30 Clever Gifts for Musicians Who Love To Create

Choosing a gift can be tough, especially for those who are not particularly good at it.

There are many ways to turn their musical passion into an insightful gift idea when shopping for a dedicated musician. Stick around as we go into 30 of our suggestions.

30 Gift Ideas For Musicians

jack rack

For the Coolest Musical Keyholder on Earth: The Marshall Jack Rack

The first thing to note about this incredibly creative and useful product is that it is officially licensed by the Marshall company, the industry-leading guitar amplifier producer for many decades, so you can rest assured that the Jack Rack is of the utmost quality.

The Jack Rack is a miniature replica of a signature Marshall amplifier and is wall mounted. From there, an input jack is attached to your keychain by a key ring and can be inserted into the outlet plug of the wall rack.

The rack itself has four outlets and can accommodate four separate sets of keys at one time.

The Marshall Jack Rack is unique, fun, and, most of all, incredible for organizational purposes.

Guitar and Bass players will find the Jack Rack particularly appeasing, but virtually anyone will love this gift.

unokki kalimba thumb piano

Make Music on the Go: Unokki Kalimba Thumb Piano

The kalimba, otherwise known as the mbira, is such an ideal musical gift idea for so many reasons it is difficult to know where to even begin.

First of all, the kalimba makes beautiful, angelic harmonies.

If you have never heard one played before, you will be immediately taken back by this instrument’s tone.

Secondly, it is small, compact, and can be taken just about anywhere. This makes the kalimba perfect for those who enjoy making music on the move but can not be burdened by transporting their entire guitar or keyboard.

Another great aspect of the kalimba is that it is relatively easy to learn, and just about anything you play on it will sound good.

guitar tool kit and organizer

The Guitarist’s All-in-One Toolkit: GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & Organizer

Another great gift for the guitarist on your list is the GIGmate guitar tool kit/organizer.

This kit comes with everything you could ever need to service any guitar, from Allen wrenches to a screwdriver, flashlight, batteries, string winder, and wire cutters.

Furthermore, the GIGmate also has storage space for holding your spare strings.

Multiple storage pockets make the GIGmate another innovation in organizational genius. For all that this product encompasses, it hardly takes up any space at all.

whisky glass

For the Musician Who Enjoys to Relax and Let Loose: Piano Key Whisky Glass

This high-quality whisky glass is a perfect novelty gift for musicians who enjoy having a few drinks as well as a good laugh. The glass itself is surrounded by a piano key design, which is classy and unique.

The piano key whiskey glass holds 11oz or 325 ml; it comes with a lifetime limited warranty, so you know that they stand behind their product.


For Those Who Take Notes: Musical Journal/Diary

Our list of the best gifts for musicians who love to practice would not be complete without the musical journal’s addition. The simplicity and universality of this gift make it suitable for anyone, without exception.

The musical journal from Peter Pauper Press is designed with an elegant and antique feeling cover, imprinted with sheet music and notes. Inside, you will find 160 lined pages that are great for keeping track of lyrics, quotes, notes, chords, scales, sheet music, or anything else you would ever want to write in there.

The affordability and versatility make this one of the most attractive entries on our list.

guitar seat/stand

To Sit or To Stand?: Gator Framework Guitar Seat/Stand

The Gator Framework guitar seat will blow all other gifts away in terms of sheer ingenuity and creativeness. There is simply no other product like it on the market.

The Gator Framework seat has a dual purpose: it is a seat specially designed for comfort and accessibility while playing guitar.

It also has a fold-down guitar stand allowing for a safe and convenient place to store your guitar while you’re not using it.

The Gator Framework is also available in two different models. Both options have in common a footrest, back support and have no armrests to get in your way while you are jamming.

Anyone familiar with guitar knows that the position you are sitting in greatly affects your ability to play. This seat solves that problem. You will never want to play anywhere else again, we promise.

The tempi metronome

If It’s Rhythm You Seek: The Tempi Metronome

For those unfamiliar with metronomes, we must explain how invaluable and helpful they can be for all musicians, regardless of their preferred instrument. A metronome is a device that provides the musician with an audible clicking sound according to a speed that the user has set.

Using a metronome teaches musicians to utilize proper timing and time signatures.

The Tempi metronome is unique because, first of all, the woodgrain exterior design is elegant and provides an antique feeling.

Furthermore, the Tempi metronome has a great range of adjustable speeds from 40 up to 208 beats per minute.

Another great thing about the Tempi metronome is that unlike modern digital metronomes, the Tempi doesn’t rely on pesky chargers or annoying batteries.

Simply wind it up by the crank, and it’s ready to go.

wine rack

Wine, Dine & Rock Out: Tooarts Saxophone Wine Rack

In keeping with the theme of originality and cleverness, we introduce the Tooarts saxophone wine rack. This unique gift idea is fashioned out of a metal bar frame in an alto-sax shape, complete with the realistic mouthpiece and all.

The Tooarts rack can hold a single bottle of wine and makes for a great decorative display that is sure to look immaculate in the home of any true musician. It’s classy, simple, and any wine and music lover is sure to marvel at its coolness.

You can’t go wrong.

pianist ornament figurine

For Pianists Who Deserve To Feel Special: Personalizable Pianist Ornament From Elves Store

When it comes down to it, it is not the gift that counts for the most, but rather, the thought that went into selecting it. And there is no better way to show someone you put thought into a gift than to have it customized to their likeness.

This miniature display ornament depicts a jolly pianist, playing their piano with a smile that is sure to resemble the smile that the recipient will undoubtedly share upon receiving this clever gift.

Under the piano lid, the giftee’s name will be handwritten with an elegant font, accompanied by the year. The pianist figurine is available in multiple genders, skin tones, and hair colors in keeping with the customizability of this item.

This deems the pianist ornament a great gift for all.

musical flat notes card holder

Stationery Items for the Office Oriented Musician: Musical Flat Notes Card Holder

If you are shopping for a musician who also happens to spend a lot of time doing business work in the office, this may just be the gift to go with. This decorative card holder is 5.625 x 3.5 inches and is apt for holding business cards, cue cards, envelopes, or just about anything else that needs to be stored.

The actual box itself is exteriorly designed with sheet music and notation surrounding the box’s entire perimeter.

Introducing a cardholder to your desktop can greatly aid in organization, and organizing your workspace will lead to better productivity and an improved state of mind.

If you know of any workaholics who also happen to be musicians, the flat note cardholder will be a well-received present.

guitar shaped coat towel rack

When You Just Want To Hang Your Hat With Style: Kungyo Guitar Shaped Coat/Towel Rack

The Kungyo guitar themed coat rack is a great gift for putting the finishing touch on a musically themed room. This particular set comes with three different hangers, so they can be spread out over the house or studio if one chooses.

The hangers themselves are crafted from famous guitars’ replica headstocks, with a single solid hook that allows towels, hats, jackets, or whatever else you desire to be hung with ease.

The Kungyo guitar rack can bear up to an incredible 55 pounds, so you can bet these things are built solid.

BB flat pillow

After a Long Day of Jamming, Lay Down and Relax: BB Flat Pillow

Brought to you by the Manual Woodworker company, we present you with this finely crafted 12.5 x 8.5″ pillow, embroidered with the mildly humorous caption “Without music, life would Bb [sic] flat.”

The thing that makes this pillow stand out from others like it is that this pillow is not limited to indoor use but can be utilized outdoors, seasonally.

If you are thinking of something thoughtful but not too over the top and funny but not excessively novel, this is a great option


The Classics Never Get Old: Piano Key Necktie

There is no question that the next gift item on this list is iconic, to say the least.

The piano key necktie has been used as a prop for decades and can lighten any setting’s mood. Suffice to say that any list providing gift suggestions for musicians that do not feature the famed piano key necktie is incomplete.

Whenever the piano key necktie is brought up, the first thing that comes to the minds of many will likely be Will Ferrell’s character in the movie Zoolander hilariously exclaiming, “I invented the piano key necktie, what have you done!?”; but the history of this brilliant fashion accessory goes back much further.

microphone spatula

Unleash Your Inner Singer While Cheffing It Up: Microphone Novelty Spatula

While we have already featured some of the most unique novelty gift items you will find on this list. The microphone spatula is not to be outdone. This spatula, produced by Rise8 Studio co., is strong, durable, and the handle is a full-size novelty microphone.

What more could you possibly ask?

If you are looking to receive a laugh and maybe also a look of amused perplexity from the person you are gifting, this may just be the single best item with which to do that.

The other great thing about this item is that it is also available by the same brand name manufacturer in the form of a spoon, making it perfect for the pasta lover on your list.

eargasm earplugs

For Those Who Love Music but Also Appreciate Being Able To Hear: Eargasm Earplugs

The eargasm earplugs are the most important and beneficial item on this list, bar none. Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time around concerts or studio amplifiers can attest to the fact that it is extremely detrimental to your hearing long term.

Many musicians lose a significant portion of their hearing ability later in life due to the abuse of their ears at concerts and other venues. The eargasm earplugs solve that.

Available in two different sizes to accommodate individual needs, the eargasm earplugs are designed to block out excessive and abusive sounds without actually compromising the sound quality of what you are hearing.

Contrary to standard earplugs designed to block out all sound, the eargasm earplugs are designed instead to filter out bad sounds leaving the good ones intact.

Whether or not this is the gift you are considering to settle on buying; these, in all likelihood, should probably be purchased anyway just to be safe.

To learn more about the harmful and damaging effects that concerts have on your hearing, see this comprehensive study from McGill Journal of Medicine.

picture frame

Cherish Your Memories in Combination With Your Love of Music: Guitar Body Picture Frame

This uniquely crafted picture frame is designed in the shape of a guitar body and holds four pictures (two 4×6″ and two 3 x 4). Another one of Rise8 Studios brand’s great products, this picture frame will go perfectly in a guitar room or musically themed area.

This guitar body picture frame is great for those who love both photography as well as music.

If someone you know is looking to bring some new design concepts to their home living space, this is a perfect gift idea.

microphone stand cup holder

For the Lead Singer on Your List: Microphone Stand Cup Holder

Anyone who is versed in the art of singing can confirm that your throat gets dry and hoarse after a while. This can be a problem, especially while performing, because it is not always appropriate to leave your place at center stage to get a drink.

This is where the genius of the microphone cup holder stand comes in.

This simple yet brilliant cupholder is designed to subtly and securely clip directly onto your microphone jack stand where it can hold anything from water, beer, coffee, or whatever else your preference is.

Having a drink on hand while singing and performing will not only save you the awkward break of having to go off and get one, but it can also greatly increase your singing performance. To better understand the effects of hydration on your singing voice, see this academically researched study.

Alesis melody 61 MKII keyboard

Tackle the Keyboard and See What You Create: Alesis Melody 61 MKll Keyboard

For the second fully equipped instrument on this list, we present the Alesis melody digital keyboard. This keyboard comes complete with a stand, built-in speakers, and seat, so there is nothing additional you will ever need to purchase.

In addition to all of that, the keyboard itself features hundreds of different tones, rhythms, modes, and settings to experiment with.

Possibly the coolest part of the Alesis Melody keyboard is its ability to record your audio creations, making it a perfect all-in-one studio instrument.

guitar stand

Stand Up Your Guitar With Class: Avenida A-Frame Guitar Stand

Over time, if not stored properly, guitars will begin to accumulate knicks and scratches. Leaving your guitar carelessly lying around takes up space and can be burdensome as well. Thankfully, this compact A-frame guitar stand from Avenida remedies this problem.

Guitar stands come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. We have already featured on this list the chair/stand combo from Gator Framework, but the difference here is the simplicity of the A-frame.

This compact guitar stand is suitable for any guitar from electric to acoustic and will protect it while at the same time displaying it proudly in your living space.

piano cheese board

Cheese and Keys, What’s Not To Love?: Toscana Grand Piano Cheese Board w/ Tools

Where to begin with this one? The Toscana grand piano cheese set is a unique concept that perfectly combines the passion for music with the love of cheese.

The top of this bamboo model grand piano works as a cutting board.

The grand piano lid can also be opened and propped up, wherein you will find a corkscrew, a cheese fork, and a cheese knife. This is great for parties and get-togethers. This product’s pure originality will amuse people, and it makes for a beautiful display.

wall clock

Time To Get Your Piano On: Piano Wall Clock

This neat and flashy piano wall clock does more than just tell the time. It brings out a certain awe-inspiring poise as well. Fashioned to resemble a grand piano, this clock has a glossy glass-like exterior that makes it more classy than novel.

This grant piano wall clock is perfect for those who would like some musically themed displays but want them to be more serious than comical.

electric drum set

For When You Would Rather Lay Down Some Heavy Percussion: Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set

If you are shopping for a drummer, or are yourself one, just know that we did not forget about you. The Donner DED-22 electric drum set has it all.

Complete with five drums and three symbols, this kit is aptly suited to any drummer at any level.

The reason we chose the Donner DED-200, in particular, is due to its immense range of different options in regards to sounds, settings, speeds, and recording capabilities. Of course, there are cheaper kits on the market, but you will not find a better deal anywhere for the quality.


Wear It on Your Sleeve? How About Your Feet: Unisex Musical Socks

If you are looking for something easy, useful, and inexpensive, these Lavley’ music snob’ socks will provide your answer. These socks are also made from 85% cotton, 10% spandex, and 5% elastic, so the quality is exemplary.

Furthermore, Lavley sells these fine music lover socks in three different colors, so the options are all yours.

This is your brain on music book

For the Bookworm Musicians: This Is Your Brain on Music

If there is anyone book that musicians should read, it is this one. This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin is a New York Times bestseller, and for a good reason. This book provides a fascinating scientific insight into how the brain of a musician differs from that of a non-musician.

The inferences in this book will leave the reader shocked. This book is a page-turner.

Miles Davis poster

Words of Wisdom From the Prince of Darkness: Miles Davis Quote Poster

Any jazz fan will be ecstatic to receive this canvas wall poster as a gift. The poster features a depiction of Miles Davis, arguably the greatest jazz musician who ever lived, and is captioned with a quote from the legend himself, which reads, “If you’re not making a mistake, it’s a mistake.

wooden pick box

Pick This Gift and You Picked the Right Choice: Wooden Pick/Box

Guitar players have a tendency to leave their picks strewn around carelessly, making a mess and leaving them to get lost.

This wooden pick holder box is shaped in a miniature guitar design and opens up to expose three pick holding slots.

This set also comes with three wooden picks, which are customizable with any message. This is a simple gift to show you care.


Hey Mr. Tambourine Man Play a Song for Me: Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine

A tambourine is not an instrument you see often, which is truly a shame. Tambourines are percussion instruments that are to be shaken and struck with the hand, but despite their simplicity and basicness, tambourines have a large potential for variance and styles.

Watch someone who is experienced with a tambourine, and you will be blown away by the wonder of how they can make such a simple contraption do so many things.

There are many online resources available for free that will help you learn this incredible instrument beginning with the basics.

bowling shirt

You Can Tell a Lot About an Artist by Their Shirt: Musical Notation Bowling Shirt

This black and white bowling shirt has a stripe down the right side where musical symbols and notation are imprinted. While there are tons of shirts online with various music-related themes and slogans, we chose to feature this in particular for its subtle presentation.

Contrary to more comical and silly shirts, which may be a little bit immature and unpresentable at times, this retro musical bowling shirt, although light-spirited, still has a certain seriousness to it.

Above all else, however, it’s comfortable and a great deal for the price. You will not be disappointed.

pen/pencil holder

The Greatest Music Ever Written Began With the Pen/Pencil: Decorative Metal Pen/Pencil Holder

For anyone who does a lot of art or office work, we have another great gift that is sure to hit. This metal pencil holder has a platform with an attached metal cup/pencil holder and a generic metal figurine playing bass guitar.

The whole design has an artistic sort of postmodern feel to it.

The chord buddy

The Single Greatest Guitar Learning Tool Ever Designed: The Chord Buddy

It may be said that by placing the chord buddy as the final entry on this list that we saved the best for last, and that point is tough to refute. The chord buddy is an accessory that attaches to the neck of your guitar and allows different chord shapes to be fretted simply by pushing a button, almost like a Guitar Hero guitar.

The genius of this invention is monumental.

The chord buddy allows anyone to begin playing and strumming proper chords on day one, which will dramatically increase the speed at which they are able to learn to become competent guitar players.

The chord buddy is to the guitar what training wheels are to the bicycle.


If you are a musician, let us know what you think the greatest entry was on this list. Is it the thumb piano? The Chord Buddy, perhaps? Share this article, and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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