32 Pac Man Gifts You’re Gonna Wanna-Wanna-Wanna

Although today’s kids, who grew up on MMORPGs and video game graphics so real they almost look like movies, might not think much of a simple yellow circle eating dots, Pac Man is one of the most popular video games of all time.

Walk up to anyone over the age of 20 and make Pac Man’s characteristic waka-waka-waka sound, and that person will instantly know exactly what you’re referencing.

Despite its relatively simplistic game-play, Pac Mac actually takes a lot of skill to beat, and tens of thousands of people still love it today. Below you’ll find some of the very best Pac Man gifts for the retro arcade lover in your life.

32 Pac Man Gift Ideas

arcade 1UP pac man classic

The Real Deal: Arcade1Up Pac-Man Classic 2-in-1 Home Arcade 4-Feet

If you’re looking for a gift that will truly blow a Pac Man fan away, give him the real thing. This is a legitimate Pac Man arcade game. At four-feet tall, it’s only about 3/4 the size of the original, but your friend will be so excited to get an actual arcade version of Pac Man, he isn’t likely to notice that this one is just a little bit smaller.

This machine has a 17-inch color screen and the same controls your buddy is used to playing with in the arcade. He can play both Pac Man and Pac Man Plus on it.

arcade 1UP countercade 18 Pac Man

The Real Deal, but Smaller: Arcade1UP Countercade18 (Pac-Man)

If you really want to get your friend the real Pac Man arcade game, but she doesn’t have enough room for it and/or you want to spend a little less money on her gift, this Pac Man game, a little under two-feet tall, is the perfect compromise.

It sits on a table, desk or counter top and will feel just like the real thing. It has an eight-inch color screen and comes with both Pac Man and Pac Man Plus pre-loaded into it. This is the perfect gift for the die-hard Pac Man gamer who doesn’t have a ton of space.


Sit in Style: Arcade1Up Pac-Man Adjustable Stool

Whether your pal is sitting in front of his authentic arcade game, at the bar in his man cave or just out in his garage, he’ll love this retro Pac Man stool. The stool is an officially licensed Pac Man product and features the artwork, title and logo from the original arcade game.

It’s durable, sturdy and padded well enough to provide comfort even during the longest gaming sessions. The height can also be adjusted to meet your friend’s specific needs.


Stay Warm in Style: Korlav Wearable Hooded Arcade Video Game Throw Blanket

This hooded blanket is the perfect addition to any Pac Man fan’s house. It’s huge, comfy and snuggly, and it features the characters from the original game on it. The blanket comes equipped with a hood, so your friend can stay warm from her ears to her toes, and it’s big enough to wrap up in entirely.

There are three different sizes to fit kids, teens and adults. The microfiber material makes it soft to the touch, and it looks great draped across the back of the couch or chair.

light table lamp

A Light in the Darkness: 16-Color Pacman Ghost Light Table Lamp

Whether your friend was an actual fan of the game or not, she will go nuts for this adorable Pac Man ghost light simply because it’s super cute. Whether you’re buying for an adult or a child, this light is perfect for sitting on her bedside table at night.

It has 16 different color options, and there’s a “Party Mode” setting that will allow the light to continuously cycle through all of the colors, changing from one to the other in time with background music.

It’s the perfect geeky gift for just about anyone.

Pac Man lamp

Another Bright Idea: Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

If you like the idea of buying a bedside lamp as a gift but aren’t sold on the ghost, why not buy Pac Man himself instead? While this lamp doesn’t have a color changing option, it does come with a remote control so your friend can operate it without having to get up if he happens to be across the room and in the middle of a great game.

The brightness is adjustable so he can choose whatever level of light he needs. The lamp also makes 12 different Pac Man sounds, so he can waka-waka-waka as often as he likes.


Adorably Geeky: Sassy Bee Cute Gold Gamer Pacman Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for something small, cute and nerdy to give to your friend, these Pac Man stud earrings are perfect. One earring features Pac Man, and the other is one of the ghosts. They fall somewhere between brass and burnished gold in color, and they look stunning.

They’re also fully backed with a warranty from the seller, so if they break or come damaged, you or your friend can exchange or return them for a full refund, allowing you to buy with confidence.


Keep His Money Safe: Personalized Pacman Game Handmade Leather Wallet

This genuine leather wallet, made out of premium cowhide, is hand-stitched, hand-dyed and hand-cut. It’s a very thoughtful, unique gift for the guy who has everything. The outside of the wallet is engraved with a Pac Man maze, complete with dots, Pac Man and two of his pursuing ghosts.

The inside has six card slots, two large openings for bills and can be further customized by adding an engraved word, phrase, name or initials of your choice. If you want to make the gift even more personal, you can request the company send you the wallet unstitched and do the stitching yourself.

3D inky brik model set

For the Friend Who Likes to Build: 115-Piece Strictly Briks Pac-Man 3D Inky Brik Model Set

If you have a friend who loves Pac Man and loves to build things or play with Legos, this gift will be the best of both worlds for her. While not actually a Lego product, these “briks” are licensed by NAMCO, and they’re 100% guaranteed to work with other major brands of building blocks.

This set will allow your friend to build a 3-D model of Inky the ghost, but there are also sets for building Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, Pac Man and an extra large Pac Man. Whichever character is her favorite, there’s definitely a set for building that character.

ghost remote control RC racer

For the Kid at Heart: Pac-Man Ghost Remote Control RC Racer

Who doesn’t love remote controlled cars? Whether you’re 2 or 62, there’s just something awesome about playing with remote controlled things, whether they’re cars, drones, boats or something else. With this gift, your friend can now have his very own remote controlled Blinky Ghost to add to his collection.

The remote is made to look and move just like the old-school Pac Man arcade game, which allows Blinky to move in six different directions. It also makes very cool, authentic Pac Man sound effects as it runs.

cookie cutter set

Something Sweet: Pac Man Cookie Cutter Set

Give your friend these adorable Pac Man cookie cutters so she can make retro, nerdy cookies at all her upcoming get-togethers. Whether she’s hosting an all-night video game competition, a Netflix binge night or just sending desserts to her child’s school for class party day, these cookie cutters are sure to be a hit with everyone who sees them.

They come in one-inch, two-inch and three-inch sizes, are made out of 100% food-safe materials, have sharp cutting edges and strong sides and are washable and reusable. With a little food dye and some icing, she’ll be the coolest mom on the block.

suits for men pac man desing

Arcade Chic: OppoSuits Funny Everyday Suits For Men Pac Man Design

If you’re looking for something that is one part hilarious and one part awesome to give your friend, why not pick him up this suit done entirely in Pac Man? Your friend is sure to get a huge kick out of it, but odds are, if he has a sense of humor, he’s also going to love wearing it.

The suit comes in nine different sizes, is machine washable and includes the pants, the jacket and the matching tie. It’s a great suit for a night out or for a holiday party.

pillow cases

The Perfect Nerd Decor: Gaohaifeng8 Pac-Man Pillowcase Set of 2

For that friend who likes to go nerdy in all areas of his house, these Pac Man pillow cases are the perfect gift. The pillows aren’t included, so you’ll have to pick those up separately, but your friend is sure to love the super nerdy, super retro Pac Man characters on the pillowcases.

They’ll make a great addition thrown into his favorite comfy chair. They come in four different sizes to fit several varieties of pillows; they’re machine washable, and both sides have the design shown.

They’re made of 100% polyester fibers and are incredibly comfortable.

heat changing coffee mug

The World’s Most Exciting Cup of Coffee: Pac-Man Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

I know! I know! A coffee mug is such a boring, uninspired gift, but that’s not true of this coffee mug! When not in use, this coffee mug may resemble something from the movie Tron, but when your friend pours her coffee into it, a whole Pac Man scene will appear before her very eyes.

The dots, the ghosts, the fruit, Pac Man – it’s all there. Heat-activated mugs are just cool anyway, but if your friend’s a Pac Man fan, she’ll definitely go crazy for this one.

Pac Man connect and play

Not the Real Deal, but Close Enough: Pac-Man Connect and Play

If you have a friend who just really loves to play Pac Man but doesn’t really need it to come in the original arcade form (or even a miniature version), grab him this Plug and Play version instead. It looks great, and it’s super convenient to play.

He just has to plug it directly into his television and pick his level. This version even comes equipped with level 256 for those of us who could never actually make it that far ourselves. There are several different Plug and Play versions of Pac Man and Ms.

Pac Man, but this one is our favorite because of it’s cool design and smoothly moving joystick.


For All His Carrying Needs: Pac-Man Unisex Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for schoolchildren anymore. People of all ages use them because of how convenient and practical they are. Lucky for your friend, backpacks don’t have to be boring and dull anymore either.

These backpacks by W1NW1N are stylish, colorful and wonderfully nerdy. There are several different designs from which to choose, all related in some way to Pac Man. Give him something stylish to carry around his gym clothes, his college and/or art supplies or whatever else he needs to carry.

plush set of 7

Soft and Squishy: ToyFactory Pac Man 4″ Plush Set of 7

If your friend is a bit of a collector, she’ll love these soft, squishy and smooshy plush toys. This set comes with the whole Pac Man crew, including Pac Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Additionally, there are two extra ghosts to represent the blue and white flashing ghosts that appear when Pac Man eats the super dots.

Each plush is about four inches, and they’re safe for people of all ages, which makes them great gifts for both adults and children.

alarm desk clock

He’ll Never Be Late Again: Pac-Man Twin Bells Alarm Desk Clock

If you’re looking for a gift that’s 100% evocative of the 80s, grab one of these Pac Man twin bells alarm clocks. Not only does it feature a scene from the original game, along with the authentic Pac Man font, but it’s also a twin bell alarm clock! It doesn’t get much more retro than that.

This clock is a real working clock that has to be set by hand and will bang, jangle and hop its way across your friend’s desk every time it goes off. This clock is the real deal, and if your friend has a serious case of old-school nostalgia, he’ll absolutely love it.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pac Man Hungry Man Mirror 12cm

Mirrors are generally boring. It’s hard to find a good mirror that makes a statement or catches the eye. This Pac Man mirror, though, which comes with three smaller mirrors that represent dots he’s eating, just might be the coolest mirror(s) we’ve ever seen.

If your friend likes unique things that no one else has and she’s a Pac Man fan, this mirror is probably going to be the best possible gift you could give her. Plus, all four are made of lightweight, shatter-proof acrylic material, so they’ll practically last forever without being broken.

PacMan action figure

Funky Funkos: Funko POP Games: Pac-Man Action Figure

Over the last few years, Funko Pops have become the new Beanie Babies. People all over the world collect these things. If you haven’t heard of this new craze, look it up. People go crazy for these little four-inch plastic figures.

If your friend is super into arcade games and all things nerdy, she’s probably a collector herself. If not, buying her this one just might start her on the path. Either way, this is a great gift for any Pac Man fan, old-school arcade game enthusiast or Funko Pop collector.

pixels on blu ray

Entertainment at Its Finest: Pixels on Blu-Ray

Although this isn’t specifically related to Pac Man, any fan of arcade games will get a kick out of this movie. Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage and other all-star cast members star in this movie about aliens who intercept video feeds of retro arcade games and mistake them for a declaration of war.

The aliens then decide to attack Earth using giant, destructive replicas of popular video game characters like Pac Man, Q-Bert, Donkey Kong and others. If your friend hasn’t seen it yet, he’s sure to love it, and if he has, he definitely won’t mind owning it to watch again.


Happy Feet: Hyp Pac-Man Waka Waka Waka Men’s Crew Socks

Socks are one of those gifts kind of like coffee mugs. If you buy someone normal, regular ones, it’s considered a boring, uninspired gift. If you put some thought into it and buy them something cool and unique, though, that changes everything.

These Pac Man socks are a great gift for any fan of the little yellow guy, and they’re officially licensed Pac Man products. These are for men, but don’t feel like you have to leave your female friends out.

city tote

For the Fan with Style: COACH Blue Reversible City Tote/Signature Pac Man Ghost Print

Pac Man has become so popular over the years that even luxury handbag company COACH has jumped on the bandwagon. They’ve created several Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man themed purses and handbags over the years, but this one is one of our favorites.

If your friend happens to love luxury as much as she loves gaming, this bag will absolutely blow her mind.

board game

Experience the Old Game in a New Way: Buffalo Games Pac-Man the Board Game

If your pal is a true Pac Man aficionado, he’s probably played the arcade game thousands upon thousands of times. What he probably hasn’t played, though, is the Pac Man board game. Created by Buffalo Games, this new take on the classic game can be played by two to five players, each player playing as one of the original Pac Man crew.

As your characters move around the board, there are traditional waka-waka-waka sound effects for the ultimate nostalgic experience.

baby´s bodysuit

Start the Baby Off Right: Bodysuit Pacman Pixel Short Sleeve Onesies

If your friends have or are expecting a new baby, help start their baby off on the right track by buying him (or her) this adorable, unisex Pac Man onesie. It’s made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort, and it can easily be thrown in the washing machine and cleaned, which is great because we all know how messy babies can be.

Like all onesies, it comes with snap enclosures at the bottom for easy diaper changing. Nothing says nerdy baby (and nerdy parents) quite like a onesie featuring characters from a 40-year old arcade game.

car seat covers

For the Commuter: Pac Man General Car Seat Covers

Help your friend showcase his love of Pac Man even while on-the-go with these awesome Pac Man car seat covers. They’re made to fit most cars, SUVs and trucks and are easy to install. They’re made from polyester, which means they are both durable and extremely easy to clean.

In addition to the nice design on the front, the back of the car seats have convenient storage pouches so anyone in the backseat can store whatever they need to store for the long ride ahead. Each purchase contains two car seats to cover both the front seats of your friend’s car.

pac man shine kit

For the Cover Girl: Wet n Wild 2019 Limited Edition PAC-MAN Shine Kit

One thing you probably don’t associate with Pac Man is makeup; those are two things that just don’t quite go together. However, we nerdy females all over the world rejoiced when some creative genius decided to combine those two amazing things, and the Wet n Wild Pac Man kit was born.

This great palette comes with one Waka-Waka-Waka eye shadow brush and a color palette, adorably called the “Game Over” palette, wholly inspired by Pac Man and his ghostly nemeses. If you have a friend who loves to play games and loves to look good doing it, you should buy her this right now.

protective cover anti dust

Safety First: MOSDELU Pac Man Protective Cover Anti-Dust with Filter

No matter where you live in the world right now, COVID-19 has made the world crazy and turned everything upside down. Many states, cities and whole countries have strict mask mandates that require people to wear masks anytime they’re outside their own houses.

No one really likes wearing these masks, but we know we need to do it, so we do. Help your friend feel more comfortable in his mask by buying him this retro Pac Man mask with a place for included filters.

Whether he’s an avid mask wearer or a little more hesitant, he’s sure to use this one just so he can showcase how cool he is while walking around town. The great thing about these masks is that they’re also washable, so they can be reused over and over again.

Just remind him he needs to change out his filter every now and then.


For the Master Chef: ApronMen Funny BBQ Video Game Apron

This is a perfect, hilarious gift for the video game playing grill master in your life. Obviously inspired by Pac Man and his love of eating dots, this apron features an open grill about to chow down on some beef, chicken and pork.

It’s a hysterical parody of the Pac Man game that your friend is sure to love. It comes in four different colors – red, black, blue and grey – and is adjustable so that it fits practically anyone of any size.

It’s made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort and ease of washing, and it comes with four extra pockets so your friend can hang on to everything he needs right there in one spot.

cocktail arcade machine

The Real Deal, but So Much Bigger: Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Cocktail Arcade Machine

Finally, we have the Pac Man gift to beat all other Pac Man gifts – a giant, fully functional arcade machine that comes pre-loaded with 60 different arcade games, including, of course, Pac Man. Although it may look a little different from the machine he first played on years ago, this is a full-size machine with a full-size, 19-inch color screen.

The joystick and buttons are also sized to match the original arcade games from the 1980s. There are controls on both sides of the machine so that two players can compete against each other. It’s the ultimate in in-house arcade gaming.

There’s another machine that is a little more expensive, but it comes equipped with a total of 412 of your friend’s favorite old-school arcade games. When it comes to Pac Man gifts, this one truly is unbeatable.


For the Legging Lover: Basic Patterned Workout Leggings

The amazing Pac Man suit in number 12 above is a great gift for your male friends, but don’t feel like you have to leave your female friends out when it comes to Pac Man clothing options. For your female friends, these are almost as cool the suit.

There are two sizes – “one size fits most” and “plus size fits most” – that cover a wide range of body types. These are great for wearing underneath a big floppy shirt or to the gym to work out.

Picking the Perfect Pac Man Themed Present

When Pac Man was first introduced onto the arcade game scene in the 80s, no one thought it was going to be that popular. It wasn’t on par with the shooting games that were so popular at the time of its release, and it didn’t have anything in the way of a story. Despite that, people loved the game.

Today, people still love Pac Man to the point where he’s kind of become a cult classic. Even people who have never played the game and don’t really play video games at all buy Pac Man merchandise. There are Pac Man purses, clothes, wallets, clocks and more. Google even released a playable version of Pac Man in its Google logo in 2010.

So if you have friends or loved ones who are into the game, love video games in general, are huge nerds or just like to look retro, chances are they’ll love any of these Pac Man gifts you decide to buy for them. You know your loved ones better than anyone else does; deep down, you already know what they like and what they don’t. Buy them something personal and with meaning, and it’s sure to be a hit no matter what it is or how much (or little) it costs.


Which of these was your favorite Pac Man gift? Did we miss any of your favorites on our list? Tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to share this article with all your arcade-loving, retro friends. Come back soon for more great gift-giving ideas!

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