30 Wedding Gifts Gay Couples Will Enjoy Together

A new modern mantra says, “Love knows no gender!”. The mantra fits the continually changing demographics of increases in same-sex marriage.

Are you attending a wedding for a gay couple in the future? Take a look at our list of 30 wedding gifts gay couples will enjoy together!

wedding guest book

To Make Memories: Wooden Wedding Guest Book (11″ x 8.5″)

Make the girls’ or guys’ wedding special with a personalized wedding guest book. Besides the burnt cocoa finish, you can choose black, mahogany, or oak stain finishes. When ordering the book of Amazon, customize with the married couple’s names and their date of marriage.

This is a thoughtful gift where the two brides or two grooms can share their happily ever after day memories together.

pillowcases personalized

To Sleep in Style: KaMoM Couple Pillowcases Personalized Wedding Gift

The possibilities are endless with this customizable pillow. Choose from nine other sizes besides the 18 x 18” option, including a king size or queen size. Once you select the desired size, place a picture on the customizing page of the couple who is getting married.

Look through pictures they have sent you, or if you do not have any, ask family and friends for a good picture that can go on the pillow. This would make a great personalized addition to the couple’s couch or bed ensemble in their new home.

wood cutting board

For Cooking Together: Qualtry – Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

The Qualtry personalized cutting board is great for two married women or two married men moving into a new home together. This gift is even better for gay couples that love to cook together. It’ll become a regularly used cutting board with how special it is, or the couple could hang the cutting board on their kitchen wall to preserve its quality.

Choose from Hanson, Jenson, Nielson designs (or other designs when available) with a variety of mahogany or bamboo finishes. Add some wine glasses, Customize with the couple’s names and marriage date before placing your order.

leather coasters

To Relax Together: Personalized Leather Coasters for Wedding Anniversary Gift

These tan leather coasters have a picture of a tall tree on them. The tree seems to symbolize the strong love in a marriage no matter the gender. A leather coaster will hold up longer than a glass coaster because it’ll just fall to the floor without damage if it’s accidentally dropped unlike a glass coaster that could possibly break.

Even if both the girls or both the guys are clumsy, the gift will stay intact!

Customize the coasters with the couple’s names and their marriage date. Be sure the names are spelled correctly, so that there’s no flukes.

picture frame

For Reminiscing: UnitedCraftSupplies Personalized Picture Frame

Get the two brides or two grooms something they can smile about for years to come: a personalized picture frame with their names and marriage date! There are nine colors/designs to choose from and you can get a 4 x 6”, 5 x 7”, or an 8 x 10” frame.

Choose whether you want the frame to be vertical or horizontal. The couple has the option to place the photo on a dresser or hang it on the wall. This way, they can look back on their happily ever after day any time they wish.

keepsake box

Reliving Marriage Day: Savor Wedding Keepsake Box

Get a gift that the guys or gals will cherish forever. The saver wedding keepsake box comes with drawers and files to save keepsakes such as wedding invitations, vows, and more! There’s even a special cloth bag to hold flower petals.

Choose from colors “something blue” or gray. Customize with their wedding photo on the box or have acetate letters of their names on the side of the box.

USA push pin travel map

For Traveling as a Unit: Personalized Anniversary Wedding USA Push Pin Travel Map

If the two lovers favor traveling, consider this USA push pin travel map. They can short where they have already visited together and plan their future trips. This gift is a great keepsake to look back on the couple’s travel memories together.

Choose from four colors for the frame including black, dark walnut, blond maple, and barnwood white. Pushpin colors come in black, white, red, and multicolored. Personalize the map with the couple’s names and their wedding date.

photo frame

A Wedding Keepsake: Mr. and Mr. Photo Frame

Don’t offend the newly wed misters or just married misses by getting a wedding photo frame with a picture of a husband and wife as the stock photo. Dust and Things frames are artfully engraved with Mr.

and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. on the top and the stock photo is of two grooms or two brides. The frame fits a 6 x 4” wedding picture of the couple’s choice. The two lovebirds will be very happy that you put more thought into the gift than just picking up a standard wedding photo frame.

Adhesive magnetic scrapbook album

For Customized Memories: YX-1 Self Adhesive Magnetic Scrapbook Album

For the craftier husband couple or wife couple, consider YX-1 scrapbook album. It comes in nine colors for the cover and two lengths for the album sheets. There’s 40 magnetic double-sided pages for the couple to personalize how they put their photos in the scrapbook.

They can use the scrapbook for their wedding photos or just for the General every day photos.

vouchers for loves

To Keep it Interesting: Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers

It’s cheesy, but this is a fun and cute gift for newly wed gay couples. Think of the vouchers as conversation or activity starters if the couple is getting bored at home. The vouchers are a great way for one another to show their love.

Purchase one pack for each person so that they both have an equal amount of voucher redemptions. Voucher redemptions include favors like one big kiss, a cuddle session, and breakfast in bed. They can even write on the voucher the date it was redeemed and the occasion.


A Communication Tool: Knock Knock What I Love About You Notepad

The What I Love About You Notepad is a 6 x 9” fill in the blank activity page that one partner can fill out for the other. The other partner will learn the actions their partner loved about him or her today, an award they are earning for performing a a certain action, and any other miscellaneous comments.

The answers have check boxes beside them so the other partner knows how he or she did that day. This is a cute gift for a gay couple that may not be as good as communicating their emotions verbally.

The Story of Us notebook

Create a Life’s Story: The Story of Us: Fill in the Blank Notebook

This fill in the blank notebook and memory journal is a great keepsake for gay couples. Once the couple fills it out, they can look back on this journal and reminisce about their memories before they got married and in the present.

There are over 50 writing prompts in the journal to write down things about one another and share thoughts and memories.


Getting to Know Eachother: Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal

Help the two brides or two grooms continually get to know each other daily with this Q&A journal that has an activity that the couple can do every day for 3 years. Encourage the couple to start the journal as early as their first night after just getting married.

For each prompt, one simple question is asked about the partner. For example, a question could be “Where do you want to travel with your partner and why?”. As time goes on, a couple can look back on their responses to see their perception of one another.

bucket list for couples

A Joint Activity: Bucket List For Couples: F*ck It. Let’s Do This

Engage the couple to think about their future together. This fun and thought-provoking bucket list workbook helps the couple to plan travel and hobby activities together that they want to fulfill in their lifetime.

There are over 600 word problems available to the couple to think of bucket list ideas when they are stuck. There’s cold planning pages and couples questions to make the activity more unified and geared towards what both people want rather than what one person wants.

So who’s ready to skydive?

jar cards

For the Best Date: Date Night Idea Jar Cards (40 Pack)

Date nights can be more than just dinner and a movie. For the spontaneous gay couple, this gift would be a great way to help them change up date night every once in a while. Any partner can write down a date idea and write his or her name in the “from” section and place it in the jar.

Maybe consider purchasing one pack of these date night cards with two matching pens and a standard mason jar. This would make for a very thoughtful and unique gift basket at the wedding.

couple necklaces

To Show Love: Huiuy Gay Couple Necklaces

These LGBT necklaces can be a great gift for two husbands or two wives. For the male couple, one of the necklaces says “I am his” and the other reads “He is mine”. For the female couple, one necklace reads “I am hers” and the other says “She is mine”.

Each of the necklaces are a puzzle piece and both puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. How’s that for true love?

sweatshirt set

To Be Worn Together: Matching His & His Sweatshirts

Hey hubby, who’s your man? And wifey, who’s your lady? Show each other off in style. The set of two hooded sweatshirts both either say king on them with a crown or wifey with red lips on them. Hubby and hubby or wifey and wifey can sport these hooded sweatshirts when they are out running errands or having fun at the boardwalk (since it does get chilly there!).

100 thought provoking conversation starters

Learn Something New Daily: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

Any gay couple in any age range will enjoy this gift together. Questions such as “What is something you tried before but you never will do it again?” make up the 100 thought provoking question that help a hubby pair or wifey pair get to know one another even after marriage day.

There’s always something new to learn about a person every day. Maybe the couple may learn something about each other that they never knew by playing this game.

bath and body set

Bathe Peacefully: Lovery Gift Basket, Luxury 13 Piece Bath & Body Set

The beauty of this white rose and jasmine fragrance gift set is that it is formulated for both men and women. Consider purchasing one gift basket for each person so that they both have their own bathroom gift set to use rather than sharing it.

Each gift set comes with a bubble bath, bath salts, body gel, body scrub, a pouf, a gold tub and a cosmetic bag. To go the extra mile, complete the bathroom gift sets with a set of matching yellow gold towels.

towel set

Stay Clean Together: Utopia Towels Towel Set

Speaking of golden towels, here’s a suggestion for you if you were considering pairing the bathroom gift set and golden towels as one gift. This set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths.

This is an awesome bathroom starter pack for gay couples just moving in together after their wedding day.

Starbucks gift basket

For a Coffee Break: California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Are Craig and John or Lacey and Mandy coffee junkies? Well, if they pretty much live on Starbucks coffee, that is a plus! Each basket comes with 3 bags of popular Starbucks coffee brews. There are some Teavana tea bags, shortbread cookies, and biscotti splashed into the basket as well.

There’s one Starbucks mug inside the gift basket.

picnic basket

To Eat Together: INNO STAGE Romantic Wicker Picnic Basket for 2 Persons

Give the gift of a fun picnic with this high-quality white washed willow hamper picnic basket set. It comes with stainless steel flatware, small plates, and white and red checkered napkins. Strong leather straps hold the plates and checkered napkins in place while traveling to the picnic site.

An insulated cooler compartment is included to keep cold or hot food fresh.

cookware set

For Cooking up a Storm: AmazonBasics 8-Piece or 15-Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware Set

Pots and pans wear out overtime. Give the gay couple you know the gift of cooking together in the kitchen. Choose from the 8-piece set or the 15-piece set. The 8-piece set includes two sauce pans, two frying pans, and a casserole dish.

The 15 piece set includes all of this, an extra casserole pan, and a variety of cooking utensils. If the couple is just moving in together, this would be a much appreciated gay wedding present that saves them money on household appliances.

camping mugs

For Camping Adventures: Mr and Mr (or Mrs and Mrs) Camping Mugs

For the set of hubbies or wifeys that love camping, consider this enamel coated stainless steel set of camping mugs. Because of their design, the mug can hold very hot liquids and last a long time without resting or wear and tear.

Mr. and Mr. mugs are for the two happy men and Mrs. and Mrs. mugs are for the two happy women. Even if the couple cannot get to a campground, they could set up camp in their backyard with a tent during a good night, have a fire, and enjoy coffee, tea, or hot cocoa during dinner.

food storage containers with lids

For Meal Prepping: Fullstar Food Storage Containers with Lids (20 Pack)

These 20 containers come in a variety of sizes and are leak proof. Except for the four smallest 1.2 ounce containers, the larger containers come with four locking mechanisms on the lids to prevent leaks and spills.

This set of storage containers makes preparing a meal a breeze. The couple can cut up vegetables and cook and store pasta or meat to prepare for dinner the night before.

Dan the Sausageman´s gift basket

For Cheese and Sausage Lovers: Dan the Sausageman’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket

Sausage and cheese lovers rejoice! The Dan the Sausageman gourmet gift basket is a perfect addition for the newlywed men or just married women’s snacking stock on their honeymoon. It includes the brand’s original flavor of sausage, Wisconsin cheese, crackers, hot mustard and Seabear salmon, and more! While it is Amazon‘s Choice as gift baskets for men, male or female gay couples can enjoy this basket!

the VIP gift basket

Elegant and Tasty Gifting: The V.I.P Gift Basket The Ultimate Experience In Gifting

Wine Country Gift Baskets knows how to put together a V.I.P basket with elegance. Treat the newlyweds to Lindt and Godiva chocolate, stone ground mustard, Country Archer beef jerky, English tea, cheddar biscuits, smoked salmon, tapas, crackers, and so much more! Have the couple dine in style for two during their wedding night and honeymoon together with this superbly luxurious perfect gift basket.

sandwich maker

Making More Meals Together: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Black (25477)

The couple can save money that would otherwise be spent on eating out by getting them this breakfast sandwich maker. There are over 25 recipes on the Hamilton Beach website that shows how you can make more than sandwiches with this appliance.

Bread, pre-cooked meat, and your choice of cheese goes on the top plate. The second plate below that is the egg plate. Top the egg with a second bread slice. Once everything is cooked, you slide out the egg plate to finish the sandwich.

It’s sandwich building and meal prep made super easy!

nut cravings gourmet gift basket

For Snack Attacks: Nut Cravings Gourmet Arrangement Gift Basket

Give the couple the gift of healthy snacks packed with protein and nutrients to keep them healthy. With dried fruit such as cranberries, peaches, and kiwi and nuts including pecans, pistachios, and cashews, you can provide the newlyweds with many weeks supply of nutritious snacks as they start their new life together as a married couple.

How’s them apples?

bed sheets set

Sleep in Comfort: HC Collection Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Set- 1800 Series Platinum

This Hotel Luxury 1800 Series Platinum Collection sheet set comes with two pillow case covers, a fitted mattress sheet, and a blanket sheet. You can get the sheets for any bed size and they come in 13 colors.

If the couple has a king bed, they are in luck. This particular collection is Amazon’s Choice for king size deep pocket sheet sets. The newlyweds can sleep comfortably and cozily knowing they are sleeping on high quality sheets.

Buying Guide

A 2013 Pew Research Center survey shows that 70% of Millennials are in favor same-sex marriage and two women or two men marrying show physical and emotional benefits just like a man and woman marrying.

Picking out wedding gifts for gay couples is as easy as listening to their preferences. For example, some gay couples that marry later in life have already accumulated many possessions when they were both single. They may ask wedding attendees to donate to a marriage equality organization such as Freedom to Marry instead of welcoming gifts.

Don’t fall into buying gay wedding gift based on assuming gay stereotypes.

Get to know the gay couple by talking to them in person and surfing their Facebook pages to come up with thoughtful, non stereotypical gifts.

Purchase a gift that the gay couple can use together. This is why our list is based on gifts that gay couples can enjoy together. When you’re lost for ideas and not very good at making your own gift baskets, refer to some of the gift baskets or other affordable joint gifts on this list.

Final Words

Are you attending a gay wedding in the coming months or next year? If so, leave your wedding gifts for gay couples ideas in the comments.

With everyone’s shared gay wedding gift ideas, you can help those who are having trouble thinking of an epic gift. Share your thoughts so other future attendees can get thoughtful anniversary gifts for the engaged gay couple they know, too!

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  1. The best wedding gift I ever saw for a gay couple is a special little anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill and makes a big brilliant rainbow move across the floor in our family room when the sun shines. We got one for our wedding, a gift certificate actually, and we were able to have it made specifically for our window sill, and the man who made it added a date line and moment mark that the time shadow follows and touches on our wedding day each year. It was perfect and fun to work on together after the honeymoon was over. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly but it’s totally custom made and you can find it online with a search. We like to give the gift certificates for wedding gifts, especially when we have to travel to the wedding!


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