40 Supernatural Gifts To Keep Your Fannish Love Alive

Supernatural might be ending, but if the show has taught us anything, it’s that resurrection is always possible.

It might not make sense, but it’s totally possible. Here are just a few Supernatural gifts for someone who isn’t ready to let go of the Winchester clan.

40 Supernatural Gift Ideas

Clue mystery board game

To Summon Hellhounds on Game Night: Supernatural Collector’s Edition Clue

It was Crowley with the revolver in the Great Lakes. Or maybe it was Castiel with Ruby’s knife in the Central Plains. This game of Clue has gotten a thoroughly supernatural makeover, so it’ll be up to you to determine which character got possessed and where they went on their crime spree.

The rules are the same as the classic board game, but everything else has been modified to reflect Sam and Dean’s universe. It’ll be an entertaining way to spend a few hours with superfans.

Scented candle

To Satisfy a Craving: Dean Winchester Scented Candle

No, it doesn’t smell like car oil and a leather jacket. This candle has the aroma of good old-fashioned apple pie! It’s also wrapped in a laugh-out-loud label with a picture of Dean and a list of his favorite things, including “sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women.

” It’ll be a fun and quirky gift for a Supernatural lover, but it’ll also function as a genuinely pleasant candle that you can burn anytime.

Supernatural The anime DVD box set

For Going Global: Supernatural: The Anime DVD Box Set

If they’re a diehard fan of the series, they probably have every season on DVD already. But do they have the anime? With gorgeous visuals and English voice acting from Jared Padalecki himself, the Supernatural anime lives up to the legacy started by the original show, and it even incorporates material from the spinoffs and supplementary books to further flesh out the universe.

It’ll be a great gift for fans who want to ride along with the Winchesters just a little bit longer.

wood coasters

When They Really Love Their Coffee Table: Supernatural Engraved Wood Coasters Four-Pack

Made by hand, these wooden coasters are cut, styled, buffed and engraved to ensure both their durability and longevity. They have a rustic look that suits the Winchester brothers, and they’re decorated with various signs and sayings that the boys always use on the show.

For example, one cautions people to “Stay Inside the Salt Ring.” They’ll make fun little gifts for people who want to immortalize Supernatural in their home.

pillow case

To Make Them Forget About Their Boyfriend: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Shirtless Pillowcase

You get pretty ripped when you chase demons for a living, and this fact is immediately apparent when you gaze at the near-naked bodies of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The only thing protecting their modesty is a thin white sheet! It’ll be a hilarious gag gift for a straight man or a fun, raunchy present for girls and gays.

Just make sure that you buy an actual pillow to put inside of the pillowcase. This item is only a fabric cover.

coffee mug

For a Cooler Cubicle: Supernatural Sam and Dean Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is so gorgeous that it might get set aside for pens and pencils rather than java. The front says “Supernatural: Join the Hunt” with an electric blue pentagram, and the back has a silhouetted picture of Sam and Dean in the same shade.

When you look closely, their shadows are entwined with trees, birds, power lines and other spooky elements. It’s such lovely artwork that your gift recipient might think twice about staining it with coffee!


When They’re a Sam Girl Through and Through: Sam Winchester ’83 Jersey

If you know someone who can’t get enough of Sam Winchester, this jersey might quench some of their lust. The front has a “Saving People, Hunting Things” logo with a blazing pentagram, and the back is printed with Sam’s name and birth year.

It’s made with a soft cotton and polyester blend, and it can be thrown into the washing machine without any problems. Sam fans should love to represent their boo!

supernatural pendants

To Ward Off Evil: Four-Pack Supernatural Pendants

With four pendants in total, this jewelry set is the ultimate gift for a Supernatural fan. It offers a flaming pentagram, a set of angel wings, an anti-possession charm and a replica of Dean’s protection amulet.

Even if the other person doesn’t believe in the power that they hold, they should enjoy such accurate representations of the show’s jewelry. They can basically dress up like a Winchester.

supernatural official companion season 1

For Marathon Binging: Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1

One of the great things about Supernatural is that you can rewatch it again and again, especially when you have a companion book to go along with it. This behind-the-scenes guide has photos, interviews, summaries, mythology facts and endless production details about the making of the show.

You can learn interesting trivia about everything from musical selections to story arcs for individual characters. This companion book is for season one, but they exist for other seasons as well, so buy them all up for an epic rewatch!

temporary tattoo set

To Give Their Mom a Heart Attack: Supernatural Temporary Tattoo Set

If they’ve always wanted to put Misha Collins’s face on their chest, these tattoos won’t help, and they might need some counseling to help with their obsession. However, there’s no denying that these tattoos are cool.

There are eight in total, and their designs include heptagrams, reaper traps, angel-banishing sigils and the mark of Cain. It’s a thorough collection of Supernatural symbols, and since the prints are only temporary, they won’t cause any major, life-altering regrets for Misha Collins devotees.

Iphone case

For the Tech Geek: Supernatural Quotes iPhone Case

Some of the funniest things have come from the mouths of Supernatural characters, and you can celebrate that fact with a quippy, colorful smartphone case. The top half is devoted to Dean, and the bottom half is devoted to Sam.

Both of the boys get their two cents in with quotes that range from “teddy bear doctors” to “low sodium freaks.” You might not recognize these words if you aren’t a fan, but to someone who lives and breathes Supernatural, they’ll immediately understand the significance!

hardcover ruled journal

A Different Kind of Scrapbook: John Winchester Hardcover Ruled Journal

Made with imitation leather and stamped with a devil’s trap, this journal is a dead ringer for the one carried by John Winchester. It even has a few crinkled pages of notes, drawings and supernatural symbols that were drawn by the man himself.

The majority of the journal, however, is blank, and that’s where your favorite Supernatural fan can express their own imagination. Whether they’re doodling monsters or taping photos to the pages, they can have a lot of fun with this notebook.

hip flask

For Drinking and Hunting: Supernatural Trio Hip Flask

Drink with the best of them with this Supernatural hip flask. It’s illustrated with Dean, Seam, Bobby and Castiel, and there are blood splatters and black wings spread against silver steel. Everyone is armed, and the hunt is on.

It’ll be a nice little flask for someone who wants to keep warm on a cold morning, and it doesn’t even matter if they’re hunting ducks, deer or demons. A flask like this is suitable for any occasion.


When It’s True Love: Jerk and B*tch Supernatural Couples Key Chains

Nothing says “I love you” like exchanging insults, and these key chains celebrate two of the most famous ways that the Winchesters express their feelings. One says “Jerk” on silver while the other says “B*tch” on rose gold.

Both come stamped with the flaming sun pentagram that’s frequently seen in the series. If you know a couple that loves Supernatural just as much as they love each other, these key chains will make an awesomely foul-mouthed gift!

life size cardboard cutout

For Freaking Out Your Roommate at 3AM: Castiel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout

Do they sigh over Castiel’s baby blues? Have they already covered their walls with so many posters that there’s no room for more? They should love this life-sized cardboard cutout of their favorite angel.

It measures almost six feet tall, and it can stand on its own without any sort of props or tools, so it can be set up in any room, office, studio, theater or dark hallway. Make it the centerpiece of a Castiel shrine; put it in the corner to stand guard during a Supernatural marathon.

If they love Cas, they’ll love this gift.

shot glasses

Bullets and Shots: Two-Set 50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses

While not strictly a Supernatural gift, these bullet-inspired shot glasses will definitely remind them of Sam and Dean. They’re made of gold ceramic with a glossy, lustrous exterior, and their bottoms are engraved with a 50 caliber identification.

They’re exactly what the brothers would use against their hellish foes, but instead of being fired from a gun, they get filled with tequila!


When You Want to Lay Your Weary Head to Rest: Keep Calm and Carry On My Wayward Son Hoodie

Supernatural introduced an entire generation to the song “Carry On Wayward Son,” so it should come as no surprise that it’s been emblazoned on mugs, stickers, hoodies and more. This one combines it with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster for extra cleverness, but the pentagram makes it an unmistakable piece of Supernatural merch.

If she loves to wear big, comfy hoodies as she lounges on the couch and sighs over Dean, this gift will be a slam dunk.

supernatural mystery gift box

For Ongoing Fun: Officially Licensed Supernatural Mystery Gift Subscription Box

For a gift that keeps on giving, treat them to a Supernatural subscription box. They’ll receive a new package of goodies every three months, and each item will be an exclusive that isn’t sold anywhere else, so there’s no danger of a repeat gift.

Whether they’re into hats, mugs, t-shirts, vinyl figures or decorative display items, there will always be something interesting in the box, and it’ll always be a fresh and exciting thing that celebrates the legacy of Supernatural.

You could definitely do worse than this subscription box.

Dean in Gym funko pop

Behold the Power of the Whistle: Supernatural Dean in Gym Outfit Funko Pop

There are many Funko Pop figurines for Supernatural characters, but none of them will make an impression like Dean in his gym outfit. Not only does he come with the iconic red shorts and headband, but he’s also lying sideways in a sexy, seductive pose that’s sure to drive the ladies wild.

“The whistle makes me their god.” If this quote speaks to her on a spiritual level, she’ll love a Dean figurine that she can worship forever.

vinyl record wall clock

To Improve Their Interior Decor: Supernatural Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Handmade from a vinyl record, this wall clock is one of the coolest Supernatural gifts that money can buy. Dean and Sam are flanking Castiel on either side, and Castiel has his wings spread. A red clock face gives a dramatic glow to gothic numbers, and there are three separate hands for hours, minutes and seconds.

It’s such a stunning display of craftsmanship that even non-fans will be forced to stop and admire it, so a true fan won’t stand a chance.


When They Moonlight in a Biker Gang: Winchester Bros Fabric Patch

Suitable for all kinds of vests, jackets, bags and backpacks, this patch will have a lot of possibilities for the Supernatural fan who can sew. They could attach it to pretty much anything that needs a fandom-powered transformation.

It’s made of a durable, no-rip material, and it says “Winchester Bros: Fighting Evil Since 1983.” They’ll want to get out their needles as soon as they see it.


For Really Bada** S’mores: Saving People Hunting Things Black Lighter

You don’t have to be a smoker to appreciate a fine lighter. Use it for camping in the wilderness or cooking with a fire pit in the backyard; use it for blasting demons back to hell when they break into a salt ring.

Lighters are a practical gift, and this one says “Saving People, Hunting Things” with a silver pentagram on a black background, so it’ll be a fun present for Supernatural fans as well.

license plate frame

To Drive in Style: Driver Picks the Music License Plate Frame

“Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.” Even people who aren’t fans of Supernatural can appreciate this sentiment, but if they recognize the wise ruling of Dean Winchester, they’ll appreciate it even more.

This metal frame is made with a high-quality zinc alloy, and it’ll fit any license plate that measures 12 x 6 inches. Despite its funny quote, it’s a legitimate car accessory and not just a novelty item.

If they love the open road just as much as the Winchesters, give them a license plate holder to ride along with them.

angel blade replica

To Stick Them With the Pointy End: Supernatural Angel Blade Replica

With a hefty weight and an extremely sharp tip, this angel blade is far from a toy prop. It’s a highly realistic replica of the weapon used on the show, and it’ll make an amazing, one-of-a-kind gift for a fan.

The stainless steel gleams in the light, and the triangular cross-section of the blade looks just like what you’ve seen on TV. The wooden stand keeps it secure when not in use. If you’re looking for a gift with a real “wow” factor, consider a replica of the most powerful weapon in the history of Supernatural.

pop quiz trivia desk

To Stump a Superfan: Supernatural Pop Quiz Trivia Deck

Trivia games are always fun, but they’re especially nice when they’re centered around your favorite TV show. Some of the questions are easy softballs meant for casual viewers; others are serious challenges that will leave you racking your brain even if you’ve seen every season.

What was Mary Winchester’s maiden name? How old were Dean and Sam in the very first episode of the series? You might need to peek at the answer cards to find out.

friendship gift keychains

When Your BFF is Just as Obsessed as You Are: Supernatural Friendship Gift Moose and Squirrel Key Chains

If your bestie was by your side for every twist and turn of the series, they should enjoy these Supernatural-inspired friendship key chains. One says “You’re the Squirrel to My Moose,” and the other reverses it.

Both have adorable little engravings of the animals in question. Not only will they serve as a testament to your friendship, but they’ll also be a subtle nod to Supernatural that isn’t openly or excessively geeky.

Only other fans will get the reference.

pack socks

To Wear Under Their Combat Boots: Supernatural Winchester Brothers Five-Pack Ankle Socks

Let them wear their love for Supernatural with this five-pack of ankle socks. They’re decorated with pentagrams, numeral circles and quotes from the show, and they’re available with both black-and-white and black-and-blue color schemes.

Your friend can wear “Winchester brothers” on their toes or “To Hell and Back” on their arches. Every day is a supernatural one with these novelty socks, so consider them for stocking stuffers, birthday presents or gift basket additions.

Scooby natural blanket

For Pop Culture Junkies: Scooby-Natural Micro Fleece Printed Blanket

Worlds collide with this “Scooby-Natural” blanket. It depicts Sam, Dean and Castiel riding on the highway with Scooby-Doo in the backseat, and retro fonts and colors make it look just like the original 1960s cartoon.

Even the Impala has been given a makeover to better resemble the Mystery Machine! If you know someone who loves pop culture and would be tickled to death at this crossover, swaddle them in a blanket that will keep them warm all winter long.


When They’re Hellhound-Intolerant: Got Salt? Supernatural T-Shirt

Every Supernatural viewer knows the importance of salt, so even without the show’s logo encircling the “Got Salt?” ring, this novelty tee would be instantly recognizable to a superfan. It’ll be a great addition to their memorabilia collection, especially since it’s available in multiple colors to suit a variety of wardrobes.

Whether they’re a cheerful yellow spirit or a dark, brooding goth who refuses to wear anything but black, you can find a salty shirt to match their tastes.

shower curtain

To Get Squeaky Clean: Supernatural Comic Series Shower Curtain

For a gift that’s a little outside of the box, think about buying them a Supernatural-themed shower curtain. Not only is it much more memorable than other, more generic gifts, but since it’s styled like a vintage comic book, it’ll be a unique pop culture token as well.

Sam and Dean are posed like superheroes as Castiel looms over them with the title “Hunter.” The issue is number 666, and the price is 10 cents. It’ll be a zany present that no one else will have at the birthday party.

1967 chevrolet figurine

The True Star of the Show: 1967 Chevrolet Impala Figurine

A real friend would shell out the money for an actual Impala, but if you’re on a budget, this trinket will do. It’s a miniature replica of the beloved 1967 vehicle that withstood demons, ghosts, hellhounds and other monsters for more than 300 episodes.

It’s one of the most iconic symbols from the series, so fans should be pleased to have a figurine that they can set on a mantel or use as the central piece for their display cabinet. Nothing can beat the Impala for significance.

charm leather wrist watch

To Dress Like Dean: Supernatural-Inspired Protection Charm Leather Wrist Watch

With beads, cords, amulets and leather straps, this watch has several layers of styl. However, its dark colors and rustic materials make it look like something that Dean would wear, so it isn’t ostentatious.

It’s just cool. Use it as a timepiece; flaunt it as a fashion accessory; hang it up as a display item with other Supernatural merch. This gift can serve multiple purposes.

travel coffee mug

For Those Cold Commutes: Winchester Bros Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

This is another Supernatural gift that doesn’t look like a Supernatural gift, so if they aren’t totally “out” to friends and colleagues about their Winchester obsession, it can be a subtle nod to their favorite show.

It’s a travel thermos with heat-sensitive walls that will retain the warmth of coffee, tea, soup, hot cocoa and more. Stainless steel keeps it durable, and a plastic straw allows for sipping on the go.

The exterior is printed with text about the “dedicated American demon hunters” that are the Winchester brothers.

pocket notebook collection

For Cataloging Demons on the Go: Three-Pack Supernatural Pocket Notebook Collection

Small and cute, these mini-notebooks come in a triplet set with various Supernatural designs. One has the iconic “Saving People, Hunting Things” quote; another says “Team Free Will” with the banner “Family Don’t End With Blood.

” The final just says “Winchester Bros” with a fiery pentagram. They can be used for writing, doodling, organizing, list making, note taking and more, so they’ll be great in any home or office setting.

Idjist coffee mug

Words of Wisdom From a True Oracle: Surrounded By Idjits Coffee Mug

Bobby Singer is a man who tells it like it is. Do you know someone with a similar attitude? They might appreciate this coffee mug. It says “I’m Surrounded by Idjits” with faded, vintage-style colors and a flaming pentagram, and it’s safe for both the microwave and the dishwasher, so it doesn’t require any special handling.

It’ll be a low-fuss coffee mug for someone who just wants to sip their morning brew in peace. Let the idjits bother someone else.

Art print poster

For an Epic Bedroom or Dorm Room: Sam Winchester Art Print Poster

Sam had a lot of iconic quotes in 15 seasons, and with this art print, you don’t have to choose between them anymore. All of his sharpest, funniest and most touching lines have been printed in stylish block text against the outline of his head.

From “I lost my shoe” to “I’ve been looking up to you since I was four, Dean,” you can relive all of Sam Winchester’s greatest hits. There are also posters available for other characters like Dean and Crowley.

pizza man magnet

Not Parent-Approved: Castiel Pizza Man Magnet

“If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear?” It’s one of the many lines that can be filed into the “Sh*t Cas Says” folder, and with the help of this magnet, it can be immortalized forever.

It measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches, so it’s nice and large, and it can be stuck to everything from refrigerators to gym lockers. You might have some explaining to do if a non-fan glimpses it, but who knows? Maybe you can convert them into a Supernatural viewer as well.

autographed pilot script reprint

To Go Back to the Very Beginning: Supernatural Cast Autographed Pilot Script Reprint

This is a reprint and not an original autograph, but if they don’t mind a knockoff, it’ll be an amazing piece of memorabilia for their collection. See if they can spot the individual signatures of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Eric Kripke.

Let them run their fingers over the words “Supernatural” and “Pilot.” This is the script that started it all, so it should be treated with the reverence that it deserves.

3 Tips for Buying A Supernatural Themed Present

You wouldn’t believe the merch that has a Winchester brother printed on it. Between caps, mugs, shirts, journals, stickers and life-sized cardboard cutouts, there’s no limit to the Supernatural gifts out there. Here are just a few tips for cutting through the junk and finding the good stuff!

1. Figure Out Their Favorite Characters

Even though they’re brothers, it’s quite common for fans to be “Team Sam” or “Team Dean.” There are also fans who think that Castiel deserves his own show or that Bobby, Crowley, Kevin or Charlie are the greatest things since sliced bread. Make sure that you know the preferences of your gift recipient before you buy something with their least favorite character on it.

2. Beware Knockoff Items

While there’s nothing wrong with a well-done knockoff, you don’t want to get swindled into believing that it’s the real deal. Beware of unofficial, unlicensed merchandise. Double-check reviews before buying anything.

If it’s an old or rare item, ask for proof of its legitimacy. If it bears an autograph from the cast, ask if it’s an original signature or a reprint.

3. Make It Awesome

Put a little effort into your gift. Don’t assume that the other person will go crazy for pencils or tissue boxes just because they have the Supernatural logo on them. There are tons of Supernatural-inspired goodies out there, so there’s no excuse for buying something lame. Get them a gift that will knock their socks off!


What do you think of our Supernatural gifts? Is there anything that you want to buy right away? Is there anything that you wouldn’t be caught dead using? We always want to know your thoughts!

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