Skull Arena. The collection includes two Minecraft figures, a killer rabbit, and much more for your youngster to enjoy battling with their friends.

Fans of all ages might enjoy this LEGO collection.

minecraf UNO game

The Classic Card Game: Minecraft UNO

A game the entire family can enjoy. Minecraft UNO has the same rules as traditional UNO. Instead of conventional cards, Minecraft UNO has pictures from the game on them. The object of Minecraft UNO is to achieve a score of five hundred before anyone else does.

The first person or team to five hundred points will be declared the winner(s).

diary of a farting creeper

Just One of Many to Choose From: Diary of a Farting Creeper

It is just as it sounds, a book about the creeper from Minecraft. Diary of a Farting Creeper is one book in a series. Are you looking to make your Minecraft lover’s day with the ultimate gift? It might be a good idea to but the Diary of a Farting Creeper along with one or more other books in the series.

They are sure to enjoy the read.

diary of steve the noob number 36 book

The Complete Set is Available: Diary of Steve the Noob Number Thirty-Six

Diary of Steve the Noob is available in Kindle format. It is one of many in a series. The book series is an unofficial Minecraft collection. It is sure to delight all the readers on your list. Steve the Noob is a book about how the author discovered his way through the Minecraft maze.

LEGO minecraft the end battle

Building an Imagination: LEGO Minecraft the End Battle

Minecraft the End Battle is a LEGO set with 222 small pieces. The construction set Is sure to be the best gift for any Minecraft fan who is at least seven. There is a code to redeem your dragon slayer skin in the bedrock edition of the game.

The LEGO Minecraft the End Battle also has a mini figure. The figures have special powers. After building the dragon, fight another dragon with it.

minecraft guide for adults and children

What a Book: The Ultimate Minecraft Guide for Adults and Children

The Ultimate Minecraft Guide is a book. The book is available in Kindle and paperback format. It is an ultimate guide to the game because it gives readers tips. These tips are on how to survive in the game while mining, during exploration, how to reach achievements, and basic strategies they will want to employ.

All Minecraft players should enjoy learning these tricks.

let us build book

Excellent Read: Minecraft: Let us Build Theme Park Adventure

The Let us Build book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions. It is sure to delight any Minecraft fan who also enjoys reading. The book is part of a series and is by the official Minecraft team.

The Theme Park Adventure will take Minecraft lovers on a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

minecraft card game

To Play or Not to Play: Mattel Games Minecraft Card Game

The Minecraft card games have wood, stone, wild, craft, iron, gold, diamond, creeper, and TNT cards. Players will go on the Minecraft adventure throughout the game. The object is to mine, craft, reserve, and win.

The player who reaches all the goals of the game first is the winner. The game is not for small children. There are small parts in it. The Minecraft card game is sure to delight any fan over age eight.

builders and biomes strategy board game

The Classic Family Fun: Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders and Biomes Strategy Board Game

The Builders and Biome strategy board game are for all Minecraft fans ages ten and older. The board game is offered exclusively through Amazon. Players will enjoy the realistic Minecraft adventures the board game offers.

Yet, those who would rather play board games and have others to share the experience with will enjoy the traditional way of playing games.

magnetic travel puzzle

Something to do on the Road Trip: ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

The magnetic travel puzzle offers players an opportunity to create using STEM logic. The game is for anyone who is at least ten. The game offers forty challenges for players from beginners to experts. Players will take the nine magnetic Minecraft pieces and put them on the board.

It is a game that does not take any other players. So, if your Minecraft fan is traveling a long distance in the car and you want the fan to do something, the Minecraft puzzle game might be something to consider.


For the Sticker Lover: Minecraft Stickers

These colorful stickers feature objects from the game. Any Minecraft fan who also likes sticker fun will enjoy receiving a gift of four sheets of Minecraft stickers. There are 295 stickers on the four sheets.

If the fan you are buying for is a teacher, you could get them these stickers to pass out to the class for deeds done well.

jada toys minecraft 2 figurines

The Classic Figurines: Jada Toys Minecraft 20 Pack Wave 2 Figurines

These 20 figurines are die-cast metal. Each one is different. The figurines are exclusive to this set. Any Minecraft fan would be pleased to have the Wave 2 set of figures. They are all of something from the case.

These figurines are not for playing with; they are a collector’s item.

minecraft 20 pack wave 1 figurine

Each One is Different: Jada Toys Minecraft 20 Pack Wave 1 Figurines

If you have a Minecraft fan to purchase a gift for, it might be an excellent idea to buy this die-cast set. These figurines are posable, and they make a nice gift for any Minecraft fan. The makers of Minecraft officially license them.

When you buy this set for your Minecraft fan, you are purchasing a collectible they are sure to enjoy looking at for many years to come.

jada toys minecraft 3 figurines

Exclusively for Your Fan: Jada Toys Minecraft 20 Pack Wave 3 Figurines

The collector’s figurines are die-cast metal. They have 20 figurines. Any Minecraft Fan should appreciate this set of posable figurines. The paint is heavy metal paint. It would be nice for the Minecraft fan on your list to get the entire set of 60 figurines.

They would enjoy showing them minecraft gifts off to friends.

miner action figure toy

What an Action Figure: Ender Toys Blue Hair Miner Action Figure Toy

The action figure is about four inches high. It has a waterproof and scratch-resistant vinyl skin. The toy will be available with two blind-style weapons. It is sure to please any young Minecraft fan. The toy is for all those who are at least three.

These toys are not an official Minecraft licensed toy.

ender toys green big mouth action figure toy

Maybe, We Will Get Two: Ender Toys Green Big Mouth Action Figure Toy

The green big mouth action figure can move its arms, legs, and head. Users can even take pieces off the big mouth action figure and swap them out with pieces from other action figures. If you are shopping for a Minecraft fan, you might consider more than one of these.

It comes with two of five weapons. To collect all five weapons, users must have more than three. The weapons in the package are not in stone.

canadian moose action figure

What About All Three: Ender Toys Canadian Moose Action Figure

Standing at about four inches tall, Minecraft fans of either gender should enjoy playing with the Canadian Moose. The figure is one of many action figures by Ender Toys. Minecraft fans of all ages should appreciate getting a gift like the Canadian Moose action figure.

classic pixel short sword dagger

It Lights Up: P&F 15″ Classic Diamond Pixel Short Sword Dagger

The diamond pixel short sword dagger is 15″ in length. It is ideal for a children’s party, Halloween, or just for letting your child’s imagination run wild. There are LED lights that make the sword more enjoyable to play with; you can even purchase this sword for a young child under age three.

minecraft twin quilt

Do Not Forget the Sheets to Match: Jay Franco Minecraft Twin Quilt

The Minecraft twin quilt comes with a pillow sham. The quilt features Creeper, Steve, and Alex. It is an official Minecraft product. All young Minecraft fans should appreciate adding the Minecraft quilt to their bedroom décor.

The coordinating accessories may also be purchased separately.

jay franco minecraft daytime full set

For the Fan with a Bigger Bed: Jay Franco Minecraft Daytime Seven Piece Full Set

Included in the full set are a full comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, two standard pillowcases, and two shams. Minecraft fans of all ages through young adults should appreciate this set. The set features Alex and Steve.

It is fade-resistant and is an official Minecraft licensed product. There are coordinating accessories sold separately.

beach towel

Show Your Support at the Beach: Jay Franco Minecraft Mobs Super Soft Beach Towel

The Creeper towel is of 100% cotton terry cloth. These towels are an excellent gift idea because they are fade resistant. The Creeper towel can be for the Bath, pool, or beach. It depends on what your Minecraft fan would like it to be for and can be for all three.

The Creeper towel is sure to delight Minecraft fans of all ages. It is an official Minecraft license product.

light-up redstone pre statue

It is Just to Look at: Entertainment Earth Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Pre Statue

The Minecraft light-up Redstone statue is an official Minecraft licensed product. It makes an excellent gift for any Minecraft fan, no matter the age. It is a box that looks like the Redstone character from the game.

Everyone is sure to make a conversation about this statue. Minecraft fans younger than three can enjoy this statue.

growth chart

Keep Track of Their Growth: Jay Franco Minecraft Growth Chart

The officially licensed Minecraft growth chart is cloth. It can be washed and dried, if necessary. The chart begins at two-foot and continues to five feet. There are one-inch intervals that mark the growth chart.

It has all your child’s favorite Minecraft characters, including Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie, Pig, Coe, Chicken, Llama, and Wolf.

roomscapes poster

Everyone needs a Poster: Trends International Minecraft Caves-In Roomscapes Poster

It is an eighteen inch by twenty-four inch officially licensed poster. The poster features brightly colored die-cast characters. Your Minecraft fan is sure to be delighted by the poster. The best feature of this poster is the easy peel and stick backing.

If your Minecraft fan is rearranging or moving bedrooms, the poster can come with them.

wall decals

These Re-Stick: Paladone Officially Licensed Minecraft Product—Wall Decals

These wall decals come on four sheets. They are reusable. It is perfect for decorating your video gaming room with these decals. You can also use them at a Minecraft-themed birthday party. Whatever your Minecraft fan decides to do with them, they will stick to any undamaged, smooth surface.

Officially licensed, these wall decals can be a collector’s item.

video gamer sword wall decal

What About Naming it: Personalized Custom Video Gamer Sword Wall Decal

The video gamer sword is a reusable wall decal. It can be personalized. When you order a personalized item, you need to allow for extra time for delivery. Your Minecraft fan can hang this sword decal above the head of the bed.

It is made of indoor vinyl. These wall decals can last for up to seven years. Your fan is sure to enjoy it. The sword is available in multiple colors. There is sure one to match your fan’s décor.

window poster

The Perfect Poster: Trends International Minecraft Window Poster

It is a standard poster size that is officially licensed. The poster is printed on clear paper. You may purchase the Minecraft window poster with us without a frame. If you are making the purchase with a frame, there are many styles to choose from, including black.

The poster creator knows there is a Minecraft fan out there that this will delight.

lucyM wall decal

These are Elegant: (Set of 4) LucyM Wall Decal

These wall decals include Digging Steve, Creeper Inside Wall, Baby Pig, and Baby Cow. They cling to the wall without glue and can be replaced. These wall decals are the perfect edition to any gaming room, or to throw on the walls at a Minecraft birthday party.

They will last for many years. Chances are, you will be taking them down long before your child goes off to college.

washcloth set

We all Need to Get Clean: Jay Franco Minecraft Overworld Adventure 6-Piece Washcloth Set

These washcloths are twelve by twelve-inch squares. They can be for bath or just for show. Your young Minecraft fan is going to enjoy cleaning up with these washcloths. The washcloths are blue and green.

They feature characters from the game. The set is an elegant finishing touch for any bathroom décor.

bathroom towel set

May Need a Couple of These: Mojang Minecraft 3-Pice Bathroom Towel Set

The 3-piece towel set is light blue and features characters from the popular video game. It is a gorgeous accent to the children’s bathroom. You might want to purchase a set of two, or maybe even six. The towel set includes a hand towel, bath towel, and washcloth.

You will not get any lip about clean up time with this creative set of towels.

bathroom wall decor

What Bathroom Would Be Complete Without it: Silly Goose Gifts Bathroom Wall Décor

The wall décor is a set of four. Children who are beginning to venture the world by themselves will be constantly reminded of some of life’s most valuable skills. The set includes characters from the game.

The characters remind children to wash their hands, brush their teeth, take a shower, and flush the toilet. Children will enjoy doing the above mentioned with their favorite Minecraft characters.

Tips on Picking a Present for Your Favorite Minecraft Fan

We have all been there when we have picked a gift and thought the receiver was going to love it. But, when we give it to the receiver, they do not like it as much as we would have hoped. When that happens, we tend to get a little disappointed. But the good news is that you can do better on the receiver’s next birthday, or the next holiday. Here are a few tips on picking the perfect Minecraft gift for the fan on your list.

Start by Making a Wish List

Typically, you should know the person you are buying the gift for. You should know them well. To buy the perfect gift for someone who enjoys Minecraft, you should first make a list of their likes and dislikes about the game, minecraft dungeons etc.

To create the list start with the person’s favorite characters from the game.

If the person enjoys Steve or the Creeper best, you will want to buy something with their favorite characters from the game. Does the receiver also enjoy reading?

Maybe, you should get them something that they can read as well as it being a Minecraft item. Try to think of something the person will both need and want.

Make it Something Exclusive and Special

The goal of gift giving is to make the other person feel special on their big day. When you purchase a Minecraft gift, it should be exclusively for the other person.

It should remind them of what they like about the game and the minecraft universe. The gift should trigger a special memory for the person who receives it. Do, it might take some thinking on your part of buying a Minecraft gift for the fan in your life.

Avoid Any Stereotypes

Try to avoid mainstream gifts as much as possible. When choosing a Minecraft present for the person, make certain you are not selecting one that is mainstream. The gift you give should have much thought about it.

The person who receives your gift should know it was selected just for them. They should know you put much effort into the gift decision.

Remember, It Is Not About Money Spent

There is an old wife’s tale that says, the more expensive a gift, the better appreciated the gift will be.

That is so untrue. If you are on a shoestring budget when it comes time for gift buying, it is okay to buy something that is inexpensive. The saying that you should put more thought into the gift than money is true.

Do Not Forget to Add Your Personal Touch

No matter the gift you purchase, always add a little personal touch. Whether it is writing on the card, or a hand-written note for the person you are giving it to.

Adding a personal touch will help the person who gets the gift remember you every time they look at it.

Also, it might bring a smile to their face. Is that not what you want to do with your gift?

It does not matter, then what type of Minecraft gift you buy for the Minecraft fan on your list. If the gift brings a smile to their face, that is all that should matter.

Everyone knows someone who is interested in Minecraft, and who would enjoy an official or unofficial Minecraft gift. When you go through the above list, consider what the Minecraft fan on your list might need or want from the list.

The fan on your list is sure to appreciate the gesture and will think of you every time they look at your gift.

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