40 Cute Llama Gifts To Make Them Spit With Happiness

Llamas are some of the goofiest-looking furballs on the planet, but that’s exactly why they capture so many hearts and minds.

If you know someone who is obsessed with these camelids, here are just a few gifts for llama lovers that will make them raise their tails and stomp their hooves.

wooden plank sign

To Find Inner Peace: Llamaste Wooden Plank Sign

Perfect for yogis, hippies, health nuts and anyone else who uses essential oils to clear their chakras, this wooden plank sign will fit right in with their candles and rain drums. It depicts a llama sitting cross-legged with his hooves open to say “Llamaste.

” There’s a twine string for hanging it on a wall or door, or they could prop it up as a tabletop decoration. The Llamaste Llama doesn’t care where he’s displayed. He’s already achieved nirvana.

llamas gummi candy

For Indulging Their Sweet Tooth: Trolli Sour Brite Llamas Gummi Candy

Who needs regular candy when you could have llama-shaped candy? Made with the same sticky-sour goodness of Trolli’s other products, these gummies come in a variety of flavors that include strawberry, mango, pineapple and passion fruit.

Their tastes will explode on the tongue just like their colors will dazzle the eye. If you’re looking for cool and unique llama gifts that you can’t find in stores, order a pack of these gummies for a sweet, mouth-pursing treat.

coloring book

For a Raunchy Friend or Couple: The Llama Sutra: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book

Some llama gifts are clearly meant for kids. This one is not. Filled with “lecherous llamas, suggestive sloths and uncouth unicorns,” this coloring book showcases the world’s cutest animals in a variety of compromising positions.

It’s a real coloring book, so your gift recipient will have the joy of filling in these R-rated prints, but they’ll need to contain their laughter to keep their markers straight. Some of the pages are wild.

chis pet llama

More Durable Than a Tamagotchi: Chis Pet Llama

Ch-ch-ch-chia! This is one of the original Chia pet designs from the ’80s. The plant grows out of the llama’s middle, giving them a green body to complement their orange terracotta head and legs. As with all Chia pets, it only takes a couple of weeks to sprout, and your gift recipient can buy replacement seeds when the original blooms wilt.

The planter itself will last for years, so it’s a gift that they can enjoy for a long, long time.

stress toy

When They Have a Horrible Boss: Calma Llama Stress Toy

“Spit happens.” That’s the philosophy behind the Calma Llama, a stress relief toy that can be squished, squeezed and stretched to your heart’s content. The inside is made with a gelatinous material, so it won’t break, and the cute little llama face will soothe you even as you’re banging it against the desk because your boss just rejected your portfolio again.

Life sucks. Get a llama to help you deal with it.


Smarter Than the Average Bear: Smokey the Llama T-Shirt

There are a million llama-themed shirts out there, but some are cleverer than others. One example is this Smokey the Llama tee. It has a stern ranger llama saying “Only You Can Prevent Drama” while his hat identifies him as part of the “Drama Llama” patrol.

It’s both cute and smart, and your llama lover should be proud to wear it. It’s delivering a public service announcement, after all.

mouse pad

Ergonomically Efficient: Hand Drawn Llama Mouse Pad

Give this mouse pad to the cutest computer nerd that you know. It has a smooth, silky surface that almost feels like cloth rather than rubber, but it’s still sturdy enough to stay in place without slipping and sliding around their desk.

Like its name promises, it’s also hand-drawn; a prancing llama has graced the mouse pad with her presence. It’ll be a cute but utilitarian gift for anyone who likes to surf the web.

pool float

The Softer Version of Jaws: Giant Inflatable Llama Pool Float

Who wants to have a pool party? This llama float is big enough for kids, adults and even couples who don’t mind a very close encounter. It’s made with durable, heavy-duty plastic, and it can be filled with either an air pump or a compressor.

When it’s deflated, it slips easily into beach bags for travel readiness. If you have a friend or relative who loves to swim, get them a llama float for some company in the water.

color changing 3d coffee mug

To Start the Day Right: Color Changing 3D Llama Coffee Mug

Bring a little cheer to their morning with this color-changing coffee mug. Not only is it shaped like a llama with a 3D head and neck for the handle, but its pigments will change in response to temperature.

When cold, the llama will have a brightly-colored rug draped over his body with the sun shining behind him. When hot, the rug will turn black, and the sun will change into the moon. It’ll be a sweet little transformation while they’re sipping their morning coffee, so it should put them in a good mood for the rest of the day.

llive llaugh llove llike a llama book

To Answer Life’s Greatest Questions: Llive, Llaugh, Llove Llike a Llama

Part affirmation book, part self-help guide, Llive, Llaugh, Llove Llike a Llama is one of the most unique tomes on the market. It’s filled with quotes about positive thinking, but they aren’t just boring words on blank pages; each one has a bright, colorful llama who is illustrating the advice.

They’re the shepherds of these llife llessons, and they’re ready to help your friend overcome their struggles and live a strong and vibrant life.

gel pens

For Students and Scholars: Eight-Piece Cartoon Llama Gel Pens

Their notes will never look cuter! These gel pens come topped with llamas, and each one is uniquely colored with a soft, pastel shade. Since it’s an eight-pack, your gift recipient will have an entire rainbow at their fingertips.

They can even pop the llamas off and attach them to other pens and pencils! If they don’t want to refill the existing pens with ink, they can simply move the llamas to different writing utensils and keep going.

It’s time to study hard and get that A.


To Ill-ama-nate Their Home: Decorative Wood-Based Llama Lamp

Llama lamps can range from heavy and ornate collector’s items to neon, color-changing night lights with lots of style. This lamp kind of straddles the line between both. It has a colorful printed shade with a solid wooden base, so it will add some liveliness to your loved one’s interior design, but it isn’t so outlandish that it becomes an eyesore.

It’s suitable for dens, offices, nurseries, dorm rooms and many other living spaces. The hardest part of owning this llama lamp might be figuring out which room deserves it the most.


To Warm Both Their Heart and Their Toes: Non-Slip Memory Foam Llama Slippers

Llama slippers come in all shapes and sizes, but these are some of the cutest. They’re decorated with colorful dots and pom-poms atop soft, curly fur, and they have 3D llama heads popping up from the front.

Inside, there’s memory foam to cushion your feet; on the bottom, traction comes from non-slip soles. These slippers offer both style and substance, so they’re an easy choice if you’re in the market for llama gifts.

pajama set

For Flirty Girls: Women’s Short Sleeve Tee and Shorts Pajama Llama Set

Cute and perky, these pajamas will be perfect for summertime. They’re made with breathable, flexible fabrics, and since they’re cut into a short-sleeved tee and shorts, they won’t cover a lot of skin. Your girlfriend can flash a little leg as she curls up at your side for movie night.

She’ll especially love these PJs if she’s a fan of llamas; they say “Pajama Llama” on the front with an adorable little llama preparing for bed! They’ll totally fit a lazy and sleepy mood as casual lounge wear.

llama gift bag

For the Conscientious Consumer: Recycled Llama Gift Bag

Made with recycled plastic bottles, this llama bag is eco-friendly and travel-friendly. It was designed as a gift bag, which is why it says “Let’s Have a Llama-Rama” with a llama blowing a party favor, but it can be easily repurposed for other things.

Your friend can use it at school, take it on a plane or carry home a small number of groceries or library books. It’s such a cute and adaptable bag that its potential is endless.

bath and body gift set

For Pampering Themselves Like a Llama in Mud: Llama Bath and Body Gift Set

Offering four different bath products, this llama-themed beauty set will transform them into the most beautiful camelid on the mountain. It contains a scrub, cream, body wash and bubble bath, and each item has an aesthetically pleasing color with a sunglasses-wearing llama saying things like “I Llama You” and “No Prob-llama.

” Container sizes range from 50 – 100 milliliters. If they like to indulge themselves with spa days, get them the right products for the job.

vinyl decal

For the Mother In Your Life: Mama Llama Vinyl Decal

Maybe she’s a friend who recently gave birth. Maybe she’s your own mom, and you’ve been swimming in llama-themed towels and teacups your entire life. Either way, this “Mama Llama” decal is sure to make her smile.

It can be applied to any flat surface, so she can stick it on all sorts of walls and windows, and it’ll last for six years before it starts to peel. Her kids might be in kindergarten before she needs a new one!

water bottle

To Stay Hydrated for Future Spitting: La La La Llama Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

There’s no shortage of llama-themed water bottles out there, but they tend to be kitschy items with puns and cartoon animals. If you know someone who has a more elegant style, this is the gift for them.

A finely-painted llama is rendered in pinks, whites and yellows on a smooth exterior surface, and the interior is constructed with double-walled insulation for optimal temperature control. It will keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

You can’t ask for a finer bottle, especially if its owner is always on the go.

ring holder

When Fashion Meets Function: Llama Ring Holder

The long neck of the llama is one of its most distinctive features, and this ring holder takes full advantage of it. You can store multiple rings of various sizes on its thin, slender tube, and they’ll glitter in the light against the chrome material.

As a bonus, since the chrome is so polished, it’ll be easy to dust or wipe down when it gets dirty. Keeping your jewelry organized has never been this simple!

drawstring gift bag

To Give a Gift Within a Gift: Pink Llama Drawstring Gift Bag

Perfect for young llama lovers, this drawstring bag has a crazy and colorful design that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. Even better, it’s filled with goodies! In addition to the bag itself, they’ll also get a coin purse, makeup clutch, key chain, bracelet and sticker sheet collection.

They can wear llamas on their wrists and carry llamas on their backs. They can decorate their hands, books, lockers, desks and laptop cases with llamas. It’ll be an absolute llama-palooza!

fuzzy pink duster

For a Cleaner, Pinker House: Fuzzy Pink Llama Duster

Bring some South American flair into their cleaning routine with a llama duster. It’s made with real polyester fibers that will sweep away dirt, dust and debris, but since it’s a “desktop cleaning pet,” it’ll look adorable while it works.

It even has a smiling little face tucked into the bright pink fur! If your gift recipient is weak to llamas, they’ll find themselves smiling right back.

air freshener

For a More Enjoyable Commute: Pink Llama Air Freshener

Has the smell of coffee seeped into every fiber of Sharona’s front seat? Do you have to hold your breath whenever Carl picks you up for the carpool? You can save yourself an unpleasant olfactory experience with this llama air freshener.

It has a light cherry fragrance that will instantly improve a vehicle’s interior, and it’s small enough to add to stockings, goodie bags, gift baskets and other llama-themed presents. It isn’t really a gift by itself, but it’ll be a great bonus gift for the main feature.


The Little Black Dress of Fashion Accessories: Lightweight Purple Llama Shawl

Though it’s marketed as a shawl, this llama-patterned accessory could serve many functions in the modern woman’s wardrobe. For example, it could be tied as a headband when she’s washing her face, or it could cover her neck and hair at the beach if she doesn’t want the sun to damage her skin or hair dye.

She could even use it as a headscarf for spiritual purposes! These llamas are down for anything, and they turn this little slip of fabric into a wonderfully multipurpose present.

stitch markers set

For Sewers, Knitters, Weavers and Quilters: Five-Set Llama Stitch Markers

If they’re an avid crafter, they might already have stitch markers in their knitting basket, but they probably don’t have ones shaped like llamas! These metallic markers can be a boon to sewing projects of all types, and they even come in a set of five so that they’ll fit needles of various sizes.

Give them as a standalone gift or include them with a skein of llama yarn. They’ll make an awesome present.

patio string mini lights

To Get Lit: Llama Summer Patio String Mini Lights

Fairy lights look great in both indoor and outdoor settings, and these have the added benefit of being shaped like mini-llamas! String them up on a porch or patio; curl them around tree trunks during a backyard barbecue; hang them on windows, headboards, bookshelves and staircase railings.

There’s no limit to the way that you can have fun with these llama lights, so they’ll make an excellent gift for llama enthusiasts of all types.

makeup bag

The Next Step in Organization: Llama Love Makeup Bag

The only thing cuter than a llama is two llamas, and this makeup bag takes full advantage of their fluffy, sleepy-eyed charm by bringing them together on a single print. They’re even touching noses under a “Llama Love” text! The bag is quite functional as well; it’s made of a water-resistant polyester material with a zippered pouch to hold keys, coins, receipts and makeup brushes.

All in all, it’ll be a great gift for the llama lover in your life.

The Emperor´s kuzco funko pop

To Feed Their Disney Addiction: The Emperor’s New Groove Kuzco Funko Pop

Everyone knows the story of Kuzco, the young ruler who gets turned into a llama in The Emperor’s New Groove. However, less people are aware that he was also turned into a Funko Pop! With a bored expression on his face, he completely embodies the character from the original Disney movie, and he’s instantly recognizable even in his llama form.

He’ll be a great collector’s item for fans of the Mouse.

craft tastic I love llamas kit

For a Rainy Day: Craft-tastic I Love Llamas Kit

If they’re the creative type, they might enjoy this “I Love Llamas” crafting kit. It includes materials and instructions for six different llamas crafts, so they can learn how to make headbands, plushies, bracelets, good luck charms and more.

The set is marketed towards kids, but they don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it. Even if they’re older than the intended demographic, they can still make fun little crafts on a cold or rainy day. It’ll warm them right up with llama love!

my Patronus is a llama T-shirt

A Gift Before They Head Off to Hogwarts: “My Patronus is a Llama” T-Shirt

When they just want to Avada Kedavra everything in their path, this t-shirt might help. It’s made with soft, comfortable cotton, and it has a poofy llama under banner text that says “My Patronus is a Llama.

” The llama is even wearing glasses and a red-and-gold scarf with a lightning bolt scar on its forehead! If the other person is a fan of pop culture icons, this shirt is just Riddikulus enough to make them smile.

chip clips pack

To Protect Those Cheetos: Four-Pack Llama Chip Clips

Is there a llama lover at work? These will be perfect as a low-key gift for a Secret Santa exchange. They’re painted with bright, colorful llamas on whitewashed wood, and they come in a pack of four, so your gift recipient can use them for chips, cereals, sandwich baggies and other things around the kitchen.

If you want to add a little more value to the gift, buy some llama-themed spoons or salt-and-pepper shakers to go along with them.

hooded blanket

To Help Them Become the Very Best Couch Potato That They Can Be: Llama Hooded Blanket

You might lose your loved one to this blanket. It’s so soft and fluffy that they’ll be compelled to wrap themselves in its warmth from head to toe, and once they pull the llama hoodie over their eyes and the llama hooves over their hands, they’ll disappear into the fabric completely.

On the plus side, they’ll look absolutely adorable as they become one with the couch, so it’ll make a great gift for spouses, kids, friends and anyone else who can make you say “awww.”


To Reach Peak Meme Status: Sloth Riding Llama Kitchen Apron

“Things riding things” is one of the most enduring forms of Internet humor, and with this apron, you can bring some digital humor to their kitchen. It depicts a sloth riding a llama while waving a cowboy hat in the air, so the only way that it could be more millennial is if it had a galaxy cat peering out of the corner.

Do they spend a lot of time on Twitter? Are they constantly blowing up your phone with memes? This is the gift for them.


For Fuzzy Feet: Three-Pack Colorful Llama Socks

You’ve heard of double trouble, but have you ever gotten into triple trouble? With this three-pack of llama socks, you can put some funky, colorful patterns on your favorite set of feet. They all have a south-of-the-border theme with rugs, saddles and cacti prints in addition to the llamas, and they’re all made with a soft and stretchy cotton blend that will fit most people.

Buy them with a pair of llama slippers for the ultimate gift!


For Sexy Shenanigans: Women’s Llama Panties

Lingerie is such a cliche. Why don’t you give her a pair of panties with a llama printed on them? They even come with floppy ears sewn on the back! They’re comfortable, too; they’re made with soft, hip-hugging fabrics that won’t chafe or dig into the skin.

Nothing says “I’m ready for a good time” like a gigantic llama face smiling at you, and with this underwear, she can get her partner spitting and stomping his feet like a ritual mating dance.


To Banish the Winter Blues: Llama Stripe Fuzzy Reversible Sherpa Throw Blanket

Another cozy linen to add to their cold weather essentials, this llama blanket is the very definition of snuggly. It’s made with Sherpa, so it’s delightfully soft to the touch, and it boasts a reversible design with talking llamas to give them a chuckle.

You can even choose between two different patterns: navy on white or a pink and turquoise blend. They’ll never get chilly when they have a blanket like this to guard them against the winter.


Say It With Rhinestones: Crystal Sparkling Llama Charm Key Chain

Llamas are already dazzling creatures, and when you add rhinestones, they get even more amazing. This key chain is proof! It has a cute, cuddly llama shape, but since it’s decked out in head-to-hoof crystals, it looks more like a high-class fashion accessory than a sweet little key chain.

You can use its bling to jazz up purses, backpacks, jackets, lanyards or good old-fashioned key rings. This llama will shine no matter where it goes.

wine gift bag

When Santa Hasn’t Brought Enough Liquor: Falalala Lalala Llama Custom Wine Gift Bag

Wine bags are one of those things that people won’t buy for themselves but love to get as gifts. This one has a particularly festive spirit since there’s a picture of a llama with the text “Falalala Lalala Llama.

” It’s available in multiple materials, including burlap and canvas, and you can even order customized bags with your own text underneath the llama. You can only give a Christmas present once per year, so make sure that it’s a good one!

cup set

To Get Their Bake On: Llama Measuring Cup Set

Another gift that emphasizes the long, long neck of the llama, this four-cup measuring set will make them laugh as soon as they unwrap it. Each cup holds a different amount of liquid and can be used independently of one another, but when they’re stacked together, they’ll form one big llama with a stretched-out neck that crosses all four cups.

It’s such a clever gag that they don’t even need to be a llama enthusiast to appreciate it.

llama bubble pop wall art

To Make Them Crave Some Bubble Yum: Two-Piece Llama Bubble Pop Wall Art

Effortlessly stylish, these llama art prints will add joie de vie to any home design. They have contrasting pink-and-white backgrounds with a llama in each panel, and one of them is popping pink bubble gum.

They’re printed on a thick, textured canvas for durability, and while they come unframed, you can add your own to really make them stand out on a wall.


When Beauty and Positivity Go Hand-in-Hand: You Are Llamazing Llama Earrings

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but it’s a llama that will get her over the mountain. These tiny gold studs are shaped just like man’s best camelid, and they’re pinned on a piece of ivory card stock that declares “You Are Llamazing.

” They’ll be a delightful accessory and an even more delightful mood-lifter for someone special in your life. Anyone can buy llama jewelry, but how many people take the time to bring an inspirational message with it?

Buying Guide

Buying a good llama gift is trickier than you might think. If you’re serious about getting them an amazing, oh-you-shouldn’t-have kind of present, here are just a few things that you’ll need to take into consideration.

1. Don’t Get Them Confused With Alpacas

There are many similarities between llamas and alpacas, but they’re two distinct species, and this can matter when it comes to gifts.

For example, llama fur is denser than alpaca fur, so it isn’t suitable for certain kinds of knitting projects. While some gifts might be interchangeably labeled with “llama/alpaca,” you should be careful before you hit the order button.

2. Decide If You Want Cartoon or Lifelike Llamas

Many llama gifts have cute cartoon designs. However, there are others with more artistic or lifelike details, especially when you’re browsing high-end gifts rather than cheap kitschy ones. Figure out which style that your gift recipient prefers. There’s nothing wrong with kitschy as long as they like it, but the “liking it” part is very important.

3. Buy Them Something That They’ll Actually Use

Don’t get so distracted by funny llama puns that you forget to buy something functional. If they use a tablet, they probably don’t need a llama mouse pad. If they don’t drink coffee and don’t require a pencil holder, your llama mug is just going to take up space in their cabinet. Rather than buying something random just because it has a llama on it, figure out what they actually want or need around the house, and see if that thing comes with a llama on it.

Final Words

These are just a few gift ideas for llama lovers. Do you see anything that catches your eye?

Have you ever purchased a llama gift that your friend really enjoyed? Like, share, comment and let us know!

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